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Not-paranormal NOPE thread

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Last thread was fun, so here's the new one.
I don't got no type
Bad bitches is the only thing that I like,
You ain't got no life,
Cups with the ice and we do this every night, (hey)
I ain't check the price, (I got it)
I make my own money, so I spend it how I like,
I'm just living life
And let my momma tell it, nigga, I ain't living right
So in the forest near my town lived a former soldier from some balkan state, completely crazy because of some war. He used to break in houses to get food, but money and other stuff were ignored. But he also used to ge very violent when people got him. God knows what mental illness and PTSD and shit he suffered of. People called him "Tarzan" because of his habit of hiding in the woods. Police arrested him a few times but judges always released him. Eventually he died alone, in the attic of a church he broke in.
>be me at 13
>alone at home that night
>fuck yeah I'm staying up late and other 13 yo edge shit
>hear a thud in the garden
>did I hear something? are parents back before time? are neighbours doing something in their gardens?
>scratches on the door and on the lock
>well parents are back
>why are they taking so much time to open the door
>suddenly realize whoever is trying to open the door is not one of my parents
>remember about Tarzan
>I want to call the police but I fear he can hear me and get very violent
>hide myself in a wardrobe hoping he's just looking for food

Well, in the end he didn't manage to open the door. He broke some branches of a little tree of my garden however. Sorry for shitty story. I was pretty terrified at the time, even though nothing important happened.
> live in small-ish city with a bit of a homeless problem
> get gas every morning before work at same gas station
> always this one homeless dude sitting on the bench
> pretty cool guy, actually
> strike up a conversation with him one day, talking about dumb shit
> asks if he can bum a smoke after I finish pumping
> why the fuck not
> give him one, carry on with day
> fast forward a few weeks later, walking around town because nice night and again, why the fuck not
> cut through an alley to get to corner store, I do this regularly so nbd
> some dude steps out of a little alcove and pulls a knife on me
> grabbing for wallet when suddenly
> hobobro starts walking down the alley from other direction, muggers back towards him
> sees what's happening
> he starts sneaking up to us
> wtf is even happening right now. I stall for time while he approaches
> hobobro taps guy on shoulder, mugger turns his head
> gets ducking decked
> I'm talking like, his face will never look the same kind of decked
> hobobro grounds the mugger and takes the knife, chucks it down alley and starts going to town on this dude
> "RUN."
> happily oblige, turn to run back the way I came
> as I'm running away like a punk ass bitch, hobobro calls out "thanks for the smoke, bud"
> never see mugger or hobobro again
> thankful as fuck I decided to give this random heroic hobo a cigarette
after reading this i'll never refuse a cigarette to anyone
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This thread is still alive at /fit/
It's such a shame furfags have to ruin fucking everything, because that mask is badass as fuck and I want one but don't want people to think I'm a petfucker
You are a petfucker
>be 11/12
>live in old mining town in north of England
>litterally nothing but drunks and old people
>walking home from school by myself
>Decide to walk throught cemetery (do often but usually with friends to get co concours)
>walk past grandads grave just to show respect but was at bottom of land near trees
>kick littered bottle onto grave by chance
>out of nowhere old women identical to the of from Courage the dog appears behind me
>she starts yelling "how would you feel if I came in a nd trashed your house?!?!.... " and various other bs
>she walks right past me though and keeps screaming but wont look at me
>last time I walked through there by my self
>In b4 "probably old drunk"
We all know each other like I said it's a small town and I never seen her before
Just get a goat and fuck it up the ass already. Jokes, get a mask that has no fur on it or looks like it is the animal's skull.
Haha, same. Don't smoke, but maybe I'll buy a pack specifically for this reason. Hope Hobobro is okay.
holy shit, these dub bumps mean this thread is destined for greatness

Thr-three in a r-row....
You ruined it
Are you even trying..
Number of the devils retarded younger brother
>in freezer
>stark naked
>covered in cum

I've always thought drowning would be a shitty way to go, but damn...
You extended to this man a kindness that most take for granted, you treated him as a person. Mutual respect is some shit, yo.
>be me
>be about twelve
>be naive little shit
>nice to everyone, all the time
>be nice to weird girl who sits alone at lunch and recess
>i thought she was really pretty
>i thought she was alone because she had a big scar on her cheek
>call her my friend in front of other friends
>other friends start talking to her too
>fast forward a year, i'm now thirteen
>girl still my friend
>other friends have moved away
>because live in ass backwards part of the US
>she becomes really clingy
>i think this shit is normal
>she touches me whenever she can
>always hugging me and holding my hand
>i hated being touched as a kid
>ask her to stop
>she doesn't
>i get angry
>she starts crying
>runs away
>she stopped talking to me after that
>became loner again
>find out later she started stalking a teacher that was nice to her
>she was a stalker?
>yeah, she also stalked me apparently
>knew where i lived
>everyone knew this
>my guardians knew this
>i never knew this
>fast forward a couple of years
>i'm sixteen
>meet her again
>still really pretty
>she's still in love with teacher from back then
>knows where he lives
>stalks him still

On self-reflection, I was a fucking IDIOT back when I was a kid. I guess it's what I deserved for being a naive little shit.
drop dem nopes
>not claiming a unique qt with mental issues

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posted this on /x/ once before but hey

>be living in apartment in college town in the South
>I've been watching No Country For Old Men and abusing caffeine by myself
>go down to the street for a smoke
>hear a "Hey" from across the street
>the tone is somewhat menacing and scornful
>I look at the house across the street, for only a fraction of a second
>So I don't get a good look because what I see makes me run
And maybe it was just my own paranoia, but I saw what I saw and I'm not known for seeing things that aren't there. Anyway
>in the doorway is what looks like a man aiming a rifle at me
>like I said I don't get time to have a good look
>because I get a really bad gut feeling of pure fear
>I take off back into the apartment and jog up the stairs

I always looked towards that house for months afterward, albeit carefully. Never saw anything again.

nah dude that's pretty scary stuff
This thread needs to move along a little faster. C'mon guys, post some shit
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Spookiest thing that ever happened to me was an ex-girlfriend stalking me for months, breaking into my house, killing my cat, and trying to slit my throat while I slept. I doubt that was supernatural in any way.
Yeah because you don't want people to think that you're like some sort of fucking weirdo while wearing your goddamn goat mask.

>holds body pillow tight
My ex-gf just threatened me to commit suicide if I broke up with her. She did it several times. So I just called for an ambulance. It probably was just an empty threat to scary me, but I fucking hate those kind of emotional blackmails. Don't know exactly what happened then, she spent some time in a hospital, and now she still must attend at a community and she's still monitored by social workers. Take that, bitch.
>be in junior high
>be bullied really badly by this one kid
>hate him so fucking much
>attempt suicide because of the bullying more than once
>but more often than that, I just wish him dead
>fantasise about him dying in horrible ways
>leave the school after years of bullying
>fast-forward about 4 years
>be on holiday by the sea in a really secluded part of the country
>be walking in the dunes miles away from any civilisation
>no sign of human activity around
>suddenly I see a wooden cross in the sand
>shells and dead flowers piled around it
>lean down to examine it
>the name on the cross is that of my bully
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Love Ya Mirror Bro.jpg
22KB, 617x413px
>Be a few years ago
>Be me, 16 or some shit
>Wake up in the middle of the night after having crazy ass dreams about being in a fishtank
>I had been really depressed, my grandfather who I was always really close to because he would watch me while my parents worked had died, my qt gf had broken up with me, my parents were fighting, grades were slipping, the whole nine yards
>Get up and walk to the bathroom, take a piss
>Look at myself in the mirror
>I look beat to shit by life
>Feel bad for myself

I don't count this as paranormal, because I swear I imagined it or something, but

>My reflection "goes off the rails"
If you've ever seen an actor stop acting in the middle of a scene, this is what it looked like, it's hard to explain

>My reflection looks back at me with sad eyes, and I swear on everything I own he mouthed the words "It's going to be alright"
>Just as fast as it had started, it stopped, and my reflection "snapped back into character" mirroring me perfectly
>Uh, thanks bro?
>Chalk it up to being tired and depressed

Things did get better though, so my subconscious or whatever was correct

I don't turn my back on mirrors anymore, however.
Beautiful story anon
>Not taking advantage of this god given gift

You are still a fucking dumbass.
That was Wolverine.
Gay. You are gay.
>Live in house kind of on the rural side, small fenced in backyard
>woods behind fence
>garage disconnected from house, in backyard
>built cheap, no electricity in garage meaning no lights
>taking garbage from house to garage one night
>get weird feeling
>stop just as Im opening garage door and stare off into the woods
>just as i go to look away i take a double take and see a huge fucking tall ass shadow like figure dart across my yard hopping clean over the 5 ft picket fence
>atleast 7 feet tall (No exaggeration im 6'2")
>throw garbage into garage and sprint lightning speed back to house
still dont have a fucking clue what the fuck that shit was. Friend says he gets creepy vibes from house next store. I constantly feel watched from my backyard at night time... Refuse to ever go into the garage or backyard after dark because of this
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>home alone with muh bro
>just chilling in my room, watching videos and shit
>i hear the back door shut (it's a heavy wood door so you can always hear it close)
>say to the bro i think mum and dad are back, i heard the door shut
>k cool
>they usually shout upstairs to tell us they're back, they didn't
>okay that's weird
>stairs start creaking as though sometime is creeping up them
>bro doesn't hear it, i tell him and we're scared as shit. hide under my bed, smart move
>we have a loft and the metal ladders are down
>i hear them creak as though someone brushed past.
>call mum and dad, whispering we think someones in the house
>"we'll be half an hour, just got another pint"
>they get back, no one's there
>i believe someone is living in the house secretly for months
>i hear bangs at night and see figures in the corner of my eye
>mfw these were some of my first symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia.
>in denial for years that these things weren't real. fuck man, fuck.
holy shit
i kinda teared up

i'm going through some shit too (21, not 16) and idk, this made me feel a little ok
me and my ex broke up about a month ago. i really fucking loved her.

two days ago, after texting i tell her i have to go to practice. and she says "i love you man, have a nice day"

i got a really really bad gut feeling, but pushed it aside. and went to class. figuring id talk to her later.

She drove her car into a pole moment after. Shes in the hospital, and i didnt find out untill today. she might not make it.

i don't know why i ignored my gut. Never ignore a gut feeling guys...
>Be me, a few weeks/months back
>Have been struggling with some kind of depression and problems at school for a year now
>I've been having more nightmares than usual
>One night I go to sleep and start dreaming
>I'm dreaming I'm in a house I don't know with some friends, just talking and shit and suddenly I feel like if someone "unplugged" me
>My mouth starts going numb, I start talking like a retard, my legs fail and I fall down, I star crawling through floor terrified as shit until I doze off
>Suddenly wake up in my bed at night just as I was before I feel asleep, still terrified as shit and my body still feeling kind of numb
>Man, that was a scary weird dream
>Clock marks 3:00 am Get up to drink some water, fall down on the floor, I start to feel unplugged again
>I start having a panic attack because I don't know wtf is going on
>Try to scream for help but I can't, doze off again
>I "wake up" in my dream again, in this house with my friends, but I still remember what just happened so I stay still and don't interact with the dream
>It happens again, I fell down and start going numb until I loose conscience
(...continue in next post)
>Wake up in my bed at night again, clock at 3:00 am, feeling like shit, I'm scared to get up, I'm scared to move, start wondering if I'm really awake or I'm still dreaming
>I feel tired so I stretch and as soon as I do it starts to happen all over again, I'm on the border of sanity by this point.
>Wake up ocne again in the house but this time I interact with the dream and ask my friends wtf is going on
>They look at me like wtf and I keep yelling "SOMETHING'S WORNG, SOMETHING'S DIFFERENT, CANĀ“T YOU FEEL IT?"
>I loose conscience again and wake up in my bed, at night, 3 fuckin AM. My body feels like sedated
>I feel like I'm gonna shit my pants because I'm loosing control of my body, run to the bathroom and shit all over the place
>I fell down and star crawling toward my mom's bedroom with my pants down and shit all over the fucking place
>I scratch my mom's door beggin for help
>Someone lifts me up by the armpits like I weight nothing from behind, it's this woman-like figure in whithe I've been seeing in other nightamres
>"Already awake?"
>Suddenly I am in my bed, at night, just the way it has happened the whole night, but this time the clocks marks like 5:42 or some shit
>I'm terrified, I feel like crying, I don't know what the fuck is real anymore, I turn on the TV and watch the news until I convicne myselfd I am REALLY awake this time
>Weirdest, most scary ass shit I've ever feel in my fucking life.

TL:DR I couldnt wake up from my dream and I shitted my pants (in dream)
>friend drives me home late night
>still chat for a bit in the car
>suddenly blue Flash like that of a Phone when its fully charged brightens up the Sky
>like so bright you could see everything as if it was daylight for a second
>hear a very distant Explosion sound
>both stop talking and start getting out of the car at the same Time
>see smoke in the dark sky from afar like a plane going down
We figured it was a military test or something but still spooky
Hang in there man. I found Jesus, and he gave me a reason to keep going, ideals to strive for, eternal life, and a moral code to live by. Look into it.

my nigger
Not the guy you're asking but I'm from Sheffield. Are you a fellow Yorkshireman as well?
Dude, I've had the exact same reoccurring nightmare for probably 2 years now, I've always wondered if it meant anything. The worst was one I can remember so vividly, in all of these dreams I would lose control of my body bit by bit, I'd become disabled and unable to move. But in this particular dream I was down the alley at the side of my nans and as I started losing control of my body I could hear a metal scraping approaching from behind, it went on slowly for about 5 minutes and I woke up. I don't have those nightmares anymore and man am I glad.

Sorry for the wall of text.
Sorry man. How old were you when the symptoms started/ when you were diagnosed?
No, I'm from Lancashire but I live 5 minutes away from the border so it's part of my stomping grounds. Yorkshire is much better.
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