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Official posters and art, preferably with text(see examples). The higher the resolution, the better. Need to get some printed. Thank you.
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can we have a galko pape thread?
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I'm sure we can
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"Actually I think they aren't allowed as of Senate Order 1038142. Paul Ryan broke a tie and the law was passed. "- Ojou
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Gunsmith Cats

>anime & manga both encouraged
>Riding Bean also allowed (since it's semi-officially the same thing)
>most of these are shit I just cropped
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Lets get a lol thread going
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im a little ahri biased but i'll dump
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LoL - Ahri 13.png
3MB, 2000x1130px

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hope this helps anon

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any size
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This is my current wallpaper. Posting a few others to make this a valid request thread.
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Post your fav/current phone wallpapers
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I have a little more and am willing to bump this thread further op, If I may ask for help finding an image.

I've been looking for a certain image for over a year but I have a feeling someone around here most likely has it or could tell me where to find it.
I'll check back later on to see If I get a response.
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it might help if you describe the image

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OK, I tried this on /wg and it failed me. lets try it here.

I'm looking for specific walls with below requirements. I'll post what I have.

1) single anime/cartoon/hand-drawn (not real-life) female subject to either side. Just not dead centre.
2) uncluttered background. Simple, simplistic, minimalistic, solid or gradients etc.
3) straight perspective/pov. no weird angles.
4) fully clothed - more or less. no nudes, bikini, underwear etc.
5) Little skin mandatory. But no tits/ass in your face. Lets keep it nice and subtle.
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What desktop environment does /w/ use?
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bbLean Shell
using i3wm on ubuntu (i'm a beginner)
I use awesome WM. It's dank.

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Asuka/evangelion reaction image thread
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There's already an Evangelion thread, and why do you want us to post reaction images on a board for wallpapers?
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any one got a froppy wallpaper?
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bump , i need my froppy wallpapers
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No best boy
Shigaraki papes please!
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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