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Cryptid Creature Thread

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File: chupacabra.jpg (13KB, 296x371px)
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Share your experiences with an unidentified creature(s) here.
Here's mine.

>I live in the southern part of Texas on a ranch
>Behind the main house of the ranch is a long rusted white gate blocking the way to a large forest
>On the Ranch we have a few animals
>A few horses, cows, goats, chickens and 2 large dogs.
>During February of this year the dogs would occasionally go crazy at night barking non-stop
>One night I couldn't take it anymore, I grabbed my flashlight went out about 1 am to see what the deal was
>The dogs kept barking in the direction of the gate
>I shined my flashlight over there and the light reflected on an animals eyes
>I assumed it was a wild fox or some other animal and threw a rock in its direction to scare it off
>As the rock hit the metal gate it startled the animal
>the animal had to have been large because it hit the gate and made a loud resonating ping
>I thought I scared it off and went back to bed
>The next night the dogs were barking again
>I thought I'd leave them alone and just ignore them until they stopped.
>I hear noises outside my window
>It wasn't too unusual for one of the chickens to get out at night and rummage through my stuff outside
>I put on my clothes and grab my flashlight and head outside to find that chicken
>Follow noise stealthily around the outside of the house (chickens will start running away if they hear you)
>Shine the flashlight where I heard the noise
>See large doglike hairless creature, snout is a bit longer,tail is hairless,small visible fangs and back has ridges all along its spine protruding out of its back
>My dogs are going batshit crazy
>It's glaring at me and I still have the light on it
>I back up slowly then fucking book it inside
>Didn't sleep until dawn
>From then on always carry a gun when I go outside at night
>Dogs still bark here and there but not as much, I'm sure it keeps coming back.
It does look a bit like the pic I posted, but it didn't have spikes, and its ears were longer.
I live in east Tx and have not seen anything like this.
Maybe a hog with mange?

Either way, i'd patrol with my ar-15 and .45+JHP.
My initial thought when I saw it was that it was a hog.
But after my eyes focused on the light you could see that it was more dog like than hog.
File: 556_458_2.png (280KB, 600x663px)
280KB, 600x663px
Yeah, I'd NOPE the fuck on out of there.

Patrol with yer largest caliber rifle and post pics! It's the Texas way.

>Because america.
Before moving out of state for college I lived in the southeast part of Texas.
When I was 17 I encountered something similar to what you saw, late one night during the summer months.
File: 1376818279221.gif (1MB, 260x146px)
1MB, 260x146px
Grow up in west Texas envy east and southern Texans stories bout freaky shit. All we get is the occasional ghost story and even then its not a poltergeist or anything just like a buffalo soldier that is stuck on repeat or something lol
tl;dl: bigfoot is fake as balls but there might be white bears in tibet
>walking thought forest to school as kid
>it's winter and dark
>at one point see dark shapeless object with slim hands (it's pretty hard to explain what it looked like)
>it follows me something like 50 meters while i am running and then disappears somewhere
>scared as shit to go to school next week
I heard that others in Finland have seen something like this too.
And no, it wasn't bear or any normal animal.
I'm sorry, but I'm cracking up at the thought of some chicken escaping out of its pen just to fuck with your stuff, and then when it hears you coming like, "oh shit!!" and scurrying off.
You probably saw a chupablahblah. 3 of my friends are convinced they saw one in southern AZ while camping and they described it just like you did
>live in the western tip of texas
>absolutely no spooks whatsoever
did it look like this?
File: BigWhiteBull.jpg (2MB, 3984x2240px)
2MB, 3984x2240px

I live on a small cow-calf operation in southern Illinois. We have about 25 cow-calf pairs and a bull as well as a herd of mules as livestock guardians because we have had a perpetually terrible coyote problem. So bad that they actually take calves which is unusual with coyotes unless the mother is new or the calf sick. Even with the mules who have improved the situation, we can't keep a small animal on the property.

Suddenly starting last year we haven't had a problem. We have picked up barn cats, are able to keep goats for weeds and you can just feel the lack of tension from the mules/cows.

A number of very strange things have happened recently. Every calf that was born of our 25 cows was a female calf (worth more, great news) except for one. One male calf was born and it is pure white beautiful calf out of a Angus mother and Hereford father. Shouldn't be possible, we are keeping him. Not albino, just white.

Then one morning early last spring shortly after the calves dropped I was rolling out a bale for the new mommas like normal. I returned to the house to find that the cows had left the bale to gather up by their barn. Defensive prey behavior however they looked pretty calm aside from being up at the barn. It was really strange that they weren't eating the bale though so I started walking up to where I push the bales there.

When I get there I can see that there is something on the other side of the bale pulling hunks of hay off. I start to slowly walk around, you see despite knowing that it had to be plant eating, I had a really weird feeling. As I start to walk around I see what is eating at my hay bale, it is a very large pure white deer. Well sort of like a deer. It had no antlers but had a deep chest and what appeared to be a tusk(?) and very very thin and tall.

I believe it to be some sort of benevolent spirit. Weird, wonderful things have been happening. Any ideas how I get it to stay?
It did look like that but it had ears and ridges on its back
File: 1_P1080481__2_.jpg (60KB, 579x595px)
60KB, 579x595px
Not a Cryptid experience per se, but I stumbled upon this little fella that landed on my elbow when I fell on a nearby cliff of a hill near Ensenada (a Mexican city), I didn't mind it at first because like all insects we are just slow giants that give em free rides and shit but, upon taking a closer inspection, I saw that it was really weird.
So this is what happened, I tried to shoo it away, nothing, I swapped it but it escaped, only to land in the exact same place, I took a quick picture of it and then it disappeared.
After that, any and all of the insects that normally make noises in the wilderness suddenly kept quiet.
The wind froze up and kept still.
My water reserves were spent.
I began to feel a sudden chill on my arms, specially where the little bug landed, and I began to feel self aware that I was alone in the hills, no civilization near me, save for the horizon.
When I took the picture, all life around me felt dead. I never went back to those hills, even tho I like hiking a lot and I go to that city regularly for business.
Btw this might be a new species of flea or sum shiet
inb4 photoshop
File: image.jpg (347KB, 1280x960px)
347KB, 1280x960px
Seems queer mate
On a cold December day in 1879, a man was hanged in Fort Saskatchewan, putting an end to one of the most horrifying killing sprees in Alberta history.

Swift Runner was executed for murdering and then eating eight members of his own family over the previous winter. He believed he was possessed by Windigo, a terrifying mythological creature with a ravenous appetite for human flesh.

It wasn't an isolated case. During the late 1800s and into the 20th Century, fear of Windigo haunted northern Alberta communities, resulting in several grisly deaths.


>tfw I live nearby
It looks sad
We shall name it The White Dragonfly - scientific name bugus getoff xanonicus
feed it better hay, leave it in the general direction that you saw in which you saw it fuck off?

Well, I do have nice hay, so that is good. But it didn't even fuck off when I saw it. It just looked at me but kept eating. I was the one that ended up walking off. I considered trying to photograph it but even then and especially now I felt that it would be inappropriate to do that. And after I went back to the house the cows went out and polished off the bale and I haven't seen it again although the cows have repeated their barn-clustering behavior a handful of times. I haven't wanted to see it again even though I am grateful for it being around.
>Be me OregonBro, summer '12 heading out of town to camp with friends
>heading out innawoods to camp with friends
>get to woods and setup camp
>around 3-4pm we head out to the lake nearby
>get to lake and couple hours pass and we decide to go back to eat
>go back to camp to find one of the tents messed up, backpack and cooler with food are misplaced (not missing)
>something took the stakes holding one of the tents out of the ground
>nothing is missing, just a mess
>don't think it was another human, because the whole scenario didn't look like another person would do it
>fast forward to night
>sleeping in tent with bro1
>hear leaves crunching outside
>too paranoid to sleep now
>sounds like someone is walking around now
>I silently wake bro1 and we open tent zipper
>not too much light but we both see large wide shouldered creature, which we both assumed at that point was bigfoot
>watching it for about 30 seconds until it walks away
>eventually fall back to sleep
>wake up and find stuff misplaced again
>tell bro2 and and bro3 what happened
>assume me and bro1 are just messing with them
Left it alone after that, bro1 says he doesn't know what he saw that night now.
It was Celebi or some shit m8
Yanma bro
File: P1080481as.jpg (625KB, 1382x1970px)
625KB, 1382x1970px
Here is the uncropped photo for prespective.
I saw a Tyrannosaurus rex while on holiday in Africa once.
They're possibly leaving it for the protection it's giving? Keep an eye on it, but treat it with respect. It's clearly helping you, so leave gifts for it. Maybe leave some berries or something out in the woods, don't take pictures, etc.
Whatever you do, don't shoot off its head.
Okay, I don't tell this story very often because it's sounds fucking crazy, even to me, and I swear on my scrotum this actually happened.
I lived in the foothills of central California at the time. It was fall and had been raining down in the valley off and on for a couple days. That usually means that it gets foggy in the early morning in the valley below us and in the evening the fog lifts and gets blow up into the foothills. I was driving home late after hanging out with some friends and the long, narrow, heavily curved road was socked in by fog. Visibility was a little over a hundred feet or so. I came around a corner and into a straight away I'd driven a thousand times before when I saw something laying in the middle of the lane going the opposite direction. At first I thought it was a deer, and that maybe it had been hit by a car. It wouldn't have been the first time something like that happened. I was a vet tech at the time, and there was a wildlife rehab center just up the road that I was going to be driving right past anyway. I was only doing about 30 mph when I rounded the corner and the road had a slight uphill grade at that point so I took my foot off of the gas and slowed down to see if this deer needed help. I was almost right on top of it when I realized that if this was a deer, something was very wrong with it. The fur was too long. The shape was wrong too. It was still laying down with it's left side facing my car and the head was down and pointed away from me. When I was about 2 or 3 car lengths from it it swung it's head around. I thought "oh crap it's a coyote! Some asshole hit a coyote and left it here."
But I still felt like something was wrong about it. It's eyes shone in my headlights and it was looking right at me. I was trying to figure out how I was going to safely capture an injured coyote and get it into my car and drive a couple miles up the road to drop it off when I stopped just short of it (I wanted to keep it in my headlights so I could see it) when it did something strange. It stood up. It sort of...unfolded itself and it didn't stand up on four legs. It stood up on two legs. My blood went completely cold. I froze and, I'm sorry to say, panicked. It stood at least 6ft tall on two legs with undeniably canine features and stared into my windshield. In my panic I slammed my foot on the gas and tried to speed away but my car was a piece of shit and there was the uphill grade. It took me more than a couple of seconds to accelerate away from it and it was so close I could have touched it if I'd had my window down. It looked like a 6ft tall bipedal coyote. It was thin and lanky and had a deep chest. I could actually see it's ribs outlined through its skin. Its fur was damp from the heavy fog in the air. I sped the rest of the way home, about 5 minutes at most. The whole time, I was trying to process what I'd just seen and refused to believe it. When I got home I ran inside and locked the door. I've always been a sceptic and if someone had described what I'd seen to me, I wouldn't have believed them. I still have a hard time believing what I saw myself. It completely shook my world. I have questioned what I know or think I know since then.
I refuse to use the word "werewolf" to describe what I saw, because werewolves are myth, fiction, and this is the real world. But that being said, it's the best word to decribe it's appearance. Still shakes me up to talk about it.
File: Streudal.jpg (2MB, 3984x2240px)
2MB, 3984x2240px

I think they instinctively would rather not be around it but aren't precisely terrified either. It's the exact way I felt when around it. A profound feeling of not being supposed to see it but no real threat. I've been considering placing some sweet grain in the woods. Something will eat it even if my magic deer/spirit doesn't care for it. Additionally I've decided I should keep all the extraordinary animals that have been born. The whole lot of beautiful heifers and the bull although this will require constructing new fences to make two separate herds.

The thing I am really worried about is the nature of the business I am in. I can't keep steers around, I must sell them and then while I do not
ever kill them, they do end up on a plate. I am worried that this will anger the spirit but unfortunately it is unavoidable. Heifers I sell go on to live their lives on other farms until they get old but my steers get eaten. I mean unless it never allows another steer to be born here again maybe it is protecting them from that fate. I'll have to sell the heifers to only the best farms.


Definitely would not. Don't want some sort of Princess Mononoke type situation.

Here is another cow that was born with strange markings. A white splash down her side.

so much fake that it hurts. no fool in there worst state of mind would go at night, on a farm, at 1am, to "check" what there dogs are barking at, so why would u?
> This thread is bullshit
> Thread is bullshit
> Is bullshit
> bullshit

it looked like the picture in his OP u dumbass.

if u didnt notice, he was describing the animal in his pic related near exactly. how are ppl this gullible?

You've never lived on a farm have you? If your dogs are barking, you've got to get your ass out there and try to stop whatever it may be killing your animals. There is a profit margin to be maintained and no room in the budget for huddling in your house scared of what is out there.

If the dogs are barking, I get out there. Be it rain, sleet, or freezing rain and sleet, you get your ass out there with a gun.

>live in south jersey
>few years ago
>walking back from the grocery store to my moms
>one block up and one block over to get home
>the store is on the edge of a marsh
>the marsh runs along the block i have to walk down
>not really paying attention
>walking on muddy path a few feet from the marsh
>hear a branch crack on a tree next to me
>casually look back
>stop dead in my tracks
>on the tree branch is a thing i have never seen before
>first thought is that its a cat
>but its not a cat
>completely hairless
>hands not paws
>fingers and thumbs
>same on feet
>humungous eyes
>weird big ears
>flat face with weird mouth
>short tail
>looks like a cross between hairless lemur and Gollum
>stand there and look at this weird fucking thing for 30 seconds before it scurries up the tree
>run the fuck home
Why did your mom run up a tree?
One of the few people I told about my incident mentioned the beast of Bray Road. I looked it up and there are differences between what I saw and what the Beast is reported to look like. The thing I saw was so thin and lithe it couldn't have weighed more than 200lbs soaking wet. Also, my sighting was in California.
Whatever I saw did not act aggressively or with fear. It was simply watching me as I pulled up and then sped away. It wasn't a big powerful animal. It was tall, but not muscular. The fore legs were proportional to a humans in length, but were as thin as a dogs. I do remember how gracefully it stood up from laying on the ground. It was one fluid movement.
I still wish I hadn't panicked like I did. I wished I'd stayed calm to get a better look at it. I don't usually panic or react like that, but then how often do you see something like that that defies everything you know about nature and science? The rational part of my brain is still mad that I didn't stick around to investigate or examine it more. I still try and come up with a rational explanation for what I saw, but still can't can't find one.
The thing you saw is probably the same type of creature (but not the same one) that was at Bray Road.
Check out this podcast, this lady talks about similar dogmen.

Linda Godfrey | Canine Cryptids, Paranormal Creat…: http://youtu.be/Nm6AWCpTbYA
Is there a website that chronicles (has a database, whatever) of paranormal creature (or para- in general) events/stories/occurrences by state region?
There should be.
My family came from a very small town on the Mexican border of south Texas and has seen what can only be described as moth man or some prehistoric bird.

I have two stories to tell. Booth taking place in the 70s when moth man was doing shit.

Green txt cuz space
>night time.
>grandma hears noises coming from out side.
>sounds like trash can being fucked with.
>thinks coyote or javelina.
>looks out window.
>sees what looks like a shadow of a man hunched over.
>see that it has no head
>looks like a wide penguin with no head and waddles like one.
>it looks at her with red eyes from its chest.
>freaks out and waddle runs away nocking the garbage cans down.
>next day an elderly couple had a car crash and the man died.
>old woman claimed he had a heart attack because he saw a red eyed demon cross the street.
> other people saw it too digging in there garbage.
>mystery till this day.
File: image.jpg (20KB, 280x259px)
20KB, 280x259px
La Lechuza could be what was seen. It's like the picture except the wings weren't out.

La Lechuza is half human half owl. Maybe it couldn't fly and that would explain the waddling.

Any way, other story
>grandma used to be a house nurse for an old man who lived in a cottage by her house.
>would go every morning to bring breakfast and medicine and care for him.
>one cold morning she went out like usual and saw a large prehistoric looking bird with eyes that seem to pop out of its head.
>it just stared at her.
>it stayed. Sitting on a branch for a few days just watching her go back and Forth about her business.
> it was as big as a human stooping.
> and then it flew away.
Interesting. Downloading the podcast now. Thank you anon.
look, if you want to be a /x/enophile, you have to investigate.

Keep a log.
everytime you see the cow behavior note the date and time.
Everytime you see the thing, note the date, time, what it was doing, etc.

And definitely set up cameras
O once saw a snail that was two feet wide and tall
>not knowing what gullible means
>looking like and idiot while calling others idiots
> only spooks in Corpus Christi region of TX are meth heads
> the envy
Is there ANY way you could keep the heifer? Could you possibly persuade the owner that he is worth more alive than dead?

I understand that it goes against all I know and love of /x/, but I have the distinct feeling- practically a premonition- that the more I mess with it the more likely it is to leave. And I really don't want that to happen. I want this to play out. Conservatively it has increased the value of the farm 20,000 in preventing loss and in female calves vs. steer.

I guess all I wanted to do was share what was going on and wondered if anyone had any idea about what it could be. But honestly that is unimportant, I don't think it is evil. I think it may be a spirit who is grateful for all the cleaning of the and I have been doing or something.

I was worried that even sharing the story would be a bad thing to do, but apparently not. Over the past two days the thread has been up, 4 new females have been born. All normal colors but healthy although one was born deaf.
File: Nori.jpg (2MB, 3984x2240px)
2MB, 3984x2240px

I'm keeping all the new heifers and the new white bull intact. This necessitates turning my farm into two distinct herds as all the mysteriously all female heifers are the half siblings of the new bull and cannot breed. I have 15-18 months until that is a problem anyhow.

I'm only worried about what should happen when I will eventually have to sell animals because there is a limited amount of space. But I plan to just be a compassionate caretaker as normal and sell to the "best" place I can for whatever animals must go. I can't keep them all forever, unfortunately.

But yeah I'm not getting rid of that pure white bull, not ever probably.
Have you given it a name?

I call him Stark. I'm sort of a game of thrones nerd. I was thinking something elvish, considering his weird possible origin, but you need to be able to shout a cow's name real quick. I treat him real well, he's sort of a pet. Well all of them are kind of like that but he's quite special to me. I wish I had current pics on this computer, he's a lot larger now. These pics were from last fall.
smart move, you're doing everything proper in this situation.
Not going to free text because I don't feeeeel like it.

Anyways. I live in a small town in Indiana (will give name of town if anyone wants to visit I guess) and there is a trussel just out of town following the old train tracks. And one day when I was walking down the tracks with one of my friends that I've known for about four years we heard a loud animal sound. Almost like a mix between a bark and a growl. So naturally we thought we should I check it out. As we start walking along the tracks even more we hear the sound again. Even louder. Then my friend screamed "holy shit, dude! What the fuck is that thing?!?!?!" So I look over and I saw an aminiminal about three feet tall and crawling on all four legs running very fast toward us. It had short black fur and an almost beaver like tail. (It was too short and has fur on it too) and had the face of a coyote. It's back legs were taller than the front and a little stiff. And it had very long pointed ears. And wierd enough, it had no midsection. At all. Do my friend kicked it really hard off the side of the trussel and we took off.

Later that week we saw two more.
A friend once told a story of a strange bird sighting his mom has. She lives in Tijuana Mexico and saw a weird black bird with a flat almost monkey like face. It used to come by her house and I guess it wouldn't really do anything just hang out and then leave.
I meant Green text
I have more stories of the trussel about a thing named "stomper" if you wanna hear.
yes please
>Inna Vacation home in northern British Columbia, western Canada for the uneducated.
>Great time with the family, usually smoke out on our porch, it has a beautiful view.
>Mom gets pissy about the smoking habit, so I stay up later and go out and smoke at night.
>Trying a cigar from my gramp when I hear the weirdest yell out in the forest.
>It didn't sound like any sort of dog, fox, or wolf I could think of.
>For a week I go out at night, smoking on the porch while listening to the yells.
>Finally leave back to Kallowna, see my aunt, then head back to Vancouver.
>Be three years from now, haven't been back since.
here are some name suggestions
Anna - Sindarin word for 'gift'.
Anga - Quenya word for 'Iron'.
Celeb- Quenya word for silver
Estel - Sindarin word for 'Hope'.
Fëa - 'spirit'.
Mithrin - Sindarin word for 'Grey'
Nimrais - Sindarin for 'White Peaks,'
thalias - Bravery

all elvish
My brother(full time 17yr. Old stoner with no job) and about five of his friends were down at the trussel near three in the morning and heard a tree fall. Being blazed thy ignored the warning. Another tree fell about half an hour later. (Small trees.) a rock hit him kn the head and the there were loud stomping sounds that shook dirt from the stone work an a very loud man-like scream. They all ran home. To this day I still hear stomper when I go down there.
You have a goddamn unicorn, give it a hot virgin lady and it should stay
File: Salvation1.jpg (1MB, 3984x2240px)
1MB, 3984x2240px

Anna might be a funny name for a bull, eh? Nimrais might be pretty good. I could shout "Nim"! Or Celeb, that also sounds like "celebration". But thanks for this post anon, These are all good suggestions and I'm going to need some new calf names here soon. After all these mundanely colored but totally female calves are surely supernatural in their own right too. At least to me.

Here is "Salvation". She is a special calf too. You see her momma, Sparkles, hadn't had a calf during the whole season and I was going to have to sell her off and at the odd time of the season it was unlikely she'd get a chance to be bred and would be sold for meat. On the day I was going to load her up she had Salvation. I had checked her for pregnancy and she had felt like she definitely was not, certainly not like she was about to give birth. So Sally here is almost 6 months younger than the rest of the calves. The cow behind her is her father, the father of them all Curly Joe (I didn't name him, he came that way but he is a nice enough bull).
File: tusk.jpg (7KB, 254x198px)
7KB, 254x198px

It was kind of more like a tusk. Like this but just the one. Never seen anything like that in all my time interested in cryptids and on /x/.
File: waterdeer.jpg (1MB, 1600x1380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1600x1380px

Deer with fangs
Sounds like the Hopkinsville goblin
Maybe one day. I hope it is soon.
I sang this when I read this, O there once was a frenchman, yvonne was his name
File: tenguwatch.jpg (51KB, 460x345px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 460x345px
you write like you're in the middle of an epileptic seizure
I love you
sounds terrifying bro, especially when you can just kick it out of spookdom
Bumping with mutant Russian Wolf after just accidently bumping the wrong thread.
File: download (1).jpg (10KB, 190x265px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
download (1).jpg
10KB, 190x265px
I started a thread with this a while back, but I didn't get much helpful input, so I'm reposting it here.

>be me, 2 years ago
>have a grandfather who lives out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere
>surrounded by woods that are thick as shit
>visit him every month or so
>have to lock up all the doors at night because he's paranoid
>including the one outside to the garage
It'll probably help to give you guys an idea of how this part of his house is set up
>there's a patio that encircles the entire house, like four foot wide, wider and thicker in front of the kitchen
>most of the back wall in the kitchen is a set of sliding glass doors
>patio in front of them connects to the garage, and by extension, the garage door
>if you keep going to the right from there, you get to the back porch
If anyone wants more elaboration, just ask, but that's really all that's important
>like I said, /all/ the doors have to be locked at night
>my brother and I go out through the kitchen to lock the garage
>we lock it, he walks over to the back porch to piss
>hear movement in the woods
>assume it's a bobcat we've been seeing and hearing for awhile
>we get really quiet to see if we can spot it
>trees are literally pitch-fucking-black
>can't see shit cap'n
>all sound in the woods has stopped
>literally no sound
>creepy as fuck
>hear this ungodly screech 100'ish yards out in the forest
>NOPE the fuck back inside
>go back up there later, don't remember the time difference
>maybe a month?
>after dinner
>grandfather has retired to the livingroom
>brother and I are fucking around, being useless
>look out the sliding glass door
>see this pale face at the edge of the treeline
>almost human, but not quite

Lucky OP.
I live in Northwestern part of tx and don't get any paranormal shiz except maybe the occasional "hey this/that is haunted by ghosts"
>freak the hell out
>brother looks and sees it too right as it disappears
>mom and sister look at me instead of outside, don't see it
>I distinctly remember this next one was two months after that
>watching TV after everyone else has gone to bed
>decide to get something to drink
>go into kitchen
>see face again, same place
>freeze and go silent as it disappears
>run upstairs to bedroom
>didn't turn off TV or get a drink

>this May
>back at grandfather's
>haven't seen the face since last time
>being a layabout
>realize I left headphones in the car
>walk over to kitchen to go to the car
>there it is
>it's standing about halfway between the house and the treeline, clearly visible in the porch light
>on all fours
>body is the same color as the face, pale gray
>it stands up really awkwardly, like it's not quite sure how
>what the actual fuck
>watch it turn back towards the woods
>all of a sudden, it's gone
>don't sleep all night
>keep hearing the screech way far off in the woods
>exactly the same as two years ago
>also hear occasional thumps downstairs and catch whiffs of a coppery scent, usually at the same time
>too much of a pussy to go outside or look out the window
>haven't seen it since
Dude I live in Mitchell (small town in southern indiana) and I seriously think I've seen the same thing. I was driving out in the country when I saw something that fits that description along the side of the road. I only saw it for a split second, and immediately after I passed it I hit a deer that had jumped in front of my car. I was so startled I just noped the fuck outta there
>coppery scent
>awkward vaguely human stance
>odd screams

I don't have any real life experience with them but I've heard these characteristics mentioned a lot when describing skinwalkers
Bump for interest

Fuck off.
Is anyone still up and lurking
underage b&
Kids not welcome
Please check your privilege at the door
Iv got one story, that is REAL that I'm always reluctant to tell. I never get any feedback on here and no one i know irl ever beleives me
what part of TN? Chatt town here, we're actually going this weekend to do a paranormal hunt, i'm gonna make a thread here with links to recordings and shit
SC /k/ommando here.
patroling of course with my AK and G20.
Those people were drunk (probably).
Source: I live close to Kelly. All there is to do there is drink, farm and throw rocks at trains.
The house in question is northern East Tennessee, near Jamestown, but I actually live in Middle, near Nashville.

But they weren't drunk at the time. The mother was a strict Christian and didn't allow drinking inside with the kids. Besides, a lot of the small children saw the creatures as well.

They were metallic robotos, because some of the shots that hit them bounced off with a metallic ping sound.
Several years ago I was on a trip with a buddy driving out to Arizona. We were going around a wide curve when I noticed it by the guardrail. The thing was nearly the same gray-yellow as the sand, I didn't notice it until we where close. It was about seven or eight feet tall and on all fours, eating something dead off the shoulder of the road. It looked like a giant hyena from that distance, I nearly shat myself when we passed by it. The thing watched us the entire time, turning it's head. Its eyes were yellow, light gray spots/stripes. My friend didn't see it. It kept watching us as we drove away.

It looked nothing like a tusked deer. That would be decidedly less paranormal but still unusual to see one completely out of it's habitat. But it was much larger and stranger looking. It had the body type somewhere between the texas stiltwalker and an okapi. It just plain looked strange. I've tried to sketch it a few times over the course of this thread but it just isn't coming together on paper. I don't have the skill and honestly in trying to draw it I have realized I don't really KNOW what it looked like, I just know how pieces of it looked like. It was too weird, too fantastical. But it has really been great, whatever it is.

I don't have any desire to see it again. The only evidence I have that it still is around is the continued strange happenings and evidence on the hay bales that SOMETHING large is getting into them. Most usually it does not eat off the bales I roll out, or at least the cows don't act strangely. I have a fallow field where I keep all the bales rolled up next to one another and covered in tarps for until I come and take them to the farm. Sometimes I find bales with the tarps torn off, the strings snapped, and the old dirty cruddy outer hay peeled back to reveal the sweet golden hay in the middle. But there is never any tracks and never more than a few armfuls of hay missing.

Whatever it is, I appreciate it.
lets have it
What part of south jersey?
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