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Why is demonic possession so prevalent in mainstream movies?

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Why is demonic possession so prevalent in mainstream movies? Are there any actual semi-verifiable cases of demonic possession?
Bumping for interest and currently listening to the old Art Bell/Malachi Martin interview.
>Why is demonic possession so prevalent in mainstream movies?

Probably some fad that caught on after that one movie, the exorcism of Emily rose. That's kind of how shit works in US media, to my reckoning. There will be one seminal work, and then for 10 years afterwards there will be a ton of shit that copies it, and cashes in on its wake. Vampires was another one of these fads
because christians scare easily.
because it's edgy
Look for unclassified Vatican documents. There's also usually at least one exorcist in every diocese, so check with them if you feel like it.
want to explain how, or are you just saying buzzwords you think are cool to say?
Read the sura 72
anneliese michel
>Why is demonic possession so prevalent in mainstream movies?
This is actually a pretty damn interesting topic.
So basically the most popular movie monsters (e.g. vampires, zombies, aliens) and the most popular /x/ monsters (skinwalkers, aliens, etc.) operate on the same basic principle: they steal their victims' humanity.
However, the /way/ they take away our humanity -- and what we subsequently become -- differs between the monsters, and by looking at which monster is most popular at a given time and within a given demographic, you can tell a lot about that demographic's general fears within that timeframe.

What we define as our "Humanity" can be boiled down into four traits: Identity, Agency, Status, and Dignity.
How we perceive ourselves; our "I know who and what I am!"
Our perceived ability to do shit we want to do/feel we must do
How we think others view us; perceived standing within a community
What it sounds like; a nebulous general sense of worth, often tied in with bodily sanctity.

Vampires turn you into an immortal, ageless specter that continues its existence by seducing and preying on others.
You retain Identity, but Agency now has conditions (gotta drink blood, avoid sunlight) Status is transformed (my old life is gone and I can't have it back) and Dignity is corrupted (my body is no longer my own).

Zombies turn you into an anonymous member of a ravenous, mindless horde that's hell-bent on consuming.
You lose everything on this one.

Aliens are a technologically superior race that views us as lab rats. When they've got you on that cold slab, paralyzed with your rectum filled with starmetal doodads, they've stolen your Agency and Dignity. You play by their rules, your body is forfeit, and there's nothing you can do about it.

(cont. Will get to point at hand)
my friend is one of many in a long line of a/c technicians that can't account for the room above the area at slu hospital were the child from true story from the exorcist was kept.

The airflow calculations have been done over and over but the room is always about 10 degrees cooler than it should be. It throws the air system off in the surrounding area, costing money and making people uncomfortable.
(cont. from previous post)

Skinwalkers kill you and wear your skin like they got it off the rack at Buffalo Bill & Fitch.
Your Identity isn't just gone, it's STOLEN. You have no Agency or Dignity, and your Status rapidly deteriorates as the thing in your skin destroys your old life and relationships.

Now we get to Demonic Possession.
It has many factors in common with everything above, but with some key derivations.
For one, everything mentioned prior presented a physical threat, or some external cue: there's the implication that you could've done something like run away from the Bad Thing, shot it, staked it, kicked it in the goatnards, whatever. The point is, it presents an element of choice in the form of a potential response to a threat.

With Demons, no such choice is present. They take you out of the blue, and BAM. Your head's doing shit that makes owls feel inadequate.
For another, a "classic hollywood demonic possession" doesn't rob you of your humanity entirely, but it doesn't leave anything intact either.

Your Identity is fragmented. There's something sharing your body with you. You don't know who you are anymore, but you know you aren't who you used to be.
Your Agency is a grey area. What will the thing inside you make you do next and when?
Your Status is thrown into question, as is your Dignity.

So what fits the bill here?
What's this movie's audience really afraid of?
Unwanted, unterminatable pregnancy.

Possession movies encapsulates women's anxieties of losing their bodily autonomy to some force that attacks them out of the blue and takes their bodies hostage, and gives that anxiety a face.
They're popular with audiences at large (not just women) because they give men a taste of that fear for what's probably the first time in their lives.

Alien played on adolescent boys' fear of sex. The new wave of Possession films plays on women's fears of losing the right to their own bodies.
(sorry it took so long, had to call my publisher)
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