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Hey /vr/ do you know of any demos to games that had different content from the main game itself? I think its a great idea and good incentive to even bother trying the demo since its a unique experience. Half life uplink did this do you guys know of any others?
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>half-life uplink

I ended up selling that PS2 demo that contained that content for 20$ to some desperate bastard
HL Uplink was great, you could build maps and stuff and use them with the demo, so it was like a little game in its own right. A lot of enemies and weapons were missing from it though, so you didn't get a lot of variety.

Sadly, I can't think of any games that had totally different content from the real deal, though FF8's demo didn't have you in your SeeD uniforms.

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Earthworm Jim is what happens when you have an artist lead a game project and focus more on cool ideas and style than actual gameplay.
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Usually that would end up badly
EWJ was damn fun
the music of that game was boring and bad,
whats with those battles against the snot, they were damn hard and stupid also the fucking hell boss
It's not a bad game, and you can certainly do a lot worse in the 16-bit 2D platformers department, but it's overall not very well designed from a gameplay perspective. Almost every level is a completely different style of gameplay, the difficulty is all over the place, and certain things just aren't suited for being a game. Sure, Jim eating Bob the Goldfish instead of actually fighting him is funny, but it's not a satisfying way to conclude a difficult level. The whole game was clearly designed with "what would be a cool or funny situation for Jim to be in" rather than "what would make for a fun level?"

Did anyone else avoid picking the girl characters in video games as a kid? Now I feel like I usually pick them first to make up for all those times I neglected playing as cute girl characters back in the day.
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I always picked the girl character
>dem sexy warrior chicks in Blades of Vengeance and Golden Axe
lol yeh
What's wrong with you?

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What do you guys think of this site?

I have noticed many errors on the site. Would a wiki to list them and add corrections help? I know the articles are often times written by amateurs, and they seem to fast forward through the games in fast forward.

Has anyone here written for them? Does anyone plan on writing for them?
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It's my favorite reviews site ever, and that's saying a lot considering I agree with you on the errors thing. And absolutely DO make an account on the forums, they're very well receptive to criticism.

It's been around for a long time, and has just now gotten a Patreon (continuous crowdfunding platform) so they're now under huge pressure to perform better.
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>implying no one has ever heard of hggaming101
>implying they have

One of literally millions out there, sorry it's nothing special

I think it's time to expand our ROM hack list a little bit further.

Every hack will be accepted as long as it's good.

-Previous Lists-

#1 Platform games:
#2 Shoot'em Ups:
#3 Puzzle games:
#4 Beat'em Ups:
#5 Fighting games:
#6 ROM Hacks:
#7 Racing games:
#8 RPGs:
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Bump, the previous thread was great.
Are SM64 hacking tools hard to work with?
It's basically the one game I've always wanted to try making levels for, but I've never been sure if I could work with the toolsets or not.
Isn't "fighting game rom hack" kind of redundant?

Let's talk Contra.

>What's the best Contra game?
>What Contra games does everyone HAVE to play?
>To use the code or not?
>Fond memories of Contra.
>Personal best Contra achievements. Ever 1cc a Contra game? Ever speedrun one?

To be honest, the only Contra games I've played are Contra on the NES and pic related. I guess I should go Super C next.
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>I guess I should go Super C next

yeah you really should man. I prefer hard corps to alien wars.

>fond memories
finding a copy of probotector on the west coast of canada.
>What's the best Contra game?
Super C

>What Contra games does everyone HAVE to play?
Super C, maybe Contra III

>To use the code or not?
Of course not.

>Personal best Contra achievements.
Only a couple deaths hard mode Contra III I guess.

>Ever 1cc a Contra game?
All but that Game Boy game.
>>What's the best Contra game?
4 by far. but since this is /vr/ I say Hard Corps

>>What Contra games does everyone HAVE to play?

1 and Hard Corps because they're probably the easiest (hard corps depending on what path you take). I would say 3 but the top down levels are horrid

>>To use the code or not?

why would you even consider it

>>Fond memories of Contra.

Beating 1 for the first time with a bro

>>Personal best Contra achievements. Ever 1cc a Contra game? Ever speedrun one?

I beat all the challanges in contra 4.

Doom thread, (Last thread >>1794843)
(other retro FPS games also welcome, chances are we played 'em too)

FAQ/Pastebin, still updated semi-frequently


##Our WADs can be found here!##

Steam Group:

IRC (The password is in the FAQ.)
Channel: #vr


Wanna learn...

More about Doom? Check the OFFICIAL Doom Wiki!

To create maps?

To open/Edit WADs/PK3/etc for mod compatibility?
http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=downloads (download 3.1.0)

How to load multiple WADS and mods at the same time? - ZDL (v3.2.2.2)

/idgames torrent (as of Nov.25, 2013; 12 GBs of wads, 18 years worth of user-made content!)

Vanilla/Boom related projects can be found here

ZDoom mods/projects can be found here
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-Doom 4 reveal! Well, kinda. Only those dudes who were actually at Quakecon got to see it firsthand, but here's a basic rundown of what happened there. It might not be terrible! http://pastebin.com/W8P7fdq3

-hobomaster22 is making a mod manager for Doom in the vein of Quake Injector, and has built-in /idgames support! It's pretty neat, give it a look. http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-general/69346-doom-frontend-development-beta/

-Here's a music stream that only plays Doom music, 24/7; feel free to listen if you're interested

-Some anons did a 200 min. speedmap WAD and this is the result! http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=17781 COMPLETELY VANILLA, tell us what you think!

-Wanna see John Romero deathmatching in 2014? Do you live in England? He will be present at Revival '14 on August 9, see more details here http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1283115; for reference, this happened at GDC http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXkipPv0b4KMKE7z3WwlYYUCDLACNoYfE.

-Metroid Dreadnought IS OUT! - http://zandronum.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=4561&pid=61847#pid61847

-The Space Pirate got an update! Check the latest ver. here! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxbbtKR5bll_anFPaVhUQVZqcnM/edit?usp=sharing And be sure to check this tutorial http://youtu.be/mrFF8LCZw5Y

-HDoom has its 5th techdemo! happy now? http://www.best-ever.org/download?file=m12-hdoom-techdemo5.pk3

Mods that also got updated (these links include their respective download links for each mod, by the way)

Doom RPG (not the mobile game) - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=33292
Hideous Destructor - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=12973
Pirate Doom - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=32674
DoomRL Arsenal - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=37044
GMOTA - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?p=742401

ATTENTION! If you know about something news-worthy PLEASE reply to this so everyone can see it
>Gain Elemental
So our phone warriors didn't come through and get us that Doom 4 footage? I've just been skimming the internet for D4 news.

Just picked up the set of Final Fantasy Legends for the GB, and so far I'm having a blast, but I don't have a manual or anything. I'm trying to avoid spoilers and full details of everything, but could someone tell me the difference between all the starting classes? I've got one human and three skeletons in my party, and I have no clue how to power them up or anything since there's no EXP in this game.

Also, general tips would be appreciated as well. I'm just wondering aimlessly right now, just left the tower at start.
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Humans get stats after battle. If I remember correctly Skeletons are monsters so only way to make the stronger is for them to eat meat that is dropped after battle. Meat usually transforms them into another monster and this is the only way they have of getting stronger.
I was wondering what meat did, up to this point, I'd been giving it all to my human thinking it maybe raised stats or something. So without turning my skeletons into something else, they won't get any stronger? I was going for a party of a necromancer+undead, but if that's not possible, that's ok too.
Espers get more powerful from using skills.

Humans get more powerful from buying and using certain items in the store.

Monsters get more powerful by eating meat and becoming more powerful monsters.

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Lately we've been doing nothing but arguing and bitching over Final Fantasy, I think it's time we show some love for such a great series. Post
>Your first FF
>Favorite FF
>Favorite track
>Favorite character
>Where you think the series is headed/what you want from Square Enix in the future

Official Thread music: <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/d9J91NDX_HI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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>Lately we've been doing nothing but arguing and bitching over Final Fantasy
Agreed, and it's stupid. A board like this should be more friendly and positive.

>Your first FF
FFI, in 1991. I was 6. Me and my older brother, who owned the game and NES, played through it. He later gifted my his older games.
>Favorite FF
FFIX, for all the right reasons. One of the greatest games ever made IMO.
>Favorite track
Very hard to tell. "Maybe I'm a Lion" or "Sword of Doubt" probably, with honorable mentions to "Vamo'Alla Flamenco", "Crossing Those Hills", "You Are Not Alone", "Man With The Machine Gun", "Fisherman's Horizon", "Mako Reactor", "Red XIII's Theme", "Cayenne's Theme", "Run Past Through the Plain", "Clash on the Big Bridge(in all of its forms)", and "Theme of the Empire" from FFXII all are very close runner's up.
Hitoshi Sakimoto to me is the best composer overall, but Uematsu has more solid gems to his credit.
>Favorite character
Zidane, hands down. Steiner, Sabin, Wakka, Zell, Barret, Ramza, Selphie, Galuf, Kain, and just about every Cid are all charming and enjoyable to me.
>Where you think the series is headed/what you want from Square Enix in the future
It's dead, Jim.

The creative forces behind the series have mostly moved on. Square is more of a publisher than developer now.
Sad to see. The FF movie was a serious blow to the company, internally.
>6 and 10
>tough one, but I'll go with FF7 overworld theme
>most of the FF6 cast
>FF15 looks amazing and I'm looking forward to it

The reason people bitch about Final Fantasy is for the same reason people bitch over The Legend of Zelda or Grand Theft Auto, the games are typically of very high quality so people have very high standards when judging those games
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>First FF
Final Fantasy IX: Rented it from my local Blockbuster back in 2000. I had no knowledge of the series, but the name and box art seemed cool. I remember really enjoying it up until that fight where the girl gets capture by the plant. I got stuck there and couldn't beat it until I revisited it a few years later.

>Favorite FF
Probably either VII or IV. VII was the one that really got me obsessed with the series for a while. Discovered it back in 6th or 7th grade and played it for hours every day after school. Loved pretty much every character, especially Tifa. I didn't play IV until just a couple of years ago, but it was a very enjoyable experience. It also had a great cast of characters and an excellent soundtrack.

>Favorite Track
"Overworld Map", "Bomb Ring (IV)", "Searching for Friends (VI)", "Anxious Heart", "The Forested Temple (VII)", "Fear", "Timber Owls (VIII)", "Bisaido Islands", and "Silence Before the Storm (X)".

>Favorite Character
Tifa, Barret, Wakka, Cid (IV), Locke, and Shadow.

>What do you wants from Square Enix in the future?
I want them to stop.

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previous thread: >>1774596

These threads are for the civil discussion of CRT displays (TVs and monitors) as used for retro video games and systems allowed by the board rules in the current sticky (>>1392415). Subtopics *directly* related to this main topic are welcome.

Cheers! /crt/ go go go!

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Really? Time for a new thread already?
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Can someone archive the old thread?

Useful info there.
As requested in the previous thread.

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