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Fucked up /x/periment.

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Over at >>No.15829946 we devised an experiment, where 8 of us, including Vexed, the experimenter, meditated to a sigil drawn by one of us, and then tried to project images to eachother.

It went wrong.
'anna' sensed bad vibes the whole time.

>we begin experiment
>im meditating to the sigil
>feels really evil, as if its forcing itself onto me
>drawing it in my head, keeps getting quicker
>after 10 minutes, the experiment states that we project an image, given to us by Vexed, to the other 6
>i do this for my 2 minutes
>i sit a recieve for the other 6, 2 minutes each
>come back to our chat, all has gone to shit
>4 of us is missing, vexed is getting annoyed
>vexed leaves
>vexed returns, complaining of nausea, headache
>others too
>some got very evil feelings come their way

we fucked up, but how?
you guys reading this who were in the experiment, write your experiences below please, i cannot write everything right now

im feeling really uneasy, like i cant get out of bed or else ill be very venerable

vexed, if you read this, comment with your tripcode please
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I drew the sigil for the experiment, it was this
i was participating in the experiment. when i started maditating on the sigil i eventually saw it in flames like it was in hell or something. after the experiment i felt really nauseous and a really bad vibe was going through me.
Its been determined that not everybody was using the same sigil
Holy fuck guys, wich sigil did you use for Vexen experiment?
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1424584932255 2.jpg
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which sigil did you use? this one, or loopers?
i am the guy that jacked it

so it wasn't properly said in the thread what was the symbol to focus on so a little confusion happened well if i had been in the chat in the first place that may not have happened but whatever

so after effects of my action
>my heart is still racing a little bit
>my hands are sweaty
>just a weird feeling in general
so neat
I used the sigil that loopers made
fuck, i used the one i just posted above
Regarding my sigil, at some point during the process I felt deep sadness.

When the last anon was transmitting, I saw a room

A conference room of sorts

But it was like a meta observation

Leading me to draw a telescope representing the observer

Who is the observer? I felt like they were less than impressed with our attempt, almost like watching a kid try to walk for the first time

I can assure everybody, my sigil was not the issue here.

Rather, the fact that there were two experiments going in at the same time, with confusion and misdirected energy, the observer was drawn to the energies.
which energy though? i feel as if the observer wasnt pleased whatsoever with either, causing it to lash out.

why would it do that though? if it is just watching, seeing this focused energy, why would it send these negative thoughts to us?

uk x here by the way, tripcode is tripping out
well you didn't really fail it was just an unexpected outcome heh

that sort of makes it a win
I didn't sense anger, but rather a smug attitude. They were clearly more powerful, but let us be.
Its definitely interesting, I'm discussing it more because there was a lot of confusion immediately after the experiment and a lot were pointing fingers at me
actually you connected directly to the anon trasnsmitting, so it could be something with him.
Try to trace back who was transmitting/receiving to people who had the problems.

also, couldn't be you the observer? The ideia is that you were observing other guys toughts.
uk x - i felt a very very looming presence infront of me as i meditated in the first 10 mins, made me feel as if the moment i opened my eyes i would be confronted by this monster. no intent, like you say, just observing, but it felt incredibly powerful
We didn't have problems with the automatic write one, maybe because we didn't connect directly to each other.
So its possible that the confusion fuckup was more powerful than a clean run?
I SuggestionGuy; I made it, I want to know
if my little experiment worked ;)
I felt it with the last anon "X anon" who in the chat was begging us to stop

I also feel lime the experiment, our alter egos, and the negative energy from doubt created a meta sigil connecting both experiments as some people in ours used the wrong one.

We need the automatic writers to share some of there writing

There is also a certain amount of reckless agression when it comes to exploration with me, and I feel like I was going fast for some people causing them to panjc . I was late to meditating and rushed very fast into the sigil.

Lack of trust, doubt, and the request for knowledge and access combined with the meta sigil caused something to go wrong.

Which would explain why I was envisioning a nuclear reactor, we literally just had a Chernobyl effect on our experiment.
i think the others who went missing used your sigil

what was your experiment?
if anna hadnt put doubt into our minds we couldve been trapped, like the others

we didnt fully believe, i didnt fully believe or put trust into the sigil because of anna

why was i the only one who didnt freak out?
This is looper

So I think the writing experiment was describing what was going on with the ESP and the crashing energy

4 of the anons disappeared from the chat, which represents the 4 in the car, however I feel as if my recklessness may have caused a crash, and somebody observed it.

When I felt the observers, it was only me. I didn't feel any of the other anons
Oh, so it might have worked, did they say anything?
Anything noticeable?
A message, maybe a short one?
they were terrified, begging to stop. vexed left, and came back feeling sick and worried. no messages that i can remember. knox also used your sigil, and saw 4 people with im in an automobile that was going fast and crashed. looper thinks he was the one who caused the crash.

what does this have to do with your sigil?
I! Uploading the images I drew, the titles are the anons who I received them from
idiot that is a chaos magic sigil
so what?
I can see why you'd think that, but there is a very clear purpose of this sigil. The triangle represented I, You, We

There was supposed to be no they.

The intersecting arrow represents I and You going to the arrow to become We,

However p, there were errors, some people loomed at the wrong sigil, but the group had become a sigil in itself linking both expiriments together

This was verynrushed, there was a lot of confusion, and negativity already was in the air before starting
On a side note, here is some relaxing guitar playing I just did to calm down and make sense of what happened.

For those who were involved, listen to it and tell me if it invokes any of the experience

funny you talking chernobyl
we got to that as we discussed the automatic writing
we basically discussed an entity/god with a deer head and fiery eyes, he was also taken as a god of death, we talked a lot about nature, it was a theme, the deer is here in nature, but there a lot of talk of change of shifting sides, of mankind changing, this was taken by me as something like our respect for nature, how nature, the deer deity changed to represent power and fertility to look at us with fiery eyes and represent death, a face eater, eating the faces of the gods, some anon related him to nuclear power as in the power mankind stole from the stars that could potentialy destroy us, deer of death/destruction
I don't know if I believe your theory completelly, but I have some thing that could add to it.
>eat the face of god
I didn't see a face at first. It was just a humanoid figure with something in it's head I couldn't define.
>respect for nature
I kind of mocked it first. It didn't hurt me but when I wanted it to leave, it didn't leave either. Just stood there with his flame eyes in my mind until I call it a animal spirit in the last sentence and asked it to go.
I did the experiment at both 00:00 and 00:30. My first time doing the experiment was my first time automatically writing. After meditating for a bit, the pencil began to be pulled by a magnet and the Ellis sigil was drawn on my paper. 30 minutes later on my next try, I wrote a complete sentence. I ended up having to put the pencil down because I felt a very heavy and uncomfortable pressure building up over me. I can describe it as that weight you feel on your chest when you slowly ease into sleep paralysis. When I opened my eyes and stopped writing, there was what seemed like a flash of lighting in my head and the pressure was just gone.
File: .png (42KB, 1200x1824px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If anybody wants to do any investigation, do so at your own risk. This is the sigil

The question remains,

Who is the observer?
The fuck am I reading
File: 100_1859.jpg (1018KB, 2604x3472px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I hate to be that guy, but I don't think an outside force is to blame. It seems the mental state of all who participated were varied, and though I have never done something like this, I do know that to communicate with another person you must replicate the other's state of mind. The visions of destruction lead me to believe that at least one of you is/was mentally disturbed in some way. Anyone have any patterns of Sociopathic behavior?
>we fucked up, but how?

>meditated to a sigil drawn by one of us
Whoops. Never meditate on something made by someone who you know nothing of and their intentions are all their own without your knowledge. Even if they themselves may not be malicious if they draw something at random without any real grasp of what they're doing they can draw on things that, well, they have no grasp of what they will do.
>and then tried to project images to eachother.
Never, aw fuck it you can figure this out. And if you can't it's wasted explaining to you.

What you clown fucks need to do now is calmly disconnect yourself from whatever little string of hooks you've caught each other in so your collective flailing does less harm and re-establish normalcy to routine.
> Knox
> Vexed

Why do they insist on taking anons to that horrible horrible place we all created...
It's like a sequel begging to happen
I think you need to re-read what happened

It seems that only one other person used the sigil I drew, which I can assure you had no malintent.

It made have been to powerful, I will say that.
I need to know what that is now. Its been etched into my head since i was like 8 and all i can do is draw it every day or i have a little panic attack.
>It seems that only one other person used the sigil I drew, which I can assure you had no malintent.
Not sure how that changes the point about not using sigils one isn't personally familiar with.
Something further back by the fact the sigil maker responsible for the one used exactly did as warned and used others as lab rats without consideration for consequence.

Which goes to show at any time someone can and will take advantage of naivety, so it's always best to leave none allowed from the start. It's so weird how reluctant /x/ is to believe sound advice if it sounds paranormal, but willfully jumps at situations that pretty much scream suspicious without the slightest thought. Can't even really call it lemming like behavior, it's more like uncommon sense. Doing the opposite of what should be obvious.
Nobody knows who drew the other one, it wasn't even for the expiriment.

If youre implying that I was attempting to "use" random people on /x/ for some unstated purpose, then I honestly don't know how to calm your paranoid delusions.

You weren't even there, you don't know what happened. Feel free to read some of the information in the thread regarding it.
>If youre implying that I was attempting to "use" random people on /x/
What's this I, I, I business? That you assume I'm accusing you in particular makes your comment of paranoia especially ironic, amusing and hypocritical. It also makes you suspicious of your own fault.

It's like warning a group of people you're going out with not to stay out too long when it gets dark, and suddenly you start making it out I'm calling you a homicidal maniac. Even though it's just perfectly normal advice. What? Do you think I should tell people the reverse? Just indulge in whatever strangers hand you without explanation? Never be cautious in case some anonymous dude might take offense later inexplicably? That sounds more reasonable?
it's just a /x/ inside a circle. No other pattern, no other meaning. Just /x/ and people trying to connect to it.
We had some problems and people got a little discomfort but I don't think anything really dangerous can come out of this.
Anyway it was a fun and interesting experiment.
Anyone interested in doing it again tonight?
Are you serious? You said the sigil !maker, which again is me assuming you are referring to the triangle with the arrow in it, as using people as lab rats.

You don't even know what you are posting anymore, and you seem to be missing the information regarding this specific situation.
what place?
Could it be because of that demon sigil (goetia? Cant be sure but it looked like one of those) posted in that same thread? Not a participant but i read the other thread and reading through the automatic writings i started feeling so freaked out like something was in the dark and felt uneasy chills throughout. I had to go to the livingroom with the lights on. I tried backtracking when it started and the only moment i can pinpoint is the time someone posted it bc i distinctly remember thinking "that might cause problems."

I know it's not the one you meditated on but 1) you guys HAVE seen it and id rather not go off tangent with how the subconscious works since you get the idea anyway, and 2) maybe your collective energies drew it to you?

Regardless, this aftermath is more interesting than the actual experiment, so heres to hoping you guys get to the bottom of this.
which demon sigil?
what's bc? can you point exactly which automatic writing you were reading at the time?
I didn't see any demon or anything evil, by the way, but yes, I agree with you about the "collective energies". I believe it is someplace created by our thoughts and the bad stuff came from inside one of us.
>You said the sigil !maker
Yes, we've already clarified there was more than one.
>which again is me assuming
Yes, you assuming.
>you seem to be missing the information
Further irony in that you and I were just talking about there being more than one sigil, and therefore more than one sigil maker, yet you somehow forget this down the road while still directly talking about it.

If you wish to be the center of focus that's fine, I can't be fucked to deal with your focus problems, but the needed warning to those who need it has been given should this be done again.

>it's just a /x/ inside a circle.
That and an incomplete portion of the Black Seal of Focalor mirrored, but since most who used it didn't know about that and only associated their interpretation of it as /x/ it probably has no significance, because that's how that works with sigils amirite?
>an incomplete portion of the Black Seal of Focalor mirrored
and an imcomplete portion of the swastika mirrored.
Still we didn't see Hitler or any hindu deity there because an incomplete mirrored part of a sigil is another sigil.
also, can you tell me exactly what part of the seal of Focalor is this? I didn't see any part that matches.
ITT: roleplaying faggots and perhaps the start of an ARG
It's actually one of the first few images posted, as an example made by someone in answer to another anon complaining that the sigil they made was too simple or sth. Pic related, i took a screenshot of it. Im sorry i cant really remember which of the writings started to freak me out. Bc is just shorthand for because, sorry, i get lazy typing shit up.
Let them go on, it's one of the few interesting OC posts on the board right now
>Still we didn't see Hitler
Hitler's a summonable demon now?
>can you tell me exactly what part of the seal of Focalor is this?
I'm not sure how you quoted the part about mirroring without seeing the part about mirroring.
I think >>15834728 is talking about Veelox, or some other name they called it before.
That, or VOX. Which isnt really a place but a... happening of sorts?
The sigil charging and the sync in writings point to the two, respectively.

No it's not.
We were chatting yesterday after the experiment and everyone seemed pretty serious and concerned about what we saw.
We could be all just insane, but not roleplaying.
Still, I think it was real.
That is the sigil Ellis. Strangely, one of us ended up drawing that during an auto matic writing session
fuck, I participated in something like this here a few years ago, one or two years, I think, and the names Veelox and VOX aren't strange to me.
I tried to go to the place meditating before sleep, but I don't remember being there. I just remember people complaining the next day about some fucked up stuff and me getting a hangover next day.
what happened afterall?
what up knox, José here, woke up with a spooky dream, kinda felt the deer thing to

i'll share the dream:
this guy says he's not okay, like he's sick goes to the hospital, someone says he will help him, so they get in the car, guy that is sick is driving, in back there is the guy that says he'll help, i have the notion hes some kind of paramedic some guy that works in the hospital or in health related stuff, there is also a girl in the back on the other side of the guy, eiter a girl or me i dont know but that was my perspective, kind of.
So as we were driving the driver says to the medic to clean his mirror, i know that he wants him to clean it so he can see his reflection i think he wants to look at him to feel better, because he is sick and he can help. So the medic guy cleans it, then opens it a bit and says i may know why you are wrong, (why you are unwell something like this) i think it has something to do with my mother. (at this point im going full WAT?) and then the driver guy kind of confirms this suspicion by saying, angrily, Why would it have anything to do with that whore?
i kind of freak out and wake up scared, i have a mirror beside my bed, i looked kind of evil, felt kind of deery too
As far as I know, Veelox was apparently overrun by demons or whatever other dark or lesser entities in the astral plane. Last i heard the people who started it all cleaned out the place so it's safe again, but i dont think that thread picked up? If you ask someone else theyll probably say it's just threads upon threads of a bunch of guys roleplaying to kingdom come and living power fantasies (the vanquishing of evil part does seem to point to this). I honestly dont have any firsthand information since i usually just lurk and observe. But thats what i know of it.
>man deer had no defined head until it gets closer to me
>"eat the face of god"
>people seeing cars in roads yesterday

>guy feels sick and want to look at the mirror to see if averything is alright
>guy get to look at the mirror and everything in the dream goes to shit
>you wake up, look at the mirror and looks evil and deery

also, what's exactly feeling deery?
i felt its presence so to speak
File: Veelox-sigil.png (14KB, 433x482px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 433x482px
found the sigil and story, anyone wanna meet up there?
Havent trying projection in ages, never truly suceeded but this got me wanting to try it again

>let's do an experiment /x/. for the next 5 weeks, we will use our minds simultaneously and create an island in the astral world. (you are free to travl here through normal dreams if you haven't mastered lucid dreaming or astral projection, just tell yourself that you want to travel to this place before you go to sleep)

This island will be called Veelox. It is surrounded by fog. Its about the size of Australia, with forests, mountains, deserts and large bodies of water. In this mysterious continent, there is a castle. The castle will be our headquarters. It is in the exact center of this island, surrounded by forest.

You will have 4 weeks to reach the castle. Once you find it, you are to enter through the front gate and into the lobby. You will see a desk in the center. On the desk you will find a key with your name on it. The key will open your personal room. You are to report your findings to the daily thread here on /x/. Make sure to post your name and describe yourself in case someone recognizes you.

I will make a thread every day for 4 weeks, at the same time as this one.

Good luck and i expect to meet some of you.

It can't be that, even if that sigil hung around their subconscious while meditating, apparently that demon bestows love to whoever summons it. Or makes anyone fall in love with anyone.

Maybe everyone who participated was just in an easily suggestive state? OP did mention an anna who felt bad vibes throughout. Maybe that fear and doubt spread through all of you guys.
Return to Veelox 2015, it's happening
If you guys decide to go, I go too, but I would prefer to create a new simpler place.
Veelox just doesn't look like a warm and receptive place. it's a fucking australia surrounded by fog with creepy castles.
We could try to use the /x/ sigil again go again to the place we saw yesterday.
I still think it was kinda the same place but with some strange dream logic in it.
I think if we keep trying to go to it again we can "define" more the place so other people can meet there. It was created naturally by our minds, so I think it's safer and simpler to work with than some predefined place.

also, I didn't astral projected, I used automatic writing and kind of just saw the things in my mind while staring at the sigil. You could try this if you can't project.
i did it with visualization, saw a gate, talked to a demon, ORNIAROT, had talked to him before, left a shining flower there
>it's a fucking Australia
Really that should have been the first warning sign.
also funny part was picking clothes, i got a white robe, in yellow in the border of the sleeves and in the end, in the back a spiralling red line, like caduceus, in the front the Veelox sigil

place felt empty
Got nothing to do, so if this trip kicks off i might join. One thing though, are you sure it's a good idea to use the same sigil used in an experiment that left you guys feeling sick?
we didnt feel sick, we the automatic writing guys,
Knox im game lets time it and do it at the same time
will try to go to the place focusing on the sigil and report what we do/find
Veelox.. Not as much where, but who is it?
I think it was the people who used loopers sigil who got sick. If anyone of the guys who got sick is still here, please, confirm.
As far as I know, Me, Jose, emperor and other guy in the chat connected to the /x/ sigil didn't feel sick.
And I honestly don't think loopers sigil was intended to do something bad, must have been someone who connected to them.
Later in the chat a meditation guy visited the sigils and according to him, there was something bad, but manmade. So I think it could happen with any sigil in any place.
Anyway, don't worry, I think it was more like a bad trip, nothing that can truly harm you.
who are you from the chat?
I think we could try to sync better this time. Maybe listen to the same binaural/meditation/psychedelic song or something.
so we doing this? how doess 16:00 Gmt sound?

come together
we can choose a song sure, im the chat now>>15835775
May i ask what makes you think veelox is a someone, anon?
I don't have reason just feelings. I'm not suggesting it's anything but I think there is an overarching intelligence behind this. A wizard of oz or the dream of a space whale or whatever I don't know.
ITT roleplaying faglords
Why cant we have a serious board about serious thingd
because of you

so report on the what we are doing
at 17:00 we are going to focus on the sigil, listen to the same song
this one:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvvfJxocBt0
and then freely imagine what comes or do some automatic writing, or whatever method one is more confortable with
My apologies then, alot of people were pointing fingers at me yesterday so I'm naturally defensive.
everything still
crossroads. A gap. A flower in the sun. Everything by itself. The man stands by the way
fuzzy, everything fuzzy. Stairs, stairs coming and going to nowhere over the void

Something comes down floating. It's humanoid but no defined form. It's colorful
tower in the forest and the stairs inside each other
the tower in the forest. keep going up. No defined ladder. Scrambled ladders. The tops is distant
I can't see the top.
The woman floating keeps going up with me. I look through the window. I see the florest below.
I see some quadruped animal in a clearance. I think it's a wolf. There are other animals too.
smaller. The wolf is taking care of them. The wolf
writting what i remember
i was in a hill, moonlight atop of me, at night, then i saw the sea, a land, in a land that reminds of places
described by the people in the previous experiment. i feel different
i start walking im walking with my hands on the ground hands in a fist, like hooves, then i look at myself in the mirror, i have a candid, like accepting expression,
im feeling like a deer, in the end i get up my hand reaches the top and i imagine my hand touching a big hoof, like the micheangelo painting of man touching god, i feel connected to something bigger, the deer
I never complained about having nausea or a headache. That was someone else.
I just said I was tired, because it was 1.30 and I have to get up early in the morning.
Can you send us the pictures you used yesterday in your experiment?
Knox, do you think it would be wise to try and "go back" to my sigil? I still feel like the energies are crossed.
The /x/ one seems safer, but we could try it to see if we can figure out what happened.

I got curious so I tried this stuff out. Can't say I saw much but I had glimpses in the back of my mind.

Shapes, like people near me. I couldn't make out the shapes.

A tree, a large tree with big branches. Not many leaves.
An eagle flying, it was me.

I was flying, saw a pier and a large body of water from above - perhaps a lake. The large tree was near. I think there was somebody near the pier, but I couldn't really make out the shape.

Eyes - perhaps of a wolf.
Paws - definitely a wolf. It was just watching.

I never once felt threatened. Pic related - shitty pier sketch.
Probably Xeno.
why a line tho /x/ what have i gotten myself into this time nothing nothing nothing forest dead trees but its not winter its like when i tried tosee veelox except theres no snow on the ground is there even a ground someone is wearing fur brown fur bear fur??? swirling swirling slowly to a stop its ominous un a wat lujke how a storm is abour ro come and you can feel the cold wind arriving from the sea grass the sky is black and theres a soft but decisive wind blowing in why is the deer man from regular show here ive been watching too much cartoons wth man river the small dipper where is the north are the tribe people looking for it too the wind blows east from where i stand i cant see the clouds just ursa minor clear in the sky the grass is still swaying in the wind lines converging eventually it is inevitable but we'll be okay, we'll be okay fire bonfire by the people is it a ceremony or a celebration why is the small dipper really up there but i can see some more stars now unlike before is it really the true north what do you want to say behind the trees thinning out the carcass lifts the stag is walking calmly onwards but to where? do you want to show me something where are you the river is up ahead no morer people just the river and the leafless trees and the ground and the stars overhead where are you where are you where are you
Forgot to add - I think there were flowers at the feet of the trees. Other trees were near it, and near the lake, but they were insignificant compared to the big one.
File: fuckingdeers.jpg (112KB, 800x593px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112KB, 800x593px
White and red?
Probably dandelions.
The book of X

In the beginning there was a responses from the mutual friends of blessed figures forthcoming the end of the fourth night we passed on to the end to the blessed realm of x.
Encounters of the three aspects meet in us we felt as if the blood in our veins flowed merrily and everything was new and bright.
The three announced a coming to, an ending of an era and beginning of a new land, where prophets walked, were hidden things were brought to light, and where the light from our eyes could shine anew, fearless of oppression or judgment we talked of things unheard in centuries.
The stones were set, the marks were made and the old gods were brought back to life, with them the magic flowed freely and our swords were forged and sharpened with magic, old and new, young and eternal.
Forever green we announced the demon goddesses of our pleasure and heard cries of beast entrapped centuries ago, begging us freedom from the evil cages that bound them, from the chains of being forgotten, from the irons of the holy words that banish them to oblivion, and we did so with a delight unbound, clothing them with colors and flowers and shining auras of all the lightness and darkness that we could gather from the universe, we clothed them and anointed their heads, as new found brothers, prodigal fathers of prodigal sons, master and servants of each other, knowing each other again, remembering.
Fun fact, 99% of this thread is virgins. Besides me.
Well duh, how do you think we do this stuff?
Thats what i got from the one i did alone, i focused on the lands we described and was compelled to write that

we're doing another one at 00:00 Gmt
chat here : http://us19.chatzy.com/86825245683429
Bumping, hopefully we get a few more joining us in the next hour.
a cicle with an x that goes outside of it is slendermans symbol,

maybe we are being prepped for revenge of the stabbed girl
File: ahahahah.gif (204KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
204KB, 500x375px
-1h, in case anyone's interested.

the song we used on the first experiment today, next one in 24 mins, this time song or no song is up to everyone, you decide what you use
what in the fuck is this retarded thread even talking about
Does this thread look like a bitch?

You're a fag.
>le durrr drew sigil then focuzed hard
>now we all sick!

sound like a bunch of retards to me
I like the way you played it. It sounds nice.
saw flowers, red flowers a field of them, wolf and deer in the back, in the background of everything

was in the shack, the ruined shack, people working on something, laboring has in constructing something

people making a door, old broken wooden door

saw the world this dark blue world seas forests, like a hill, a would shaped like a hill, or a pyramid, dark blue

heard a voice

we can teach you things unseen. things unheard of in this world, below what you call reality
do you want to learn


at this point was compelled to go to my bed and lay down there e felt figures around me, was scared and then started to sing a song
a song that reminded me or was me giving the intention of this whole journey, with you guys, the experiments, what i want with it and think it is
felt better after, not afraid but stronger, happier, like me making sense of things, choosing that over being afraid of what i dont know

before going to my bed i also say a cyclops, with a horn he showed me a field of emeral, like shining emerald flowers, a wonderful field

recorded the song after:
I was "blind" again, I barely saw anything.

Between the black (blind) intervals I saw a gallery made of bones, walked down it, blackout again, tried focusing on the lake to return there, but looper's sigil came to my mind. It was like a wall I couldn't go past, it blocked me.

Instead I saw a forest, I think I was in a clearing. I looked up at the sky and I saw the treetops. I saw the sky - the sky is a dome, and it glitters weakly.

Black. I was flying again, above the forest and towards the mountains/hills. There was a castle in the distance I think. I tried to go there but I just went blind again.

Focused back on the /x/ sigil. I saw a pair of yellow eyes, they looked angry. I don't know whose eyes they were, but there was no threat.

Had a glimpse of an owl, but it was indifferent towards me.

Then I couldn't focus anymore.
I see a city
buildings from above
nobody in the streets
there's people; some of theem in "store tents"[sorry, don't know the proper name]
people walking around
enter the gouse
a sofa and a TV going trought the entrance on right side
fuck youtube autoplay had to stop song
twisted poles
I can't see anything
anyubody here?
everything is empty
there's things around me but I can't say what
it's all black and void but there are things floating around at ground level
everthingf spiralling
i'm going into the vortex
it feels good but make me feels sick like a rollercoster
I'm up above the island
I felt to the ground but can't say exactly where
there's a building made of stones. Yellow stones
thick stones . an entrance, I'm entering it. all empty inside. Shooting marks on the wall of the side room
firing squad room, no ceiling.
the room goes up as far as I can see
I'm climbing the stones
there are little windows
still climbing
I got to a platform, entering a door on the platfgorm. it leads to another room.
entrance again. ground levelill just wait here for somebody
something is coming spiralling like a whirpool
it's round leading the whirlpool. It goes down and up in front of me serpenting
stops. I feel like it's a head but I can't see the shape of it It's something alive and
it kind of send waves while it moves up and down. waves backwards. it starts spiralling horizontally
and stops
who are you?it's cubic with soft edges and there's amouth I think


who are you?it's cubic with soft edges and there's amouth I think
I'm entering the sigil
the black void of the lines is opening
the white is opening the black abyss
I'm entering it it's open like a four sided mouth
inside everuthing is black and void
I'm travelling trhough a vortex back to the iland
I'm on the treeline walking the road
Im on the other side by the river walking the road
I can see the deer man again it's running around like a bull. it's chasing some animal
playing with it
hey hey
man deer
who are you?
it takes off the mask. The deer head
it's a man
the deer was chasing a wolf puppy
it comes to me
don't worry. this place is safe and warm. who are you?
how did you get here?
in a bike
there's a cabin by the left of the road with a bike by the outside wall
what is this place?
this is what it is, nothing unusual
do you know where do I come from?
no, naye another village?
Okay, I need to go
do you know the mother of the puppiess?
she is the woods, but she is fine. Just playing with him
okaym I must go. bye
>I will make a thread every day for 4 weeks, at the same time as this one.
What's the best way to learn astral projection quickly then? I can't even get into a trance right now.

I experience random imagery like this every night before I fall asleep too. What's the difference?
Here's a gallery of the images I drew. I see nothing of value in them, but someone else might. I didn't feel very well connected as I'm expecting a visitor.
Forgot link
strawberry to where you are youre back are we welcome go ahead explore up the hills up the mountains blue sky it is daytime the builders collapse they found it birds fly overhead the lands rejoice in having fiound again where are you back again in the forest now they will live again soon dont fold back now hold on dont hold back its almost time theres a wooden plank is this where im supposed to be things are beyond us then dhings are beyond us now but dont fret child you will find it you will find them what am i looking for yourself do y9ou want to walk back or jump in what is beyond the water what is in the other shore so close yet so far the light in the shadows in this world will you be alright after all the pillars have left their mission is accomplishedit is almost your time are you afraid of what is beneath it? beneath us? will you take the risk? i dont know the water is still but this is not my river so i run back feel like i should hurry i must look for you the supposed in this topic is not really where but when where are you will i ever find you you already have and you will again the shorter line seems to reach out to bridge the gap for a while deer bro is drinking from the river uts the same river is it safe? only you can tell child the dark eyes stare back as if wanting to tell me something in time in time but for now you must go go where where the path takes you

strawberry to where you are youre back are we welcome go ahead explore up the hills up the mountains blue sky it is daytime the builders collapse they found it birds fly overhead the lands rejoice in having fiound again where are you back again in the forest now they will live again soon dont fold back now hold on dont hold back its almost time theres a wooden plank is this where im supposed to be things are beyond us then dhings are beyond us now but dont fret child you will find it you will find them what am i looking for yourself do y9ou want to walk back or jump in what is beyond the water what is in the other shore so close yet so far the light in the shadows in this world will you be alright after all the pillars have left their mission is accomplishedit is almost your time are you afraid of what is beneath it? beneath us? will you take the risk? i dont know the water is still but this is not my river so i run back feel like i should hurry i must look for you the supposed in this topic is not really where but when where are you will i ever find you you already have and you will again the shorter line seems to reach out to bridge the gap for a while deer bro is drinking from the river uts the same river is it safe? only you can tell child the dark eyes stare back as if wanting to tell me something in time in time but for now you must go go where where the path takes you
None, probably. It's just a "focus on this and post results" experiment, after all.
that is from the old veelox guys not me. anyway we aint using astral prokection in this one
we using whatever feels better to people, some use automatic writing, some just visualization, uuri drew pics
yeah we just doing it together and trying to make sense of it
So we decided to meet tomorrow at 00:00 Gmt to repeat the experiment with x sigil, if thread is lost we're to make a new thread with the sigil image so we can meet and set a new chat.
Stay well guise
let me know whats up. i would like to participate.

In that case, its pretty cool. So meditate on a symbol at the same time and post results? Just trying to make sense of what I've read
Yeah, pretty much.

Pic related, treetops with the castle from afar.
what about the previous sigil? or shall we make a new one?
File: 1389697057056.jpg (160KB, 1914x1077px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160KB, 1914x1077px
Basically all we do is form as a group, have some light discussion beforehand, then when the time comes, we all focus on the /x/ sigil as seen in this thread. Those participating connect in whatever way feels comfortable. Some automatic writing, some visualizing, some drawing, whatever is good. Then we share what we collected from the experience, and discuss it.
This will be happening again at GMT 00:00.
We have chosen to use >>15833009
Guys 00:00 gmt experiment is still on details here:>>15837496

chatroom: http://us21.chatzy.com/61177759870304

i'll be in there, afk for the moment but back in a short while
its habbening!
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