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Spooky greentexts/stories general

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Can we get a spooky greentext thread going? I lost my old hard drive recently so I lost all my old spooky stories. I'll post what I have, of course.
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Not OP, but I'll post what I got

I've noticed a lack of these kinds of threads in the past few months, which is a shame, because personal stories are pretty much the only reason I come here.
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Was getting into this, got the rest?
Am I alone in thinking skinwalkers are the most boring and overdone shit in creepypasta rn?
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That was the last one I had for him.
He posted one recently that said that he thought it was a cult, dont have it saved though. His mother even told him to stay out of it when franklin and his brother left crying
Haven't read that one before, 10/10
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anyone have that story about that guy who repressed a horrific memory from a family vacation and was going to therapy to try to unblock his mind? IIRC, he was having trouble because his whole family refused to talk about it.
Holy shit, conservatives are retarded.
Read the story on the far left. It's well written, but just a story.
You must be non-American or a teenager.

"Conservatives" (aka republicans) are stupid, "Liberals" (aka democrats) are crazy. It's give and take most of the time. Neither side is good.
>skeletons are real
at least they put on a show lmao
>Be me when i was 15
> Staying at fathers new place.
>Dad says that his new place is haunted.
> Says that a ghost like to suck dick when you are asleep.
> I wake up around 4am to intense pleasure on my peen.
> Feels good man
> I nut in the ghosts mouth and go to push the spectre off.
> My father says "ooww" and stands up.
>I thought it was him doing it but he said he was fighting off the ghost.
> "Thanks pops"
Sounds like major abuse Tbh. Possibly some mk ultra shit? Idk... Just seems fishy as fuck. >>16836137
bump for more spoops
>Chilling at night, browsing /x/
>Noone at home is awake
>Spooped solid 7/10
>Find tread about ghosts, djinns and demons
>Pictures get a little disturbing
>"Time to abort the board!"
>The Windows bar at the bottom of the screen changes color suddenly.
>Try and change it to its former color after a little effort to find the menu to change it
>Changes back again while I was surfing /b/ o something
>"Okay, what the fuck..."
>Try to change it again
>Think maybe it's a prank of some sort.
>Not convinced that it was
>Turned off the PC, crawled into bed and started praying
>Expected my PC to turn on on its own and do spoopy shit
>Thank God nothing happened and I felt asleep
>The Windows bar was normal the morning after

Lol what the fuck happened?
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part 5 missing?
From the continuity I think it was just him asking his Dad 'hey want to check out this spooky ass cabin' and his Dad saying 'I promise I will when I've got time'

uhh, no shit? Where the fuck do you think are? What is the point of your post?
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This is probably my favorite because of how fucking dark it is
bump would like some spoops for when I get home from work
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There is one in particular I'm looking for: Its a guy trapped in his house by some hobo monster that will kill him if he goes out, and though it wont enter his room, whenever he seeks help (calls 911 etc) it like kills his cat or breaks his window or some shit

I remember the pic that the guy posted was some Tibetan in a fur hoodie

Anyone have it?
"moose blender"

legit lol'd
this was a waste of my time and I am slightly annoyed.
Welcome to /x/
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>kid goes airsofting with the military
>gets involved in a search and rescue
>bumps into mysterious shit
>spoops are had

One of the few stories here I've found worthwhile to save
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OP's pic was a pleasure to read because I could feel the narrator's paranoia, but it sounds like he and his bro just mixed up events from being intoxicated. The hoodie guy seemed weird, I wonder what his story was.
thanks was like 5 posts in checked the comments.. nope
When they're long as shit it's best to skip to the middle and skim then go to the end and skim.
I read about 3 lines and it seemed to be some Goldilocks and the 3 bears story.

What the fuck.
"Bunch of other gays"
OP is faggot.

(I only got to that part before typing this so i have no knowledge yet of whether or not OP says he is gay.)
Ever been any updates to this story?
I hope not
Prepare yourself for the ultimate spook but sometimes technology doesn't work properly
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Was it this one?

Seems kinda like the one going on /k/
That was pretty cool but it would have been nice to have a conclusion; an answer. I'm not a big fan of unfinished stories.
Does anyone have the greentext about the kid named 'Dog'?

I've been looking for it forever, it gets posted around here sometimes and I don't have it saved anymore.
I see it time to time but I don't have it. I also couldn't find it on the Creepypasta wiki. Knowing /x/ it's in another spoopy thread.
Would love to get some closure on this; I'm not sure whether it's paranormal or not, though.
i hope so. I want to know wtf she does with the tools. Tbh i kind of want to meet her.
Ill post all my Greentexts that i have saved when i get home at around 2:45 PST
Is that a picture of one of them Dyson-muh-bobbers I keep hearing 'bout?
bumping, this sounds pretty good
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Home now. Sorry if i post something that is already in this thread.
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Saved this one awhile ago. Still haven't read it myself.
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I'll dump what I have.
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Nice try

Nothing happens from what i have seen. Open it for a second then save it as a Jpg if you don't trust it
This is one of the best things I've ever seen.
I think I remember this, was this the one where he sucks on the glass?
Some of these stories have given me real spoops, but that's okay, I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway.
After reading these last night i slept like shit. It was worth it tho
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sorry got distracted here's more.
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Holy fucking fuck that was a good spoop.
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Ive got a good one. This is a 100% true story. Here's some background:

I am in the shady business of car repo. Basically me and my best friend Cameron break into places James Bond style and steal cars that havent been paid for. Most of time its pretty bland but occaisonally we have a cool story.

>winter in north dakota, doing paperwork with Cam
>boss calls, a highly customized F350 (big ass truck) worth 200k needs to be repo'd
>he sends us an email with the address, info, and some pictures
>its in backwoods nowhere
>its a childs daycare
>with a 200k vehicle?
>pictures are creepy as fuck
>first building on the property is the daycare building, yellow and ghetto as shit, completely run down.
>we knew this place was fucked up when we saw this..
>a mile behind the woods are 6 small sheds, what looks like a graveyard, and an altar, stage, and pews
>thats right. theres a fucking outdoor church in the woods behind a sketchy daycare, truck is seen parked at the entrance to this back area
>both of us creeped, and thats a rare thing
>"alright how are we gonna do this?"
>argue for like 3 hours
>decide to go early in the morning 4 AM

1/? will continue
So i was in the military for a while. Im Australian and whilst i was in army recruit training there were a few ghost stories from things happening in my Company. Iv got a few and will post them all if there's interest. I wont greentext because i feel like it can leave out some detail.

So in my 4th week of training we are all sitting in the foyer of our platoon. Our section commanders are giving us a little speech on random shit. They ask us if they want to ask us anything at all. On guy asks if there's any spoopy stories about the building. One of our section commanders (we will call cpl Vacc) says hes encountered a few. He was DNCO one night (duty non commisioned officer) and he was doing a routing patrol to make sure no recruits are out and about doing shit at night. It was about 3 am and he was tired as fuck from playing fuck fuck games with his platoon the whole day. Hes patrolling our floor when he hears a noise like someone is going up the stairs to another floor of the building. He goes and checks it out but typically sees nothing. Checks on the recruits on that level and theyre all in bed. Hes walking back down and goes outside for a smoke. He's looking at the building and sees a light on in one of the rooms on the highest floor (3 story building). He puts his smoke out and runs up ready to knife hand the recruit thats doing shit up there. He sees the light on at the end of the hallway and bolts down there. There's no one in that room, its empty, the light is off. He starts to feel uneasy, as though theres something wrong. He walks back down the hall uneasy. He cant hear any sound at this point. He cant quite put his finger on it but something is wrong. He cant hear his boots echo down the hall. He figures its because the door to the outside is closed and goes back to his smoke. He finishes and goes to the bottom floor. He goes back inside and goes to the bottom floors office to watch some tv.

About half an hour later he starts hearing noises as though the recruits on the top floor are cleaning their barracks, furniture moving, mumbling, sound of boots running. He bolts up stairs ready to fuck them up but theres no one in the halls, the lights are off. He walks to the first room to check on the recruits and there's no one in the room. The second room, the same. He frantically checks all the rooms to find the floor empty. He rubs his eyes and remembers that the platoon hadnt been razed yet (meaning it was empty). He goes to the SAL's (bathroom) and washes his face. He starts to hear laughter from the end rooms, very loud laughter and nopes the fuck out of there and chain smokes for the rest of the night. He says that he will only sleep in the office with the lights on from now on.

He isnt the kind to lie either and the other recruits and i also experienced things.
More, dammit. Be Dakota's answer to Mainebro
$200,000 Ford, fuck off

>we cannot take any weaponry with us because if anyone is hurt on their own property we get our asses sued
>our goal is to not be seen at all. we are technically trespassing but its a grey area of the law with repo
>we decide to scope out the place first
>google earth only does so well
>still the same day, we drive there and arrive in the evening
>the place is 10x spookier in person
>sign is fucked up, literally just says "Child's Daycare!"
>looks like no one has been there in years
>scope out the woods using binoculars
>tire swing, theres actually some toys in there
>playground is actually pretty typical
>Im sitting there because Im driving and Cam scouts for like 15min when he says
>"Oh shit! There are people in there!"
>me: wat
>he points and sure enough out of the woods 2 kids chasing each other come out and back in
>ok so its not so creepy any more, just really ghetto
>but still cant shake off the bad feelings from the pictures of the truck
>the next day we are preparing to go in
>getting our gear and shit ready like we're pro but we really arent
>pretty excited to check this place out
>we park a pretty good distance away
>get to the daycare at about 3:30 am but whatever
>we scale a chain link fence like middle schoolers

2/? will continue
Bullshit. I actually live in Nodak and nothing paranormal or creepy happens here. Also even the most lifted pickups around here don't go for (at most) more than $65,000
Sounds like a GTAV mission
And another thing. Where the fuck were you in ND that you would call "woods". We don't exactly have a lot of trees like that.
>go to doctor because chest pain
>need an x-ray
>bad news
>there is a skellington
>living inside me
lol i know but youll see why


>dont see anyone there
>we walk across the playground because theres no lights or anything and its snowing
>confidently stride into the woods
>as im looking back I notice that behind the building is some loading bay, like youd see behind a grocery store
>going deeper into the woods
>after a fairly short distance they start to get more thick
>stepping through underbrush
>Cam silently shits himself after walking through a spider web
>hear the faint sound of a diesel drive up
>we stop to listen because could be ours
>hear the sound of probably every door opening
>look at Cam "wat do?"
>the genius decides to split up, heading back to the sound of the diesel
>he will call me if its ours
>fine. fuck. continue through the woods until I see a light coming from the clearing
>it is flickering like a bonfire
>once i get to the clearing I see our truck on the opposite side of course
>better call Cam
>when i pick up phone hes already calling me
>8 missed calls from him
>when i answer hes whisper-yelling saying "get the fuck out of there get the fuck out"
>"I see the truck though"
>"just get out of there man just get out"

3/4 will finish
Me too, anon. I made the mistake of reading the first one I didn't recognize.
i'm laughing so hard right now wtf
should've engaged
that .50cal would've rekt whatever bear/monster that was chasing them lol
hurry anon
quick finish it plox
i need to go sleep
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Fuck it, I'll share my ghost story. Only second time I've ever shared it...

I went to letchworth village insane asylum. If you don’t know what it is check out the video or look it up. Basically it was shut down because it was just a sick fucked up place. Ghost adventures actually had an episode there (after I went). If you want to learn the back story ill either explain more later or look it up. I just wanna jump into my story.

>First time going (2010 maybe?)
We went into the morgue, entering the room where they used to keep the brains from patients for research. In the back of the room was this concrete room with no windows. I assume maybe it was a freezer? I’m not sure. All I know was I didn’t want to go in it. It gave me this sick feeling in my gut. So I didn’t go.

A little down the hallway was the room they did autopsies in. Or I assume because of the channels on the side of the table that led to a hole. I guessed it was for blood. I had a friend lay down on the table. He said he felt warm and serial when he got up. I laid down next. When I laid down I felt numb. Warm. I had what I can only assume was a vision, a memory that wasn’t mine. I remember seeing a tall lanky doctor with short blond hair. He was looking over me. The walls were painted and the lights over me were bright. When I sat up the room was back to normal. The cold winter air hit me. I laid back down and I was right back in the memory. When I got off the table I spent the rest of the night in silence. All I wanted to do was lay back down. I didn’t talk again until I was back at home.
File: letch 1.png (493KB, 599x441px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
letch 1.png
493KB, 599x441px
>A years or so after that (2011 I think)
A friend had been going to letchworth for about a week straight. He said every time he went a kid would mess with him and that I should come. So I did. We went to the morgue again. Immediately the atmosphere was different. It was charged, sad, lonely. We didn’t go into the brain room this time, just went left, towards the rest of the facilities. We passed the autopsy room and I was sad to see the table was gone. I’m pretty sure we found it a few rooms down. We got to the room with the fuses and generators and shit. All the copper wire has been stripped so the place has no power. There was this little concrete box built out of the wall. A safe maybe? My friend stepped in it, the one who had been going every day for a week. He said he felt weird and that I should step in. I felt weird outside of it so I declined. We took a picture of him (pic above) and moved on. It only got worse from there.
File: DSCF6640.jpg (16KB, 300x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 300x225px
>Time 0130
We went up to the second floor. This was mostly administrative offices I think. I’m not sure. All I know was we split up. Me and one friend, and the guy who was every day for a week (ill call him Friend M, he comes up a lot) got lost and went into a room. It was weird. We all said the same thing. It felt peaceful. Nothing spooky. We just sat and talked, abandoning our plan of scaring our other friends. Eventually we decided to look for our friends. We found them soon after. They looked shaken up. They claimed that in one room the phone was ringing on the hook. When they picked it up there was nothing. No dial tone. Nothing. They put it down and went to leave. Before they left the phone flew to the floor. Considering what happened to us next I believe them.

(This may not be the right table, And the picture in the last post isnt mine, nor is this one. The only picture we took is the one in the first post)
We get to the third floor. The third floor is the best one. It is small but has a beautiful view of the whole complex. We keep our lights off or low so no one will see us. The moon was up, stars in the sky, a few clouds and a very light cool fall breeze. I remember looking out that window for a solid min. At the end of the hallway was a room with a pentagram on the floor. Historically there was a group of Satanists called the omega men. They’ve been around since my parents were children. Anyway I didn’t dare go in that room. Friend M. did. He danced around on the pentagram yelling “come get me devil, you cant touch me, you aint got nothing on me demons!” Then shit hit the fan. He stepped out of the room laughing and we all were like “you shouldn’t have done that.” Our criticism was cut short when we all turned and looked down the hall. From the center of the hallway by the stair case we heard a laughing. It sounded kind of how you would imagine a joker or clown to laugh, only played in reverse, and through a wall of water. I didn’t even have time to process it before the door to the room with a pentagram opened 3 inches and slammed shut so hard im surprised the frame didn’t crack. These were solid wood doors and it wasn’t windy out. No other doors opened or closed. We were done.
We made our way to the staircase. Once we were there the door opened again and shut softly again. Footsteps were walking towards us but we saw nothing. We ran to the first floor, and once we got there we heard footsteps at the top step. Running down the hallway to the exit we could hear footsteps on the floor above is. We made it outside and my friends freaked out saying “Holy shit did you see that in the window?” I was like nope! And I don’t want to. Here have my flashlight. And kept going. A few seconds later they all ran screaming calming they saw someone in the window. (the room they saw the guy in was the same room the ghost adventures saw their “shadow” in btw, and their show was filmed months after we went).
File: letch.png (3MB, 1243x933px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1243x933px
We probably should have gone home but Friend M. convinced us to go to the crematorium. I have no idea what they burned there but as was still there and got all over my shoes. Not much happened there but we made our way to the roof. On the roof I felt at peace. Looking at letchworth beneath me was like looking at a sea of bad mad emotions but where I was I was fine. I didn’t want to go back down. Nothing else really happened until I went home. Right in front of my driveway was a dead animal. Fuckin scared the shit out of me. Had to half drive on the grass to not run it over.
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prison pic.png
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>Fast forward to 2014
>went to abandoned prison “Lorton reformatory” with a friend
We went just before sundown in the winter. We pretty much spent the whole night just trying to find a way in. Fuckin you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to break into a prison. There were 2 security guards who would drive around the facility and we kept an eye on them. They didn’t bother us at all, didn’t even ask questions. It was late by the time we made it to the other side of the prison. We kept noticing what looked like flashlights in the windows of the prison every so often and assumed someone had to have made it in, even if we couldn’t. Anyway it was fuckin cold, it was winter. We finally found some barracks or something that looked easy to enter by hopping a little fence. The security guards had been gone for a while. We could see in both directions and there was no headlights. We were confused because they should have made a pass again by now. It was pretty regular. But they were still gone.
File: prison 2.jpg (527KB, 1600x892px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
prison 2.jpg
527KB, 1600x892px
So we were about to jump the fence when we heard what sounded like footsteps in the snow. My friend looked behind me and I looked behind him. He saw nothing but I saw what looked something on the roof. I thought I saw a giant bird land on the roof just before the sound of footsteps. I pointed it out to him and he saw it too. We could see its silhouette against the night sky as the sky was somewhat lit by the stars. It would poke its head up every so often and then crawl along the roof towards us. We were frozen. It made its way to us. Once at the edge of the building it swung down hanging from the ledge making an L shape against the building before dropping. We saw its full body against the night sky. It was like a slightly misshapened person. Supper skinny, long arms, and pitch black. We booked it. Once at the edge of the road we just looked. Waiting for it to come after us. It didn’t. We stood under one of the streetlights. We could hear what sounded like things falling off all the roofs around us into the snow.
File: letch ghost.png (445KB, 718x740px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
letch ghost.png
445KB, 718x740px
After about 10 min the security guard finally came back. He stopped at the same space we saw the thing fall. We left no foot marks so he couldn’t have seen our feet in the snow leading to that. He just stopped. We walked up to him and went to talk to him, asked him if he’s ever seen anything here. He didn’t say much, and we went on our way. About 5 min later he came back around and demanded we leave. He said we shouldn’t be here after dark (mind you we were there for like 4 hrs atleast after dark). We didn’t argue, but we did see an open door into one of the buildings. We were pissed, that was out way in… We left, and got to my jeep I parked in the woods. While leaving we got no cellphone service. We tried to call a friend to tell him what happened.

I began having nightmares after that. Flashbacks to letchworth. Each night before id have one id get hit with insomnia, then feelings of dread and despair until id fall asleep with an elevated heart rate. The most memorable one was where my friend, the one from the prison, was being haunted. His sister (he doesn’t have one) said we needed to call the ghost to us and if we each took it on together we could kill it. I woke up from the ghost in the dream suffocating me. I went to touch my face after a second and felt a cold childs hand brush against mine, like it was moving away. I say childs because the pink side of the palm brushed against my hand and it was short and fat. Like a kids hand. I have a very religious and spiritual friend tell me if I go again something /will/ follow me.
I want to go back. I want to enter that building. I want to go to letch again.

Since then I've had a lot of creepy dreams about these places and some other spooky stories
I have a few more details and shit and some pics I can share too if there is interest.
do it
Ok well what do you want to know? I mean I can elaborate on any part of the story, some of my dreams, Whatever. I mean, shit. I've been like a spooky magnet ever since then. Shit just likes me I guess.
post everything you want/can man. The more spooky OC shit the better
what in God's name was done to this truck to make it worth 200k?
Ok. so heres one that happened between letchworth and the prison

>Sitting in bunk
>Start having a dream about ghosts

>Friend had a sister in this dream
>He doesnt IRL
>His sister was some kind of spiritual medium
>I walked into his apartment to help him
>There was a demon possessing either him or her
>I cant remember, I want to say him though.
>His sister told us we needed to sit together in a circle and bring the demon to us so we could fight it together
>So we did
>Then everything went to shit
>It came after just me and I got overwhelmed
>Everything went to black
>I woke up in a field
>It was a weird kind of field
>The only thing in it was a barn
>I walked to it. Inside was nothing but cages
>I started to feel a pressure in my head and started to panic
>I pulled my phone out and on the screen was a fast paced slideshow of letchworth
>Every few frames was the face in that pic
>Faster and faster it went
>I looked up and the face was there
>I blacked out
>I woke up at a bus stop
>I took a bus to my friends house
>Once there I went inside
>His apartment was destroyed
>His sister lay weeping in the center
>She kept apologizing over and over in hysteria
>I finally got her to tell me why
>She said “It came for you. Only you
>Its yours now…” then It was there
>It jumped on me and began to suffocate me
>I woke up with a gasp
>Eyes still closed I took a deep breath
>I went to rub my face and as I reached for it I felt a hand pulling away
>The side of its left palm and pinky brushing against my hand
>It was small and cold
>I woke up fast after that
>Nothing was there.

Pic is this >>16850168
File: letch stuff.jpg (43KB, 333x221px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
letch stuff.jpg
43KB, 333x221px
wow, pic didnt attach.
This has got to be my favorite string of greentext's out there. Thanks for sharing
I'm going to draw the thing later
File: 1419646191986.png (76KB, 1225x477px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 1225x477px
File: 1419658240774.png (69KB, 1236x792px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 1236x792px
I hate this place sometimes..... That story was literally a case of read the ending first or get trolled.
My sides are in orbit
Tbh this isn't spooky, in fact I think it's kinda cute.
File: image.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x2448px
>walk into bedroom
Hear rustling
>look up
>skeltal on window
Spooped what do /x
pic related
salt circle... definitely salt circle...
Skeltal ralesists salt just keeps shaking bones telling me I need more calcium and if he can borrow my skin.
anon wtf
I was in that thread lol. I was pissed.
>7 ghosts
>Scared of a sexy skelington

Kids these days
Maybe gold rims
You mother fucker finish that story
I lol'd.

>Status: REKT
>no part 2
Don't leave me hanging Op I wanna see where this shit goes
I hope his sociopathic gf at least makes this hopeless robot get fit. If you are going to dominate someone utterly, you may as well make them as non-awful as possible.
I wanna see if he gets that boob he won't shut fuck up about or if she like kidnaps him and pegs him or some shit
Anon, finish the fucking story already.
>666 do it for satan
it was funnier if you were there but you have to admit it was well written
Finish dat shit
I kek'd pretty heartily. You have to admit, it was pretty gay. It was just a bunch of shitty stale pastas.
dude, solid gold rims wouldn't even put that truck at 200k. this is a, usually 80, maybe 85k truck, unless it's a dually which is maybe close to 90k. to add 110 thousand dollars of worth to this thing is insane.
I just went to the ford website, built my own F-450 platinum with every accessory I can put on there and this is the price.
you didnt put diamond rims and a gold interior with a super charged carbonfiber flux capacitor
i laughed, but i was still upset bc i was hoping for some creepy as ending.
Maybe a really nice interior and a solid gold pop up flat screen with diamonds encrested on the edges?
It says he fucks her in the story.
It's actually easy to rack up 200k worth of shit on a truck with aftermarket parts and engine upgrades, and don't get me started on interior upgrades
File: ayy.jpg (23KB, 640x309px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 640x309px
>inb4 "Jefty is Five"
Didnt read
>lrn 2 greentext
File: DOG.png (588KB, 1387x4321px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
588KB, 1387x4321px
Just for you anon.
sorry. duty calls

>"no, im getting that truck"
>friend legit yells at me through phone
>i hear it from the other side of the truck
>suddenly i see people getting up from the bonfire
>looked like a cult
>see my friend take off running
>some of the crazy psycho's chase after him
>some girl left by herself by bonfire
>walk out of clearing, badass style
>shes actually kind of cute
>sneak up behind her
>tell her she needs to leave
>she starts crying and runs off
>hop in that sweet F350
>no keys
>hotwire that bitch
>call my friend
>he tells me he is fine and got out but he took our ride
>if i cant get out with the truck he will pick me up next morning
>fuck that
>start driving down a road
>suddenly those motherfuckers that where by the bonfire start coming out of the treeline
>only like 6 of them though
>college students
>slam the pedal to the ground and kick dirt and their face
>almost out of the woods
>roll the truck in a ditch
>friend comes over and picks me up
>those college students faces when 2 weird guys came in stealing their nice truck
and dubs dont lie
Marty! We have to go back to the future!
what are you, retarded? no person ever has added 140k worth of shit onto their truck, unless it was a work truck that they fitted with everything from welders and grinders to huge air compressors and winches.
File: 1439509778311.jpg (8KB, 213x244px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 213x244px
Your story is bad and you should feel really bad about making us wait like that.
File: 1444787370637.jpg (47KB, 640x824px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 640x824px
> mfw I read this
> holy fuck mister Robot!
she is bound to end up on national tv sometime if this is true and he's going to go to fucking silicon heaven over something dumb as hell.
I'm sure it was, and it was very well written.
That ending was so bad I want to say you aren't the op of the story.
not him but I thought that was obvious
>multiple days ago
>eating at like 10pm at the kictchen, connected to basement via stairs
>here a shoe falling down the stairs, makes sense shoe rack is near the stairs
>mom happens to be doing laundry at the time, asked her if she heard it
>check for a missing shoe in the rack, all present
>my mom and I get spooked, she also heard a coat hanger fall while she was doing laundry around the same time I heard the shoe fall but she didn't find any coat hangers on the ground
>subtle spook but it's the most recent story
Let me guess, windows 10?
You're a master of comedy...
Guess that means he died.
Hi /x/ Im lurk here occationally and tonight I've finally decided to share a story which I still cannot comprehend.
Many of you will think Im lying or that I imagined it all. That's fine I'm not here to convince anyone just to share.
>be me as a child, maybe 10 years old
>classmate invites me to her house for dinner
>we've been classmates for a while and she's nice enough so I accept
>go to her house
>"welcome Anon let me introduce you to my family"
>Greet mom and grandma politely
>meet classmate's dad
>in my mind "this man has cheated his wife"
>realize what I was thinking and wonder why tf did I just think that
>act normal and greet him
>have dinner
>"Anon lets go to my room and play"
>k sure
>once in her room she gets quiet
>she closes the door and confeses that his dad has been cheating on her mom
>I can't speak and just listen
>say nothing because of disbelief
>cant rember what we did after
Sometimes I ask myself if I imagined it all because how could I've known about the cheating just by first impression.
I wouldn't get to spooped about it that's just an echo of time my friend shit happens to me all the time. Like the other day.
>be sitting at my computer in room
>bathroom door is open bathroom is inside my room
>have a wooden chair in there
>hear noise that sounds like someone dragging something heavy across chair
>loud bang onto the floor
>go into the bathroom to check but nothing is out of place or on the floor
>mum dies when im 12
>live with grandma
>at the cemetery one year, waiting for uncle Paul
>we're walking towards the plot, Pauls already there, standing at mums grave
>he's about 100 meters away
>call his name, start walking faster towards him
>hear car horn, it's his car
>Paul and his girlfriend Anne get out of the car
>turn back to direction we saw ghost Paul
>nobody there
>we all walk around cemetery for a while
>completely deserted
>grandma swears on her 80 year old heart she saw Paul at the grave
Voh dale
That nameless patient graveyard sounds really depressing.
Nope, 7
Paul is dead
It was probably his body language.
I would try to get to the bottom of what the hell was going on
File: visitor.jpg (505KB, 1352x822px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
505KB, 1352x822px
say no more fam
usually lurker but have a story i've never really shared with anyone but my girl scares her so thought might be something to share dont known how to green text though.

Back when I was younger, about 7 at the time i was living in an old home my family owned. father had inherited from his father but to make that story short i got sick with lead poisoning to the point where the doctor said if i did not leave the home i would die. dad had the county come out and check the pipes, land, walls paint but nothing came up to cause only solution was to move. my dad was not a rich man so while they fixed the house to sell they had me go to live with my aunt and her husband man was a peice of shit. told me about it that i would get to live with my cousin sean i was extremely sick and just wanted to stay but sean was like a brother to me when hed come over it was great. so i talked to him on the phone and he got extremely angry and said he didnt want me to stay there i was confused and sad at the time but had to go anyway.
got to this trash trailer in a park. was not liking this but was nice to see my aunt and cousin uncle never really talked to me much made me feel uncomfortable. so few weeks there felt much better but saw some things aunt was a drunk didnt know until then and my uncle would take sean places every night and come back and sean wasent with him(usually). well until few weeks had talked to parent every night or so but uncle sean said hes moving the trail to a plot of land. didnt think much of it but after a 8-10 hr trip we were in a middle of fucking nowhere plot of land apparently he had bought? not sure honestly but had a small barn/chicken coup so now uncle said that i cant talk to my parents anymore, i was confused and asked why. he said they did not want me anymore and that he had to take care of me he had this real look of disgust about him i was just scared and asked if i could call them and he bolo punched me and said i had to be stronger. will continue
continued story:
of course i cried and begged for my parents but he said he was gonna make me tough and he dragged me outside and threw me (litterally) into this ragged chicken coupe. i screamed for a bit and cried for my parents but then unlce came out with sean and made him come in with me sean told me that uncle sean would beat us if i didnt calm down. this continued as a trend that we would have to spend our nights in this old chicken coup uncle sean left us out there and padlocked it. he would bring water our sometimes and food stuffs like crackers and bread but eventually got to a point a few weeks into this where he stopped and for a period of about 2 weeks we only got water told us that we didnt get food because he didnt have the money well not sure if what happened was a hallucination or what but this is what freaked me out.
one night very hungry laying on concrete floor and suddenly hear a loud bang like someone tried to tackle side of this coupe. though may be uncle being asshole so we cried and asked him to stop. keeps banging so we tried being quiet maybe he would stop. but then we look out windows of this coup which were very tall id say they were about 7 feet up about a foot below the complete roof and we see something circling the windows
File: images.jpg (7KB, 188x253px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 188x253px
pic related:
we are at this moment in a corner of this shed/coup thing holding each other not sure what were seeing it had this long black hair and what to me looked like a long deer skull face but not a skull just very sunken in, it had eyes that were on the sides of its head though with teeth that showed out from the skull like face . it had one side of the face pointed to the window like it was looking in but didnt directly look at us in particular, we just sat as still as possible for what seemed like hrs no noise or anything watching it look in we then decided to move to the farther corner but as soon as we moved the eyes just darted and it started banging the sides of this shed thing again we moved as quick as possible to the corner as we hard this thing crawl up on top of the roof and scratch and scratch the roof. we felt it moving around on the top for hours and we just silently sobbed to ourselfs once the sun started coming up we heard this thing jump down and saw it one more time in the window it had milky white eyes (before it just looked like wild animal light reflections) and it looked in quickly then we heard this loud thump to the ground and it was gone uncle came out and we begged him to let us in, told him about it and he wouldnt. didnt sleep the next few night but never saw again. other things happened another uncle rescued me when i snuck out and got ahold of my aunt cell while she slept. whole thing was a nightmare but that thing i wish i new what it was.
I would be perfectly fine dating this girl.
Not particularly spooky, but I might as well post

First off an apology for anyone who was camping in the Brown County State Park in Indiana in mid-September, this year.
>lets go camping, bunch of my college buddies
>everyone bails, ends up that its me and three friends. Two are my bros, the other is the newly minted girlfriend of one of them
>get there at like 11 pm cause traffic and shit
>bro2 and gf are already there, tents set up and everything
>unpack, shoot the shit, kill time
>its like 1PM, they wanna go hike, whatever
>despite being packed, the campground is basically dead, everyone is asleep or drunk
>in hindsight of innawoods shit, this was really dumb, like monumentally dumb
>hike a solid mile on trail to small lake
>sit there, talk about shit, try and get them to drink some Oakheart I had jammed in my back pocket
>bro1 and girl opt out
>bro2 sips once, cant handle bitter ass rum
>swiggin like a pro, irrelevant
>lets head back
>talking about random crap still
>out of nowhere bro2 brings up the fact that gf has recently perfected the screech of the Witch King of Angmar
>think thats odd, but whatever knock yourself out
>standing next to her, she lets loose
>spot on, 10/10 Peter Jackson would record for next LotR
>had I not been watching her do it, I would have shit my pants
>probably 2AM, no one knows we are out here, woods is silent as a grave and then this demonic scream shatters it
>so if you were camping that weekend and tactically shit yourself and hid in your sleeping bag because of skinwalker/wendigo/bigfoot screeches I'm sorry
>in super hindsight, this was basically us ringing a dinner bell, but what did I know
>i'm a police officer
>chillin with my partner in my dispatch vehicle eating burgers
>get call about high speed chase in progress
>two fuckers shooting at officers from their car
>meet up with other police car
>set up spike strip
>set cars like a wall on the road a safe distance away
>take out guns and get ready
>tell officer scrublord to turn off safety
>car comes hurtling down the road, hits spike strip and tumbles in to the field next to the road.
>two Hispanic guys climb out. call them fatass and shortstuff
>shoot the fuckers
>take bullet in evlar vest
>fatass and shortstuff get rekt
>feel pain in back
mfw i wake up to the zombie apocalypse.
>>i'm a police officer

Stop right there.
>police officer
I was actually reading this one this morning (Sunday/18). It mentions OP says the location, but I can't see it. Can anyone help me out? I really want to go there.
What the fuck how did your ubcle get away with kidnapping and torturing you? Fucking insanity
File: 1394080039117.png (3MB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1280x720px
This is my favorite post in the entire thread.

That got me. 10/10.

95% of the thrill in reading skinwalker stories are that even bringing them up is supposed to be bad mojo.
What the fuck, that was insane
Aftermarket upgrades is how you get trucks that cost as much as a fucking Lambo. Custom exhaust, is one that I know of. I don't know much about the details, but I live in rural Wisconsin and the hick farmers making $500k/year manage to spend ludicrous amounts tricking out their trucks. Hear about it from my more redneck cousin.
Define "rural Wisconsin" because everyone I've ever met from Hudson to Racine has had the same shitty 90's chevy silverado.
File: glow-worm.jpg (59KB, 640x424px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 640x424px
Slight spoopy. True story bro.

>Be me at 13 or 14
>Staying the night at ma dukes for the weekend
>Sleeping in top bunk when I wake up around 2 a.m.
>Look up at ceiling and see a green bioluminescent worm-thing on the ceiling
>Thought maybe it was a piece from those glow in the dark stars you put up on your ceiling.
>"Wait, am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?"
>The fucking ectoplasmic booger was moving! Inching its way across the ceiling!
>Thought maybe I'm tripping, maybe I'm still asleep. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.
>Next thing I knew...
>I hear brother in bottom bunk: "Anon. Hey anon, do you see that green thing moving on the ceiling?"
>Kept staring at it for about 15 minutes before I dozed off.
>Wake up the next morning and ask brother if he remembers seeing spoopy thing
>Says yes but he was over it.
I don't know how you don't know how to greentext--nobody can be that new.

One thing you clearly don't know how to use is punctuation. I got halfway thru 1/3 and stopped because I was having to re-read line after line.
anyone have that skinwalker story where anon and his brother go winter hunting with their grandpa and have to sleep on a frozen lake as the thing watches them from the shore?
File: Grandpa innawods.png (442KB, 1176x2496px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Grandpa innawods.png
442KB, 1176x2496px
File: 1427089022268.jpg (3KB, 125x113px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 125x113px

I don't even care if this is fake.

Jesus fucking Christ.
File: Abandoned Town.png (372KB, 1199x3287px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Abandoned Town.png
372KB, 1199x3287px
File: Another Meal.png (888KB, 1054x1130px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Another Meal.png
888KB, 1054x1130px
File: where's sarah.jpg (2MB, 1058x3569px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
where's sarah.jpg
2MB, 1058x3569px
File: the car accident.jpg (147KB, 987x475px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the car accident.jpg
147KB, 987x475px
File: pale luna.png (1MB, 727x2279px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pale luna.png
1MB, 727x2279px
File: HELP ME.png (74KB, 1116x1268px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74KB, 1116x1268px
the scary part is that he doesn't have a father
>It's actually easy to rack up 200k worth of shit on a truck
not unless it's all solid gold
if you paid that much you got ripped the fuck off
fuck. FUCK. that one always gets me somehow.

Thanks anon

Fuck this fucking skinwalker-ass fucking shit, I'm noping the fuck out of here.
I'm simply cannot conjure up the proper caliber of horrifically nightmarish mental imagery that the author of this must have had in his head while writing

It's not the greatest thing ever, but still, that is beyond "even further beyond"

Mother of God
Skin walkers and maine taxi guy are the only thing on this board that ever do it for me(make me feel spooped). There was a story on a /k/ innawoods thread about a kid who was kicked out of his house and living in the woods with only a bow when a pack of feral dogs showed up and hunted him for weeks before he was able to kill them all. that was the best story of this format that i have read.

IMO Maine Taxi guy is more interesting than outright spoopy. Seems like the kind of guy I'd want to hang out with.
File: srscat.png (217KB, 390x346px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
217KB, 390x346px
so much time wasted reading this shit, goddamn
I really hope english isn't your first language
and I really hope you started learning it this year
File: 1437757463925.jpg (165KB, 1080x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165KB, 1080x1920px
Does anyone have the story about the hole under the bed? This skinny af girl comes out at night and this kid and his friends feed her but every night before the sun comes up she gets sucked back into the hole under the bed

Jesus fuck that picture keeps getting me every time I scroll through this thread. Fuck SCP-1471 in his gay skeletal faggot canine asshole. I hope he dies from AIDs.
>>16843843 here, I warned you.
File: 1444183094431.png (429KB, 902x2791px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
429KB, 902x2791px

This is the story.
fucking kek
Good read.
TFW you take a Skinwalker home and leave your wife in the woods.
File: 1436124353784.jpg (9KB, 260x258px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 260x258px
>Be me, in my old apartment
>Lived in an upper level of a duplex, was a huge place built in the 1920s
>The apartment below me used to be a general store long ago, and the store owners lived where I did
>Nobody living in the apartment below me at the time, all alone in the building
>Late one night, I was on my laptop and heard a loud boom from the corner room
>Initially assumed that my bike or some other large object fell down in there since I mainly used the room for storage
>A second later, I hear footsteps from the corner room going into the hallway by the bathroom
>Grab my baseball bat, thinking someone broke in
>The sound of the footsteps were odd, kind of shuffled/unsteady as if the person was wasted
>A couple seconds later, I hear this shitty sounding moan
>It almost sounds like a retarded kid moaning with pain
>Freak the fuck out, look in the hallway where I heard the footsteps and moaning
>Saw nothing
>Nervously went into the corner room, turned on the light, nothing fell down
>No evidence of a break-in, nothing out of place
>Still spooped about it, didn't sleep much that night
>A couple weeks later, I went to the landlord to give him my rent money
>Asked him if he knew anything weird that might have happened in the building
>Landlord said "Ehh, not really. No crazy murders to my knowledge, if that's what you're asking. But I do know that someone died in your apartment a long time ago. A kid that was kind of...slow."
>Found out that the original owners had a retarded kid that was kept locked up in the corner room
>Retarded kid ended up dying in there
>Poordude.swf, feel kind of bad
>Heard the shuffled footsteps/moaning of the potato ghost two more times before I moved out
>Tfw I had a retard ghost in my apartment
long hiatus for this x/phile and good to see some decent shit

>i posted about the weird hollowed corpse witch thing my friends and i came across when we were young
>hard drive fried and dont have original but it wasnt that passed around
>since then ive used my shit tier english degree to have more hunnits in my wallet then the bumps on ur face. really i got lucky.

>not gonna come back but i originally posted that i dont believe in this shit, i come here for there legitamacy of ufo sightings (imo none exist except the 1943 phot of the great los angeles air raid witnessed by hundreds.
>imo the cats that posit that fighter merely needed to recharge then zoomed outta there after an hour of taking our weaponry proves we dont do shit to aliens interest nor do they care to check us out. that fighter prolly fled here under bad circumstances

>anyways. real quick. swear this happen like the light of day thru the blinds. 4 weeks ago. banging new wifey, im 28 and shes a 33 brunette with a doll face and jogs

>not a single mom. we liv together and she eventually tell me her dad used to come in her room after enough whiskey and her mother never came out and he would "tell her a story" often acting out the characters under the covers and between her legs till she was 11 and her mom got the nuts to move

>dad goes hard pedo and gets killed in prison to abridge that.

>we got married 4 weeks ago and it has been the loviest experience i thought i'd never have. she has fucking smooth skin and a baby doll face (watch asap ferg's doe active video and the brunette you get a glimpse of right before the first verse is a dead on depiction of her

>she clings to me at night. if i wake her up fingering her she'll lick my balls and let me turn the lights on

>one thing tho

>the day u get married there's the whole bride cant see the groom. im with my mates. throwing back a couple stellas with the groomsmen
>happens twice. there's an obvious area in the church where the boys wait for ceremony. I'm pissing and yelling at my boys outside.

>already done up with hair and dress so post piss is a matter of not getting tie wet so im looking down. look up in mirror and an old man, in no way part of the part is standing directly behind me. not a few feet but inches behind me

>i scream which goes over like a led balloon with my boys so i let it go

>at the altar. as soon as I saw I do i see an old man walk out in my periph. my woman is so hot idc at that moment

>what brings me here? last night she bit the bloody shit outta me right at the base of my neck. put teeth thru skin and peeled me like an orange

>there was outrage, almost a hospital trip, and i am in my office starting monday with a bandaged wound staying home today cause she is loosing her shit and cant go to work cause she hurt me

>still, i hate yall and you are full of shit but here is what is and what is not spooky:

>she is not lying. not spooky. she told me she had a dream about the abuse something she hasnt had in years and hadnt worried about since we got serious. she is trying to watch dvr and not start balling in the living room right now
>spooky: last months verizon bill was way to high since we combined plans or pools or whatever 6 months ago. data charges or volume leveraging incorrectly applied or something.

>last night i logged into my verizon. all the data was from pictures and movies. pics my wife sent to a number i've never seen. not just small files but long movies. SENT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING NIGHT WHEN SHE IS CUDDLED TO ME SHE CALLS MY CHEST HAIR HER NOOK

>i dont like this. not like she is cheating it just seems like i ran into a daddy's issue girl who didnt get well and maybe this bitch was too good

>almot all the texts are media but the rest are very cryptic aside from the first three that plainly tell the recipient her skin is wrinkled and she knows i want her taunt. im not looking at it but u dont forget taunt

>that and she bit me in a way that pulled away my epidermal

>i love my rockstar but we are not sleeping together tonight as i am about to console her on the couch and tell her about an unplanned business meeting that will put me out of town this week.

>i know my shit guys. before the couch cuddling and she eventually straddle fucks me im going to the last existing radio shack or whatever the fuck i need and putting some security cameras up. some kind of feed i can watch what she does in the middle of the night

>if this happens to have fruition i will post more
none of the media she mysteriously texts is on our wifi
Damn Rick, cant even tell the difference between a police officer and a sheriff can you?
Is there any more of this guya stories? Would appreciate it
File: can opener.jpg (126KB, 336x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
can opener.jpg
126KB, 336x600px

Dude. DUDE. Thank you so much, man. This one always spooks me.
Happy ending.
I only kind of followed that. You speak like you're in the early stages of schizophrenia. Get yourself checked out if you're a native English speaker.
It's mostly a lack of punctuation. A few commas, and restructuring some of the run-on sentences would do wonders for this word salad.
File: spooktato.png (103KB, 1224x483px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103KB, 1224x483px
Oh ctm, yo pensaba que era el unico aqui
>can't even into precious metals
>90's chevy silverado
You are repugnant
Because I'd rather have something that looks and runs recent than some P.O.S rust bucket?
File: 1436196485166.jpg (33KB, 401x271px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 401x271px
FUCKING STUPID. NOT REMOTELY/x/ Fuck off and die. Don't come back.
more stories about weird creatures like these pls

also requesting story about how some anon saw a big ass bird innawoods that spoke to him and told him to stop tearing off branches from some tree
nah fam theyre fantastic. just sucks when some schizo middle school faggots sees a shadow move and write on /x/ about how it was a skinwalker following him. the screencapped stuff is crazy good though. just stick to screencap threads and avoid shitty oc greentext threads
seriously... skinwalkers/whatever the cryptoid are always seem to be damaged yet survive even multiple gunshots... i wonder what the case would be if every bullet had the energy to blow it in half

hahaha my thoughts exactly.
> $150,000 mazda miata
> $1,000,000 pt cruiser
So, essentially what you're saying is that you don't have a clue what you're talking about.
What's in the truck!?
holy shit my sides.

9/10 post
Yeah, fucking English degree my ass.
Maybe his English degree is in Tech Support
haha mfw potato ghost
That's why it was so funny. It seemed so legit. It was still the best story in the thread.
> kinda new to this board
Yeah same need to know what happened with OP when they moved in with each other
File: 1419894202374.jpg (37KB, 395x393px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So I'm kinda new to this board but I've got a pretty creepy ass story from a few years back:

> decide to go innawoods with some people I knew frome college for spring break
> some were my bros that I'd known for a long time, some were guys I had only met a few times, and a few girls, one of whom had a family cabin out innawoods that we were going to stay in
> My friend Tom is into survival and guns and shit, and brought emergency supplies, a ton of ammo, and a fucking .308 scar, Remington 870, and his Glock 20 pistol which he always carries either on him or in his car
> I had my Glock 17 carry, and 2 other guys brought pistols as well for plinking and incase of bears and shit.
> little bit of info about Tom, he's a big guy, about 6'4" 240, and this son of a bitch can fight, crazy motherfucker isn't scared of anything either, and goes out innawoods regularly just because in typical /k/ommando fashion
> My other friend Mark is the exact opposite and shits himself if an elevator moves too fast, needless to say him and Tom didn't get along well
> first night of the trip everyone gets unpacked and settled, Tom and Rebecca (his GF at the time ex now) take a room together, Sarah (the chick that owns the cabin) and her friends took the master room upstairs, Mark and I took the third room, and everyone else set up beds and sleeping bags in the main room of the cabin

File: 1374745279619.jpg (732KB, 2448x3264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
732KB, 2448x3264px
Here's one of the pics I managed to find floating around.
Should have mentioned this in post, Paul is still alive, we had a small family get together with him last Christmas so im pretty sure he's not in my head.
Continued from 16867256

> first night we heard some noises off in the distance, nothing too out of the ordinary, though most of it was drowned out by Tom and Rebecca
> the next morning is where shit started to get creepy
> we awake to find blood smeared all over the outside of the cabin and our vehicles as well as several raccoons dismembered scattered all around the cabin
> at this point Mark is practically shitting himself, Sarah is freaking out demanding to know which one of us did this "prank" andfor that person to clean the shit up, and Tom is casing the parameters of the cabin looking for animal tracks or footprints, anything to explain what the fuck happened
> the other 2 girls (Sarah's friends) and the other 2 guys (one was Tom's buddy Jason the other was Mark's little brother David) were more disturbed and grossed out than anything
> Sarah was getting increasingly bitchey since everyone was swearing they didn't do it and knew nothing about it
> I asked if anything like this had ever happened out here before to which Sarah said no
> Sarah's friends Courtney and Emily wanted to leave and wouldn't shut up about it
> at this point Tom came back over to the rest of the group saying he didn't see animal tracks, or foot prints or anything to explain what the fuck had happened, he figured like Sarah that one of us had done it
>after a long argument we agreed that we would stay at least another night and that we would make sure to lock all doors and windows before going to sleep
> Tom, Mark, Jason, David, and myself got stuck with cleaning everything up which took about an hour
> the rest of the day was pretty normal, we made a fire, ate lunch, talked about shit, and went shooting
> by the time we got back to the cabin from target shooting out innawoods it was getting dark so we started up the fire again and proceed to eat dinner

I don't get the ending
File: 1366639252209.jpg (51KB, 480x425px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 480x425px
Continued from 16867291

> after we finished eating and started cleaning up we heard the most blood chilling scream imaginable
> seriously, shit sounded like a fucking pteradactyl screeching into a megaphone
>everyone freaks the fuck out including myself
>Mark, Courtney, and Emily wanted to get the fuck out of there and were insisting thst we just grab our essentials and leave
> at this point Tom had his gun drawn and was looking around and said that we needed to go check it out because someone could need help
> I told him that there was no way that scream came from anything human, but he went into the cabin and came back with his scar and Remington locked and loaded and he threw me the Remington
> "Come on Chris we need to check that shit out for our safety at the very least" he said immediately after giving me the shotgun
> Rebecca grabbed him not wanting him to go, and Mark was insisting that I stay as well
> the decision had already been made, we were going to check it out, but first Tom grabbed a flare gun and 3 extra flares out of his car
> then he gave Rebecca his Glock and told Mark and Jason to have their guns ready and to get everyone in their cars and leave if we weren't back in 30 minutes, or to come to our location if we popped a flare
> Tom and I headed out towards the direction of the scream, he took the lead like a man on a fucking mission while I watched his back
> we got about 3/4 of a mile away from the cabin when we came across a freshly dead deer that had been clawed apart
>Tom examined it and said it had to have been a bear and the screeching must have been from it dying
> I wasn't sure, I felt uneasy like we were being watched, plus that deer was fucking torn apart, guts and blood everywhere and it's head had almost been clawed off almost completely at the neck, it didn't look like any bear kill that I had ever seen before

Continued from 16867342

> we got back to the cabin and told everyone else what we found, they were still freaked out, but less so once Tom said that it was just a bear that had killed a dear and probably got scared and ran off when it heard us coming
>no one got much sleep that night
> the next morning we heard a scream coming from right outside the cabin, it was Sarah
> we all rushed outside and what we saw was more disturbing than the raccoons
> the deer that Tom and I had found last night was scattered all around the cabin, it's head was right next to the door, and the rest of it had been more torn up than it was the night before
> now it wasn't just Mark and the 2 girls that wanted to leave, now Rebecca, Sarah, and myself wanted to get the fuck out of there
> Tom was on edge now too, he'd never heard of a bear dragging it's kill towards humans and then mutilating the corpse and not eating it
> he wouldn't say it but I could see that he was concerned, though he still said we should stay and make the most out of our spring break to which David agreed
>he was able to convince Rebecca, Sarah, and myself that we should stay too, even though I still couldn't shake the feeling that something was seriously wrong I ended up helping convince Mark, Courtney, and Emily that we'd be fine because we had a shit ton of guns and ammo
> for the rest of the day everything was pretty normal other than the fact that everyone was on edge, we stayed in the cabin most the day hanging out and drinking
> that night while we were eating dinner we heard the same blood chilling scream from the night before, this time I knew it wasn't from a deer, whatever that sound was it was what killed the deer, and the raccoons, and had been stalking our cabin, it's almost like it was stalking us, trying to lure us out to it
> this time Tom had his scar right by him at dinner and I had his Remington
> then we heard what sounded like whispers out in the forest

Continued from 16867449

> Tom stood up turned on the flashlight that was attached to his gun and started screaming "whoever is out there better come the fuck out or they're going to get lit the fuck up"
> this was out of character, Tom has his fair share of rage issues, but he's the most responsible person I've ever seen around firearms, he wouldn't point a gun out into the woods and threaten to shoot not knowing what was out there
> then we fucking see something maybe 100 yards out stand up, fucking thing had to be at least 7' tall and was too thin to be a bear
> Tom dumped a 20 round mag in its direction and we heard it fucking screech louder than ever before, then Mark, Jason and myself dumped our pistol mags in the same direction
> We got inside the fucking cabin not knowing what the fuck was out there or if we killed it
> no one slept that night even though Tom said the only thing it could be was a bear, but I don't think he even believed that anymore not entirely at least
> we packed our shit that night and decided that we would leave first thing in the morning
> before we left The guys and I went to check where we were shooting at the night before to see if there was a body
> there was nothing except a few bullet holes in the trees where some of our missed shots had hit
> we left soon after and spent the last few days of spring break in our dorms hanging out with each other talking about what happened
> Sarah hasn't been back to the cabin since, and Mark won't set foot into the woods again to this day Tom and I still go innawoods together sometimes and we even went camping in the same area last summer, but nothing happened, still I felt like we were being watched, like something was still stalking us at night. Something not human nor animal...

So what does /x/ think?
Thanks for saving the board Ivan.
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82KB, 300x360px



marvin's name got changed to martin halfway through. details like that take me out of it, obviously fake

that creepypasta's pretty pretty bad tbh fam

man, anansi's goatman story is just never gonna get beat...

there's a /k/reepypasta about a guy who's trekking in the desert and is stalked by an alien. it's pretty damn good too

overall i agree with you tho. there's only a handfull of good ones and most of the time you just spend these threads hoping to get that goatman/skinwalker kick

thats a good short one. Would make a killer short film.
File: magdalena.png (636KB, 1208x3152px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
636KB, 1208x3152px
Short story.

>I'm staying over at my friend's place one night. I've witnessed some creepy things at his place before like children's footsteps on the 2nd floor at night when there are no children in that house and everyone was sleeping on the 1st floor.
>We're staying the night in his old room on the 2nd floor watching Human Giant and other shit on his laptop just hanging out.
>Later that night we pass out. I wake up early in the a.m. (can't remember the time) and see his laptop is still on playing some movie we fell asleep on. Decide to watch a little bit before I go to sleep again.
>Suddenly I hear my name whispered out loud from the opposite side of the room. My head quickly turns in the direction I heard it but nobody's there. All I see is a pile of laundry and a dark corner of the room. My friend is asleep next to me but I'm wide awake at that point.
>About an hour later my friend wakes up (still dark out) and sees me up. He asks what I'm doing and I tell him what happened. He's like "don't let it get to you" and says we both know this place is haunted. He lays back down. Shortly after we suddenly hear the huge gust of wind that lasted for some seconds. My friend gets up again and we look at each other like "did you hear that?"
>My friend looks out his window and looks back at me. "Anon, we both heard that gust of wind. But the trees outside aren't moving. Everything is dead still." I look outside too and see he's not lying. Not even a slight rustle of branches or leaves (which is exactly what it sounded like).
>We both go back to sleep and wake up to daylight. We talked about what happened and decided it was just another creepy thing that happened in that house.
Creepiest thing I've ever read. I don't know why, but I actually fucking so scared at the end, scrunched up my face for a good minute. Holy SHIT!
Stayed the night at my friends house once.. Strange occurrence..

> be me, around 10 years old
> about to go to bed
> friend tells me to sleep in the spare room but to lock the door
> family with young children will be there tomorrow. locking the door was to prevent them from bothering me
> go in room, there's a large old real to reel player on one wall, couch I would lay on under window.
> lay down in dark room, enough light to see outlines
> window has no blinds so staring up at night sky
> almost purple outside, not sure why
> try to fall asleep
> begin hearing some bizarre noises almost as if in my head
> sounds like a swarm of insects or snake rattles constantly drumming
> sounds seem to go up in down in volume over and over again
> try to push it out of my mind
> hours pass like this
> have the feeling of being woken up startled to see a shadowy figure standing in front of the reel to reel player moving around as if adjusting the settings
> say my friends name in a question
> figure vanished, freaked out
> go check door. Still locked
> go immediately find friend who is still up reading a book. Tell him I'm going home.
> walk home, it's dawn.

I never told anyone because I wasn't sure if I was awake or not. It was extremely surreal
>Get off graveyard shift
>Go to Walmart for midnight snacks
>Driving home, decide to take back roads
>Suddenly straight long stretch of road, far as eye can see
>See do not park sign to my right
>Seconds later see another one
>Few seconds more see a third
>This keeps happening
>See another one
>"Oh god what's happening?"
>See another one
>"Holy fuck is this really happening?"
>See another one
>See another one
>See another one
>See another one
>This continues for another 10 minutes
>Finally reach the main road
>Need to pull over and come to terms about what just happened
>Look at car clock
>Look at cell phone time
>I'm missing exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes
>Go home and take a few MDMA
>Never went down that road again
When i feel like shit, i like to read or listen to creepy stories
I have that one, it's called Alice, if I recall.
>Be me, Britbong.
>Grandfathers cousin dies, he was living in NZ.
>We've never met him, but he's left a bunch of stuff to more or less every branch of the family.
>about 3 months later a 20' container arrives in Southampton.
>we have to pay to have it transported to Leeds, a bit pissed off as that cost us £300
>Get our allocated boxes from the container.
>load of old clothes, crappy books mainly junk
>one box has 'please destroy' written on it
>open it anyway, and inside is an old wooden box about the size of a shoebox
>open it, and all that is inside is a crudely polished stone in a velvet bag
>well fuck it, I'm keeping it
>keep it in my shed
>find dead cat outside shed 3 days later
>dog barks at the shed door for no reason
>shed window cracks
>cutting wood inside shed and electric surged and destroyed the saw motor
>last straw was finding the stone had moved from on top of a shelf and knocked some paint over when no one had been in
>threw stone into the sea last time i went fishing
nice, could be developed into a potent horror story
Holy fuck for some reason i started crying when i saw that image.
> After Gulf War 2
>Get contract, welding in Iraq
>Pipe guys are on massive money, but I am not coded high enough, so I am in maintenance
>I fab and weld, frames, trailers, rsj capping etc
>Hot as shit, boring, but money is great
>Get out on a job in middle of nowhere
>Have to repair and stick weld a gantry and steps at this pipeline terminal
>Go inside a 8' x 8' concrete bunker to check that there are no gas cylinders or flammable before I start.
>Nice and cool, so I stop and have a can of coke
>In corner is a small door, though it was for cables; but hey I'll have a look
>open little door
Pls go on

Cont pls
>door opens about 2 inch, but has a chain coming from the inside
>go back outside and do 3 or 4 hours work, but that little door is still nagging at me. I rush finish the job, have a piss and a think.
>go back in with 9"angle grinder and can just reach a chain link
>cut one side, twist the chain a little, cut the other side
>get it cut
>i start to feel a bit apprehensive - we were told NOT to fuck with anything, it was instant dismissal, but I only had 14 days left so I thought fuck it.
>radio in, say I will be not wanting pickup for 2 hours
>door is like 4 foot high, I open it up, I had to laugh when it creaked like a B movie scene
>grab my led lenser, shine in, and it goes straight for like 125 feet, and then its steps downwards.
>go down 125 or so feet, and then maybe 12, 13 steps and just listen, it is really really silent, smells a bit musty
>shine my torch and the steps open up into a room maybe 40 or 50 feet wide, and seemingly endlessly long, wow, cool.
>p9 led lenser is pretty fucking useless, but i flash it around and see something, something move
>MAJOR Flash of blue light then I am knocked on my ass
>wake up in the little concrete room where i first saw the door, only now the whole wall where the door was is just whitewashed concrete
Abandoned hospitals are fucking spoopy and filled with meth addicts and hobos

Usually skinwalker stories don't bother me, but this one creeped me out.
File: cover.jpg (66KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 500x500px
File: 1444187418863.jpg (123KB, 546x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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F-350 (likely power stroke) so that's already 60-80K tbh. If bought through a bad deal (shady dealership) the owed money on that can come up to like 120k instantly.

I guess /x/ probably doesn't know trucks though and buying new vehicles though.
You have no way of knowing what that poster's beliefs are based solely on a stupid webm that they posted without a comment associated with it.
Pretty good story until right at the end. Fuck sake.
>Twentynine Palms
Isn't that where Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park is at?
Yeah, the 40 runs through the desrt into Arizona.

Ive seen some weird shit out there as well. I mean nothing that couldnt just be chalked up to meth heads, but still.

Walking through the desert at 1am and running into a weirdo is always unsettling.
Unrealistic as fuck, but good read anyway. 7/10
Ah, I live in Fountain Valley, Orange County.
File: 1442376851757.jpg (86KB, 650x427px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sounds like a classic goatman encounter tbh fam
>Be me, few years ago
>Listening to music in bed
>Hear someone coming up the stairs, figure it's just my mum going to bed
>Mum's room is next to mine and connected by a door, while there's also a passage that leads from my room to the landing
>Hear her bedroom door open and close, followed by someone moving about
>Shout "Goodnight"
>No reply, repeat it louder three or four times because she's deaf as fuck and rarely hears first time
>Realise I can't see her bright-as-fuck bedroom light shining through the gaps in the doorframe
>Huh, that's wei-
>Door handle starts jumping like someone is sliding their hand down it and letting it spring back up
>Throw laptop across room in my haste to GTFO
>Run downstairs
>Turns out mum is asleep on the sofa and my brother is also downstairs, they're the only other people in the house
>Spooped as fuck, spend the next few hours sitting downstairs in my boxers
post that shit then.

come on dont be a faggot
Shit, are you for real? Post them coordinates
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