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Creepy woods experiences

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Can we get a good innawoods thread going?
I'd be down with it, but have no stories to contribute, sadly.
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Here's a story.
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And another
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Gather 'round, kiddos. This is my first time sharing this story and is a bit lienghty, so bear with me.

Pic slightly relevant

> be 13 y/o me in boy scouts ca 2006
> on a innawoods outing in central wisconsin
> be about 12 scouts in our troop
> typical chubby geeky fags from high school
> just another weekend with these assholes in late september
> cloudy weather w/ leaves starting to fall
> who the fuck cares, just setting the mood
> at a state park that has some burial mounds
> pretty damn rural in this part of the state
> about an hour drive from nearest town
> arrive on a Friday night about 6:30/ 7 PM
> get to campsite and go through usual set-up bull shit
> probably going to do some stuff toward rank advancement and whatnot
> should be pretty chill weekend
> I have my awesome multi-tool that I carry everywhere
> badass 13 y/o me
> newfags soon find out that there are burial mounds on the land where the campground is
> told by adults not to mess around with them
> they’re main concern being that they’re off trail and that it would be disrespectful
> the mounds are unmarked as they are scattered all over the area
> weird old groundskeeper dude who lives in a shack near the entrance of the park tells us where some are not too far from our site if we wanted to walk out there Saturday afternoon to see them
> older scouts always trying to fuck with the younger ones with lame stories of monsters
> say that people will hear whispering from the brush and trees
> say that sometimes shadows will be seen along tree lines
> I play it cool and act like it doesn’t bother me
> our troop had monsters called "wampuses" and "hodags"
> pretty much obscure references to native american legends
> we were told that they threw sticks at you if you went anywhere by yourself
> (reflecting now, may now be a diluted version of skinwalkers/ wendigos)
> spooks really just used as incentive to use buddy system when going out


> one new kid with asperger’s who just crossed over from cub scouts latches onto the idea of them
> becomes so paranoid that the leaders end up calling his parents to take him home
> he leaves the first night due to his hysterics
> we all get lectured about not being little cocks to people like that
> tbh the kid could get worked up about a lot of stuff and it was funny as hell
> first night after set-up around 10PM we are sitting at a picnic table
> light from propane lanterns eating popcorn and kool-aid
> playing Egyptian Ratscrew and making jokes about the “wampus”
> Saturday
> It’s a cool but sunny day and everyone’s just chilling doing stuff for their rank or building camp gadgets
> We all walk over as a troop with the leaders to see the burial mounds.
> a bit underwhelming as all they really are mounds of dirt
> they’ve been taken over by trees and brush, though
> can see them scattered throughout the area with what the dense forest will allow
> eerie feelings as it is
> Saturday post-dinner, we like to play games
> play in the vicinity of the campsite and surrounding woods
> our troop had a game called Ghost-in-the-Graveyard
>pretty much a hide-n-seek type game where everyone hides and has to make it to a “safe zone” before the “ghost” finds you
> anyway, we adopted it to have more than one ghost
> turned it into the “Border Patrol” and “Mexicans”
> call it “Mexican Border Cross”
> we are a bunch of racist fags but don’t even know it
> Jokingly call it “Freedom Sprint” to be politically correct
> anyway, we have our awesome game and we’re having a good time
> I’m one of the “Mexicans” and I’m with three other guys; J, Z, and M


> we decided to go off and hide far away from the group and double around
> come onto an old trail that is nearby but not maintained
> perhaps an old maintenance trail down to one of the kettles
> anyway, we are walking along the trail
> the woods are much different at night even if you are familiar with the area
> we all have flashlights two of us have walking sticks
> walking down the trail
> can still faintly hear the shouting from the activities near the camp
> aren’t miles away, but several hundred yards away through dense forest
> slinking along trail parallel to the camp when shit started to happen
> almost instantly all four of us were overcome with a sense of dread
> we just felt nauseous all of us did
> the forest is quiet, but it’s fall and most animals are migrating south for the winter
> it’s partly-cloudy now, and the trees obscure the moonlight
> one of the tenderfoots starts whining to go back
> we continue along slowly despite feeling sick and strange
> three of us had our flashlights pointed down what was supposed to be the trail
> at this point we hear rustling to our left about 15 yards up the trail
> the raging imagination of adolescents, the collective sense of dread, and the sudden noise made us all seize with terror
> it’s just a doe that we spooked nothing more
> it’s just a rabbit
> I am going to explain what it is the four of us saw cross the trail as objectively as I can
> it was a humanoid, but walked on all-fours
> it had its ass stuck up in the air while it walked
> it was slender and looked malnourished
> it was pale, not like white, but a filthy off-white pigment
> it had sparse, dirty hair that covered it’s body
> it’s eyes were beat ass red
> it offhandedly acknowledged us
> it whooped once and then screamed and lumbered off into the woods
> there is a b-movie called Xtro
> I suggest watching it if you’re into b-movie horror


> it’s the best thing I can offer to help you visualize what it was we saw
> the picture posted is what I would show you if you asked me
> hysterical and beyond all comprehension of what just happened, we immediately ran back to camp cutting through the woods
> we ignored sticks hitting our faces and tripping over roots and mounds
> we were in flight mode and adrenaline was having us haul ass back to humans
> upon returning to camp, everyone else had sort of calmed down and had given up looking for us
> they were just sitting around the fire talking and staring at a fire like dudes around a fire do
> we, out of breath and on the verge of tears, M and Z being two of the eldest kids in our troop, draw their concern
> no one wants to say anything about what had just happened
> mainly because we were frightened, didn’t know how to explain it, or that if anyone would believe us


> M tells everyone that we thought we heard a bear growl
> it is fall and black bears are common in our area, so it was believable
> J, Z, and I didn’t protest
> one of the leaders makes us lock up the trailer and to bear-proof some of the food
> our outings always consisted of practical joke son one another
> the amount of times we have tried to scare one another created a sense of distrust in matters like that
> the younger kids would possibly believe it, but they were already a bit on edge enough due to the wampuses and hodags
> J is my older cousin, and we sometimes will talk about it, but neither of us have never really been comfortable doing so
> there was no explanation for what we saw; all we had was our experience
> camping trips were always a little more solemn after that and we didn’t go back to that specific one as often anymore
> the few times we would, during any season, there was always a sense of unease going into the woods alone
> Z & M left within the year and they were off to college
> J about a year after
> I told my dad about it years later and he was a bit impassive about it
> I still don’t know how to properly show someone what it was we saw and have them feel like it was like to be there
Strange things in this world. I don't doubt what you saw, just have no clue what it was either. I guess just be glad it wasn't hungry.
>be me
>smokan and chillan innawoods
>here screams
im sorry my story is shit guize
bumpity fuck you
Woah. What state was this in?
I am telling about the encounter with the goatwalker.

>am tenting in north Minnesota, early winter (tame when is comparison to my home).
>am with stepbrother and stepfather, Alaska (old dog I have since just five)
>day is normal. Alaska quiet, stepbrother loud. We fish, start fire and cook. Forget we am not having water.
>stepfather tell to me, "get water for us, there are a wells mile or so down trail"
>stepbrother me and Alaska walk down trail in dark. Far from towns so night is very dark but sky bright
>stepbrother is spoiled, 100 meters from camp he says he is tired. I tell him go back, he takes flashlight and storm off.
>just me and Alaska, old friends from home.
>hear weird animal noise. Not abnormal to hearing animals in north Minnesota but was wrong animal for woods.
>gravel scraping, Alaska is obviously nervous. Strong minded dog so am bothered.
>dog yip and snarl, only yip at weird animal. Alaska am know well of animals and how to smell, am more bothered.
>rest of walk silent, Alaska am always to stop, look back.
>begin to think stepbrother do tricks, but too impatient.
>arrive at well and pump old lever, make creaking like injured animal. Very uneasy now.
>dog hide behind me, normally brave to stand in front and growl.
>fill jugs with metallic water.
>cannot see in darkness, was only make way by light from sky and shape of woods.
>make way back, difficult to carry many jugs with only so many hands.
>dog yips again, snarl and whine. Can now see figure on trail ahead.
>figure not moving, staring into woods
>obviously human but Alaska would be eager to meet stranger
>cough loudly so figure can hear.
>"oh! you are passing me earlier." man say
>did not see or hear anyone. Can hear dog breath but man making of no sound.
>odd animal sound again. Came from man.
>ask him where he is stay, his tent only couple sites from us.
>he hear water slosh from jug he say, offer to help carry.
>reluctantly agree. Alaska yip at another noise.

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horrible posts.jpg
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dont worry it was gr8
I noticed you said central Wisconsin, where exactly? I live in Southern Wisconsin but nothing really happens down here.
You actually get a decent amount of stories like that out of Wisconsin, or Washington.

>Be driving home from a late shift at work. Moon is out, still a very dark night.
>Live roughly 30 miles outside of town with my cousin
>Driving along the interstate for some of the trip, take my turn and start the last part of the drive
>12 miles of dirt road that leads back into the woods. only have two neighbors who live right next to the road I am on. No one for 12 miles.
>I am about half way home when I come around a bend (going maybe 35) and I see some bright object crossing the road.
>Swerve just enough to avoid hitting it. Have no idea what it is was. Was very small.
>Replay making that turn and seeing the object a couple of times in my head, get curious, and turn around.
>Come around the corner and see the object resting on the opposite side of the road, totally still.
>Its a toy
>I get out and approach the toy. The forest is totally dark and totally quiet. still about five miles from home, 7 miles from the main road and nearest neighbor.
>It is a plastic toy train, just the engine portion of a train. I play with the wheels and wonder how it got out here.
>Turn the toy over and see a dial. give it twist.
>Its a wind up toy.
>Remember that this was rolling across the street. I drop the toy and begin to walk backwards to my car, too scared to turn around.
>ass bumps into the door. The door rocks, bumps into something and then settles... something is blocking the door.
>before I can turn around to investigate, hear something year off down the road, plodding like its on all fours. turn and see nothing. get in my car and haul ass home.

never saw that toy again. my cousin believes me cause he sees weird shit too.

Waupaca County. about halfway between Green Bay and Stevens Point. Slight proximity to Lake Winnebago.
Fellow WIbro here
>man take jug, very rough from 10,000 day with shovel and trowel.
>he say is no problem, always eager to giving help.
>Alaska on other side of me from man, dog sniffing well curious. Notice smell like farm
>not rude enough to ask questions
>can see campfire through tree.
>sudden anxiety is overtaking of me
>desire to tell man he am not have to come all the way, but afraid
>why, am never having problems with girls or boss.
>cannot bring self to look sideways to man, but feeling something wrong.
>fire close enough to throw shadow. Can see stepfamily but not face. No talking or sound only from fire
>overwhelming fear, metal and farm smell in nostrils
>realize it remind me of home when dad bleeding himself like pig in barn for suicide.
>still afraid and ill from memory
>turn to look to man
>his eye are white all over
>he yell
>animal sound
>dog bark
>family yell
>man say "What!! A bear?! What is all of the yell?!" sound terribly afraid
>realize he am blind
>joke I am have rock in shoe but confess "I am not think you am blind"
>man laugh and say yes, but should be obvious
>animal sound again
>in full firelight now, can see animal near man
>"what is that"
>he say oh, am my seeing goat!
>realize I am never hearing a goat before and Alaska never smell, so is afraid.
>goat make sound again
>laugh again to self for foolish
>man hand me jug.
>introduce man to family, family to man.
>man hobble off to tent led by goat though night.

And end my story of goatwalker.
I...I really like this
The broken English and misunderstanding of goatman/skinwalker is beautiful

>Be 17 two years ago
>Babysitting for my godparents a few towns over
>To get there you have to drive through forrest farm country type counties
>Turn down the street past a farm, drive half a mile, finally arrive to their drive way
>Their house is a big fancyish house surrounded by a forrest, neighbors are like 500 yards away in both directions
>The 3 kids im babysitting are Cassidy, Mackenna, and Calvin
>Feed them dinner then put on a movie for them
>9 rolls around so i send them to sleep
>Around 11:30ish Im watching TV, kinda tired so im half awake
>Suddenly Cassidy walks over to me and goes "Anon?"
>So i go yeah and im expecting her to ask me if i can get her a drink or something like that
>She goes "Can you get rid of the bad people outside?"
>Lose my shit immediately, fully woken up now
>Grab her, go to her bedroom and grab Mackenna and bring them to Calvins room
>His room is upstairs and it only has two sky light windows and a big closet
>Tell them to get in the closet and to not leave until I come back
>Lock the bedroom door from the inside and go downstairs
>Grab a kitchen knife and a flash light then go outside through the garage door
>Go investigate outside, wander into the forrest
>Neighbors houselights are all out, really quiet
>Air feels dense and what not, feeling uneasy
>Keep hearing a clicking sound from farther up in the forrest
>Turn back, thinking she must of had a nightmare
>Go upstairs and get the kids
>Theyre crying, saying that someone was walking around upstairs after i left
>Try my best to not freak out, say that it was me checking to make sure nothing was missing
>Call theyre parents and dial 911

Weird shit goes on in those woods, Police said that people have been reporting seeing small groups of people watching theyre houses at night and that an investigation will be launched soon. No suspects or evidence was found. It feels weird knowing whoever came into their house is out there somewhere.

nigga that's innahouse near innawoods
bump nigga
Then screencap it, you cishetlord. How dare you oppress people with your humor.

Absolutely despicable, you smegma-guzzling scum.
Time for bed.
You're fired. I'm from /b/ so I should have seen that coming. At least it wasn't a dinosaur...
Synchronicity: The Key of Destiny


"Some guiding synchronicities form a category best described as “Warnings.” A representative incidence of admonitory synchronicity not included in my book was recounted by the California poet, Miriam Hohf:

Many years ago, when I was a small child living in the Pennsylvania countryside, I took long walks by myself across the fields and into the forest, listening to the birds and talking to the rabbits and squirrels. I never felt afraid and deeply loved all the trees and animals. But on one otherwise beautiful, sunny day, my surroundings felt different somehow.

Everything was absolutely calm and motionless. Just when I approached the edge of the forest, however, a gust of wind suddenly arose, loudly rustling the leaves. I stopped and listened to them, because I felt they were speaking to me. They seemed to be saying, ‘Go away! Do not come into the woods today! There is danger here! Danger! Not safe to play here today! Go away!’ For the first time, a chill of fear ran through me and I fled, almost in tears. I did not visit the forest again, too afraid to return.

About a week after my experience, mother told me about a terrible story just published in the local paper. It seems that on the same day the leaves spoke to me the body of another little girl was found by the police. She had been brutally raped before being murdered. Did the spirits of the forest warn me in the rustle of their leaves?"
Someone or something was looking out for you at that exact moment. Feels good.
Sure doesn't feel good to be the little girl whom the leaves didn't speak to.
That's the fault of skeptics who should stick to finding frauds rather than saying all spirituality is sake.

I remember another case where if a woman was skeptical one of her twins would be dead:


One such case reported to Playfair involved identical twin boys, Ricky and Damien, only three days old. Anna, their mother, would feed them during the night in her bed, propping herself up with pillows. On this particular occasion she had one twin, Ricky, in front of her, while her other son, Damien, lay on a pillow to her left. As she was changing Ricky's diaper, he suddenly began screaming. This was surprising, for even though only three days old, "he was a really good baby," Anna said, as was his brother. She could not figure out what was wrong, as he had been cleaned and fed. Then, still screaming, Ricky's body began to shake, as if he were having a convulsion. Anna reports that the thought suddenly popped into her head that "twins relay messages to each other." She looked down to check on Damien and, to her horror, saw that he wasn't there, but was face down in the pillows behind her. She immediately grabbed him and saw that he was blue in the face with his mouth clamped shut. Damien was suffocating. She and her older daughter began artificial respiration and called an ambulance. The terrifying event had a happy ending. Anna concluded, "Without a doubt, Ricky saved his brother's life. Had it not been for him screaming and shaking, I never would have looked for Damien until I had finished with Ricky, and by then it would have been too late."41
ba ba ba ba bump

Yeah.... noooo. That's enough for me today.
This actually happened to me this week. I wasn't going to talk about it but...

>Driving out in the county, home from school
>be about 15-20 miles out of city limits
>nothing around for miles except train tracks.
>i'm the only car on the road
>look over and see a man walking along the tracks
>think nothing of it
>fly by him at 70mph
>be driving along, about 5 minutes later
>look over
>same guy is standing on the tracks watching me go by
>zoom by again.
>even if it is a ghost, i still think nothing of it
>I see weird shit all the time
>get back into town
>truck is going really slow in front of me
>pass him.
>get every red light after that
>3rd light, he pulls up next to me
>look over at passenger of truck.
>it's the fucking guy.
>I nope to myself the whole way home.
Not woods, but bog, but still counts IMO

>Walking on the moor, South England
>Early evening and fog is just starting to roll in
>Come to a boggy area, real nice strong peat smell in the air
>Watching where I'm going so I don't trip or fall into the bog
>Someone got sucked in and died last year
>It has been raining for a few days, which usually stirs up the bog and stuff often floats to the surface or gets pushed up by some change in density in the bog mud, not sure I'm not a geologist
>So to be honest I probably went for a walk that day on the offchance I might see a body get brought up by the rain, thought it might make a good story
>Fog is getting thicker
>Trip over a big rock sticking out of the mud
>Swear for a while, tear in my trouser leg and a little blood
>Look over to what I tripped on
>Rusty metal corner sticking out of the ground
>Assume somebody dumped a fridge or a washing machine out in the moor
>Too heavy to be brought up by the rain, so dirt must have been washed off it and it's been uncovered
>Look at it for a second, clearly not a fridge
>Walk over to it and test the ground, pretty solid
>Thing is rusted completely, looks like pig iron or something
>Been turned completely orange by the bog, or the rain
>Wipe more mud off
>It's SO clearly not a fridge that I'm curious as hell
>Think maybe I've found an engine block from an aircraft or something like that, some WW2 relic
>Spend about half an hour wiping away mud and digging round the sides
>Thing is about 2ft tall by 1.5 by 1.5 feet
>No joins or seams, just a big rusty solid block of metal from what I can see
>On one side is a circle
>Looks like a stone carving, in that it's set about half an inch deep into the block
>Stand up, fog has closed in around me
>Can see a blue light bobbing up and down about 3ft off the ground, maybe 10 yards away from me
>Assume it's a keyring on somebody's bag, probably a hiker
>Call out, blue light carries on bobbing up and down like somebody walking

>Yell a bit louder, thinking it might be my dad come looking for me
>Notice more blue lights
>First thought is that it's a hiking group and the blue lights are some safety precaution against getting lost in the fog
>Notice more and more
>It can't be a group because they're not all in a cluster
>They're all around me
>Blue lights bobbing up and down in every direction I look
>Check it's not my eyes playing tricks on me, think it might be sunspots or some vision thing from crouching for too long
>The lights move when I turn my head, so they're there, I'm not mad
>Lights all around me, the same blue as when you turn a bunsen burner on high, bobbing up and down
>At this point I start to get scared
>Fog muffles noise and doesn't let it carry very far, but I swear I can hear whispering, or giggling
>Try to tell myself that this is somebody fucking with me
>Suddenly one of the blue lights shoots about 10 yards to the left in less than a second
>Shit scared now
>This isn't people
>More and more of the lights start to zip about, keeping about 3ft off the ground mostly
>A few bob up to about 5ft then back
>Bend down and grab a clod of mud and throw it at one of the lights
>No result
>Yell a bit more
>Fuck this
>They're zipping about quite a bit now
>Spot a gab a few yards wide in the lights
>Run as fast as I can for it
>Trip over a few times
>Covered in mud, swearing under my breath and my heart feels like it's going to burst out of my chest
>Run until I have a stitch
>Stop and look back the way I came
>Can't see or hear anything, fog is pea-soup thick
>Walk as fast as I can
>Come off the moor in completely the wrong place as I just ran in a random direction
>Had to walk 5 miles along a road to get home
>Locked my door
>Didn't pluck up the courage to go walking out there until a week later in the middle of the day in total sunshine and no chance of encroaching fog
>Can't find the place where I was, with the metal thing
>Probably been covered up my shifting mud or it's sunk into the ground, loosened from where I dug with my hands
>Still to this day won't go out on the moor after 4pm
Everytime I use the shortcut through the woods, there's extreme rustling even without wind and I look but there's nothing there. there's enough rustling for a deer sized something but nothing. it had nee really curious.
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>>ass bumps into the door. The door rocks, bumps into something and then settles... something is blocking the door.
>>before I can turn around to investigate, hear something year off down the road, plodding like its on all fours. turn and see nothing. get in my car and haul ass home.

wait wut? i don't fucking understand what you're saying here

he was backing away from the toy. walking backwards towards his car. he had left his car door open. he bumped into the open door, and instead of it closing, it dumped into something else. something that was standing in the way and preventing the door from the closing. as he turned around to see what was there, something ran off.
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Minneapolis here. If you don't know, Minneapolis has the Mississippi running right through the middle of it, and each bank has a couple acres' border of protected park land. The forests get a really murky, spooky feeling.

I've got a couple spook stories. The one about the bog lights made me recall this event from the other night.

>train bridge over river next to house
>have to dip into the forest or climb down a concrete wall to get to a cool spot underneath it
>pic related, sight would be from top of concrete wall
>one night on catwalk thingken of life
>sun has gone down, a front rolled in with wind and occasional light showers
>looking out over river, swollen from rain
>see red light swell and falter in peripheral
>look to where it was
>it happens again
>I have bad eyesight and no glasses so I cant tell what it was (vision is good enough to see people on opposite shore but no details such as gender or their face), but it looked underwater
>this thing glows sporadically without any apparent pattern or length
>know there are buoys and boats on the river, but I heard no boat, buoys don't have lights on them and I have never seen anything like this and I've lived in Minneapolis my entire life
>the light is definitely coming from underneath the water, 20 feet or so from the bank
>take out LED flashlight and flash out "- - . . - - "
>the red light stops completely what feels like a minute
>red light " - - . . - - "
>flash out " . . "
>red light waits, then " - - "
>respond " - . - . - . "
>red light "- . - . - . "
>its fucking copying me
>yell out "hello" then "pls respond"
>no sound
>it couldn't be any people walking because it's 1AM and raining, and sound carries well across the river so I would've heard rocks falling down the VERY steep opposite bank
>red light stops completely
>wait over half an hour for it to return
>go back home and mostly forget about what happened until now
my sides. so sorry anon
Will-o'-the-wisp story! Nice
i have screencapped le spookiest
Which ones?
the spookiest ones, nigga

cant you read

Sounds scary as shit, but I honestly couldn't take the story seriously after Freedom Sprint.
Double kek, nigga.
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bump for additional spooks
braver than I, as much as I hate to admit.
Would probs have used those children as an offering
>on road trip to Pacific Northwest
>tooting around on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington
>campgrounds packed or over expensive
>take my car to the coast and park on a gravel road to a beach
>go down to the waters edge and have cig while looking at the stars, Milky Way visible
>hear a voice on the wind
>look up and down the beach, don't see anybody
>must be tired, had been driving all day
>successfully skip a couple rocks despite the surf
>completely fuck up the last one
>what the fuck?
>spin around, paranoid now
>voluminous wind blows in from the sea, rustling leaves and branches
>walk back up to car, worried about shithead teenagers fucking with things
>finish cig sitting on the hood
>hear a single syllable "ha"
>probably just catching the sounds of some assholes having a bonfire at 1am over the ridge
>stare at stars some more, not used to the brilliance of the night sky
>get in passenger seat of car and lay seat back all the way
>wrap up in sleeping bag and lay down
>looking at the stars and thinking as my breath slowly clouds the windows of the car
>fading off to sleep when I hear a jock-like "Hyah Hyah Hyah" muffled by the car
>groggily post up on elbows
>windows are too foggy to see clearly out
>wipe feebly with sleeve, have little window but see no movement
>it's just some teenagers, it's nothing
>slump back down and fall asleep quickly
>something slapped the car door near my head
>too scared to even bolt upright
>nervously open up the glovebox and grab my .9
>still wrapped up in sleeping bag, kick open drivers side door and pop out, climb onto roof and scan area like a gun-toting caterpillar
>no wind, couldn't have been a stick falling from the tree
>look on passenger side
>there's starfish laying on the road
>see wet impact mark where it must have collided with the car
>look up and down road, no signs of movement- wait!
>on the dark beach - a figure runs from behind a rock formation near the end of the road, and into the cove
>shed sleeping bag like an old skin
>step down from the hood and tread softly down the gravel road, barefoot
>steering clear of the rock and cliff face, walk to get view of cove
>absolutely nothing in the cove other than some starfish and anemone/invertebrate things in the surf
>hear a couple chuckles
>what in the fuck!
>hear car door slam, triumphant laugh
>son of a bitch!
>engine heaves, turns over
>those motherfuckers! It was a distraction!
>whip around, headlights burst on
>sprint up the gravel road, partially blinded by headlights
>point gun at drivers seat, can barely see because of brightness
>car door opens
>can't make anything out
>adrenaline pumping hard as fuck at this point
>fire gun into air over the ocean
>feel like I've made a point, approach car
>drivers door is open
>nobody inside
>check under car, no feet on other side
>get on roof and sweep area again, nothing
>was about to shut car off when I saw the message written on the fogged out windshield that made me drive south to Oregon until sunrise
>"ayy lmao"
I'll try and keep it bried
>be me
>be eighteen and camping by myself
>Colorado mountains
>Hiking with the AK because no handguns
>Never go unarmed, run into too many bears and shit for that
>It's starting to get dark out, heading back to camp
>the fuck is that smell?
>look about for the source
>it smells fucking awful, very clearly something died but no carcass to be found anywhere
>Jesus fuck, it smells bad
>fish a flashlight from my pack, didn't want to use it to conserve my night sight
>turn it on
>something didn't die here
>it died everywhere
>massive wet spot on the ground
>it's blood
>coagulating fluid coats the pine needles above my head
>it's blood
>fucking blood everywhere
I noped the fuck back to camp with my rifle shouldered the whole way. I left as soon as there was light in the sky again.
Wisconsin rapids fag here
File: 1404328959679.jpg (40KB, 510x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 510x384px
post noods
A mountain lion probably dragged a kill into the tree, m8
Me and a few friends are going camping in a few days, shit we do every year. Nothing unexplainable has happened, some footsteps we couldn't explain at the most. We're all armed, but what do you even do if you shoot a monster. Can you even kill it, and would that even be a good idea?

I'm bringing a camera anyway, if we see a scary man I'll do my best to take a picture.
Fuck off
>be me
Skinwalker detected
second part pls
He already finished it, you potato skelingtin.
You fucking shit
Enjoy your tetanus, mate.
File: image.jpg (118KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be me, Ausfag
>Be 14, 4 years ago
> Be in cadets and be on first ever camp
>On a farm (with bush) which the RAAF uses as a training ground for their Airfield Defence Guards (ADG)
>Get told ADG's being trained for observation and that we are being observed
>Fast forward 7 hours, lights out
>Move into bush to set up hutchie (open ended tent) and climb into sleeping bag, fall asleep
>Wake up about three hours after falling asleep, feel like I'm being watched
>Shuffle around in my sleeping back to get comfortable to try and sleep, look at the end of my hutchie where my head is (looking behind me)
>See dark figure crouched about 3m (8ft) away from hutchie, totally unmoving and watching me
>Stare at it for a minute or so, stark still
>Dismiss it as a tree stump and fall back asleep
>Wake up in the morning and look behind me, it's not there
>Go and tell my sergeant about what happened and he tells me it was probably one of the ADG's
>Officer overhears and says that the ADG's who were training finished their exercise a week ago and told us that story to fuck with us
>Not ever going into that bush again

holy fucking christ. nope.
Such is life in moscow
There is no "Goatwalker" child. It is Skinwalkers or Goatmen. Pick one.
OK you got me. Good job anon.
>Officer overhears and says that the ADG's who were training finished their exercise a week ago and told us that story to fuck with us

The moors are VERY magical places. It was believed wee folk, sprites, nature spirits, the little folk whatever you want to call them called the moors home by night
Brought to you by the Twilight Zone.
Wait, that's a trap? Nigga say it aint so
One of the Air Force officers who was attending the camp overheard the sergeant and I's conversation about how the shadow was probably an ADG and said the ADG's had finished their observation training exercise a week ago
bear with mange, that's what you saw.
le gasp
>be two years ago
>have friend who lives in the woods
>I live about 3 hours from him
>coming back from his house, about 2 AM
>in my truck, hauling ass down a very long straight stretch of road that goes through the woods
>doing about 100
>coming up to a light curve
>see guy standing in the middle of the road, on the double yellows
>panic and swerve to the right
>decide to go back and see if he's alright and apologize
>I see the guy standing, still in the middle of the road, back to me
>walk up to the guy
>see it's a mannequin
>say out loud "very funny guys" and start to walk back to the truck
>in my open door I see the reflection of me and the mannequin in the rolled up window
>though this time, the mannequin is turned around facing me
>whip around
>it actually is facing me
>hop in truck and hit the mannequin and turn around
>don't stop until I get home
Seeing the word "Toy" in this thread has inspired me to write out the only "Paranormal" or otherwise creepy thing that has happened to me.

It begins with me and my two best friends Brenton and Brice. We were all about sixteen or fifteen around the time this happened. We normally go for walks in this long stretch of forest/swamp behind the park by Brices house (Welcome to Florida, swamps in your backyard!). Nothing bad ever happen, we usually take a bag with bandages, disinfectant and water for emergencies (We go hours deep into this forest).

Though, upon entering Brice and I notice a small red string tied around the base of a thin dying tree. It's thicker than string but thinner than ribbon, it looked like it was made out of silk maybe? I can't remember. We remarked on how weird it was and took our walk. The entire time though we felt like we were being watched, like the air had a heavy feel to it. We leave early due to this feeling, on the way out there is something tied within the red string. A MOTHERFUCKING NAKED DOLL. It was beat up to hell and back and generally creepy looking. Theres a long stretch that leads into the forest, we sprinted out. I'll get pics of the area when I can and post them. It's a generally creepy place.
Well it isnt nearly as impressive as the any skinwalker tales but its my only true paranormal experience...sorry if it turns out a bit boring

>be sophomores in highschool
>me, my mother, and friend are all going camping and rappelling
>place we are going rappelling is moaning caverns CA, so we found a nearby campsite to stay a few days at too
>we get a spot on the outer edge of the campsite, next to where the forests start
>after setting up n stuff on Friday me n friend decide to go exploring
>not much time, sun is going down, but we find an old abandoned water storage and decide to call it a day
>before we go I notice that the hill next to us flattens up at the top, I feel drawn to it for some reason
>Sat. we go rappelling, barrels of fun enjoyed messing with my friend on the way down since I'd already done the rappel once as a boyscout
>get back to camp, first thing we do is go up that hill
>as we reach the top where it flattens out friend freezes
>"Thats a Witch's Circle dude"...
>??? wot's a witch's circle?
>a circle of trees that all point away from the center, supposed to be magical n shit
Had my shots mate.
>go to some woods.
>take some LSD
>extremely happy and overwhelmed by the wonders of the World
>experience ego death
>see meaning of life: "WOW MAN IT'S RIGHT THERE!!!one"
>feel the afterlife and reincarnation. apparently infinitely
>return to everyday life
>know the truths
>tfw so hard to acknowledge in every day life
File: woods.jpg (253KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>my friend goes on, tells me he's getting these weird vibes, last time he had em an ax nearly fell on his head
>whereas im completely oblivious, really into stuff like this so im just running around the place super excited
>notice that at the other side of the hill opposite of where we came in the forest gets thicker and more hilly
>see a large decaying stump so I hop onto it to get a better look
>as I look around I get this weird feeling crawling over me
>suddenly this feeling turns into a sound
>very faint, cant make it out at all but I can hear it in my head, or maybe its right next to my ear
>sound gets louder and louder till I can make out exactly what it is
>Its a little girl humming
>I turn back to my friend who had apparently been calling me this whole time
>he shuts the hell up as soon as he sees my face
>later he tells me i looked like i was about to either run like hell or run up and stab him
>I actually do charge up to him but start panicking and tell him we gotta get the hell outta here
>he tells me to calm down and we walk back to the campsite and leave the next morning
Now the eerie part of this is, when we were heading down I realized that the way i was about to run before my friend told me to calm the hell down, wasnt the way back. I could have sworn it was, but it would have just taken me deep into the heard of the forest, where i'd be lost and completely fucked.
I don't think I would have been able to get out of the truck. Not with stories about people getting other people stop so they can rob them and do who knows what else.
All sppokies aside, I think it's funny that flashlights are still called "torches" in the UK and 'straya, like you're going to also grab some pitchforks and rally up the townsfolk to take out Frankenstein's monster.

>In b4 Amerifat, I'm Canadian and we call them "flashlights"
Canadian, Amerifat, there's no fucking difference

youre just a nation of frozen betas
learn to summarize, that was an unrewarding read.
Huh, One of my friends always used to get car-sick on the way to Horsham. Weird
Damn, sucks to be the girl the wood spirits didn't give a fuck about.
>live on a farm in indiana as a kid
>had a big german shepherd that would always protect me and my brother and sister
>heavily wooded area next to the fields we keep our lambs in
>One night we go to the old cabin to sleep in for fun
>Take dog with us
>Having fun, big fire out in front
>night comes, we get in our sleeping bags
>few hours after nightfall tiger runs up to the door
>starts barking, the whimpers and runs back to hide underneath our sleeping bags
>does this a few times
>fires starting to get low so one of us has to go out and put wood on
>im youngest, so i do it
>come back inside
>few minutes later dog goes silent
>eerily quiet
>hear scratching on the back end of the cabin
>we all are completely quit
>scratching continues for a couple minutes then stops
>all the sudden a tremendous bang, as if someone had thrown themself into the wall
>sister starts screaming
>dog barking uncontrollably
>my brother grabs her, i grab the dog and as best i can bring him to the door
>we sprint through the woods as fast as we can
>while trying to keep the dog from turning back i had a glimpse of the cabin
>fire was still barely going so i was able to see it
I dont know what the fuck it was
It had 2 legs but was terribly hunched over
I think it was covered in fur but i didnt see it long enough to be certain

Its eyes were black, and it just stared at me as we ran off before slinking back into the woods

Does anyone know what it couldve been? Ive never seen anything like it in any book ive read.

Faggots at my college think im being funny when i tell them the story
Cool story, bro.
Draw a pic, I don't care how "shitty" it is. I want to believe.
File: image.jpg (3MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 3264x2448px
I was further away than the perspective in this picture.

I didnt really make out the details of its feet or hands that well, but the back was like that, chest was a little smaller i think, and the face appeared to be rather gaunt.

I remember the neck/back/whatever to be exactly like that
The eyes were about as big as its mouth which just hung open like in the pic.

I know its a bad drawing, but it gives you a sense of the shape and a bit of its features
similar thing happened to me once, but I just have a hard time telling black people apart.
ever have any cases of sheep mutilation and watnot?
Where in WI?
Had a dream the other night where I saw a Grey sneaking a peak at me in my dream, as soon as it saw me notice it and not be scared but overjoyous, it's totally regular Grey-non mouth turned into a HUUUGE O as big as it's eyes, it was shocked beyond all reason. This freaked me out a bit but I still walked up to it to try and give it a high five. Funnily enough it slowed me down, to try and get away faster (it felt like I was walking through molasses) but I reached it anyway and well I could only give it a low five but still. Weird visual with te huge mouth on the Grey.
goatwalker as in the man was blind walking a goat?

Whoa. Very weird.
File: godbless it.jpg (77KB, 640x455px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
godbless it.jpg
77KB, 640x455px
you talkin shit bout my imouto?
Not very innawoods but creep factor is present
> About a month ago
backstory: i have dreams where i talked to dead people and wonder around in the in between place, i see things sometimes but i try to ignore it because i cant deal with it on top of a concussion and work.
> livin innawoods, WI
> Sister starts dating guy, hardly home, practically moved in
> had just gotten home from work,
> Shes home tonight wow.jpeg
> About 2am, no one is up
> makin dinner, hadnt eaten all day
> Cookin Mama hellz yeah
> hear sound like tv from living room
> guy laugh, like a big deep Ha Ha
> pa usually knocks out in chair watching tv
> but he never laughs like that
> Look in living room really quick
> tv is off, its pitch black
> dad is not in the chair
> Hwut Bobby
the following weekend i was in the car with my pa, just driving back from grocery shopping
> "Anon.... have you noticed anything weird at home?"
> hes really religious and i never told him about the dreams or anything because i dont want jesus
> "A little, why whats up?"
> Tells me sisters bf thinks something bads attached too him. Dad has noticed radios on when no one is home and not music we would listen too when its not static
> tell him about tv and a guy laughing
> awkward silence rest of way home
so whenever shes home shit gets freaky, when shes not there is like little to no activity, i had never met the bf.
> couple weeks go bye
> i see gray blurs more, like someone ducking out of sight
> see it in my car mirrors, in the woods around the house, never anybody or anything out there
> see thin gray dog crossing streets in the city when i drive home, but when i turn to see if its a lost pet there is never any traces of it
> saw it run across into a park once
> had just rained
> go to where it got to the park
> no prints
> nope.pdf
Day shift for once, come home to sister and Bf getting things packed for an outing
> Bf doesnt know my sister told everyone about his thing
> hang out a bit, nothing weird happens, hes ok
> i sit and take my work shoes off, when im untying them i notice his shadow
> Bf is standing normal, just chillin talkin to sis
>Shadow does same movements but has diffrent features like haunched back and is shorter and a bit fatter than him
> his shadow wasnt him
I know that depending on the angle of the light and the terrain its projected on shadows can warp, but it was flat tile. we werent far from eachother and my shadow was normal
> hear noises of tv on when home alone
> see dog and blurs still
> been outside his house to pick sister up, i refuse to go on the property
> it all feels off, it feels like when you know someone in the room is really pissed at you and is staring daggers but you try to ignore it and act oblivious which pisses them off more

They just broke up but im kinda glad tbh because im hoping it stops. I havent seen the dog for a week or so, and none of that gray blur. In reflection it looked like a bent over person trying to sneak up on me. I actually thought someone was gonna try to rob me and ran around my car with a knife the first time i saw it in my side mirror.
Ayy lmao.
I have a very short story, that insteadof innawoods is more innawilderness.

>live in tiny town in middle of desert
>dad is cop in town
>there is a very small airport about 20 miles out of town
>is being used by drug dealers apparently
>in return for watching airport, town gives father small plot of land a little ways away
>built a house here, is where i grew up
>nothing else around except brush for miles
>i was 11 years old
>staying up late one night in a back room playing vidya
>room is small - door is to the right of where I'm sitting, window is to left, TV is in front of me
>i had the window open, it was a warm summer night and a full moon was out
>I always liked nighttime and it was a good view (creosote bushes all the way out to horizon)
>suddenly hear footsteps on that side of house (the ground is very dry, crunches when you walk on it, almost like gravel)
>nope a little cause its late, look at window
>see the torso of something walk slowly past window
>must be very tall as I can see side of its body, and one arm including elbow, but can see shoulders, hand, or waist
>frozen in terror as I watch it pass the window, the footsteps fade away
>carefully look out window once I can't hear it
>area is completely flat and no trees so should be able to see it in distance
>see nothing
>tear off to bedroom and try to sleep with lights on

Whatever it was was right outside my window. I had heard the term frozen in fear before that, but didn't realize it was a literal term. Single scariest moment in my life. Tried telling my parents, they just laughed at me.
Forgot to mention that the thing was very pale white, and from what I could see wasnt wearign anything
where in indiana may i ask?
Where did this happen?
Be me
be cuban as fuck
My family practices Santería,
Growing up I see all sorts of voodoo and juju
be me at 10years
my dad is taking me to someplace to practice something
its in a huge forest
no people for miles
we finally reach our destination
a huge ass abandoned house with all types of crazy shit in,and around it
go inside the house
my father locks the door behind me,locking me in
he tells me to "sit in the chair and wait,he'll be back in an hour
really fucking scared
all of a sudden I doze off hard
I sleep for what felt like hours
i wake up and all of a sudden im circled by a group of tall black shadowy figures with fucking bird face masks or some shit
theyre speaking in a language I dont understand I shitting bricks meng
I try to get up but theres something pushing me down
all of a sudden headache and scars on my hands
my veins fell like there're gonna fucking explode
then the figures start fucking chanting and dancing
i wake up
I have symbols of santería all over my hands and arms
the door is wide open
I meet up with my dad
we never talk about this again
> Be me and with a couple of friends camping.
> All goes fine until around 2AM, When we are on our tents.
> Hear something doing strange grunting noises while sniffing hard.
> We are all in one of those big ass tents, Me and B had guns.
> guns are out and in our hands our girls are in the middle of the tent.
> the fire we made is not entirely out as we just had went to bed.
> Keep hearing the grunts, they sounds odd, very deep and kinda forced.
> We assume its a bear because of its figure.
> it passed by the fire and Its now going to the car.
> Me and the only other male B, go out with our guns pointing at it.
> After inspecting the zone we found nothing, no marks on the ground, nothing.
> Things start to make us really nervous so we decide to pack up and sleep in the big truck.
> Falling sleep in the truck while talking to B about what just happen.
> Hear the grunting sound again, But we can't see much in the absolute darkness.
> We think about turning the lights of the truck, but B then tells me to look at my left slowly.
> I slowly turn my head (I'm in the driver seat and the seat is not fully down.)
> See something staring at us from behind some bushes, cant see it clearly.
> All we can make of it is the figure of something like a wolf.
> But there is something odd with it, it has some weird muscle spasm all over the pieces of body that we can see.
> When we managed to have a better view of it after it moved we noticed it was walking hunched and in two legs.
> B slowly gets outside the truck using the sunroof and starts shooting at it.
> We see some fur fly into the air we are sure B hit it at least twice.
> but the thing takes a huge leap to a side and disappears as if was unharmed.
> Start listening a laugh echoing in the darkness of the forest...
> laugh sounds as it moved around us and sometimes changes entirely how it sounds, making it sound as multiple persons.
> spend at least one hour checking every angle we can in full state of paranoia.
> the girls all shocked and scared ask us what happen, we say we saw the bear and that's.
> they do not notice we are all freaked out and go back to sleep.
> But me and B did not sleep at all that night.
> As soon as there was enough sunlight we headed to the place we saw the thing.
> We found nothing except some fur, no blood.
> the fur is weird looking and it's not like the fur of any animal we know to be around the zone.
> We are sure we hit it we go to the shooting range quite often, B is a good hunter and we saw the fur fly on impact.
> Did not tell the girls anything because we are not sure and we do not want them to freak out even more.
> Go to the lake close to our locations in our bikes.
> It's a glorious day even if me and B are all beaten up from sleep deprivation.
> Girls get into the lake, We are setting up some lines.
> me and B grab a beer and start to chill as normal but after a couple of hours.
> we kinda see a white figure at the other side of the lake, behind the tree line.
> get more fucking spoopied because the thing looks humanoid and is standing very straight in two legs.
> After a few seconds, as I'm reaching for my binoculars the figure vanishes in the forest.
> That day passed by mostly nothing weird occurring, before we left the lake
> We meet a couple who was also camping close the zone, we asked them if they had seen
> any big animals in the zone. they tells us they have heard stuff and seen something
> like a wolf but they are not sure, we tell them about the bear and then everybody stood in silence.
> We said goodbye, jumped on our bikes and left the lake.
> back at the camp everything seems as we left it.
> after a few minutes of being there I notice the zipper of our tent being open and I remember closing it myself.
> Tell B, B instantly jumps out of his place goes to inspect with his gun, nothing inside.
> We notice an animal smell inside of it...
> That night while we were eating I felt something watching me, I discreetly scanned the area around us.
> Old man in ragged clothes standing a few meter in the shadows behind us.
> B and I shout and him cus wtf this is spoopy.
> Old man asks for something to eat, B gives him a piece of bread and some meat.
> When B comes back after handing him the stuff while I covered, he tells me quietly.
> "C I think he is not human, His skin looks like another skin on top"
> B seems a bit shocked and scared, he is usually a crazy fearless mother fucker.
> somethingisveryfuckedfuckedfuckedfucked.jpg

> We stared at the Old man looking at his meta and bread for a while.
> When he started to eat it we all got really freaked out.
> He chewed all the meat so fast... almost devoured it in a single action.
> Not as a regular person would but more in an animal way.
> B gets the safety lock off his gun and asks the old man to leave.
> old man stays quiet for a while staring at the floor, his whole body twitches for a few seconds.
> then the old man asked us for more meat, but he wants it raw this time.
> start walking towards us.
> We shout stop at him, he does not stop.
> B is the first to start firing and then I start shortly, all girls start screaming.
> old man falls to the ground and starts twitching in there and we can heard him grunting
> is the same grunting we heard before the night we observed the "bear"
> shit is too spoopy shout to the girls to get all their things in the truck.
> we jump in and start driving as fucking fast as we can and while we are leaving.
> B tells me that something white is chasing us.
> pedal to the floor.
> Hear a loud "tump" sound in the back of the truck.
> Observe trough mirrors, nothing there.
> We enter the road and continue driving until home, no one ever speaks about this.
What the fuck is up with everyone thinking Canada is an ice ball? It a fucking hot here. It's like 25? where I amand its onot going to get warmer.

Plus fuck you, we have healthcare for everyone and poutine.
File: image.jpg (1017KB, 2550x1218px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1017KB, 2550x1218px
From a thread I saw a couple of days ago
I don't really remember if it was a forest or the jungle, but whatever. They're still woods.
In 2004 I went to Brazil because my father wanted to visit his parents and let me, my grandma, my mom and my brother the country.
Also, my only Italian uncle went to Brazil because he met a girl he liked.
Now, I clearly remember this because I was 16 at the time
Basically, grandma, grandpa and some cousins lived in Timoteo, Minas Gerais (A mostly innawoods state), while my uncles and the other cousins lived in Vitoria, Espirito Santo, literally on the beach.
>travelling by vitoria to timoteo
>in the middle of the rainy season
>at dusk
>taking a road going on mountains and woods
>never saw a worse-maintained road than that
>holes everywhere
>suddenly rain
>it was a storm, we couldn't see shit other than the other cars headlights
>after some time, we're alone on the road because every other car took another way
>my grandma and my mom are praying
>my father is spouting so many blasphemities that jesus itself probably started cutting himself
>suddenly we see some lights
>as we get closer, we realize it's a quiosque
>a bar in the middle of the nowhere, open and under a storm
>everyone thanks god, we pull over and get there
>can't really remember how the guy working there looked, but i remember he was a nice guy
>the quiosque was on this little plaza with a brick floor, remember that because it was really strange and out of place in a forest
>we eat, drink and take some snacks for the rest of the trip
>bar guy blesses us and give me some peanuts
>as we go away i don't see the bar lights anymore, but i just assume that's because we're not facing them
>two days later, going back to vitoria
>decide to go back to the quiosque
>pass trough that spot
>no lights
>no quiosque
Hell, there wasn't the plaza itself neither. And we were pretty sure that was the spot because it was just before Pedra Azul.
We still don't know what happened and someday when I'll go back there, I'll check.
That's it, sorry for my english, usually it's not that bad.
I'm just a bit drunk.
>two days later,
ITT anon kills a man and flees the scene

I've had a similar experience. I've shared the story before but didn't get a good response. There are several encounters so I'll try to make each short.
>hiking at local state park with two friends, call them Desmond and Jack
>beginning in the late summer we started to hike
>knew the trails fairly well and went to the top of the "mountain" often
>one time, first night hike, we're walking casually no flashlights, eyes adjusted to the dark
>nearing the top, Jack and I are next to each other, Des in the lead, may have had a light at this point actually
>strange squelching noise to the left
>we raise our walking sticks and look to the left in confusion
>Desmond yells something along the lines of "FUCK FUCKING RUN"
>Doubles back and begins sprinting downhill, grabbing at our shirts and taking off
>Points down the trail "IT'S RIGHT FUCKING THERE"
>Jack grabs me by shirt and starts sprinting after Des
> I stumble and begin running with them in confusion
>several hundred meters back down the trail
>Desmond saw a tall and pale humanoid seemingly watching us from just off the trail and moving through the trees

I'm shaking right now because we actually just hiked there tonight, sorry for the poor storytelling, more incoming. Doesn't get as exciting as some
what state is the park in?
Did you misspell "beet" to describe "red" and use "ass" to strengthen the adverb, or was it red like an ass that got beat up?
reminds me of the strangers which terrified me.

You left those kids in the house alone? You're a fucking cunt moron. No comma. A cunt moron.
In that anon's defense, s/he didn't take off on them. What would you do when investigating creepy shit, take three kids with you to face a potential robber/rapist/murderer?

I would stay with them to ensure their safety. "Hue you guys stay here in the dark room, alone and defenseless. Papa is going to go walk around outside and check the neighbor's house (which was 500 yards away. Quite a stride).

Best bet was to stay in the room with them and call the parents/police, whoever. To wait with them. If the thief/rapist/murderer comes in, they at least have you for protection. I don't want to be out pussyfooting around. Then the killer gets in, murders them before I get back, and then who gets the blame? "I LEFT AND CAME BACK AND THEY WERE DEAD." Yeah, that might hold up in court.

I was in a situation like this when I was like 7 or 8. Someone broke into my house whole my babysitter was there, rootin' and tootin' around while we hid in my room. Walked all over, all three levels. Then promptly left via the backdoor. Yes, leaving us unprotected would have been a great option. "Go, babysitter. Leave us children here and see what you can see. We'll manage."
I'm not denying it was stupid in hindsight, but at least they were hidden away, and if babysitter anon had found and confronted whoever it was, they wouldn't be right there in harm's way. There have been actual situations where this has worked too, since in this case, the sitter had no idea where the prowler/whoever was located.

I think you're just making shit up to defend your retarded actions.
>Best bet was to stay in the room with them and call the parents/police
honestly the babysitter hadn't seen/heard anything. at this point it was just a boogey man. Actually i don't think the babysitter ever saw or heard anyone just some clicking in the woods. It could have just been kids being kids.
File: ok.gif (2MB, 400x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 400x240px
wow i was actually part of that thread
File: 2spoopy Dunkeld.jpg (3MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2spoopy Dunkeld.jpg
3MB, 3264x2448px
I've got one. Only truly terrifying thing I have experienced. A bit of a backstory. I was on a vacation a few weeks ago in Scotland. I am normally from Illinois. I was staying at a hotel in the town of Dunkeld, and the driveway up the the hotel must have been a good three miles long. at the hotel, there is a path you can take along the driveway that runs along the river and has foliage and bikers use it sometimes. The man at the desk said that it cuts out a little ways down and there is an old cathedral. Past the cathedral is a forest, but he warned the forest isn't maintained.

>Walk to the forest area past the cathedral.
>Cathedral was neat, all run down, have burned. I can show a picture if anyone wants.
>Anyways, it is still pretty light out, only around 9pm or so (sun goes down very late over there).
>Forest is neat, very overgrown and "ancient" feeling
>Come across a "clearing," only it isn't a clearing.
>Right side remained unchanged, the left side opened up as if to illuminate the right.
>the right sside of forest has this "doorway," for lack of a better term.
>Forgot camera, but took a picture with my phone.
>Pic related, it is the doorway
>Decided to approach the doorway, and it felt odd almost immediately.
>Temperature got noticeably colder as I approached the doorway.
>Despite how light it was outside (refer to picture), the inside of the doorway was pitch black from half a foot to a foot in.
>As in, no light at all. Perfect darkness
Keep in mind that Scotland has no natural predators, as far as I was told. No bears, coyotes, mountain lions, anything.
>Still a few feet yards back, so I decide to walk up to the doorway and see if I can use a flashlight to illuminate it.

>As I get within a few feet, I smell it
>God damn, the smell
>Had a strong smell of copper, mixed with shit and a strong hit of rot. Like, rotting flesh.
>Gotta see what is in there
>Use flashlight I had incase it got dark to illuminate the inside.
>Bones fucking everywhere
>Rotting meat of indiscernible source.
>pails of a weird liquid in the middle of the "room."
>This room went on forever, way past the length of the flash light
>Pull out phone, wanting to take a picture.
>Maybe someone can explain this to me.
>Phone is still over 40% charged
>I then hear this strange growling/rustling noise coming from deeper in the room.
>Phone dies, flashlight dies
>Checked watch
>watch also stopped
>hear what sounds like a breeze, but with footsteps
>like if the wind could run
>I NOPE it the fuck out of there

File: Scafolding .jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Scafolding .jpg
2MB, 3264x2448px
>Run back out of the forest
>Get to the cathedral, look behind me
>See a figure at the entrance to the forest
>All black, almost "shadowy"
>Has it's finger up to what I think would be its face if I could make it out.
>Almost like a "Shh."
>See some other guy walking around the Cathedral, taking pictures
>Ask him if he sees that fucker at the edge of the forest
>He looks, says no. I look, no one there
>Asks me if I have been drinking
>I have not
>He says be safe, and walks towards the forest
>I say I wouldn't if I were him, it will be dark soon and not much light in there.
>He agrees, we walk back towards hotel, he was staying there also.
>Check phone
>Battery charged again, right where it was when it died.
>I look back toward the forest as we are walking away from cathedral making small talk
>Introductions and shit
Remember how I said cathedral was in ruins?
>There is scaffolding where they are doing some repairs.
>Shadowy figure is on the scaffolding, with that fucking finger by its face
>Then it fucking waved at me
Pic related, the scaffolding is in the corner. I took this when I first started walking up towards the cathedral early that evening. This was the wrong side of the building, but the side I saw the figure on was near identical

I neglected to mention that as I approached the actual doorway, this sense of dread fell over me, and it was as if a part of me knew that this was not a good place. I have never felt this amount of fear before, andI cannot adequately describe how it felt.

Also, to wrap it up a bit, that night I felt like something was watching me when in my room. If I was not in my room, all was fine. But once in the room it was a strong feeling of being watched. My room was on the ground floor, and the window overlooked the river, and I could see the forest in the distance from one half of the room. I was also put in the room that had broken blinds so the windows had to be drawn open all night. Suffice it to say, I hung out at the hotel bar with the bartender all night and talked about the States (he was planning a trip).
Could you draw the shadowy figure? Interesting story btw. I wanna see the Cathedral pics.
Yeah, I will draw it up after I eat my lunch. Here are some cathedral pics in the meantime.

Aorry, don't know what is wrong with orientation. They are right side up on my compute.
Last one. I have one more of the forest, and one of the parh i will post also.
Forest, right before the doorway. Drawing coming in a little bit.
Okay, here is the shadowy figure. I am a shit artist, but hopefully it makes sense. I didn't mean "shadowy" in the "made of shadows" sense, but rather in a "cloaked in shadows" sense.

He was wearing what looked like a hoodie and some shorts, both were black, but a black that isn't just "off-the self." Like if he was standing just past the light of a street light, where you can tell it is a black outfit, yet you don't know if it is because of the absence of light or the color. His flesh was also all shadowed in. I could tell it was some sort of flesh, but it was all covered in shadows. Hard for me to get that across in a drawing accurately, so I figured I would explain a bit.
Thanks for the link.

Interesting that so many weird things happened relating to the Titanic...
Where are you in Canada that 25C is fucking hot? I want to move there. It's 36C here and I'm dying.
File: Image0114.jpg (444KB, 1200x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
444KB, 1200x1600px
>>Winter 2009/10
>>Going to community college in a heavily forested/depopulated area outside a major city in Midwest
>>Ton's of abandoned farm houses from the 19th century surrounded the campus within a few miles.
>>Back then had balls of steel, still sort of do.
>> Anyway, I snuck on to this still occupied creepy farm property with a barn I always wanted to explore. I did this at like 10am to try and avoid eyes.
>> Strangest thing was that around the barn was littered with hundreds of shoes. Some of them looked brand new, others were worn. The styles were maybe early 2000s/90s. There was also a shit load of plastic sheeting everywhere, like what you wrap mulch in.
>> Kind of strange. First thought is always "Oh shit Hannibal Lector" but it could have been just hoarding fools. Red necks love buying tons of shit from second hand stores and letting it rot outside. No big deal.
>> There where two barns and an old bomb shelter. And a rusted old bus that somebody had lived in.
>> Inside the barn closer to the house was the big wtf

holy moly
File: Image0117.jpg (380KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
380KB, 1600x1200px
>> Somebody had spent days making tons of these large patterns out of hoses and rocks.
>> These thing must have been 50ft long and there were several.
>>Whoever had it done spent a LONG time on it.
>> I have more stories like this.
>> It's always creepy to think there's fuckers out there in the dark laboring away at their master piece.
File: Image0116.jpg (422KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
422KB, 1600x1200px
Bus on the property
File: Image0115.jpg (323KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
323KB, 1600x1200px
Inside bus
File: Image0113.jpg (568KB, 1200x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
568KB, 1200x1600px
Bomb shelter
off topic but red hoodie man real or no
>be 16
>be innawoods for a school trip
>me and a bunch of classmates are laying in these small shacks that are scattered through out the bushes
>we hear a sound
>tap tap tap tap tap
>what is that, I say
>we listen intently
>classmate BJ says "It's a bush chicken"
>we all start laughing
>"a bush chicken? what the fuck is that"
>all of a sudden there is extremely loud howling right next to us outside, sounds like a wolf but more guttural
>we all shut the fuck up for like 10 minutes
>classmate Tyrell then gets up and runs to the main lodge which is a 5 minute walk away
>I hide under my blankets and fall asleep
toppiest kek

Funny that you mention them...
>urban wandering early in the morning
>sunrise imminent, go to woods and crawl/climb down a steep rocky cliff to a flat and gravely limestone beach
>build firepit for maximum September sunrise comfy, start looking around for flammables
>find stone doorway in concrete block embedded in the cliff face a couple meters from "camp"
>week trickle of water falls a foot or two from the door and into a pond that leaks into the river
>doorway leads to brick tunnel with cold, stinky wind blowing out of it
>I'm going to come back here later and explore the fuck out of that tunnel
>gather wood and bring it back to camp
>trying to start kindling with clumps of dry rotten leaves when pristine morning silence is shattered by high-pitched scream
>what th
>"SHHEEEIIIT NQUA FUQ RUN FUQNIQ RUN!!!" carries across the open water
>slapping footsteps, yells "RUN" "AAAAA" "SHIET" and gasps "aaa" "fuuuq" "nquas, nquas blees"
>3 Basketball Americans come tumbling out
>"yo wha da fuq was dat shiet mane" "fuq nqua I don kno shiet"
>they see me and act cool, ask if I wanna buy some weed then laugh and make lame sideways comments like "honkey campfire lookin' ass"
>they walk off along the gravel beach instead of scaling the cliff as I had
>a long moan comes echoing out of the tunnel
>the youth scramble up their shorts and book it out of there with more shouts of disagreement
>it's just wind coming out of the tunnel you plebs
>get fire going, warming up, maybe another 40-50 minutes to sunrise
>wanderlust is insatiable, must check out tunnel (fire was set well, eating even wood from damp rotting stumps)
>pull out flashlight, promise myself I'll only go 50 feet
>tunnel gets dark shockingly fast, temperature actually starts to go up
>remember accomplice commenting that caves are usually 60-70F, feels cool in the summer and protects from wind in winter
>hear another wailing wind

Awwshiet when's the next batch coming up mang.

On a side note, there's a huge ass forest ( nature park with a lake ) about where i live, should i go check it out with some friends and my camera this summer?, not that i have much to do anyways.
forgot to mention it's pretty likely hobo's and such will creep around there so...
File: image.jpg (442KB, 1396x1396px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
442KB, 1396x1396px
>I don't feel much wind, there must be an aperture somewhere that connects to a higher pressure system deeper in
>a third moan comes, echoing in the damp tunnel
>chill runs down spine
>nigs are just afraid of the dark, it's nothing but air
>cringe from gross sewage smell
>about 30 feet in when I can feel a change in air pressure
>maybe there's a larger chamber
>start feeling uneasy, I don't have proper spelunking gear on me and I've never been here before
>I'll go 50 feet like I said
>40 feet I feel a warm wave roll through, like a brief breeze
>but it wasn't welcoming, it felt... sticky and gross.
>50 feet in I can hear water dripping with quite some velocity, landing within a meter of my elevation
>recognize smell of corpse, was previously masked by sewage smell
>what if the nignogs found a fucking body?
>I'd morally have to report a body, but I don't want to get involved especially while trespassin
>step forward despite all the reasons not to
>smell is invasive, it feels like it's in my throat, dry retch and cover my nose
>fuck this fuck this
>65 feet in, intersection that goes up, down a little, and forward
>point flashlight downward towards dripping water but don't dare to look, sense of impending doom
>poke camera over edge
>as I take a picture, I hear a quiet, muddy croak like someone actually vomiting
>flinch back and instinctively yell
>smell feels almost violent, turn around when I hear a flailing splash behind me
>sprint towards exit
>echoing wail comes from behind me, feel the strongest sense of fear I have ever felt
>blast out of the tunnel just as the sun breaks dawn, blinded from sudden change in light
>just keep going as my vision refocuses

I found myself at the top of the cliff before I knew it. I don't think I climbed up that cliff because I know that between turning around and reaching the street, I never stopped running.

This is the picture I took. I don't think I can talk about it.
holy fucking shit lower right corner
wait...did you point the camera down towards some well?

what position did you shoot at?
I don't get it.
Shoulda asked those guys what they was runnin from.
>the Police
I say I do say just hwhat in the hell am I looking at right here
If you tilt the screen back and forth it looks like the middle is covered in bugs

it looks like a dead owl to me

overall 3/10 spooky pretense but bad execution

I've had an experience in Brown County, WI. Right around this time 9 years ago.

>Be 10
>At Grandparents house
>Out in the country, lots of farm land and trees. Fellow WIbros will know instantly what I mean.
>About this time in July
>Hot muggy day
>Plinking cans with my BB Gun
>Feel like I'm being watched
>Start scanning the tree line
>Get to the part of the tree line with the densest portion of forest, there's a marsh back there too
>See definitely 7 and a half, probably even 8 foot tall thing standing on two legs leaning against a tree
>It's covered in gray, shaggy fur
>It's big, like muscular
>Look at it's face
>Has a snout, glowing yellow eyes (could've been reflection from the sun), looks angry
>Basically think of a standing two legged wolf on steroids, but the snout was more elongated and it looked more pissed off than any pissed off wolf I've ever seen
>Get a feeling that this thing is not to be messed with and that I could be a goner if it wanted me to be
>It takes off running on two legs through a really thick patch of brush
>Clears the section of brush and comes out about 40 yards down the treeline in about 10 seconds, ruled out for me it being anything else but some creature because no person could clear that in that time
>Nope the fuck inside
>Calm down a bit, aunt comes up to me later
>"Hey be careful outside, I don't want to scare you but I heard something snarling and growling outside last night, I don't know what it was because it wasn't anything I've ever heard"
>She's lived out in the country for 35 years, experienced with animals out there and the sounds they make



>Tell grandparents years later, they don't really say a whole lot about it, then tell me a story from the 70's about how a local farmer had a "monkey man" run across the road in front of him driving at night about a mile away.

I still don't know what it was. There's a lot of lore around here about "dogmen", like the Beast of Bray Road, and that's the best I can describe it as, a dogman. All I know is I don't ever want to see another
File: 11981128.jpg (35KB, 410x410px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 410x410px
Good ol' WI, producing fine serial killers and dogmen. Also fresh dairy.

Can we have another thread guys, love reading these threads
Just keep this thread alive, comrade. And screencap good stories so they may live on somewhere other than our hearts.
Not really the best because it's only a faint memory, but I'll tell it as best as I can

>Be me, 16 and on the way back from house party
>Still stoned and slightly drunk, coming off my first E as well
>The party was in a house that's only a little bit away from mine but is through nearby woods that are pitch black
>Probably not the safest thing to do, but fuck it I'm 16 and invincible, nothing is gonna touch me, right?
>Begin the walk through the woods, pretty nice and quiet, nice cool air despite it being a summer night
>Try to spark up a cig with a shitty 40p lighter and hear a cracking noise and leaves rustling, then nothing for a few seconds
>Look around and nothing's there, so I continue to attempt to light my smoke and am finally successful
>Walk forward more and hear more rustling, but when I stop to look around it does too
>Feeling quite freaked out, not sure if it's just my friends fucking with me or if it's the E still in my system or whatever it is
>Call out "C'mon lads, stop fucking with me!"
>No response
>Just yell out "Fine then wankers, see you tomorrow" then walk on
>Rustling starts again
>Start to walk faster and faster
>Rustling keeps going at the same pace
>Get to the edge of the woods and start running up the driveway to my house
>Look back and nothing's there
>Check with friends to see if they were just fucking with me the next morning, they were all still going at the party for a few hours or passed out
>Get them to come check with me to see what it was later that evening
>Literally nothing, some broken branches on bushes and snapped twigs, but they said that was probably me without noticing

Still no idea what it was, or if it was just my mind fucking up, but that shit scared me. My parents still own the property so I go and stay there a few times a year when I'm off work and I do like to stay in the woods with friends, but I always bring a knife and my Ishapore .308 with me just in case shit goes down.
>on a paranormal entity
>hell, even on a human
hahahahha faggot
You're full of shit and will starve to death as a writer
Yeah yeah, I know it's weird. It's just that it does (almost) the same thing. Torches were more for light than for setting things on fire.

There will always be quirks in language. Take store for instance. We call them shops. A store is what it does. A shop is what you do with it.
Modern "torches" can't torch things, but flash lights are rarely used for "flashing", but rather for a steady beam. Whatever.
Mom is phonetically incorrect because you don't say "mawther". Mum is syntactically incorrect because the "u" comes from nowhere. Oh well.
If you can't kill a human with a 9mm, then you're just a shitty shot.
File: hero.jpg (346KB, 1680x1050px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
346KB, 1680x1050px
I'm walking around rouge valley park and I see something move through the grass, I go to check it out and I see imprints on the dirt and the I hear something rustling in the grass.

2spooky4me.exe activated
Man door hand bump car door.
Your mom is a moaning cavern!
Reminds me of that youtube video. I can't remember the name of it.
Sorry. It was called Still Life
>lynx drags carcass into tracks, erasing them.
>Gun-toting caterpillar KEK
Also, part two brah
>I don't think I can talk about it.
>Tells story.

Get with it, anon. What the fuck am I supposed to be looking at other than a million artifacts?
You're such a stupid asshole.
File: 1393365778470.jpg (206KB, 2700x2106px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206KB, 2700x2106px
dude you're retarded. Your grammar is terrible
File: 1385248192678.gif (787KB, 300x187px)
787KB, 300x187px
Fuck sake.

>Captcha (I shit you not): Ayye folktales

holy shit, that was fucking horrifying.

thanks m8 now I will not sleep tonight.
I don't see how this is horrifying? Maybe I've been nullified by /x/... Guess I'm having sweet dreams tonight.

2 month old infant confirmed
expecting coastal spirit, got scary people
fucking leave
File: 1404690309094.jpg (15KB, 200x329px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 200x329px

> Complete darkness, cant see a thing
> Can barely make out figure of whatever that is
> Somehow can shoot at it accurately though
> Is able to see something as little as its chunk of fur flying from shot
> Still was not able to see it though
> dafuq.gif
>friend starts to feel really uneasy and carsick
yeah but that couldn't be from the "heavy drinking"
I'll contrabutt. Not really as much innawoods as it is something weird that happened to be in the woods but whatever.
>live in small Texas town
>watching the news with a few friends
>story about some lights seen over a forest
>popular camping spot
>bout a 45 minute drive from my house
>me and friends decide to go camp there see if we see anything
>3 days later we set up camp
>friends get shitfaced but I didn't
For whatever reason that day my stomach couldn't handle alcohol so I just didn't drink, otherwise I'd be right there with them.
>at about 1 a.m. friends drunkenly stumble to their tents
>still somewhat awake so I just wandered around so I could smoke a cigarette before passing out
>1:30ish I see someone walking around
>could tell they were smoking because the cherry on their cigarette was bobbing up and down as they walked
Keep in mind, in small town Tx, something like UFOs attracts a good amount of people so seeing someone else walk around wasn't that shocking.
>we were both walking the same direction about 100 feet away from each other
>get to a well lit trail
>glance over to see who mystery person is
>it was me
>same green wife beater
>same green jacket
>hair style
>same brand of cigarette
>right down to the same fucking Majora's Mask tattoo I have
>see him look up and glance back at me
>start heading my direction at a slightly, but noticeable faster pace
>tap into four years of track and nope the fuck back to the camp site
>slept in my truck
I read somewhere that because we only see ourselves in mirrors or photos if we were to see our own clone we wouldn't recognize them but I swear to Christ that fucker was me.
buuump 4 spoopy bedtime stories
sorry for no content but

does anyone have a link to like... the first skinwalker story? it was the one where the guy goes down south and they have a big camping group of people all staying in a cabin or some shit and the numbers keep coming up wrong and the end of the story is like OHHH THE WINDOW WAS UNLOCKED THE WHOLE TIME FUCKKKK
Post tat so i can envy then call you a fag.
Alright, this isn't too spooky per se, but just sort of generally creepy and a good example of the weird shit I've seen hiking in the national parks.
>be in NC
>Smoky Mountains national park
>on a relatively untraveled trail, no other hikers
>pretty far innawoods, never been in this area before
>come to a ledge and see a little clearing down below
>nowhere near any trail and no way in hell to get down there from where I am
>pretty far down but can just about make out the shape of two cross-style gravestones
>smaller white shape next to them, too far away to make out
>figure it's just a little statue or something
>weird to see actual gravestones this far into the park, not sure if that's even legal to do
I took pictures but unfortunately they're not on my laptop right now. They're pretty blurry and it's basically just a very distant shot of the crosses with the other shape near them.
>keep going until I feel like heading back
>pass that ledge again
>look down to see if the light's any better for pictures
>crosses are still there
>white shape is gone
>now I'm a little creeped out
>can't see anything resembling it anywhere I look
>nope all the way back to the car
With the relative size of those crosses, whatever it was was too big and white to be any animal I've ever seen, and too small to be a person. When I showed the first pictures to a friend of mine, she said it was probably one of those little angel statues they have at graveyards and stuff. I don't know if it was the power of suggestion or what, but when she said that I sort of realized how humanoid it looked. It was blurry, far away, could have been a goddamn plastic bag for all I knew, but I swear to god it didn't move an inch for the entire time I was looking at it and there wasn't enough wind to blow it away far enough that I couldn't even see it when I got back.

I have another one from that area, but it's not really creepy so much as it is just sorta weird. But I do have the picture from that one.
File: 463.jpg (22KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 480x360px
Niggers are scared of anything paranormal, since they can't sucker punch or demand welfare and/or reparations from it
Also the thing you met is probably the same as the one in The Tunnel, luckily you didn't ripip in piece
>Majoras Mask
3/10 shit game, didn't even bother getting through Snowcone Temple
confirmed Plebiant.
Here's a story from two nights ago with my brother and his two friends.
>Get home from work around 11 to 12ish and see bro in backyard with fire going
>Park bike in garage and head over to chat with him and meet his friend's cousin
>They're smoking around fire don't mind and start listening to their convo a bit bout paranormal
>bro tells me about his weird experience night before with aliens
>he then starts asking if we are interested in going somewhere haunted right now
>we agree to and his friend's cousin drives us out 30 mins to this haunted house
>supposedly burnt down and people died in and it's pitch black at night in the middle of the woods
>driving up the slopes and zig zags up this mountain and it's hella dark
>we finally get there and park the car in the grass and investigate the property
>I'm looking around and we all get out and then we hear twigs breaking but pay no mind..
>thinking it was engine making noise so we ignore and start walking around the house and peeking inside
>start hearing small peddles being thrown in our direction and bro and I shine light in direction of the car
>see nothing
>5 mins later starts again and we notice tree twigs snapping and we know no one is up here other than us..
>We then stop and listen and I count 4 times of rock throwing in our direction and wonder if it's one of those bigfoot things
>bro and his friends are more scared of going inside of haunted house than bigfoot
>they pussy out on investigating house and the noise in thick woods and we head home
>full of regret but we said next we will see what it was lol

More of a Bigfoot experience I guess, I don't care much for it but I know they are known to be sighted here in Oregon.
>He liked MM so much that he got a tattoo of it
Confirmed Trododon
>Grab a kitchen knife and a flash light then go outside through the garage door
Boy, you were ready to take on the world huh
If you don't know anything about firearms, try not to parrot what you've heard on the internet
Where at in Oregon? I'm in The Dalles.
>16th birthday
>out camping with three really close friends
>we had been there for three nights and this was our last one
>it was raining pretty hard and our tent started to leak like crazy
>one of my friends was drunk as fuck, passed out spread eagle in the dry part of the tent
>me and other two friends are huddled together in the lower part, effectively rendering us drenched
>me and friend T keep making jokes and my friend A is getting really fed up
>keeps telling us he wants to sleep
>keeps huffing and puffing
>me and T settle down a bit and I start to drift to sleep
>start having a dream about the lake that's 15 ft away
>gross, shriveled up, moss covered humanoid thing starts slinking out of the water, groaning
>panic and wake myself up
>listening to the rain against the tent
>suddenly my ears start to tune in and I realize there's whispering in the rain
>hear voices calling our names
>Hear T breathing heavily, ask if he can hear it too
>He whispers that he can and we sit in silence listening to it
>suddenly we hear one of the voices getting angry and loud, like they're having a heated argument
>we're both terrified and I can feel tears well up in my eyes
>make soft crying noise on accident
>friend A wakes up and is like "shut the fuck up" because he thinks I'm laughing
>Voices start shouting
>Tent starts shaking violently
>Tent keeps shaking for about 10 seconds
>I'm profusely sobbing at this point
>A starts to scream
>suddenly everything comes to a stop
>only thing we can hear is the rain
>stay up 'till sunrise and start packing as soon as it's light enough
>book it out of there
>haven't gone camping since
> our troop had monsters called "wampuses" and "hodags"

Does every boy scout troop make up it's own fictional monsters? Ours were the "queevers", which were these weird glowing ghost-beaver things.
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Goatman classic.
man door ass bump car door
ayy me too my nigga
So you were there?
Might want to re-read the story
We went to Crown point they said.

Fuck you nigger.
I haven't been there. Also, I didn't say fuck you nigger. I've heard of it though.
Be a few days Ago
Playing Dota
Be slark stomping on this necrolyte Shitter
He rage dcs.
Later on I hear howling outside at 3 am
Pretty spooked think it's necro. And he's going to get me.

I then play support and no more howling

Ayy lamao
Ur a fagit
>he yell
>animal sound
>dog bark
>family yell

im crying
It's spelled kiosk, just for future typing
some o.c.

I'm from Boise, Idaho-, and we have this thing called the "Green Belt". It's this stretch of paved and unpaved walkways that follows the Boise river for about thirty miles- And there's a lot of history too- from chinese immigrant workers to pioneers on the Oregon trail- anyway, It's still magically away from the buzz of traffic- you can find deer,otters, homeless camps and other wildlife right off the trail. It's mostly used by bikers and families and shit during the summer, but in the winter it's dead empty. Just you and the river and trees... I often walk the greenbelt at night; and while I usually feel safe- I've had a few experiences.

>Night walk on the greenbelt- completely dark out
>Pea soup- thick fog rolling in- smell of the river and shit in the air more than usual because of falling water level
>All's quiet except for the sound of a couple of screech owls
>Doing my usual loop around the more unpopular area of the greenbelt- five mile walk down the greenbelt and up through neighborhoods back-nearly half way done
>Suddenly feel extremely uncomfortable
>weird gut sinking feeling of doom coming across me for some reason
>palms sweating, heart bumping, eyes darting from side to side trying to see through the fog
>hustle along- glancing behind my shoulder and stuff
>through the moonlight catch glimpse of long, knee high black thing running behind me on the side of the path in this field of cheat-grass


Cont pls
>saying all spirituality is sake
Well, in some cases it's definitely a side effect of the drunkening.
This could also be posted in one of those "weird childhood memories" threads.

>few weeks ago, hanging out with brother
>"hey anon, remember that UFO thing we found in the woods when we were kids?"
>Suddenly, all of these vivid memories come back to me.
>We were dicking around our childhood woods
>I was probably 8 or 9 years old, he was younger
>See something in the distance...we both remember it looking a bit like a snowmobile, and about the same size
>I vividly remember approaching it to get a better look
>Beyond that, neither of us remember a thing. That's the weirdest part. We have no memory of getting closer than a few hundred feet of the thing, no memory of what happened to it. And after that day, I don't remember even thinking about until the day my brother brought it up.
If we both didn't have vivid memories of the event, I'd say it was just a confabulation.
There was a thread about a week before last Halloween. The guy posted some pictures he took in the woods of some thing staring at him and his friends from a cabin, and they got the fuck out when they saw to move.

He then posted a picture he took behind them while they were driving away, and somebody brightened it up and you could see the same fucking face.

Anyone got?
>looking at his meta
honestly don't know if there's too much I can say about that or nothing at all.
oh you're so edgy
this story would be so much better if it was half as short
>half as short
So twice as long?
thank for the kek m8
Not paranormal or anything (at least probably wasn't), but scared the crap out of me at the time:

>be me, age 11
>mid grade six, late 2006-early 2007
>my elementary school has this tradition where every grade six student from every class does the same assignment
>assignment: create a diorama of a traditional Mi'kmaq scene using only a shoebox, optional paints, and natural materials found in the forest
>moss, bark, twigs, etc.
>autistic kid in my class even added a bunch of tiny dead fish on a river he painted on his
>anyway: be in woods gathering materials, mom not far off
>pissed off b/c so many more fun things I could be doing
>kick a dead tree in frustration
>hear a cracking noise
>look up
>just in time: top third of tree just snapped off and hurtled down at me
>I dodge, giant fucking spear of wood as long as I was tall impales itself 4-5 inches deep in the ground right where I was standing and sways back and forth for a few moments
TL;DR: 11 year old me almost got impaled by angry ass mother nature.

Last time I posted that story someone suggested that maybe I pissed off Glooscap.
>Green belt
that sounds really awesome. The river around my city just turns into a huge swamp to the south so it's no fun to walk along.

I like your writing style by the way. It's descriptive, but short and to the point.
>2-3 years ago
>Going out camping with my dad and little brother.
>We decide to go down to Wenatchee, about a 3 hour drive away from where we lived.
>Pack up all of my shit, including my Sig Sauer P226, I never really go too far without it seeing as it's my self defense weapon.
>We arrive at around 3:00 PM or so and start setting up camp/hiking.
>Shit is fucking beautiful, find this little pond just fucking filled with Pollock.
>That night I'm fucking lying there awake, trying to go to sleep. Mid-summer and I'm fucking dying in the sleeping bag.
>Around midnight hear a loud thud outside the tent. Along with audible sniffing and movement.
>Me and my dad Nope momentarily and then decide to check it out.
>Brother is scared as shit so he stays in the tent.
>Grab my P226 and make sure it's loaded.
>Venture out of the tent.
>See our cooler knocked over with it's contents spilled out all around it, a trail of paper towels and wrappers leading into the treeline.
>See blood prints from the meat we had packed literally all over the fucking place.
>Hear more rustling in the general area that the refuse trail was leading.
>See a very white pale shape peeking out at us from a few feet in.
>Too fucking scared to shoot or move my arms in any way.
>Dad doesn't seem to notice it, he's still going on about fucking bears.
>The thing moves side to side before backing away deeper into the forest until eventually it falls out of my sight.
>Feel no desire to go after it.

And that's the really only spoopy innawoods story I have. Never wanted to go camping because it's a more sour experience.

lumberjack folklore.
>10years old, "camping" for a week with school class, hick country mostly, with various farms, place where we are staying is ponyrides, kinderfarms, ect, nothing special
>Has woods though and we're warned not to go in there because wolves have been spotted there
>Queue fridayevening, can do whatever as long as we stay close to the terrain
>Me and 6 friends want to see a wolf, so we go in the woods, have smart friend with us who tells us that wolves hunt in packs so we shouldn't have to worry if we meet one
>We're all pretty excited, want to see wolf, so we go deeper in woods, sun was still up so everything is good
>Hour later, found nothing, sun is almost set, one of our friends starts to get scared because of incoming darkness, so we decided to head back
>About 15 min in we stop, feeling of dread, total silence (we had birds shirping, insects and so on before) so we're feeling uneasy.
>Suddenly twig breaks to our right, quickly look, barely see grey fur as it runs away
>Thinking it's the wolf, but suddenly we don't feel so confident anymore
>head back on slightly faster pace, hear another twig breaks, this time closer, look next to us, see same grey fur running away again
>One of my friends starts to cry, suddenly hear deep gruff laugh
>Look at best friend and smart friend, and we all realise that this isn't a freaking wolf
>Nope the fuck out of there, now running
>Keep hearing it chasing us, then backing off, repeating as it it's enjoying some hunt, also hear humming sound getting picked up
>By the end it's so loud you can barely hear anything, but we come to an open clearing in the woods where we can see the place we are staying in the distance
>Sound dies down, look behind me when i think it's safe, see fucking huge thing on two legs, grey fur, and pitch black eyes looking at us from the edge of the woods
>arrive at place, teachers don't believe us, we get grounded for going so deep in the woods

>Tell parents when we get home, don't believe us either
>Kid that got scared starts to really go out of it the next months, needs therapy and what not
>Rest of us have nightmares
>Queue years later, we meet up, talk about the event, decide to check if what we saw really happened or if it was just the imagination of scared 10 year olds
>Go to place, mppl arpund a bit, nothing random, when suddenly we bump into old man
>Old man is the boss of the hotel/farm where we stayed, decide to ask him
>Guy goes pale and silent, looks down at his feet,
>Starts telling about how some gypsies stayed in those woods in the 60's and the town close to the hotel started having tons of robberies
>One day pissed of farmers decide to take revenge, beat up gypsie, but so badly that he dies from his injuries
>Gypsies left, but apperently cursed the town and forest surrounding it
>Ever since then people from the town get strange deaths, and visitors see grey creature or hear loud buzzing, sometimes both
>Hick town is apperently going bankrupt because of it

I have no idea if the old guy made this shit up, or if it's real, but we didn't dare to go in those woods again. A few years ago the friend that needed therapy killed himself, and in his note he wrote that he was being haunted by a tall greyish monster that would stare at him from the darkness.

Whatever the fuck it is, I've never gone camping again, let alone go into woods after 6 PM
So what exactly did this pale shape look like? Could it just have been some crazy naked homeless man?
Not OP.
red strings like that are used in magic rituals. i bet the doll had something to do with voodoo. dont touch the tree or the doll when yiu visit it next time.
>there's extreme rustling

Must be Jimmy
>yell out "hello" then "pls respond"
>"pls respond"

From Twilight Zone to Friend Zone.
Skinwalkers are the reason I don't go into the woods anymore.
Fuck that shit
>in his note he wrote that he was being haunted by a tall greyish monster that would stare at him from the darkness.
This is not as uncommon as you might think.

that would put me off camping for lifr
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