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Oriental Ghost Stories

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This thread is dedicated to spoopy stories related to local beliefs/religion/ghosts from Asia. Don't post your shitty dreams in here, that's not even a ghost story.

I'm gonna start with my own story.

Victim: My whole extended family
Location: Bagan Serai, Perak, Malaysia
Entity: Djinn?

A little background before I start the story. In South East Asia we have this concept where you can keep djinns as 'pets'. Their main use were to guard your properties, personal safety or to ward off enemies. These things can be passed down through generations, and they can still linger in your ancestral homes or around family members long after they're forgotten.
OP continuing

>Me, 9-11 years old with family members went to our grandparents home to celebrate Eid.
> there's probably about 30 people staying there, it's the end of Ramadhan, the Holy fasting month.
> Muslims believe that shaytan (the devil) are tied up during Ramadhan to prevent them from disrupting Muslims who were busy doing worship throughout the whole month.
> 30th day of Ramadhan ends at dusk ( In Islam a new day begins at dusk/sundown). It's now the month of Syawal, the Eid is tomorrow.
>It's close to 11pm and the whole family are preparing to sleep. It's gonna be a busy day tomorrow.
>North and West side of this wooden house is surrounded by bush and small forest.
>On the East side 15m away is another home, on the South side a small unpaved road that takes to the main road.
>Everyone's home, doors are locked. My family has a room for ourselves, with my elder sister sleeping next to the east wall. I'm next to her. We all sleep on futons.
> Suddenly the sound of motorcycle approaching the house from the unpaved road. Quite strange, as it is not customary for people to come visiting at this hour, plus everyone's home.
>My mom said loudly "Who's coming at this hour?". She's a brave woman with a foul mouth, and that remark kind of got us into trouble later.
> Imagine this is the crappy asian motorcycle that you see in Topgear Vietnam special. The bike stops at the front door, on the south side.
> Nobody's knocking, no one entering.
>Suddenly there's a strange sound on the roof. The roof is corrugated iron, we call it the zinc roof locally. Whatever's walking on top of it can be heard throughout the house.
>Actually sounds like someone is sweeping the roof. People around the house are beginning to get nervous. I started getting sweaty.
> My mom decided to open her mouth again. She spoke loudly "Who's sweeping on the roof at this hour?". Local belief says that you're not supposed to address whatever strange thing that's happening around you, because they will take it as an encouragement.
>Big fucking mistake. The sound immediately intensifies. Now we hear someone running on the roof.
>Immediately later we hear hundreds of birds in the trees around the house going crazy.
>CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW like the ones you see on national geographic
>Unsettling as fuck. The sound on the roof now interspersed with the bird sounds. It's like a jungle in here. I began reciting whatever verse of the Koran I knew.
>Now comes the worst part. Suddenly we hear moaning sounds from the East wall..Actually sounds like a dying dog in great pain, just whimpering
The sound moves from the East wall to the corner where it meets the North wall, and then back again to there it first started, right next to my sister.
>My dick shrivels in fear, palms are sweaty, legs speghetti
>This is a malay village, stray dogs are rare, and they don't venture to homes
>Half an hour through the ordeal my scumbag sister did the douchiest thing she did so far
>"Anon, change places with me."
>I did what she says anyway
>Sounds continue for like 3 hours, and subsided slowly. My scumbag sister managed to fall asleep halfway through it.
> I didn't sleep the rest of the night.
>Worst Eid night ever.

Whatever those are, I think they're coming back home after a months spent in chains.
Short story. Will post more if bumped.
>Friend's brother got possessed by a young djinn after playing bicycle close to a pond during sundown.
>Parents over here likes to tell their kids to go home before them because that's the time when those things come out and haunt people.
>Things went back and forth for about 8 months.
>When possessed he would try to kill himself by sneaking out of the house, grab a motorcycle and head towards the pond, in order to drown himself.
> Family got tired of this battle, decided to bring him to Granpa's home, who is a traditional practitioner. Didn't brought him to granpa earlier because granpa's methods are too rough.
>Along the way the kid keeps looking through the rear window of the car.
>Daddy asks "what're you keep on looking at?"
>Kid (possessed) answers, "My mom, she's chasing after us!" with a grin.
Bump, post more!
Go on...
>Friend's brother got possessed by a young djinn after playing bicycle close to a pond during sundown.

All of my what? Nigger you can't just say stuff like that with no explanation. It's like beginning a story with

>When I came back from school after fucking my mother...

Explain things man.
this good thread
Pls live
OP here. So apparently during one of those exorcism sessions the young djinn admitted that it held a grudge against the kid for accidentally hit it with a bicycle, breaking it's arm.
Oh and I forgot to add, when the djinn realized that it's not going to be successful with the whole suicide thing, it tried to turn the kid crazy instead. So, whenever the kid saw people playing football it will whisper shit like "They're playing volleyball", and just generally acts very agitated whenever the kid enters a mosque.
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New story.
Victim: Siblings, aunt
Ghost: Toyol. It looks like a burned/greenish little boy that can enter small openings and steal small sums of cash. It's one of those 'pet' djinns people around here use for making money.

>Parents went to perform Haj in Mecca
>Aunty who looks after my siblings start complaining about missing money.
>Mum, in Mecca (thousands of miles apart) prays for the culprit to be punished.
>Meanwhile in Malaysia, my brother went up the stairs to his bedroom on 2nd floor
>Saw for a brief moment a teary-eyed child, about 2 y.o. that looks as if it had just been burned seconds ago
>Noped the fuck down to ground floor.
>Once she got back home my mum called some ustaz (Islamic religious teacher) to catch the toyol.
>Bought a black landcrab, with its pincers attached to a string and hung it from a pole.
>Right under the crab she poured some greenpeas. It was said that the toyol won't be able to resist playing with the crab and greenpeas and forget to do its job of stealing money.
>However nothing happened after that, so whatever. I really have no idea if that was supposed to work lol
This story was told to me by my lecturer after I mentioned to her my dislike for shamans because "they are a bunch of frauds".

>Her father is getting very old, and the old man requested that his 'pet' djinns are removed from him because his death will be prolonged should they remain inside of him.
>It is a general belief around here that your pets will take over your body after death, pretending to be you and keep requesting food despite looking weak physically and incapable of moving on your own.
>An ustaz who does traditional healing comes to help.
>Right after the ritual the ustaz tells the family to open the doors as wide as possible. His face is contorted, and it seems like he's carrying something invisible, but heavy.
>Tried to step towards the door but both his legs are limping. His legs even look abnormally heavy.
>Little by little, with much effort he made for the door.
>Went to a highway stop in Seremban and released those pets. Told the family later that the pets were a couple of white tigers, one male one female.
since I was a young man I've longed for an encounter with the paranormal. alas, it exists not
What is this, some Malaysian thread on /x/?
For the end of the first one I tought it was that kind of greentext that ends with eminem
stil do thanks kind anon for sharing. Bump and I will go to sleep.
Okay man, how do I get myself one or two of these pet djinns?
Also, are there any beautiful female ones?
op does malay have the "sihir" or black magic that make ones fly or float?
They have magic to make plane disappear
File: bomoh aircraft.png (324KB, 600x388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
bomoh aircraft.png
324KB, 600x388px
but not the magic to find it lol
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never seen one myself. I don't write these to make you believe it, I know it all seem ridiculous. I only open this thread because I got bored of the western style ghost stories with your poltergeist, slenderman and whatnot. Kinda like bringing exotic flavour to /x/.

There is, but only your head and internal organs. It's called penanggal(pic related). You have to feast on human corpses though.
Dude they feed on the blood of women who just gave birth, get your stories right.
Ok, last ditch effort to keep this afloat, since I'm the only one contributing:

>Me, about 11/12.
>Went to my great grandmother's place to take care of her, she hasn't been walking for 2 years after falling in the toilet. Eat, drink,shit,piss in the same bed.
>Has this musty smell about her from the months old shit caked on her bed and rear
>Mom decides she might as well lend a hand since everyone else is doing a very shitty job at taking care of her
>house is always dark and damp even during daylight, great granma always requires black coffee and cigarettes. Pretty badass
>Night comes, bored as fuck. go to sleep early in creepy ass bedroom with mysterious dark stains on its wall.
>Woke up some time later, need to piss. Whole family is asleep. It's about 1 a.m.
>Her bed is on the living room of this small single storey house.
>Walk out the door and hear her saying "If you need some coffee I have it in the fridge"
>Figured she was talking to me so responded "Nah thanks granny I'm just going to the loo"
>Went back from the toilet and realized she's still talking, alone. All the while she looks to one corner as if someone is there
>Realize she haven't been talking to me just now, and had been chatting with something for sometime now
>Noped back into the guest room.

She wasn't senile or anything, and when I told my mom about it she replied that she experienced the same thing too. Apparently granny only spoke like that when she's alone.

>Similarly an aunty who brought her massage oil woke up next morning to find the oil had decreased, eventhough nobody had been using it.
That's pontianak, not penanggal. But eh, whatever.
Dude, pontianak are women who died giving birth, and they hunt men, at least in the Malaysian version. In fact, it's the origin of their name.

You got your stories all mixed up.
>bringing exotic flavor to /x/
I like it. Thank you, Anon!
i meant to fly or float as to fight enemies as warrior.

speaking of penanggal, i myself came from borneo which the penanggal is quite known by many. i don't know whether this is true, but i've read somewhere that the penanggal actually originates from the philliphines archipelago which near the north borneo. the ethnic which 'invented' these things are called irranun in my native language which translates to lanun (malay) or pirates which they sometimes come to coast to steal and kill people.

Way before the western colonizations and the invention of penanggal, the whole borneo, there is this infamous practices which involved headhunting. they literally hunt for enemies' head and beheading them and keep their heads as trophy or as a symbol for their status as a man and a warrior (you can't marry unless you have this status).

this headhunting was so heavily practiced in Borneo that it is also practiced by women. The whole people in Borneo are practically warriors defending their shit from enemies (except children of course). So, the Irranun people have trouble with their business at the coast of Borneo, as each time they set their foot, their heads will be collected by the natives there.

Finally a good thread props to op
Which part of Borneo?
The Malaysian part or Kalimantan?
Can't believe I forgot Brunei.
File: pipit.jpg (7KB, 270x187px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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as it is common for people living without technology or religion in the past, the Irranun people being into black magic and shit somehow managed to create this penanggal from human being. This is to make sure their head won't be collected by the native people of Borneo or Dayak people even when their head is detached from their body whenever they set foot on the Borneo island. And so today, this penanggal black magic is widely spread and go as far as Thailand and Java islands as the Irranun people leave their their footprints.

we still have this "petua" or tips or saying or rules or whatever you call it that NEVER EVER eat something that is cooked containing salt from the Irranun peoples' or the ones who practices this penanggal magic house or that's something cooked by using their cookwares or you can also become one of these penanggal which is a curse.

These penanggal practitioner can turn parts of dead human bodies into fishes which they will eat or if excess they will sell it in the fish market. If you are lucky, you may be able to find someone who know how to remove this curse, but it is only removable on satisfied conditions (as far as i know), that is if you are not willingly practice this black magic but it came to you from your predecessors who practices it and you gain this curse by eating food from sources as said before. basically as long as you don't find it and practice this you can be cured.

upon curing, you will puke pipit bird (idk what pipit bird in english so yeah fuck it - it is in the pic) as a sign you are cured from being the penanggal curse
Ok, another one

>Happened to my mom when I was 5 y.o., living in a rented house in Selayang Baru.
>Woke up at about 2 a.m. to the sound of barking dogs all over the house
>strange, considering the house is surrounded by fence.
>Walk out of bed, need to pee. The only toilet is in the kitchen
>Kitchen has a door. The sound of barking dogs was very loud and close
>Opened kitchen door, see a tall black dog (waist high) with long pointed ears (like 6 inches long ears pointed upward). Dog was looking over the kitchen counter to the window
>Something looks off with this dog, it's as if it's something that mimics a dog, but not one. No wonder it got chased away
>It's as if the black dog is seeking refuge from the other hounds surrounding the house
>My mom backtracked and closed the kitchen door. Sat on the couch in the living room and noped hard for the rest of the night, unable to sleep
>Sounds ended close to fajr prayer (about 6 a.m.). She only dared entering the kitchen then.
>Dog's gone.
the malaysian part, the north. but the whole borneo is basically the same i think, i never go to the kalimantan part.
Man, you really know your spooks. Tell me about that black magic your people do that can transfer the victim's dicks to their forehead. What's it called? Bitas or something?
thanks man, this is my first.

i don't really know a lot about that magic nor what it is called because that magic is really rare from where i come from. as far as i know that magic is from the inner parts of the Borneo island and that magic is originally created by women to prevent their husband from cheating.

that magic only put a man's dick to their forehead when the caster don't want to hold his dick anymore, YES you heard it right, that magic actually can make a man's penis detached from far away and the caster can actually take it and put it in a box or bag made of cloth or whatever for the man to claim it later. i've never seen it myself and i don't know whether the dick come with the ball or not, but this magic also used by some jealous women to their crush being with another woman and put his dick on his forehead, and if not cured that man can die because of the inability to urinate. this magic also prevents the victims to have sex (duhh).
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Hi fellow SE Asian anon

This happened in Bali
> be visiting some old ass temple on tour with fam when i was 12 or something
> lotsa statues, ruins, random structures, the works
> has a fairly oriental theme if you will, garudas and snakes are a common motif, so are lion-esque creatures
> temple used to be (and probably still is) a place of worship
> afternoon, around 1 pm
> damn its hot af, 90% humidity
> do the touristy thing and take family photos
> going around and find a spot, dad moves into position to take a photo, eyes peering through his camera viewer
> Awkwardfamilyphoto.jpeg
> dad pauses for a bit
> "hey guys, move away from that ugly statue"
> wut... Theres nothing around us...
> "move away from that ugly statue guys, its blocking the view"
> we just derp stare for a few seconds
> finally he looks away from his camera to talk to us straight to move away
> pauses
> looks obviously uncomfortable
> "where's the statue?"

So apparently through the whole thing he kept seeing some sort of statue of a deity which blocked us from the camera view.

Mentions something about a lion statue grinning with bigass canines. Pic related probably.

Once he looked up and realized it wasn't there, he tried to peer through the camera but he claims it doesn't show.

I tried to look through his camera. Nothing either.

Could've been dicking around but that was not like him at all. He could also pinpoint exactly where the statue was positioned.

Not spooky but weird i guess
Also, might as well mention dad often visit small remote Indonesian villages for mission trips and such

I rarely ask details, but he does tell us often that for some regions you can feel an obvious evil presence. Kind of suffocating and oppresive, really heavy stuff. This usually subsides after several prayer sessions. I'm pretty sure he's dealt with several supernatural occurences but i don't think he's too open about those at the moment.

Also i know several people who can "see" spirits. Its become like a normal thing for them i guess, and you probably learn to ignore it after a while. One girl did say she saw a tall man with a detached head during a summer camp when she was around 13/14. Even weirder cz this thing tried to communicate with her, saying he wanted to take her away.

From her descriptions i remember being told he was pale, bald(?), and clothed in black. Kinda like voldemort in my mind but idk.

Final kicker, the school i used to go to from kindergarten to junior year was built on a cemetery. Serious. Tonnes of vague spook stories from security guys and cleaning staff. Don't know if they relocated the bodies but across a river/stream opposite the school theres another cemetery, often frequented by goats.

Also the park opposite our school had cobras. No joke. Saw em first hand
Spook story(?) from when i was 5th grade

> headmistress of our school passed away suddenly
> breast cancer
> everyone was obviously shocked
> procession goes as normal i suppose
> next week or so
> be in class
> quiet af
> door to classroom always closed shut and stuff
> hear a creak
> look up, doors open slowly
> nothingthere.jpeg
> weird
> suddenly door slams shut with a bang
> wtf
> think nothing of it, wind probably or some shit
> about half an hour later, same shit happens again
> this goes on for the rest of the year that i was in that class
> only that one classroom, no other classes had issues
> door was old but no indication as to why it would open on its own like that
> also its actually indoors, theres no way its caused by gusting winds or something
> teachers would check if its pranksters or something but never see anyone on the halls
> No reason for anyone to be there anyway because its at the end of the hall with a dead end. If anyone moved around there it would be noticable. + we had windows overlooking the hallway
> happened so often all the teachers just ignore it
> kinda unsettling but whatever
> we tried putting a door stopper, tape & stuff to try to stop it disrupting class so often
> never works. Tapes get ripped off, door stoppers get blown away or innevitably moved somehow
> one time one of the teachers was dicking around and greeted the opening door.
> "oh hi miss X (dead headmistress, i dont actually remember her name)"
> whole class loses its shit
> he laughs it off
> Bestteacherever
If that were real we probably have a picture of somebody having a dick on the forehead by now, don't you think?Or a picture of somebody with nothing where his dick should be.

On the other hand there is a syndrome called koro where the sufferers believe their dicks are gone when it's still there, might be related.
File: granma's house.png (85KB, 1254x1086px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
granma's house.png
85KB, 1254x1086px
same borneo guy, guess i'll contribute more(sorry if greentext is not properly presented, coz i'm new here)

>be 14 yo me
>be easily scared
>be in my grandmother's (dad's side) house with my 18yo brother and male cousin (mom's side) in the village
>be sleeping in 1st floor living room on futon
>3 am, suddenly have the urge to pee and awake
>notice big brother and cousin still awake telling their shit to each other
>the toilet is too far outside the house, plus its fucking dark down there (see pic)
>fuck i'm scared
>can't hold the pee, thus go on the veranda outside with no light(see pic)
>penis aim to the ground and pee, hopefully pee didn't touch the wooden house
>running directly to futon to continue sleep coz too scary outside at night
>15 min later almost asleep, brother and cousin still talking
>suddenly hear one or two dogs crying, rooster then making noise now stops
>brother and cousin stops talking
>now there are a lot of dogs crying, fucking dog saw something inhuman (as in our culture saying)
>my brother and my cousin agreed to each other there's ghost passing by
>be fully awake but still lying down trying to ignore
>suddenly hear footstep walking just below the veranda where i just peed and it's going to the front door
>the front door is made out of zinc because we are poor
>that fucking ghost banging our fucking zinc door.
>fuck the sound so loud it made the dog cry even louder
>that ghost knows how to break our door defense system

our front door consist only two door latch, one is at the right and one is at top (see pic). the one on the top is always locked but can be opened from outside due to the gap of the door slit at the top is too big and the four fingers can go through just enough to unlock the door latch because why the fuck not.

the one on the right sometimes not locked because of my friend neighbor (male) also happen to be my cousin sometimes become batman at night and hanging out with us and he knows how to open the front door to enter by the just said method.

but not today, there's no such arrangement that early morning for he to come as it is the christmas day at 3am and he is probably in his house with his family. but my brother probably forgot to lock the door latch on the right anyway.

>the 3 of us confused as fuck what to do
>the footsteps getting closer right beneath us
>palms are sweaty, nice thing i just peed spaghetti, ed edd n eddy
>confused what to do, my brother starts to pray
>ghost still there walking and bumping on stuff
>ghost bump the dinner table chair, ghost bump on the plastic bottles, hears bottles fall everywhere, dogs cry everywhere
>fuck that was loud
>suddenly ghost noise stops
>is it over?
>fuck not, ghost starts messing with our plates and cookwares in the kitchen
>footsteps getting louder again
>hears the rice cooker's lid being opened
>oh no you didn't, ghost starts eating our rice, the chewing noise is clearly heard
>you motherfucker
>plate being put on the sink noise, guess the ghost is full
>still hears the footstep of the ghost below, good thing he didn't come upstairs

>this continue for a while like 30 minutes
>suddenly step-grandpa is out from his room (same room as my grandma)
>going straight to ground floor
>hear he talking shits with ghost
>oh okay, now i know my step-grandpa can do that, that ghost probably his recently dead friend, that explain how he know how to open the door,
>oh well
>this go on eventually fall asleep but never heard the ghost going out of the house

>same day but at night, neighbor cousin come
>told him what happened
>he casually joking that was santa claus
>we don't have that here.gif
>days go on as nothing have happened, i don't know my brother or my cousin, but i never told or ask anyone on the house about that

Any Indonesians here?
Somebody tell me about this begal thing.
Apparently the media is making like some of them has magic powers like being bullet proof and able to disappear.
Somebody should tell them they could apply for some American challenge for a million dollars instead of being in a life of crime.
Borneo guy, I'm guessing you're from Sabah.
Which part of it are you from?
They got shot by police no? 4 dead. I'm not up to date cz i'm out of the country now but hardly surprising to think that the media will hype up a story. Heck see lampu merah to see the sad state of journalism our country has.

Having said that i've heard some firsthand accounts of guys practicing pencak silat and throwing a dude twice their side across the road
There's stories of ghosts of people that are improperly buried that end up haunting the area they're around.

It looks like the one in OP's pic. It moves around by hopping, kind of like the Chinese vampire one.
oh wow, anyone from Sarawak?
penampang, but the dirty politicians somehow make penampang district to be smaller and make putatan bigger instead. so my village is in putatan now. wbu?
my mother came from an Indonesian village, she says when she was younger a jin would possess villagers on occassion and ask for coffee before leaving
Penampang. Never thought I'd meet another Sabahan on /x/ of all places, even weirder that you're from Penampang. Ever meet any hantu personally?
wow me too lol. not that i remember of, but my two older brothers have insisted that when i was very young, i wake my mother up in the middle of the night saying there's a "balan-balan" or penanggal entered our house. then my mother saw it too thus woke everyone in the house but that ghost out of the house already. but i don't remember it though.

what about you? can you see ghost?
No. I think I'm insensitive to that kind of stuff, and I really rather not have an experience to confirm it or not.

I live on a hill and driving up to my house there's a very thick patch of bamboo growing by the side of the road. Apparently my mom was told by one of our workers that there used to be (or still is, I dunno) a woman's spirit in the bamboo.

I go home pretty late sometimes, around 2 or 3 and I never experienced anything.
maybe it is princess kaguya hehe.
do you know the origin story of our musical gong? i heard it was taught to human by supernatural being.
Which musical gong? You mean the ones they play during Kaamatan?
Also, drop by >>/int/ sometimes, we have ASEAN threads every now and then.
Not really an SEA culture ghost, but there is a story about a newly opened highway in Malaysia east coast (it been years opened now though).

SInce it was just opened not much vehicle using it and there was this one van traveling the highway early morning (1-2am) got splattered with human gore along with some smell to further scare the occupant which disappeared after a minute or two. Quite a lot of weird accident too on that highway or probably just bad driving. I guess this is related to asian culture too since newly bridge/highway here kinda need their blood sacrifice after opening.

Any similarities with yurop/murica on this?
yes that one, do you know any of its story? sure, why not.
There was a video of a supposedly invisible begal suspect moving on the roof and jumping to the roof of the next house, before being shot, naked. Skeptics say he rigged the house roof to move as diversion and got out the other side.

There was also this cop who claimed a begal suspect was impervious to bullets until he rubbed some kind of leaves on the suspect. Quite disturbing because why is he shooting someone already in custody?

Maybe just sensationalistic tabloid journalism though. Not Indonesian, came across them on youtube.
The cemeteries across Buit hill school is the shit man.

There's also muslim cemetery nearby afaik but muslim cemeteries aren't as spooky as native non-muslim cemeteries
Nope, its the new-ish east coast highway/ lebuhraya pantai timur.
So, those Malaysians who believe in paranormal things, is it okay if the government or government official believes in paranormal things and spend government funds either to handle paranormal related things or handle normal things the paranormal way?
File: IMG_20150412_181348.jpg (320KB, 960x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
320KB, 960x1600px
A book about local lore I found in the library
They didn't.

Two of them even got burned to death by the mobs.
Why should this be a ghost? Rather sounds like a drunk guy who was hungry
yeah, thats what we thought too at first, but then we can't explain why the fucking dogs was crying all over the village at 3 am
Nobody answered me on how to get these so called pet djinns...
I really like this style of categorising the story.
Ghost:Op's writing style is great.
Nice OP
Not east Asian, am German living in the UK but I have a tale maybe someone can clear it up for me.
Happened about 6 years ago.
>Be me, 15, school trip to Borneo Sabah.
>£1,500 are somehow afforded by my perintz because they love me.
>Excited as fuck.
>One of the activities planned is to go up Mt.KotaKinaballu

Please correct me if that's correct.
>Everything else on the trip is just normal tourist shit.
>The climb is supposed to take less than 6 hours, we have a fat kid with us so that's what the guide secretly told a kid that spoke Malay.
>Two Groups, one go first then when they come down and go back to the hotel the other gets to go up.
>I'm part of the first group, i'm surprised by the amount of people here.
> Nothing strange but the group slowly starts to separate due to some being fatties etc.
>There's these little huts every 200 meters up or so, meaning that our teachers agree to stop at those places so we can all meet up again and we can do headcounts.
>There's about 10 in our group.
>Every headcount the guide counts too.
>Friend that speaks malay is reading his lips.
>The guy was always counting more than 10,less and less on the way up.

Any East Asia fags know what that's about?
Pic non related that's a picture of my fence that Broke last night.
I don't know this custom but the mountain was believed by natives before to be the place where the spirits of the dead go.
I can't prove if it is or if it isn't true but it's possible spirits like to mess with tourists there.

And especially since there's lots of tourists they have lots of opportunities.
On a more realistic note, people have been known to die/go missing on the mountain, so maybe the guide just wanted to make sure.
am an indonesian here
there is a mountain in java named gunung sumbing.
there is few outpost that better you leave alone at night.because there is pasar setan
literally in english a devil supermarket.
a group of friend of mine once decide to stay in the accursed outpost.
and then he hears lots of voice,its like an old traditional market. but you can't see anything.
it is really a nightmare for him.
quite lucky he's not possessed.
another story,there is place in central java named alas roban.
the brother of my friend just want to return back to yogyakarta from visiting a friend.
he said there is women head hanging in the car mirror along the road
another story from my maid from eastern java.her aunt working as a midwife.
at night there is someone banging the door.
it is mid 30s man,saying that his wife going into labor
that man said that he will escort her to his house by car,but she insist going by her motorcycle.
she helps the birthing process,the baby is normal but has a lot of hair.
she accept lots of money but she declined it just taking a few.
upon returning she just forgot her scissors
she returned to the rich man house.but the house disappeared.she just found her scissors stabbing banana tree...
i mean the scissors is stabbed in the banana tree (pohon pisang)
I read this in Time magazine a long time ago, is it true there's mountain in Java where people go and have sex with random strangers to have their wishes granted?
this one i don't know
but there is a type of kuntilanak that sleep with young man
File: polong.jpg (133KB, 445x472px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133KB, 445x472px
If you insist..This is how you get a Polong. Polong is a djinn kept in a small bottle. Used to harm your enemies.

Fill a small vial/bottle with blood of a murdered person, recite prayers over and over every day until you can hear the sound of a crying child coming out of the bottle..Attach said blood to a specific type of grasshopper and release it to your victim's home.

You will have to feed your polong with a drop of blood once every week.

Malays are still freaked out whenever they see this particular grasshopper in their houses lol. It has a very short antennae.

>>My dick shrivels in fear, palms are sweaty, legs spaghetti
>>This is a malay village, stray dogs are ready, this's not my teddy

Oops there goes faggot, one huge-ass maggot, he's slow his mind's laggin'

He don't know how it happenin', Koran no help plannin' it, so he goes back fappenin' it

dadadum dadadum
>The guy was always counting more than 10

A ghost is joining your ascent, and it camouflaged as another one of the climbers. I have a story told in a Malay forum that I can translate here:

>Guy and his group held a camping activity in school vicinity, they were the facilitators
>Bunch of juniors joining in
>Night comes and they initiate "Operasi Burung Hantu @ Operation Owl" to test their daringness. A very popular camping activity over here. basically they leave you alone in secluded, dark places for an hour or so
>Guy noticed a red pair of eyes just at the end of the corridor, but didn't say much
>All participants were left to their respective places, time to wait
>An hour later, all participants are rounded up, and they're making a head count
> There were about 62 students before they began, now the number ends at..63.
>Count again, and again..63.
>Last person in line never spoke her number, only raised her hand. Face covered in veil, facing the ground
>Facilitators formed a plan on how to get rid of this 'guest'
>"Let's redo this Operation Owl because we had so much fun!"
>Juniors were on the verge of tears
>Took no.63 to the end of corridor where the pair of eyes were seen. Left her there with the words "Don't come back until we get you"
>Took the rest of the juniors back to campsite.
>Head count: 62 Pheeeww..
File: Rumah_kedah.gif (78KB, 500x296px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78KB, 500x296px
Thanks for sharing Indo bro.

Victim: Linda (A friend of mine)
Ghost: Orang Bunian @ Fairy/Hidden People
Location: Gunung Datuk, Negeri Sembilan

>Went with a group of 10, climbing Gunung Datuk. Reach summit about 1 p.m.
>Plenty of bees at the top, very dangerous
>Decided to descend
>On the way down she notices this old, delapitated Malay traditional house in the middle of hilly jungle
>Along their descent they began to hear sounds of wild animals approaching, movement in the trees just outside their vision
>The group is getting nervous, quicken their pace
>Sound gets louder and louder as the get closer to base of the hill
>Looked to her side and noticed the same house she saw near the summit hours ago, now at a different place
>Spooked, but never told anybody
>Sound subsided as they reached the ground.
abother story about orang bunian is of they help a traveller and they offer their daughter to be wed its a trap,the traveller couldn't return to human world.

or if one manage to return in human world it would already pass a lot of time.

one story said that he's only a weeks in the village,but when he return its already 5 years in human world
this is true
actually there is a black magic that could make you bullet proof and stab-slash proof,or invisible.

one is black magic and one is abusing few verse in quran or another kitab like syamsul maárif
if am not mistaken they use daun kelor (kelor leaves) to null the magic.
islamic magic abuser could be nulled with lard (pork oil), rotten eggs or gold bullet.
OP, this anon
is right. Penanggal is the one who detach its head from its body to search and drink the blood of the women whom just gave birth.
Sounds like some Predator shit.

It makes me feel old that I had to look up spoopy. ..
>islamic magic abuser could be nulled with lard (pork oil)

That's hilarious

>recite prayers over and over every day

What kind of prayers?Hail satan?Grasshopper huh?Reminds me of Kamen Rider.
Stop reading Shintaro Kago. He got penaggal and pontianak mixed up. Nip know nothing about SEA ghosts.
Spooky. It could be a babi ngepet, which sometimes looks more like a huge black dog rather than a hog.

Gigapet? I remember those.
Muslim in southeast asia(particularly Indonesia) are... pretty deranged. Arab sheiks would sermon the shit outta them but to no avail.

Likewise Christians in Kalimantan or Papua do stuff that no self respecting european Christian would ever do. It's like hinduism,paganism and abrahamoc religions all mixed up into one syncretic local tradition. It's like voodoo in Haiti or Brazil.
What if my dreams bled over into real life and actually involve a creature I idenitified later over the internet? ok different story then, though not asian.

My gf and I both entered the relationship with lots of spoopy stories and sightings.

One weird thing she told me one morning on the phone on the way to work was "Oh theres those creatures again" really casually.
What things, I did ask. SHe said on her street when the lights are out, there are these tall skinny shadow creatures that wander the sidewalks and seem to search over peoples fences and climb trees.

This happened quite often, that shed casually say 'oh there they are again'.

THen last week, late at night I get off the bus and Im walking to her house. This tall skinny shadow fucking thing (About 15-20'?) just fires across my vision across the street.

I go home and describe it to her. Casually again "Yeah thats the thing I told you about!"

Later this week she showed me this. SHit you not, this was it:

>arab sheiks

Maybe they're better off giving sermons in the Middle East to ISIS people.
Oh wait, maybe they are. No wonder Middle East is so peaceful currently.
The thumbnail looks like a penis with a diamond ring on the top.
Who's the most famous spiritual leader, shaman, witch doctor, exorcist or whatever in Asia?Ones with supposed paranormal abilities?
Are there anyone?
as a muslim i have skeptic views with arab.our religon is indeed coming from there,but it doesn't mean they have cultural supremacy or authority to define what islam is
Lol icwotudidthere
I wish more Muslims like you would stand up and say that loudly. Like it or not, the Arabs are speaking for all Muslims, and they are saying some deranged shit.
the govt,the political party will hate my guts declaring apostasy on me if i live in malaysia.in indonesia is quite same but the grip of politician in religious matter is not too much.but our problem is too much fragmentation.
lots of people still couldn't distinguish between secularism,atheism and cummunism.ah. it started being /pol/ again
the govt,the political party will hate my guts and declaring apostasy on me

sorry kinda miss I am not apostate by any means.i'm still muslim.
another story.
this happens within 2006 when yogyakarta hit by earthquake.am working as a volunteer at a local red cross.
I've seen lot of pocong (thread picture related) at night, in a village that destroyed badly.
first it is appear like a white smoke,but slowly it is form like the thread pic related
at 2005,before i'm owning my own computer.i'm often sleep at my friends place to watch adult video or porn.
his room is in second floor.
suddenly i just hear a women singing an old javanese song.her voice is so eerie.
i have a bad feelings I turn the computer of.and sleeping without turning the lamp of
i'm trying not to look at the window,but there is some kind f unseen force that makes my body always pointing to the window.
at the window I see women with rotten face .this is second floor goddamit.
Do you ever take pictures of this stuff? Do you see it plain as day, or shadowy and sort of implied by the darkness?

I'm just wondering why I never ever see anything at all.
Missed opportunity for a duet.
back then cellphone with camera is so rare,expensive.
my monthly allowance is only 60 IDR per month (roughly 60 USD that time)
Your all going to hell anyways..
at 2005 am visiting new freshmen orientation/inauguration near parangtritis.only visiting am not acting as a holding committee,i got bored because no new girl catch my interests.i decide to go home.
in the way between parangtritis to yogya there is a smell of rotten meat following me.

i see the thread pic related following me with high speed.its crazy that kind of things just flying 80-100km/h
i'm scared really scared but suddenly i feel mad.I just push my motorcycle to 120km/h. i'm managed to outrun that bastardlowerng my speed again to 70-80km/h
suddenly my motorcycle jumped.
the pic related bstard just suddenly appear sleeping in the street and my motor just trampled it.
in the mirror i could see the with clothed body smeared in blood.
i just push my motorcycle again until i reach the city...
of course no one without sin,everybody go to hell if god,heaven or hell really exists
Not if you accept Christ
how something that exists and following course of nature become a god?
and how come this so called god could be reduced to set of value controlled by human?

the only true god is a god that doesn't exists
U wot m8?
if this god exists it means it bow down to criterion of existence.
so the true god is impossible exists
it is out of logical paradox"can god create something that it can't lift"

and what i worship is a god that doesn't exists,a name is only a tools to address it.
File: Unk.jpg (2KB, 256x197px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2KB, 256x197px
Heya. I went to high school in Japan, and this happened quite a few years back, but I'll never forget how fucking creepy this was.

>Be 14
>Have big sleepover where we play 360 and drink soda and generally be a bunch of losers
>Friend Mike lives in a new, two story house on a very old patch of land right in the center of the city
>Just me, Mike, three friends, and Mike's little bro who's like ten
>4AM or so, everyone's tired so we're all crashed out on the floor in the living room
>Parents aren't home
>Hear very light footsteps upstairs
>running stops.
>running again

there's sort of that runs alongside the living room, with a foggy glass partition. On one end of the hall is the kitchen/bathroom, and on the other end are the stairs.

>small silhouette visible through the glass
>footsteps stop.

I turn to Mike
>"Hey, is your little bro sleeping upstairs?"
>MFW little bro sleeping right next to us
>I shake Mike--"Yo, who the fuck is that?"
>Mike grabs my hand and tells me to shut the fuck up

Super quiet. Suddenly,
>Footsteps, up stairs maybe?

Mike hisses
>"Look at my walls"
>Literally a cross in every corner of the living room

Apparently this thing has been happening for a while, and after consulting a local exorcist/medium/whatever they told Mike's family to put crosses up in every room people would spend time in.

He ended up moving out the next year, so I never went back. Still walk by there every now and then and new people are living there. Sometimes I want to ask them about it.

Idk if we were all just overreacting but I swear to god I heard what I heard.
ok this one happened at medan,my friend just out to buy some snacks by motorcycle,his house is at the outskirts of the town.on the way home there is heavy rain,his motorcycle suddenly stop working.there is a big house,he press the bell asking if he could stay for a little time in their roofed gate.one beautiful girl appear ,offering him to stay inside.there is another two girl inside they chat while enjoying tea and snacks.about one hour later the rain stopped,he says his gratitude and leave.
the mystery is wen he arrive home,,it s already two days and there is no rain at all
File: 57390022.jpg (67KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67KB, 300x300px
Dude Google translate is not doing you any favors my kebab friend
it looks you fail to grab the idea about what I worship.
religion is only a concept,not that god itself.
it gives us perspectives,but this perspectives doesn't serve as a container of god.
concept or definitions from religion merely serve as a tools
thats why i could call most of the mullah or ulema or mufti is just hijacker
and am not calling you less intelligent,because in real condition lots of fellow kebab didn't understand this kind of understanding
I just didn't understand your English but I get you now, I was kidding before dude have a good night
Indofag here. Any Jakartans?

This one's from my uncle (mom's younger sister) who lives in Pondok Labu, South Jakarta (Gmap that location). Right in front of his house was a nice-looking, but empty house. One time, his son had ever seen something unusual in there from their house, and simply ask "dad, what is that" and my uncle simply replied "hantu" Kids don't know anything, right? They simply saw something but don't know what is that. But I didn't get the description of that 'thing'

Now that house is settled by a couple. The husband always go to work, but the wife stays. But the thing I remember is, there's nothing happened after that, no apparition, no nothing.

Pipit is sparrow in English. But shit man, puking a whole bird? Damn.

I-I chuckled.

When was it? 90s?

Regular stuff, believe me.

Mind to scan and post here some time later?

Shiiit that spoops. I believe it's still djinn-things.


No, 60k Rupiah is 6 'Murrican bucks.

>i got bored because no new girl catch my interests

But shit nigga, pocong is scary as fuck. Luckily I've never encountered one until now.
Any oriental methods for summoning spooky stuff?

Yogyafag here, with some stories.

>Be dad
>Staying over at friend's house
>Sleepover with other friends
>Everyone goes to sleep (prolly late at night)
>Dad suddenly wakes up later on
>Hears the footsteps of a horse
>Above the roof, wtf
>Horsestep sounds fade in and out as if it's passing by above
>Cool story to tell the next morning

Then, one told to me by my junior high friend.
>Be living in a ruralish area near city border
>One night heard something thunking against the tin roof
>Grandpa, inside, asks what it is
>Go outside to look for source of thunking
>Get outside just as a severed head falls into hands, it's grinning and laughing
>Suddenly severed head turns into durian
IDK what happens after but I think my friend ate that durian, fuck ghosts.
>Get outside just as a severed head falls into hands, it's grinning and laughing
>Suddenly severed head turns into durian
>IDK what happens after but I think my friend ate that durian, fuck ghosts.

10/10 top lel
But, seriously, fall into his hand? Damn, he was alpha as fuck. Then again, severed head is a common thing too here.
Glundhung Pringis man, those are some type of ghost kinda common here.
Don't know there's quite a few Indonesians here.
I know you have those magazines and tabloids with mystic news, articles and ads there, also quite a number of so called people claiming mystic abilities.
Anyone of you have scans or online links to those?
Ahh yes, that one.

You mean "Misteri" magazine? Nah, last time I read that was full of sexual enhancement (whatever it's called) ads. The /x/-related articles were meh. But IIRC in early 2000s that magazine was kinda gold.
Why are people scared of somebody wrapped up from head to toe in a shroud?
What can it do to you?
Jump around and say boo?
Because of the fight or flight response I guess.
You see something weird. Its dark and its night. You can't determine if its friend or foe. And its coming to you. You don't know what to do. So you either fight or flee.
Most people would flee due to the reason they can't properly estimate its threat level.
Somehow I'm sure that Asians like other people elsewhere have been taught to treat spooky stuff as foes.

Otherwise we would have a lot of people taking selfies with ghosts.
Won't argue with that.I only put up "can't determine if its friend or foe" cuz thats the basis of our judgement.
Since its weird or spooky, we'll likely determine it as foe. Next up is the fight or flight. We need to choose whether to fight or to flee. Being the average person, most won't have any martial arts skills or any exp in fighting.
We'd avoid fist-fighting with other human cuz we doubt if we can defend ourselves from their attacks. Same goes if the foe is an animal which is surely way fierce in combat/survival.
Since we'd avoid fighting with human or animal, the likelihood of fighting something spooky is out of the question cuz we don't know what kind of crazy kamehameha skills they might have.
Therefore the logical conclusion is to flee. And when fleeing, our fear is being heighten by the chemicals in our body. Thats where fear comes in.
I talk too much cuz I'm bored right now and got nothing better to do. Bumping for others to share their spooky stories.
In the Philippines we have a similar one called manananggal. It's an aswang who detaches from the waist up to fly and feed on humans and livestock. An aswang is a term for ghouls
it will spit on you very smelly and poisonous spit
ok another story about the thread pic related
now the one being haunted is not one person but whole passengers of the car.
at night in madiun east java aroun 1980s.my aunt just attending marriage of her friend.
that time in village people rarely had a car.so she's just tagging with a friends that had it.the car is hi jet 2000 i believe.eight people in the car.the car passing infamous trisection,as far as you can see is a lot of tree.suddenly there is smell of rotten meat in the car.near the trisection mark appear white smoke,as tall about six meter (around height of tree) and quickly transformed like thread pic related.
eight people in the car screamed.fortunately the car is functioning well,and they just escaped
Hah, I just remembered a story from my friend.

One night, he had to go home really late of college-related stuff. His car was.. Between Xenia or Livina, I forgot, but a minibus. When he looked to the middle mirror, there was a pocong in the very rear seat. The pocong tagged along until an intersection (quite long btw), and then vanished.
Bumping, and also I want to ask fellow SE Asians here.

Things I always get about their appearance to us that if we are:
>not being clean (especially girl's menstruation)
>in fear
>they just want to show themselves to us

Are these three points true? Or just one or two of the three?
any black magic stories?
I know some Indonesians have been persecuted in the Middle East for alleged witchcraft.
Singaporean living in jb here, never experienced anything like this here, love how incompetent law enforcement is here
Go back to pol where you belong
Bump because this is real good
this is supranatural being.
honestly i choose not to believe it,but i experience it with my own eyes.
we can't really do something like psychological test to that kind of creature.
i count myself as a brave man,once i fought begal with clurit and survive.but this kind of bastard is just moodily appeared out of nowhere
basically they will show themselves to anyone if they want to
about black magic, i think there is some kind of potion/salve to make you invincible.
the name of potion/salve is 'minyak bintang'
i think it exists in a part of borneo
between 70-80s there is rumor of ghost train and ghost bus in indonesia.
but i don't know the full story of that
what happened in my village in mojokerto is,the pocong tagging alng with motorcycle.the one being tagged view that creature as beautiful girl.but everyone in 'pos ronda' see that thing is a pocong
Ah I see, thanks man.

There was, you want me to tell? This is just AFAIK though.
please do tell
Bump. All you ASEANS better get back in here and keep posting your strories. Best thread i've see in quite a while.
lee kuan yew a shit
Filipino Horror movies a shit
Guys what's your favorite asian horror movie?

Mine is Shutter and Coming Soon.

I heard the Tale of Two Sisters was also spoopy but I haven't watched it yet. Also, Ju-On and The Ring are pretty overrated IMO
In the Philippines, a guy pretty big on occultism is Jaime Licauco. Apparently he can also AP at will but I haven't attended his seminars because they're hella expensive
Tale of Two Sisters was mindfucky and pretty good. I like Ju-On and Ring is okay, but I wish they'd kept in more plot points from the book.
Indonesians import JAV actresses to guest star their horror movies and they don't even get naked.
I am not sure if this relates, but does anyone have information on Tikbalang? Have anyone ever seen one? They are interesting to me
Pocong :3
Yeah.. djin have religion too
rahtree is good
try indonesian pocong 2
Most ghost stories I've heard will be the usual human freaking out learning "oh fuck, this is supernatural stuff!".

I used to live in a boarding school, got loads of stories. Heres one, usually when its Thursday night in Malaysia, we the muslim guys would go to the mosque for some quran recital, usually Surah Al-Yasin (You can google this).So this means that most of the dormitories will be empty except for a few indians and a couple of chinese guy.

So, on this one week, my friend was a bit unwell and stayed behind in his room alone resting well, mostly sleeping. Our beds are simple metal bunk bed and my friend stayed on the upper bed, his bed is moved close to the window since shit is hot here even during the night. Too bad that night he got his whole leg violently pulled out to the window and he can see some hand mark on his leg where he got pulled. He fought and managed to free himself , shit spooked him and he got out to join his indian friends. Sure cured him. heheh.
File: tikbalang.jpg (180KB, 692x594px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
180KB, 692x594px
Philippine forest spirit, bearing some uncanny similarities to the Slavic lesovik and the fair folk of England. Usually described as a bipedal horselike being, said to kidnap travellers in wilderness areas. Kinda rapey.
Suicide circle
ring virus
whispering corridors
The closest one from me is that Bintaro Train Crash.

From Wiki:
The incident was caused by the Serpong Stationmaster, having permitted KA 225 to leave for Sudimara Station without checking the railway condition in Sudimara Station. When the diesel-hydraulic train, KA 225 Rangkasbitung-Jakarta Kota arrived in Sudimara Station at 6:45 PM (GMT+7), the lanes were all filled with KA 225 in the first lane, KA Indocement in the second lane and a headless freight train.

KA 225 was intended to pass KA 220 Patas from Kebayoran to Merak. That meant KA 220 Patas in Kebayoran Station got the less priority. The Sudimara Stationmaster ordered the KRD 225's engineer to get his train hauled to the first lane. Five minutes later, Djamhari, Sudimara's Station officer, was telephoned by Umrihadi, the officer from Kebayoran Lama Station, informing that KA 220 Tanah Abang-Merak had departed for Sudimara. Djamhari tried in vain to chase KA 225 while flapping the red flag with the train moving at 50 km/h. Two crowded trains collided on that Monday morning at Km +18.75. Both were crippled, tumbled and crushed. Both locomotives, BB303 and BB306 were heavily damaged. The death toll counted to 156 people with hundreds more wounded.

And it was remembered as one of the worst railway accidents in the world.

The spook I remember:
Ghostly dismembered bodies haunting the railways, looking for other body parts.
The other thing was.. The infamous Manggarai Train. This train was physically real, but it ran on its own without passengers, nor machinist. It ran at night from Manggarai and stopped at Bogor, and still no one was inside. I remember it was thought as failed brake system. But still, failed brake from Jakarta to Bogor? Also iirc this happened between 2007 to 2008, because there was a shitty movie adapted from the incident coming afterwards.

And still around that year, probably months prior to this incident, there was also a person who rode a train at late night. The thing is, there shouldn't be a train at all at that hour. Once the person got down at the station, the train vanished. But I can't get much detailed story for this one.
File: Penis Skeleton.jpg (25KB, 283x387px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Penis Skeleton.jpg
25KB, 283x387px
Alright, i'll join in
This is a story about a local spirit in my area in iloilo called the "Tamawo" (elves in english)
also a little part of exorcism.
>Be 21 year old me
>my maid suddenly became sick and having weird convulsions and shouting that "they're gonna get me and shit"
>asked my brother to call for help
>after a few seconds, a woman who claimed to have the "sixth sense" came in and told me that, she is possessed by a couple of tamawos.
>leaves in a few moments, leaving me alone to control the she beast of a maid she's very plump after all.
>maid gets into convulsions and i pushed her to lay her in the sofa, thinking quickly, i removed my bracelet that was blessed by the priest and placed it on her arm.
>tries to remove it, but fails as i try to restrain her arm.
>shouts "Init! mainit! daw gina sunog ako!" (hot, it's hot! it feels like i'm burning!) a couple of tries she breaks my bracelet.
>has the strength of 3 people
>pushed her back to the sofa
>tried to feed her, but seems to dislike the bangus fillet i cooked as it is marinated with tons of salt.
>asked brother to give me salt and holy water from the church
>try to sprinkle with holy water and salt to her but she tries to fight back, aslo fighting back with catholic prayers and sheit
>repeat process for hours
>finally call a local witch doctor and was calmed down by a strange herb and incense.
>witch doctor exorcises the spirit the next day

never seen the ritual as i was inside a separate room to prevent my little sister seeing the scene.
but i can see crosses and other writings on her paper of incantations
(sorry for the small amount of details, i'm at work now) kek.
Also, the place is in the philippines
No matter what country, no matter how they are called, I believe this Tamawo still part of djinns.

I was told by my muslim friend that actually there's no demon or ghost, just djinns taking shapes of whatever we're scared of.

And possessing people is also one of their abilities.
Muslim here, yup that's right.

>about 62, now 63

What if it really was 63 and they just left some poor fucker and deserted them
File: costsnza.jpg (16KB, 375x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 375x375px

Hahaha lmao lol look at the tolerant christian rhetoric directed towards a seemingly totally peaceful non-christian. Don't you have an abortion clinic to bomb, you racist fuck?
Semarangfag here, visited Lawang Sewu a few years ago (even went underground) but no ghost encountered. Don't know many spook places in here as well.

It was fun, though wet and dark as fuck.
Can you elaborate more on the background of 'pet' djinns? How does one capture/receive/putinsideofthem a djinn? And how/why is the djinn in shape of animals?
that is not the ghost train and ghost bus that i mean.
it is when you wait a bus or train,the doppelganger bus or train come,and you go with that train.
at first it is normal,that the bus and the train is lively.
as the times passed the bus/train go all quiet,and all the passengers change with thread pic (pocong) or heavily disfigured corpse.

the existence of train man that collect your ticket that telling you that you should going down in the station is optional.

the bus/train is usually faster than normal one.its either they drop you at your station of destination or somewhere near your destination
you are lucky then.my friend from malang, going there and after the visit he say someone following him.and the stalking only end after he decide to leave

this is link of ghostly bus story,but sadly it is in indonesian
Shit I just wrote you a long ass reply and fucked up the posting process. I'll do it again later
Oh man, sorry to hear that. I will check it out tomorrow for the update. Thanks in advance!
It sounds like this kid has mental illness, but you're trying to explain it with fairy tale beings. Please take him to a doctor soon.
I still kinda want to visit that place. Say, is it still recommended place to go in Semarang?

Hey, do you know there was one incident where a bus get into a quite deep forest? I heard the bus was in a normal road, but suddenly appeared in a forest. Even it was happened in Central Java iirc.
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If anyone is interested in the Aswang folklore, here is a very informative documentary on it:
Really good stuff.
Normal begal stories + spice up with bullshit magic is what sells in our backward society.
People LOVE that kind of bullshit.
If they were indeed bulletproof or able to vanish, why not rob a FUCKING BANK instead of doing petty crimes like hijacking motorcycle that sells like $100 on the black market.
I can't believe someone who browse 4chan believe this kind of bullshit.

Typical Indonesian media journalism.
Mein neger.
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