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How do we fix Pokemon in general ? Postgame/meta/legendaries/mega

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How do we fix Pokemon in general ? Postgame/meta/legendaries/mega stones/power limit etc.

Wouldn't it be easier to start it again from scratch ?
Add trainer/pokemon romantic relationships that can lead to sex.

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You gotta
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It would not be easier to start from scratch because people would flip the fuck out.
Unfortunately, it'd probably have to start small and change over several gens. The easiest thing to implement first would probably be BST and stat distribution rebalancing. They kinda started this some in XY with some older pokemon, but not nearly enough. The biggest offender for this is gen V, which introduced a bunch of pokemon that are more minmaxed versions of older pokemon for their completely unique regional dex.
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By rebalancing the BSTs not just in number but stat distribution, pokemon would start being more unique. This means less pokemon would be completely outclassed. The next step would probably have to be making move pools more unique. More pokemon need signature moves that other pokemon don't get, and there should be less "staple moves" among the types. Now pokemon that share a type still aren't going to be using incredibly similar movepools.
Support moves especially would be a good place to focus on this. Pokemon should get much less moves to choose from. For example, water types could be separated between those that get scald and those that get ice beam. Some might get neither, but have other positives.
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I haven't mentioned the type chart, because, again, this couldn't be fixed in a sweeping motion. It would probably have to be changed in little bits over generations. In the same vein, TMs would have to be changed. Instead of being pretty much random and all over the place, I feel like TMs, now that they can be used infinite times, should be focused more on in game uses. For example, a TM could be for a low base power move with higher distribution, so that in your in game run you have access to attacking with a certain type at a certain point in the game. Basically, have TMs focus more on the adventure part of the game than the online battling. Powerful moves can stay as egg moves or level up moves at a high level.
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I haven't touched on things like IVs, EVs, natures, or what the main games should actually be about or like in the future.
These are more contentious things that, honestly, have a lot more to do with opinions and preference. Personally, I would remove IVs but keep natures. EVs would no longer be gotten "randomly" from wild pokemon, and instead be completely non-secret to the player and gotten through super training type things.

The only things that I especially hold to are the ideas that the type chart is flawed, TMs should be less haphazard in what they're supposed to do, and that BSTs and move pools need to be reigned in a whole bunch so that pokemon are more unique. Less pokemon that are "just a worse X."
/e/ pls
Add more cute girls.
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Don't forget that pokemon isn't an inherently competitive game. A lot of weak early route bugs/carbon copy/outclassed pokemon are supposed to be used in different games, some of which you're supposed to get early on. Since a lot of Kanto pokemon have generally lower/poorly distributed BSTs I'd definitely approve of increasing them but it doesn't look like something GF's really interested in at the moment. Maybe some of them could get more megas but even then there's only one mega slot and GF's bound to make some "same-y" megas like Steelix vs. Aggron. Legendaries are kind of supposed to be stronger than your average pokemon, I don't think having Arceus go toe-to-toe with Delcatty would be a good solution.

That being said, I admire GF giving Kalos' early route mons some kind of niche especially in a way that they can't be exploited too much in-game. I think it's a step in the right direction, trying to make more "unique" pokemon instead of going ham on BST/abilities/etc.
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I'm impressed /vp/
A good solid 13 posts in and not a single remove genies meme.

The biggest thing is for Game Freak to acknowledge that not all Pokemon are equal and to introduce ranks/tiers. I'm not talking Smogon shit, where shit just gets banned. Have each world's be a different tier each year so it's not the same shit every year, or there about. And it also gives way for pokemon who are commonly forgotten to shine. I also think they should balance the pokemon based off their tier ranking. Instead of just making certain pokemon more OP overall, they can make minor buffs to pokemon so that they're competitive in their own tier. It might be complicated but it would help out a lot in the competitive side. Again, I stress this a lot, not like Smogon. Nothing would be "banned" and there wouldn't be any clauses except for the ones they use now.

But this all involves Game Freak is going to admit 80% of Pokemon are shit against the %20; and game freak shoehorns the idea that nearly all Pokemon are equal and friendship bullshit.
Remove genies

I dunno, just by lowering some BST monsters and making sweeping less stupidly effective, it'd give enough breathing room for worse pokemon to still be usable. Even if they still aren't the best, by slowing things down a bit more niche strategies and pokemon can succeed more often.
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I think power limit would work wonders to the online side, it would be something like the mode used in Raging Blast games

Example, Limit is 80, legendaries have higher points(let's say 20 or so), with something like that you can stop flooding competitive with the same legendaries and forcing the players to test new ideas or less OP teams such as CHALK

As Solo it would be nice to get more interaction with npc and the world, pokemons migrate so routes always have different pokemons, pokenav was incredible because of the progress npcs made after each battle. A bigger map or apply 2-3 regions to the following games would also be a good addiction
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let alone be aware of such things
I like how these threads always burn out because no one actually gives a fuck about fixing pokemon.

Just landorus. Thundurus and tornadus are alright
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Do something like this

Rebalance tyoe charts

Have abilities learned like moves tha5 can be equipped one at a time

Increase possible moves to 6, remove hms

Make a universal tm machine ie once you learn an individual move with any pokemon you can teach another pokemon capable of learning it

Remove ivs, make evs a bit less grindy

Remake megas so that all fully evolved pokemon have one and only one, to make shittier mons more viable.

Remove sneaky pebbles

Change battle system to be semi action rpg, think ff type 0
>Lead Pokemon follows you
>You don't get Legendaries till after beating the League
>After the first gym, gym leaders are gonna have 5+ pokemon
>Combat Ai is improved
>Every stat, put a 0 behind it while keeping growth the same so a lvl advantage isn't as important
>You can see Pokemon in the wild, so you can choose who to fight or capture instead of random encounters with shitmon
>Increase possible moves to 6, remove hms
>Make a universal tm machine ie once you learn an individual move with any pokemon you can teach another pokemon capable of learning it

holy shit no that's retarded
-Pokemon as an MMORPG (I know, I know, but hear me out)
-F2P model with cash shop
-Non-masterball pokeballs in cash shop
-Human character outfits in cash shop
-Playable classes are Trainer, Coordinator, Breeder
-Completely customizable human character from face to body
-Level-less system that employs enhanced EV training to gain power
-Ability to start in any town; Gyms aren't level-tiered
-Useless/low-tier Pokemon gain useful travel abilities and other utility uses
-Legendaries are all bosses/raid bosses, catchable but almost impossible even at min/max tier
-Gimmicks from all generations make it in(i.e. hideouts)
-All evolution methods employed

I think a MMO system wouldn't work, since there are no real group quests/raids it's just alot of one on one battles

Maybe a system like Dark Souls or something, where if your 3DS is connected to online, you'll see a few other trainers walking around the route your on, and can interact/trade or battle with them.

And somewhere, there is a coliseum where you can enter hourly tournaments against people online
Awesome points, and definitely all in the right direction.

Personally, I think that abilities also need to get moved around quite a bit. Like you said, many mons are just inferior versions others. If more unique abilities were added, and mons with "bad" stats (either low BST or distributed poorly) could be improved by getting stronger abilities, it would add tons of variety and make more mons usable.

Another solution, or perhaps partial solution, could be modifying the equations used to determine damage. Making OHKOs more rare, and infinite stall nearly impossible would help shake-up the game and make memorizing matchups more difficult, if not impossible. Having something of a "hit counter" that modifies damage could work. As the hit counter increases, so does the damage, with the trade-off being that initially, attacks to do much less damage. So you hit something for super effective damage, and the hit counter goes up a lot, not very effective hits don't raise the counter. Now it takes 3 hits on average to KO a not very tanky mon, 5-6 for averagely bulky mons, and 10 for really strong stall (But guranteed KO by 10 even with lefties and other recovery). If we want it to get really technical, hit counters could decrease every turn the mon isn't on the field, and maybe even tie it to stats or have moves and abilities that modify hit counters.
>since there are no real group quests/raids it's just alot of one on one battles
Not YET. But that could be a new thing for the MMORPG.

>15+ players all sending out legendaries at a high level raid boss, which is the same legendary half of them are using, except it has 50 times the health
Yes, we start Anew,

Bonus points if you can enslave the bitches you beat!


I'd Second the scrapping of IV's and EV's, and instead only improve by training at a Gym!

You can go to the Gym for battles, but also to improve a pokemon's Stats by training sessions.

I'd further increase the move slots to 6, and you can choose what 4 active moves are being used (to stop the TM/HM slave issues.)

You can see Pokemon in the wild, so you can choose who to fight or capture instead of random encounters with shit.

Also a Unified Version, with all pokemon: you shouldn't need to trade, but traded pokemon are able to learn exclusive moves.
introduce some new concepts and idk whatever i just want to post an anime grill
>Making OHKOs more rare, and infinite stall nearly impossible would help shake-up the game
sure, it'd shake up the game, but not necessarily in a good way. makes stall and aggro hard to play so you really need to stick to balanced instead of specialising. unless that's what you want? and if so, why?
The idea is to make the meta more varied and get rid of the extreme ends of the spectrum that ultimately cause narrowing of viable mons.

Aggro becomes bulkier under this new system, which means "Glass Canons" aren't quite so fragile, which in turn lets more mons with low defenses get in to the conversation. Sweeps would get tougher to stop with priority alone, requiring new groups of mons to break glass cannons and set-up sweepers.
Stall gets a benefit in that bulky mon become even bulkier. However, having to manage hit points and supereffective/not very effective hits means stall teams would need to learn to switch effectively and manage the building of damage. This could lead to mobile walls or teams focused on getting hit point resets/reductions.
Balance teams would try to earn advantages from both sides, getting more bulk and being able to wall break more effectively, possibly fragmenting into sub-play styles, like balanced aggro, balanced stall, etc. The idea is to make it so that a wide spectrum of playstyles are viable, not just the big three.
how would getting rid of the extreme sides of the spectrum make the meta more varied?

as for the latter, stall teams already need to switch effectively. unless they remove all suicune checks and blow down the competition with crocune or something to that effect, switching is a key part of staying alive, especially with regenerator cores.

10hko is ridiculous, by the way. nothing does so little damage aside from a resisted attack or something from a fellow stallmon or something.
Wargames like the various Warhammer ilk have something similar, where each unit has a "points" and certain levels of play have caps. You can field whatever you want, but it can't add up to more than the point limit. I could see something similar in Pokemon, where using certain OP mons means you have a smaller team overall.

Of course, what pokemon would get what values is probably too tangled an issue for this to ever work or even be tried with the official formats.
Fightan bird and Bravest bird are the only regional birds that aren't utter shit asides form M-Pidgeot.
>Nerfing the all mighty water type

pls no. the existence of thunderbolt and energy ball are enough. kthx
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>Ice type gets dragon and flying resistance.
>Stats are rebalance, the gap between stats becomes smaller.
>Some abilities become less overpowered to compensate for the stats rebalancing.
>Megas will no longer require a mega stone and mega ring. Mega evolution can be activated during battle and outside of battle.

>Wouldn't it be easier to start it again from scratch ?
This is too risky, the changes could make it better but it could also piss many people off who are used to how things are. Slight balancing would be a start.
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Make the primary games a part of the on-rails-shooter genre where all pokemon have been infected with a virus that was superimposed onto their DNA inside the pokeball by the poke ball company, the virus is no zombie virus, but one that takes and cancels elemental powers. Their motives arose because they wandered into a hoopa hoop, and saw a universe where all pokemon were without powers, and society was at a level of advancement so far ahead of their own, that they decided to concoct a digital virus that could be implanted in any genome. And the only aid you get are your shouldermon that don't go in pokeballs.

You're shooting the pokemon because the virus had a glitch, and made all pokemon into watchog, and the protag in this situation hates watchog, so he goes on a rampage killing the abominations. And at the end you find out the poke ball company was doing it for the greater good, and all is forgiven, nothing was resolved, kinda like no country for old men.
>Says Bikinis
>both post one pieces
I very disappointed in you anon
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