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General nope/skinwalker/goatman

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So /x/, I'm feeling generous. Decided I'd share my nope innawoods, any one interested?
>any one interested?

When you're so needy for approval you want anonymous people to beg you to tell them a story it's a Bad Sign.
post it cocksucker dont leave us hanging like that big dick you are about to suck, cocksucker
Before I start, I'll give you a bit of background. This happened in 2012 when I was still in school, me and two bros of mine decided we would enter a film competition because fuck it and we all had experience in film making and editing, after seeing a leaflet on it in our school. The winner(s) would win a cash prize and some other stupid shit idk. We took basic supplies like food, a tent, camping apparatus, weed and liquor (because it wouldn't be a proper camping experience without them) a camera and a tripod to film our sp00ky movie. The events that occurred happened over the course of 4 days, we 'originally' planned to stay for 5 days.
Ps, I don't usually green text so don't ridicule faggots
>be 17
>bro 1, let's call him Chris also 17
>bro 2, let's call him Shawn, shawn is 16
Remember both of these names are made up for the sakes of anonymity.

Chris was the most macho guy of the group who was 'the ladies man'. He was a great athlete and they sporty type but deep down though he was a real sensitive guy.
Shawn, was the 'geek' of the group who was a outdoor freak, he was shooting elks since he was 12 with his father so he knew his shit about outdoors. He was great at computing/editing but was slightly beta and the only virgin out of the three of us, we would usually tease him about it in a jokingly way of course.
>day 1
>used my dad's car as a means of transportation
>drove about 27 miles outside of the nearest town
>pulled up into a secluded road for about another 5 miles before pulling to stop.
>investigate the grounds to see if it's suitable for the film/camps location
>we walk about 300 feet into what looked like a campsite
>nearly sure it wasn't and that we we where actually trespassing
>we are all appointed roles, mine was to collect fire wood when necessary
>after prioritising the important shit like setting up our tents, starting a fire and getting our bearings of the surrounding area we started to film
>the film was ament to be one of them cliche slashers innawoods like 'wrong turn' and 'Friday the 13th'
>I was a character along side Shawn

>Chris filmed the film using the camera and tripod
>looking back, it was cheesy as fuck but fun
>what seemed like no time was actually like 5 hours of shooting and messing about
>Shawn suggests heading back to the camp site as it's getting dark and we don't want to get lost
>we get back to the campsite and some of our stuff is missing and misplaced
>we notice our ruck sacks carrying our food has been opened and food has been stolen
>starting to feel uneasy about the situation
>Shawn says 'it was probably a deer or bird'
>me and chris don't argue but we all slightly unsettled about the situation although no one said anything Incase they would be called a pussy etc..

>after about 2 hours of smoking and drinking a strong smell resembling rotten milk mixed with vomit hits our nostrils with the power of a thousand suns
>chris shouts 'which one of you fucks farted, it fucking smells of burnt asshole'
>we piss our balls laughing cause everything's better stoned and drunk
>in the fits of our laughter a quick rustling in the bushes behind the tent occurs
>we all go silent
>freaking out Shawn grabs his hunting knife and observes the treeline
>after what felt like an hour, Shawn cautiously approaches the treeline
>he gets to the treeline and shines a torch into the woods
>at this stage we are wondered if we had like a joint(pun not intended) nope experience and that the weed and alcohol was making us imagining it
>we decide to call it a night and crawl into our tents

File: image.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3264x2448px
>day 2
>wake up with slight hangover and dehydrated at like 8.30 am
>it's overcast unlike it was the day before which was sunny
>unpredictable weather
>I crawl out of my tent
>Shawn is sitting on his camp chair at the edge of the smouldering fire poking the ashes with a stick lost in thought
>I walk over to him
>walking over he doesn't notice I'm there
>I ask him 'hey man, you ok?'
>he looks up at me and says 'yeah man I'm fine. Want to go exploring into the woods?'
>I ask why
>he says 'cause man, just curious'
>weirded out but I say 'yeah man, sure'
>We decide not to wake Chris cause he's a cranky shit when he's disturbed from his sleep
>we roll some joints and disappear into the woods
>high as shit exploring nature is fun
>we come to the top of the hill
>overlooking some of the woods, I take some photos on my phone of that shit because the scenery is fucking beautiful
>on our way down, Shawn casually asks me in nearly a whisper 'hey man, did you hear them screeches and the giggling last night'
>I say 'nah man, I was probably sleeping though'
>he says 'oh, I'm surprised you didn't cause they where pretty loud'
>he then goes on and says that he was pretty creeped out
>I nervously laugh and say 'was probably a fox or something man, I wouldn't worry about it'
>he says again in a whispering-like tone 'hmm I don't know man'
>the more I think about it, the faster my heart starts beating
>it's unusual for Shawn to be creeped out and when he is, he wouldn't say, on top of the fact that he has been camping most of his life and he knows his shit about outdoors and wildlife
>'is that why you where quiet as hell this morning' I ask
>'yeah man, I was pretty worried'
>feel unsettled about it
>get a feeling deep in my guy telling us to leave this place
>I say nothing though
>we quickly change the topic of conversation but the lingering disturbing feeling we where both feeling remained present
Pic related.. It's the photo I took
Holy shit OP, you live on a cliff? How do you keep from falling?
Get back to the camp site
>Chris is frying bacon
>give me some of that shit
>munchies hit hard
>we gobble down like 18 slices of bacon between us in silence
>we tell Chris what Shawn told me
>he's generally worried but doesn't let on, we can see it in his facial feature and eyes
>comfort him by saying it was a fox or some shit
>resume filming
>filming for 2 hours
>call it an early day of filming because Chris has a bad hangover
>we don't complain as where worn out also
>we walk back to campsite, everything's the way we left it thank god
>have an early night

File: image.jpg (209KB, 640x1036px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
209KB, 640x1036px
Another picture that was captured
Day 3
>wake up fresh as fuck
>the other two fuckwits are still asleep
>I decide to go for a walk because I'm bored
>after about 15 mins of walking, I get a smell of decomposing flesh
>I come across a bird about the size of an xbox laying dead
>it's completely skinned and
Mutilated and covered in flies
>get an overwhelming sense that someone's watching me
>I look behind me
>about 110 meter away can make a black figure lurking in between trees and bushes
>whilst looking at it I hear giggling from behind me which sounded about 10 meters away
>I run towards the direction of the campsite faster than a nigger with a dinner turkey for KFC without looking back
>I tell the guys what happened
>they actually believe me, probably because of all the weird shit that's going on
>we are all worried at this point, worried to the point that we might cancel the rest of the filming
>for the rest of that day we didn't leave the treeline
>we sat on our chairs on constant edge jumping and every creek or crack

Good job retard, you could have used mspaint and completely blacked out their details but no, you had to use some disgusting freeware.
Does it fucking matter about a shitty watermark? I had to use a shitty iphone software cause I took it on my phone asshole
File: image.jpg (174KB, 640x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174KB, 640x900px
>when it got dark, we decided to finish of the rest of our polish vodka because fuck that
>drunk as fuck we forget all about the sp00ky things happening
>Chris notices were going low on firewood
>before anyone can mention, Shawn volunteers because he's a crazy motherfucker with alcohol in him and is by far the drunk eat out of us three
>says 'I needhh aaaa piss any wayyyyyhh' in a slurred voice as he's drunk as shit
>he staggers of into the tree line and into the pitch black
>me and Chris resume talking
>half an hour or so passes and still know sign of Shawn
>'where the fucks that guy at' Chris says Half laughing and half concerned
>we start to worry real bad
>at this stage the fire is smoulder and where using two 20 million candle powered flash lights to see what the fuck where doing
>the smell of 'burnt asshole' returns with a vengeance, this time it's that bad that our eyes are watering from it.

>as soon as the smell slightly dissipates, Shawn emerges from the treeline calm as ever and sits down beside us causally
>'where the fuck have you been' we asked him generally concerned
>he doesn't respond
>'and why the fuck are you covered in dirt and shit'
>doesn't respond again
>he just sits there looking at the ground daydreaming
>'this isn't funny' Chris says to him generally
>Shawn once with an emotionless face sickeningly looks over at Chris with a smirk on his face, them turns back to the ground
>'whatever asshole' Chris says who then stands up and crawls into his tent
>I look at Shawn who is emotionless once more
>'what the fuck man, you didn't even get the firewood' I say
>as soon as I say that he quickly looks up and over to me and says 'do you want to come help me get it'
>slightly weirded by the fact that not even an hour previous, Shawn's words where slurred as shit and now he's speaking if he's stone cold sober. I kindly refuse and say 'there's no point man, we might as well go to bed'
>I get up and walk towards my tent, as I crawl into my tent he calls 'anon, are you a scared of 'IT' ' in like a fucked up voice that sounded like the girls voice from the ring when she rung the victims . To this day it seriously makes the hairs on my neck stand up.
>I turn my head and say 'why are you talking like that for'
>he mockingly smirks 'like what'
>I think to myself, what a fucking asshole and crawl into the tent
>I get fuck all sleep, thinking Shawn's going to cut my throat as soon as I close my eyes
>not once did I hear Shawn's tent zip open and close meaning he stayed out all night
>it was sickening to the stomach

>day 4
>I wake up in the morning to find Shawn's tent unoccupied
>think about last night and ask myself did I have to much to drink
>generally start to believe that what happened wasn't real and my drunk mind interpreted the events wrong
>I cook myself up some sausages and eat them in the sun like a boss
>Chris awakens from his tent, he sits besides me
>I offer him some
>he refuses
>'what the fuck happened last night' he asks
>'we were drunk as fuck man' i say
>'yeah suppose' he responds
>we dismiss it
>'where's that faggot anyway' Chris says jokingly
>'probably away getting firewood' I say
>after a wile of waiting about to resume filming
>Chris being the hothead he is loses his patience
>'if that retard is lost I'll rip his head off'
>I tell him to chill
>he opts to go looking for him whilst I stay at camp increase he comes back
>Chris disappears into treeline
>an hour or so passes
>I sit in the sun and smoke a cigarette
>birds are chirping and all feels good
>dons on me that neither bros have returned though
>a slight sense of anxiety is present
>I try ignore it
>it gets worse
>the birds have gone silent and a tinge of sour milk is present
>I start physically gagging
>i think 'what the fuck is it with this place and foul odors'
>I look up sharply into the treeline at the back of the tents
>what I'm met upon is terrifying, even to this day thinking about it chills me to the core
>despite being about 50 meters away I was able to distinguish the creatures features
>by the looks of it, the thing was at least 7ft, it looked like golum from lord of the rings but only it was skinnier and it was pale, it's eyes where like two small black buttons
Sunken deep into the creatures
Skull, although the teeth weren't visible I could imagine how'd they look which adds to the despair
>paralysed in fear and intense nausea I stand looking at it in sheer disbelief
>before thinking to nope the fuck out of there it shot of on all fours
>at this stage my head is spinning and in in shock
File: image.jpg (3MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 3264x2448px
>Chris explodes out of the trees pale as Snow White with a gash on his face
>I grabbed what ever I could and noped out of there without looking back
>the 300 meters it took to get to the car where the longest of my life
>what ever the fuck it was, was following us and mocking us in Shawn's voice which to this day still sends shivers down my back
>we jumped in the car and got the fuck out of dodge assuming it had gotten to Shawn
>even in the highway we didn't feel safe, we left whatever we had up there including the camera, tents and the tripod

On our way home, we sat in silence covered in shit and shaking. When we entered our town we discussed how we'd tell the authorities, family and friend about how our friend is up in the hills and some shape shifting humanoid creature has consumed him and how we abandoned him. We decided to ring his cell but there was no answer. We called at his parents to see if he had gone there, we automatically assumed he wouldn't be there because his parents where out of the country. He answered the door casually as if to say nothing happened, we talk and explain all the shit and what the happened.

The real disturbing and unsettling thing about it is the fact that he denies even going on the trip, he said he had been staying at home during the entire duration of the trip. We are in utter disbelief and of course when we tell all our other friend they don't believe us. There is no proof of him being up there, the only proof is on the camera and we noped out of there before retrieving it.

Since 2012, I've moved from that town and from what I know of, shawn has alienated himself from his family and friends. He lives by himself and doesn't leave his house apparently but I don't know for sure. Pretty much after that I cut all contact of way him, I occasionally talk to Chris on Facebook but that's about it.

Pic related, it's my tent on day 1
File: image.jpg (3MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 3264x2448px
More pictures from my old phone
File: image.jpg (3MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 3264x2448px
File: image.jpg (3MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And the final one.
Screencap this shit
These stories of the woods. The smell of sour milk and all that seem to be a recurring motif. Maybe its the same creature?
8/10 would read again. Good job OP
>The smell of sour milk
It means the creature has mammary glands, has recently reproduced, and is in poor health.
lurk moar faggt
Pretty spoopy, liked the story. Keep up the good work
very nice OC
Great story bro
>be me
>be back when i was in middle school
>friend who we'll call G is over
>hanging out watching tv
>G says he saw something fly by and it went up the staircase
>ask what it was
>G goes "a ball of light or some shit like that"
me being a kid from a family where spoops were frequently talked about or seen we decided to investigate
>i flick out a little pocket knife i always kept and he grabbed a cross off the wall
>we slowly march up leaving shitstains running down the stairs behind us
>we walk down a short corridor to the bathroom
>he leads with cross i cover with the knife
>i see it as i turn around to make sure it wasnt creeping up on us
>purply-white the middle being really bright
>it zips from my stepsisters room to infront of my brothers
>i tell him its time to get the fuck out of the hallway
>we both run downstairs
>barricade door with futon mattress shit and piss ourselves for years
it wasnt my last personal encounter but it was my friends theres more if anyones interested
Someone screencap this thread
I like you nigger
Easy there Sherlock. You're jumping to conclusions
This was seriously the shittiest green text I have read on here. I wish you had said we had to walk the dinosaur at the end of it or something, because it was seriously like a D-list horror movie.
white people posting about skin walkers makes me laugh.
u people dont even know wut they are half the time.
GTFO newfriend
GTFO new friend
File: 1390799634705.jpg (119KB, 500x580px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bad trolls bad.
Tell your mother I hope her cancer worsens
everyone has cancer.
its natural.
I'd like to share something with you guys that's not really NOPE material but whatever..

Alright. As a kid (19 now, so this was in my early teens and even earlier probably like 8-10)
I was on Ritalin and later a better pill strateria? I think it was for my ADHD and I used to have frequent horrible nightmares. Like my dad killing my mom and other shit. These were obviously caused by the pills that much I know but I've either had sleep paralisy or lucid dreams because I've seen some really freaky shit.
I will try to list them here as I remember because I have really shitty memory and it's been so long.
Oh I should quickly mention that every time I would sleep alone this shit happened.
>wake up and see a pair of jeans or just a lower half of a body (spirit maybe?) not gory or anything, the top just didn't exist.
>could never move sometimes. I would just wake up like that. I would sometimes recive pain and even nowadays my dreams (which are more stable) have realistic pain. I also seem to remember voices in my ear or seeing something in my door way disapeere after a few seconds. This would always happen when I woke up. Not every time mind you but always after waking.
I have more as I try to remember but I'm going to stop here for a sec.
well at least someone was
>come home one day no one is home
>let out stepsisters shitty dog
>put knife in my pocket
this was back when i was in school so obviously i couldnt take it to school and im just paranoid in general so i always carry a knife or something
>decide its time to take a shit
>walk in bathroom commence business
>hear a faint crying that sounds like a baby but more constant no like sniffling in between
>fill toilet to brim
>open knife
>crying gets louder and sounds like its closer to the door
>toilet overflowing
>open door with plunger handle and give a war cry
>no spoops were there
skinwalker threads are fucking garbage
it's always the same story, you faggots are so unoriginal
Well fuck off then. I, and many others still enjoy them. Of course almost any encounter with a certain type of creature will begin to sound similar or have a pattern after hearing enough stories. The best thing about it is that you don't have to click on the thread if you don't like it. Isn't that wonderful?
I second this.
>bird the size of an xbox
thats pretty damn specific man.
File: fixxed.jpg (363KB, 640x1036px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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here i fixed it for you
Working on screencap, just a minute.
File: innawoods.png (4MB, 1500x5894px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 1500x5894px
Bottom of second to last image is cropped off because of the max image size, sorry about that.
I'm inclined to agree at this point. They used to be interesting, now they all follow the same fucking formula. The only thing different about this one was instead of a "blood/copper" smell, it was a "rotten milk/vomit" smell. But it seems like almost nobody else really cares about this lack of originality.
Do people not realize that things have a certain pattern of behavior and set characteristics?

If 10 anons shared their sleep paralysis stories, there would be a pattern.
If 10 anons shared their ghost stories, there would be a pattern.
If 10 anons shared their sasquatch stories, there would be a pattern.
Same goes for Berenstein Bears, real bears, niggers, rednecks, shadow people, emo's, hipsters, vampires, cultists, etc.

Thing is, if I had a skinwalker story that described it as smelling like bacon, being short and fat, moving slowly, making a sound like a frightened Courage the Cowardly Dog, and constantly trying to lure people TO my camp, it wouldn't quite be a skinwalker now would it?

As I said before, the wonderful thing is that YOU don't have to even read it. You can go on without spoiling other people's enjoyment of those stories.
I second this thoroughly
What happened to the whole "Skinwalkers" should be named "Fleshgaits" thing from a while ago?

It was growing in use on here but I took a break from /x/ for a few months and now everyone is back to calling them skinwalkers.
I've been trying to make "Fleshwalkers" the term, since it's closer to Skinwalkers and sounds less awkward than Fleshgaits.
Hello dude,could you please draw the thing you saw back then in the woods?
would be really awesome and i'd appreciate it :)
Piss off SWIDF.
File: image.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x2448px
There man, glad I could help
File: cat computer.jpg (77KB, 780x585px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cat computer.jpg
77KB, 780x585px
Top kek
Is this thread dead
Well, you also have that picture of shawn on your phone right?
jesus. its just made-up stories kid, calm your tits and dont take it so serious.

Doesn't matter if it's made up or not. I still want and like to read the stories. I know movies aren't real either. Still wouldn't want anyone shitting on my enjoyment of them.
will you people just let it die already? Fuck man how many times can you type out variations of the same fucking story?

This place is no better than reddit.
they can keep typing it because I am going to keep reading it and enjoying it every time. cunt.
File: 1397187559108.jpg (42KB, 716x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 716x900px
No fried chicken and watermelon for you.
i just
is mayonnaise an instrument?
>comes to /x/
>complains about skinwalkers
Kill yourself you fucking sperglord
>The tent.
Wasn't there more than 1 tent, though?
Good try though.
>Thing is, if I had a skinwalker story that described it as smelling like bacon, being short and fat, moving slowly, making a sound like a frightened Courage the Cowardly Dog, and constantly trying to lure people TO my camp, it wouldn't quite be a skinwalker now would it?

Nor would it be a skinwalker if it followed the standard /x/ tropes. Skinwalkers are humans that take the form of animals through magic, like werewolves, not weirdo forest doppelgangers.
If you had of listened, my tent was the first up. I took this before Shawn and Chris put there tent up.
>Be 12
>At grandparents house
>They had a really nice mobile home in their backyard for when they got into a fight or needed to be alone.
>Me and my dad are sleeping in there
>Fall asleep watching shrek
>Wake up probably three in the morning
>Feeling weird, movie is done playing, tv is on default blue screen
>Sit up, go to the bathroom
>Pounding on bathroom door
>"Dad, I'm in here."
>No response.
>Finish up, wash hands, open door, as I open it, dad is going down the hall, back to me, he turns the corner
>Here the front door open behind me
>Turn around
>It's dad
>Dad just came in.

I just went back to bed. I still don't know.
it was swamp gas
Wait, wait, wait. If you have this pic of Shawn...
STORY HOLE? Fill pls.
I know exactly what the Native American skinwalkers are. /x/'s version is loosely based on them and share a lot of similarities. The only real difference is that our version is less human and seems to no longer be "living". Much like Hollywood's version of zombies vs. the Haitian voodoo zombies.

Either way, within /x/ WE know what one is referring to when we hear the term skinwalker. Much like our broad use of the term autistic, and words like neckbeard, traps, and 3spoopy5me, skinwalker is now 4chanese.
The picture was taken before night 3 when Shawn started acting weirdly.

And that could have been Chris in the picture.
you were molested anon... please wake up
Happened recently, wayy2spooky

>be me
>packing shit in my car late at night, so I won't have to later
>go in garage
>drag my stuff to the trunk
>tap on trunk door(force of habit)
>put stuff in
>go inside
>realize someone would've needed to push the button from inside the car to open the trunk
>I live alone
I love you, thanks.
OP here, that's Chris not Shawn
So... if he is Chris, and the other guy is you. Who took the photo?
That's me taking the photo, the person behind Chris(the guy holding the camera) is Shawn
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Thread images: 14

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