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paping habits

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I have a couple questions for the purveyors of /wg/:
First and foremost, what software do you use (if any) to batch download wallpapers from this board?
or do you just save them all one at a time?
How often do you change your wallpaper?
Also, favorite papes thread
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in return for your answers
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here are some papes
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Ychan for batch downloads, but I don't use it for walls. I much prefer to scroll through threads and pick just what I want from a thread, and naturally if you save 1, you post 1.
I change my background around once a day, but will linger on specific ones if I'm really feeling it.
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I like to have a collection to choose from, since I have a script that switches my wallpaper on a regular basis from within a given directory structure.
I'm using https://gitgud.io/sen/fsic
which some anon posted here a few months ago, I can just call it from dmenu which is handy on dwm
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Just browse with 4chanX, hitting the download button if something interests me. You don't always want every single pape from a thread, unless it's from a set and you can be sure they're all to the same standard really. Change probably around twice a month at most, by that I mean I change the folder that contains a theme which gets cycled randomly changing every 10 minutes.
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I wrote a bash script to cd into 4chan, make a folder with the thread name and download everything into it.

That was for /gif/. After that, I modified the script to cd into my wallpaper folder, download all jpg and png files and delete those ending in *s.*

That is what I use now. Just set 'papes <THREAD URL> into terminal and download.
Damn I use qutebrowser and this is perfect, I used to open a Firefox window w/ 4chanx to bulk download
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I change my home desktop every other month or so. But my work desktop doesn't change because it is really great. Pic related
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I only pick the wallpapers I like a lot, so I can build the best collection possible. I change it once every few months because I really like the wallpapers I put up.
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wallpaper (1847).jpg
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I hand pick mine. Batch downloading gives me a bunch of low tier papes.

I also have my wallpaper on a 10 minute shuffled rotation. Keeps things fresh
When I first got my laptop almost 6 years ago, I would have it on rotation changing every minute.
Now I just change it whenever I get the urge to. Might be a couple months, maybe I'll change it tomorrow.
I don't really get on my computer anymore because depression's a bitch and when I get home, I just sit in bed next to my computer doing nothing but fap.

I save 1 at a time, too much for duplicates. And able to reverse image search to find best quality if the posted one looks mediocre.
>First and foremost, what software do you use (if any) to batch download wallpapers from this board?
None. Download individually because I prefer to only grab the papes that really stand out

>How often do you change your wallpaper?
I have it on a slide show, so daily unless I find something really special, in which case I'll keep it for a few days/weeks
not for batch dling, but I use JPEGview for as base image viewer, but it also has a feature where whatever you're currently cropped to look at you can set as your wp, way easier than cropping the photo with paint or anything else, and keeps integrity of the photo on your hdd
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forgot pic and when change >>7006728
I usually change pape daily depending on my mood.
sometimes ill keep a certain pape for a long time, but lately been changing multiple times a day lol
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I download them, name them, and put them all in one file.
Then, I have windows set to display a random wallpaper when I turn on the PC.
And I have an AutoHotKey script that changes to another random wallpaper at the press of two buttons.
Thread posts: 28
Thread images: 25

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