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Post Pokemon that are literally you.

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Post Pokemon that are literally you.
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intelligent nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor
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Thanks Gates
I should really wear a belt
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Or maybe you're just slimy as fuck.
Take a bath
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>tfw autist

Why are you always so negative about everything, anon?
>forgets to do things
>lays there
>near impossible to physically harm due to fat
I don't understand.
Are you cute on the outside, but have negative thoughts?
Or do you have a repulsive aura, but is actually really supporting?
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I'm a genie
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An underachiever, completely incapable of functioning in life and secretly mocked by everyone I know.
>secretly mocked
let me tell you probably no one cares enough about you to do that

However, you can't be a Ledian with such a shit "self-confidence/special defense". Look forward to Luvdisc or Farfetch'd.
I do not have any lack of self-confidence. I'm just autistic.

And yes, I know for a fact I am shittalked about when I'm not around.
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its magic.gif
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so you're vorefurbait

so you're a skellington

so you're a weak piece of faggot annoying shit

so you're an even more annoying piece of shit, though less in the literal sense

so you're a disappointment

so you're a thug, aka nigger

so you're waifu material

so you're an average 4chan poster

so you're a blank eyed creepy crossdressing fuck

so you're even tastier vorebait

so you're a bara fetishist

so you're a bara/nigger fetishist

so you're a white person

so you should be removed

so you're useless

so you're le ironic meme man who belongs on reddid :DD

so you're the hunchbacke of noter damn

that's cool. I'm not sure why any of you should be posting on /vp/, though
>>so you're a disappointment

That's pretty accurate, constantly had people saying I was smart and shit in elementary and I just wanted to be an underachiever and play my video games all day
>so you're useless
Yes, to put it so bluntly.
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nice blog
posts like that are why threads like this are garbage
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Minun butt.png
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You have a nice butt, anon.
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I, uh
actually, you know what, nevermind
so you're cancer
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More or less basically.
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im emotionless

>so you're vorefurbait

>so you're even tastier vorebait

to be fair, I would nom
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hair game is on point
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Pics of hair plz
bipolar tsundere shit
I'll be beautiful one day...
Tsundere boy or tsundere girl?
This is the most depressing picture pokemon related

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...Why do you ask
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Just curious
I'm a grumpy (yet cool) and hairy big guy.
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same hair style
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I'm really conceited, an extrovert, and I love the color gold. I'm also very expressionate and I like to be the center of attention.
So, you know, I guess
No anon you are not cool
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shots fired
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Thread images: 43

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