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Crazy Mental People

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Crazy Mental People Encounters Thread
greentext it please

>So on da bus
>started reading meh book
>every once and a while someone sees a big book and thinks [ big book = holy bible ]
>it's kind of a huge problem
>this plump lady some where in her 50s with purple paint streaks a crossed her face comes up to me and asks what im reading
>"Game of Thones"
>"Whats it called"? says paint steaks lady
>imagine talking to a deaf person
>"Are you speaking English"?
>"Can i just..." she makes a grab for it.
>Pull it out of reach
>She then flips me off declares that i'm a witch and says very loudly
>Some people have taken note by now.
>In my mind "Fuel the fire"
>Stair her dead one, take hiter salute and say "Hail Cthulhu"
>Few people giggle she takes a set and starts mumbling about jesus nonsense.
>20 minutes later
>She sees a lady with a baby and starts talking to the mom
>More May God protect this child, jesus loves you crap
>But then she pulls out a bottle of water (Name brand) and attempts to baptize the child
>Mom not thrilled
>tells her to fuck off
>She's about 2 feet away from me and stares at me with pure crazy in her eyes
>in my mind "do it again"
>"Can i talk to you about my lord and savor Cthulhu"?
>"I don't even know what that is, Jesus is-"?
>(sexually)"Oh Cthulhu would LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE you"
>she then starts singing
>heres a small taste
>"Gods not dead Gods not dead ohohoh oah oah oh he's alive like a lion... ROAR!"
>Everybody staring at her now. Some of the passenger are kind of edging me on. Waiting for the perfect moment.
For the love of Cthulhu continue!
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>"Our lord and savor Jesus Christ will be able to have mercy on this wrenched witch"
>"PRAISE Cthulhu!"
>(other passengers) "ALL HAIL CTHULHU!"
>Totally shocked that someone joined let alone most of the bus
>Go with it
>"May his sliminess be eternal".
>(other passengers) "PRAISE CTHULHU!"
>Her face priceless (mastercard)
>10 minutes letter
>Tell passenger next to me that im getting off
>Tells me to walk in front of her
>in my mind "DO IT"
>Walk in front of her, say im sorry for everything and ask if God'll forgive me.
>"Well, witch, your road'll be harsh but the lo-"
>put hand in front of her face
>Run off the bus
>Can hear cheers and her shouting

>Go to coffee shop (starbucks)
>Tell worker about crazy lady
>But then streaks walks in the front door and someone asks about her paint marks
>"Oh these are my war stripes to deal with the evil spawns of Satin... witch"
>Oh fuck she saw me
>She asks the lady to use the bathroom
>Go over to worker and tell her to call security
>She says she'll keep an eye on it.
>Be a cop
>get called to a scene where some teenager ditched a bike by throwing it off a bridge into a river, possibly stolen
>kid is aware he is completely deranged, but also says he is completely peaceful
>question kid about bike, doesnt seem to be stolen
>ask him why he threw it off the bridge
>"God told me to do it"
>God isn't here, I said.
>kid gets a wicked smile and devlish look in his eyes
>"I have a bowl too, want to see it officer?"
>hands me a small pipe, smells of tobacco
>tell kid that he isnt really supposed to have it
>he rightfully argues since he is using it for tobacco only its legal
>also tells me that he cursed the bowl and if I took it I'd be "frying my own bacon"
>feel a bit spooked, give bowl back
>plot twist
>I was demented kid.
Was expecting dinosaurs
Just tell the whole story, witch
File: slasher.png (2MB, 2048x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2048x1536px
>Streaks gets out of the bathroom
>Coffee shop workers and customers have taken notice.
>Points to random couple
>"Help me cast this spawn of Satin back to whence it came"
>Looks of confused horror on there faces
>Security walks in.
>This isn't that uncommon as they get discounts and come in all the time
>Still lucky that they did though
>They notice somethings wrong right off the bat
>"Lady, lady calm down we found something of yours"
>"What did i los-that, that WITCH must have stolen it. What did it take"
>"It took your silver bracket"
>Both security guards pull out cuffs
>Grabs streaks hand adds cuffs
>-1 fashion status
>Jesus didn't release her.

I recently saw her again
She threatened to cut off my hair to save it from the hell fire
Then tryed to sell me ice cubes then walked away

Am considering moving to another country because of this incident
In washington our neighbor was a witch. She was fucking nuts. After refusing to let her in shadows began creeping around our house and things went missing. We left quickly
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elaborate in greentext
Lackluster ending, I don't believe that they cuffed her right after they walked in.
i think that they recognized her because of there seemingly straight forward arrest her actions, although most of the security here a smooth talkers, so that wasn't to surprising. want to talk with them about it but haven't seen them though.
maybe jesus really did smight them down or some tin
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You want to switch countries? Where do you live that is so small you can't just switch cities? Luxemborg?
My own story.
Former roommate believed that the government was following him. For weeks. Drove 100 miles away and stayed the night away, calling in to work sick.
Later went full crazy on 3rd roommate, slapped him across the face, started rambling about how he was conspiring against him, and moved everything he owned outside the same night, tipped over every single piece of furniture, and left a note saying.
>if you were on my level, then you'd be on my level
i live in Murica!
home of the gun wielding, fat, crazy, religious and retarded people
its time for a change anyway
Alright. You wanted it.
>be me
>17 years old
>we just moved into an awesome house in washington
>first person we meet is the neighbor
>she seems nice
>weeks go by and she starts acting strange
>nows the point where i let you know the house is near a graveyard
>it has areas where people are just thrown in the ground together
>she invites us fo her pool
>why not.jpeg
>mmkay heres where we leave
>when we get home i notice her staring at us from her driveway
>fast forward a week later
>2am she bangs on our door screaming to let her in
>i tell her to leave
>the next day im playing call of duty in the basement and hear a whisper
>I Come back after a minute and a reflection shows a woman walk by
>i alert my mother and we promptly pack up and leave
Found out she was jailed recently for ritualistically killing her husband. Crazy bitch
File: autism.png (155KB, 273x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That was terrible. It reads like an underage mary sue power fantasy. Even worse if it's a true story.
Gimme a break. Lurking when im tired and have an oppurtunity to share something. Did'nt exactly have time to pretype.
>when we get home i notice her staring at us from her driveway

no no no. not ok, dat some fucked up shit right there. having a mermaid stare at you from your drive way and you call that ok.

btw is this in graham washinton?
stop being an asshole
you'll probably end up as the crazy person in a future arons story
Chehalis. Its really a fucked up little town. Not enjoyable history. Around 7 pedos live there not to mention the high school gym teacher set cameras up in the girls shower room.
Thinking that actually doesn't happen.
People are crazy and are capable of that.
While it may be written horribly or explained horribly that shit does happen.

>In regards to both Anon's story.

>Be me (Obligatory)
>Be 6 or 7
>About to sleep in my Grandma's bed
>Light's are off, look at clock. 1AM we just finished watching Jay Leno
>Look to the ceiling, eyes closed.
> Suddenly open eyes
>Massive shadow like figure, with visible traits smiling at me
>Stricken with fear and unable to look away
(Think of that one gif with the devil smiling, looked similar to that)
>Forced to blink, gone.
>It felt like minutes, but the time didn't even change

Not sure what the fuck happened, but I was sure I wasn't sleeping that quickly. Nightmares never happened until an hour or two into my sleep. (When they came)
I have more stories about voices and ghosts as well. My house was fucked.
this kinda matched the description of another crazy lady around here
*sigh of relief*
How do you plan on getting a visa?
I'd like to get out of here too before the whole country becomes mexico part 2.
Idiots burning their own cities before all the facts are in.
Went to a parade this weekend and they had every type of pride but white, for which they had only guilt.
Jayy Lmao
Hey back in the day he was the shit man.
Best late night show.

>Be me 6-7 again
>Chilling in the finished basement
>Dad is sleeping in his room door closed
>Basement is an apartment, grandma upstairs, two sister on the second floor
> Playing some sick vidya on the ps1
>Suddenly hear my name being called by my grandma
>Walk into kitchen, the source
>Hear it again go upstairs
>No one is home, I remember yet I hear it again.
>Look outside same car, same make and model as my grandma's
>Run outside to say hi!
>Random ass lady on her phone, that from a distance looked like my grandma
>Book it inside
>Lock door, downstairs play more vidya
>Dad is still sleeping
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im more worried about world war: A but i think the mexico part 2 wont happen as the us is owns much of its debut to china. the united states of china could one day be a thing

as for the visa, any means necessary
Verdict? I think he's actually a witch. Everyone please vote if he is a witch or not, we have to maintain our democratic systems.
You literally sound like you're 13. You fit the exact stereotype of a try-hard edgy teenager, complete with the fedora-tier "lol christianity amirite? zombie jesus XDD" and "lol amerikkka sucks I'm gonna move elsewhere once I turn 18 and don't have to live with my stupid parents anymore! "
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Seeing this thread just reminded me of a childhood story I hadn't thought about in something like 10 years

>Be 7 or 8
>Paris suburbs
>school is huge with many buildings (must have been 1500 kids in that school) and playground is really big
>A part of that playground is some sort of wasteland along the back of one of the bigger buildings
>It is bounded by a fence going all around it.
>on the other side are people houses and backyards
>one of these houses seems abandoned, tall house, grim looking
>dirty as fuck, windows broken
>backyard is literally (not exagerating here) filled with several inches of food wrapping and random garbage
>An old woman is rumored to be living there
>my neighbor who was older (13) knew about this myth so it had been going on for years
>kids nickname her "pupuce"
>there's always some older 11 years old to claim he has seen her or even entered the house
>typical school legend everyone is familiar with
>it's always who's going to go the further
>the more ballsy would throw rocks at the remaining windows
>other would climb the fence and stand in the backyard to impress others
>hell I did it many times to get a ball back
>some typical day, recess
>joking around looking at the house as usual
>old woman face, crazy eyes, white messy hair, is visible behind window of the first floor
>She's fucking real. No way.
>even those who claimed they had seen her before look like they just shat bricks
>face disappear
>everyone gets crazy about it
>suddenly, back door opens
>She's fucking there, outside, staring at us from behind the fence
>everyone's quiet (have you ever seen a bunch of 8 years old kids quiet as fuck? that's quite rare)
>ofuck. Pupuce incoherently screams like a witch out of a fucking movie for a solid 15 seconds
>everyone freak out
>She goes back inside
>About a week later, summer holidays came
>when school resumed, house was for sale, walls painted, windows changed and backyard empty
>Never heard of Pupuce again
That was Pupuce's house and he was screaming to not be ousted
who knows... It definitely was her house though. but thinking back it is a pretty sad story
that an old woman can live for so long in such a devastated place and having kids throw rocks at her house all the time
this is so fucking cringy
Sauce? Google search didn't show anything like that.
Mobilefag. Sorry for black text, but this story is true. Not 13 yr old BS about neighborhood witches.
Be me n' shit. Working security for a local news station. The place is a lightning rod for crazies who want to talk to reporters
See a homeless lady talking to herself. More than talking, its a heated arguement with nobody else. Ask her to leave. She begins to rant about how she is married to Tom Cruise. Use my Gil Grissoms to deduce she is lying, and kicked AF. Tells me shes married to John Legend in the same breath. I get her to leave finally, after she spouts off a few "Tom Cruise is going to shoot you" type threats.
The next day, SHE'S BACK! Fuckthefuckno.jpeg Bitch gon' threaten me and come back?? Cartwheelandchimpthefuckout.gif
Me: "You need to leave, we kicked you out yesterday. Twice"
Crazy B: "No you didnt. Tom Cruise owns the building, Im his wife. Im allowed to be here."
Me: (not even tryin to crush her Tom Cruise dreams) "Tom Cruise does not own the building, nor does he have anything to do with it. He has never ever been here. Ever. So gtfo"
Crazy B: "My husband Abel (uh-bell) works in that office!" Points to a 2nd floor server room.
Me: "no he doesnt. Nobody works there. Thats a secure room, and no one named Abel works in the building" (amazon servers)
Me: *Crazy B too homeless to own a gun, but not my call to make when a gun is mentioned* "Get the fuck out of here" radio partner to call the cops.
Wait A FUCKING HOUR AND A HALF after telling dispatch this crazy bitch threatened to kill me. Dispatch even asked "well.. do you think she has a gun?" BITCH THAT AINT MY JOB! CALL IN THE HEAVIES! Cops get there. Crazy B changes her tune. Sweet as punch to the cops. Cops. Dont. Even. Fucking. Search. Her. Story over. She wandered past the cams once or twice the week after. Havent seen her since.
>Not 13 yr old BS about neighborhood witches.
fuck you, every single line of the story is true and I really don't see what's so unbelievable about it
of all the things that never happened on this board...
File: 1365382526450.jpg (19KB, 600x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When you are an adult who can smell bullshit, you will understand why I know its bullshit.
I'm on my phone so unable to green text.
When I was 19 I stared dating my fiance, who lived in an apt building right next to what I refer to as the free range looney bin. They had a lot of old drug addicts who had brain damage from all of the drug use amd so people who were just plain nuts. The apt building was only about a mile from my job so I would normally stop by on my lunch break. One day I stop in for a few minutes and as I go to leave one of these crazy bastards starts wheeling out into the middle of the only fucking exit and starts using his hands to swing his gimpy mother fucking legs at my car and screaming that I stole it. A passer by happened to witness this and seeing the mad man in a wheel chair logically sided with never walkin and called the police. So I'm sitting here, in my car with an insane paraplegic smacking my car with his useless limbs and a dumb ass college student trying to help him get my car back from me. Finally the police show up and being familiar with our wheelchair bound friend finally take him away and don't even give me any paperwork to show my boss that i was accosted by a lunatic to show why I was late back to work. Flip off "good Samaritan" and go back to work.
> be me
> chubby asian kid
> move to middle of bumfuck nowhere
> country as hell...but dad is getting ridiculous pay
> move into new house
> *ding dong*
> dad opens door
> cute country blonde girl
> out of my league...way out
> she giggles and asks my dad if i can come out to play
> she is being extremely sexual
> dad laughs and says sure
> nigga hwat...my dad has never let me "play"
> piano practice, study, work...thats it
> any female interaction is a hell no
> and is he not picking up on any of this obvious flirting?
> furthermore...why the fuck is she flirting?
> we literally just moved in like a couple hours ago, im not ugly...but I'm not a stunner
> i go out with her
> we talk
> we walked and talked for like 10-15 miles
> it was 11 pm by the time we got back to our neighborhood
> im hella relaxed with her
> she asks me if i want to go to her house
> my mind is full of fuck
> what is going on? this is not my life...I don't get these girls
> see another kid jogging towards us
> holy shit
> her expression is just absolute rage
> he gets to us and says "get the fuck out of here mary"
> who is this guy?
> "my name is cody, you don't wanna hang out with her man"
> i really do /man/
> but im starting to feel off about her
> "me or him, you decide"
> her face is just dead, all of that "im attracted to you" vibe is gone
> i just say "it's getting late anyways mary, I better head home"
> she turns and walks away
> I ask cody wtf is up
> He tells me he is my neighbor on the left
> Mary's parents are apparently involved with the KKK
> wtf...is that even a thing anymore?

Anyways...looking back at it and the time I spent there. I could have died had I gone with her. We were one of the only non-white families in the area. From what I heard around the town the KKK did some freaky shit there.

Some black kid was beat up in the woods. Mary's brother who I met later was pretty proud to say he was involved.
Now THAT is a spoopy story. Ive got one similar: When I was in 7th grade, a silver truck pull up to me and my fellow white friend. We are punks, but he has an afro because his head was shaved for years so he said "fuckit. Im growing an afro!" (He's Italian).
2 black guys (highschool?) get out of the truck and start walkin/talkin with us. 1 older black guy stays in the truck. They start questioning my friend about his hair. 1 starts fishing in his pocket... We are about 2 houses in on my street. The neighbor in house 2 miraculously pulls around the corner, and into her driveway right behind us. One of them says something like "shit! Lets get out of here" and they BOLT back to the truck mid convo, and speed off. The neighbor didnt ask, prbly didnt want to get involved. I lived on the other end of the block, and we fucking sprinted there. Ive had this feeling like I was 10 or 20 seconds away from getting stabbed to death, and now I get really anxious when people handle knives around me.
Damn. Do you live in a bad area, or was it just some random occurrence.
holy moly it sounds like the first episode from akame ga kill (anime) who a rich family helped homeless people and treated them nice and in the end they imprisoned them and massacred them lol
go crazy
>holy moly it sounds like the first episode from akame ga kill (anime) who a rich family helped homeless people and treated them nice and in the end they imprisoned them and massacred them lol
wrong mark shit
Suburbs south of seattle. No crime. We have a marina. Yuppies l ive a little closer to the water. Most random, terrifying thing ever.

If you are white its racist to have pride in that. Its as if it makes us "white supremacists" but for some reason its ok for anyone else. I wish we could give blacks, Mexicans, and immigrants and the gov give them $10k and tell them to go to their peoples homeland and start a new life there if they're so god damn fond of it.
File: 1430560608621.jpg (31KB, 460x443px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Congradulations, you made a radical christian feel vindicated that satan is out to get everyone.

Thanks for helping the problem
>implying op has parents
File: 1430738281520.jpg (72KB, 400x939px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72KB, 400x939px
> back when I used to do meth
> with dealer driving to his buddy's motel room
> we get there and get pretty spun
> his friend is obviously mentally damaged from this shit
> his friend takes a hit
> starts staring in one of 3 mirrors in this small motel room (he had one on each wall)
> starts doing this slurping sound over and over while blankly staring at the mirror
> ssssssllllllppppp
> ssssllllllpppppp
> I try to ignore it
> my dealer and him go out to get more dope
> decide to get on his computer
> on his desktop a folder labeled porn
> why the fuck not
> I open it
> over 300 videos of girls getting spanked with a paddle

What the fuck
File: 1404749527920.png (34KB, 1920x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 1920x1200px
that seems pretty tame
personally like insex / elite pain
asian people / 10
I'm 22 you pretentious fuck
Just because a story seems to have "classic" features to it doesn't mean it's not true
It was just an old lady living in a dump, I didn't say it was a magical witch
My comments were more geared towards OP. I replied before I read yours. Yours i believe. OP's just sounds a bit too nickelodeon.
>>16098263 Nice job OP, you sure showed that christfag :^) *tips le fedora*

I've told this story before, but I swear people like this are the basis for a lot of creepypastas.

>be neighbours with this one teenage girl
>raped as a kid apparently
>not quite right in the head
>HUGE self-harm problem
>absolutely covered in scars (huge ones that must've gone nearly to the bone, not the tiny little ones bitches cutting for attention have)
>worse, she regularly tried to scratch the skin of her face off
>left all these bleeding pockmarks and scar tissue
>a shame, she'd be an 8/10 otherwise
>every now and then she'd get upset, cut herself, and run off into this wooded area by my house
>would spend the next few hours wandering the woods, crying and covered in blood
>she'd go into this catatonic state, if you called out to her or tried to touch her she wouldn't respond
>creepy fucking shit, imagine pic related just casually walking around
>would eventually go back home

Also she had an interesting hobby.

>be walking my dog in those woods
>come across a perfectly skinned small animal carcass
>was exactly like that scene in The Village
>a week later there's another one
>thoroughly spooped by now
>one day I happen to see the girl and her mom in the woods with a plastic bag
>the bag has fucking flecks of blood all over it
>girl dumps the bag's contents, revealing yet another skinned animal
>confront her mom about it
>"Don't worry, anon, it's roadkill. She's a taxidermist. She loves animals, she'd never hurt them."
>nope all the way back home

Haven't seen her once this year. Parents say she went off to university but I'm not very sure.
Shot story but here we go.
>Be emo angry teen
>Feeling really angry/sad one night
>All this negativity is getting to me
>Sitting on bed
>Mirror is faced opposite to my bed
>Suddenly see something run past my mirror
>Oh sweet Jesus no why what??
>Too scared to look again
>Fuck it stop being a pussy
>Look again quickly
>See what appears to be someone in a white dress thing with grey skin run past

>Jump from my bed to the door (About a 4 m jump so I kinda turned into a human frog or some shit)
>Run into living room
>Laying on the couch trying to forget what I saw
>Look out window because I felt the urge to
>See some pale-ass face looking back at me
>Literally pass out from fear and wake up the next day

So this is where I figured that bad energy can attract bad spirits. Not too sure though. Any ideas?

Haven't seen any of that shit since iv'e grown up and have had a happy life so far.
>be me
>pretend to not schizophrenic
>fuckin 9/10s
Yet another entry in the "Things posted by OP that didn't happen." Anthology.
more pics like this? shits a turn on yo.
>Driving home from work late one night
>pull into a gas station and walk into the little store attached to it to pay for the gas
>as I was coming out of the door some random guy looked to be about 40, well dressed walked up to me and said I need a out side line please
>I asked him what he was talking about thinking it was the beginning of a joke
>he repeated him self
>I just kind of looked at him confused
>he smiled at me and said nice truck they don’t make them like that anymore and then walked over to it and kind of slid his hand over the hood
>I just walked away from him and started to pump the gas
>he stared at me the entire time and then walked in the store
>few seconds later he came out and yelled across the parking lot “hey I need a outside line”
>I finished up and got back in my truck
>he walked up to the window and gestured for me to roll down the window
>I rolled down the window and asked if he was alright
>he just stared at me and said "operator can you connect me”
>I pulled away from the pump and parked
>I went into the store again and told the guy behind the counter about him
>the store clerk spoke very broken english but picked up the phone like he was going to call the cops
>The guy walked into the store and went up to the desk and said “finally I need a out side line”
File: penis.jpg (25KB, 500x265px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 500x265px
one time i saw an old chick about 80 years old in downtown
old raggedy clothes white hair
holding a sign that says
"stop jewish terrorism"

i laughed, i went home and told everybody on irc
laughed some more

15 years later i found out she was right
You should have connected him to the outside line, operator.
I'm generally confused as to what you're trying to get at?
Um...that sounds pretty cool.
What is that level thing from though?
I've been been telling people to get on my level and then they will be on my level this whole time
shyt dude
Dayummmm kkk is even a thing? Was recent?
Top kekle
Do it op
>>Be highschool me
>>Best friends with a girl named Amelia for about 5 years
>>Shes been going steady with a guy since freshman year
>>Amelia tells me she plans to move in with him once we graduate
>>Dont see anything wrong with it and wish her well
>>2 months after graduating
>>Meet her for the first time since we graduated
>>She's wearing a big, long-sleeved sweater with the hood pulled up, baggy sweatpants, and sneakers
>>It's the middle of fucking summer wtf
>>Her voice is real raspy and her face looks sunken in like she hasnt slept or ate
>>Instant alarm bells go off and ask her if she's alright, did her boyfriend do something to her, etc
>>She just shook her head and said she was sick and cold
>>Next time I see her is 6 months later
>>Police were at his house and she called me to come
>>She was covered in fresh scars, looked like she hadn't ate in a month, hair was wild and matted
>>She was covered in blood, fresh blood.
>>Turns out her boyfriend was in some crazy occult shit and his group lived there with him
>>They would constantly rape her and abuse her believing her to be holding their goddess inside of her body and that they had to free their goddess
>>She ended up snapping that night and stabbed them all to death
>>She's let go on account of the long-term abusement and shit
>>She asks to live with me and I agree
>>3 weeks later
>>Wake up in the middle of the night
>>Bitch is on top of me, smiling at me
>>Speaks a real low, sadistic ass whisper with her eyes wide
>>"I can feel it inside of me, Anon, it's moving, feeding. I have to let it out, so it can become her."
>>She suddenly fucking darts off the bed into the kitchen
>>Dazed, wobbled after her and down the stairs, only to hear her screaming in pain
>>Rush into kitchen
>>Bitch is stabbing her stomach and laughing, crying, and screaming
>>She was pregnant
>>She was still cult brainwashed
>>She ends up in a mental institute afterwards
>>Never hear from her again
>be homeless, traveling around Europe
>In Amsterdam
>smoked a big joint
>sat down on bench somewhere
>dozed off
>this tall old man slaps me on the knee
>be quiet and just nod because high as fuck
>start grabbing my shit
>man walks away
>doze off again
>he comes back again and slaps me on the knee another time
>figure that the man won't leave me alone so I leave
Please continue
reminds me of this image (way to NSFW here) of a naked lady gutting and crawling into the carcass of a dead cow
still hawt
i did

howd you get unhomeless?
File: satan.jpg (31KB, 365x472px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 365x472px
>spawn of Satin
Wrong thread dipshit learn to read.
Wrong thread fucktard learn to read.
Im on my 4 year old iPod touch i can green text fine, i dont get what the big deal is

>newfags not admitting the dont know how
>too insecure to ask and too stupid to check FAQ's
>"but muh phone eats green textxs!"
Fuck off back to reddit shitstain hipster
>be you
>still be edgy attention whoring fagbag
>posts made up bullshit swearing its real
>not even in the right thread
>claims to be over it and happy when he clearly isnt thinking nobody will call him out for the bs artist attention whore he is

Nigga you ritahded
I come from a small town with a psych center that was abruptly closed around 20 years ago, so i got a few (short) stories. A mass grave for all the dead unclaimed crazies is also right behind my backyard, nothing paranormal though :(
mate that would scar me for life
they raped her and took her essence
OP story is the cringiest thing I've seen on here in months
Ok here's the first one, from my cousin when she was growing up here:

>knows people that work at loony bin
>hears stories of one man that is completely sane except for the fact that he has full blown conversations with veggies
>hears that he's let go because he stopped all of a sudden
>next day sees some guy at the grocery store asking peppers how their morning was going
>mfw went back to his fruit talking antics the second the let him out

There was also a guy that had a lobotomy who would just stand at an intersection all day and pretend to direct traffic. Any attempts to talk to him would get: "You have a nickel?" with that glazed over tard look on his face invariably.

>crazy lady plays violin at train station at 3 am sometimes

My brother once had a person wearing 4 hats at once ask him for a hat.

Another time he had Nickel Man's son ask him for a nickel

Aaaannndddd thats about it. Nothing spectacular, though my dad could see them dumping bodies in the grave behind our house growing up. Pretty spoopy.
So four questions. How do you know she stabbed said people? Why wasn't she jailed for stabbing said people? Why would you let someone who just killed people live with you? Why is your story so fake?
well, it is almost summer
She was an amazing person before they did that to her. Sometimes I wish that day I saw her at the park, I took her home with me instead of leaving her with them. I feel like her killing them and then going at herself with a knife was my fault.
She told me herself, and she was jailed and then let go because of self-defense and these fuckers abused the hell out of her.
She was my friend, I thought she was okay, and I honestly wanted to take care of her. I just saw it as she defended herself from her rapists.
Read this pasta before

>fucking newfags eating every ounce of this shit
File: 1386820611943.jpg (126KB, 706x674px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126KB, 706x674px
This is the worst thread. Congratulations to all involved, especially you OP. That opening post was about the least believable, most poorly written garbage on this neglected little board for the last week and a half. I'm in tears. Congratulations everyone.
>about two years ago i met this random chick that moved into my apartment building she kind of came off as weird even before I started to hang out with her she was in her late 20’s anorexic thin blonde dreads.. she was kinda cute in her own way
>one thing that I noticed right away is she would never make eye contact with anyone. and she would go out of her way to avoid talking to people
>she lived across the hall from me.. no one ever came to visit her and she lived alone.. late at night I could hear her door opening and closing and foot steps in the hall this would go on for hours sometimes.
>one night when I heard her door open at 3 in the morning I was still awake watching TV I wen’t out to the hall and asked her if everything was okay
>she told me she is a insomniac and sometimes walking around would help her sleep
>whatever I invited her in to hang out told her I couldn’t sleep either we talked about a bunch of random shit she seemed kinda normal I actually felt kinda bad for her
>eventually she went back to her apartment
>next day she saw me getting into my truck and stopped me and asked if I wanted to hang out again. I told her I was headed to work and told her I was going out drinking with a few of my buddies later on.. I asked if she wanted to tag along. she awkwardly made up a excuse about how she had to be at the apartment to feed her cat. (she did’t have a cat)
>I ended up coming back to the apartment around 2 in the morning and I saw her sitting in the hallway I asked if everything was okay
>she started crying I said something along the lines of "it’s okay come in and talk whats going on”
>she came into my apartment and started going on some rant about how theres cameras in her pens and microphones in her mirror. and she doesn’t know who she can trust.. WTF
>I don’t know what to say to her.. So i tell her to go to the police she starts to tell me that people dressed as shadows follow her around and a bunch of weird shit
>over the course of the following few months she began to get really clingy to me and would follow me around and constantly call me and knock on my door
>eventually she ended up getting committed. I never knew exactly what happened. but I visited her a few times
>ITT virgins make up stories about their crazy girlfriends
>The story of life as told by 4chan
I didn't know red could type?
Kkk is recent in cali, the KLM meet up near gravity hills
maybe he's a skelleton, trying to trick us into beliving he's a normal guy who was mistaken for a witch. Think of it, its perfect, no one would suspect. Be alert fellow annons.
Cont? Or even better pics?
File: 0054 - vkRsjGU.jpg (17KB, 364x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
0054 - vkRsjGU.jpg
17KB, 364x350px
This thread is nice. Think I'll post my story.

>be me
>in a convenience store to buy soda and chips
>old lady and a younger woman (daughter?) enters
>old lady mumbles about how her baby needs food, the baby is hungry ETC
>was cleaning glasses, didn't care too much for the old lady
>cleaned, put the glasses on

>focus more on the "baby"
>it's a fucking realistic baby doll you see in kids commercials
>she keeps mumbling
>"baby very sick" "baby very sick"
>daughter looks at me with a "please don't say anything" look
>the guy next to me notices the "baby"
>lady fucking freaks out

>yells at top of lungs and starts bashing table
>i'm a pussy, I walk away when shit hits the fan
>lady ends up holding the poor hindu owner of the store hostage

It took the cops about 3 hours for them to convince the lady to go with them.
>MFW didn't even get the soda i came for
finally someone said it at last!
File: 1414766425170.gif (2MB, 245x245px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 245x245px
This might not be a legit crazy person encounter, but it probably was.

>at college
>late in the day walking back from class
>hardly anyone else around but it's still light out
>skinny balding guy in his 30s suddenly walks up to me and pulls this big tome of a book out of a bag of roughly the same size
>it's a really nice Skyrim-sized leather-bound navy-blue hardcover of at least $40 - $50 quality
>absolutely no title or text on the front/back/binding but easily approaching 1000 pages
>hands it too me in a subtle manner and doesn't say a word or make any indicating gestures

>the whole situation was awkward and unexpected so I tell him I don't want it and give it back
>he keeps staring at my face unflinchingly and tries to hand me the book again
>I keep telling him no and he keeps trying to hand it over
>I start walking again and he follows me for a good while in silence with the book in tow as if I was going to change my mind and take it
>this entire time he maintains the same dead look on his face and never breaks eye contact
>a few minutes later outpace him until I move around a corner and finally break the eye contact

Never saw him again, and I'll never know what the hell was in that fucking book.

All I know is that it wasn't the Bible or a Qur'an. There were far too many pages, it was too wide, and it surely would've had a title.

I like to think it was full of Illuminati related stuff, but it was probably just the ramblings of a crazy person with enough money to print his own book.
Please stop posting for fucks sake. Your story was horrible and I can't read another word of yours. Go the fuck away
what story? i posted no story mate. Please learn to quote before insulting, for gods sake
Please continue ! i wanna hear more about her, this story really got me interested o.o
Are you fucking stupid?
>rightfully argues since he is using it for tobacco only its legal
Even as shitty pasta, I'm offended you put this little effort into it.
damnit now i want to know what that book had written inside. Think of it, maybe it had answers maybe it had evidence....

Nigger detected
File: f6f.gif (3MB, 430x330px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 430x330px
Mine is much shorter.
>this gross looking creep hugs my girlfriend in a freaky manner and touches her ass without her permission.
>she's visibly upset but just forces a half smile
>I grab the psycho and turn him towards me as I punch him in the gut.
>he crumples slightly but that ret-ret strength kicks in and he lunges at me.
>I smoked him in the head with a knee and lay him out
>"Anon, he's mentally handicapped!"
>my girlfriend's and the crowd's collective face when I said "So?" and walked away.
Sorry but a crazy person shouldn't be roaming free at a bar event without their handler. Plus you can't prove they don't know what they're doing.
File: doom.png (50KB, 316x208px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 316x208px

Here's mine.

>Be 11 y/o me
>Visiting my grandma (she lives in a rural area)
>Hanging out with my younger brother and my cousins, walking in the woods
>saw this strange-looking guy crouched against a tree (turns out he's my grandma's new neighbor)
>Something in his hands, can't see what that is
>Older cousing (15 y/o) goes nope.avi
>Cousin says "let's go back, it's getting late" with a shitless scared face.
>Power walked all the way to the house.

Later that day

>Cousin tells everyone about the dude in the woods, except for the thing he was holding, cousin whispered that to the adults.
>Dad is scared/serious
>"Don't go near the woods anymore, ok anon and minianon?"
>"Ok dad, but what's going on?"
>"Just don't go too far."
>Grandma called the police and told them about the dude.
>Police sirens 5 minutes after that.
>Never saw the dude again.

Years later, I asked my father why my grandma called the cops. He told me that thing on the dude's hands was a cat's skinned head, and my cousin saw the rest of the cat dismembered under the dude.

>MFW all this.
going as far as dressing and acting like a fucking mental just to be able to touch grab some fine girls ass xD
i would have been more harsh but the disability laws here are fucked up a medially disability person could potentially get away with murder, rape, aggravated assault, theft, insulting an officer and still buy a gun, they also never will do any meaningful work. and murican's worsen it by treating them better then normal people. also given that they can get away with all that and still walk the streets get this, for even defensing yourself against one and they even get slightly hurt, you'll be facing a large fine or up to 5 years
dude that sucks! where is it that you live?
File: 1422442916557.jpg (94KB, 698x904px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 698x904px
your nonexistent paint skillz suck
Sounds like he just wanted to use a phone
>first year in high school
>live in relatively large city, take bus to school
>middle-aged black lady walks in bus, asks for change
>tell her sorry, I spent all my change on the bus
>she tells me its alright, sits in an isolated area
>starts muttering to herself indistinctively, but enough for other passengers to hear her
>whenever someone would sit nearby, she'd ask them for change
>crazy black muttering lady's murmurs starting to get louder and louder
>at this point, you could clearly hear her from across the bus, but wouldn't be able to understand shit
>practically screaming stuff about 'hellfire' and 'God save us all' in heavy Jamaican accent.
>few silent pauses in between murmurs, but every time she seemingly increases her volume
>start to see her on the same bus almost once a week, still asking for change, throughout all my high school years
>one time she wasn't muttering/screaming
>decide to test my new theory: give her a dollar
>she says, 'god bless you' and keeps to a murmur about the weird shit she mutters
>give her equivalent of nearly $5 in chage; says god bless again, but this time doesn't say a thing for the rest of the ride, even though other passengers denied her request
>start going to college
>occasionally see her on some bus trips, she's still asking for change and mutters loudly when people haven't given her enough
>one time taking bus to work
>see her with a 12 year old little girl with a backpack, holding her hand
>tfw someone actually stuck their dick into something that crazy
>start driving, never have to listen to her insane rambling ever again
>go to Tim Hortons because coffee
>she's at the fucking parking lot, asking for change

She was known by my high school friends as Crazy Black Muttering Lady. And she's at multiple places at all times.
File: 1426845491519.jpg (92KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92KB, 500x500px
>where is it that you live

i live near Seattle Washington and i know this because when i got bit by a dog
>be me
>riding bike
>see dawg
>dawg bits my ass
and when i was at the hospital getting stitches in meh butt they gave me something something, id say it was like i hadn't slept for a few days and also had a hangover. stitches done. just waiting for all the paper work to be done and ride to pick me up. huge guy, im like 100lbs 5 6 this guys like 300-400lbs and close to 7ft
"HI!' he says
"whats your name?" just buy the way hes talking i know somethings wrong
"uhhh, aron"?
"oh i dont like that name"
his blow knocks me clear off the chair i was half sitting on.
i realize im doomed if i try fighting him.
try crawling away like a beta bitch.
hes on meh and deliver some nice punches and my back.
i finally get a chance to turn around on the flood and hit him in his head.
and he falls over and pretends to be dead
"yo y you killed me blahhh"
im legit 10x worse then when i came in
and get to spend the next 2 hours getting lectured on why not to hit people like that
and a $500 fine added to everything else
sucks to be you looks like that dude deserved to have his ass kicked
jesus christ you're autistic
Kill yourself
File: xtan.png (833KB, 1366x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
833KB, 1366x768px
pic related how i felt
jesus (not a fan) artistic now theres something
File: uhmm.png (76KB, 720x652px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 720x652px
>be all powerful wizard
>try to pass off some of my magical powers to lowly mortals
>they fucking refuse it
File: pdVaG.jpg (195KB, 1207x672px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
195KB, 1207x672px
young people these days...
werent you young once to reach your age?

What do you guys want to know about her?
File: BookCovers0136_2_M.jpg (1MB, 1138x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1138x1600px
yeah but i would have taken it because there was no such thing as internets or icraps or cellar phones or twerking. somebody hands you a book it probably good

>be me
>life in shambles
>can't sleep, haven't eaten in days, i have nothing left
>it's all because of that fucking book

>walking around college campus
>so guilty, but i have to get rid of it, even if it means damning someone else
>trying to shove book into strangers hands
>so close, so close
>they won't take it

this book will haunt me forever

Can you tell us moar? Best story in this thread. I'm interested in knowing about the shadow people
i dunno dude just tell us about her, how she looked, was she hot? what was she like, what kind of things you used to do when you were together what kind of things she said or did that seemed out of place, what about her past? how did she end up like that? there is a bunch of stuff you could tell us about her
I spent a lot of time with her when I lived in the building. It's weird I spent a lot of time with her but didn't know that much about her.. She would never talk about her family or where she was from, she wouldn't hang out with any of my friends if I had people over.. she would just wait till they left and then come knocking on my door.. Everyone that lived in the building thought she was insane.. she would obsessively use a treadmill every night around 2:30 in the morning (there was a gym in the building) and she would stick to the same routine every day. I would know exactly what time she was going to call me,or knock on my door.. She would order pizza every night at the same time.. she would leave the apartment to go to the convent store a few times a week but it always seemed scheduled..
One night I was watching a movie in her apartment with her (this was when we first met) and I wen’t to use her bathroom and I noticed that the mirror on the medicine cabinet had duct tape covering it so yo couldn’t see a reflection.. I always thought that was fucking weird.. She did the same thing with her bedroom mirrors too.. and if she had to see her refection to put on make up and shit she would use the camera on her phone.. She was cute and I always thought that there was something between us but she was just too insane to deal with sometimes.. She would go through these manic episodes where she would cry constantly and talk to her self..
>she was also a really bad hoarder. when she would go through one of her insane episodes she would dig through piles of old notes and note books and read random shit she wrote months before and act like it was evidence to what was currently going on in her mind. really hard to explain.. Like if she saw a red toyota parked in front of a mcdonalds for example when she was going through one of her episodes .. if she deemed it out of place she would take a note of it.. And then forget all about it till she would go through another one of her episodes. and then she would find the note and start acting like every red truck she saw was suspicious
You are right , I'm American but I'm from a dynasty of attorneys. I told the mental creeps friends that if they wanted to go to court, I have video of that freak touching a girl without consent and visibly disturbing her. Normally you'd be screwed but get a 50%female jury, put my tiny god tier actress gf on the stand, and play the video of him molesting her and he's going to face more than I do.
I literally have hundreds. hundreds.
New York City's full of em.
If they said something like that on /g/, they would get IP raped.
so did you guys make out? did you ..you know... 'touch' her ... or something ? plz im so into this story!
God damn country folk. They're crazy!
File: image.jpg (92KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92KB, 500x375px
>crazy mental people thread
>on /x/
The irony is not lost on me.
My brother is an actual diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia who is convinced God and Satan talk to him in his head, and he's a seer for who goes to heaven and hell. Feel free to ask me questions.
>in drama class grade 11
>girl claims to be a witch
>we had to sing a song and do a monologue
>she does her witch chant telling everyone to never repeat it
>heard it was really awkward and she was basically yelling
>missed that day unfortunately
Few weeks later
>buddy has app on phone
>some super high pitch noise shit
>kinda like a dog whistle
>buddy starts playing it
>witch girl is across room
>We were reading scripts or some shit
>she starts to freak out and scratch her ears
>starts rocking back and forth mumbling some shit
>tell friend to cut it out
>does and witch girl snaps back to normal
I got a story about a crazy dude that would come into my work all the time will post soon
Like the high pitch frequency only young people can hear?
>working at a fastfood place
>Crazy dude comes in often always entertaining
>lets call him D
>D is paying for these 2 cheap burgers rifling through his change
>stops and looks at me
>ask "do you believe in god?"
>I say "I suppose so"
>D's eyes light up and reaches into his pocket
>slams 6 of these tiny medallions with the virgin Mary on them
>Proudly proclaims "I stole these from a church, but you can have em' give em to your friends"
>I agree
>D says "ya know what Imma keep one for myself"
>serve him his food
>"oh god bless ya and happy Christmas"
>its 2 months after Christmas
>say "ya god bless you too"
>D Smiles and walks away
No, its called the mosquito app I believe
D story 2
>working at counter again
>D comes in mumbling to himself
>walks to one corner of the store
>doing something then yells "that was my fucking cat food!"
>walks outside the store yelling some more
>comes back in yells"you fat Italian pig cunt, thats my cat food"
>turns and leaves once more not too be seen for another week
Nigga this is /x/. Where do you think you're at?
You should have talked to her and gotten to know her. Maybe she was a jamaican witch doctor or something and could give you good luck.
There's a special needs woman who lives near me who has a in home worker with her at all times. She has a "baby" that she carries around at all times and everyone just goes with it. Pretty odd but she's not hurting anyone. What kind of person would see someone who's obviously mentally damaged and decide to tell them that something that they cling to isn't real. Very cruel IMO.
You are going to die soon.
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