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do you mean classic as in art style? or just any style thats about some classic fantasy? Like Lord of the rings type shit?
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Post your favorite wallpapers, no limits. I want to know what others want in front of their eyes when they boot their PC!
Pic related, my own favorite.
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Drop your pastel themes wallpapers. Preferably pink pastel but all pastel is loved. I'll drop what I have.
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it's my time to shine

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Adrift and star anon are lazy fucks edition

Previous thread: >>6990741
Need inspiration (or want to steal an old design)? Check out https://homescreens.org
#homescreen @ rizon
Android Ricing: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Android_Ricing
KLWP: www.jagwar.de/kustom-beginners-guide-part-1-klwp-basics
iDevice Ricing Guide: https://hastebin.com/ejodolicug
>Other Info
Recording a WebM: http://pastebin.com/q36gLksx
Framing screenshots: http://pastebin.com/S0pWFvCx
Changing Icon Pack Color: http://pastebin.com/WrVrXiDE
Sidebar Theme: http://pastebin.com/n9HsiA7u
Rate for rate, try to give further criticism beyond mere numerals.
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My new rice btw :^)
Wanted to make something functional and stock-y, so I dont have to explain how to see the hour when borrowing my phone
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Butthurt anon got salty when I posted my 3 screens last thread

I need more wallpapers with glitch art, will post the ones I have already
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Hey there, /wg/! This may be old news to you guys, but I just discovered this the other day and figured you guys might find it neat! (Unless I am bobo the fool and everyone knew about this already.)

Did you know that Amazon.com has SECRET WALLPAPERS just lying around for all of your favorite shows, as long as they're available on Amazon Video? It's true!

Those teeny tiny season thumbnails that they have on the episode listing of Amazon Video shows? Spoiler Alert: Most of them are just wallpapers! Just go to the season listing of a show on Amazon video, and look for the URL of the season's thumbnail artwork. Should look like this:


What is this? A wallpaper for ANTS? 200×150?! This will hardly do! Here's the trick: Just delete "._RI_SX200_" at the end of that URL.


Whaaa?! I can't believe this! This is actually a 1600×1200 wallpaper hidden in PLAIN SIGHT! Seems like a waste to have the original resolution just lying around relatively inaccessible on Amazon.com like that, but still! Neat!

I think this trick is pretty dang spiffy for shows that don't have websites anymore or just never published any official wallpapers to begin with. Also neat if the show in mention is obscure as all hell and doesn't have many assets lying around to otherwise MAKE a wallpaper with.

But, erm. Anyways! That's my post. TV show wallpapers thread, I guess?
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Thank you for this kind sir.
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Here's some wallpapers from the past few Adventure Time mini-series!
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Let's have a space-related wallpaper thread.
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Some interstellar for you
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nothing too disctracting
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*distracting, My bad
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Papes of tragic event
Pic related: Challenger space shuttle
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dont be fag
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Does it have to be tragic events or just general historical edgy shit?
Does this count or do I have to post skinny jews?
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I do not have Hiroshima or Nagasaki so you have to live with one of the test blast at Bikini...

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What other boards do you browse /wg/? Post /board/ approved wallpapers.
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Love both these shows and would love wallpapers for each

I'll start with what I have
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Retro thread
I posted this on /g/ before as an accident lol
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And by retro I dont mean vaporwave

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just finished the show and I can't believe how I missed out on this future noir themed anime. steven blum did a good job as spike
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there was a rare wallpaper from cowboy bebop that I got here on /wg/ my old laptop got deleted and cant find it anymore. I'm hoping someone had saved it and see this thread

i will post them
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