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Neo Geo AES Games Under $150

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I bought one a little over 2 years ago and although I wouldn't drop the amount of money for a brand new car to play Neo Turf Masters on it, I think I've gathered up a pretty decent little collection at this point.

So far I've got The Super Spy, Ninja Combat, (meh I know but they were the ones that came with the console), Top Player's Golf, The King of Monsters, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury Special, Magician Lord, Crossed Swords, Baseball Stars 2 & Nam 1975

I would like to pick up a few more for it but I'm not sure which ones I have yet to buy that aren't like hundreds of dollars now. There are no flash carts for it and there are multicarts but they're like $500. So do you have any specific recommended titles for me /vr?
Sell your AES and grab yourself a consolized MVS or a supergun + MVS board and get MVS carts. You can get that Neo Geo 161 in 1 that only costs $80 or so.
Yeah some of those are really nice especially the consolized MVS's made of stained walnut wood but damned that AES is a sexy machine too. How much are MVS to AES conversion carts going for these days?
I would advise getting rid of the AES and getting an MVS instead honestly.

AES is just too damn pricey. I'm even feeling the burn on MVS and theres only a handful more games I even really want for it. namely Neo Drift Out, Neo Turf Masters, Twinkle Star Sprites, Blazing Star, Bust-a-move 2, and Shocktroopers.

My collection:
>Metal Slug 1-4 + X (4 is pirate)
>Magician Lord
>Magical Drop 2
>Puzzle Bobble
>Crossed Swords
>Strikers 1945+
>Sengoku 3
>Windjammers (JP)
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Surprisingly high, but ultimately worth it - although they break up the sexy lines of the console with its native games.
I can deal with them looking ugly if I could get my hands on one. I'm amazed there hasn't been an everdrive for it yet, must be some hardware complication between cart to cart

>...must be some hardware complication between cart to cart.

Not an AES aficionado by any means, but I have run across your question before from others. You know how most cart-based systems could include co-processors to better suite their specific needs on the console? AES cartridges are like that taken up to 11. They are much more from the arcade school of development thought than the home console one (even though AES _is_ a home console).

I agree. MVS with a shockbox looks great for collections too. It's nice owning the actual cart that was used in machines.

I got so far:
>Metal Slug 1-3
>Neo Turf Masters
>Puzzle Money Exchanger
>The Last Blade 1+2
>Top Hunter
>Puzzle Bobble

I do own a few cheap AES carts though.
>Riding Hero
>Baseball Stars 2

My wallet hates me.
Oh that's really interesting. I could see the later games needing some extra RAM in the carts but I wonder what kind of co-processing AES games needed?
>Riding Hero
hahaha that game. Every time I play it all I can think is about how much I'd rather be playing Hang-On

You have no idea. I got it as a gift from my cousin because I always played Hang-On in Shenmue, but yeah, it pales in comparison. Fuck getting hit from behind out of nowhere.
Nice, Shenmue is my fav game of all time and I'd always play Hang-On over Space Harrier too. With its sprite scaling abilities, I'm surprised there aren't any Out-Run like knock offs on the Neo Geo. There's those isometric rally racing games but they're MVS exclusive right?
The standardized MVS cabinet control setup wasn't really great for racing games
not him, but do you have any info on what co-processors the AES carts included?
That's interesting, because that would mean an AES flashcard would essentially need to be an emulator as well.
nah, you could just use an FPGA (like in the SD2SNES). the problem is, I wouldn't know if the FPGA was powerful enough to circuit-emulate all the co-processor chips used in NG carts.
Actually I don't believe there are any NeoGeo carts with cart specific "special" chips. And if there are any, it's not many, as the number of games not on at least one multigame cart is very low.
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 2

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