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Central Florida Stories

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Tampa here. Looking for some interesting /x/ related stuff from around my area.
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>On June 5 1949, 20 miles northwest of Tampa, there were reports of a "bright object...spinning and spiraling toward earth." The weather service claimed it was a meteor. Ten members of the 307th Bombardment Wing stationed at MacDill Air Force base disagreed.

>The Air Intelligence Information Report states, "An unidentified object traveling … at a very high rate of speed was observed by Aircrew personnel of the 307th Bm Gp. This object was emitting white smoke and/or vapor trail which indicated its flight path was horizontal but very erratic in direction. It made a large "Z" turn on course and then faded from view. It is the opinion of this officer that this object was not a meteor due to its erratic course."
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>Few know anything of the tunnels even today. Those who did hear stories often dismissed them as a fanciful tales made all the more unbelievable by accounts that the tunnels were secret passages for moving aliens captured by the Air Force or that they harbor the ghost that reportedly haunts Fire Station 1.

>Over the past fifty years Floridians have periodically heard unexplained booming sounds. These acoustical mysteries have occurred in both the atmosphere and underground. In the 1950s, booming sounds were frequently heard in the Ocala National Forest but most of those were attributed to the military’s Ocala Bombing Range. However, in more recent times the same kind of sounds have been heard over a wider area without any apparent connection to military activities. People described the sounds “like a super-sonic aircraft makes when it breaks the sound barrier.” Windows would rattle and the ground would shake which caused some people to say it was coming from underground.
there's this, hahahaha
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>The owner of a south Tampa spa has no doubt about it. She says her place of business is a hotbed of supernatural sights and sounds, and they don't scare her a bit.

>Donna Marie Parker is a hairdresser and owner of Zen Day Spa. She says she knew she wasn't alone from the moment she opened the business.

>Parker says she smelled men's cologne and says one evening, the aroma of pot roast cooking was overwhelming.
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you should look into this
>dat shoop

>Though information is vague, W.T. Edwards was an important figure in state healthcare, donating significant amounts of money to various medical facilities. When a new series of state-of-the-art tuberculosis hospitals opened in the early fifties, they were named in honor of W. T. Edwards. The hospitals were located all over the state of Florida, including Tampa, Lantana, Marianna, Tallahassee, Miami and several other cities in south Florida, with the largest in Tampa serving as the main hospital in the chain.

>All of the hospital buildings were constructed in the same basic way. The main buildings were all very long and thin, consisting of 5 floors with a few smaller wings branching off from the main building. At the time, it was thought that fresh air was the best treatment for TB, so the buildings were riddled with multi-pane windows which could be opened by cranks. The back side of each building was a wall of windows, while the front windows were more evenly spaced apart, especially in sections that did not house patients.
>The W.T. Edwards Hospital of Tampa (originally named the Southwest Florida Tuberculosis Sanitarium), erected in 1945, was one of three tuberculosis (TB) hospitals built in Florida after World War II, and was funded by a state cigarette tax and federal monies. The other hospitals were in Tallahassee and Lantana. It was given to the State of Florida in 1947 with the provision that it operate as a TB hospital for 5 years. The entire Tampa complex, completed in 1952, included 10 buildings, six of which were particularly significant: the hospital, laboratory, employee housing, laundry and heating plant, nurses' quarters, and state medical director's residence. The hospital, designed by Charles Kuhn, was a significant example of the International Style popular in the post-war years. It was a long, narrow, concrete building with many windows, designed to provide interior air circulation and sunlight. The buildings were steam heated, and air conditioned except in the patients' rooms. At the time, air conditioning was thought to be unhealthy for TB patients. The Tampa hospital was the only facility in the state to treat children with TB and to be equipped to admit patients under Florida's compulsory isolation law, which provided that, for public safety, those who refused treatment due to religious beliefs could be confined and treated against their will. With the decline in the occurrence of TB, the hospital closed in 1974 and was then sold to the Florida Department of Children and Families as a center for District Dept. of Health and Rehabilitative Services. The first floor was later leased to USF for storage. USF pulled out in 1998 and it was finally abandoned for almost a decade. After three separate explorations of the dilapidated site in 2004 by MAN3 on behalf of Beacon Meadows (one with the assistance of Batrick and another with the assistance of Magitek), it was decided Beacon Meadows would hold several DXM studies there between 2004 and 2006.
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Bumping, anything from clermont? Or that area.
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Does anyone remember when the Virgin Mary appeared on the side of that building?
Thats the frame causing the glass to bend.
The virgin mary is supernatural, Im sure she would do something more noticeable than that.
St Pete reporting in. Anyone know any places in the area?

I live in Tampa and I actually do experience this pretty frequently
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