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ITT: Coral Castle/pyramids/monoliths in general Coral Castl

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ITT: Coral Castle/pyramids/monoliths in general

Coral Castle: Edward Leedskalnin built a HUGE art installation/castle in southern Florida. It took him 28 years, until his death, featuring stones and monoliths up to 30 tons each. He was extremely esoteric and reclusive, claiming to have discovered the "secrets" of magnetism.

He apparently used a mysterious black box to counteract gravity and push the stones easily. See pyramids & monolith theories on physics shit.
inb4 aliens, this was South Florida in the 1920s-50s and was a tourist attraction.

more source http://www.rense.com/general39/coral.htm
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more pics
Leedskalnin with part of the mechanism
File: trueatom.jpg (114KB, 545x556px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sometime along He actually moved his entire castle a few miles miles north from it's original to it's current position, to better adjust the technology to the magnetic field lines of the Earth. The story was he payed a man with a flatbed truck to help move it, but the man couldn't watch him move the blocks. the man left for an half hour and came back, to see that ED had loaded a few too many 4 ton blocks on the truck in a very short time.

At the current location, some kids were playing nearby and watch Ed float the blocks around, with power cables (chains) wrapped around the block. There has a high pitch sound coming from Ed, like a whistle that when the fequency reached a certain point would cause the block to lift and float.

Later it was discovered that he position a block ona bearing that allowed the 2 ton block to swing like a door with the slighest touch, it was perfectly balanced and close to impossible to do by ones self even by todays standards.
besides the secret skills he acquired from his masonic father, he also used large winches like in the top corner of the picture.

All the blocks are limestone, a key important factor.
The design in that picture is now used to crush atoms.

Thankfully this tech isn't lost or forgotten and is available to anyone willing to go through the trials of physics classes.
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ATLAS detector.jpg
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Coral blocks aren't that heavy, also leverage.

Nope. That part doesn't actually crush the atoms, the whole of the LHC does that.

That is a radiation detector for see what happens after the atoms have been crushed. That's essentially just a giant camera. It does use magnets for deflecting particles so we can measure their energy though. But no, that picture you posted has no relation.


*tips fedora*
I'm so on board with the leedskalnin shit. We have to find a way to understand his ways.
I dont think he used a black box, he used the magnetic flywheel thing he had, and two cones which he held in his hands (supposedly observed by two local children)

That revolving door he made was pretty damn impressive.

Also he wrote a whole bunch of short stories that linked to the layout of coral castle which supposedly reveal the secrets of the castle
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forgot pic, had to use this one because im getting duplicate errors on the better picture i have of it

just google ed leedskalnin flywheel to see it properly

well that explains the duplicate error, serves me right for posting without looking at the thread haha
Built it because a girl left him. Huh.
What was reportedly seen was inaccurate, Ed Leedskalnin had construction workers helping him. Those who reported otherwise were most likely mistaken. There was a large concentration of natural gas in the area which could have caused observers hallucinations.
Swamp Gas? Cmon, really? Maybe he also used a weather ballon?
I live rather close to Coral Castle.
Must have passed it a billion times. Never went to check it out.

They always have some lame ass "psychic fair" sign out front that I'm sure hasn't been changed since the 90's.

Coral rock isn't that heavy at all and its easy to chip, break, etc etc. So the stones may look big, but they're not as heavy as they look, especially when dry.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 7

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