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Innawoods thread? Innawoods thread!

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Innawoods thread? Innawoods thread!
>be last christmas
>driving to gf's house 6 hours away
>decide to leave at midnight, so we can surprise the family
>be me, gf, and her sister and sisters bf in car
>driving along at around 3 am
>everyone is asleep except me
>middle of rural texas, no towns or anything for miles
>see car on side of road with hazards on
>decide to call the cops, just in case guy needs help
>right as I pull out my phone, I see some guy walking down the side of the road
>start slowing down to see if he needs help
>getting closer and see that this dude is atleast 7 ft tall
>start feeling a bit antsy
>wake everyone up, just to help calm my nerves a bit
>getting closer and realize it's walking on all fours, almost like a skinny ape
>gf yells at me to just keep going and call the police
>agree, but really want to get a better look at this thing
>down to about 5 mph and about to pass by it
>all of us look over and realize it's face is human
>it turns over to look at us, its face is uncanny valley as fuck
>almost i-Robot looking
>all of us scream and I slam my foot on the gas
>it whips its 5 ft long arm at the car and clips the back
>speed the fuck out of there, see it galloping towards us
>lose him in about a minute, but the girls in the car are crying and me and other guy are both freaking out
>finally call the cops and tell them about what happened
>said they'd go check it out
>never found out what happened with that

Still scares me when I think about it. Take a completely different route to get there now, just to avoid that damn stretch of road. Really wish the damn cops had gotten back to me after they figured out what happened.

Jesus fuck that sounds terrifying.
What part of Texas?
Central, somewhere between Palestine and Frankston.
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Come at me.
>be 11 year old me
>be at a girl scout camp in the Pine Barrens volunteering
>sleepover night
>sleeping in army surplus tents, the kind with the flaps on all sides that can be rolled up
>getting ready to settle down for the night from campfire songs and what not
>couple of girls head off early to get stuff ready like lanterns and what not at the tent site
>ready to head off to our site to join them, see them running to us screaming with a flickering flashlight
>their flashlights spazzing the fuck out
>middle of the fucking pine barrens, goes pitch black when the sun goes down so no light can be pretty scary
>we walk back with them, young campers we're watching start crying and we do best to calm them down
>head counselors in charge make the stupid fucking decision to make us roll all tent flaps up making the tents pretty much just tarps over our heads
>some bullshit about how the air will get too humid with everyone breathing in it and camp policy
>everyone starts to calm down
>weird fucking noises start happening in the distance
>only thing I've heard close to it is a tasmanian devil getting pissed off that someone took its dinner
>sound gets louder and louder, we think prank is being pulled
>make some calls, everyone else in the camp is at the other end of the grounds a mile and a half away, they're hearing nothing
>everyone gathers in one tent
>sound gets louder and closer
>sleepless night everyone crying from fear
>eventually the sounds fade off into the distance and the distressed ones stop
>wake up in the morning and start searching for evidence of what the hell happened
>find a dear carcass that's pretty badly mutilated mostly in its vital organ area

It's been over a decade since then. I'm engaged to a guy that's into cryptids and likes to debunk a lot of things. He's picked my mind over the years about the incident. The obvious thought was Jersey Devil but that's pretty improbable. After listening to many animal calls and looking at photos of kill sites the most probable thing we can figure is it was a rabid bear and the dying deer. Whenever I hear a sound close to it, or a picture like the kill I saw it's instant tears to the eyes fear. Will never know exactly what it was but I feel incredibly lucky that everyone made it out ok. The counselors in charge were fucking morons and I'm surprised none of the parents sued.
>be me when I'm 10 (18 years ago)
>out running around the neighborhood
>theres a playground in the wooded area by the houses that all the kids played at
>playing one day on the playground when my friends show up
>hide and seek negroids!
>loser kid is the first the find and we all hide as usual
>ain't never gonna catch me hidden up in a tree
>run a good bit into the woods and find a good tree to humpclimb up
>up in tree feeling like a g cause I'm so high up, I just feel invisible to the kids below
>spend some time up there seeing the other kids scurrying about, kinda in awe at how much I can see and them all totally unaware of where I am
>looking around as I'm getting alittle bored up here and double take as my eyes pan to my left (deeper into the woods)
>some black kid in a tree about 50 ft away just doing the same thing as me, just hiding up there
>kid looks our age but I don't know him (there are like 20 of us playing at this point and its a playground that like 10 courts of our townhomes use so I can't know everyone right?)
>don't think anything of it and just give him the "shhhhhh" fingers sign like hes gonna rat our spot out or something.
>kids just looking at me. no shhhhh sign back, no acknowledgment, nothing.
>I spend the rest of the time keeping my eyes on him since at this point him staring at me was weird.
>spend another spell up there just motionless, looking at this black kid looking at me until I just decide I'm done with this game
>climb down tree get "caught" by the lookers halfway down
>don't give away black kids spot since I don't even know his name and hopefully he'll be last found and have to seek first next round and we can leave him in the woods or something (we weren't the nicest kids, and the woods aren't too bad honestly)

they all tell me I have to seek since I was the last one found and they make climbing trees that high off limits because it took so long to find me. Its not fair to me seeing as I'm not the last one found

I originally posted these in a NOPE thread, but this works too:
>be me, 16, in mountains of PA
>be at summer camp for guys
>camp-wide manhunt, kids run/hide and a few counselors seek
>me and 3 friends go to chill by the lake
>note: this is an extremely wooded area, there were paths around the camp and a large common area, the lake was surrounded by trees
>we chill, throw rocks and that shit, talk about how "dumb this kid game is"
>hear movement in trees
>Guy walks out, clothes tattered, pale as fuck, left arm looked like he was mauled, other he held a knife/machete/sword/thing
>we think its a counselor, "oh you got us, now let us chill"
>walks towards us
>(forgot about this, friend who was there just reminded me) guy's arm was bleeding, but the blood never hit the ground
>we all got up, prepping to nope out of there
>path blocked by this thing
>big friend runs and tackles the dude
>we run out of there
>we book it out of there to the common area
>camp loudspeakers play TAPS, which means get to the common area regardless of whats happening
>head count
>all campers head to bunks, counselors to stay up and do rounds
>usually 1 counselor for the entire camp, never more than 3, suddenly its all eyes all night
>my cabin was by the lake, just a minute passed it really
>walking by lake path
>mfw there's no blood
>my friend's faces when there's no blood
>everyone's faces when no outdoor activities for the next day, the owner's 2 dogs disappear
>same camp
>week later, same 3 dudes chilling by the lake because we're retarded like that
>lake has a small island in the middle that no one goes on
>around 7pm, so still light-ish out, everyone else doing camp shit
>see trees on the Island moving a bit
>kind of far away, but looks like a grey-ish deer on two legs is walking around
>friend pulls out camera, zooms in on it, goes white
>this guy is black and he went paler than my russian ass
>"It's left arm looks beat up"

>tell friends about how I shouldn't be it and *that* kid should be
>point to the tree but way up where he was
>no one fucking there.
>we're still at the base of my tree, no one has climbed down it...
>They make fun of me for not wanting to be it (ex: the kid that cries time out when about to be tagged type shit)
>Its dark enough that the streetlights are on on the road to the playground part of the woods and I use that as an excuse to leave
>we all go to my neighbors and play zombies ate my neighbors for the rest of the night, typically getting stuck when the giant babies show up
>never bring up the black kid again and moved from there when I was 12

To this day nothing about that kid makes any sense. there was no way down his tree like there was mine. Still live in the area and have a friend that still lives there. since I moved the playground portion has burnt down twice and there are stories of kids underwear being found in dead trees and shit. it was well manicured when I was a kid, supposedly its a real shady place now.

Great. I travel to secluded oil rigs along that path all the time. Excuse me while I install some Boadicea style spikes to the wheels on my company truck in anticipation of cutting the legs off of anything on the side of the road.
so do you got a pic of that or any more info?
What game or whatever is that anon?
>be 17/18
>four-wheeling with a friend at a river camp. houses on stilts n' shit. golf carts and drunk people.
>I'm riding on the back
>way out on the backroads away from the camps
>path starts getting kind of dark but friend keeps going
>starts to slow down
>tall ass dude, maybe 7-8' tall ahead
>covered in hair. pointy ears. kind of wolf-like.
>screaming bloody murder, telling us to stop and that he needs help.
>nope the fuck out and turn around, almost flipping the ATV in the process.
>get the fuck back and hear a bunch of other weird stories
>some weird floating craft on the river
>some other chicks saw the same dude.
>I hate the woods.
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care to explain floating craft
Game name mane.
oh hey it's you again, I remember you from NOPE bread m80
innawoods loadout thing, just google man
There's a reason the original threads were called inna woods.
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triangle men.png
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aka a boat
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My Uncle owns a second house in an obscure part of Oregon. Supposedly, there's an Indian burial ground of sorts on the property (keep in mind, he owns about 100 acres or so). He told me that there used to be an old military outpost on the property in the late 1800s. Shit went bad between the military and local tribes. There was a massacre of sorts, and while I don't remember all the details surrounding it, the military dumped all the Indian bodies in a mass grave.

I have no way of confirming or denying it because every time someone has tried to look for the mass grave, nothing is found. The massacre itself is well documented, however.

At night, his property becomes oppressive as hell. Like something is deliberately trying to make you feel sad/afraid/angry all at once. Weird shit.
wish there was a picture of said triangle heads
>it whips its 5 ft long arm at the car and clips the back
pic of damage?
>bipod hatchet
Fukkin kek
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Thread images: 5

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