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School related stories

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Post any school related paranormal stories you guys have.

(Excuse any mistakes made. New Op fag here)

I'll start with a story that happened to me a while ago

>Be in year 7 (seventh grade), just started secondary school.
>Go into toilets to wash my hands due to pen explosion
>There are mirrors in front of the sink
>Whilst washing I looked up and saw the stall behind me was locked, and I could see the persons feet
>look back down again to focus on my hands
>See in the corner of my eyes the person in the stall put his hands over the top
>I look up and see his feet leave the ground and go out of view
>Also a massive banging noise as person does so, to a point where I asked what the fuck he was doing and if he was ok
>After a second his hands slip off, but his feet don't come back down
>Turn around and stare for a few seconds in bewilderment
>Stall becomes unlocked, even making the noise of the latch coming off as it does so
>Go up to the stall, still in shock as to what just happened
>Push the door open and there is no one there, nor is there any sign that there was any sign that someone was there. Nothing in the toilet, no foot prints on slightly damp floor (Don't ask).
>Absolutely nothing.
>Noped the fuck out of there, Still ink on my hands.
>Teacher asks why it is still there, but I didn't answer. That was fucking terrifying for someone who was in there first month at the school
>Never went back into that toilet
Don't have any myself, but this sounds interesting. Bump.
My schools has lots of stories about the Ghost Nuns, I didn't get to experience any, thankfully, but here are some in condensed form

>Before the doors got changed from wood to metal, I heard that every day at 12pm, the doors of a specific room on the first floor would open by themselves.

This one was by my 6th grade Spanish teacher like the second month of me coming to that school.
>She was having lunch in the classroom during recess, her classroom was in the 4th floor, which used to be the convent of the school, and she saw a nun walk by the hall, she noticed the nun had no feet, when she went out to the hall there was no one there.

>Also that same year, the 4th floor caught on fire (in october, i know, spoopy) apparently, everything around where the short circuit happened burned down, except the Religion teacher's room which was right next to where the fire started.
We didn't have school for the whole of October!
One story got others

>in the final stretch of freshman year
>school notoriously haunted
>one of the stories was that there was this substitute teacher that diddled a 6 year old girl
>they caught him in the act
>he freaked the fuck out grabbed the little girl and jumped outside the window and ran to my high school which was right across the street
>they both killed themselves in this room in the high school that was deep inside the school
>I finish up my english final ask to go to the bathroom but actually just wander about the school
>find one of my "buddies" who just happened to have a joint on him and I just happened to have 20$
>walk around the school for a while until I found this empty room the school was underpopulated so they cloosed down a wing of the school

Go on...
>A little while ago
Don't worry champ, you'll be fine next year in grade 8. How's your vaca going so far? Enjoying puberty?
If it was you why would you switch bathrooms.
The whispering was prolly crying and you could have gotten off on that
It was more of a one night stand situation where she keeps calling but you dob't want to talk. I didn't want to hear that shit while im having my pre-lunch fap

>say why the fuck not and smoke up
>smoke for like 5-10 minutes
>start to here banging think a teacher is coming freak and put my joint out and hide
>waited for a while start to here a low sob here it from thus closet in the room im in
>I walk to the door scared shitless
>touch the door handle I hear a loud screech
>turn around and see this large dark figure
>scream like a little bitch
>and thats the last I remember the janitor that found me said that I was in the closet crying
>It being the second to last day of school they let me go home early and I dont have to go fkr the last day
made me laugh 6/10
>jerk off in bathroom
>skeleton hand comes through the stall and jerks me off
My elementary school was haunted by a principal, named Mr. Cook, who died of a brain tumor a few weeks before I started kindergarten. I have a few good stories but none creepy in nature
I think every school has a haunted bullshit story about a little girl. Always a little girl.

Anyway, In middle school, we had a linear school design with different halls. 4 to be exact. The 4th hall was mostly storage and was presumed to be haunted. on top of all the bullshit stories, there was one that caught my attention

>be my friend
>part of school media project
>making fake Halloween video
>shitty "this video was found but students weren't"
>scene where going down fourth hall at night
>dorr at the end of the hall slams open and light turns on
>video proceeds in panic
>friend tells me later that he didn't tell the other students but that wasn't supposed to happen
>insist he was scared shitless and ended the video there
Leave him alone he's buying his weed by the joint, he will find a nice humble drug dealer one day
yeah i wish I had more stories but none that can't be obvious paranoia. My grandfather worked there since before it opened to the public. He never saw anything.
Still a good story. 8/10 top kek
Is this just a piece of shit stoner thread now? Also, I used to be a major pot head so I know ho it be.
not really paranormal but weird as fuck

>be 5
>i had the 32 box of crayons so all the bitches loved me
>one day whole class was in hallway
>a grill who i didnt really know was with her mom
>she comes to me
>knew my name and shit
>asks to take a picture of me
>says shes my moms friend
>told me the picture will go in a newspaper

later that day i told my mom and she said she didnt know whoever the lady was
>in 4th grade
>friends with a tard kid who moved here 2 years ago
>he was a cool kid, never hurt a fly, pretty weird though, has a lot problems speaking
>every day we have gym he'll run off to a corner of the gym
>usually the corner with the door that leads into the main lobby
>stands in the corner, speaking gibberish
>couldn't understand a word of what he said when he did this, but he would wait in between burst of gibberish as if having a conversation
>it's been happening since the first week he moved, the para's all come to accept it as his imaginary friend
>don't think much of it, when it happens I'll just go get his attention when gym is over and we go back to the classroom
>one day I'm sitting in class my desk is in the same table group as him and 2 other kids
>sighting next to him and his para, para asks him "Anon what are you drawing?"
>He goes into gibberish conversation mode again, something he rarely does beside when he's talking to his imaginary friend in the gym
>can't understand anything but one word he keeps repeating, "Cook!" "Cook!"
>he hands para the picture, she immediately gets choked up
>the para has worked there for 10 years
>tears rolling down her face
>"Anon.. is this your friend from gym class?"
>he nods with a big smile
>she's bawling at this point, leaves the room
>I look at the picture, middle aged male in a suit and tie, grayish but full hair, where have I seen this before
>A week later I go into the front office because I came in late and had to sign in
>See on one of the shelves in the office a framed picture of middle aged male, same suit, same hair, I see the name and date on the picture
>Mfw it's Mr. Cook from 2 years before I started school
>Mfw when I didn't recognize him because I had only seen him after he started chemo
must live in a moslem country
I used to take an Art class at a community college and a few strange things happened.
The Art buildings are located on a hill on top of the school, it has a nice view of the school and surrounding valley.
My first incident was when we had to pick a location by the art bldg. to sketch. I was by myself on an overlook, drawing the hillside when I heard a female voice, I turned around and there was a a chubby blonde girl with short hair wearing a beige flannel long sleeve, she was telling me "how her family used to own the land and asking if i thought it was pretty".
I turned around to look and went to look at her and she was GONE, no way she could've walked/ran off..
Another time we were waiting for the room to be unlocked and the bathroom lights across the courtyard kept on going on and off, stay on, then off again and so on. Myself and another guy went to check it out and the bathroom was empty.
For a few weeks after that intermittently it continued to happen, even after it was checked out by administration and no electrical problems found. The class just started to just refer to it as "the bathroom ghost".. fun times.
Probably one of the tards
Dude, that's pretty fucked up. Damn.
I didn't go to the school that I had experiences with except for on orchestra trips.
But I did see some shit in the mornings for the time I was there.

It was a pretty big elementary school that took preK-6th grade.
The cafeteria was a newer attachment to the building as the old one burned down in the 60s from a kitchen fire in the early early hours of the morning. Four cafeteria workers died in the fire.

If you go sit in the cafeteria and watch the dark window to the kitchen on weekends and holidays, you'll see the four cafeteria workers working as if nothing happened.
>be in high school
>Year 9
>UKfag reporting
>Girl recently committed suicide in the girls' toilets
>everyone's saying the toilets are haunted
>one lesson, friend's drawing on my arm
>"Anon, your arm is going bright red..."
>go to the toilet to wash it off, think it's a reaction idk
>hear someone crying
>"You okay?"
>"Hello? You okay?"
>ignore it
>realise all the stalls are open, there's nobody else in the room
>Never speak of it again till a few months later
>Some friends say they heard the same thing, too
>>Push the door open and there is no one there, nor is there any sign that there was any sign that someone was there. Nothing in the toilet, no foot prints on slightly damp floor (Don't ask).
If I were the ghost, I would've left some big, huge ectoplasmic turds in there for you to find just to be on the safe side.
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Now you have to open the chamber of secrets
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>Be in 6th grade
>Fire alarm goes off
>Class evacuates
>Stairwell has nearest exit in it
>Be the last one in the stairwell
>About 3-6 inches of Boiling, steaming water comes rushing down stairs
>Get EXTREME deja vu
>Nope the fuck out of the door, just dodged the rushing water
>That same situation happened in a dream I had the night before
>Didn't tell anyone about it

Turns out a water pipe randomly broke near the top of the stairs, with the pipe falling through the ceiling and spewing water straight into the stairwell
you get off page 8 too
Nigga you just was raped
Visiting my friends private school in year 9 for the first time
Her school was an old nunnery and church
Lots of ghost stories. Whatever.
Arriving at the school
Look up at the clock tower
See nun
Think ‘must be still nuns here’
Walk into the empty church to go into the school
See nun kneeling at alter
Walk past quietly (don’t wanna disturb her)
About to go through door to enter school
Turn around
She was gone.
Turns out no nuns visited since the 1800’s
A few people have seen that ghost
at my school 1 year later
in gym class
miss catching ball so i went to get it
ball went down the stairs
see a man down the stairs so i ask him to throw it up
man just looks up at me
had a weird face, had a weird feeling
fuck this shit
made someone else get the ball
no one was down there.
man disappeared
door down the bottom of the stairs were locked
Well I'm up and can't sleep, anyone want more stories of Mr. Cook, the friendly principal ghost while thread stays alive? Most stories aren't as sad like that one, had to start with that one because that's when I first started to notice his presence
Switching to my computer for easier typing, I usually stay up til at least 3 am so I'll try to get a few posted before I pass out
>in the gym for an assembly
>some shit about fund raiser, I wasn't paying much attention
>tard friend with the sixth sense had a habit of going into gibberish mode during assemblies
>he'd get up calmly, walk over to the door that led to the lobby it was always open during assemblies, and start having whisper conversations with Cook
>eventually the para's figured out the only way to keep it from happening was to sit him at a bench at the back wall right next to the door, with a para to quiet him whenever he started trying to talk to Cook
>this particular assembly the para gotten up to take two kids aside to the lobby to bitch at them for talking too loud and not paying attention, tard is left alone on his bench by the door
>he immediately starts whispering toward the door, I'm sitting toward the back of the gym near him so it's hard to ignore
>I turn around to look, the door is one of those one's with the small rectangular window panes on the side
>there's a shadow on the other side of the little window, in between the door and the wall
>no one in front of the door, no one near it beside tard
>just a tall shadow in the window, around 6 foot tall
>tard is starting to get louder and louder, clearly enthralled with his conversation seemingly with himself
>the shadow form leans forward, face and arms can be seen on the wall over the bench, raises a finger to its lips
>tard immediately quiets down as the shadow slowly moves back to its regular position, standing in the window pane in between the door and wall
>I try to nope out of there immediately, para is at the doorway and stops me
>"Are you going to the bathroom?"
>I'm still shaking, she takes one look at me and she knows, looks at me and says
>"That was his spot you know?"
>"Wha.. what are you talking about?"
>"Mr. Cook, he always stood right there during assemblies, right where you are now."
>I look over at the door, in the window the shadow is still there, just standing watching the assembly
>The shadow is standing over me, just looking forward, watching over the assembly, watching over his students
>I go to the bathroom, still freaked out but I go back to sit and watch the rest of the bullshit fundraiser assembly
>mfw the shadow is still there in the window on the door
>mfw I look around and wonder how the hell noone else sees this shit

Every single assembly after that, I always check. Every single time, the shadow is there, behind the door, in Mr. Cook's spot. Sometimes the shadow would move, adjust his stance, small stuff like that, but always just stood there watching the assembly.
I like your stories. Who are the "paras"? I don't get that word.
Para is a term that's short for something like Para-educator, its the nice way of saying tard wrangler, although at our school the tards didn't really need wrangling. Have more stories, but might pass out and post when I wake up if thread is still alive.
K, I'll attempt to keep it alive.
>be me
>be in 12th grade
>have a spare period
>use it to relax in a sort of side-hall area
>there's never any light except for natural light coming in through the windows
>there's carpeting and benches and shit there because some of the smaller, less popular cliques of students eat lunch there all the time
>reading some badass science fiction shit
>laying on back, using jacket as padding and backpack as pillow
>dude with bald head peers around the corner
>look overtop of book, ignore and go back to reading
>look overtop of book again a few minutes later
>same bald dude still leaning around the corner
>"I have a spare, man. I like this place so I read here."
>no reply
>whatever, back to reading
>nothing more that day
>few weeks later, same place and situation
>feel sense of being watched
>look over book, same dude in same position
>"Hey. Still readin'. Am I in the way or something?"
>no reply
>whatever, back to reading
this happened several times. never thought much of it, because I was always considered "weird".
My last year there(i took a couple extra years to get in some classes I hadn't been able to before) A friend tells me about a janitor that apparently died when he was in his 40s and loved the school.
Looked him up. Dude i've been seeing for the last few years looks exactly like him.
He's been dead since about a decade before I was there.
He just wanted to say hello. Maybe he was interested in your book.
i actually waved at him once. still no reaction. it was just weird as fuck.

Hey, are you okay?
Are you okay Annie?
We used to have seances in the upstairs girl's washroom using ouija bords we made with the geometry set triangle and lined paper. But then one of the mom that volunteered for roaming the halls at lunch busted us for un-Christian activities (in a public school with no religious affiliation)
in the girls bathroom at my elementary school, the last stall was said to be haunted.
i drank water out of the toilet in that stall.
god bless.
Don't you just hate Concerned Parents?
Bump for you
Am I the only one on /x/ who hasn't seen a ghost or some shit?
You must be new here.
In my elementary school, there was a building with a basement in it, and no one ever went in there, not the teachers or janitors. The building itself was two stories, and it was weirdly built. It's kinda hard to explain, like the font of the building had the double doors, but the right side had a some small stairs and a single door leading to a room that wasn't accessible from the halls. Eventually there were rumors that it was haunted because some rumors about nuns and shit. During recess, instead of making those blue bees and normal bees fight, we tried getting in the basement, but the door was locked. My friends said they heard chanting, since I always had terrible hearing, I wasn't sure if they were fucking with me.

Eventually the teachers got pissed off at the rumors and took a couple students to show it was nothing more than a basement with extra chairs, tables, textbooks, and other school shit.
>instead of making those blue bees and normal bees fight
1/10 for making me reply to shitty pasta
What the fuck are blue bees and how do you make them fight normal bees?
Is it these things?

>be 16
>normal day, wake up, have breakfast put on uniform, and what have you
>walk to school
>have this weird feeling, not too weird, but difficult to describe. I think I can only describe it as being like that feeling you get when the weather changes, if that makes sense to anyone
>anyway, I get to school and there's no one there.
>weird. I check the time, literally 5 minutes until school begins
>figure that it's just a coincidence or something, that lots of people were late and I just happened to not run into anybody
>sit down in home room until the bell rings.
>no one comes,
>what the fuck
>walk out the door and head to the lockers to grab my shit.
>I figure I must have accidentally come on a holiday or something
>grab shit and start going home,
>walk past door to my home room
>people noises coming from it
>what the fuck?
>open door
>detention for being late for the millionth time
>Be 12
>Staying at my school for a wakethon, an event where we stay up late
>Walk out from gym to the main entranceway/hallway
>All the hallways are dark and spooky
>Me, being me of course, I had to look down the hallways
>Looks left
>A painting hung on the wall by a nail fell perfectly flat onto the floor just as I looked
>Thought nothing of it
>Later one of our supervisors came out
>She was angry, wanting to know who knocked over the painting in the hall
>Tell her, with the straightest, poker faced expression
>"I watched it fall on its own."
>Everyone got very quiet and started whispering to each other.

This hasn't been the first of these incidences. Many people, including the teachers, has had some sort of weird experience at that school.
Damn soccer moms ruin all of the fun activities.
When I used to fap I would always have that.
Confirmed for wizard.
I have nothing personal but my cousin attended Columbine in late 1997. His locker was "just down the hall from Dylan Klebold's locker" so he would see him every once and awhile in passing.
One day, my cousin was walking down the hallway and told Dylan, "Hey man, nice shirt." Dylan responded "Thanks, yours too". My cousin looked down and all he was wearing was a black T-shirt with no designs or anything?
Yeah they were pretty annoying. A lot of the moms that did volunteer stuff and some of the teachers were Very Christian so even though the school wasn't supposed to be affiliated with any religion and the student population was full of Hindu/Muslim/Sikh/Atheists ... well, some kids were just going to hell don't cha know?

Potentially scary tier
English class

Something scary bound to eventually happen tier

Shit tier
Everything else

Nigga this shit ain't spooky tier
Oh my god. This totally reminds me of the time me and these two other girls in my school decided to do a ouija board in a storage room at school.
My old school was around 500 years old (britfag here) so we was in the oldest building in the whole school when we did it. We were meant to be doing work experience but because something fucked up in all of our applications we were stuck in school doing cleaning for the art department. We started slacking off, and we had heard a story about a girl who had supposedly died in the art department about 60 years beforehand (probably bullshit, there was hundreds of stupid rumours about deaths in our school), so we were like "fuck ye lets do a weejee".
We drew out the shit and stuff, and the one of the girls I was with was dead into the ouija board stuff so she was like "rIGht YOU GOTTA DO THIS DONT DO THAT" so we were like ok. We started it but we didn't really get anything.
Then we supposedly started getting answers when the girl started asking questions but tbh I think she was moving the glass because I was too pussy to actually join in.
It's just really funny to recall like 5 years later.
My old comprehensive school used to be a hospital during WWII and our teachers shared with us a couple of experiences they had while working at the school when we started to reach the senior years. Stuff like distant figures, fire alarms going off, loud slamming on floors when nobody else was on them, etc.

But an experience that stuck with me that always bugged me was on a school trip to an educational camping ground in Yorkshire called "East Barnby".

> final day
> everyone's excited to get back on the road home
> all these stories and rumours had floated around between different pupils about the place being haunted
> me and a couple of friends went to the toilets before getting back on the bus
> three cubicles, three of us, three cubicle doors with the latch indicator on green, implying they're empty
> my two friends get into cubicles where I try to but the door doesn't budge
> I notice the latch suddenly locks
> I quickly sneak a peak underneath the door to see if someone's messing with me
> a pair of feet are hovering from the ground
> "what"
> the cubicle door bangs
> "NOPE"
> I get out of the toilets and keep my piss in until I get home
> math
> not spoopy

have you ever solved sums naked it is the spoopiest
Man, I'd never have the balls to do a ouija seance session. I've seen too many movies and shit that's convinced me not to. How Ouija boards are packaged and marketed as board games / toys really confuses me.

I don't know what they are or what they're called, but there a pretty large patch of grass near the play area, we would catch bees, and a something that was in the area, was dark blue, so we called them blue bees

We would catch one of each inside a water bottle, poke some air holes and leave it under some rocks, and check up on them during recess

One of them would be usually dead, and we let it go
>In my school they did this thing where they would call kids one by one into an unused supplies closet and administer this hearing test by way of headphones and a machine that emitted bleeps and bloops
>Anyway one year we're doing it, I go and have my turn its pretty normal, mostly just stay at home moms volunteering to administer the test
>This is in 7th grade
>School ends and me and my gang, which consists of about five other boys and two girls, go to the pizzeria a couple blocks away from school like we always do
>Somehow the topic of the hearing test comes up, thinking back now I wonder if the girls made some joke about the Boys' Test which we picked up on and asked them what they were talking about
>The two girls are like, how did they give the test to you? Wasnt [kid's name]´s mother the one doing the test?
>It was a hearing test
>They're both like no we had to use the bathroom for our test
>Mfw one of the kid's moms took at least two of the girls into a bathroom to take the test
>We asked them what they had to do
>They don't tell us
Can't really think of anything besides

>be 10th grade
>be taking part in the high school play production
>the play is happening at this old burnt down Chinese restaurant that got turned into an art hall
>I'm completely alone backstage and its super quiet
>feel 3 hard taps on the top of my head, like someone was knocking on it
>I instantly turn around and no one is there
>I go on stage and do my shit
>after the show I asked around to see if anyone did it
>they all call me crazy

Also I didn't realize the connection till now but the second girl from the right in pic related is one of the two girls, now grown up obviously.

I found this picture on /x/ a few months back in of those "When you see it..." threads, and was shocked. That's definitely the girl and I've been in that house before, I've even partied there.

Anyway that house is literally across the street from the school we attended. It was a private school and it's flanked by a large 1800s style church, St. Fidelis Church, in St. Fidelis Parish. Similarly the school's name is St. Fidelis School.

There was always weird shit going on there. Beside the church there's this small grotto we use to hang out and drink at as teens. One night I was there with my friend playing hacky sack in the grotto. Something happened like we fucked up a good round of sack or something and one of us shouted "Jesus Christ!" There are these three creepy wooden statues beside the Church depicting Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and right after we shouted this there was a huge BANG! from that direction and we took off running. It was windy and a door probably slammed closed hard, but it was more of the implications that spooked the fuck out of us.

Welp, looks I can't find the pic, someone may have. It shows like five or six girls, most of them chubby-fat. Between one of the girls' feet is a ghostly looking little boy kind of cowering against the floor. Anyone know what I'm talkng about?
File: spooky.jpg (40KB, 640x456px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 640x456px

Found the image with google fu. The girl I know is actually the third grown woman from the right, or the fourth female from the right.
Supposedly this kids played Ouija on my school.
Then this girl started having spams and salivating.
Then everyone was scared. I remember quite lucidly that out of the blue all chairs just dropped.
Also this girl had a dream that she was missing and that there were "small men" walking around the cage she was in.
This is the one and only time this ever happened.

>6th or 7th grade.
>Standing next to my best friend in gym class.
>All of a sudden, I get this weird feeling, almost like an epiphany, and I grab her arm and say "Anon 1 is going to kick the ball, it's going to go across the gym, Anon 2 is going to catch it, and drop it. Anon 1 will make it to first base, but Anon 3 will run for second and fall, and get out".
>Best friend just laughs and looks at me like I'm crazy.
>Anon 1 kicks the ball, and everything I said comes true.
>Start shaking, because I can't even believe it.
>Best friend just stares at me.
>Don't talk about it for a long time.
>Years later, bring it up at a party, almost sure I created a false memory, or it was just a dream.
>Friend stares at me the same way she did years ago and says "I thought I just imagined that".
I went to a heavily Catholic school in England in the West Midlands.

And me and my friends spotted something in like, year 9, and continued to see it until we left.

>Year 9
>Lunch Break
>Walking down main corridor
>Something disappears
>Cant remember what it was (Person, Plant, Picture)

>Next day
>Walking to lesson
>It happens again

>A couple of weeks later
>Happens again
>I decide that I'm going to be extra vigilant when looking down the hall
>Nothing for about four days

>One day turning corner into hall and remember to look out for it
>See a slight blurriness halfway down corridor
>Thinks its mist or smoke, but no origin
>Walk up to it
>It disappears like fog
>Take a few steps back to where I could see it again
>It doesnt come back

>Same again tomorrow
>See it
>Walk up to it

>Show my friends
>Definitely not steam or fog, as it is in too much of an isolated area (there are clear areas around it, but it is in a vertical blob like line)
>Also doesnt come up on pictures

>We create a fake religion about it called the brothers of halfog (Hall fog)
>Say our little prayer whenever we see it (Lord Halfog, be gone from eye, and we will be at peace)
>It just becomes an inside joke
>Never really think much of it
>Just a little weird

Not the best story in the world, but true

>inb4 kid flushed himself down the toilet

>a while ago
>not a little while ago

reading is essential
>Be 10
>Friends and I love ghost hunting or what passed for it at that age
>Headmistress does an assembly where she tells us the school is haunted
>Door to loft slams
>We shit ourselves

>A few weeks later
>Looking up at same building, separate two storey annex
>See shape in window looking like a fucking dinosaur
>No other way to describe it but it seems to change in a weird way
>Both friends see it too at the same time
>Want to call bullshit, go up and investigate
>Literally no explanation, no marks on the window, no weird lights, nothing

The building was demolished not long after. One of my friends passed away in 2010 too. Feels weird. I'm 22 now, still close to my other friend, who swears by this story.

that is one dedicated fucking principal


para-pros for short where I'm from

(pssssst, 90% of this stuff is fresh OC)
back then my college was a hospital and the annex building was a morgue, but it got renovated

>be me
>be student assistant
>be at the professor's office at around 7pm, college closes at 9pm, talking to students who have issues with their schedule
>finally alone
>teacher comes in, i know her
>told me that i should go home now
>told her im still finishing up and ill go home
>said she'll wait for me because we had the same transpo, we're kinda close
>she had a different desk, really far away from me
>im arranging papers when suddenly i heard someone called my name in a girl's voice
>thought it was my professor, "yes mam?"
>she poked her head out and ask me what's going on
>i said it was nothing
>later on, we were about to lock the office i heard it again, this time i clearly heard it was my professor's voice
>"what is it mam?"
>"are you high or something?" she said
>went out of the school with a couple of students and professors
>told her what happen a while ago
>suddenly her face looks serious, "yeah i know that, i've been hearing that since my first day here" (not the exact words)
>she told me that she's been talking to the ghost when she's alone
>next month resigned as a student assistant, never talked to the professor again

we've met a lot of times but ive been avoiding her, no wonder she's sometimes alone
i would if she wasnt to fucking weird at times

My grandparents would call shit like that the glam. Apparently taking off your clothes and putting them on inside out would break its .hold
Wtf these things are more danger to planes than al-qaeda
But they kill spiders. It's a small price to pay.
>tfw these things built a huge nest on the side of my house one time
If this isn't fake thats what they get for making fun of a demon.
but spiders kill all the other gross ass bugs out there. i'd rather have them around.
File: 1402743681049.jpg (160KB, 698x671px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160KB, 698x671px
Spyder detected.
don't get me wrong, i'm not really comfortable around spiders. need a lot of motivation to able to handle one. but i'd rather have spiders around than centipedes, humidity bugs, and gross ass earwigs.
>went to a consolidated primary school that celebrated its 150th graduating class in 2009
>grades 3rd - 5th are held in what used to be the high school
>particular building is over 100 yrs old
>music class, 4th grade
>only classroom held on the second floor
>looking back at it, the ghost(s) who linger there is so active/in tune to our plane that the teachers must've grown afraid and desperate for a room on the first floor
>music class to be on the second floor because of the very heavy very old piano

I can recall but one firsthand experience with this entity. I remember it vividly. It was apparent that the piano would play itself without manual (living) occupancy through rumors around the school. I had only witnessed it once. I was nine years old. The class was singing a song when the piano began to play along. We became quiet. It pressed an eerie set of minor seconds equivalent to about ten fingers worth (the piano against the wall at the front of the room, facing outwards). I remember the chills down my back. Whatever it was, then pounded on the keys six times in a repetition of three and seemed to run out of the room, the door to the classroom opening and slamming.

I imagine it was but a confused apparition but I have never been entirely sure.
not rly a paranormal story but
>be in school
>small group of friends, don't get along with most people in my year tho
>generally considered kind of scary anyway
>sitting in library with friends
>decide to see if we can convince someone that i'm actually some kind of spirit channeller or witch or s/t
>start staring at this girl at the table opposite, moving mouth as if chanting something
>she actually looks petrified
>get friends to slip like little notes written in nonsense latin-sounding phrases into her pockets, dumb stuff like that
>all the while staring and chanting whenever she passes
>she doesn't come in for a week
>turns out she got rly ill
>tells school management, i get suspended for and i quote "witchcraft and terrorism" ("terrorism" b/c she was some religion idk which)
>mfw i don't give a shit it was a fucking awful school anyway

i mean for real tho this was one of the most selective grammar schools in england how were they all taken in by this
File: nervous.gif (2MB, 300x226px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 300x226px
>grade 4
>have separate bathrooms form the older kids
>strangely big bathroom for just the few elementary classes but dont think much of it
>get a basketball to the face in gym and go to the bathroom and spash water on face
>middle stall toilet flushes
>didnt know anyone else was in there, but think i just overlookd it. it's a big bathroom anyway
>Turn to leave and every stall door is open. Someone would have to pass me to leave the bathroom
>Creeped out like fuck go to get the fuck out of there
>middle stall door SLAMS shut
>super large bathroom mirror shatters and falls off way
>run the fuck out of there and back to gym
>mfw when there was only one bathroom i could go to and it was that one
>always old piss until busting then go as fast as i can from now on.
shit, hold*
>be in band
>front ensemble
>tell me to go get a marimba
>marimbas are on the stage
>dark as fuck
>open big ass door leading to backstage
>our school has one of the biggest auditoriums
>shit's pitch black and empty
>use phone light
>find marimba
>get closer to it
>a fucking mallet slams onto the fucking keys
>grab marimba cause I ain't no bitch
>hear a voice far away yell at me
>ok I'm done here
>band director gets mad
>goes to get it himself
>comes back empty handed
>"we can get it later"
>that's what I fucking thought bitch
good times m8
>be 16 years old
>on aexchange programm in germany of all places
>school and people are pretty chill
>one day went on a field trip to a zoo in cologne or duisburg, can't remember which
>they had dolphins and beluga whales
>did neat little tricks with the trainer
>suddenly a girl two rows in front of me pulled out a lighter
>set her neighbors hair on fire
>bitch had so much hairspray, her whole head just went up in flames
her jacket, purse, everything ablaze
>noone died, nothing spoopy, still a fucking weird spectacle
>i mean a fire at whats basically a sea parks?
>be 16 years old
>on exchange programm in germany of all places
>school and people are pretty chill
>one day went on a field trip to a zoo in cologne or duisburg, can't remember which
>they had dolphins and beluga whales
>did neat little tricks with the trainer
>suddenly a girl two rows in front of me pulled out a lighter
>set her neighbors hair on fire
>bitch had so much hairspray, her whole head just went up in flames
her jacket, purse, everything ablaze
>noone died, nothing spoopy, still a fucking weird spectacle
>i mean a fire at whats basically a sea parks?
furthermore i can't computer
Beta drug buyer op
Is there another term for that phenomena?
I always wear my underwear inside out because fuck seams, would that keep glams from working?
The Red Girl

>be me, in 8th grade
>school is something like 115 years, lots of creepy shit
>creepy shit is another story
>story about girl who was raped and murdered in this supposed pool room popular with young grades
>except no pool room at school
>girl in legends seems to be too old for elementary school
>said to wear red dress and covered in blood
>called the red girl
>red girl comes out from janitor's closet after dark
>sister attends same school, in 5th grade
>she believes it
>oooh scary shit!
>"but anon, she's real! my friend saw her!"
>"she kills non-believers!"
>nerdy me joined art club in 7th grade
>did fun artsy shit
>decide to stay in art club for 8th grade
>club starts at 4 ends at 6
>mom is late
>fuck it, decide to go to closet
>closet not opening
>turn to go to lobby
>scratchy noise from closet
>closet knob being jiggled
>shit pants, run back to lobby
>freaked out
>think prob an animal
>didn't tell sister
>don't want to be a pussy
>next day
>decide to ask history teacher about girl
>ask teacher if she saw girl
>"anon, it's all real"
>apparently school was high school before elementary school
>had pool before being removed in 1950's
>girl was raped and murdered in pool room
>boyfriend put in prison
>ask for proof from teacher
>teacher shows me old boys' swimming team pic from 1930's
>Forgot to clarify closet was built where the pool was.

This is only what I've experienced, my teachers told us other creepy shit too.
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How does it even happen?
>be me was in 6th year at the time (idk what that is in american speak) last grade or whatever the fuck
>go of to lunch with the lads smoke a couple of joints get back bout 15 min before class is due to start
>come back school is empty, yard, corridors, classes, field, not a peep, there was 500 lads in this school plus theachers
>we were all lol stoned this is weird, did we miss a memo?
>dont think so
>okay well were early lets wait in next class
>sit there in silence checking our shit for next guy, an old christian brother we called radar cause he always knew who had been messing before class had a mean streak stank of vodka
>then whoosh and smash fucking table flies over our heads from the back of the class hits the board
>wtf the lads lol
>big fucking heavy table btw the kind with the bench and you lift up a lid to put crap in
>looking at each other with all of our whats
>nothing at back of class would have been hard to miss someone
>radar comes in stands at the doorway stares fucking bullets to where the table came from
>were fucking freaked, we stood up cause sir came in didnt even notice us just staring down there
>bell rings, fucking all the noise in the world happens in the school with people and lockers smashing
>radar hey lads have a seat for a sec then well have the prayer when the class fills (standard before every class hail mary,or our father or both as gaelige)
>fucking freaked never smoked before his class again
those are all women, besides the kid.
Poor ghost just loved playing piano and just wanted to play music with you guys. You guys are dicks, making it realize it can never be alive and enjoy being a musician again.
my fellow irish bro <3
Was there a footnote saying that one of the boys raped and murdered a girl and wasn't able to be in the picture?
This isn't really paranormal, but man my elementary school was CREEPY AS FUCK. It was like 100 years old and it had this weird "cathedral" like feel to it. The front doors were like the doors you see on those big catholic churches.

And everything on the inside was just so old, there were like Chandaliers and those old school heaters all over the place and the ceilings were like 40 feet high in many places. I used to think about how scary it would be to be trapped in there at night. But it wasn't just the school itself that was old... Like the equipment was too. The gym for instance had all these old medicine balls and balancing beams that looked like they were from the 1920s. The whole building just has that perfect 'haunted' vibe to it.

Unfortunately, I can't find any pictures of the interior, but here are some pics from other buildings that looked like what we had in the school.



The visuals weren't the only creepy thing about the place either. There was a murder in a house behind the school that actually happened when I went there, and I remember students developing myths about that house being haunted. And the school Janitor... He was the creepiest fucking dude man... He seemed like half retarded and all the kids were scared of him.

It was just a really strange part of my life. I grew up in the burbs but for weird zoning reasons, I ended up in this school in a historic part of town. I wasn't really totally comfortable with the "oldness" of downtown architecture, I remember even feeling a little creeped out when I'd visit my friends' houses. That whole part of my life was kind of weird now that I think about it.

Pic related, it's the front of the school.
>six times in a repetition of three

so 666

should have asked for it's tumblr
>Teacher asks why it is still there, but I didn't answer.
This is the most autistic possible course of action. I hate when people do this in movies. Why wouldn't you want to tell them what happened?
Dude, I was young and this was the first thing like this that ever happened to me. I was kind of in shock.
I don't know what that picture is but it's really making me nervous.
Sorta have one, dunno, but my school technically has 4 floors, the 5th being the roof. It's locked up on all 4 staircases, they have alarms and motion detectors up there s no one goes up there because, well, you'll get in hella trouble. There's a pretty big rumor that it's like that because a teacher committed suicide up there. On the fourth floor, there's a hallway that there are hardly classes in. There's like, 3. 2 have classes in them, one being for special kids. Hallways creepy as shit, I avoid it whenever I can, and in the third classroom, my stoner friend was hanging out in so he didn't get caught (no teachers really go in there). He said he saw a teacher in there, but he was high as shit, dunno if he actually saw the dead teacher. Creepy, though.
Anyone been up there before they added the alarms?
>omg old things are so scary
Never come to europe.
>2nd grade
>playing outside
>suddenly have to pee
>get excused from recess
>bathroom is empty, I checked
>go into middle stall cause why the fuck not
>lock the door, start doing my business
>about to wipe my crotch when I head a chuckle
>THE FUCK. I didn't hear the door open
>I look up
>someone is staring at me through the crack of the door
>they have blue eyes, long hair and goofy gap teeth
>wait what
>that's my face
>why do they have my face
>I pull my pants up, sparta kick the door open and I run the fuck outta there
>never go to that bathroom again
i made up this ghost girl named Carolyn Garcia in elementary school. she was redheaded and a little older than me (like 12) and her story was that she was murdered and her body was hidden in this pipe in a field on the school campus. i convinced my (gullible) friend that Carolyn was real, but then i started to become kinda...obsessed? I would have dreams about Carolyn and i kind of started to think maybe she was actually real.
the peak of the whole "Carolyn" thing was when me and my friend were in the field where Carolyn was supposedly hidden. We were at the edge of the woods, near the pipe, when i saw this fucking bald dude in red shorts and a gray sweatshirt squatting in the woods. i was staring at it and my friend was staring too, and then these other girls walked up behind us talking loudly and we both screamed and ran away. at the same time we both described the bald man, but she said he had a knife. i dunno, it was weird, and we both still remember it.
>be me in middle school
>place is right next to a bog, always full of goose shit
>everyone says that some girl got drowned in the bog
>be a loser
>sit watching geese fuck around at the edge of the bog every recess
>one day decide to sneak out of after school band shit to go stare at the bog
>kind of dark out, bit windy
>dick around at the edge of the bog for a bit
>hear a scream, like a scary fuckin scream
>sounds like it's coming from under the mud water
>head back to band
>never go back to the bog after school again

I told a few of my classmates about it a few days later, two of them said they saw a ghost in the bog, but middle schoolers are full of shit so I have no idea if anyone else ever saw/heard anything there. Even some of the teachers confirmed that there was a death in the schoolside bog, though.
>5th grade, bumfuck nowhere NH
>get called to office to speak with secretary
>"anon, is your aunt supposed to be picking you up today?"
>"I don't have an aunt."
>only relatives other than my grams live on the west coast.
>Secretary calls my mother to verify
>She freaks out and picks me up early from school
>Get personal escorts to the bus for a few weeks

Nothing ever happened. Still have no idea who it was.

>I could've been a milk-carton kid.
Once a girl killed herself at my school, like in the school. I think her name was Kaylee or something. Apparently she hung herself with a belt in the theater. We all got out of school early, drama classes were cancelled for like a week, and the next week they had little presentations in every class on dealing with a peer suicide and yadda yadda yadda.
Some of the lighting guys from the drama team said they heard crying all the time when they stayed late after her suicide.
561 mah nignog?
Hear hear, my asshole puckered tight looking at it.
It sounds like a lot of theaters are haunted. Ghosts just love theater?
Yeah I'm no stoner but I have friends that go apeshit with it.
You missed catching a wizard teleporting to the Ministry of Magic. So close...
>4th grade
>boring as shit day walk into usual classroom with everyone
>talk to my friend for a little bit and get seated
>sit in class for 30 minutes
>kinda looking at my desk
>look up
>this is not my teacher
>i dont know any of these people
>who the hell are these kids
>walk out of classroom
>I am on the other side of the school
>random teacher asked when i came in
>I told her i didnt remember and went to class like usual but i was 30 minutes late.
can someone translate. I am american
All right, seriously, all you stoners get your asses out of here. Quit derailing the thread.
Not freaky just weird
>7th grade and we're doing studies on plants
>have to bring a flower seed and 2 liter bottle to plant seed in for class
>we all plant our seeds and check them throughout the month
>everyones flowers are growing fine but mine has the roots sticking up and the flower at the bottom of the bottle
>ask teacher why that happened and he just shrugs and says he doesn't have a clue
black asian male female?
more like actors like being dramatic
Bad ass mother fucker

Unless he's simply referring to the sound that the X-Mens Nightcrawler makes when he teleports.
File: ht-funimgs718.jpg (13KB, 256x164px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dude, thats obviously the gubmint expiramenting with them lizardmen for chemtrail camo. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!
>freshmen year
>new kid at my school
>crazy short and skinny
>mint green hair
>wears something like a spandex body suit under baggy sweaters every day
>literally eats nothing but a can of cat food and a bottle of Mountain Dew at lunch every day
>got caught peeing in the sink of the boy's bathroom and the girl's bathroom several times
>never found out if it was a boy or a girl

actual story
>for awhile there was a weeaboo girl that had a crush on it because she thought that its green hair was from an anime
>it was actually really nice to her about it for the first week or so, but eventually shit got really annoying
>have to leave class to get somethign from my locker
>locker is away from most of the school in the band wing
>hear crying
>follow sound into the theater area
>crying is coming from the girl's dressing room
>know I shouldn't go in because I'm not a girl
>don't want to just leave someone crying, what if they're hurt or something
>go in anyway
>it's the weeaboo girl
>she's hiding under the mirror table and sobbing hard
>ask her what happened
>she shakes her head and keeps crying
>crouch down with her and try to pull her out
>she grabs onto me
>seriously worried now
>tell her she has to stop crying and tell me what happened
>she's still crying, but trying to talk
>she says, "He licked me."
>think she got molested or something
>ask her if she was raped
>she shakes her head and starts trying to calm down
>"Your friend, he licked me. His face opened up and he and he grabbed me and wouldn't let go, and he made me open my mouth and he licked my throat inside."
>wow what
>this shit is clearly out of my league, tell her we need to go to the office
>she starts freaking the fuck out again and says that we can't
>she says, "He's going to kill me if I ever tell, you can't tell anyone! Promise me you won't tell!"
>tell her that adults can handle this better than us, she'll be okay
>she starts screaming I have to promise
>so I do


>I tell her we should go to the nurse at least to see if she's not hurt
>she won't go
>I ask if she wants to ask the office if her mom can come pick her up
>she says no
>I ask her what she wants to do
>she asks me to just stay under the table with her
>I figure someone has to stay with her
>so I do
>she wants me to lock the door
>may as well, we're in it now
>wind up skipping school the rest of the day
>when school lets out, she still doesn't act like she's ready to go
>she hasn't said a word since she stopped crying
>I finally ask her if she's going to leave
>she says she doesn't know
>I tell her we're going to wind up missing our buses if she doesn't get up soon
>she's still so scared she doesn't know what to do
> I don't want to miss my bus, my parents are already going to be pissed at me for skipping class
>say, "Look, if you're scared that it's going to kill you, wouldn't it be safer to go outside where tons of people are? It's not going to kill you where everyone can see it happen."
>she starts fucking crying again
>tell her if she doesn't get up now, I'm going to go get one of the councilors
>she grabs onto me and says that she'll go, just please don't tell anyone
>promise I won't
>she gets up
>tries to pull her shirt over her pants as much as she can
>ask what she's doing
>she won't say
>pull her hands away
>her pants and underwear fall down
>they're completely shredded around the back
>looks like someone took a weed whacker to her ass
>about to demand that she goes to the nurses office
>she says, "I don't want to talk about it. I didn't get raped. Nothing happened."
>tell her there's no way people won't notice that and ask her what the fuck happened
>she says, "I know. I'll just steal some pants from here."
>she winds up taking a costume skirt
>she throws away her bloody clothes
>she says, "Okay. When we leave, let's just act normal. Don't talk about it. Don't ask him about it. Just act like nothing happened, okay?"
>tell her okay

This is getting really hot.
Continue, anon
maybe tard friend saw the same picture

>she tells me to wait a few minutes to leave so it doesn't look like we were together
>she leaves
>I slowly make my way out to the band hall
>it's empty, thankfully, there were never many band kids
>poke around for a bit to give us time in between
>suddenly hear someone walking this way
>just stare down the hall like an idiot
>it's It
>it stares back at me
>it starts walking toward me
>it said, "What're you doing down here?"
>it tipped its head up at a weird angle, squinted and said, "You're not a band kid."
>I stand my ground and try to look tough
>"Neither are you."
>it stops
>puts its head back down
>opens its eyes again
>looks me up and down a couple times
>it said in a less accusatory voice, "Hey, you know, the buses are already gone, you need a ride home?"
>tell it no
>it says, "Are you sure? I have car, it wouldn't be a problem."
>say I already have a ride on the way
>it says, "Okay, well want me to wait with you? I know a nice place to hang out."
>tell it no
>it stares for a second
>it squints again and tips its head back up
>"You don't have a ride. You take the bus every day. No one knows you're still here."
>fuck shit fuck
>it grins
>"Yeah, just come with me for a minute, you can call your mom. I know a place that has good phone reception."
>starting to panic
>tell it I can just go outside to get phone reception
>the only way to get away from it is to go past it
>there's no where to hide but the dressing rooms and a bathroom
>no idea if I would be able to fight it, especially after seeing what it did to the weeaboo girl
>while I'm trying to think, it asks me, "What are you gonna do, Anon?"
>fuck it
>scream as loud as I can and charge it
>screaming must have startled it
>plow into it with my shoulder
>it hits the ground
>I trip and stagger but run over it
>keep running
>run outside
>run all the way home

It was fucking scary.
Easily the third scariest thing that has ever happened to me.
Thats it, what happened the day after? What happened to the girl?
It was a Thursday, I skipped school on Friday.
The next week, it was still at school and acted like nothing happened.
The girl did wind up going to the hospital, I never actually talked to her again, but from what I gathered, her mom saw how badly she was limping when she got home and forced her to tell her what happened or show her her legs.
She went to the hospital, they did a rape kit on her even though she insisted she hadn't been raped. I would guess that since she was under age her mom could have them test her whether she wanted to or not.
There actually was evidence of a possible rape, he vagina was torn up inside.
Unfortunately, despite the assault being so horrible, there was no dna evidence from an attacker.
No one else's blood, no semen, no hair.
So it looked like she had been raped and brutalized, but they couldn't prove anyone had done it.
Everyone, authorities included, if I understand correctly, decided that she did it herself for attention.
I don't know how the fuck a person would have done that, but that's what they decided.
She never came back to school, and I never saw her again anywhere else.
I tried to talk to her a couple of times on facebook, but she wouldn't talk to me and eventually blocked me.
Last year she killed herself.

So that fucking sucked.
> spams
> salivating
mmmmmmm, spam
>evidence of forced vaginal penetration
>she insisted she wasn't raped
>it has a tongue long enough to lick the inside of her throat
It tongue fucked her.
So did anything else happen with It?
I weeaboo girl never came back to school, but It did.
The next week, It acted like nothing had happened,
It sat with me at lunch and ate it's cat food and Mountain Dew.
All it said about the weeaboo was that it was a real shame what happened to her, sure hope who ever did that to her gets caught.
After that we just continued on with our lives like normal, and to be completely honest, for a while, I thought maybe It didn't do anything to her, maybe she was just looking for attention because she felt bad about getting rejected.
I thought the whole thing was just a really bad misunderstanding.
And It was so nice about everything, I was totally convinced nothing had happened.
A lot of weird shit happened, actually.
I guess I just ignored it all. It always had an explanation for anything that happened, and it never really acted dangerous around me.
Jesus Christ, I feel like a complete asshole right now.
The more I think about it, the more shit I'm realizing It was doing.
I have a spoopy school story. My grampa was going to this school to become a priest when he was in his 20s or something, and had to stay up late working on a chemistry project with his friend. So the building was like three stories or something and they were up on the third floor in the chemistry lab working on their project. So they were there until like 2 in the morning, and my grampa keeps hearing some weird voice saying random shit in spanish, because my grampa came from spain and this happened in spain, so he tells his friend to knock it off. Much to his surprise his friend is like, bro, it's not me. This goes on for quite some time, until my grampa gets pissed, and turns around ready to yell at his friend when he comes face to face with a rotting woman, her face was almost falling off, her eyes were sunken and you could see her skull. He screams, his friend looks over, sees it too, and they book it the fuck out of there. Later my grampa talks to the head priest there, and he tells them that a woman was buried on the property with all of her belongings, standing up, instead of laying down. He later visited the grave, prayed there and gave her a blessing, and her ghost was never sighted again.
File: 1x5ffMg.png (499KB, 1300x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be in primary school
>Our primary school is like best buds with the secondary school up the road (The one I would later attend)

>All the stories of a "Lady Heathcote" (Heathcote was the name of the school) who haunted the primary school, because she was listening for who was going to attend Heathcote once they finished at our primary school

>If you stayed in the Assembly Hall at night you could see her

At one point me and my buddies had this job in 6th grade of preparing the assembly hall for assembly after lunch, it was fun as fuck because it was so old fashioned like with a big wooden stage and giant theater curtains that you could grab on to and swing off the stage with

>Go in there one lunch to set everything up
>Friends are normally there first
>Open up doors
>Pitch black with all curtains drawn
>Suddenly massive bang like something dropping
>Noped so fucking hard I was still panting when I got out into the play ground and found my friends

And get this
The reason they weren't already in there to setup assembly? Teacher had told them there was no assembly going on today because the assembly halls were meant to be locked shut for something or other.

So why the fuck were they unlocked anyway
And what was that fucking noice
File: 3days.jpg (29KB, 340x351px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 340x351px

I have a similar story
But more recent

>Be 19
>Go to Camden for night out
>At the time I was sporting some kind of indie hipster look with red messy hair and a bright flair jacket
>Some foreign girl asks to take my picture
>Pose like a T-Bird

>Tells me its for a project
>Asks to take my email address and she'll tell me when its done

>Never heard from her again

The fuck did I agree to
File: 1403639390499q.jpg (19KB, 183x253px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 183x253px
So is this "it"
Posting in the other thread made me start thinking about it.
huh, thats some freaky shit then.
It sure was. You wouldn't think something 4'9" and looking like that could be intimidating.
Mt. Sac is that you?
>long tongue

awwww sheeit
File: it again.png (518KB, 379x503px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
it again.png
518KB, 379x503px
This is the only other picture I have of it.
It had a facebook page for a couple days, this was the profile image.
Rancho Cucamonga Master Race reporting in
What else can you tell us about this weird creature?
>Inland Empire
How horrifying
Meh it's chill
Well, like I said before, I eventually thought that It was just a nice, weird, person and hadn't done anything wrong.
So I actually started hanging out with it more.
I found out that its constantly cold, even in summer it wears a full-body spandex suit under various large sweaters.
It loves sugar, except in soda apparently, because as It told me shortly after we met, it gets all of its nutients from diet Mountain Dew.
I don't think it needs to sleep much, at different sleep overs, (one especially pants-shittingly horrific which I will post about here in a moment), I caught it wide awake and watching me or other people.
It can speak backwards as easily as forwards.
When it eats ketchup, it faints.
And most importantly: It is a fucking monster.
Methheads and Mexicans aren't chill
My story is really similar to OPs
>7th grade
>Go to the bathroom to do girl things like check self out in the mirror to make sure I look okay
>Not having the best day
>Hears distant foot steps coming close
>Thinks it might be a teacher
>Begins to wash hands just in case
>See another student coming into the bathroom by looking through the mirror
>Girl has long black hair hanging down in face
>Wearing a black dress, too
>Never seen her, can't get a good look at her face
>She goes into the second stall, the one behind the sink I'm standing at
>Drys off hands and begins to walk out
>Stalls all empty
>No one in the bathroom but me
>Never seen the girl since
>Only told a few people
feed it ketchup inconspicuously, let it faint, then finally find out what it really is.
delivering sleep over story

>sophomore year
>joined the computer graphics and animation club
>so did It
>club winds up devolving into a group of people who get together and play video games and occasionally try to make something in Blender
>since everyone who didn't get along with each other left the club, everyone who was left became at least sort-of-friends
>we eventually decide we should have a party
>we're going to go to Matt's house where we have full reign of the basement, have pizza, play the vidya, have a good ol' time
>the night of the party
>everyone has a good time
>all is goes well
>party starts winding down
>people start getting tired around one in the morning
>as I'm laying down, I see It talking to Trevor
>they're laying together
>dass possibly ghey
>roll over and ignore them
>fall asleep
>wake up
>foot steps on the stairs
>sit up and try to see in the dark
>shout, "Who's there?"
>It responds, "It's me, you douche. I had to go to the bathroom."
>apologize for waking several people up
>go back to sleep
>wake back up
>it's lighter but not daylight
>Matt is shaking me
>he's asking where's Trevor
>dude you literally just woke me up, how would I know that
>he says, "Trevor is gone, I thought he was pulling a prank or some shit, but he's not here, and I checked the bathroom upstairs and the bathroom down here and the living room and the kitchen and I can't find him."
>the bathroom down here
>there's a bathroom down here
>slowly turn to look at It
>it starts stretching and stirring like it was just waking up
>props itself up on one elbow and asks us, "What's going on?"
>Matt says, "Trevor is missing."
>It says, "Are you sure he didn't go home?"
>Matt says, "All his shit is still here, even his laptop."
>It says, "He's probably just pulling a prank on us. He probably wants us to go looking for him in the woods so he can jump out scare the crap out of someone."

I actually do have a story related to that.
>Matt says, "You seriously think anyone would go out into the woods in the dark to pull a shitty prank?"
>It says, "I would."
>It lays back down and closes its eyes
>I have a really, really bad feeling
>I grab Matt's arm and try to tell him with eyes, "trust me"
>he gets it
>he follows me upstairs
>close basement door behind us
>watch the door, back up from it
>back all the way up to the wall across from it
>keep watching it
>pull Matt over to me
>whisper in his ear, "We need to find Trevor. [It] was up while we were all asleep. [It] did something to him in the woods."
>Matt looks really scared
>he whispers back, "We can't go out there, if [It] did something to him out there, what if it does somethig nto us? It's dark, we won't even be able to see."
>I whisper, "He's hurt. I think [It] may have hurt him really bad. You remember that fat girl that dropped out of school last year? It did somethig nto her while they were alone, that's why she dropped out. If [It] did the same thing to Trevor, we need to find him now."
>Matt is noticably shaking
>he asks me what we should do
>I say, "I think we need someone to watch the basement door, I'm not going out there by myself, so we have to get someone else."
>aske him if either of his parents are home
>they both have far commutes, they've already left for work
>Matt says he can't go back downstairs
>I don't think I can either
>I say, "Okay, one of us has to stay here and watch the door and make sure [It] doesn't come after us and one of us has to go out in the dark woods alone."
>Matt looks like he about to cry because he's a little bitch
>"Matt, god damn it, now is not the time. Man up, you son of a bitch. Think about Trevor."
>he says, "Okay, okay, I'll stay here."
>of course you will
>"Okay, you have to watch the door. If [It] comes out, try to stall it. If [It] gets past you, run and scream. Try to warn me."
>he nods vigorously
>okay, man up, Anon

I have two, one not super spoopy the other not mine, but meh, here it goes.

Not mine:

>Be special Ed teacher during the 90s.
>Have Instructional Aide who is a little off.
>Can't even make copies right, pretty much useless.
>Have borderline retarded kid in class, cries a lot.
>See aide standing behind him one day, glaring at him.
>He's crying.
>Ask aide if she's okay.
>She looks at the teacher and says flatly, “The voices are telling me to kill him.”
>Teacher takes aide to principal's office, never sees her again.
Turns out the aide had schizophrenia or something. Apparently she was really weird. Not paranormal but still fucking scary.

I'll post my second one in a sec.

>Be me, 10th grade.
>Theater kid at conservative Christian School
>I'm doing lights for a musical because fuck singing.
>Am always hearing about the curse of Macbeth (don't say it and shit)
>Be little bastard and loudly shout “Macbeth” a few times during a break during the final rehearsal.
>Drama teacher is pissed, tells me to quit saying it.
>”Chill, it's not real”
>First two shows go fine.
>Tempt fate and say it again.
>Third show, my lighting board blows a fuze and we have to use the house lights.
>Never say “Macbeth” in a theater again.

I don't buy into a lot of that stuff, but that's one I'm cautious about. The light board was brand new too.

>try to get myself pumped up as best as I can
>realize I should probably have a weapon
>since we're already in the kitchen, I grab a knife out of the drawer
>as I leave, I say to Matt, "Do not. Take your eyes. Off the door. Do not fall asleep. That fucking door is your job now."
>he nods even harder
>I step outside
>it's still pretty dark
>it's late fall too, so I'm nice and fucking frosty
>start walking to the woods
>it's down a hill
>reach the edge of the woods
>fuck fuck fuck
>come on, Anon
>enter the woods
>realize I have no actual plan for finding Trevor
>start quietly calling his name as I wander around
>blindly dick around the woods while I try not to shit my pants from fear
>finally hear something
>stop moving
>say, "Trevor?"
>hear a wet wheeze
>start crawling around on the ground and saying, "Trevor? Where are you?"
>oh Jesus fuck no
>Trevor is lying on the ground
>there's blood all over his face and down his chest
>panicking and cussing incohherently
>try to drag him up
>he can't stand
>grab his arms and hoist him on like a backpack
>run for the house as fast as I can, which isn't very because I'm weak and Trevor is fat
>make it out of the woods
>Christ, how I'm I going to get up the hill
>it's too fucking steep
>trying to climb up the hill
>start screaming for Matt to come help me
>Matt comes out
>runs down the hill
>I scream at him to grab his fucking legs
>I grab his arms
>we start hauling Trevor's fat ass up the hill
>nearly at the top
>It appears at the door
>was dark outside
>could have been a shadow
>could have been a trick of the eye
>Its mouth was stretched open in such away that it appeared not to have a jaw and its tongue was hanging out like a tentacle
>not gonna lie, I shit a little
>as I'm about to start screaming, I look at Matt, then back at It
>It looks normal again
>It says, "Holy shit, what the fuck happened?"
>don't know what to say
>It says, I'm calling 911!"
>ran back into the house to call 911

File: freud.jpg (8KB, 294x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 294x400px
>Go into toilets to wash my hands due to pen explosion
File: _c757952_image_0.jpg (26KB, 470x365px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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was his instructional aid a kitten?

>we get Trevor inside
>open his mouth
>no teeth ripped out, his tongue is still there
>rip his shirt open
>there's no visible wound on him
>the bleeding is coming from inside
>no idea how to stop bleeding like that
>tell Matt to stay with him
>the others are coming upstairs now because the screaming chaos has woken them up
>leave Matt and let him tell everyone what's happening
>go to find It
>It's on the phone with 911
>watch it
>it sees me looking
>stares back
>it hangs up after the ambulance has been dispatched
>we stare each other down for a moment
>it tips its head
>It says, "It's horrible what happend to Trevor. It would be really horrible if it happened to someone else."
>I understand
>It says, "I'm sure Trevor will be fine, though. But there's no telling how bad it would have been if it happened to you. Or anyone else."
>yeah I get it
>it comes up to me with its head still tipped
>it steps past me
>it says, "You didn't see anything."

When the ambulance arrived, we told the paramedics we found him in the woods like that.
They had to take him alone because it was obvious he was badly hurt, so they couldn't wait for his parents.
In the hospital, they found that the inside if his esophagous down to his stomach and his wind pipe were torn up
His dad said that it looked like a cat climbed down his throat.
They couldn't figure out what the fuck happened, and Trevor apparently didn't remember.
They questioned him for a long time, but he swore up and down that he had no idea.
Despite the fact that every doctor said that wounds like that couldn't have come from swallowing something, he was put in therapy.
He still claims he has no idea what happened.
He can't talk anymore.
I need to know how this story ends
That is the end of the end of the sleep over story.
Trevor can't talk anymore and he had to of a tracheotomy for a year.

You mean what happened to It?
It's still out there.

I guess I'll post another story though. The ketchup story.
Please do.
I'm fascinated by it.
>other thread

What other thread? Are there more stories elsewhere?
File: neutral-fsjal-l.png (258KB, 1500x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
258KB, 1500x1500px
yes pls
I posted a pic and a brief little description here >>14783384


>quite some time after Trevor was assaulted
>still only Matt and I are suspiscious of It
>even Trevor doesn't seem scared of it
>it hasn't done anything else that we know of since then
>I, once again, got lulled back into thinking I was just paranoid and that It was a normal, nice person
>our group is out eating at Steak n' Shake
>Kenny brought his girlfriend with him
>she's extremely annoying
>she ordered a sampler thing
>she keeps making people try her food
>eventually she starts squealing at It to try her slider
>It says no thank you
>she squeals harder
>she squeals HARDER
>she starts shoving the burger in its face
>Kenny says, "Jesus Christ, just eat the fucking burger."
>It opens its mouth to accept the buger
>she jams it in
>it bites
>doesn't seem to chew at all
>annoying little banshee sits back down, satisfied
>she says, "Isn't it so good?!"
>It opens its mouth to answer
>its mouth falls open further
>its eyes roll back
>it falls face-first into its plate
>little banshee screams
>I shake It
>roll it out of the food
>out like a light
>I look at Lil Banshee and say, "Holy shit, you killed [It.]"
>she starts crying
>Kenny tells me to shut up
>It starts making a noise like my grandma when she gets shitfaced
>It says, "Whadihyou doooooo?"
>Lil Banshee chants "imsosorryimsosorryimsosorry"
>It grimaces, holds its head and sits up
>It says, "Wha wasson it?"
>Lil Banshee says, "Just crispy onions and ketchup and barbeque sauce I think, imsosorryimsosorry"
>It says, "I cand fuggin eat kechup, assole."
>It slowly recovers and we continue with our night

any theories on why it has reactions to ketchup
File: sw.jpg (45KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 500x375px

>keep thinking about the ketchup thing
>that was no allergic reaction
>not a human one, anyway
>despite not being on-guard anymore, I did still wonder about It
>wonder about the ketchup thign for weeks
>finally talk to Matt about it
>he's been wondering too
>he straight out asks, "How would we get [It] to eat enough to knock it out long enough for us to look at it?"
>I say, "We would have to hide it in something. Maybe in something that tastes similar."
>we think about it
>Matt says, "But it would know that we drugged it when it woke back up."
>shit, that is very true
>he says, "We could have one of our moms do it, like invite it over for dinner, and mom put a shit load of ketchup in the food."
>"Dude do you seriously want to sacrifice your mom to a green-haired throat rapist."
>"Never mind."
And so that idea pretty much got stopped cold.
However, there was one day...

>at Kenny's house
>after he'd been dumped
>we were having a forget-that-bitch-party
>It starts acting weird
>staggering around
>holding its head
>finally lays down on the couch
>I ask It if its okay
>It says, "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, I'm good."
>I say, "Are you having a migraine? maybe you should go down stairs, the dark would be easier on your eyes."
>It slurs a little, "Oh yeah, yeah, good idea, dark sounds good."
>It wobbles up and starts trying to walk
>I say, "Okay, you can't go downstairs by yourself, you're gonna fall. Let me help you."
>It thanks me
>I walk it downstairs
>when I come back up, my friends ask what we were doing
>tell them It had a migraine and need to lay down in the dark
>they accept that
>except Matt
>Matt looks at me
>I nod toward the next room over
>we mozey on over
>I tell him it was having trouble walking and seeing and possibly thinking judging by how it was talking
>he whispers, "Do you think it's going to pass out?"


>"Obviously I don't have any way to be sure. But I don't see any reason why we couldn't go check on it in say, half an hour. See how it's doing."
>he nods
>half an hour-ish later, we go down stairs
>it's laying on the couch face down
>we were both nervous, at least I was
>I finally say, "[It]?"
>no response
>say it a little louder
>no response
>say it in almost a shout
>no response
>approach it slowly
>quietly say, "Hey, [It]? Are you okay?"
>nudge it on the arm
>keep gently talking to it like that while I prod at it
>completely non-reponsive
>look back over at Matt
>he's still composed
>tell him to come over
>we roll it over
>its mouth is open
>Jesus Christ, should I really?
>slowly, slowly, slowly reach toward its mouth
>gently, delicately push its jaw down
>keep pushing it down
>k-keep pushing it down
>its jaw opens so far, its chin touches its neck
>its tongue sloughs out
>it's long and thick
That's what she said.
>start inspecting the tongue without touching it
>reluctant to touch it
>figure I'm in this shit neck-deep already anyway, not not touching the tongue isn't goign to save me if it wakes up
>pick up the tongue
>start messing with the tongue to see what it does
>it's really flexible
>it can be flattened, pointed and stretched
>when it flattens and bends at the same time, it feels really rough
>stretch it out as far as I can without straining it
>it's about as long as my forearm
>something pointy comes out of the tip when it's stretched that far
>touch the point
>it draws blood
>Son of a bitch.
>put the tongue back from whence it came
>shut its mouth
>step back
>look at Matt
>Matt looks sick
>I'm not done
>look back at It
>lift up its stupid ugly sweater
>the spandex suit it wears goes all the way up to its neck and on its arms
>no idea how to get it off
>fuck it
>try to feel its chest
>looking for any sign of breast buds
>nothing at all
>stranger though, I can't feel nipples either
>pull its shirt back down
>roll it back over how we found it
It came back upstairs several hours later.
It looked really haggard and wouldn't talk much, but it didn't seem to know what we had done.

It has to be a chemical that's only in ketchup.
It can eat tomatoes and pasta sauce with no problem. I've seen it eat several other condiments too, so whatever it is, it's only in ketchup.
>tongue the size of your forearm

is this nigga a fucking giraffe or do you just have long as fuck arms
Short as fuck arms*

Ketchup is made from
ketchup contains tomato concentrate made from red ripe tomatoes, distilled vinegar, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, salt, spice, onion powder, and natural flavors. This ketchup is high in lycopene as well.

or omato Paste (Made from ripe tomatoes), Liquid Sugar, White Vinegar, Salt, Orion Powder, Spices

and also Salt, Sugar, Lactose Syrup, Red Ripe Tomato's, Onion Pepper, Spice's, and Natural Flavouring.

three different ingredient lists
also an additive called xanthan gum
Try feeding it these ingredients individually and see what happens.
I would say I have normal arms, its tongue is long as fuck.

Is there any way to know which ketchup is most common? Which one do they use at Steak n' Shake?
I've only seen it accidentally ingest ketchup that one time, so whichever it is, it's the one they use at Steak n' Shake.
Probably heinz, which is the first ingredient list.
It might be the Xanthan gum that does it, or the Onion powder, because Mountain dew has corn syrup in it.

It's possibly the vinegar. Or it could be a mix of one or two of the things, Try feeding it these things one at a time but don't tell it what it is.

I'm willing to bet it's the gum though. It''s the most different out of all the ingredients. It's used in a few different icecreams, frozen food and beverages, Toothpaste, egg substitutes made from egg whites and it thickens liquids for those with swallowing disorders.
I certainly would if I could, and I've thought about how I could, but it seems like it would be really hard to do.
It's very careful with what it eats, it has a strict diet. I'm guessing because it's trying to avoid whatever it is that makes it faint.

Oh Jesus, you have me really considering this again.
I just found Xanthan gum on amazon.
You need to do it because you and your friends could be in serious danger

if it isn't hurting these people then it's causing it
/K/ommando, /X/ Branch scouting team here!

Do it and become immortalized on these boards forever! ( But remember, pics or didn't happen. )
Yeah. You're right.
I guess I would need to kill it, because if I don't, it'll wake up and know I poisoned it and kill me.
How could I possibly get to eat enough of that shit- before it passes out- to kill it?
Xanthum gum is a perservative in lots of things. I wouldn't count on it
It also might not be the ketchup, it might have just said it was the ketchup.

Consider that it was something else in the burger.

Have you ever seen it eat meat, cheese onions, pickles, lettuce or whatever else? at any other time?



do you still come into contact on a regular basis?, have you any explanations of what it is?, met any of its family?
You know maybe this creature isn't that bad of a dude. From it's victims it seems like it goes only after fat people. Maybe it's doing the world a favor
These are strange occurance in my early youth that have never been explained to me even by people I was with.

>1st grade I think - a women teacher randomly pulls me out of class I've never seen her before
>I go into a dark classroom with other children sitting around some kind of white blanket I dont remember if it was under it or on it.
>Start freaking out dont know why I've been singled out teacher says its some kind of test
>Last thing I remember is saying a bunch of words but I dont remember anything said and being instructed to stare at this flashlight with a picture of a clown over the lens
>No I dont have a fear of clowns or anything cont.
Oh for Christ's sake, I never even considered that.
You could be absolutely right, I could have been thinking about this stupid fucking ketchup thing for years for no reason.

All I've ever seen it eat is diet Mountain Dew, cat food, fresh peaches, and fresh plums.

We don't hang out nearly as much as we did in school, but I would say we see each other at least once a month. I've never met its family or been to its house.

So i'm guessing you're in the states right? if so, then there might be a slight fuckass situation going on.
Now, if you live near canada or any other country, then " It " Might be ingesting Canadian mt Dew. Yes, there is indeed a difference. One has much less caffeine. Also, is it just diet mountain dew, or is it one of the random ass flavours?
What brand of cat food, I'm going to look up the ingredients and help you narrow down what it can eat for sure
Those are only the victims we know about.
Who knows what all it does with anon around.
If it does that kind of shit when other people are around, can you imagine what it's doing when it's alone?
> Mfw all of you guys are bringing back the old /X/

I love you all.
>Old /x/
I am old /x/ I haven't been here since 2009 I don't know how to do new /x/

Anyway I just thought of something.

The slider and ketchup both have one thing in common


it might get fucked by onions.
>Ask family about it years later say they never heard of me doing anything like I described in the school
>Either a year before this or a year later I remember my mother walking me into a gray room with 2-3 cubicles and curtains drawn over the entryways
>Mother said I needed my shots
>Me: Okay sure im a big boy
>Main and last thing I remember vividly were these giant plastic barrels about 4 feet heigh filled with blue liquid. I remember the shot had blue stuff in it
>Ask mother about it years later says shes never taken me anywhere like that before and knows for a fact she hasnt.
>Mothers never lied to me - ever - that I know of.
File: HOLY SHITYTTTT.jpg (163KB, 946x726px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
163KB, 946x726px
If it's some goddamn cat type thing, it would be allergic to onions, like fucking lethally allergic.

Op, if you're still here, Onion powder is damn near un taste able when mixed with certain stuff.
I'm in Illinois; it always drinks diet Mountain Dew in the normal flavor. Never regular, never a different flavor.

It's Fancy Fest that comes in a gold can. It eats different flavors, but it's always in a gold can, if that helps at all.

Holy shit. You're right.
Ok, so, is it's family wealthy at all? even enough to just special order stuff?
From internet:

Onions contain an ingredient called thiosulphate which is toxic to cats and dogs. The ingestion of onions causes a condition called hemolytic anemia, which is characterized by damage to the red blood cells. Onion toxicity can cause the red blood cells circulating through your pet’s body to burst.

Symptoms of this condition include breathlessness, lethargy, diarrhea and vomiting.

Subjects symptoms could be classified as Lethargy and/or breathlessness. It also might have eaten something with onions at the party, an almost fatally amount of it.

More testing is required.
It's a fucking cat. I discovered it /x/
Holy Jesus Christ, you guys.
It's the onions.
Kenny's mom made chili that night, I fucking guarantee there were teeny tiny chopped up onions in it.
It's the fucking onions.
>toxic to cats
And the mother fucker eats nothing but cat food.

I honestly don't know, I've never met any of its family or been to its house.
It only wears a spandex bodysuit, sweaters, and boots, so I can't guess by its clothes.
It's never dirty, so I guess it at least has access to a working shower.
Wow I've been paranoid about this for years. Thank you so much. Fuck my mother for not remembering any of this.
We discovered it anon
old /x/ is still here and we still do it right.
Now some further research there are some reports of cat line aliens, though most are sketchy and untrustworthy, however Egypt also worshiped cats and that might be something.

Also correct me if I'm wrong but some male cats don't have any nipples at all.

Hi, anon; >>14786163 here.
So, I joined this thread pretty late, but fuck is it interesting. I think I may have missed the post where you said where "it" is now. Do you know? Have you spoken with "it," your friend Matt, or anyone else who remembers "it?"
cat like not cat line
From what I gather he still hangs out with it, and matt but not the kid who can't talk because anon is kind of a dick.
Ok dude, heres what ya do.

Invest in a gopro, go scout out the fuckers place. FOR FUCKS SAKE DON'T GET CAUGHT.
now, if it leaves for a trip or some shit, go scout the place out.
Then, make a small " task force " to subdue it, and if it has been harming anyone as of late, take him down.
Contact /K/ for room clearing techniuqes and shit.
Also, where is " It " Currently located at? Does it have a job? A house? All important things man.

Also, start up a thread op, this shit is prolly getting near the bump limit.



so we've just about narrowed down that the magic poison is onions, but lets not rule out that it may be a reaction of multiple ingredients in combination, or that it may be something else. any chemfags in the thread?
File: 1402490862241.jpg (61KB, 500x612px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> MFW i never payed attention in chemistry class
Yeah, I still see It at least once every month or two.
Matt, Trevor and I hang out all the time, and Matt's still just as spooked as I am about It.
Trevor still doesn't remember anything.

/x/ up in the mother fucking house tonight, this is fucking amazing.
It's most likely the onions, HOWEVER, as I stated earlier in the thread it might be multiple ingrediants together, this is going to require getting buddy buddy with it and peer pressuring it into eating shit that's in ketchup

or getting it to brush it's teeth, because again it could be the gum.

My bet is on onions but it also my be the gum, or vinegar. maybe a combination of any one of those.
hey man.

The major problem with that is that I do not know where it lives...
I guess I probably should start a new thread, I guess I pretty much bogarted this one.

We seem to have one or two people doing research.
I guess we just have to hope.
WHat you could do is IV some fucking really fine garlic powder straight into it's arm but that will probably kill him via heart attack and if you're wrong about it being a freak or some kind of alien then you basically just killed some dude for no reason
Fuck, Anon still hangs with it, after all that shit? I don't know how he is able to walk around, seeing as he's got huge brass balls.

Hell yeah, definitely create a new thread. Probably the most interesting thing on /x/ in a while, even if it isn't true (not saying it is or isn't, but yeah). Then again, with all the Berenstain Bears and succubus threads, it isn't hard to stand out these days.

What a totally not inane idea.

Well if he can get the god-damn mouth thing to happen, shit won't go far in court.

And if it's human anon could argue that they were hitting up some " dank ass shit yo "

Most cats hate the smell of vinegar, and a simple vinegar solution can be used to repel cats.
Most cats will avoid anything that smells like vinegar.

Vinegar, or acetic acid, has been used for thousands of years as a cleaning agent, preservative, flavor enhancer, deodorant, weed killer and cat repellent. Vinegar is made from fermenting sugars in water and allowing the alcohol to turn into acetic acid.
Fucking brilliant, so we've narrowed it down to vinegar or Onions for sure right?
Possibly a combination of both.

I hate benis insbegshun day :-DD
yeah but i doubt it's gonna make " It " Pass the fuck out.


there could be more.

Damn, there's just too many variables here. What really needs to happen is testing each one individually. And obviously, there are going to be some hurdles with that.

Anon, when was the last time you hung out with it? I can't really think of anything off the top of my head that would be a good idea to be able to test some of these things out, but perhaps you, obviously knowing a lot more about it and the friendship dynamic between you two than us, might be able to think of something?
the other ingredients in ketchup are either indifferent to cats or they like it

there aren't many hurdles as long as anon doesn't go full retard and try everything at once, if he attempts one, the other, and then both over the course of 3-4 months he has a shot

I suggest getting Matt in on this and attempting to coordinate so that Matt can get it to try one, he can get it to try another and then they get it to try both.
Made a thread for It right here >>14786238
here's the easiest way to test the onion theory anon,
>aquire a dart gun, lice AC uses for tranqing bears and shit.
>get empty injection darts and fill them with onion juice.
>shoot the motherfucker with the onion dart

If it works he'll be lyin' flat on his creep ass, possibly dead depending on how highly you concentrate the onion funk.
Not really paranormal, but...

>be grade 7, last grade in Canadian elementary school
>me and a friend were told to visit tard class, for a kind of buddy-buddy program
>our school was apparently big enough to segregate the tard kids from the normal kids
>back when Autism and ADD/ADHD didn't a big deal
>if tard kids misbehave, they're sent to a pitch-black room slightly bigger than a closet or bathroom for 20 minutes or so
>room with nothing in it
>any crying or call for attention was ignored
>mfw those kids from that tard class are probably in asylums now
>mfw I have no face
> Mfw i might have been on of them

What province?

There is literally NO way shit like this would work. Shooting someone with a dart gun? That's just insane. AND, consider that it isn't the onions, but something else, or, perhaps combination of a few ingredients. Then, all he will have accomplished is:

a) performed what most police officers would consider felonious assault, the consequences of which are 2 - 8 years and up to $15,000 in fines, and

b) enraged some cat-alien-demon with a long, razor-tipped tongue with the capacity to seriously fuck shit up.

If this is going to actually work, some discretion really needs to be displayed.
My high school is less than fifteen years old. It's in southern West Virginia, so the landscape basically consists of mountains split by narrow valleys. The school is on a wide fielded area, which like I said is kind of rare for the area. This made it the prime spot on which to construct a large school. It also made it a prime spot for the native Americans who once lived there apparently. No one knew they were there until dozers accidentally uncovered human remains while building the football field. Construction was halted for months and the area was looked over by a variety of people. Ultimately it was decided to just keep building the school since so much was already invested in the site. I don't know for sure, but I've heard rumors that it would have been a pretty valuable archaeological site. The principals have some broken bits of pottery, arrowheads, mostly intact bones, that kind of stuff.
Anyhow, some students and staff members have reported strange things after closing time. I realize that this post was kind of unnecessary. I posted it mainly to bump the thread.
holy shit this picture is really fucking scary for some reason wtf

like scarier than most of those scary gif threads and shit
Yard wrangler made me lol hard and woke my sister up
It's a decent story. Got moar?

>ketchup has onions and vinegar in it
It does
At least Heinz does.
others do too.
You just you've seen it eat pasta/pasta sauce.

Now it only eats four things again?
All of them do you fucking dipshit. This guy isn't buying his ketchup from Williams Sonoma hand made by indians.
Guys, these posts about "It" are eating up the thread, use the one over here.

>"Y-you too."
>be me back in highschool
>at school during the weekend doing community service hours (need 60 to graduate)
>out back doing green initiative shit
>walk into side building for K-2
>all lights off, only natural light coming through a few windows
>door to the men's bathroom is shadowy as fuck for whatever reason, it's not that far away from the windows
>walking closer
>make it about halfway and stop DEAD in my fucking tracks
>get a terrible, dreadful feeling in my gut
>it spreads over me like a shroud, I vividly remember it being especially heavy on my shoulders/back of my neck
>this feeling is telling me I do NOT fucking want to go anywhere closer to that room
>staring at it
>feeling is getting worse
>I have never not wanted to be somewhere so urgently in my entire life, even to this day
>goosebumps, eyes are literally tearing out of pure fear
>take a step back
>think I hear some kind of shuffling in the bathroom just behind the door
Aww, poor thing. Should have let it keep going.
what about vinegar?

are you still in contact with "it"
That's fucking weird. Idk if it would be better or worse if it was another person though.
>via 9fag

Fucking summer...
A 6 year old girl kills herself after the moment of being possibly rescued from an abductor? Uhh, yeah no
He more likely meant that the abductor killed them both, dumbass.
>It's never dirty, so I guess it at least has access to a working shower.
Or maybe it just licks itself clean?
>not wanting a serial tongue rapist cat girl-boy as a lover
The "It" thread is here, guys.

File: 4646.jpg (184KB, 500x370px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
184KB, 500x370px
>>It says, "I cand fuggin eat kechup, assole."
goddamnit i would've shot it by then, though.
I thought we were posting stories that actually happened to us not some bs stories out of a movie
So was the 6 year old depressed or something? And who pays $20 for a joint?
>Matt looks like he about to cry because he's a little bitch
Im laughing like a little bitch now
I used to chew my pens to no end. Helped when I was nervous.
>It says, "I cand fuggin eat kechup, assole."
My fucking sides
>Be in 2nd grade
>Always have to climb a certain staircase to get to my class
>Would always count 25 steps
>One day, after going down the steps, I look back and count them
>mfw there's only 20 steps
Hey guys, I started a new thread due to bump limit being nearly reached.


Here it is!
Never mind, just seen the new thread. But still, school stories yo.
When was that?
Like, what year?

> learn to fucking greentext

Knocks in three are associated with demons.. Not to scare you!
>"Hey. Still readin'. Am I in the way or something?"
Bruce from Family guy

>physically incapable of reading something if it isn't green
I'm Matt and what is this

Go back to bed Matt. Everything is being taken care of. We will see you soon.

But you won't see us.
You just missed out on some spoopy threeway with teach and ghost mang.
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