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ITT: Skinwalkers

In the latest /k/reepy thread there has been several stories about "skinwalkers". Usually describe a metallic smell and loud screeches. I have heard something about ash covered bullets... Any information is welcome (locations, how-to-kill, how-to-evade, etc)
I am very interested in the part about ash covered bullets, as I come from /k/.
1. To become a skin walker the individual had to perform a certain ritual. One aspect required is killing the person you hold most dear.
2. They must wear the hide of an animal to change shape.
3. Speaking about them in sacred lands can draw them.
4. A blade thrust into the ashes of a hearth fire (a fire people gather around in community) can hurt them.

I've never seen one, but ive heard one scream.
I posted this on /k/, too, but I might as well post it here, too. I may or may not have a spoopwalker problem. How effective would Dead rising rigging up a flammenwerfer be for spooping the spoopwalker? Would it just piss it the fuck off, or would it rekt its shit/scare it away. I really don't want to tangle with the fucker, and it hasn't really done anything than spoop me a bit, but I want a FUCKYOUUUU backup plan.
Seen many coyote around your place recently?
No. Usually aren't. I'm actually in the city. But I got the screams, the blood smell, the general spooping (ie raking claws, rattling door knobs, throwing rocks at house). Is it a spoopitrotter, or some other spiritual sumbitch, and can I kill it with fire?
What did you do to piss it off?
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No clue. Did a lot of research, talked about them to close friends, etc. Said their name a lot. Went innawoods in some sketch forest with some friends a while ago. Spoopy trip. Will fire kill it? I mean, a LOT of fire. Not shit like this.
I'd rig something of this preportion up to deal with skinbro.
This may no be the best weapon to use in an urban environment. Get a pic of it if you can.
I'll take shitty idea for 300, Alex. If I have time to snap a pic, I have time to pull a trigger. Besides, doesn't that piss skinbros off? I also have an openish field behind my house (shared backyard).
You should greentext what led up to it if anything and what's been going on
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As if any questions on Jeopardy are worth 300
Speak of the Dickens
>What is, what I give your mom


I'll try.

>be me, last month
>fucking around innawoods, drinking, laughing, with qt hunter friend and best bro
>campsite is old cadet camp up in northern saskatchewan
>check with caretaker for wildlife report (lotta bears and shit.)
>caretaker says we can use the barracks to sleep in cos buttfuck cold outside
>no cadets coming til january
>ivancaretaker turns to me
>"stay away from the marsh. Weird shit has been happening out there."
>immediately head for marsh
>set up in little dry spot, make fire
>not too long after we start warming up, get the feeling I'm being watched
>tactically my sks closer
>qt hunter friend looks at me
>"Anon, do you hear that?"
>listen for a sec, dead silence, except for fire hissing
>tactically kick dirt on fire, and scurry back to barracks, keeping eyes on treeline
>spend rest of night holed up in corner bunk, cuddling qt 3.14
>start to relax, hoping to score with her
>nice rack, tight ass, abs are best I have seen
>sudden quiet again
>aim glorius slavshit at only door (reason it was mostly shut down, not up to firecode standards)
>hear light scraping against window 3 feet from our bunk
>curtain was closed, thank allah
>procceed to text buddy (thank you sasktel) requesting pick up in the morning
>cut trip short by two days, no barrack block sex for me

>told to stay away
>heads directly to that place

Okay. Nothing to do here. OP is a heedless faggot who has-gotten, is-getting, and will-get exactly what his thoughts, actions, and speech necessitate. A faggot who won't listen will necessarily suffer more than the ones doing the telling.
part 2

>best bro meanwhile was in officer's block cos special snowflake
>get text from him asking why it's so quiet
>tell him not to move or look outside
>tell him "point your rifle at the door and do not move no matter what"
>wait til morning, hear spoopy thumps and scraping all through night
>stops shortly after dawn
>wait for buddy to show up in truck
>hear him pull up around 0930 and slam on horn
>hunter qt and I tactically clear barrack block before making break for truck and hopping in the back like airsoft faggots
>bro makes mad dash and hops in cab
>tells driver buddy to haul ass
>we take off down the dirt road to the highway
>see flash of white figure as we turn away from treeline
>lanky and tall
>yell through centre window for full speed ahead
>6 buttfuck cold hours later, arrive at bro's house
>store guns
>agree not to talk about what happened and to not go back

I wonder what happened to the caretaker.
We had been to the marsh as Cadets and done wildlife training there. He always said spoopy shit was afoot, but there never was.
it was probably a damn racoon or something, how do you get scared of random noises in an area that it sounds like there isn't a ton of human traffic for part of the year. Was probably just a random deer or something and you guys are giant pussies.
so wat happened next? this shit followed you home?
>mommys good lil basement virgin always does what hes told
Fast forward to last week

>chilling in bed, on the chin, when my nose starts to burn
>sniff air, smells like death and blood
>think I'm imagining shit, shrug it off
>brother wakes up on other side of room (is ohdarkthrity)
>"anon, what the fuck is that smell?"
>analpucker strong enough to bend steel
>procceed to grab shitty little victorinox spartan knife and rosary
>sit up and wait, listening
>dead quiet again, usually able to hear cats fucking about in backyard
>see shadow flick past window
>pocket knife, grab louisville slugger and start over to the window
>"anon, what are you doing? It's 3 am-"
>brother is cut off by ear splitting screech, mix of man and dying catbear coming from maybe 100 metres away
>he grabs his shitty little display sword
>tactically nope back to bed
>doze off, clutching bat with knife taped to end (spears are good, right?)
>more shit happens every couple days
>neighbours cats gone missing
>scraping along windows and doors
>hearing voices in yard
>stones being tossed at the house
>god awful stench

It's been ok for the past two days.
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Cheers, bumper.
i must learn more about these creatures without shitting myself
Impossibru. I do most of my learning under a blanket, in bed, at odarkthirty,

Funny one to start it off. Only reford of this happening I've found.
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smells like death and blood

I don't do what I'm told. I do what I feel. And if someone says "There is spoopy shit over there." I go or don't go. But I never find myself in-over-my-head from the doing. I am not like you.
It had that stomach churning sicklynsweet smell of death mixed with the coppery metallic smell of blood. Or pennies.
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I do what I do, except when I don't. But I've never done what I didn't and it didn't do what I don't.
bump 4 more info (and maybe more cheers)
File: queue_t3.14.jpg (40KB, 500x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'll post the green texts I got for info. Cheers shall be had for bumps.

File: Skinwalker.png (219KB, 817x2325px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well someone has to push the letter mate.
File: Nope_Fortress.png (342KB, 980x3044px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Moar info
Good to see people lurking. Whaddya think, flamethrower to fuck up the fleshprancer?
still reading this one >>15614811
but keep coming on cos ima save these
Shit. Last one was not meatdancers, but general spoopage. Thumb nails suck. Goatman/skinwalker/spoopage text
File: Touch_fluffy_tent.png (138KB, 949x1501px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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May or may not be flabstrafer related. I have to be up in 4 hours, might knock off soon.
Last one. Will post more, if thread is not kill in the morning.
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Cheers, mate.
gonna be reading this for a while
My brain is full of fuck.
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Cheers, bumpfuck,
File: 1381365868100.png (654KB, 1250x1100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bump cos i dont want this thread to die
The only account I've heard of anyone killing a skinwalker was an instance that involved a few mags of .308 and some incindiery grenades...

They're hard to kill to say the least.
this thread aint dying on my watch
paranoid that thread will die within seconds

Nigga, there's a catalog. And 10 pages to this board. Stop being such a faggot or my opinion of you will creep closer and closer to the truth of you.
I have no idea, flamethrower sounds good but i have never had any experience or even knowledge on slimey ways, we don't get that sort of thing around here. The most paranormal thing I have ever seen is a couple of min min lights. thank fuck I was in a car.
im a newfag (especially to /x/) and this isnt a skinwalker (i hope) but this just happened like 20 minutes ago and i wanna know the fuck this shit is

>sitting in chair in corner of room
>lurking on /x/
>something behind my chair flashes
>ignore because it didnt seem bad
>happens again a few minutes later
>ignore again
>continue lurking on /x/ for 30 minutes
>a series of rapid, bright blue flashes come from where the other flashes were from behind me
>look to my left and flashes stop
>cat is looking at from where flashes came from, shes freaking the fuck out
>runs off
>i get up
>nothing was behind me
>lamp couldnt have possibly produced a blue flash
>lamp is yellow and to my left, not behind me
>tv is infront of me and is playing a predominantly white infomercial
>windows are covered
>within a few minutes, take pictures of behind my chair
>most pictures show nothing
>one picture has a big blue orb, a medium orb, and a very small one
>the picture directly after that looks like the big orb was moving, getting close to my chair
>other pictures show nothing

sorry if its long, again im a newfag
i just wanna know what this orb thing is
Well its not a skin walker, and im pretty sure this thread is dead, start a new thread, someone on x surely knows something.
if it was a skinwalker youd already be dead
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Well, while I'm here I might as well give the non /k/ommandos a crash course. If this goes well I'll do it more often.

Mods pls don't ban me
Do skinwalkers kill? I have no idea to what they even are. Got any links to skinwalker info?
*crash course in killing spooky shit
i normally dont post just lurk. but well... i had a similar experiance...

>went to sleep
>my mother on the other room watching tv, trying to sleep
>i had a tv in my room but at this particular time was off.
>lying with my face on the pillow when i hear her say "anon close the tv and go to sleep!"
>i answer i dont have any tv on
> trying to sleep again. i stare at the corridor where the 2 rooms meet.
> big blue flash happening.
> nothing electrical in the corridor. not a lamp, nothing.
> i perfectly saw it.
> mom storming out of her bedroom looking me frightened
> "anon did u see it?"
> "yes."

a big fucking blue flash that lasted about 2-3secs. got my spooks off and slept. but wtf was it...?
far away lightning reflecting fom th wall
you shoulda tried to take a pic
her door was just a little open so i can tell you for sure it wasnt her tv. mine was open just a little too but enough for me to see out of the corridor since my bed has a good position on it. it was an astonishing big blue light. so fukin bright... havent seen it again since, but it always troubled me
The first thing you need to ask yourself is if you're in shape. Fatties and neetbodies better hit the gym. You're actively seeking a fight with a monster for fucks sake.

The second concern is your ability to navigate and survive in what ever environment your hunting grounds are. You must be able to find your way in, amd your way out (sometimes in a hurry).

Then there's gear and arms. A decent pack is necessary, and I suggest a basic LBV (load bearing vest). Both can be had for around $60 together. You will need food and water of course, medical supplies are always good too. Tripwire and some black powder couldn't hurt either... I suggest you carry a rifle of the .30 caliber flavors 7.62x39, 7.62x54r, or 7.62x51. Big bullets, big debilitating wounds. 5.56 would be acceptable with proper loads, but we can delve into that later. A quick aproved list of arms includes AK variants, AR15s in 7.62x51/.308, SKS, vz58, PTR, M1A, FAL, ect... Reliable semi auto rifles, most of which have 20+ rounds in a quickly swapped magazine.
it lasted about 2-3 seconds it would be impossible to capture a photo of it... as i said before it was blindingly bright and made no sound at all...
i meant afterwards, thats what i had done
thats how i got the image of the orb. a few moments after the flashes and i had gotten up and my mother had gotten the idea to take a picture of where the flashes came from
well thats something that didnt crossed my mind. can you upload the photo with the orbs so i can take a look if you dont mind?
Have to ask, if you can't into firearms (fuck this gay place), what else is good to kill monsters? Obviously thinking in powerful blades, but also in home made explosives/incendiaries.
Any advice on this?
A side arm is a great thing to have. I guess a .44 mag would be the best, but we most likely have 9mm/.40/.45 auto loaders (glocks, 1911s, hi powers, ect) sitting around. Just remember pistols suck a fat dick at killing shit. A knife is an important must have, for use as a tool. Fighting with a knife is stupid as shit.

Here's the important part though.


You're hunting a hunter. You have to out smart it and out manuever it. Flank it, have your buddy firing on it while you advance on to it, use your brain for once.
Perfect timing, my next post is on traps

>no not those traps
id like to but my problem is that im not sure how to work this camera
im not good with cameras, never bothered with photgraphy. ill see what i can do
i might start a new thread about it someday. never seen one about the "blue flash"
There's many types of traps. Snares, pits, deadfalls, the list goes on. The most eeffective will always be explosive traps however.

Note, I do not advocate breaking any laws.

But I'll tell you a four winds shotgun rigged up to a tripwire and pointing down a choke point is pretty fucking effective.
update: just got an SD card thingy-ma-bob for the camera so ill see if i can get the pics
File: 1419614990317.gif (2MB, 659x609px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 659x609px
Feel free to ask any questions about killing shit.
File: 100_2444.jpg (2MB, 4000x3000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 100_2445.jpg (2MB, 4000x3000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4000x3000px

i see... regarding to the orbs, people say they are in places with great energy etc etc. you can found them especially in caves. ive seen some photo like these,in houses too. if we just say they have stored energy inside them, its a good possibility they do some kind of explosions, making the blue shine. on the other hand, it can be dust on the camera lenses... u cant prove thats something actually paranormal in it unfortunately. do an expirement and take in random times photos of your room, after you wipe good enough your camera lenses. see if this occurs again
there's a few other pictures but they don't contain the orb. that's what makes it interesting. it's only in these two pictues
orbs is the only thing i havent interested in, cause we know so little about this subject. it could be anything. if u start a topic about orbs youll see everybody is gonna tell you its dust on the lenses. the problem is that you cant prove them wrong. we have nothing on this subject... noone knows their origins. some say they are souls, some say they are energy balls. ive seen some footage on yt, cant recall the channel, where they contact the dead with evp recorders etc etc, and when they take photos the place is full of these orbs.. i mean as u see we are so troubled about it
funny how a little ball in a picture can cause so much distress
Those places are full of orbs because they are dusty. Orbs are usually dust particles in the air being hit by the flash.
well mate...keep it in track and see if you can figure oute anything. the whole "orbs" subject is a massive chaos.

something you might find interesting its that in easter (im orthodox) its a custom that a high ranked priest goes inside Jesus crist's tomb and prays until he comes out with the holy light. no tricks (i guess) in it since everybody searches him before he enters. the fire of the light does not burn you if you touch it for several minutes. the real deal here is the energy bolts bursting through the church's pillars crossing across the church. everybody can see them. yellow or blue bolts travelling with a great speed inside the church. thats something it cant be relative to our experience.
it can* be relative, typing 2 fast
That's pretty strange. I actually have a similar experience.

>Be like 6 years old
>At a cottage surrounded by a spooky woods on three sides near the coast in northern michigan for thanksgiving
>Before we eat family decides we should go for a walk outside
>Walking and staying close to my mom. Woods is dark and you can hear critters creeping and waves splashing against the shore.
>Suddenly everything goes silent for a second
>Something I can only describe as a bright blue electric shock fills my vision
>Lasts for about a second and a half
>Did I just have a stroke?
>No one seemed to notice
>Fast forward to after the walk, chilling out on couch next to mom
>Bright blue flash happens again
>Mom, you see that?
>"Yeah, what the fuck was that?"

No one else in my family saw it. To this day me and my mom have no idea what the fuck it was
The state of your home makes me want to vomit.
>cockblocked by skinwalker
guess you couldn't...walk the foreskin
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