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Whats up with that /x/? anyone got experience with it? is it

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Whats up with that /x/? anyone got experience with it? is it just some bullshit? i want to know more.
Pic related
I'm not sure what else there is to know, it's a pretty straightforward conspiracy theory. There's never any solid evidence that such practices exist beyond the vague bullshit like in your image. Just remember that you yourself are not worth pursuing for any sort of matter. Keeps you feeling sane, and makes you realize that there's a lot of self-centered idiots on this board.
But what i don't get is why would they follow me because i googled it?
>yes I totally know this is true cuz I totally didn't just make it up
>no rly guis this didn't happen to me or anyone I know, I have no proof, I just know
this is why conspiracy theorists have no credibility whatsoever.

This is how you know /x/ is retarded.
Did you not understand where I said vague bullshit? The guy has no proof as to what happens if you type it. He's just throwing out a vague explanation with a specific location to add a false sense of legitimacy. Even if it were true, why would you want to invite that sort of thing into your life? Just live and let be, stop trying to force yourself into retarded situations.
I believe it's actually a widespread phenomenon related to government control of the population through individual manipulations. Government AI has developed to the point where they can pinpoint specific individuals to marginalize and maintain the status quo. This is the endgame of MKUltra now utilizing emf feedback in the power grid coupled with widespread chemical adulteration of the populations food and water source creating a superior race of sheeple for easy manipulation.
Gotta go, I hear them coming!
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>Hey guys I'm just gunna judge a group of people based on a couple crazies.
>Hey guys, I'm just going to pretend that things like watergate, mk ultra, and nsa aren't real because of 4th demensional reptiles.
>Hey guys I'm just gunna believe that corrupt people don't seek out positions of power.
>Hey guys I'm just going to assume that the government is there for my benifit instead of their own, amd are going to tell me about all the corruption.

This is why sheeple don't have any credibility to us : /
: /
It could also have something to do with your massive faggotry. It seems to be a common trait amongst you role-playing cockmonglers.
Says the massive faggot...

I'm not saying op is not a shit poster. But anyone who claims that all conspiracy theorists are tin foil nutjobs, are fucking retarded and have no ability to think for themselves what so ever
Whatever makes you feel safe and in control whilst the government cock mongles you. Might as well learn to enjoy it.
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>unless you intend to let in the grief contained behind the cage
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So basically what I've read is these government groups or maybe even rogue agents have certain technologies and even skills to harass people. One such technology that keeps presenting itself seems to be the Voice to skull device that may have previously been used to find underground oil deposits. I'm told when used on humans and tuned correctly it can implant a voice inside your head similar if not exactly the same as your inner voice. Or even become totally foreign. I'm told they can use this is reverse so to speak. They can read your thoughts by transmitting it back.

The other common tactic is harassment. They supposedly follow you around and bump into you or try to start a conversation. They may drop certain information that is pertinent to you or something not possible for them to know. They supposedly also like to tear up clothing and such. Coming home to find a new pair of jeans with strange abrasions and tears can be frustrating. Some claim they even have been drugged and suffered lapses of time.

But I'm still confused. Why do this? In one video it was a pretty young girl who claimed to have been gangstalked and even drugged and raped. I can grasp this more but still very strange.

What's the benefit of destroying people like this? It seems to be seemingly random people. The narative likes to name schizophrenia as the culprit. I have a problem with that though as it is the easiest answer but it might even be the right one.

So what is going on here?
Typical schizophrenic paranoia.
what if you don't use google?????/
>Hey guys, it's Nicole.

Agreed, people suffering from extreme delusions will tend to believe there are organized attempts at driving them crazier then they already are.
Shilling intensified.
Wouldn't be surprised if the Op was posted by shills, so they can tell everyone they're crazy. People who think that money isn't put into keeping society in order is either really well conformed, or indeed a shill.
I believe you've confused the terms 'shilling' and 'sanity.'
So you know beyond a doubt it doesn't happen, can you give me proof, that it doesn't?
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Guys, I've experienced this myself and it's pretty big from what I understand.

They keep trying to convince me it's real and that the public actually does it for some reason.

The whole point of the technique is to make it able for them to blame it on your own crazy so to speak, although they can't always get it perfect.

And unless the voice to skull tech is optimized that much, I've had dozens of people try to slip things in between lines while talking, use double language, and group acoustics in pubs to prick at your psyche.

If you even feel like you may have been targeted, keep a detailed journal.
Proving a negative is impossible, and asking for said proof is a diversionary tactic. Burden of proof on the claimant.

No, I can't give you proof beyond doubt that it does not happen. I can, however, reasonably say that delusion is a far more likely explanation.
Oh say it may in fact happen? You don't know?
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Even if delusion is a more likely explanation, we need to focus less on trying to call eachother crazy.

It's a pretty legitimate concern and we should focus on fixing it.

If you have plans concerning this, or come across any other good ideas I cannot stress enough a journal. You may be able to get your ideas copied/stolen I've just found out.
I'm a gangstalker by profession. It's the most boring job in the world.

Hello James.
What would we even do to combat this?

I'm starting to see drones randomly and am pretty certain it's performed in coordination between ground "operative" and high altitude satellites.

Do we bring this up as a legitamate concern and get these devices inspected by someone to reveal that they have "unnecessary" equipment?

Other than another plan I have, I don't know how we could curb this.

Another thing I've seen them do is "split" things into television or youtube videos. Quick things in the regular dialogue, background noises such as crowds in the background directing comments at you, laugh tracks, etc.
How do you feel knowing that if you really were who you claim you are, you could topple a massive organized crime sundacate just by risking your life and spilling the beans?

Not that I'd recommend it ;)
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>Implying people would gangstalk you to make you feel crazy when you're already crazy
>Implying people would target you when you're not even important
>Implying they could have this many people participating in gangstalking and still keep it a secret
>Implying anybody even benefits from trolling crazy people
>Implying anybody would even want to waste the money to hire so many people to stalk specific targets
>Implying they wouldn't do something more hardcore and efficient to scare you like chase you around with a clown mask or some shit
>Implying a government would even have any need to go after paranoid peasants
>Implying they wouldn't just kill you if you were getting in the way
>Implying the government needs to take out dissenters when the public is already apathetic and has the attention span of a goldfish
>Implying that if any of this were true, they wouldn't just delete this thread and hunt down everybody who participated in it while deleting everything that mentioned it
>Implying that they would hire disinfo instead to try and cover it up even though it's completely ineffective and there's shit way more important to national security agents than schizos saying a group is stalking them

If you read this and think I'm specifically talking to you or trying to cover up your story then it means you're probably schizophrenic and should seek help
No one cares about freaks.
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>implying they wouldn't

Funny how there are more people trying to discredit threads like thesethan any other less legit theory on this board.
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That kind of ignores the point, and really fails in that you assume you have the right to define anyone as anything, especially when you aren't them.
It was just the first thread I saw when I got on here and I'm getting tired of seeing all this gangstalking bullshit. I know it will be gone in a month or so and people will move on to a new bullshit subject to beat like a dead horse but I don't feel like waiting
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>tried to type garage sale
>accidentaly typed this
>im a skeleton

this is stupid
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Well, I mean, what would they not have to gain in knowing the personal details of the life of say, an activist?
Well yeah I could see them keeping tabs on an activist. If that were the case though the activist probably wouldn't know they were being tailed. I mean shit if you're the government and you're following somebody you don't want them to know you're following them right? Obviously if they know they're going to start acting differently, not follow their normal routine, etc. They wouldn't make it obvious that they were following you. Not only that but they wouldn't need a bunch of different people to follow somebody around, especially since they'd already be tapping your phone, reading your email, etc.

I doubt anybody in this thread is an activist though. Even if one of them happens to be, there's no way all of them are. There's no reason for these people to be stalked by anybody. It doesn't make sense.
Hello OP

Personally I can say that the actions of MK operatives would find a meme such as this helpful in containing a loose subject. As I struggled to comprehend why anything about my life would merit attention from a govt agency I was also struggling to prevent myself from fully realising my fragmented memories were of MK type program activities.

They were not really subtle. I suppose they wanted to know to what extent I remembered and understood consciously. But I was still at that stage where I could hold a conversation on the matter and be the only one in the room who did not hear a word I said. (Ever been around REAL multiple personality condition?)
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That would make sense, if the normal guidelines of gangstalking weren't in place. They make themselves known to you but only in a way that it is difficult for them to be incriminated.

They do this to instill fear or paranoia, and essentially try to stall whatever you are doing.

And not only is most of /x/ probably college educated but we get more information, news, and have wilder ideas.
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So, you were full on hypnotized and had conversations with people without you realizing?

I doubt they could have that much control over your body/mind. You sure you didn't just doze off?
What's up with all the thread deletions?

The new owners are just in time to clean everthing for the new elections.

No surprise there. Hillary will be population reduction minister in the model of Stalin and Mao and will get to wear the title of president too.
> implying it doesn't happen.
> What's up with all the thread deletions?
Watch what you say anon, that's a bannable post right there.

MoDs MoDs ban him
>subsidize corn industry from 1920s on
>low-cost corn syrup added to nearly all foods
>more obesity, heart disease
>population falls, but individuals weigh more
>balances out

Hillary has nothing to do with it. The plan's been going on for a long time.
File: 1418502817895.jpg (100KB, 740x740px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So do something about it. Get politically involved.

I mean, the worst thing they can do is gang stalk you right? ;)
Its a bit hard to explain how it feels from within. It is like a blind spot. Like that feeling at the end of a page when you realize you dont know what you just read.
They can't really do anything, the thing is, they think they're running game, but they're not, I mean mods can ban people and delete threads.

I think its less about gangstalking and more about "RESPECT MY AUTHORITY"

They're just power hungry sadistic faggots. But what would the world be without em?
If you want to laugh all you have to do is search plebs for deleted posts. Its fucking hilarious.
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Care to share the story?
File: 1422286534612.gif (68KB, 306x310px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wait, who is, Mods?

Or the power hungry faggots in question?
File: cause of death.jpg (305KB, 600x936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cause of death.jpg
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Corn syrup doesn't make people fat, it just helps because its easier to ingest large quantities of it compared to natural sugar.
Western populations have rising obesity rates because he have excess in everything. Our lives have no great struggles, even the most destitute can eat three meals a day. Welfare recipients can get enough food to become obese. That should tell you something.

Though a conspiracy plot to kill off any large portion of the population couldn't possibly hold any water, like most nut job theories its easily picked apart. GDP is power, and it is created when money exchanges hands. Economic strength is ultimately derived by money moving around in the economy. What every single one of us does is earn money, and spend it elsewhere, and that contributes to GDP. Even spending someone else's money has a positive net effect. Companies putting out unhealthy products on the market is the result of simple human greed. They want to make money, they know people like sugar and fat, so they sell what they know will be successful.
For a while after the documentary Super Size Me was released people were talking about how McDonalds put cheese on burgers because it triggered a pleasure response in the brain like it was some heinous evil plot. Its pleasurable because it tastes good, it has key nutrients that our bodies instinctively want for survival. Thats not evil illuminati tricks at work, its giving people what they want.
>college educated
Was there a poll for this?

I dunno I hang out with a lot of conspiracy theorists that have never even heard of 4chan and they don't have any of this gangstalking problem. Even if you were somehow more educated than the rest of the public this still wouldn't make you a threat. You're just one vote and your voice doesn't make a difference since you don't broadcast it any louder than the average conspiracy theorist. If what you're saying is true than shouldn't they be going after alex jones and other conspiracy theorists who spread dissent? Why are they still there? Furthermore, if you guys are such a big deal to a massive government that you could never possibly put a dent in than why don't they just kill you? It's not like it would rouse suspicion; they could easily just say you had a heart attack or committed suicide or something.

Like, you all realize how arrogant that is right? To think that you are so important as a person that they need to have people follow you? Like they're focusing on you over criminals, terrorists, drug traffickers and others like you're actually more dangerous to the government than them? What actually makes you such a special snowflake? Your ideas are unique? So are a lot of other peoples. You have access to the internet and information? Yeah a lot of other people do too. You don't really think you're the only one who believes in conspiracies do you? What even makes you such a threat that you need to be gangstalked anyway?
The mods buddy. They're power hungry sadistic faggots. Its been made evident.

Its a fact. They get off on it.
Ganstalking only happens on the internet. Well there are a few legit cases like Bill Cooper. He was gangstalked, then the fuckers killed him.
Why arent there more people like you?
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I kind of agree with you. Most of the issues we have is basically just a whole lot of this, in different areas for different things.

It would raise suspicion, you can't really just kill somebody unless you could cause heart attacks from space.

You don't really have to be that special of a snowflake, you're a human being, and the stalking and study of a human being is priceless in many ways. Fuck it man, if it gets the point across, think magic. Think about how much most of the public really understands as opposed to how much you'd need to know to be targeted. It isn't much, and from what I understand it wouldn't be very expensive.

Now if it's true, what would you do?
80% of threads on this board are made by the same person, to watch all you faggots argue while they sit back and laugh.

True story.

> Learn to loosh
File: 1421627637509.jpg (836KB, 2439x1659px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've noticed a steady decline in quality so, you know, I wouldn't be surprised.

What is a loosh
This just scared the shit outta me as I was scrolling down. How do you know me.........
Emotional energy. You can harness it, good and bad. Most people aren't aware that they're doing it, but when you are, you can use it to great advantages.
Then that makes it even more ridiculous. Why would the government even have a need to "stop you from what you're doing" by making you paranoid online? That's so inefficient and wouldn't even stop you anyway. They could do anything from hack and break your computer to call you and threaten you to fucking with you irl but they decide to spend tax payer's dollars to troll you online instead? I'm not even going to address bill cooper because that's not even gangstalking that's just a fugitive being hunted and then killed when resisting arrest. Whether he actually committed tax evasion is a completely different subject

But seriously why are you all so important that you need to be cyberstalked? How do you even know it's not just some faggot making a bunch of accounts and trolling you?
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Uh huh. So you're saying that a guy makes various threads to laugh at people to make him feel good?
wait can we have a loosh thread?
I think this could be the new, 'I'm from the future' threads, but instead of not being able to tell us anything meaningful about the future, they're not able to tell us anything meaningful about why they're being gangstalked. And remember, the onus is on you to prove they're not important.
> Why would the government even have

I stopped reading there, you know what, lol, I really don't care what you say, because what you say, doesn't change how I think. I learn from my personal experiences.
>be minding my own business shopping in Target
>hear someone talking on the aisle over, they're being pretty loud
>can clearly hear them talking about being followed
>don't pay much attention to it
>walk to another aisle and see the person is holding a cellphone
>I thought they must have been on the phone with someone
>continue on with my shopping, get a bunch of chobani, some bananas, a can of mountain dew kickstart
>all of a sudden this bitch is shoving her phone in my face telling me to stop following her
>instantly everything clicked, I knew she was either a legit nutjob or someone just doing it to make a youtube video
>I just laugh in her face, tell her she'll never stop me
>she cries and runs out of the store, stealing a handcart filled with to the brim with winter hats

True story. I kinda hope I find the video on youtube one day.
No, not to feel good. Imagine a puppet master. Or someone planning something, if I do A, people will do B.

People don't believe in mind control. Lol. Boy, its to easy.

And when one becomes bored with the game, he plays games with others, hence politics.
u gon shill 2day
Learning from your experiences can sometimes be negative and self-constraining thing to do. Look at hoarders.

I've responded by shitposting nearly constantly.
There's already a few up, most religious threads are loosh, anywhere, where there is a lot of energy, even this now.

You're alp feeding of each other, you must see that?
File: 1420596872732.jpg (553KB, 1280x1678px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I can post several peices of evidence. It most;y happens within earshot of people in public. They use rolling memes which serve no purpose other than to alert you to them, to cause paranoia.

I've got them to start calling me the Nerevarine. It's legit, don't completely discredit this. I swear on my life man.
I'll put it simple, there's those who are reactions to someone else's actions, we are all, reactions of something, but when you're aware of the fact, you can send rippled through earth that make big impacts. Think about it. When you talk and someone reads what you typed, you have influenced that person. Which will influence his life.
File: 1421220934812.jpg (24KB, 422x352px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So it's someone who knows minor psychology..


By your logic the cuck threads on /pol/ are mind control. It's just someone trying to bait for response.
Yes anon, but you don't see what happens behind the scenes. Once again what brings you here, what makes you talk?

You're feeding of people and their energy, obviously.
File: sCtHbfN.gif (2MB, 380x340px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 380x340px
Post all of it then. And why are they stalking you anyways?
File: 1417294839782.jpg (44KB, 403x402px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's just minor philosophical theory bruh. The more you make a big deal about it the more you'll get out of it I suppose.

Try to spread happy stuff then I guess.
>You can't just kill somebody
Nigga you serious? You think there's an organized web of stalkers but you don't think a death can be faked with poison or that suicide can be staged. Assassins have been doing that for thousands of years.

Also there's more effective ways to study human beings by stalking them. Physiologically we know just about everything and following people around wouldn't teach us anything new. When it comes to the psychology of people then a lab would be way better for studying people over stalking them in the streets. You can control the environment and stimuli directly and and monitor stress levels, heart beat, etc right in front of you.

And how much would you need to know to be targeted? I've got the mkultra docs right here on my laptop with a bunch of other shit I probably shouldn't have and I'm fine. And even if that was a big deal they could easily get rid of me. Like, you realize that if the government wanted to they could use untraceable methods to kill you? Look up dimethyl sulfate for one example. From the outside that would look like a stroke. What you're saying just doesn't make sense. Even if you were somehow a threat just by knowing a little more stalking you would still do absolutely nothing and not help them in any way whatsoever. Honestly, does it look like anybody in this thread is deterred or slowed down? They're just talking about it more. Why would the government do something that would backfire so hard?

If I was being stalked though? I'd walk up to them and talk to them about it. Try it and find out if they're stalking you.
You can use loosh, to expand your consciousness.

They're like octopus tenticles.
I do.....
But I then contrast that with bad stuff. I know what's going on you see.

I'm ahead of the game.
I play /x/ like a fiddle, when I'm not even here.

To easy
Underrated post. If there is this much documentation of subjects it is irrational to think that no one is being gangstalked.
File: 1420168554459.jpg (94KB, 725x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 725x640px
I'm not feeding off of anything. This subject is something I not only have experience with and am interested in.

It's about freedom of sharing ideas, not feeding off of energy.
File: 1419142395632.jpg (409KB, 1016x1367px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I will, I've had a year of experience with it. I'll admit that some of it may have been me, but I know it's also some faction.

It's essentially artificial hypnagogia and people who try to trigger others with random stimuli.

Most of my notes are on my phone and I've been planning on organizing them.
You are too dumb to spell too. Unless ur a Troõôöóòoœll.
I'm sipping a beer with one hand and typing with another in a nice little bar, correct my spelling for me, if you want.
I think my loosh makes cars not run
File: 1418102371861.jpg (784KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
784KB, 1920x1080px
Those things are traceable, and if a person has shitloads of documents and they're young as fuck and die of a storke, do you know how suspicious that'd be?

Think of study in a natural environment..

Keep in mind this is also just a paranormal section of a forum, not a political arena where we would have more of an effect.

If you go up to people and confront them they will just deny it and act like you're crazy. That's the point.

All I can personally do is wait until I have reasonable money and pull to curb this treatment for myself and others if possible. there's not much you can do except gather the information in a log, and check security footage.

Unless you own a drone or satellite anyway.
Its actually a masonic tatorsalls club.
Or you just get shot by a negro and no-one remembers you. Or your car, which contains at least 10 processors, has some special firmware updates when you're at work. Hits are not a big deal.
File: 1419843585180.jpg (154KB, 600x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So you're using it like a ritual or meditation aid? would that not just fall under placebo?
That's good. You should do the best you can to enact change in the direction you see fit. Is that not the goal in anyone's life?
File: 20150306_161744.jpg (3MB, 4128x2322px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 4128x2322px
File: 1400458083209.jpg (102KB, 637x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That depends on crime in the area and what car you have. And also why you'd just happen to die after you amassed a library of documents.

I think it'd be more profitable to just watch you.
holy shit
Jones was a hunk
File: 1420405443224.jpg (43KB, 592x448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 592x448px

Even though you seem douchey from the loosh comment.
> would that not just fall under placebo
Nope, little more complex then that, once you've got in someone's head your in there.
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Hey I come here and do my fair share of good

Lets watch this thread get deleted now
File: 1421206919657.jpg (581KB, 949x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That really just seems like bullshit, coupled with a sort of sadistic placebo you receive from getting off on it.

If you want energy, meditate.
Wait, is there actual fapping involved here? I thought this was some hippy good jives new age shit.
All bullshit aside anon, I'm being honest. There's places within places. The tv station analogy is right.
>Implying people need to follow you around to know everything they'd ever want to know about you
File: 1416380497955.gif (2MB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 640x360px
I dunno man, maybe.

If some fucker is fapping to me, I want to get paid.
Also didn't mean in a bad way, you just experience things they have, through dreams and whatnot, that's why we're here, and everyone capable of doing it. What's stopping you?
Dude you're saying the government literally couldn't change records or assassinate people without being traced. You're talking about the government stalking you; do you think they'd really care if they had to do something else illegal to kill you? And honestly nobody is going to lose their shit and freak out because somebody unexpectedly had a stroke or something. Take David Broche for example. They said he died of a heroin overdose (which I believe), but where can you actually find the coroner's report that he died of a heroin overdose?

You're literally saying that the government wouldn't have the power to change medical records or discretely kill a lowly civilian but they have enough money to stalk people in groups all across the country which is already rousing suspicion. Like just stop and think about that. Honestly you still haven't even given me a solid reason as to why they would follow you in the first place, or why they couldn't just kill you. Remember when they were hunting Dorner and they killed that random family by burning down that log cabin because they thought he was in there? Remember how nobody gave a shit? What makes you think they would be in such an uproar over you having a stroke or unexpectedly hanging yourself?
When camwhores get your attention, they're no different to a succubus.
sure is some nice stalling you're doing here.
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Then explain more, you didn't really thoroughly represent the idea.

>implying all they need to do is KNOW about you
Mods delete threads when I try to explain. This is true.
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Because of the physical limitations on doing so. Plus these are outstanding examples in a nation of millions.
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I know. I said practically the same thing a month ago. I procrastinate, even with something like this.
So you're a ghost, and they can't kill what's already dead.
Common sense isn't common, anon.
Sometimes I wonder, do they know what I and others know, and not want that out there, or are they just sad little kids, thinking they're got some sort of authority on earth.

Could be either
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Well you better hurry up then.
So you're basically a proponent of perennial philosophy?
I like the pic anon, thanks.
Hillary has much to do with it. She will wilfully cause the death of millions of Americans. The idea has more backers globally than you may realize. One would hope that the nsa (if it must exist) would keep us from harm but it seems that is not what they are chartered to do.
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They, used to be worse. I don't know if the climate got better overall or if they're just not subjecting me to the same treatments as before.

From what I understand, right now I'm just being studied and used for entertainment until I somehow get in with them.

Understand that they can't just pick you up out of the blue or send you a black letter. I've asked. I don't know where to learn the techniques they use to perform these in public but they seem relatively simple, and I don't know how to join up.

Keep a journal.
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