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Scary greentext stories. Bonus points if the story isnt about

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Scary greentext stories. Bonus points if the story isnt about spooky ghost that closes doors.

>few months ago
>internet saying that there are some fuckers in my area raping and killing people
>they drive up to people asking if they have seen a dog
>after that they ask if they want to drive around with them and help looking for dog
>you know what happens next
>one evening me and my friend walking near woods
>black car with toned windows drives to us
>creepy guy with a creepy girl asks if we have seen a dog
>were starting to get scared
>say no
>tries to get us near the car
>start walking fast
>guy keeps talking to us following for some moment
>gives up drives away

Dont know if they were the killers but definetly scary. I could find the site but its in latvian and im on my phone. They havent been catched.
uploading shity stories that i have saved
bumping, could go interesting
>alone home
>house is being rebuilded
>live on fifth floor
>start to hear sounds on balcony like someones walking
>talking to some guy he says that ghosts may get angry when house is experiencing changes
>losing my shit
>suddenly balcony doors open from nothing almost pass out from fear legs trembling
>go to close the door with closed eyes it cant be closed like somethings in the way
>push with all my strenght door clothes

go to sleep like nothing happend
no bonus points
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Alright, in hindsight this one seems fucking lame but at the time I was shitting bricks.

>be me
>be 13 or so
>Grandma just died so My mother, step father, step sister and myself head to Winnipeg to gut the house
>Set dad is a painter so he is gonna re-do the walls to increase the value of the house when we sell it
>Grandma has this unfinished basement that always used to creep me out
>Lots of people going down there carrying boxes up the whole time we're there
>I am sitting at the top of the staircase looking down
>I begin slowly making my way down by moving from step to step
>I CLEARLY see the shadow of somebody walking around and shit being cast on the wall
>figure it's just somebody moving some shit around
>Realize everyone that is in the house is in the kitchen behind me
>shadow begins to get larger as if it's moving away from the light
>By this time I'm half way down the stairs
>NOPE the fuck out of there as fast as my 13 or so year old legs can carry me
>Didn't know if it was a spooky ghost that closes doors or just my mind fucking with me
>Still creeps me out to this day
Like I said, in hindsight it isn't as scary as some of these greentexts, but just being there after my grandma died and seeing some fucking shadow in this already creepy basement when nobody is down there scared me.

>Pic related, mfw I saw the spooky shadow
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this is definitely one of my favorites, read it again because its so chill inducing... eshh


I've got a story, I need to type it up thou
Yep first time i red this i got scared shitless
Sick friend wanted to go talk to them, felt ill, accidentally vomited on him through the mesh. Played along because he didn't want to be known for vomiting on his friends' faces.
Here's the start of it...

>Be up in the mountains, around 30 miles away from town, secluded as fuck.
>We live on family land that encompasses around 500 acres, most of it unexplored or explored by very few.
>There's around 20 people living on our land, and the closest person to us is around 2-3 miles away.
>Most people do not go out at night due to fear of cougars, coyotes, and bobcats; I know what they sound like for context, and have experience with these animals FYI.

>Be me, 13 years old, same with my cousin.
>We decide it's a good idea to construct a make-shift tree house, so we can look at the stars and camp outside.
>The tree-house is only 500 feet from our house, so its no really a big deal be camping out at night.
>My cousin's mom was off somewhere... the only other person there was my cousin's sister.
>We complete our construction late in the day, just as the sun is setting... we have sleeping bags and bring a lantern just incase.
>The stars are really starting to shine, our gaze is fixed on the almost hypnotic view of the cosmos; pointing out shooting stars as they pass.
>Our construction of the tree-house is really starting to don on us, and sleep is slowly taking hold while we're quietly gazing at the stars.
>My cousin goes noticeably limp into a state of deep sleep.
>My eyes are getting heavy... and the sweet embrace of sleep is getting closer and closer... gazing at the stars was just so relaxing.
>My eyes start to close... and I can feel myself falling asleep... but then... I get an odd feeling... as if, something is looking at me.
>I slowly open my eyes, groggily trying to reconcile what I was feeling... this weening feeling of being observed.
>I took my gaze away from the stars, and leaning up slightly, looking into the open field opposite of our house where the forest off the mountain begins and ends.
im here anon
>That when I saw them........ those eyes.... those eyes.... they were so... inhuman.
>Simultaneously seeing... those eyes... a wrenching screaming, low howling, human cry of agony mixed in with the high pitched tones of the cats that roam this mountain, ECHOING across our secluded valley!!?!
>My eyes go WIDE with fear, my heart is constricted with TERROR, my body is BOUND BY FRIGHT... THOSE EYES, THEY'RE GETTING CLOSER
>"Yea, what...?"
>he was a heavy sleeper, wtf why didn't he wake the fuck up though, I thought in the back of my mind
>"DUDE, FUCKING LOOK" I point towards the silhouettes of eyes traversing like wild fire across the field
>"OH WHAT THE FUCK?!?!???" He howled with terror
>"LETS GOOOOOO" we screamed in unison
>We looked at each-other and nodded, a silent agreement that we would make sure both of us survived
>I hopped off first, being the one closest to the direction of our house
>I could feel it... the gaze of something else... watching me... THOSE EYES seared into my mind like the hot sun's silhouette burned into my eyes
>I landed with some grace, rolling quickly to break my fall, I started to BOOK-IT, forgetting my cousin... THOSE EYES being the ONLY thing in my mind
>I heard a grunt and *thump* behind me, my mind raced back to our silent agreement
>I turned, forgetting that stare for a moment, and hurriedly helped my cousin arise to his feet!
>"FUCKEN LETS GOOOOO" I screamed with the thought of THOSE EYES once again burning into my mind
>We raced to the house, faster than we'd ever gone in any race, track meet, or game we've ever played; all we wanted was the SAFE return to the house!
>Time had seeminly slowed down, I was running as fast as possible, but my mind RACED much faster than I could EVER run
>We SLAM into the door, ready to enter the warm arms of safety the house provides... but it was FUCKING locked!
>His sister had obviously heard the ominous scream of who the fuck knows, and replys "NOOO WAYY, I'M TOO SCARED!!!"
>My heart sinks... my cousin looks at me like this is it...
>I think... OK, I CAN do this!
>"PLEASE, we're scared as fuck!!! I don't want to be eaten ALIVE!"
>She responds, "But, they could be OUT THERE!"
>I vehimently respond "GRAB THE RIFLE, and unlock the DOOR FOR FUCKS SAKE"
>"Animals CAN'T unlock doors you dumbass!"
>"Ok...." she responds reluctantly... slowly walking over towards the door... EACH faultering footstep a step closer towards my early demise
>I peer behind me... feeling THOSE EYES bore into MY SOUL
>My eyes hurriedly search the nitty-gritty fence line like a game of eye-spy that my life depended upon
>Is that EYES?!?
>The cool rush of *click* came flowing to my ears, forgetting all about this terror and rushing into the arms of the house... I broke into tears
>I SLAMMED the door and locked it, hugging my dear rifle, then my cousin... and giving a sneering gaze towards the faltering girl who could've made me have an early end
>"Holy shit... we have to make sure nothing gets in" my cousin stated
>I nod in agreement...
>That night we sat guarding the door, and peering out the window facing the field in shifts
>We never saw those eyes again
>That night could've been so different, I could've died, or much worse...
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what u think?

also more contribution incoming

Goddamn this story so much. You wanna know why? I live in NM, and work for a sherrif's department there. A huge chunk of the Gila is in my county, I get calls out there all the time because my department contract's with the forest service, and I work graveyards. Did I mention there's only two deputies on duty at a time, and that area gets no radio reception?

I say again - fuck this story.
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This is one of my favorites, so creepy.

A anon who was there, said the guy just stopped posting shortly after taking that picture.

Holy shit, that's a freaky job then man!

You have any stories?
Lame. Why'd you even save that?
Well this is a true story, and was extremely scary for a 13 yo.

I could have propped it up with extra content, but hell, I remain truthful.

>Also memories are good to save, u know? Lessons and all
Did you call the police at least so they could catch 'em?
People over 10 who get into strangers' cars are retarded anyway.
That's the first time I've ever heard of anything skinwalkerish in New Mexico. And to me the town that I know of that's close to the Gila (NMfag here) is silver city and little communities that are on the outskirts of that town but I think their all a little further then 20 minutes away from the gila. But still I found it a good read.
All the caps and terribad writing style ruined it for me.
Don't yell your stories like a football commentator man
that was fucking scary. post more if you have.
Anyone have the story about the thunder and the giants? It's good.

A couple, but none really related. The creepiest nights I've had were a while back we kept getting reports about skinwalkers - not the kind here on /x/, but the more traditional kind. People that can turn into animals. Nothing came of it, and we had to make it clear to the locals that we wouldn't respond to calls based on superstitions. It may seems strange that messed with me so much, except I had a weird experience in the middle of it

>i see this guy loitering in front of a conoco
>native american guy in his thirties, quite a few of em up north
>seems suspicious, perfect candidate for a field interview
>pull over, approach him and ask how he's doing
>say that we had a gun call in the area (not true) and ask if he would mind helping me out by letting me search him
>turn to unit to grab consent to search form
>turn back around and he's gone, just gone
>walking across the street is a fucking bobcat, right in the middle of town
Nope. As i said i wasnt sure.
You write like a D rated horror novelist. You're probably euphoric as fuck.
>smoking weed
Stopped reading right there obviously a fake story

lmao, thanks for the tips guys, I love how honest you guys are

So, analogies and metaphor don't quite work in the horror context... or representing how one felt during the experience?

>Obviously I can't write without emotion though... so I'll learn to step that down a notch.

I'll read the responses/tips (if any) when I get back from my friends place

I really want to try and be a better horror writer so I would appreciate it fellow /x/philes.
thread is kill?
>be me
>be about 2 years ago
>family is in Hawaii, I have to stay behind because of work
>live in shit apartment so decide to spend night at families house while everyone is away
>it's about 3am
>flipping through tv channels
>nothing on
>start watching h2o just add water
>realize i'm 22 and watching h2o: just add water so i change the channel
>in the black reflection I see the silhouette of a man
>i fucking freak
>too scared to look around
>i keep changing channel so it stay black and i can see reflection (would have been smarter to just turn tv off but i wasn't thinking)
>he's still there just watching
>suddenly he does a full 180 and walks through my arcadia door
>too scared to do anything
>grab blanket and fall asleep
>act like nothing happened
Hey man, I enjoyed the story.
There was obviously a lot going on in your head at the time, and you tried to give the reader a good idea of how you felt in the moment. If you want to tell a story, just go for it.
I totally feel you though. I've had a few moments in my life that I've found myself running actually fearing that whatever was chasing me would pull me back by my shirt or leg.
Damn son. I've had that shit happen too out near the reservation. Bobcats and coyotes. I usually just nope out when it happens
dog is hilariously shooped
started out good then jumped the shark by trying2hard to be convincing
Thank you man, I appreciate your kind words!

Glad to see you understand my perspective, for what you are implying is definitely the case here; those who have never experienced the immense fear for ones life... can never understand the perspective of that particular story.

Also I told the story to some chicks at a local place and they were enthralled!

Lol it is a true story man.

Thanks for you constructive criticism though!
File: theregishere.jpg (26KB, 463x462px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright, here I go

>Be 11 year old me
>Playing some vidya in my room
>Smuggler's Run. It was the shit
>Screen goes black for a loading screen
>A woman is standing behind me in the reflection
>Try not to notice
>Start the first mission, remember losing
>Another loading screen, the woman is standing closer
>My testicles drop. I turn to face her
>mfw she's gone
i post this shit all the time
>driving home from my gf's house at 3 am
>driving towards on-ramp for a bridge that i take all the time
>as i approach it, i notice a very tall, extremely dark figure standing with its back facing the road, looks like a humanoid-shaped, hooded figure with its hands in its pockets with its head looking down
>it looks to be about 8-9 ft tall (not slenderman)
>this fucking thing, was the blackest shade of black i've ever seen in my existence, it was otherworldly, it was blacker than the night surrounding it.
>as i drive closer it has no reaction to my presence
>i consider honking my horn at it, but the closer i get the more overwhelmed by fear i become
>i decided not to acknowledge it, it was probably a good decision because i never saw it again
what the fuck did i see guys? someone help me!
never had a paranormal experience before or after this*
File: nervsyst.jpg (126KB, 864x1152px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>reminiscing about childhood in northern Missouri
>lived in a very old 2 story house with a basement
>strange floor plan, empty storage spaces, tiny old rooms that were no longer used,
>old fireplace with a small wood door leading out to a underground firewood room with a dirt floor that was no longer used
>house used to pop and creek all the fucking always, old houses do that
>my room was directly above the long narrow stairwell to the basement
>nobody ever went in the basement after my cousin crashed into the wall and it flooded and got all mildew-y
>fond memories
>used to hear footsteps walking up and down the stairs when everyone else was sleeping
>begin thinking about my bedroom
>remember a face in the vent in the ceiling in the corner of my room
>old man's face would show up at night, every night once the lights were out
>never spoke, just watched
>turned his head to follow me around the room when run to my parent's room
>hid under the blankets for protection
>not fooling anyone
>start talking to him every night, skirting topics I thought might anger him so that he wouldn't hurt me
>he never spoke, just watched over me
>remember the reoccurring nightmare of the trash bag man
>would hear steps from the basement
>a hunched over figure would appear, covered in black plastic trash bags, crinkling as it slowly approached
>no matter where I hid in the house, it would find me and I'd wake up
>used to sleepwalk all the fucking time, sick all the fucking time, see shit everywhere, etc.
>suddenly moved to a new house and my childhood becomes normal
>recently bring these memories up while speaking with my mother
>she looks at me very seriously, tells me that she always hated that house but wouldn't go into detail
>house was built in early 1900s near a pseudoscience teaching hospital
>cousin works construction, recently digging up roads, guess what they found in trash bags
Do you live in San Antonio?
File: image.jpg (15KB, 233x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 233x250px
Holy fuck I would leave.
>testicles drop



a corpse of someone from the teaching hospital?
This took some of the fear off when I read the ending. Lol I love funny creepy things

Got anymore?
It's a hellhound, that's why it's got no shadow, you arseweed!


Op you asshole, I'm on mobile with brightness all the way down so I turn it all the way up to see what the picture was and I nearly died
I actually like that one. It keeps going after the monster shows up and stuff. Most end shortly thereafter.

Wrong one, meant to reply to >>14930598
>be anon, closing manager at a sandwich joint
>have to stay late because someone called in sick / needed to get wicked drunk
>leave at 12 when we close at 10, just annoyed that it cuts into my vidya time
>take the highway for once instead of the backroads
>the highway follows this curve around a patch of forest, there's noise barrier walls erected along the highway's sides
>see something flit in front of my car, i'm going 80 mph so it seemed impossibly fast
>shrug it off, fiddle with stereo a bit, coming up on the end of the curve, there's a section with roadway lamps and an underpass
>the sodium vapor streetlamps all snap off at the same time
>i check the clock, it's 12:11, not any sort of changeover time for lights go on or off
>something dark flits in front of my car again, at an angle towards the underpass
>start to slow down, apprehension and dread smothering me
>going probably 45 miles an hour by the time i hit the underpass
>all sound seems to stop or be muffled, my car stereo starts to fuck out and the lights on my dashboard start to dim and my headlights wink off
>immediately nope out, smash my foot into the pedal as the car starts to die
>get enough speed to roll out of the underpass and put some distance
>at the last moment before emerging from the underpass, there was this absolute void of light, darker than normal night time, two misty golden globes in the center of it
>there were no other motorists on the road at this time

Noped out pretty hard.
I got one:
>sometime in the late 90's
>resident ghost in our house was youngish woman in 40's clothes with glowing red eyes
>kinda freaky at first but you get used to it
>she mostly appeared as a shadow anyway
>reading Johnny Tremain for school
>have to fill out this worksheet
>one of the questions is particularly frustrating
>can't find the answer in the book
>go to sleep in frustration
>she appears in dream, red eyes and everything
>tells me the answer
>"Oh. Cool."
>ace that worksheet
And that's how a ghost helped me with my homework.
ITT: The secret reasons behind the 2nd Amendment.
Would have left her a glass of milk or something as a thanks.

What a nice spirit lady.
lol, that's a pretty sweet story for casual conversation
also should have asked why her eyes be glowing
u saw an old african basketball player and he was in his hood becuase he didnt want his dank gang friends to know it was him
he just wanted to chill there man
Did anyone screencap the guy who bought all of these original photos at a Sothebys auction? Shit was fucking great. One of the best thing this board has ever produced.
>cousins sister

That's your cousin too, harsh motherfucker.

Your attempt at heightened drama using wrought verbiage and the CAPS LOCK was just fucking terrible.

A solid 9/10 in the embarrassing story telling category.
You're a shitty writer, your shortcomings as a story teller have very little to do with what "style" you think you chose to portray them.

>inb4 i only wrote that in like 2 minutes
I am sorry anon but... this was not a good story. Using big words in
wrong or awkward places and using caps lock do not make for spooks.
No need for a passive-aggressive response, man. Metaphors and analogies work well in horror stores, and so can emotion. The problem is that the way you used them was awkward. Honestly, my advice is stop trying so hard and flowering your style up so much.
Can confirm. Remember following it and he stopped posting after saying something out it scratching the door.
> playing on xboxlive with friends
> Theres a big thunder and lightning storm outside
> Go to open window to smoke
> Flash of lightning lights up entire yard
> See dark figure standing in yard
> I think well thats spooky
> finish smoking
> close up window
> Start to hear tapping/scratching on glass
> Theres nothing there
> sit down look in corner to see heavy bag slowly spinning itself
> As I fucking type this it is doing that

Sorry for the greentext, I am still shit at writing. But within last couple weeks more paranormal shit has been happening. Doors opening, shadow people, cat staring and hissing at fuck all. House is old but I don't think anyone died here.
what is this pic from?
File: 1405741632608.jpg (305KB, 1308x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
305KB, 1308x1080px
That's a perfect description of a werewolf. They aren't huge like pic related as far as I can tell, tho larger varieties may exist. But if you pulled over and saw that things have, it would've had a freaking snout I guarantee
File: 1404446725819.gif (3MB, 533x300px)
3MB, 533x300px
Actually I have one
>be in kindergarden or early school, can't remember
>have to go home by myself (that's 1 km on foot)
>just as I went across the panda crossing a black AUDI pulls up next to me
>some bald guy asks if he can drive me home
>says he is a friend of dad
>even young I was really shy and hated being helped
>said no and walked off.
>mfw maybe if I wasn't such an autistic fuck I'd be dead / a sex slave
You definitely dodged the jizz bullet man

That somehow managed to blow more balls than every shitty horror movie I've ever seen. Congratulations, you fail at writing personal experiences through greentext. That's an entirely new level of failure.

3/10 Totally cringeworthy to read.
>Try not to notice
Why would you do such a thing?
File: h...how...why.jpg (92KB, 694x642px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This mustache guy driving a motorcycle stopped by me and asked if I needed a ride too. He saw my face or something and said "sorry, I got the wrong person"

I don't know what to think, did I only look good from behind or something? Did I look intimidating? Am I not cute?
There's a homeless man or a pervert outside. You are also probably hallucinating.
>Staying at grandma's house one night
>Trying to sleep out on the couch in the living room
>Suddenly get feeling of overwhelming dread
>I hide under the covers
>Lay there in sheer terror, waiting for something to happen
>Terrified of thing that may or may not happen
>Suddenly hear the mechanical walk cycle of my little sister's toy dog across the room
>For a couple minutes, I wonder if this is what I'm actually hearing

To explain a little bit more, this dog would "walk" and bark every few seconds if you turned it on. There was no barking, I could only hear the walk cycle. That wouldn't happen unless the bark was broken somehow.

>This went on for about 15 minutes
>The noise suddenly stops
>I force myself to go to sleep
>The next morning
>I check the dog
>The dog hasn't moved
>I flip it over
>The switch is off
>I turn it on
>Sure enough, the walk cycle AND barking start up
>Freak out internally

I'm not sure if it was some kind of anxiety-induced hallucination, or what, but thinking about it still creeps me out. The dog was one of those "fur real" white dogs.
> 14 - 15 years old?
> 7 or 8 out of 10
God damnit.
Have had something similar happen before
>last year
>get in fight
>big guy
>get knocked out
>picked up by ambulance
>wake up next day in hospital
>place looks old
>like, really old
>alone in sorta big room
>no lights except morning sunlight
>get up and look around
>go thru adjacent rooms, offices etc
>no one there
>check entire floor
>no lights, no people
>find stairs
>door at bottom of stairs
>open locked door from inside
>at bottom floor of small hospital
>receptionists sees me closing the door
>"what were you doing up there? you're not allowed to be there you know."
>she says only chief of medicine has key and staff has never been there
>says it's weird, checks register
>no admissions last night
>"so who took me here wit da ambulance?"
>"we don't have ambulances in this clinic, just a walk-in"
You weren't with your boys when you got into the fight? I mean no one can corroborate you getting picked up by an ambulance?
I'm so glad I'm not the only one that stops reading when I see that.
storyteller loses all credit.
Okay so this story happened to my mother circa 1996 while she was prego with me. While her and my dad were still married they lived in a small townhouse in northhampton PA.

>be my mom
>pregnant with me and works as a nurse
>gets home from work around 5pm, makes herself dinner and goes to bed (dad works late hours and doesn't get home until like 2 in the morning)
>wakes up sometime in the middle of the night to someone rubbing her leg (presumably my father)
>it is dark and she is tired but she can make out someone sitting at the foot of the bed
>person proceeds to get up and leave my mother's bedroom and out the front door (mom hears the door close)
>drifts in and out of sleep
>at some point my actual dad comes home
>in the morning my mom asks my dad why he came home and left again
>dad confused AF and says he got home a little late and went straight to bed

My dad didn't work night shifts after that happened.
you do post this shit all the time.
Weird shit bro. Guess someone was looking out for you.
>be me past year
>intrested in ufo n shit but normal
>one night
>go to sleep
>some moments after falls in a deep sleep
>moments after start dreaming, in the most lucid way ever
>dream about a strange tall figur with big head in my room
>light skin
>black eyes
>in the corner of my room looking at me
>no light in the room
>only the face has a little light around
>cant's see the body
>heart go fast
>feel asleep the entire time, conscious of be asleep
>strange sensation
>start to wake up
>in drowsiness with heart really fast
>while i start to open my eyes hear clearly a voice
>the deepest voice i've ever heard
>say: cohabit with the alien
>everything happened really fast
>get up
>try to sleep
>repeat without voice but in the dream there is a lot of light
>in the morning feel strange remember the dream
>never slept the in the same way
>always strange feeling
sorry for poor english

10/10 would read again
File: 2881052_1_l.png (242KB, 600x519px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
242KB, 600x519px
>A few weeks ago
>Dusk time
>Bedroom still has light from outside coming in
>Sitting on bed, looking at phone
>Glance up at tube TV that sits in front of bed
>See ghost kid standing at my bathroom door peering in
>Shadow in the form of a small boy
>I glance away then back at the tv
>He's just standing there with his hand on the doorknob watching me
>I turn around to look
>Nothing there
>Noped the fuck out

>Picture related (TV's off Google)
Soooo Yeah...

>Be me 21 back in old house
>In room located next to the main door
>laying in bed, resting
>Been in room for an hour, door ajar
>Parents were planning to leave house for a party
>Still waiting for friend so we can weed out
>I hear bicycle pull up near front door
>Knows friend is here
>Mom and Dad faint chatter in the living room
>Friend comes over, knocks on main door
>I wait for Mom and Dad to open the door
>Nothing, no sound
>Friend knocks again
>Annoyed, get off bed, peep out, no parents
>Give a shout to mom and dad while opening the door
>Friend come in, goes into my room
>Since no shout back from mom and dad, go check the house
>No one in the house
>"Fucken sleep paralysis maybe nodding off in bed earlier, pfft"
>Go into room
>Friend ask "Erm Anon, where's mom and dad?"
>Me: "Told ya they were going out, they musta left"
>Friend "Anon, I heard people in the living room, that's why I knocked instead of juz walking in"
>Go baked later on, put the shit out of my mind

But that was pretty much the beginning of it. Shit kept getting weird around the house till we sold it.
ayy when u get outta middleschool you'll suprised how many of ur pals smoke
I know how many of them do, and I know that 99% of their stories are bullshit. I don't care if people smoke or whatever they want to do, but if you are giving an account of events you witnessed while in an altered psychological state it's hard to believe. Truer still... Most of the stories on here are made up anyhow.
I remember you from the crepe house thread
That's odd, I only posted this once before here...gud to know someone read it, let alone remember
Got several more from the same house before we sold it, practically a house that I lived in for 24 years. Lemme know if wanna hear some more.

2nd time posting in greentext so dun mind my writing
sure thing anon, dont worry keep dem grntxt comin'
You look good anon, he probably really thought you were someone else.
"House before selling" 2

My old room in that house we sold is my world, my parents hardly come in, only friends

>Be me around 20 - 21 laying on the bed
>room door not fully closed, half way open
>Bed next to wall, against wall, I'm on my side facing the wall
partially falling asleep
>Feel someone enter room, "probably mom", still partially falling asleep
>Become pretty aware, come back to wakefulness cuz I don't want mom in the room
>Too tired to turn around
>Mom comes and sits on the bed, feel the mattress sink right behind me
>Pissed the fuck out
>Turns around to ask her "What the fuck is up" in a nicer way
>No one there
>Only 7 pm
>jump out the bed, jet out to the living room, empty
>Front door locked
>Jet out to the back of the house
>Sees mom in the garden talking to neighbor
>Logically mom couldn't have been in the house
>Me: "Mom why did you come into my room now?"
>Mom: "Huh? What? I don't come into your room, I was here talking to anon neighbor"
>"Sleep paralysis??? Wtf..pfft"
>be me
>little kid
>always would lie awake in my bed reading comics and shit long after my parents sent me to bed
>one night it's really humid out so the window is open
>hear what sounds like some people talking outside
>look outside window
>no one there
>go back to bed
>still hear the voices talking
>they sound pretty close, almost like they're in our backyard
>but i can never make out what they're saying
>they keep talking for hours and hours, probably past midnight
>this continues to happen occasionally whenever the window is open
>even today, i can still hear those fuckers talking when i'm sleeping at my parent's house

I think I may have heard them while the window was closed once or twice as well. Kind of weird.
reminds me of this
>be me
>suffer insomnia
>small house
>own bedroom is across mom's
>mom's is an earlybird
>sometime between 1 and 2 am
>hear whispers from mom's room
>sounds like 2 people
>tell this to mom
>mom says she doesnt stays up that late
>keeps happening everytime I had insomnia
>new house
>sometimes staying up really late, not insomnia
"House before selling" 3

>Be me around 22
>Parents gone out for the night
>Call friends to come over to get drunk
>Around 10ish
>Waiting for friends to come
>Need to take shit, bathroom located back part of house down the hall way, goes there
>Knows friends will juz walk in since house is empty, front door unlocked
>Motorbike pulls into the garden
>"Ah anon is here! fucker must have the bottle" still taking dump
>Anon doesn't walk into the house
>Listening, since can hear clearly if door opens
>knocks on door, bell rings several time
>annoyed since fucken told anon no one home
>Friends know if I no answer door, I be taking shit
>At last door opens, anon walks in "Anon?...Anon?!?"
>Me: "Taking a shit bro!"
>Anon walks all the way to the bathroom "anon? "
>Me: "Oi taking a shit, be out soon"
>Finish shit walk out
>Anon waiting in room playing music
>Anon: "Mom asleep?"
>Me: "No, Wtf, Told you they left"
>Anon: "Oh.."
> Curious me: "wait, why ?"
>Anon: "nothing, fuck it"

So he didn't told me what happened that night after we sold the house, 1 year later:

>Anon: "Remember that day in old house? (recap)
>Me: " Ah yeah, what happened?"
>Anon "I told other 2 friend anons that day, told not to tell you"
>Anon "When I walked to enter the house, your mom moved the curtain in the front window slightly and took a quick peek and closed curtain again"
>Anon "So I called for your mom, you and then knocked, then rang door bell"
>Anon "When I opened the door, your mom was standing next to her room and quickly went inside "
>Parents room down the hallway, between my room and bathroom
>Anon :"I came all the way to the bathroom shouting for you cuz it was weird...but when you came out of bathroom confirmed with you...so...yeah...glad you sold the house"
>Me: "You should have told that story earlier..."
He told me*
welp, that gave me chills
>be late evening, around 7-8 PM last Winter
>live in the middle of bumblefuck nowhere, Irish countryside
>whole area around my house is either deep woods, bogland, or fields.
>be strolling through woods
>dense and overgrown path, tree cover lowers light levels significantly
>sun already cresting horizon, it's getting dark
>on the right of the path is a thick treeline, which opens into a field
>continue walking, all is normal, if not a little 3spoodep5u
>cold weather, wind howling, it's getting dark, and I'm a good half hour walk from my house

>I'm stopped in my tracks by screaming
>sounds like a horse dying
>or foxes fucking, whatever
>it was scary as balls
>come up on fence to my right, the one which leads into the field
>the setting sun silhouettes these dainty, slender, quadrapeds standing still some distance into the field
>I see that one is lying on the ground, probably dead

At this point I was turning down the volume on my ipod to listen out for the direction of the scream, I'd lost concentration and banged against the wrought iron gate, making some noise.

>figures, which I've worked out as being horses, notice me
>one canters over, limping
>it gets close, and I can see it's been starved, its ribs clearly jutting out
>it comes up to the gate
>I notice that the horse has no fucking eyes
>just empty fucking sockets with some dried blood that had ran down its face
>Right on fucking time, the screaming starts up again
>all the horses start neighing and making loud as fuck noises as I bolt it in the opposite direction
>never ran so fast in my life

Thinking back on it, the situation itself wasn't that creepy in retrospect. I've seen eyeless horses quite a few times in my life, it was just the right combination of ambience and foxes fucking that sp00ped me.
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Sounds to me like you're imagining it bro. I got the same thing, every night where the insomnia was bad I'd see something staring at me through the door. When It's not too bad nothings there.
Yeah he stopped. I remember clearly. I was so fucking scared because I travel that area lot, especially when that was going on, going back and forth between my old and new town. Shit had me bugged out.
>ghost in the macro hide ghost whispering threads ignore ghost whispering threads report ghost whispering threads
"House before selling" 4

>Be me 19
>Come home early morning from grave yard shift job
>Walk into house, walk into room
>Juz want to hit the bed and die
>Walk over to bed, juz before falling slap away the "Bat man" sign on the bed
>Get up look at the floor
>Little bat laying on the floor, can't fly
>Feel bad, and excited, walk out room, parents still asleep
>Get box, put bat inside, find some fruits, put in the box
>Take box outside, put in dark area, alot of shade, against a short tree
>Go into room, feeling happy, hit the bed and get knocked out
>Wake up in the afternoon
>Look for box, fruits still inside, no bat
>Bat too small, can't even fly
>"Fucken cats..."

About a week later

>Walk into house, parents serious discussion
>Mom: "Anon son, come sit down, need to tell you something"
>Dad: "Hmmm"
>Me: "What ?"
>Mom: "Well, I've been feeling a bit strange about the house since lately, after your grandma died and everything. Something not right"
>Dad: "Sigh"
>Me: "Okay..."
>Mom: "Strange things happened, so your father and I went to see an exorcist"
>Me: "Erm...stupid but okay"
>Dad "Same thing I told, but eh"
>Mom: "Look it's just for precaution...so we went because I saw 2 out of the 3 signs which shows there maybe a curse"
>Me: "Mom....you are stupid to be so superstitious"
>Mon: "Well I went, and he said there was something, but he removed it. It's gone, so nothing to worry. It's all okay now"
>Me in head "The fuck's wrong with her"
>Dad doesn't believe in the paranormal, not scared of spirits/ghosts
>Me: "okay then, well all gud now, going out"
>Get off couch, on the way out, turn around remembering something
>Me: "Mom, what were supposed to be the signs, what you saw?"
>Mom :"Well Cow in the garden, and crow inside the house, within the last week, all these happened"
>Me "LMFAO...stupid signs"
>About to walk out "Wait, 3rd sign?"
>Mom: "Bat inside the house"
>Pause, walk out the house and realized never told a living soul about the bat, shuda
Refer to this picture

> be 16ish or something
> laying down, late at night in muh bed
> hear some scratching at point a
> idk why, didn't give a shit
> night #2, hear the shit, louder
> freaked out a bit this time, the fuck is this shit
> goes on for several nights
> finally happens one night earlier than usual
> father says from other room
> " what are you doing anon?"
> " you hear that too, it's outside on the roof?"
> brother could hear it from lower level where he sleeps, asks about it too
> My dad told me to give my older brother my maglight to check it out
> brother goes outside
> scratching stops
> brother comes in and says he didn't see anything
> parents go to sleep, scratching starts happening again
> next morning we go out to look at roof, panels are torn up a bit
> scratches don't happen again, it's been atleast three years

The freaky thing is that there's nothing a racoon could have climbed to get up there. We have racoons under our deck, but unless they can climb a pine tree they couldn't have gotten there.

terrible writing/10

boring too

spooky my attic reverberates sounds, lmao

nice ambiance, that would be a freaky experience
>be my grandfather
>be born in '41
>living in georgia at the time
>raised in small house with six other siblings
>two of them brothers
>one day visiting aunt, him and two brothers decide to explore attic
>open attic and horrible smell rolls out
>they gag and laugh and dare my grandfather (oldest of the three) to go in
>he says only if they follow right behind
>they agree and all go into attic
>it's daytime, middle of summer, hot as balls in there
>youngest of brothers freaks out, goes back down stairs
>dog starts barking like crazy a few stories below
>grandfather and brother continue exploring the attic

>they find nothing out of the oridnary, start looking for source of smell
>seems to be coming from grandfather clock
>they go over and investiage it
>clock is still ticking
>open the front and a congealed mass of rats tumbles out
>it's all tangled with what appears to be long hair, which was black
>hear call from the adults, they freak out and stuff the rats back inside
>hurry downstairs


>grandfather goes to vietnam
>kicks the shit out of the chinks
>gets wounded three times and is sent back home half-way through

>meets my grandmother when he returns home and starts going to school
>she is a rights activist and doesn't date him even though he likes her
>lies and tells her he was drafted, didn't volunteer
>after about a year convinces her to marry him
>she does
>they get married
>after about two years my grandfather drops out of school, starts working
>he is a mechanic
>they finally move into a decent house
>house is nowhere near the house he found all the rats
>my grandmother gets a job as a proofreader until they have kids
>only two kids, because my grandfather didn't like being in big fam
>one of those kids is my dad
>my dad grows up and has a pretty normal childhood until he is about 16

>at 16 my dad decides to fuck the system and live in the woods
>does it for one year, hates it, comes back home
>knocks up a waitress
>my grandfather pressures him to marry her even though he didn't care much for her
>he does
>it's my mom
>my mom has me
>i spend a lot of time at my grandfather's house, especially up in the attic
>he built like, this sweet play area with beds and a nintendo and shit
>a few years ago at a thanksgiving dinner we are telling stories
>he tells me the story about what he found in the attic
>i decide to post it on 4chan a while later

im cool if you guys screencap this
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>be me
>reading some stories
>raining outside, I mean its poring out there
>about to switch from story reading to fapping
>take out my equipmunk
>almost finish a spooky story
>"yea fappin time"
>hear odd clunking sounds behind me
>turn around slowly
>dog was licking plate, with the dumbest puppy eye expression on her face after I caught her
You right anon
Sorry about the writing, English no my first language
2nd time writing greentext
Well story is true though, all the stories connected to the one that we had to sell the house
No worries, just letting u know.
Also you're on about 90% of /x/ level of writing, so keep writing them true stories.
You don't really understand this place, do you?
To tall to be a person. But more then likely my mind is playing tricks on me. But weird shit like this hasn't happened since I was 6.

Yo where the fuck have you seen eyeless horses?
>Lived in small town all my life, population just under 2000
>Always heard legends of some guy called Thornton.
>Story goes something like this
>Town used to have a lot more people when it was first founded
>Thornton was some local farmer with a small area of land
>Member of the occult
>Kidnapped and killed people in his field
>Drank the blood, raped the bodies
>Townspeople found out
>Small group lynched him in the woods
>That's all true
>Kids told this story all the time
>People said his ghost haunted town
>Ghost was linked to the tree he was hung from
>Nicknamed "The Coughing Tree" for some reason
>Nobody seriously believed in the ghost
>Be me, be 16
>Beginning of summer break
>Friends and I hanging out
>One guy's cousin was visiting for the summer, so she tagged along
>8/10, seemed interested in me
>She didn't know about Thornton
>Friends tell her
>Really ham it up, make it sound creepy
>She's into the stories
>Wants to see the Coughing Tree
>We've all seen it at some point
>Really boring, just an old tree
>An old piece of rope, maybe from the actual noose used for the hanging, used to be on a branch
>After that went missing, tree is just a lame tree
>I offer to take her
>Hoping for some alone time
>I was a desperate virgin
>Other friends are into the idea, ruin my chances at getting laid
>We head into the woods
>It's fairly late, sun's starting to go down by the time we find the tree
>It had weird symbols carved into the bark, that's how we found it
>Girl reaches out to touch it, looking up at the branches
>Rest of us hang back
>She stands near it for a while
>Says nothing
>Suddenly starts crying
>Falls to her knees in front of the tree
>She yells something unintelligible
>We're all a bit creeped out
>Hear twig snap in distance
>One guy panics, runs
>Other stay behind
>The one girl keeps sobbing
>Her cousin tries to grab her, she bites at him
>Gets his wrist, he's bleeding now
>Steps back, clutching his wrist
>She keeps crying
>We're all rather frightened

Are you talking about this, by any chance?
>last week
>hanging out with my two best friends
>both are into paranormal shit but don't browse /x/, although I introduced them to it after this
>visiting my hometown of North Providence, Rhode Island
>mix of urban/suburban area
>we're walking around super late, like 12:00-2:00 am
>decide to hang out for awhile at our old elementary school
>toss football around near the back
>no lights whatsoever on this side
>one of my friends starts talking about how much of it looked like an insane asylum (padded doors and shit like that)
>i'm a faggot so i'm looking for any excuse to get out of it so i walk up to this random shipping crate and try to climb it
>as soon as I get near it I instantly get hit with a stench similar to decomposition
>tell friends, they come over and one of them starts gagging
>all agree to just go hang out on the playground at the front
>both of my friends take pisses, one of them pisses down the slide
>all the while we converse/joke about the insane asylum thing
>start fake talking to "ghostbro"
>my friends finish pissing and now suddenly I do too so I take the comedic approach and whip out my wang at the top of the slide
>hear a door slam in the direction of the school
>zip up and ask my friends if they just heard that, and they say no
>start talking about if there's a ghost on the playground
>one of my friends say "I don't wanna hang out with no creepy, insane asylum ghost."
>the instant he insults the ghostbro the street light that's right next to the playground (the playground is also right next to the school parking lot) shuts out
>we all fucking dip
A lot more creepy shit, mostly involving street lights, happened that night if anyone wants to hear them.
some crazy synchronicity going on here, I have this story I've been throwing around (in my head) that is very similar to this... odd
Rereading this, it seems lame in hindsight

>Some kids start leaving
>Down to just me, the girl, and her cousin
>She quiets down, still crying, still touching the tree
>Shrieks at us if we get closer
>Strange man comes by at some point
>Seems normal enough, but something off about him
>He talks to the girl, calms her down
>She steps away from the tree
>He touches the tree and keeps talking
>Says some stuff about Thornton not deserving it
>Claims to be a descendant of him
>I didn't believe it
>The one friend does, and asks about it
>The stranger says he was raised to honor his great-whatever-grandfather and what he did
>Stranger says something about the girl being like him
>Says the tree "spoke to her"
>Says Thornton "chose her"
>I'm nervous now
>Sun's nearly down
>Stranger offers to "help" the girl
>Says there's a place she can be safe
>Says there's others like her
>Asks her to help "honor Thornton"
>She seems like she's willing
>Seems a bit out of it
>Friend and I hold her back
>Stranger invites us to come too
>Try to turn him down politely
>We tell him we have to go, our parents will worry
>He follows us
>We stupidly decide to run
>He chases us, yelling something about Thornton and the tree
>We get to town after a while
>He's still running and yelling
>I'm sore, my heart is dying
>I was pretty out of shape
>We're running down the streets
>It's dark, but not too late
>By this time, we're not really running
>Too tired, girl still resisting
>Stranger slows down too
>Tries to calmly reason with us
>Somebody must have seen and called the cops
>Thank God
>Cop car pulls up beside us
>We stop, the stranger stops
>One cop gets out, tries to talk to the stranger
>Stranger doesn't hold back, threatens to kill cop
>Stranger punches cop
>Cop tazes stranger
>Gets him into car
>We walk off, rather shaken
>Hear rumors circulating about the incident
>Never hear anything official about the stranger
>Never learn what his problem was
>And I never got in with the girl
Fuck off with this shit.
>making out with 9/10 grill
>telly rings
>answer the phone
>it's gf's dad
>he's yelling
>i ask gf how he got my number
>mfw she tells me her dad is dead
File: 1404766948121.jpg (37KB, 396x385px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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stop posting that shit

nice triples :^)
File: 1382691240251.gif (746KB, 400x378px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Jesus fucking christ nigger, all this shit needs to be absolute creepypasta wiki-tier shit is for you to mention the 5 gf you have for orgies and you being rich.
>go to close the door with closed eyes it cant be closed like somethings in the way

Maybe he actually got the wrong person.
Maybe you look like his neighbor from behind.
Story is 10/10 but the way the dog looks so obviously shopped into it just ruins it for me.
But in all seriousness,
Story 1
>be me, 8 or 9
>be living with cousin
>in the living room playing with legos
>fuck yeah, legos
>everyone else is playing vidya in my brother's room
>dead silence
>glance at hallway, light's off
>hear a ball bouncing
>look back at hallway
>light is on, red ball bouncing out of hallway
>we don't own a red ball
>everyone was still playing vidya in the room
>scream at the top of my lungs, "GHOOOOOST"
>mfw no one knew what the fuck I was talking about
>never saw the red ball ever again.
Story 2
>be 17
>home alone
>need to piss
>head to bathroom
>hearing noises outside
>[breathing intensifies]
>peek head out of bathroom
>garage door is trying to open itself
>thank the elder gods for the chain lock
>still, wtf
>grow balls and approach door
>no door handle btw
>release the chain
>door stops moving
>slowly nope away
>2 hours later
>creaking noises coming from outside
>the garage door is opening and closing itself
>close and lock my door
>turn into scared fag
>not letting the ghost watch tv with you
Prick, he was obviously bored.
>be 5 year old me
>late at night
>wake up because I did that every night
>go to parents room to return sleep
>about to return to sleep when dog suddenly appears in the hallway
>it's dark so only see silhouette
>dog walks out
>hear his footsteps fade
>go to walk after him
>see his shadow in the other hallway
>go to said hallway
>hear him go into grandma's room
>go to said room
>mfw the dog isn't there
>go back to parents room
>sleep as if nothing happened
>mfw dog was outside the whole time

I wasn't scared then cause I was young and shit, but when I think back on it I wonder.
I shudder at the thought.

>push with all my strength
>doors don't
>push with all my strenght door clothes
>door clothes

The door was wearing clothes derp
I have a couple of minor incidents that I can post if anyone wants.
this is /x/, no need to ask if we want to hear your stories.

I liked it. I'm sad you didn't bang her.
Say, "those eyes" one more time, motherfucker
Hell yeah keep going
File: Haus.png (23KB, 1008x630px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If you insist. So let me start with the first superscare I had.
>Be me
>Be 3
>Be livin in Computer room (at the time was Toddler edition)
>Parents are in their room (at the time was Entertainment room) watching some TeeVee.
>Waddle through odd hall towards the kitchen to be with family
>suddenly ear piercing screech from nowhere rips through the house
>Sounds like a woman just got fucking murdered
>My parents weren't watching any movies at loud volumes since I didn't hear anything earlier, so it couldn't be them.
>So I do what any super tough toddler would do
>I sit on my ass and cry like a bitch
>Parents swoop in and save the day

Worst part is that this happened again in the exact same way a year later.
I know this is small, but I have many more stories of small encounters.
File: BSMNT.png (20KB, 1008x630px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be me
>Still be 3
>Be playin with legos
>suddenly I get an overwhelming feeling of sheer terror
>I cant move, scream, cry, or get up.
>I'm looking into the darkness of the Adult Zone
>I can feel something behind me but nothing is there and lots of pressure on my chest
>Suddenly burst into tears
>Parents swoop in once again, feeling is gone after they hit the last step of the stairs

I know I was young but that kind of fear I have never felt to be so intense, like a fight or flight response where I picked option 3: cry.

Over my toddler/small child years, I've had a lot of encounters in my home. Some of the strangest are:
>Randomly moving Little horse toy (Like someone was riding it)
>Dad packing zone stereo turning on and playing random stations
>toys in different positions and locations from where I moved them a day before, still upright.
>feelings of fear. (Im getting that right now as I type)
>Shit moving out of the corner of my eye.
I have a cat now and in my toddler years but they were asleep/didn't have one when all these events happened.
File: 1373428291112.gif (787KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
787KB, 480x360px

>Be me
>Be 4
>one day after the radio turns on for no apparent reason and scaring the shit out of me my dad has had enough of the ghost's bullshit
>He goes into the ADULT ZONE and turns off all the lights and just is in the dark by the radio
For clarification, my father is a 5' 10" mexican man who is just BEEFED. Fukkin ripped and has a voice so strong and deep that it can make a rebellious teen turn well behaved gentlemen in 10 words or less.
>Calls out to the ghost
>"Hey motherfucker, if you want to fuck with someone, fuck with me! It's just us now, motherfucker, so go ahead do something!"
>Is there for about 10 minutes with lights off, all dark, all alone
>Yells "Damn right!" and leaves
>No incident in 10 years.
okay. yall gonna hate this
This all occurs after 10PM

>be 18 yr old me back a few years
>be with my 2 friends
>lets call them Ash and Vin
>get really baked, have a good time
>we go get MiccyDs
>as we drive back we park inbetween a playground and the path to the woods
>We conjure up an Idea.
>"Let's go get baked in the woods and eat there too same time, I'll be great"
>It's dark as shit outside
>stoned me thinks this idea is AWESOME
>we walk down the path with our food
>heightened sense of hearing from pot exaggerates how close the main road is.
>shrug it off
>get to the edge, looking for the crossing area
>Suddenly hear loud rustling
>all 3 of us glare at the woods edge on the other side of the road.
>nothing on the ground
>I notice 4 leaves or so fucking fly past the almost dead lamp post light
>I make a sound that somehow got everyone to look up at the trees and such
>Like the leafy canopy
>The branches on a tree more to the right rustle hard core.
>No fucking wind is blowing
>No fucking cars have driven by since we got there.
>The branches stop rustling.
>Something jumped tree to tree, shaking separate branches.
>We run.
>I look back
>See orange-ish dots at the top of the tree line
>We went to the playground
>We ate our food.
>Smoked waaaay more
>Fucking ran to the car after we heard a LOUD ass growling.
>Drove our asses to a friends house.

Mfw the eyes.
File: 1376614682727.jpg (86KB, 328x328px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86KB, 328x328px

This will be my last part before I abandon thread.
>Be me
>Be 14
>Livin life with no incident
>Invite friend over to hang out and play some vidya downstairs
>Lets call him Dan
>We go downstairs and while we are setting up we start fucking around by the south eastern part of the kid zone.
>Lil ball rolls by us
>no wind, we didn't touch it, no motherfucking cat there
>Our faces when

and to make sure the post isn't too short, I have another story

>Be me still
>Be 15 still
>Be sleeping before I hear small talk coming from the basement
>Very faint but it's there
>Grow a pair and go downstairs
>MFW the radio's on and doing the same shit from years ago
>say aloud "dude, I don't want to deal with this. I just want to sleep in peace."
>Go back upstairs
>Best sleep I've had in my life.

Oh yeah and I also forgot to mention that the ghost likes to call out names of the family there to fuck with us.
And I think he's in the room with me because I can feel cold in an area where it shouldn't be. No vents no open windows, nothin. Feeling too super scare to do anything about it.
Where do you live? US, Australia, where?
I deeply regret asking for your stories. Not scary at all.
a lot of these aren't
an spoppy skeletron
File: spooky ghost man.jpg (9KB, 193x398px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
spooky ghost man.jpg
9KB, 193x398px
shadow people can be the worst, the one I saw when I was a kid was a fucking prick
If you're telling the truth (and you're probably not like the rest of these stories) sounds like the beginning of an alien abduction.
you might be surprised that 99% percent of all stories told are bullshit. go too a bar sometime
when i moved down south i always heard garbled voices and i freaked me out quite a bit as i am falling asleep.
then i realized it was just part of the cacophany of insects making noise outside trying too get laid.
slept like a baby since
i love the photograph but the shopped dog ruins it
this was fucking great.
File: area.png (3MB, 1587x741px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1587x741px
This is where it happened.

Pink is where I initially saw it, that little underpass is where most of the shit went down.
File: s.jpg (241KB, 1337x1384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
241KB, 1337x1384px
>be me
>happy with life
>doing kid shit
>hear this whistling in my ear, not ringing, like wind whistling
>lose my shit

>that night
>cant sleep
>silhouette outside curtains
>freaking the fuck out
>too scared to go wake parents in case whatever sees me move
"Don't be afraid."
>lose shit, fall asleep in seconds in bed

>be me
>life is average
>average me
>flirting with girl
>think to self
"Don't be afraid"
>hear it in that voice
>wake up in hospital
"anon you had a heart attack, we need to operate"
>the doctor has that voice
>black out

>be me, 17
>sick of things
>drop out
>dead end MacDonald's tier job
>work night shift one day
>walk home through city
>see guy who looks like the shadow did in an alley, dark, can't see much but his teeth and shape
>teeth curled into shit eating grin
"Don't be afraid"
>black out
From there, nothing it all stopped.
sorta the same story happened with my parents too. My mom was pregnant with me and my dad worked till 2 am. One night she hears footsteps in the living room and a faint cough while shes in the bedroom. The front door opens then closes only for a while later my dad would show up. My mom asked why did you get home then leave again. My dad explained he just got home. Shortly after they moved from that apartment.
>Driving home one night with family.
>We live out in the sticks.
>Not storming or anything but there's bursts of lighting coming from our left.
>Also on our left is a ditch.
>Further down the road in that ditch is a car with absolutely no lights on.
>Like in a horror movie, a flash of lightning reveals a man just sitting behind the wheel looking at us as we drive by.
>We get home.
>Later, my brother is taking the trash can out to the street.
>Man is driving slowly up and down the road with no lights on.
>Brother comes inside, says he heard him say "Help me".
>Call 911.
>Police arrive.
>No sign of him again.

I also remember reading this in the other thread haha. Must've been pretty freaky realizing that the chatter you heard wasn't what you thought it was
>Further down same road, at very end.
>Abandoned military base of some kind.
>Friend would often stake it out.
>Rows of open bunkers.
>Men in white trucks arrive and have him leave.
>He sees them welding one of the bunkers shut.
We had this door which would refuse to close every now and again. Got the hinges changed, had the door and frame checked etc. Nothing wrong with it at all. Doesn't sound spoopy but when accompanied with other details it does a bit.
>door is to my parent's room
>never had problem with it but then my dad passed
>ill from cancer so decide to keep him at home and he dies in his own bedroom surrounded by family
>an hour after he passed we all left the room and I attempted to close it
>it literally wouldn't close
>dad's body is removed the next day, same problem with closing door directly after taking out the body but it's my sister who's hauling at it this time
>we'd closed the door fine plenty of times in between his death and body removal
Months go by without it happening again and all is forgotten
>go back into parents room one time to pick up a few things I needed
>met with a deep sense of despair
>nope the fuck out of their and try to slam door behind me
>it jams
>feel fine once I'm out

Both my mother and sister have reported the exact same thing, intense feelings of sorrow followed by the door not closing if they attempt to pull it behind them. Also seen a figure in the room in broad daylight on several occasions. Mother has seen the figure more, which is a given as it's her room. Also felt something placed on my shoulder once. Wasn't aggressive or pulling me etc, it was just there. Figure it's the spirit of our father letting us know he's still there and doesn't want us to shut the door as it's shutting him away from us. We came to the last assumption giving that room is the only place we get the unexplained emotions and experienced the odd goings on.
Shit, that's pretty sad.
Sorry bro.
It's strangely comforting at times. Never really believed in spirits etc but upon seeing a very human shaped blur against the wall and feeling the pressure on my shoulder I kind of do now. Sometimes it's pleasant to know that someone's there. May not be my father but it means that he could be around somewhere after death. But the sorrow and despair feelings I do believe are from my dad as that's definitely what emotion he'd have been going through when he knew he was on death's door.
File: 1401003359020.jpg (205KB, 708x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
205KB, 708x1000px
>death's door.

Ahh I see.
>a few months ago
>scouting locations for a short
>come upon some sketchy ass hotel off the freeway
>go inside, place is like creepville
>sneak upstairs and floor is sticky as fuck
>looks like it's being renovated
>me and my bud go deeper into the hotel
>it's kinda dark in this area so i light up my phone's flashlight
>hear squeaking
>i try to get my friend to go because it might be security
>it wasn't
>it was a guy limping toward us wearing a grey jumpsuit
>can't see his face
>we're just kinda standing there watching him slowly move toward us
>he steps into an area lit by a window
>his face is disfigured as fuck
>can't see his fucking nose
>he stops about 10 feet away from us
>my friend and i are slowly backing away as if to not piss him off
>he breaks into a full on olympic sprint
>friend and i get the fuck out and drive off without looking back

can't remember the name of the hotel but it's in dallas off 635 if anyone wants to check it out
Sorry, I went out. But yeah I'll continue.
>creeped out but fascinated so we keep walking.
>notice street lights start flickering as we walk past but only in the area around the school
>as we walk towards one in particular it starts getting dimmer
>it completely shuts out by the time we're like five feet away
>we walk under it and it just goes from like 0-100 and becomes blindingly bright, like nothing I've ever seen before
>we all book it as fast as we can because fuck that
>we wonder if the spirit bound itself to my necklace or some shit like that
>get a weird feeling of power and fright at the same time
>to test our theory I give my necklace to my friend since he was leaving the next day while I was staying for awhile

I haven't really heard from him since, I'll have to ask him about it soon.
Stop drinking so much #LOL
Unfortunately, no.

Anon bought the real photographs, from Sothebys. In a elaborate box, folders and files. Actually linked to the exclusive Sothebys auction.

If it was roleplay - of course it was roleplay - it was extremely well thought out and executed. I'm bored at work right now so I'll start digging for it.
>chillin at apartment, browsing /x/
>reading unsolved mysteries/crime thread in the living room right next to the door
>on the ground floor, window right next to door, couch under window
>all of a sudden I heat a roar of an engine and tires screeching
>a lifted yellow 80s Bronco hops the curb and brakes not 5 feet from my door
>all lights are out except for the streetlight behind it
>turns the engine off, I peer through the blinds
>I see two cigarettes glowing in the front seat but not the people in the truck
>the silence is broken by someone racking a shotgun
>shitting bricks now, jesus fuck what is happening
>they sit in front of my door for two hours, I don't have a phone or a gun
>I just stare at them thru the blinds for two of the most intense hours of my life
>they finally start the engine and leave, lights off
>one week later I find 9mm casings near one of my neighbor's doors, never hear from them again
OP, you have got to stop using that pic.
Fuckin rented this VHS tape from the movie store a couple of years back. Watched it with my bros and it's this black and white shit and this little slut comin out of a well. Fuckin phone rings and they're like "Yo ass gonna die in 7 days, faggot ass bitch".
Punk ass niggas
Yeah weird shit. My grandfather also died in that townhouse when I was about 2. We are in contact with the current owners and they describe a man that supposedly looks exactly like my mom's father who sits in the living room sometimes and then just vanishes.
That's The Ring you stupid fucking nigger
Reminds me of this story
Not spooky; but a WTF/thank god indeed

>have a shitty childhood
>go to jail
>get involved with a gang
>cray shit happens, miss death/big jail time by a hair
>back at my parent's home for a few weeks
>feel bummed, go for a walk
>come back, my parents look at me strange and tell me my cousin's mom called and wants to talk to me
>we never met, or spoke, before
>her daughter, my cousin died with her friend a few years before in a car crash when the drunk asshole driver tried to race in a Hyndai Accent
>call her, no idea what she wants, sit by myself in room
>Her mom tells me her daughter is worried about me
>she starts telling me she knows how i feel, and absolutely fucking describes everything with a supernatural impossible precision
>the dam breaks, the armor is penetrated, the shell has cracked. start crying, can't help it; she knows everything
>we talk for maybe 20-30min. i insist that nobody could know what she was telling me
>walk out of the room page as a sheet
>parents asks me what she wanted, tell them it's fine, not to worry about it
>eventually left the gang; cray shit happened still but i got around to leave and trying to lead a better, safer life
>saw her in my dreams a couple times, i feel she is watching over me

I have a guardian angel. There is something after death. I love you, Genevieve.
Top kek.
b-b-but anon, who was door?
File: 1402320535926.png (459KB, 664x605px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
459KB, 664x605px
>tfw no red-eyed ghost gf to help with homework
>congealed mass of rats
Sounds like a Rat King, a recognized phenomenon that happens when a shitton of rats hang out together so long that all the dirt on their tails forms together like concrete.
File: IMG_1045.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3264x2448px
this didn't happen to me but it's relevant to me because it happened at my workplace.

>bar I work at has 3 floors
>each floor is its own "bar" different vibes, music, people etc.
>basement bar, ground floor bar, then upstairs bar
>upstairs bar has another flight of stairs that leads to a mini-bar that overlooks dance floor, also where the bathrooms are
>basement bar is alright, kinda spoopy but only cause its dark and smells bad
>spend most of my time on ground floor bar, most well lit and has AC and booths. also I can see the street so that helps
>upstairs bar has a different atmosphere
>even in the morning the place is black as pitch, have to use my flashlight to find the switchboard and turn on the very few, dim overhead bar lamps

so here's what happened:

>girl I work with was at the topmost level (where bathroom is)
>she's doing whatever when she turns around and sees some older guy sitting in one of the leather wall-length seats
>politely tells him that she can't legally serve him because it's too early but he's welcome to stay until that she can
>he doesn't say anything, so she just turns around and carries on with what she's doing
>a few moments pass and she turns around again
>he's gone
>if he had gone down the stairs she would have heard it, he could have gone into the bathroom but there are no lights at the top level so fuck going in there to check

if he had left at any point she would have seen it, he would have had to cross her path to leave.

I still hate going up there. the quiet and dark is the worst.

pic related, that's the exit sign. it doesn't help.
File: 1387497533554.jpg (39KB, 488x494px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 488x494px
>that pic
As if marijuana makes people hallucinate.
I can understand that stoners often get paranoid and freak out about non-issues, but these stories aren't, "oh guys I feel like there was another guy. Wait was that a tee branch or a hand? What? Oh shit guys what if it was a hand?" These stories are, "We all saw fucking monsters and got chased and two of my friends had no eyes and disappeared, never to be seen from again."
If you are going to believe in skinwalkers (or suspend disbelief to enjoy stories as I do), the presence of marijuana shouldn't spoil the story at all.
File: Smile.jpg (182KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
182KB, 1000x1000px
>be my dads uncle-in-law
>about 5 years ago
>he had a german shepherd
>he loved that dog
>one night grandpa and grandma are over at their place
>spending the weekend there
>everyone was watching tv in the living room
>suddenly said uncle gets up and goes outside in the middle of the night
>comes back 15mins later
>just sits down and says "there, *dogs name* got a few smacks for the last time"
>the next morning he was found dead in his room
he was a diabetic

the weird thing is that he never EVER laid hands on his dog, but that night something just clicked in him.
his wife died 1 month later, and when she drew her last breath, all the dogs in the neighbourhood started howling.
File: image.jpg (424KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This happened around around 5 years back when i was out hunting with my friend T:
>hunting with my pal T
>heard romours about a big buck in our hunting grounds

The hunting grounds where up around Bucks lake near Lake Tahoe if anyone knows where that is.
Back to the story...
>so we drove up there spottet some nice bucks on the travel through the steap terrain and agreed to camp there for a couple of days because we were sure to get atleast a buck each.
>the first day we camp out there we agree to just chill and enjoy the nature and start hunting in the morning

Pic related, same terrain as Bucks Lake
Your style is really good for a novel or short story but in greentext it´s kinda awkward...
Anyone still alive out there? Cont.
>so the first day passed and we just enjoyed the nature and the animals and packed out our gear
>the next morning we got up early
>I chose to sit near some trees by the lake on the eastern side while T chose to sit in the cover of some bushes just around 400 feet away from me
>we sat there for some time while nothing happened
>we could hear the birds singning on the morning sun and we could hear a distant call from a roe
>i had my mossberg 4x4 .308 with me and T had his old mauser 30.06 with him
>all of a sudden everything went dead quiet
>no sounds at all only the wind
Crowcotta anyone? Hyena Laugh, terrible smell, voice mimicry, only big problem is why in america. Also not skinwalker.
>so the silence lasted for around 20 minutes
>then i decided that nothing was going to happen and that it was too boring to just stay in the same place, so i headed down to T
>i got down to T in 10 minutes
>we looked at each other and talked about the weird silence
>be 26
>my dad and me use to fish when I was younger mostly trout, walleyes and perch
>grew up and moved out of state
>Dad got back into fishing after watching River Monsters ect.
>I save up money to take my dad to japan, he has friends he made there while he was stationed as a military engineer (worked on bridges and roads in the late 70s)
>finally have enough money to take him for his birthday
>we set of in summer of 09
>meet up with dads friend and his two sons
>that night we are sitting in a small restaurant on the edge of small lake
>dads friend starts telling stories about strange sounds in area where we intend on fishing the following days
>one story he tells is of an old woman who is seen floating around on roads late at night, apparently a legend going as far back as the time of lords and samurai.
>we head back to his house and prepare for trip the next day
>head out early in the morning and drive about an hour and a half up mountain area through woods
>we get to small town before making the rest of the trip on foot
>my dad and friend lead while I hang back with two sons, three of us joke and talk about American and Japanese pussy
>we get to spot and set up, start drinking as we wait.
>first day goes well and sun starts to set, the forest is really isolated except for one or two boats in the distance.
>that night as we sit around the fire we start to notice everything goes dead silent. this last for about 40min we just sit and listen.
>climb into tent and knock out.
>around 4 in the morning son #2 wakes me up (we were in same tent) and asks if I hear anything, im half asleep but I listen for anything.
>not a minute passes when I hear a growling/yelp/cry that wakes me up completely, it was strange because it sounded like it was coming from all directions.
>we sit awake until daybreak and dads friend says they heard it too, we get our things and move along lake to where a river feeds in.
>that night the five of us stay up to fish (me my dad and his friend are near edge of the water while both sons are watching camp)
>my dad is the first to point in out but then I see it, A figure moving along the opposite side of the river/lake,
> I notice its moving fast for a person so I automatically assumed it was some sort of animal until it starts howling in a strange pitch that sounded like wailing
>we bolt back to camp and get into tents from there we see whatever it is move into treeline and disappear
>the cries sound in the distance for what seemed to be an eternity, at some point it sounds like there are two of those things having kind of a “call and response”
>after a while we step out and pack up for the next morning, no one sleeps that night.
>the next day we turn back and double time it back to the town.
we find out from locals that the thing we saw is a ghost of a Y?rei that frequents the area, supposedly the spirit of a would be-bride that was killed by bandits while on her way to be wed. The story also goes that her body was thrown in the same river where we stayed.
A tree.
Well my bathroom door locks by itself when nobody is even in there, I asked my dad about it he says it's just the fucking wind.
I'm sure it's nothing but It's nice to know what's causing it.
>move in with dad at age 12
>well to do family
>house is in the country, nice neighborhood
>no street lights, no sidewalk

>big guy raped you
File: 1405144720246.jpg (53KB, 505x477px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 505x477px
>hotel but it's in dallas off 635 if anyone wants to check it out
i see what you did there, trying to lure me into your death hotel
I live in Oklahoma.

Fuck this place.
Don't bother. You're obviously gaining momentum to roleplay.
File: IMG_0355.jpg (741KB, 3072x2304px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
741KB, 3072x2304px
Ok, here's mine
>Be me, 20 yo
>live in the forest because Dad is a forester
>House is about 7km away from the next village
>House is a timber-framed farmyard with three buildings and additionally old as fuck, I've read 1732 somewhere carved in.
>"Neighbor" has his house 2km far afield
>In days of third Reich a NS-guy thought it would be nice to hunt in the forest and built a hunter's cabin right beside our house. I can throw stones on it's roof from my window.
>Cabin is made out of wood and skew as hell. >It has three rooms: One little carpenter's workshop, the main room we get high in ad a little extra room for Idon'tknowwhat which you can enter through a door in the main room.
>Cabin was unused for cenuries but when I start to smoke weed I feel the need for a proper Pot-cave. Three days of excessive cleaning and the Job was done

>random evening in October
>friend and me had a sleepover last night and now we wait for another friend to come
>we sit on my bed, playing Worms 4 Mayhem
>leave window open to hear friend's car
>suddenly noise from outside, "brake"-like enough to point my egghead out of the window an look what's up
>no lights outside but the lamp in the shag we left on for our friend to see where he steps in the dark
>It's nearly pitch black but the windows of the shag´
>Almost every leave is fallen to ground and I can see the front of the shag
>Friend's head appears beside me, curious if our pal already arrived
>See the Door of the shag is opened by someone
>Has nearly the same size and Hairstyle as our Friend
>Person walks inside but leaves door open, just as our friend
>"Ok, let's go, anon"
>grab our weed, booze and jolted outside the house and towards the open door of the shag, that send light on the small beaten path that lays between house and cabin
>Enter main room yelling something like: "Lass ma' steilgehn'!"
>nobody is in here


Pic related. It's my house
hope this gets good, I rarely hear good stories from germany. also looks like the area where i live.
pls continue

>eventually our friend sqats in the lil' extra room trying to fuck with our short nerves. Everyone in our group is super in for games like this
>friend goes out to place a golden bar of water, I sat down starting to roll one up, still monitoring the door that leads to the extra room
>Friend come back and tell me: There's no car, man"
> We noped in sync outside the shag and grab the biggest branches we can find/wield
>slowly head back in, our pants fizzed to their limits
>After some time we got our balls grow back and we open the door with a roar and a little help of my foot
>nobody's in there.
>calm down a little, smoke a joint
>After a while we hear brakes from outside and footsteps that find their way to the now closed door
>Door opens, it's our friend
>Ask him, if he see someone around on the street or if he'd seen a car
>he answers with "no" and "no"
>WTF did we just see?

>Month before last
>me, smoking a joint sitting on a bale of straw on the meadow behind our house
>looking upon my house, forest in my back
>watching boars
>Start to get a lil darker
>jump from the bale, start to walk back to my house
>Hear noise behind me
>Turn around, see shadow on forest's edge
>50cm in the height I tell you by sight
>could be a boar, better walk away slowly
>Shadow starts to move
>seem to turn around in a 270° twist and head into the forest
>I can't tell you for sure it did this 270° twist but I fucking swear to my body and all what's sacred for me... It starts to get larger with every step, just as someone stand up while walking after crouched around.
>the second before it disappears between the leaves it has the same height as me, maybe higher and it has two big white stripes on it's back
>I totally noped the 200m back to my house in nearly half a minute

What's weirder: a human-like creature that lives near your house or a Human being that set his camp near your house and is monitoring you when you're outside?
I don't know how gun laws really are in Germany, but I'd sure as hell be armed in your situation.

I would probably go on little recon hikes, in groups of at least 5, to make sure there's no psycho dude living off the land just outside your property line.
I own a baseball bat (how I got this is another strange story), up to ten knifes in different lengths and next month the blacksmith should have finished my shortsword.
As soon as I can I'll going to get a handgun, I don't mind any license

I didn't watch all these horror movies without learning out of it. If you're not armed like you want to invade Poland single handed, your ass will be beaten up this worse, you can collect its pieces from here to the trans Siberian tundra
Wanna post the baseball bat story? I did enjoy your last one.
Your home is beautiful. I have German in me and I wanna visit there.
I was in the thread when this was posted.
File: DSCI0390.jpg (2MB, 4608x3456px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4608x3456px
For sure :) Here it is:

>Be me, 18 yo
>Visit friend of my dad and his family for a week
>chop wood the whole time
>be the hell of a job, every evening my hands shudder from the exhaust
>fuck it, job is very well paid and somehow I enjoy it to push my body to it's limits of persistence
(twenty stems with a length of about 15 m in six days, just to boast)
>Day before the day of departure
>load old logs from a woodpile on a trailer
>grab a log, see something long an blue through a gap between the logs under
>throw log aside to pull this thing out
>managed to get it out
>It's a aluminum baseball bat, the handle is wrapped with blue tape
>"If you miss a baseball bat I'd just found it"
>Dad's Friend comes near to watch it
>"Boy, I've never seen this shit"
>start wondering from where it comes
>it wasn't this dirty, couldn't have lied there for a month
>start wondering who has it placed there
>Dad's friend phones around the neighborhood if someone missed a bat
>No one does
>start wondering why it has been placed there
>Friend lives a lil bit outside the city on a forest edge
>No matter who has it placed in that log pile, his ulterior motives couldn't be barely friendly
>Ends up me keeping the bat as a present

Picture related. It's the bat from the story
Soo...I posted a few about The House before we sold it on this thread....let me know if anyone is interested in knowing how we came to selling the house in the end
Did you really just get that mad at an anon making a deliberately bad joke?
Thank you :)
It's pretty cool here, if you like the sound of millions of mosquitoes in the summer. Also very easy to grow MJ here. No Cop would beat himself through the bushes just to find four 1,50m high plants somewhere in an area as large as a small town

also sorry for the oversized pictures
>mfw when i have one of those fuckers
Punctuation would help here, anon.

>go to close the door with closed eyes. It cant be closed, like somethings in the way
I finally have a story to tell. Give me a minute. Got to type it up.
Here's my advice:

Learn how to use semicolons, never use ellipses again, and stop writing in caps.

Nothing is more annoying than people who use ellipses.
Every single thread... multiple times... shut it up son
>live in Chattanooga, TN
>pretty big city
>parents divorced when I was little
>dad was never a city person, so after the breakup, he moved to a rural wooded area around the Tennessee-Georgia border
>tons of property
>ever since the divorce, I've spent every other weekend with my dad
Okay, enough with the exposition.
>about a week ago
>dad and I are leaving my cousin's house to head back to his
>stop at the dollar store to pick up some shit for the next few days
>it's fairly late, about 11 PM, and I just wait in the car, because he says he'll be quick.
House before selling 5

>be me age of 22
>about 9 of us friends having a drinking session at the house
>Us be doing this occasionally
>Well past midnight
>Most of us drunk, except 2 stoners who only smoke weed
>All of us sitting under the tree, in a circle, on chairs, drinking, laughing, making shitty jokes and being drunk and stoned
>Me be drunk, and need to piss
>Get up, walk away from the crowd to the side of the house to piss on the wall
>Me be pissing on the wall, drunk
>Can't see friends, but can hear them in the garden infront of house
>One of my stoner friends come looking for me
>"Yo anon, you okay?"
>Me: "Yeah, not puking, don't worry, juz pissing, fucken drunk"
>Friend "Okay" and walks off
>I walked back to where we were seated
>One of my bitch ass friends have left without telling me
>I'm drunk, and now pissed he didn't even say goodbye
>Shouting at the rest "What the fuck, where he go ? Why did you let him go ?"
>Friends "Wtf anon" "Chill" "who?" "You are drunk" "Wtf anon"
>I start counting, can't count properly, but about 9 guys are there
>Can't figure out who left
>In the end decided me be fucken drunk, let it go

One of my stoner friends stayed back with me that night, slept over. That particular stoner friend was actually a friend of the other stoner friend(who came looking for me when pissing), and he hardly ever came back.

Close to selling the house, this is what my stoner friend told me when we started talking about all the shit that happened

>Friend "Remember you so drunk that day....so pissed that one of us left without telling?"
>Me "Yeah, lol, was drunk"
>Friend "Remember my stoner friend, who stayed at your place?"
>Me "Yeah....."
>Friend "When you went to piss that day, at that time, him and I felt something odd"
>Me "Er..."
>Friend "When you walked off to piss, I felt someone, well, something walk after you, from where we were seated"
>Me "Hmmm..."

>Me: "Hmmm"
>Friend "So yeah, I came after you to check everything was alright. After checking on you, I came back and sat down."
>Me "umm..."
>Friend "When you got back, whatever that left with you, never came back, there was a loss of presence. I wanted to ask my friend, but didn't want to make a scene. He just put his finger on the lips and asked to be quiet"
>Friend "It didn't matter, cuz once you got back, you started making a scene about someone leaving from the group. All though you were drunk, and we juz passed it on as that"
>Me: "Maybe my mother is not crazy after all...":
>Friend "Hmm....and the reason my friend hardly comes over here after that, that day when he slept at your house, something has tried to choke him. He had struggled out of it and found out you were dozed out on your bed"
Me :"He's a lil crazy anyways..."
>sitting in the car, dicking around on my phone, when I hear something outside
>see bushes rustling next to store
>probably a deer or something, whatever
>something starts coming out of the brush
>shit is big as fuck
>i'm certain I'm about to see a big ass bear
>not a bear
>definitely furry, but greasy, just by looking at it, I'm certain it smells horrible
>can't make anything else out in the darkness
>watch stunned for a few moments
>decide to flash lights because why not, lots of people near by
>fucker looks at me and runs off in one swift movement
>big ass red eyes
>think I saw big, fox-like ears, but could have just been fluff
>freak the fuck out internally
>no more rustling bushes
>tell my dad when he gets back
>"it was just a bear"
>I fucking knew you were going to say that.

This wasn't the first time I've experienced weird shit in that. I just don't know how my dad hasn't.
*in that area

Fuck everything
Why would we? It went fucking nowhere.
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Fuckin sucked balls!!!
>reading a story from when someone was 3

That's it?
>record next event
>upload video to jewtube
>link here for anons
That image.
Toppest of lels.
my fucking god, this guy has to look like some pic from a beta/cringe thread on /b

also cut it out with all the exclamation points, it makes you seem like a twelve year old girl.
some people are smart enough to realize when they are maybe imagining things
fuck son, first learn to write and then come back to be a passive agressive faglord

nice doubles btw







My sister used to have some kind of creepy hallucinations when she was young.
>be her. around 4 or 5 if I'm remembering right
>in my grandma's house
>she has the flu and tells my mom she wants to sit down somewhere
>mom tells her to sit down on the chair right next to her
>"I can't. The man told me it's his chair and I can't sit in it."
>the chair was empty so my mom asks her what man she's talking about
>"the angry man sitting in the chair. He says it's his and I can't sit there"
She had a fever of like 103 f at the time but it's still kind of creepy. She had a similar thing happen again later when she didn't have a fever though.
>around the same age, same house (we didn't live there but we went there a lot)
>sister is playing around in the hallway at grandma's house
>stops and goes over to ask my mom "who's that man in the hallway?"
>mom is creeped out since it's just her, my grandma, my brother, my sister and me there so there shouldn't be a man in the house
>mom looks down the hallway, sees it's empty
>asks her what man she's talking about
>sister points down the hallway and says "that man in the corner. the sad one."
She didn't have a fever but I assume it was just her imagination since she was still pretty young and no one else could see the man she was talking about.
>be 17
>uncle is letting me stay at his old farm for the weekend
>just outside of this small town, relatively quiet and lonely place
>huge open fields, surrounded by woods, there's a grain silo and the barn with a few animals (chickens, two turkeys, a goat, even a peacock some fucking how)
>he drives into the city for the weekend to sleep with this girl he's into
>'anon, i'm leaving you the place, just make sure to feed the animals once a day and if you drink all the beer, pay for it,' kinda winks at me
>of course, invite friends and some girls over for drinking and romantic country walks, also Goldeneye because fuck yeah
>there's me, Eric, Robert, and Jeremy along with Ellie, Diana and Jessica
>super into Diana, 8/10 hispanic asian chick, weirdest boner NA
>so we start drinking, messing around in the garage, i tell everyone we should to the barn and get up in the top area and fuck around
>we get up there, bring some food and some more beer, start talking, get in a big circle
>Diana sits right next to me
>everything's normal at first, we start sharing ghost stories
>she starts telling us about La Llarona or whatnot, crying ghost lady
>mildly spoopy, but she has a cute little mouse voice so it loses atmosphere

>her head kinda falls on my shoulder, there’s one of those hanging workman’s lamp things lighting up the barn, I don’t’ remember what they’re called right now
>everyone’s kinda silent, just thinking, sipping at their beer or murmuring
>I start to smell this disgusting smell like rotted meat dipped in perfume, it was sick but sweet
>I push it off as dead mice or something stupid, I was kind of an idiot at 17 (still am kek)
>put my arm around Diana, ask if anyone wants more beer, offer to go back to the house to get it
>’sure, faggot’ one of my friends, probably Robert
>get up, brush myself off and head for the ladder to get down
>the fucking ladder is missing
>too annoyed to be scared, turn and ask who messed with the ladder
>everyone looks genuinely mystified at the missing ladder, shrug, decide it probably fell down and I can’t see it
>figure I’ll just drop through the hole, brace myself for the drop and put the ladder back up on the way back
>I get to the edge of the hole, smell that gross fucking smell again and almost stop, but don’t wanna look like a pussy
>drop my feet through the hole, start to lower myself down when I feel something wet smack against my exposed ankle
>pushed myself back up so fucking fast with the bitchiest yelp I’ve ever made or heard, scramble away from the hole

>’what’s up fag?’ probably fucking Robert again, wasn’t in the mood
>’either the turkeys have super long, wet necks now or there’s someone down there that grabbed my leg’
>’I’m fucking serious, assholes’ I kick my leg out to show them where the guy or whatever touched me
>there’s this brownish, reddish goop on my ankle, it’s sticky and smells like that rotted meat put on display at a department store from before
>’what is that anon?’ one of the girls asks
>I have no idea, so I shake my head
>Tell them I’m gonna chill up here for a bit and someone else can head down if they want
>Eric gets up to take a look, but is obviously frightened as fuck like he should be
>that smell is hanging around, thick and cloying
>he looks down the hole to the ground level and backs away slowly
>that’s when we hear it
>”hoooooooooooooooo fuussscked wisssshth lattarrrrr?”
>everyone freezes, Ellie is all over Eric now, everyone’s too afraid to move
>the voice was flat and slow, like some sort of fucking mongloid trying to figure out how to into words
>it keeps repeating it, the sound slowly changing over time
>we’re huddling up together, everyone’s here so we know it’s no one fucking with us and my uncle doesn’t have any neighbors for miles
>”Who fucked with the ladder?” everyone turns to look at me
>that was my fucking voice what the fuck
>shake my head vigorously and realize the creature was practicing with my voice and is now saying other things In my voice, catching onto the speech way more quickly than before
>live in a cabin in the woods
>hear loud bangs like gunshots
>go outside
>the wind is going so hard that giant trees are falling down and breaking shit
>decide the end is nigh
>turns out it's just a severe thunderstorm
I hate storms, I'm scared. I've never seen one this bad before. The thunder is shaking my house and the hail is very loud too.

>none of us have cellphones because this is the late-ish 90’s, so we couldn’t really call the cops or anything
>we’re all just kind of huddled together, trying not to talk because hearing it say things we have is extremely disconcerting
>silently thankful it was stupid enough to remove the ladder
>the smell starts to fade slowly, and I figure it’s gone by the time the stench is gone
>get balls of steel out of nowhere, decide we should all drop down and make a break for the house
>everyone sort of agrees, Jeremy and Jess don’t want to be left alone so they end up agreeing
>the eight of us all collect around the hole and take a peek, we don’t see anything but some smears of that reddish brown goop on the floor
>push it to the back of my mind, decide I’ll go first, drop down, wave everyone down
>we were all sort of uncoordinated and fucked up from what beer we’d had, but thankfully it wasn’t much
>everyone’s down in a few moments, we grab hands like five year olds and start to walk to the house at a brisk pace, not wanting to draw it’s attention and not wanting to trample each other like retards
>we hear this wet fucking SMACK on the concrete floor of the barn
>fuck this, nope, done
>everyone starts to run, barely holding each other’s hands
>my hand slips from Diana’s for a moment, but a strong, warm hand grabs it again and no one calls out like they’re lost
>all eight of us return to the house
>me, Eric, Jeremy, Robert, Diana, Ellie, Jessica
>that’s sev-
>everyone seems to realize this and nopes the fuck out, looking at everyone else
>there were only seven of us again
>I want to puke when I realize it wasn’t Diana’s hand I grabbed the second time
>but for some reason it didn't follow us into the house, maybe it wasn't a fan of late 70's decor, I don't fucking know

>we scramble through the living room, I stop and grab my uncle’s compound bow and a few arrows from the display cabinet for some reason
>as if I’m gonna nock a fucking arrow and kill this fucking x-files motherfucker when I haven’t gone hunting in over a year
>everyone piles up into the kitchen, it’s raised up and away from the living room and kind of looks out onto it, where the main door is
>I sit and watch over the sink, fingers fucking trembling, barely able to hold the fucking 1,000 dollar bow in my hand, might as well be a paperweight
>we hear this wet smacking and thudding against the front door, the screen door shaking as well
>it’s asking in my voice and others now to be let in, slowly stringing together words from other sentences it heard to make it’s own
>it stops after a while and we start to calm down, I go to find the phone
>while I’m doing this, I hear this soft tapping on glass, I freeze and I spin around
>this jerking, twisting amalgamation of flesh, wearing a mix of all of our faces is tapping almost politely at the sliding glass door of the patio
> I lose my shit and almost go to draw and shoot but something tells me it can’t enter the house without being invited
>I inch away slowly, it’s eyes are following me up to the kitchen, and it stares at me, just tapping and tapping
>We all keep a watch but it can’t really do anything, so it jerks, slithers, shifts away and tries the front door again
>it continues into the light of the morning
We all said fuck it the next day, I left the bag of feed open for all the animals and we drove to Robert’s house and camped out in the basement for Saturday and Sunday.
My uncle acted pretty weird when I brought it up, and moved out two months later. We never spoke again.
I think he tried to sacrifice me to it or some fucking shit.
Neat, but fake. Some pretty serious inaccuracies. For one, "Tango" comes from movies, nobody actually says it. I've worked with US, Canadian, UK and Aussie soldiers, anyone who yells tango is infront of a camera in Nevada filming a movie. It's just too Hollywood/action movie for it to be real, soldiers too intense etc etc. Also, nobody goes overseas for 3 months at a time unless you're dead or get shot in 83 different places. I guess he could've had leave though, but very unlikely. Honestly it's fake but a good read.
>Nothing is more annoying than people who use ellipses...

What were you playan anon?
Unfortunately, I've never had any encounters with "cryptids," per se, but I have had some terrifying, absolutely horrifying dreams and experiences with sleeping, many of which I would consider paranormal.

Since a very young age, I have been very susceptible to sleep paralysis. During this state, I am rendered unable to move, properly speak beyond whispers, or really do much else, for that matter. I do hallucinate sometimes. In particular, I used to get one, rather annoying, recurring hallucination wherein I would wake up, realize I was paralyzed, attempt to roll out of bed, succeed, and then wake up back in bed right before I'd hit the floor, still addled with sleep paralysis. This would sometimes happen upwards of sixteen times.

While some people might call that kind of thing "scary," what really terrified me was what I would do while paralyzed. On several occasions, I have tried to kill myself in my sleep, only to wake up in a state of sleep paralysis, unable to do anything about my current situation. The first time this happened, I "woke up" because of an incredible pain I was feeling in my neck. I was on my elbows and knees, with my right arm wrapped around my head, and my left hand pulling my jaw off to the left side. In other words, I was trying to break my own neck in my sleep. This proved very hard to escape from, as not only was I paralyzed, but because of how I was positioned, gravity was working against me; as I fell further forward, the pull became stronger, until not only was head near-horizontal, I was also smothering my face into the pillow by the weight of my own body. Fortunately, I managed to wake up at the last second before going under, and bolted up from my then-current position. Let me also go on record here and say that I am trained in MMA, and had been in pretty good shape at the time.

This was not a one time occasion. I have also tried suffocating myself with my bare hands, and merely two or three days ago now, I also tried drowning myself in my sleep. Unbelievable, right? My eyes still closed, I could feel my throat convulsing, and myself unable to breathe. Afraid to just inhale, and feeling an awful lot like that meth-addicted girl from Breaking Bad (won't spoil what happened to her,) I opened my eyes. Sure enough, I was covered in water, my mouth was full of water, and I was holding a water bottle in my right hand. Naturally, I couldn't move, swallow, or expel the water from my throat until I recovered from my sleep paralysis a mere thirty seconds later.

At the time, I had been dreaming about sitting down in front of some strange television show. My last words before I "woke up" were: "Sometimes, all you need to get high is to take a deep breath, and a big drink of water."

What really freaks me out, however, are the dreams I have. No, not "lucid dreams," at least not in the conventional sense. The only truly "lucid" dream I had was very pleasant: I had turned myself into a merman and swam throughout what I perceive to be Venice, although I have never been there. What I am talking about are the dreams which I consider "semi-lucid." That is, dreams in which I can control what I do, but not my environment, and unfortunately, the environments of my dreamscape are oftentimes very surreal, disturbing, or outright paranormal. I have spoken to my dead father on several occasions in such dreams. But the real terror came to me one night, roughly two years ago now.

It was Summer, around this time. In my dream, there was a winding labyrinth of metal walls and grates which eventually led into a bizarrely-constructed hospital. If you have ever been to the Midtown Scholar used bookstore in Harrisburg, imagine a hospital entirely consisting of the same sort of very hidden-away rooms for patients, although these rooms were triangular, and much less accessible. At the end of this maze, I came to a sunlit room, where, sitting next to a girl my age, an old man appeared. "Come," he said, "and I will tell you a story. The story of Morgana."

Now, this old bastard has shown up in several of my other dreams, and most of them have been terrifying, but none so much as this.

All of the sudden, the landscape changed. I think I must've been in an English forest right beside a lake. There was a wooden cabin on the lakeside, and nearby the cabin was a woman, whom I supposed was this so-called Morgana. She had neck-length black hair, with her bangs cut straight across. She had pale skin, red lips, and was otherwise very beautiful. But her eyes were not covered by hair, but by an amorphous black mass I can only call shadow. This woman was probably the most terrifying thing I had ever laid eyes upon in my life up until this point. Filled with an overwhelming sense of dread, I fled to the lake as she stalked me. As the legend went, she was a cursed woman, and could only be killed by thrusting an amethyst spear through her chest. I managed to find it and, posed to kill her, she launched it from my hands into the center of the lake.

Terrified of the dream, at this point, I did the unwise thing and forced myself to wake up.
> Be poorfag
> No car money
> Bike to and from work
> Cycle through semi rural areas at midnite 4 days a week
> be doing that
> headlights coming down road behind me
> Know this well in advance because roadsigns are designed to reflect a ton of light even from far away
> drift to the far edge of the road to give them room to pass
> thirty seconds pass
> car still hasn't passed me
> 45 seconds
> The fuck?
> Turn around
> car looks like it's just pacing me thirty feet behind
> realize I'm all alone with no phone
> speed up
> car is just still behind me
> remember advice I read online about suspecting you're being followed
> take four right turns (a circle) down farm paths
> Car takes them all
> They are following me
> Come to four way intersection of road and two farm paths
> daring plan formulated
> Turn down path
> As car makes turn I slam on brakes and kick my bike frame as hard as I can turning it around
> peel past car down opposite path
> glimpse inside
> five guys...all look pissed
> Car immediately slams on gas HARD and Starts trying to turn around
> blast down path. Make a bunch of turns and hurl bike into grass and hide
> Wait over an hour in the dark
> No car
> Ride home as fast as I can
> Never saw car again

Today I add the forty five minutes to my commute to take the well lit and traffic heavy road. Carry a phone and mace

Through years of... dealing with sleep paralysis... I have trained myself to wake up on-command, albeit into a state of sleep paralysis. I can usually wake up from there, but in this case, I actually couldn't stay awake for more than thirty seconds.

When I fell back to sleep, Morgana was infuriated that I decided to end her story before it was truly finished. Rather than hearing about the woes of her life and such, I had woken up after realizing I could not kill her without the spear. Suddenly, the landscape changed again, this time into a locked perversion of the sunlit room from whence the story began, now tinted blue with midnight. She herself changed form into a blue skinned, winged demon, and began pursuing me. Deciding that I did not want to deal with this bullshit, and terrified that my dream had somehow managed to become self-aware, I woke myself up again.

Once again, I awoke into a state of sleep paralysis, and again, one which I could not completely free myself from. I tried pouring a very nearby glass of water on my face (which was nearly empty, and didn't work.) I even tried jacking off to wake myself up, but sure enough, thirty seconds had passed, and I fell back to sleep again.

At this point, I realized I was dealing with a full-blown succubus, though she never admitted to it, and I am barely going to mention what happened next as such. She was very upset that I continually tried to shut her down in the middle of her story, and so things got somewhat violent from there. Despite the lack of gravity and my having access to a sword-like implement of some kind, I was quickly and utterly defeated. From that point on, she forced herself on me. Feet were involved. I'm sure some of you perverts are thinking this must have been a great time, but believe me, it was not as pleasant as it sounds. There was also some other woman there, but I can barely remember her face or appearance. I think she was just an acquaintance of Morg's.

Once she was finished with me, she began returning to a more human-like appearance, and found herself lamenting that the story was about to end. The old man returned to conclude it. At this point, I was allowed to wake up, and once I did, I understood exactly how little control I had during my own dream, and how terrifying the whole encounter had been.

Regardless of the fact that it was very spooky, I one day hope to meet this individual again. It took me completely by surprise, and as such, that made it all the more interesting in hindsight.
>doesn't greentext in greentext thread
>tells story about dreams

The ultimate solution can't come soon enough.

Jesus fuck, I really did a poor job of conveying the sense of terror here. But eh, I guess I've had a lot of time to run it through my head and such, and I'm also tired.

tl;dr Self-aware dreams are a bitch, especially when they contain, or are otherwise induced by, demons.

I didn't think you would've preferred
>tries to kill myself in sleep kek
>hurr durr drowning
>also a succubus appears
over a somewhat properly written story, but I mean hey if dream stories aren't welcome, just put it in the OP post next time and I won't write about one in the thread.
>be couple years ago
>be 17
>live with little sister, mom, dad, and older brother
>parents take sister and go to see movie or some shit
>around 9pm me and bro in living room (which is connected to hallway) watching tele
>hear giggling from the end of the hallway (its pitch black mind you) and some footsteps, sounded like someone was skipping
>sounded a lot like a girl my sisters age
>figure its nothing
>bro: "pause it.. did you hear that?"
>say yah
>i get up to check it out
>entire house empty except for us

it sounded like someone skipped from my dads room to my moms, sometimes when i go in my dads room i get the feeling like somethings eyeing me from behind the bed. i even sometimes hear rustling in the attic, and right beneath the attic entrance is where it came from. prolly nothing but kinda spoopy.
>Like you want to invade Poland single handed
Kek'd my ass off
I hope no one was watching the cameras above me because I just about fell on the floor laughing.
At this point I would call that copypasta.
Kids see shit. I don't have the pic saved but there was this comic type thing that talked about how when you were young you could see all the ghosts, monsters and shit because you didn't know any better. Then as you got older you realized that they were scary as fuck and you blocked them out. The challenge of the pic was while you are on your computer, in the relative safety of the monitor's light, you should unblock your mind and turn around and see what you see.
Maybe you don't have a fuckable face.
My kid says she sees shit at night. She is only 4 but has nightmares about a gray person tickling her feet at night. She has also said something about another little girl in the house at night. My wife woke up one night and thought our daughter was standing by the bed but when she came around more she realized that it wasn't our daughter, blinked and she was gone. Spoopy shit mang.
Probably not paranormal but 4 months ago when my aunt was 7 months pregnant my grandpa died without meeting his grand daughter, since the family of the guy who got my aunt pregnant didnt like my aunt one bit (they told my aunt to get an abortion, and when she didnt do that they were just asking her to put the baby in adoption or give the baby to them) we always found burnt dolls or shit like that in our doorstep/garden, and my grandpa always buried that shit and didnt let us touch it because "i did a lot of bad things in my life, i dont want any of you to get cursed"

This was the second time she got pregnant from the same guy, the first baby died when he was 5 months old

But a week after my grandpa died some big ass black (i mean it, pitch fucking black) dog just came to our house and sat on the porch, watching everyone that passed by, he was not hostile to us at all and refused to leave or enter the house, so we just gave it food and water, after that we never found more burnt dolls or more or that black magic shit because he barked when someone we didnt know got close

When my aunt had the baby the dog just left 2 days later, i never saw her again (yes it was a she)
>trying to kill yourself in your sleep
That is some fucking scary stuff man. I've experienced sleep paralysis once but it wasn't anything bad like that. Hope you can find some way to treat it or something
Your gramps was right and possibly a badass voodoo man.
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>just got off work and arrived home
>super tired. put the key into the door. read for bed
>door flings open. i take a few steps back cuz wtf
>sister comes rushing out grabs my shoulder, drags me out to the middle of yard and points her finger up to the sky
>hovering right above our house is GIANT red orb
>10 mins role by, entire family out just watching this thing hover. (if i were to climb onto the roof i could probably touch it - that close)
>we're just in awe
>finally about 15 mins into watching this thing...it moves
>in a very precise elliptical motion, it starts slowly moving North while slighly curving East (in kind of a rainbow pattern)
>my family flips shit. i flip shit. dogs are even stirred up (probably from us losing shit)
>it moves directly above our local highschool (i can go outside, look down the street and see the hs building, so its still close)
>i'm still just in awe that this thing has moved
>15 mins later this things just..fucking..free falls
>im talking like it's a damn nuke or something..it just falls at a incredible speed
>it vanishes below the horizon and my family and i are just stuck there in awe
>mfw i capture this all on film

Thinking that's it. We just caught something unexplainable on camera. It's whatever, I'll chalk it up to a weird night and go to bed. NOPE

>we upload the video and play it back
>my family and i are glued to the screen watching this red orb when everything that was weird got %100 more fucking weirder
>about 5 seconds in this white smaller orb ZOOMS in and sits, lingering right next to the red orb and then ZOOMS off.
>i lose my shit, my family loses their shit, i throw my hands on my head and sit in the corner of the house for about an hour scared shitless that we just caught something that we probably shouldn't have on film

i'll post the video if this gets enough attention. I've posted it here before
It is a rough video. filmed on a shit vid cam in the dead of night.
post it
windingo 4 sure
>Few years ago
>Trying to shift
>Feels like I'm getting somewhere
>Hears noise outside of window
>Sees a creature with black/dark fur and red eyes
>It's shaking the cat cage that is right outside my window as if it were stuck
>Shit bricks
>Full moon, yet everything went dark at the time of sighting
>Never slept that night or a few nights after
Post it
of course post it dude

before you watch just know that i indeed understand it shit quality and it's inconclusive evidence. NO lasors, no chinese lanterns lol. just shot on a shit vid in 2011.

white orb appears in around 0:05 i believe and again later maybe around 0:20

excuse my families conversation. little bro was about 10 and freaked out
Pretty spooky bro.
Great story. What state was this in?
I feel inclined to believe this just because I think if you were going to fake it you would try to get a better video than that. Why are there some dots that move with the camera and some that don't though? Are the one's that move with it just some kind of effect or something?
old sony/jvc cams get dead pixels that do that
Oh ok they look pretty similar to the orbs so I couldn't tell which were supposed to be orbs and which weren't
most fake ones are like OMG LOOK during dusk, this is more believable as it seems like they have been there awhile casually filming it go down, funny thing is back in 2011-2012 i saw the same thing above a elementary school playground my friends and i were chillin at.
it was a nikon camera which was pretty top of the line in 2010 when my sis got it. it usually didnt film that shitty but it was dark out, not much you can do for quality

there is a dead pixel at the very top. there are 2 red dots. bottom red dot is what we saw. top one is in every video we record on that thing. as for the white dot i cannot verify what it is. as for the red bottom dot i cannot verify what it is. whole video is a big wtf

just better than the shit /x/ usually spews up on here

there are TONS of red orb videos here in arizona. just youtube it. pretty weird stuff
Your mum sounds hot. Is she single?
Damn, thanks for posting it and definitely weird and... fuck, underwhelming as shit.
I thought that blue dot on the right that sort of appears and disappears was an orb in the distance or something at first also but now I'm guessing that's just another dead pixel
Skinwalker stories might actually be interesting if they didn't all follow the SAME GODDAMN FORMULA.

Succubus story sounds like bullshit, but I suggest you seek help so you don't kill yourself in your sleep. Maybe tie your hands down at night.
she's single. you got money?

no problem dude. it was pretty fuckin bizzare

ah yeah the blue are dead as well. things been dropped who knows how many times/ 480p in dead night doesn't help either. it's an unreliable video just pretty interesting. who knows what's out there
>anon finally delivers sooper poopy video
>Your mum sounds hot. Is she single?

File: 1404502765266.jpg (64KB, 260x260px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>asks about anon's mom
>gets a 69 in his post

You know what that means.
File: dfg.jpg (104KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>finally delivers

posted it like 3 mins later bruh
>just graduated school and moved to Kobe, Japan to start a job
>live in old apartment building on the 7th floor
>everyone once in a while I wake up to this weird squeaking sound
>usually I don't give a shit and go back to sleep but eventually I decide im gonna find out what it is
>one night after work right after i lie down in bed i hear the sound again
>jump out of bed and run into the living room
>holy fuck its a spooky ghost closing a door
No bonus points for you although you don't really need them with a story that spooky
top kek
same happened to me.

The old guy drived me home.
He was our neighbor but i didn't know him.
i bet when he drived you home it was awkward huh
I have a couple of stories my best friend's grandmother told us that happened to her.

First one (first time greentexting might I add):
>grandmother works as room service of some sort in hotel
>hotel gets closed for some reason
>she is in the lobby with the owner, whole hotel is empty because it's shut down
>hear sound of moving furniture coming from upstairs
>no furniture left in hotel after it closed
>go upstairs, check all rooms, nothing weird
Not that spoopy but that hotel has since been burned down, I think there was a news report but can't remember name of the hotel so I'll have to ask my friend

Second story:
>grandmother living in her house with husband before my best friend's dad is born
>hears footsteps going up and down the stairs on multiple occasions
>small but important things get moved or go missing
>hear voices coming from downstairs at night time (don't have TV and radio is turned off)
When she became pregnant with my best friend's dad, she ordered the 'ghost' to leave the house because she didn't want the baby being scared, and as soon as she said it the closed curtains were thrown open and she described feeling like something had jumped out of the window.

She also told us that the previous owner of the house was found dead in the front garden, she had been sunbathing.
File: SkinwalkerStory.png (175KB, 1235x1937px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175KB, 1235x1937px
This was a good read. I capped it for anyone who wants to save it.
File: Pure Horror.jpg (10KB, 300x276px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pure Horror.jpg
10KB, 300x276px
Happened to me last week
>wake up early one morning
>need to shit
>run to bathroom
>proceed to empty lower colon
>stand up
>wipe ringpiece
>no shit
>look in bowl
>no shit
The grandmother has since died, and my friend thinks he has captured her voice on a recording. His grandad who lived with her had called my best friend and left a message on the answer machine, and right at the end when he is hanging up a female voice that sounds exactly like the grandmother says something indistinguishable, he recorded it on his iPhone and it can be heard easily
I did something similar a while back, couldn't sleep one night so I was dicking around with my phone and had a go of the voice recorder.
I think I left it recording for about 30-40 seconds, when I played it back there was a very faint sound in the background like a voice.
I don't have the audio file as it was from my old Samsung F700
Voice recordings really are mysterious...
My friend still has the voice recording as far as I know but I've not been in touch with him for a while so its not easy to obtain
File: image.jpg (13KB, 376x335px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 376x335px
But who was shit??
This started out really promising but then THOSE CAPS really started to jar MY ATTENTION. THOSE CAPS are too much, and you should FEEL BAD you TOTAL FAGGOT.
atleast they're more likely to be real than 9/10 posted.
I'm really trying TO READ this shit but it makes MY BALLS disappear inside MY BODY because it is so CRINGE inducingly poorly WRITTEN. GO BACK to 9gag you FUCKING ten year old waste OF SKIN.
Indiana. Outside of a little town up northeast-ish.

I know that I, myself, had this experience back in the late 90's. I can't vouch for anyone else, and maybe the mixed face thing was just my incredibly overactive imagination, but maybe they're the same because sinkwalkers like to fuck with people. I've read a lot of other people's experiences and they never seem to outright kill those that they don't...I dunno, replace, but they do enjoy fucking with them.

>i just wrote Sinkwalkers, leaving it, way spookier
Could you be able to find this?
>tfw no abduction/murder
I'll write using greentext because I fucking suck at writing as english isn't my first language
I have experienced sleep paralysis like 3 times but it's always been through the same dream
>be 6
>go to sleep
>dream I'm in my bedroom unable to move
>for some reason I'm lying on my belly and facing towards the door of my bedroom
>suddenly a bigfoot-like thing comes from the stairs (my bedroom is in the 2nd floor of my hous) and grabs me by the neck
>feeling asphyxiated I force myself to wake up
>I woke up feeling like someone is pressing his elbow on my spine and unable to move during like 5 minutes
You're a coward and a faggot.
The second time was exactly the same
Now the third time
>This time be 8
>the layout of my bedroom changed because now I slept alone (My younger brother slept with me until I had 8)
>this time I dream I'm lying down in my living room
>I see the same fucker coming upstairs
> I try to get up and run
> somehow manage to run to my bedroom
>I trip with something and fall on top of my bed
>I'm unable to move again
>The thing comes and grabs me by the neck
> I wake up feeling the same thing from the previous times
I haven't experienced sleep paralysis since that
Dude did you see the tiny blue orb that lights up sometimes?
the dogs dont
>only 500 feet
>only 500

500 feet is a lot
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