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Creepy workplace stories, go!
I'm actually at work now but this took place a couple months ago. I'm the only one working here now but I used to have a few coworkers and they confirm this for me.
>be a couple months ago
>boss is in Mexico for a couple weeks
>stay late because really fast internet
>gets dark
>hear the door open on the other side of office
>think its my friend that has a key
>hear footsteps in front of cubicle
>they stop
>stand up and look to see and nobody is there
>check for any cars (its a small office with one little parking lot on a dead end street)
>see no cars, doors still locked, can't find anyone else
>nope my way out as fast as I can
I've hears tons of sounds like that since I started working here
>work as chemist in water works
>giant complex but not more than5 people working at once
>do maths for industrial latest industrial waste
>boss calls, wants to speak my foreworker
>havent seen him all day, but I'm used to just passing testsheets through without his approval
>call all workers
>noone have seen him
>go back to worth a bit confused
>a few days later when the tank was inspected for cracks the engineers found his corpse covered in slug and horribly deformed from the chemicals
>had to stop water supply for several hours to get rid of the possibly contaminated water
>nobody knows why he went there but we assume it was suicide
What do you work with?
It's been awhile since I've told this one, so I'll run through it again.

I used to work as campus security for a university, mostly late night, wandering around in the early morning hours just making sure no crisis were erupting. As my shifts usually ran till around 6-8 am in the morning, I also used to caffeinate myself up pretty heavily which meant that typically towards the end of it I was pretty jumpy/jittery.

There was a particular women's dorm I patrolled that had this one particular floor on it that stood out. I'm not sure what caused this little campus sub-culture to occur, but the women on that floor were like savages. The floor was constantly trashed, the bathroom a mess, loud noise happening at all hours of the day, clothes just strewn about the hallway. I could never even figure that one out, it's like they would just upend their laundry hampers out in the hall or something.

So one morning probably around 4 am I've just stepped into the hallway, resting at that between point when the caffeine and sugar have you really wired up and when you're about to crash, a little paranoid, a little preoccupied, and I start walking along, staring absentmindedly at this random collection of clothes scattered at the other end.

And then, out of nowhere, one of the shirts just kind of bunches up and starts to slide, all on its own, across the floor. I stop and watch, dumbfounded as this goes dragging, unaided, back and forth over the carpeting. And I remember thinking, "Alright, [Xeno]...poltergeist. You can handle this!" So I grab my flashlight and slowly approach the still animated shirt, reach out, and grab it.

And out pops this little ferret head, almost immediately after which its owner bursts out of her room looking for it. Escaped ferret, rolling around merrily in a shirt. But I'll always remember the day because on that day for at least a few brief seconds my conscious mind was convinced it was experiencing a supernatural event.
I'm technically a "technician" but its an engineering firm and everyone got laid off so its me and my boss. He's a certified engineer and I'm going to school to be one so I get alot of the paperwork and excel work
>be me
>work at taco bell because I'm in a long rut that I'm totally gonna get out of soon
>running the drive-thru at midnight
>nobody shows up at this hour except for stoners
>skeleton crew working the "restaurant"
>we're eating tacos so we don't have to buy our own dinners or breakfasts elsewhere
>fucking weird ass guy shows up to the window
>something really off about him, he seems like he's in a hurry
>orders a lot of tacos and is out as fast as he came
>fast forward to tomorrow
>police are checking the security footage when I come in to work
>what happened?
>car matches the description of the one used by a suspect in the West Mesa Bone Collector murders that they're seeking for questioning
>I might have served tacos to a serial killer
>get laid off for eating tacos on the job
>this was 4 years ago, the killer's identity is still unknown
You finally told a worthwhile story on /x/, congratulations.
I work at Wingstop now (better pay, the food is 20x better, I might stay here for a whole), but I have another story from Taco Bell from about six months before I possibly met a serial killer.
>be me
>working taco bell drive-thru like at 1 AM
>stoners drive up to the window
>whatever, stoners are the only people who come at this hour
>take their order
>give them their food
>notice when I'm leaning out the window to give them the bags that they have a dead sheep in their backseat
>we make eye contact
>no words exchanged
>they leave
>continue eating shitty tacos with my coworkers
>get job at sporting goods store recently
>work as a sales associate
>half the time just bitch work or checking for shoes in the back
>lady comes with her son asking for like 3 different kinds of shoes in 2 different sizes
>of course
>each shoe is on a different shelf on the top shelf
>have to use big ass metal ladder to reach each one
>climb up ladder and reach out to grab first box
>hear loud as fuck noise from end of the hallway
>nearly fall of the ladder
>no idea what it was, just sounded like an echo or something
>climb down, and get the other 2 kinds of shoes
>as i'm walking away the echo at the end of the hallway starts again
>turn around and look
>as soon as I do it stops

I really hate going to get shoes in the back now.
>be me
>be handicapped in first world country
>forced to work more hours than I can bear for less than minimum wage at a dead end job
>half a year later, workplace can't get free money from the government for me anymore
>rinse and repeat while under constant threats and intimidation from the work office
>live in the netherlands, widely considered one of the most social countries in the world
Oh, I got a few.
>Work alone at a storage facility
>Have a small building that roof work is being done on for 3 years, lack of a strong budget and the units are small so wouldn't bring much income. Haven't had a roofer out in seven months.
>Have to check units for squatters and put preventive poisons down.
>Every week check these units for years, not a single occupant.
>Going to the last unit L-36 and open it up.has only one item in the 5x5 space
>Old ice chest that is fairly beaten up and filthy. Scrawled on the top is "ERIC TOOLS"
>Look inside and its a bunch of knives, shanks, and other sharp objects. At least 40 of them stacked on top of each other randomly.
> Get police out there just to be safe and after doing some finger printing against the local criminal data base just tell me to toss them.
>working at Carl's Jr.
>take trash out to dumpster
>there's a homeless man huffing lighter fluid with a rag
>give him some fries and he pours a little in my shit rag
>good transaction, get pretty high
>accidentally set rag too close to grill
>minor fire starts
>we get it put out, fire department shows up like "what the fuck are your customers calling us for if you have a fire extinguisher"
>"I don't know, boss, that grease fire just appeared out of nowhere!"
Another more creepier incidents
>Guy rents a unit 17 years ago and continues to send checks in the mail via a off shore bank.
>Checks stop coming, try to give him a call, phone is completely out dated.
>Give the guy a month to contact the place, nothing.
>Need to set it up for auction.
>Go, back there cut the lock and there is a bunch of old wooden furniture that hasn't been touched in years all surrounding a wrapped carpet.
>Unfold the carpet, something is heavy, push it out of the way to see whats inside, is that plastic wrapping.
>oh fuck oh fuck of fuck
>Dead body
>Call police, give them all details. etc.
>The dude is a ghost, false identity, bank account from a corporate account in Jamaica.
>To my knowledge police never found the guy
That sounds professional. I wonder what the stiff did to get it like that.
And another, less creepier more tragic
>Have a motion detector so I get called to the storage at time in all hours of the night.
>Usually just some people leaving the club and stumbling around the area. However on the rare occasions we get squatters
>A Year or so back, there was a frequent one, I will call him Mel
> Mel, was clinically insane. He was a schizophrenic who really had no where else to go and the homeless shelters/ out reach programs in the area suck hard.
>Mel, would hop the 14 foot fence and sleep in the unit I use to house janitorial and welding equipment.
>I was always kind to him, and just asked him to leave he and I kind of developed a rapport.
>Over the months, he became more and more unstable. I would be called out by the alarm company at most three times a week because of his activities.
>Had him arrested by some police I trust hoping that he would get the help he deserved a few times.
>One night the alarm company calls, and I head out there.
>The storage bin he frequents is open, he usually closes it.
>I go in and he had hung himself leaving a note which all I could make out was "sorry about the mess"
That one still really fucks with me
It was a female corpse, the officers assumed a domestic struggle since the skull was cracked with a blunt object.
Fuck... Those schizophrenia meds cost hella too, even if you have insurance.
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>I'm actually at work now

Getting paid to post on /x/ or just an unproductive worker?

Yeah, he was a really decent man.

I work 70 hours a week, its mostly downtime stuff and having a person on site. There is the occasional repair and clean up I need to do. But its mostly just phone calls, paper work, and surfing the internet.
My soul can't take it, anon.
I was just pulling your leg. I post on here from work sometimes too.
Alright so a more humors story.
>We have units large enough to store cars, people use it as a mini-garage. The facility is fairly secure, and keeps the cars out of the elements.
>There are certain people that frequent auctions. Mostly these people are the scum of the earth, second hand sellers, or people who break down cars left here.
>Guy who breaks down cars comes in and gets a large 1970's van.
>Comes back, two days later, "Mr. P there is a problem."
> "Oh whats the matter?"
> "The van I bought has satan's tools in it"
At this point I am wondering wtf does he mean
> He explains that some guy stored about 20 huge bags of weed all through out the compartments and wheels of the van.
>Police are called, was actually 16lbs of stoner-fuel that some dude abandoned for a 230 dollar fine.
I figure he was in prison.
Are you me?
This is /x/ so, yes just a conscious deviation from another parallel time stream.
You didn't get "laid off" for eating tacos on the job. You got fired. Man up about it. If you were laid off, it was because the business was either downsizing and they didn't need you or they were going out of business. Instead, you got caught breaking a rule and were shitcanned.
I've got a few.
>9 months at Wendy's, working the closing shift, washing dishes and running drive-thru
>stuck there until about 1 every night, just me, grill closer, and a manager
>workers get hired and quit like crazy
>new wave of grill closers in the summer, dumb high school guys
>equipment at this store is shit, coolers on line constantly broken, freezer temperatures fluctuating
>one night new kid Jose starts screaming his head off in the freezer
>figure he dropped something on his foot again
>dry my hands off and go open the door, only to get bearhugged
>he was a really weird guy, so I pushed him off and left him with the manager
>apparently he had gone in to put the chili meat away and claimed the door wouldn't open and that 'someone was in there with him'
>door is literally just push to open, no handle or anything, impossible to get stuck as it doesn't lock
>worked with him a few times after that, and he was always jumpy and propped the freezer door open before he went in
>suddenly quit, heard from his sister (who also worked there) that he was having nightmares
>didn't really think anything of it until later

more soon
More Wendy's

>another new kid gets hired, Jessie
>hotshot idiot, thought everyone was his friend even though they hated his guts
>almost immediately starts having the same problems as Jose
>we all figured it was just general stupidity, as we had to tell him how to do things several times and he still wouldn't get it
>a couple weeks in, while I'm out cleaning the dining room, he gets stuck in the freezer as well
>walk into the back to do dishes, and the two of them are sitting in the office rewinding one of the cameras
>crack a joke about it, but the both of them are dead serious
>next few days, every weird noise had Kevin and Jessie jumping about a foot into the air
>before we would joke around about 'Wendy' haunting the place, but night shift got dead quiet after that
>boring as fuck without people to joke around with, so I started wearing headphones whenever I didn't have to wear a headset for drivethru

>around this time I was working 70 hours a week, 40 at a job at home and 30 at Wendy's, which had been my job at college, 45 minute drive away
>would wake up 6:45am, work 7-3 or 7-5 at an old produce market, go home to change and nap, then drive to Wendy's for a 7pm-close
>closed at midnight, typically left around 1:30am
>still not sure if my weird experiences that summer were because of sleep deprivation or real shit happening
>first thing to change was the customers
>summer was hot as hell, customers were constantly cranky, but now they started to get genuinely frightening
>gained several regulars, since I worked 5/6 nights a week, always the same time
>one of my regulars, Mike, was a lot more aggressive than the others, started asking me about my other job, where I lived, what I did for fun
>generally shut him down nicely, summer was always busy and I wanted to get done and out ASAP, drivethru was always backed up
>one night while closing and listening to music, my headphones start acting up, getting all staticy
>swear I can hear a voice in the background
>get freaked out, decide to just take them off and leave them and my phone in the back office
>everyone's finished, about to leave when I realize I left my phone in the back office
>on my way out, manager stops me
>tells me someone was in the parking lot by my car, hanging around
>we check the cameras, and Mike is standing by my car
>trunk is popped, stuff moved around, some on the ground
>I was keeping clothes in there in case I couldn't stop home, bras and shit were all moved around
>called the police, watched from through the dining room blinds while they convinced him to leave
>one of my bras and a shirt was missing when I got home to check
>Mike never came back through the drive thru
that fucking blows man
Moar now.
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I work at a CVS and we had a mentally ill customer go into the women's bathroom. About 20 minutes later an older woman and her husband come in, rush over to my manager and beg him to open the bathroom door. We told them we couldn't do to privacy, they explained their daughter was mentally ill and suicidal.

So we go over to the bathrooms and knock first, we heard whimpers and at this point the mom is crying her eyes out. Manager opens the door and I will never forget what I saw. The bathroom floor was completely covered in blood, not even the bathroom drain was handling it. The girl had three medical books open, all on pages that showed major arteries, she looked up at us with the saddest look on her face and it was just horrible. My manager tried to perform cpr, on the girl as literally after she looked up she fainted. I ran over to the store's phone to call the police.

Paramedics came, fire department, police showed up and had us shut down the store as they wanted to make sure she wasn't a victim of a stabbing. It was pretty crazy and very morbid, that's been stuck in my head for a while, happened 4 years ago.

About two months later, keep in mind these are all late happenings around 8pm two hours before we close. We find a girl laying behind a desk that nobody goes behind, a bunch of pills bottles were opened up around her and a few beer cans. Called the police once again, some customer had complained of a horrible smell earlier, but we were too understaffed and super busy to really go check.

So, at this CVS 2 people have died, I use to work at Michaels which is arts and crafts store, one of the employees had a heart attack on her way to the break room so nobody knew why she was gone for so long until we looked.

Before that, I worked at a movie theater, guy had a heart attack during Memoirs of Geisha, I'll always remember that movie because of that fucker. He was a fat guy and his belly had expanded so big, he died there, because the theater had no ramp.
>Have to check units for squatters and put preventive poisons down
>put preventive poisons down
>preventive poisons

to kill the squatters?
what cvs?
I think they meant for roaches/rats/etc. Poisoning homeless people isn't cool with the government.
Meanwhile loads of people (Dutch and from abroad) abuse the system and get WIA because of "back problems". I feel for ya man.

But do try to find something else, or fake a burn-out before you get a real one.
This sounds like the beginning of a movie. Did his skin turn white and are you the Batman?
Here I sit sipping coffee, reading this thread... And then this post. Damn.
Any more??
Wow, this thread is still alive... I got a few more creepy stories from my work. This one is pretty dark, so warning.
>Mentioned early that a club is on the same street as the storage I run. This club mostly caters to the upper lower class but has the occasional thug that comes in and causes trouble.
>I set up a security camera to specifically watch the back of the club due to drunk assholes occasionally meandering around behind the club and setting up my motion detectors.
> So, when the motion detectors go off, go out check on everything then check the camereas.
>I am awoken at 5am with a call form the alarm company. Drive the few mins it takes to get to work and check it out.
>Find a tabby half skinned and meowing for life crouched up against the building.
> Nearest 24 hour vet hospital is 20 minutes away in the suburbs.
>Luckily had my dog kennel in the back seat and after a few scratches am able to gently get the cat in the kennel and drive like a mad-man to the vet hospital.
>Cat didn't make the ride.
>>>Extremely pissed
>Call the police, and look through the cameras, some teen stood on the roof of a pizza shop, cut the cat open and threw it over the fence.
> They didn't find the kid and 2 weeks later it happened again.
>Luckily a eye witness at the club saw the car he was driving the second time and they eventually caught him.
Not sure what happened after that to the kid.
That's fucked up
A bit of the bizarre.
>So when you rent a unit, you sign a contract, and in the contract you agree that the facility has the rite to auction off your property if you are delinquent on the payment.
>Standard clause, allows the business to recoup some money for the loss of income.
>There are times when these auctions do not sell and we are then allowed to throw the property away.
>Usually this is the case when people store stuff that others just can't pawn.
>Three years ago, I had such a incontinent happen and I was left to dispose of a unit which had boxes of old vhs tapes.Along with a few other items like clothes.
>While I was sorting the clothes from the good will store I notices that all of the tapes were in random places. As in some were 1/3rd rewound, others 1/4th etc etc. When people store blank takes they are usually all watched or all rewound mainly b/c they don't have recordings.
> My curiosity is peaked, so I put a tape in and its just of a recording on mute of a wedding from the bushes outside of a local well known reception hall.
> Another, was a few recordings again on mute of a coffee shop I didn't reconize.
>After skimming through a few of these I notice that none of the people are in the same shots, the locations are randomized, and all in public areas.
>The creepiest one by far was when the camera man, was watching some older womans house from the bushes for hours spying on what looked like a Thanksgiving or Christmas family party.
>After watching this, I said "nope" and just threw the 6 boxes in the dumpster.
My work has always been boring, the security's lax as fuck so it's normal when random people walk in and nothing to be alerted about, but;

>My town has a really big mental health center in it, composing of multiple buildings where people from all over the country are sent to be looked after, some are just a little fucked up and dangerous to themselves so they go there, others are murderers deemed unfit for trial
>My mother works in the pharmacy of one of the buildings, and she knows some of the more notorious crazies from doing overtime watching them (She has some real fucked up stories)
>My brother starts working at a movie rental place, since it's the only one in the town it's pretty popular, and anyone from the nuthouse that gets a day pass is allowed to rent whatever movie they want so he meets a bunch of crazies
>He meets one guy that seems like a genuinely nice, cool guy, shoots the shit with him a lot over different movies while he's coming in to rent
>After a couple months of doing this every day, the guy stops showing up
>He was in the nuthouse for murdering a couple of people and eating them
>After years of care he had been allowed to apply for daypasses because he seemed to be stable enough for it and he was always extremely well behaved
>He left on a day pass with another guy
>They went to his parents house and murdered them together
>Then he murdered the guy he was with
>Then he ate them
>Afterwards he turned himself in and is back in the place

We always wonder if they had tried to rent a movie that day only to find that the place was closed or my brother wasn't there.
I would have wondered , if your brother would have been at work , he could have ended up on the menu!
That job must really fuck with you, I bet staff don't usually last long there

Do you mind sharing some of your mum's stories?
1. You DID serve tacos to a serial killer.
2. You got fired you stupid fuck not laid off.

Poison.....for squatters....wtf!?!?

I'm just sitting here studying and drinking coffee and then this...damn man..
File: evil.jpg (36KB, 500x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>working in a bakery on the graveyard shift
>hear stories of disembodied being around the shop.
>heard last work left work in a hurry after seeing something
>I don't care I needed work
>Working alone baking goods have some music blaring.
>see something at the corner of my eye but shurg it off
>my computer shuts off for no reason, turn it back on and turn up the volume for the music.
>go back to baking and look up near my comp and see a black silhouette near my comp. the comp shuts off again and then silhouette disappears.

I went to day shifts after that, what it was didn't enjoy Electric wizard.
Generally it's just typical crazy person shit, best one I can remember;

>She's doing night shift overtime at the place
>Basically just watch them sleep on the cameras, do rounds to check the rooms individually (Every room has a big, unbreakable glass window on the front of it beside the door) and if need be get them drinks and shit
>She sees some guy wake up and start moving around on the camera and he looks really distraught
>Goes to check on him, he starts shouting random words in a language she can't understand even though the dude was apparently born not too far from here
>As she tries to talk to him he gets pissed and slams himself against the window, and every time she tells him to calm down he does it again until he's eventually just smashing his head against it over and over again
>Actually starts cracking the window, bloods going every where, she doesn't have a phone on her and she's too afraid to run for a phone to call security
>The guy actually smashes his head so hard against the window so many times, he eventually chips parts of it off and the hole's getting big enough for him to put his head through
>Gets his head stuck in it as blood's pouring all over the room and the hallway then passes out

This was a pretty long time ago, I think after that they decided it would be a good idea to put the glass with wireframes inside them in all the windows.
>what it was didn't enjoy Electric wizard.

Smart ghost
I became a security guard just to work third shift and get a case of the spoops. Well guess what you lying assbehonkers I've been spooped zero times during my shift. Not a god damn thing. Why do you guys get to have all of the fun? You've ruined my expectations. I just can't get scared anymore.
weekend bump
Good gosh that picture is so hipster I nearly choked on my vegan bread stick
>work as a nurse in a home for the elderly
>graveyard shift is when things go nosferatu
>elevators would randomly move by themselves and open doors with no one inside
>rooms would randomly call me and co-workers although no one is living there
>if someone is going to die at night you almost always feel that it is going to happen, even if it comes without a warning
>old folks sometimes wake up claiming they heard and watched their walkers move (this does not only happen to the senile but also the mentally healthy ones)
>don't even think of going to the morgue at night
What's our handicap fag? We have a black dwarf who needs crutches and a scooter but our company treats him better than u have been. America fuck yeah.
Your country also praises fat acceptance and death penalty. I wouldn't really start with comparisons here. You've got /int/ for that
You are a brave soul. Any specific stories to share?
Fat acceptance is an internet thing across all countries.
Death penalty is fine.
Also, was not comparing nitwit, but asking him his disability. Do they not teach reading comprehension or are you that biased? I figued maybe it would pay for him to leave nl if he has a skill like our dwarf.
Fuck off, derailers
Man /x/ moves slow, posted the first three stories three days ago. So a bit more of the bizarre
> Most of my customers or alright people, but occasionally I get a few odd balls. More then normal since this is a business that deals with loss on a daily basics. So, you at times see people at their worse.
>There are a few customers that take the cake, not going to go into non/x/ related things. So I will focus on the ones that fit that mold.
> So, this old lady starts renting one of the smaller units, she is very vague and illusive when talking to me.
>But, her business her problems as long as it doesn't roll over and affect me or the business I have a live and let live policy with customers.
> She is in her late 60's I think and has a Irish accent. Skinny as a twig, and always dresses with very bright, almost surreal colors.
> Over the months she warms up to me and starts talking a bit more. Bout her life and such. Old people love talking and work gets fairly boring and lonely so I am always down for a good conversation.
>There is something off about her, she uses words I don't understand and she slips in and out of Galic(I think) while speaking to me. Even more so when she gets excised.
> Anyway, she starts asking me for help carrying stuff to her unit, I do mind doing this as it gets me out the office and allows me some exercise at work.
>So, one of these times she ask me to carry this large old oak brief case to her unit.
>I usually, just drop this off at the front of her unit and let her have her privacy. But these times she needs help placing it inside.
>I am thinking, cool, I am always wondering whats inside these things for the more odd cosutmers.
>Inside is a few highly decorated oak boxes, a lot of odd...charms I guess would be the right word, and dozens of stuff seals and seal coats.
> She just laughs when I look at the coats and says in a extremely serious tone "Damn Selkies can never stay in the sea where they belong in a creepy manner.
where they belong" in a extremely creepy manner.
Sleep deprivation?
FERRETS! I like ferrets.
Also I have a story. It's not that scary but it's a little weird.
Not sure if anyone is here right now but I'm gonna tell my story.

>Be me, about 4 months ago
>Working night shift for fast food restaurant
>Closing up for the night with three co-workers and Manager
We don't have a drive-thru, but we do hae a pickup window
>Cleaning off shake machine when co-worker 2 asks me to grab a box of bbq sauce from the storage
>Wander into storage room, grab box and hear knocking at the door
[There's a door that leads outside to one of the dumpsters in the parking lot]
>Figure it's probably one of my co-workers who went to take the trash out and forgot their keys
>Still kind weird tho, since we're instructed to use the front door, but peek through the hole
>No one is out there
>Shrug it off and bring box of sauce to front counter
>Start stocking sauces when I see something out of the corner of my eye from the pickup window
>Walk over and look around, notice a figure across the lot, but it's pretty late so I couldn't make out any details
>Everyone is inside working on their part of the restaurant
>Suddenly, the alarm goes off
>Manager tells everyone to get in the office
>Quickly dis-arms the alarm and has a look around
>Says no one is there and the cost is clear, all doors were locked
Mind you, this alarm wasn't faulty or old, and none of the doors to the store were left unlocked.
>Everyone goes about doing their business, a little weirded out
>I peer through the pickup window, and the figure I saw earlier was gone
>Quite job about a week later, because fuck night shift.
quit* not quite.. sorry.
I was working at a stripes (convinience store)grave yard shift, other graveyarder tells me weird shit happens, dont give a fuck, about 3am weekday so its dead as fuck, refreshment freezers are at the back but you can see them from register as their parallel, light turns on (its motion sensitive) thinking another alcoholic got in through the storage door, went to check it out its empty, upsets me cause it distracts me from not doing shit
>work at a funeral home
>we keep bodies in the warehouse about a quarter mile from the main building
>warehouse is where the freezer is, where we embalm, keep our livery, etc.
>Also make removals in the middle of the night because people die all the time
>get back from removal by myself
>put deceased in the freezer after tagging him
>High ceiling in the garage area
>hear people talking at full volume
>occasional knocks
>think it's just my schizophrenia
Quality thread has quality. Bumping for interest.
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>Be me
>Be at work, just a few months ago
>Manage a 100+ year old movie theater
>Closing, all the movies let out
>Check theaters and restrooms, all empty
>Turn out light
>Lock front gate
>Activate alarm
>"Theater side exit open"
>Cant turn lights back on easily
>Go find shitty theater exit, close door
>Hightale it out of theater
>Reset the alarm
>Have to walk through other smaller pitchblack theater to get out
>walking through pitchblack theater trying to find the exit door
>not that hard, straight path
>hear talking
>Open door, college kids hanging near exit door
>Close one
>As I close the door, hear "GET AWAY" in the most blood curdling, disgusting, spine chilling voice.
>Imagine one voice in a subtle two octave harmony with a strong smokers rasp, screaming
>Hear voice change as door closed, knew it was from inside the theater
>Literally say "What the fuck"
>College kids look at me wide eyed as fuck
>Say I have no idea
>Fuck, it's my theater after all
>Go back in, stopped being lazy turned on all the lights
>Alarm set so I had to turn it off, if any doors or anything were touched after I closed the main door it would have set off the alarm
>No one in theater, leave and everything goes as planned from there

I HATE working late movies alone
Working till 130am tonight, wish me luck :[
No spooky stories personally, but I work in an apparently haunted theatre/art gallery. They've had paranormal investigations and do ghost tours, the whole shebang. There's a lot of history to the place that I can't really be bothered getting into, but it was originally a power station. A lot of security guards won't work there because they hear a little girl's laughter at night, and a couple of people who work in the little converted officespace have seen shit, most people that work there just brush it off and act like nothing's there (but in a super defensive way) and even the most skeptical response I've got was "Pffft there's no ghosts........but weird shit DOES happen here a lot...."

Doing my first solo late night shift this week...Wish me luck.
Here's one for you,
>Be me, supervisor and lifeguard for local rec's pool (a month ago roughly)
>Send my people home 15 minutes early b/c slow day
>Start closing duties
>Lock and check all doors
>Check handicapped bathroom. (That's the only one I have to lock, the rest are separate.)
>Turn off lights in the pool
>Light switch is in back/pump/chemical room
>Walk back to front, turn keys to turn out main lights (overhead)
>As soon as the main lights go off the in pool lights turn on
>Look across pool to back room, light coming form under door
>See shadow of feet
>Hesitantly go back, fling open door
>Nobody there
>All doors still locked
>Still nobody there
>Turn off lights again and leave
>Come in for midday shift next day
>Pool was flooded from all 3 pumps being broken
>Facility covered in water
>Inventory is done to make sure nothing was stolen
>half a ton of salt is gone as well as a bottle of 98% Hydrochloric Acid
Have fun
>Investigations start
>Many questions from the cops
>Gallon bottle of HCL is found empty in trash outside
>Pumps were ruined due to wear and tear of corrosive chemicals, so says mechanic man
>Pumps were each under 2 months old, with a life of 20+ years
>Half million dollars done in damage due to the flooding of 4 basketball courts
>Entire facility shut down for a while to put in new floors and pumps
>1,000 lbs of salt found scattered around elementary school playground next door.
>Never said anything about the shadow
>Never got blamed
>Facility has two whole cameras
>One in main lobby and the other is outside the chemical room
>Police review footage to see a black figure moving salt form 1:30-right as the manager pulled up 6ish
>He goes in the back
>Police said that the figure kept opening and shutting the door without unlocking/locking (The door makes a big ass clunk whenever you do either
>Manager till had to unlock door that morning
Is that the end of the story? Damn, Shadowman really hated your pool for some reason. Anyone drown there?
Not truly spooky, just something odd that happened recently.

I work warehouse for an appliance store. Way in the back corner of our warehouse, we keep all kinds of crap we barely use (old displays, rocksalt, shelving units), kinda like long-term storage in what we call the storage ward. It's out of the way to the point no one really goes back there.

So one day at roughly 2 pm, I'm assembling a piece of furniture near where the warehouse splits off to the storage ward when an associate asks me to help move a tv on the floor. I walk down the length of our small warehouse (2 aisles the length of the building, the single-bay dock, and the storage ward) and note no one else is in the back. (rarely anyone is, I'm the sole warehouse associate most days). Less than 5 minutes later, I go back to finish the furniture when I hear some music playing. It ain't loud, but I'm able to follow it into the storage ward.

I found an old mp3 dock with an mp3 player (that isn't an iPod) with preloaded music for demos. The player was on and had played through a minute and a half of a song and showed it had 15% battery life. Thing had been there since before I was hired and hasn't been touched by me or any of the sales associates. Dock itself needs power to play and charge the player and the nearest plug back there is a good 40 feet away.
Shitty end to it, I know. But I was freaked out, and it was at work.

As for people drowning, in my 4.5 years there, only one. Lots of saves, but only one drowning. A "mentally handicapped" boy. You know how when your drowning your body kicks it in to overdrive with adrenaline? Yeah, mix that with tard strength and undertrained summer guards and you got yourself a pretty bad situation. Also, (By law) I am to say that it was not in fault of the guard.
I also do third shift security on occasion and feel the same way. Never any spoops for me either.
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>"facilities manager" for a particularly old building that used to be the president's mansion at my uni over the summer
>basically get to live in a kick ass cottage on the grounds of an awesome house for free and salaried pay despite being a student worker and doing fuck all
>house is absolutely beautiful french colonial deal with a huge willow tree on the grounds and gardens everywhere but can be incredibly creepy in that way only old beautiful houses can
>one night watching chinese girl cartoons in my underwear
>get a weird phone call at about 1am
>no caller id, not even "mobile user" or "number blocked" or even a number; just blank "calling" screen
>no sound at all not even spooky white noise
>whatever cunt leave me alone
>a few minutes later and the alarm system for the mansion goes off
>have to put on pants, wait for the campus pd to come and clear the house and then lock up
>uneventful sweep; probably just rats
>finally go back to sitting around naked
>maybe an hour later the fucking alarm goes off again
>fuck my life; go stand in the parking lot to wait for the popo
>while i'm waiting get the weird call again with no id
>still no sound
>convinced some asshat is playing a prank and blow a fart at them before hanging up
>cops come again and get shit squared away
>go back to my room
>not even 30 minutes later the god damn alarm starts up again
>go meet the cops and tell them to not worry and let me handle it
>go check all the locks again
>go down to the cellar to reset the alarm (why the fuck would they put it in the cellar?)
>typical spooky ass bare bulb hanging from the ceiling
>about to set the alarm
>get that id-less phone call
>answer it fucking pissed thinking it's my coworkers or someone fucking with the alarm to mess with me
>this time there's a single burst of static and then it disconnects
>officially spooked
>set the alarm and gtfo of that fucking cellar
>walking back up the stairs in the dark
>see a shadow dart across the doorway at the top of the stairs
>feel that electric tingle run down my spine as every hair on my body stands up
>sprint at full speed up the stairs and out the front door
>walking back to my cottage
>look back at the house
>can see the cellar windows lit up despite remembering i turned it off because it was spooky as fuck going up the stairs
>nope fuck it the cleaning ladies can get it in the morning
The only "paranormal" experience I've ever had. The guy who took over for me for the fall has said he got spooked a couple of times and has seen windows lit up when he's sure he hit all the lights.
Worked night shift on the highway for a year. Doing repairs, lane closures for accidents, cleaning up debris, etc.
Nothing really spoopy at night.
But i did work day shift sometimes and we would ride up and down this certajn section of highway just picking up debris. I never saw this but my coworker said that in his section, in the exact same spot, maybe 2-3 weeks apart he would pull over to pick up trash and he would see a bag with a bra, panty and other girl clothes with 5 quarters around the bag in a circle. Not really spoopy just strange as it kept happening.
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>Be me
>Work at doughnut bakery in Pheonix
>Early morning shift, baking fresh batch for early birds and commuters
>Listening to Kanye, only one showed up for the moment
> Jamming, but something outside the window catches my eye
>Big windows covering almost entire wall facing the parking lot plaza
>Bummy dude standing there, minding own business
>Seriously consider giving him a donut
>Suddenly drunkard comes up, starts yelling at bum
>Kicks him
>Rush outside with baking pan
>Run up to drunk, bash his kneecap
>Tell him to fuck off
>Runs off limping
>Bum thanks me, 'no problem, want a donut?'
>He says no, defending him was enough
>I insist but he declines
>Ask what the drunk was yelling about
>Bum says he didn't hear it, he was too startled
>Okay, go back to work and leave bum alone
>Two minutes later look out and bum is gone

>Later that day ask co-worker who worked there about a year about the bum
>"You ever see him before?'
>"A homeless man?"
>"Well a year ago some dude came up and beat a hobo to death at night."
>It was caught on the security camera
>It was some shambling dude with a big bottle
>Broke it over bums head and stabbed him with it
>Police catch him, charged for murder and public intoxication
>mfw cliche spook

>Sometimes see a bum sitting out in the parking lot
Serial rapist, you should have reported it.
>be working at a manufacturing shop
>dad gave me the job so I could save for school
>no experience so I manely just cleaned or worked on bosses transport trucks(he had a collection of 1960 COE's that he restored as a hobby)
>made friends with a bunch of older men
>life sucked for that year
>guy I liked comes into work sad one day
>says his wife cheated on him and is leaving
>two days later threw himself face first into a band saw
>watched the whole thing from afar

Quit the next day because it was just a means to an end job and fuck that.
I used to work at a shitty mini amusement park/arcade place. We had this guy who worked there who loved kids, he was stoked all day to be hanging out and making sure kids parties were fun. On one of his days off he was driving to the next town over to go to the beach, but his breaks failed after coming down a hill and he was thrown from his car after crashing. He wasn't wearing a seatbelt, and he was killed instantly, but his girlfriend was strapped in, and she was able to walk away from the crash.

He was supposed to work the early shift the next day, and none of us had heard about the accident yet. The morning crew does their rounds without him, and the manager starts making calls to figure out where he is. He eventually gets the news from his family, and we have a quick meeting to talk about it. As we are talking about it, one of the two groundskeepers turns as white as a sheet, and this dude was a super dark skinned mexican immigrant. He was one of the first people to arrive in the morning, and he swears that he saw the dead guy there at work, setting up tables outside, alone. He even said hi to him as he passed, and they talked for a second about all the parties coming that day.

None of the other employees had seen him, and people were skeptical, but no one who was there would take responsibility for setting up the outside tables. We all got pretty spooked, and the groundskeeper dude quit later that day.

That was basically the only spooky thing that happened there, but we played a prank on a new hire later that summer.

When this girl was getting trained during her first week, a few of us kept dropping subtle hints about a lifeguard that had died in the waterslides, but we never outright told the (fake) story.

A few days into her training, we sent her alone to this back hallway to get some more prizes for the ticket counter. We had rigged up one of the lifeguard training dolls with a noose, and hung it between the two lights in the room. We unplugged the first light, so when she came into the room and flipped the switch, all she would see is a backlit corpse in a lifeguard outfit hanging from the ceiling. We watched on the security cam as she opened the door, turned on the light, and promptly ran the fuck off the property. She didn't even scream, or try to get help. She just straight up ran outside, through the parking lot, and down the street.

We laughed for probably a good 15 minutes, non-stop. We eventually called her cell phone and got her to come back, and she was a good sport about it. That was a pretty fun day.
Yea i had the same thought. But why would he leave that on the side of the road?
>Be me
>Be 18
>working security at construction site quite out of the way
>Be Alone (2AM)
>hearing people talking at one end of the site.
>Hoof it over to where i hear the sounds
>hear it at the other end now (from where i just came)
>run over to that end to no avail
>Hear blood curtailing scream like 100 feet away from me.
>Freak out, shaking, shining my flashlight everywhere.
>I start walking and up the upper platform that is being built.
>I see someone stand at the other end.
>make my way toward the person yelling at them.
>they turn and dart right towards me.
>Draw side arm and scream commands
>they are just sprinting right at me
>I talk a few steps back and fall off the platform
>I like "float" to the ground and softly land.
>dropped flashlight
>make way to security trailer and review footage
>the person wasn't captured on camera.
I have an is odd one:pIt was my first week in my first job, I am a software developer but that week I have to deal with the manuals and documentation for a project, that kind of shit that no one likes to do. I was printing some manuals, it was late at night, and the fucking printer keep stopping my impressions and putting another one in front of me in the queue, they were from "lina's pc". I spent the whole night canceling those impressions so I can finish.
The other day I asked for the famous Lina's pc. And everyone looked a little frighten when I ask, they told me that Lina was the daughter of the company owner and that she had committed suicide a couple of months ago.
bumpity bump
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>DEFCON mother fucking 1

Made my night
>Been the policy for a couple of years now to work cardiac arrest patients where we find them and see if we can achieve ROSC (return of spontaneous circulation) instead of rapid transport
>work the code until the medic calls it
>just sitting there next to a freshly dead person with all of our wires and tubes and shit on them
>always get creepy vibes for days afterwards

no real story or anything exciting to go with it, just kinda surreal sometimes sitting there. usually family or bystanders are there freaking out. just seeing people in their weakest moment with a dead person on the floor kinda makes you take a step back
I know that feel, breh...
>be operatin inna ambulance
>death investigation
>unit for transport
>arrive on scene eating chicken
>put chicken down
>walk in
>shotgun in mouth suicide
>"Well this looks like a no brainer to me"
>talk about sex dungeons with detectives
>call partner a fag for being afraid of maggots
>package and begin transport
>go back to eating chicken

I used to get creeped out when I was brand new but dead patients are pretty chill. Full arrests do get kind of awkward though. Or if they have a valid DNR order and you have to just let them die.

I just want for once to get a spooky paranormal call
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Which doughnut place?
>Stay late at office
>be fitfag
>havestonerfag friend
>other is kinda uptite but coold due
>stonerfag brought shrooms
>drop shrooms
>think we getting rob
>actualy is internet guy
>become friends.jpg
File: nun.jpg (236KB, 691x625px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
236KB, 691x625px
>be at work
>go to bathroom
>sit on toilet
>something brown falls out of my vagina
>i'm a grill btw
>examine it briefly
>it's a brownish ball shaped thing two tiny legs
>no thank you
>flush and leave as though nothing happened

Is my vagina haunted or something?
Yes you were, silly girl
File: 1326913346_10.jpg (41KB, 400x359px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Have you got any benis in you bagina recently?
File: 1416225132534.gif (2MB, 224x126px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Workaholics, office camp out....nice try lad.
Sometimes they do it to show off.
Hello everybody, not sure if this is paranormal but it freaked me up in the time.

Like 7 years ago, when i was 17, i had to do social service working for a government entity in order to gain my bachelor degree with a title as an electronics technician in a hospital in the middle of the city, close to the suburbs.

One day my boss in mantainance told me and my partner to climb to the roof and check an AC unit, but we would have to go through an unused area of the hospital intended to be for women giving birth. He gave us lamps, keys and radios, but he refused to go with us.

That area was a large sector of the hospital, with dust in the aisles and rooms, very scary by itself. IDK if it was the athmosphere tricking our minds but we both heard mumbles, whispers and the sound of a bag of plastic being dragged in different places, we got scared and hurried to a very long ladder, we climbed like 70 meters until reaching the top, with our arms tired and still scared because of the idea of going back. But up there, in the corners of the roof we saw 2 vultures, but they went really big. At least one of them should be like 2 meters. Both of them were staring at us. I freaked out and yelled at them while i threw a bolt from my toolkit. I missed but they didn't move.

We checked the AC unit being vigilated by them and once we finished, they're already gone. Nothing happened while going back but our boss told us that something strange happens in that area.
the anon that responded wasn't me and fuck you for doing so. I'm actually unproductive but alot of work is on the computer so I get my shit done I just put some time into being on 4chan because I love you guys
>Work at a hospital as a nurse
>Have to run some drugs through one of the underground tunnels
>Nearly a mile long, dimly lit, only the sound of white noise from the lights
>Finally make it across and see some bare feet sticking out from under the stairwell
>We keep mannequins under there, no big deal
>Walking up the stairs and as soon as I turn the corner I see the feet pull back under the stairs
>Back up into the corner of the lungs screaming
>Was a homeless guy who ended up laughing his ass off
>He had been there for quite a while: hobo stove, radio and even stole some blankets
>Leaves voluntarily with security guards
nice pic bro, 10/10 taste
8/10 lol

Good thing it worked out well in the end instead of you becoming some murderer's new skin-suit.
shut the fuck up you stupid namefag
>I know his post was from 5 days ago
lol that was a youtube prank I saw you, it was in a dark and creepy account they closed time ago
Once I was at work
And someone told me that I was late
But I wasn't late
They were early
Also they were a ghost
Anyone still have the video?
>Working as a cleaner in a child hospital
>working in the oncology service for the week
>start of the week, all the rooms are full
>middle of the week, a child in terminal phase dies
>the caregivers get rid of the body
>I have to clean the room for the next patient
>I go in the room
>the room is cold as fuck
>Summer in Southern France, 39°C
>Inner temperature needs to be maintained at 25°C, still hot when you work indoors
>Window is closed, ventilation is off for cleaning purposes
>I feel very uneasy, loud atmosphere
>Get into work
>Feel strange feeling
>I need to cry
>I'm a grown man, I saw a lot of death since I work here
>But this one was very odd
>Never happened after
This isn't really paranormal. Just kinda sad. I work at a school for children with autism. This isn't fedora and yu-gi-oh autism, it's real autism. Most of my kids don't speak a lot and act very lucid and clumsy and aggressive or violent.

>work in preschool
>kids ages 3 to 5 with autism
>have two siblings in class
>the older one is a girl
>younger is a boy
>both very severe autism
>boy doesn't speak, cant even make sounds other than laughing or crying
>girls a little higher on the spectrum, but still kinda a "no hope for a normal life" case
>we legally have to do body checks every day
>check if they have bumps or bruises or cuts
>just to make sure they walked in with that and didn't get hurt at school
>these siblings usually have some kind of bumps or bruises on them because they are very wild and aggressive
>the girl always lets us check her with no problems
>for a while, she wouldn't let us check her, but we have to
>she'd scream "NO NO NO" and cry and push our hands away
>completely not like her
>we checked her thigh and there was a large bruise shaped exactly like a hand print on her inner thigh
>when we looked at it, she just starts bawling and bawling
>teacher asks in a very calm and nice voice "What happened to you?"
>she ignored us for a bit
>eventually she pointed to it and said "daddy"
>we had to take pictures of it and asked the mom what happened
>mom said that her dad got really frustrated with her
>i didn't think it was right, but the teacher did not report it to cps
>a couple of days later
>the girl doesn't let us roll up her sleeves to body check her again
>crying even worse this time
>having complete tantrum
>eventually take off sleeves
>several human bite marks all over her forearms
>she cries and looks ashamed
>keeps saying "daddy. daddy."
>we report them to cps

The most depressing/scary thing I've learned while working here and occasionally having to report things like this is that CPS doesn't really do shit.
I noped the fuck out when I read " human bite marks "
I work in an inpatient pharmacy. It's right next to the morgue; I see a body at least once every few weeks taken out to the hearse and transported to who knows hell where. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the morgue, and when working graveyard nothing really happens; only me and a pharmacist from 7pm to 7am.

When doing my rounds to fill med stations, I do have full access to the OR. There are a total of 5 rooms; OR1, OR2, OR3 and OR4 are all established for general surgeries, and OR5 is dubbed the "Heart" room, where open heart surgeries are preformed, as we are a cardiac hospital.

There have been many stories about walking the OR halls at night; from smelling cigar smoke, to random noises, to seeing a black woman and a little child too. I've walked OR from the hours of 12 to around 3 filling med stations but again, unfortunately, I haven't experienced anything. Sorry to leave you hanging if you were expecting something spooky; being there is spooky enough on it's own.. very weird feeling knowing god knows how many people have died in those rooms.. even though I see death quite frequently; if it's not bodies in the morgue, we in the pharmacy head up to code blues often to supply medications on site with a crash cart, and I've seen many a person die right in front of me. Little tangent before I get to my point: We were at a code one time and it was an AAA patient (abdominal aortic aneurysm). The guy was basically dead for 20 minutes, but for some reason the Doc wanted the nursing staff to continue CPR. We administered something stupid like 14mg of epi over the course of the entire code (our protocols for epinephrine is 1mg every 2 minutes) and a few epi-cal drips. By the end of the code, the guys ribs were broken, his chest sunken in from the compressions, and blood flowing up from his intubation tube; some really wild stuff. End tangent.

cont. (Sorry super long post!)

So I've been wanting to get into ghost hunting recently--within the last few months--and it dawned upon me the other night when looking for local places to "hunt", that I basically work in a fucking spirit factory. I bet there's a ton of ghosts lurking around the hospital, and everyone so used to death probably don't pick up on them, myself included. So next time I work graveyard and go through my rounds in the OR, I'm going to bring a tape recorder and try to do a 30 minute EVP session seeing what I can pick up. I don't think an EMF Meter would work as intended, we have electronics literally fucking everywhere in the ORs and I bet it would spike to hell and back.

Anyone have any suggestions other than trying to obtain EVPs that I can fit within a 30 minute to 1 hour time frame to try and detect any lingering entities?
We dont give a shit son, fuck off.
The freezer shit kind of freaks me out. Even creepier if it was only ever those two guys. Did they ever meet?
File: Dopethrone.jpg (391KB, 1362x1350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My man.
who is that? she is fine
Went from interested to boner when you said bra's. Keep it coming.
Maybe he was the shadow man.
That's fucking crazy, people are dying left and right around you.
I've got a couple

>graduate from 12th grade
>lower half
>have dumbass fat friend and pretty chill thin friend
>we learn of a place called Witch's Circle
>take my truck out there
>along the way we feel very cold, see breath, cliche spoopy
>only this one area
>house is white, fatso says he took school trip up
>cabinets start opening, window shutters shudder
>trip is noped back to school
>we to there, indeed spoopy
>find empty 50 lb. barrel in middle of stairs upward
>downstairs is dusty, dirt floor
>outside there is embankment into wall
>looks like a chicken coop for humans lel
>go back home after seeing federal dam type shit
>feel cold area
>begin spoopcon 3
>circa Sept of '12
>fat friend and leano bring backup
>weapon stock consists of Bear Grilles knife, revolver, and some other high powered hand gun
>along the way, fat moron loads his revolver
>no safety for u m8
>we argue about it and who's car it is
>I trigger him and he flails the gun in my face
>I'm not getting through to him, get backup, they talk him down
>get to Witch's Circle, investigate around
>that same silent, cold spot as usual
>fat man says he saw eyes, looked like a black wolf
>we are cautious, all able soldiers to the front
>Tactical V formation
>I'm oddly nonchalant, careless
>the most dangerous place I've known and not a single fear tonight
>we talk about the house, review the tale of the woman who ate her kids and husband
>killed herself
>we go
>as we close gate because trespassers cut locks and repay debts
>I see it
>odd sense of calm
>I ask, do you see it [guy with gun]
>I've got u covered m8
>I see it, female, draping white dress, ten feet off of ground
>as if 0g, long brown hair is everywhere
>I stare, no one speaks, truck is humming
>spookcon 01 m8
>I feel a pull, a sense of fulfillment
>finally got to see her
>she doesn't want us to be here I whisper
>I tilt my head back, still watching ghostie
>let's go
0.0056 miliseconds before I finish, everyone jams into truck asap
>we all drive away, some five people in the back of my truck
>for the first mile, complete silence
>earlier, being the spook king, I've never been like it
>after the first mile, the guys in the back are having a grand time
>I never say a word
>I never go back
>the next day, I think about what happened
>I'm alone
>I want to go and try astro photography the following night
>I'm walking along, past a 350 gallon propane tank
>when I'm about to pass it, I catch something on my left side
>its her
>she has no eyes
>just gaping holes
>oh god, the eyes
>her knees are under her
>she was tracking me
>its that feeling when you see something so horrifying you don't want to look, don't want to think about it
>just go away, girl from witches circle
>took pictures
>turned out rather well
Sounds like ur fat friend is really fat and gay
Go fuck yourself you fucking faggot.
Pics or didn't happen
If you die and go to hell you can say to whoever is guarding that place to check your memories and he will see that you avenged a hobo ghost
Just hoping for one last breath of this thread's life.

>get a security job or gf will dump me
>it sucks first three days are awful
>get sent to lots of random sites at night cuz security
>one of them happens to be Forest Ridge
>spooky Christian girl school
>rove campus
>notice I don't have flashlight
>well, break room is inaccessible
>idiot from the night before locked the keys in
>the lights in the back turn off, the spookiest part
>its okay I have night vision from playing Army in 10th grade
>can't see shit, see some person unlock a door and make banging sounds inside
>call F/S
>fleshlight Plz
>he brings it and even brings keys to the break room
>the guy before brought them home
>hlaf way through the night
>all lights are suddenly off
>I didn't want to go to the back and see that person again but this? Fuck this job
>I go south, nearly off the campus
>its a tall forest I was told to watch
>just look around and shit, try not to be scared in pitch black, heavy darkness, silence
>drop flashlight
>take the time to drop fresh bricks into my pants before going to pick it up
>fumble around and stick hands on ground
>leaves, dirt, mud
>its Seattle in autumn so leafy shit
>hand moves over a stone foot
>stone so that's a good sign
>could still be killr gargoyle
>find the flash light light it up
>"Jesus Christ"
>staue of Jebus
>go inside, patrol main cafe building before I go
>see humanoid figure inside, not moving, feel chills and goosebumbs on penis
>go inside, call out "hello"
>Figure turns towards me
>typical Halloween animatronic bullshit because Christianity is boring I guess
>never going back there

Just hoping to get one last breath of life in this thread by telling my second story.
Hoho sheit. Where to begin. I drive a semi across all lower 48. Seen some shit. Felt some shit. Heard some shit. Lots of places in west texas are fucking spoopy. Along with Nevada, northern Arizona and New mexico. Driving through west texas and new mexico ive seen all kinds of floating lights. Stuff that will keep pace with the truck for a few miles then dart off into the distance and then come flying back toward the truck and over it and be gone... Inwas stoped at a rest area in utah about 10 miles east of wendover nevada and it was about 4 am dark as fuck quiet as fuck when all of a sudden i get jolted awake by the truck litterally being rocked back and forth like i was in an earth quake. I grab my tire thumper and jump out to see wtf was causing it. MFW nothing is fucking there and its not windy at all. Nope back in the truck lock doors and wait till sun comes up before getting back out to do my pretrip inspection.
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>>get a security job or gf will dump me
Sleep deprivation is some bullshit
During service I would get picked to station the front gate late at night sometimes almost twice a week. So tired I saw and heard all kinds of shit, though I recognize sometimes it was just the patrolman fucking with me.
ok I'll throw one in

>worked at a head shop/tobacco/adult store that used to be a ranch style residential house
>kind of in the middle of nowhere, on a state route, only other things around are a gas station and hotel a few hundred yards away
>get a lot of strange customers, a lot of regulars though, truckers buying porn, stoners buying urine cleanser
>spooky as all hell at night, some nights worse than others
>basement used for storage, worked there almost a year before I ever went down there
>used to hear banging sounds down there, just assumed it was the furnace clicking with the heating and cooling of the metal
>owner comes by one day, leads me down there to pick up some seasonal display for halloween
>kinda spooky, poorly lit w some life sized cardboard cutouts, we grab the one of Elvira and some other shit
>didn't notice at that time, but the furnace isn't even located in the basement because it floods when the rain gets too heavy for too many consecutive days
>always work with someone else, usually a girl who works the adult section on the other side of the store
>one girl who had been there a few years swears the place is haunted, says the boombox would come on by itself when she would step out to smoke
>one night a new girl who had been there a couple weeks comes running over to my side, half amused half terrified
>said she was studying because it was slow that night, was silent, no radio and she heard a little girl humming

>I start paying more attention to the sounds that I thought were the heating/cooling, I would still hear them every now and then
>they actually sounded like someone lightly beating out a rhythm with their knuckles or fingertips, not random enough
>the longer I worked there the more freaked out I became, at first I would laugh it off, just "silly girls" being paranoid
>would have to set the alarm at night, connected to the doors and windows
>owner would get notified if any of the sensors moved, and he said around once a month he would get a call in the middle of the night
>police would be notified too, and they would show up expecting a break in
>there was never a break in, it was always the same window that would move slightly. It was always always latch locked
>toward the end of my time there the furnace started going apeshit
>one day, middle of summer the place just starts getting boiling hot, figure the a/c broke
>wtf the heat is on, all the way up
>new girl I'm working with wasn't anywhere near it, nobody was, I could see the control unit from my counter and remembered seeing the a/c set to 73 when I disabled the alarm that morning
>my side of the building used to be the garage and they replaced the garage door with a big plexy glassed window, prob 5' x 8' or thereabouts

>from the time I started working there I remembered seeing "kids" run by the window in the distance at night, just thought they lived down the road and were going to the gas station for snacks
>thought absolutely nothing of it, just like the furnace tapping
>older dude working at the motel would stop in every now and again and get some papers, especially once we started carrying those clear cellulose ones
>we got to know each other a bit
>one day he asks me if anything weird happens there
>??? why do you ask?
>apparently when the place was a residence a girl fell out of the tree in front of the house, breaking her neck and dying instantly
>or so the story went
>a few months later her drunk of a father blew his head off with a shotgun
>they speculate that he may have killed her, not intentionally but in a drunken rage, he was known to beat his wife, and made up the story about the tree to cover his ass
>in other conversations came to find out the condo community almost a mile away was a retirement/invalid village, there were no children living there

I've seen some shit, quit working there a couple months after I came to the full realization of what I might've been seeing, not out of fear but because I found a better job, that place was minimum wage
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