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Suggest 5 changes or additions to the series. Agree or disagree

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Suggest 5 changes or additions to the series. Agree or disagree with the above poster's suggestions.

1. HMs replaced by passive functions that can be performed once you have the right badge. Any mon that can learn the move can perform the function.
2. Pokemon can transfer to a different type of ball.
3. Scald's burn chance reduced to 10%.
4. Power Herb now also skips the recovery phase of moves, such as Hyper Beam.
5. Held exp. share returns. Party exp. share only available in post-game.
1. Destiny Knot passes 6 IVs, not 5.
2. Battle facilities give you more music tracks to listen to while fighting.
3. Addition of minigame facility which lets you gather points to exchange them for items (similar to Game Corner). Voltorb Flip was amazing.
4. More postgame areas.
5. No more megas after this gen.

Bonus one: More non-free spin-offs (Snap 2, next Stadium, next Ranger etc.)

1. No
2. Sure
3. Sure
4. Whatever
5. Sure
1. I agree with because having HMs clogging up your moveslots is a pain and/or having to tote around a mew for coverage isn't very conducive to the whole "travelling with your bros" theme

2. I'm not totally sure why you'd want to do that but its purely cosmetic so why not?

3. No, what are you a smogonfag?

4. This wouldn't be bad either

5. I say just turn it back into the EXP ALL from gen 1 where your whole party got xp but only a 6th of the amount earned

I have really only one thing to add and it concerns the power herb. It would be nice if it wouldn't get consumed after use. Make it usable once per battle but don't make me grind another 32 BP for another one

items aren't consumed in online battles or maison.
1. Fairies get a big nerf
2. Knock Off too
3. All possible gameplay features come back next game
4. No more paired games just one version/remake
5. Postgame Link Cable key item, use it like an evolution stone to evolve trade evolution Pokemon. Infinite uses but you have to make at least one trade with another person once to activate it so it's still promoting le gotta buy em all scheme. Merely convenience after that.

I disagree, it's easy enough to not use expensive consumables or charging attacks ingame and they're refunded in battle facilities so it's fine

1. Very yes
2. Sure
3. Yes Voltorb Flip was a great addition but frustrating and shitty because it didn't really scale well with how much the CONSUMABLE TMs cost
4. Yes if good ones
5. Disagree. If Megas are to be discontinued, appropriate ones should be reused as proper evolutions instead of keeping the mechanic.
6. Fuck yes, another Snap and Stadium especially Stadium would be amazing. Instead of varied colors like in the first Stadium there could be little things like varied Pokemon sizes, showing their held items for Pokemon you've uploaded etc. Imagine playing Stadium mini games without trying to grow a third arm for the N64
>1. Destiny Knot passes 6 IVs, not 5.
So it just shuffles the IVs? That's dumb
1. Pokemon can evolve before beating the game.
2. No leader/partner pokemon. If the mon you're currently controlling faints, you'll just take control of another mon.
3. Equippables that boost your attack, defense, etc by a certain percentage and there's no secondary bullshit.
4. Only the immediate surrounding pokemon in a Monster House can attack you.
5. Enemies can't attack you from offscreen.
>casual: the post
First three are good, fuck off with the last two you babby
There's nothing fun about getting one-shotted by shit that you have no way of defending yourself against.
1. Yes
2. No.
3. Sure.
4. No
5. Why? Just make it a changeable choice for people who want to train more than 6 mons at a time.

1. No. Destiny knot is fine the way it is.
2. Sure
3. Yes but fuck Voltorb Flip.
4. YES.
5. Megas are fine. GameFreak just needs to stop making them stupidly overpowered and give them to more mons that need an evolution or boost

1. I don't play competitive so I don't know how they're overpowered.
2. No. Knock off only gets the boost on the first hit. It shouldn't be that bad when there are plenty of stronger moves that have their strength every hit.
3. Sure, why not.
4. No. The point of having paired games is to make people communicate with each other in some way and it's fine. We can communicate easier than ever with wifi.
5. Holy shit no. That's just fucking stupid.

1. Yes. Evolving doesn't give much of a stat boost so why the hell not?
2. No. That would make it to easy. Instead of trying to make a strategy to clear the dungeon you can just power through with no regard for yourself or your partner. What would be the punishment for getting knocked out?
3. They have those. They're called Scarves and in SMD they're called Looplets.
4. No. The only moves (as far as I know) than can hit you when the enemy isn't an immediate surrounding mon are the moves that hit the whole room and the whole point of them is to hit the whole damn room.
5. Only if we can't attack the enemy from off screen too.
>I don't know how (megas/fairies/knock off) are overpowered
>lol making trade evos convenient is bad for no reason despite it still requiring a link to another cart
>gotta have le paired games!

Fuck off gamefreak shill. Can someone who's not paid to shitpost respond to mine? >>24604544
1. Facility where you can change a Pokémon's PokéBall.
2. IVs can be changed with an items/Super Training equivalent.
3. Knock Off no longer gets a boost.
4. All Pokémon have an "Aerial" property that dictates whether they are affected by Ground moves.
5. Retcon/nerf Megas into alternate forms that can only be unlocked when that Pokémon has 510 EVs and max happiness or with or an item that allows you to use the Mega form regardless of their happiness/EVs (for story purposes).
1. trainer customization and seals become a permanent feature
2. pokeathlon becomes a permanent feature
3. secret bases become a permanent feature
4. Type chart is changed such that Fairy-type Pokemon now resist Ghost-type moves, no longer resist Bug and are resisted by Ice and/or Rock or Grass
5. Battle Frontier is now required in every third, fourth, etc game in a generation.

1. neat
2. seems fine even if it'll only affect newer players who don't already have boxes of 5/6 iv pokemon
3. ok
4. nah
5. nah
1. Elite Four members based on themes that break monotype (or have supportive dual types a la Bertha) and actually have six pokemon.
2. Also Gym Leaders now cap at 5 instead of 3, wynaut.
3. Scald is now 50 BP.
4. More Safari Zone variations like Great Marsh, like Jungles or Tundras.
5. Freeze causes the frozen pokemon to become impervious to direct damage.

1. No, unless they change how it works.
2. Never did pokeathlon, but yes.
3. Yes.
4. Eh, alright.
5. That's a really weird suggestion.
1. nb
2. nah
3. sure
4. I guess its not bad, but now you cockblock ghosts even more
5. hahaha cry some more

My changes:
1. introduction of non-pokemon bosses, like machines or other weird entities
2. all boss trainers should have 6 pokemon and be a legitimate threat
3. a revamp of status conditions
4. bst boosts like they did for a lot of mons in gen vi, except more pronounced in mons that actually are just weak with no redeeming factors (route 1 rodents, first forest bugs, other shit like girafarig or maractus, etc)
5. more cross gen evos and some mons that can have four or more evolutionary stages
>That would make it to easy.
How so? Now you have an incentive to power up your recruited pokemon. The starter-partner system just pressures you to feed all your gummis and shit to them since if one of them dies you get kicked out.

So really the issue is that the dungeons are only hard for half a party.

>What would be the punishment for getting knocked out?
If the above was taken into account, then losing a party member for the duration of the dungeon would be punishment enough.

If you're getting kicked out of the dungeon merely because you or your partner fainted, then it just turns the game into a long escort mission with the option to carry some dead weight.
Ghost as a type is actually op, Resisted only by Dark. They lack usable Pokemon and high power attacks, which is the real problem
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Opinion discarded.
>The starter-partner system just pressures you to feed all your gummis and shit to them since if one of them dies you get kicked out.
>So really the issue is that the dungeons are only hard for half a party.
Did you ever play any mystery dungeon games? The starter-partner system is completely removed in the postgame.
Did you read my initial post? I want it removed before postgame.
So you want the basic formula of the series to change?
In a Pokemon game?

Not only is it never going to happen, why would you even want to get rid of the starter-partner story?
>So you want the basic formula of the series to change?
Of course. If you can call it a formula. Really it's more a stupid restriction that only exists to push the plot along.
>why would you even want to get rid of the starter-partner story?
Because I don't play dungeon crawlers for the plot. Especially a plot that gets reused in every game.

>implying any of the changes in this thread are ever going to happen
1. Hold item that can boost the duration of Trick Room to 8 turns. Can effect wonder room/magic room as well, but that's not near as prevalent.

2. Complete GTS overhaul. Allow for exact detailed descriptions/checklist of what the pokemon you offer is, and a checklist of what specifically you are looking for, and the trade will fail unless the criteria is met, also, Shiny mons can only be traded for other shinies.

3. Synchronize ability has 50% chance of copying ability as well as up to 3 IV's onto the wild encounter.

4. more even split of choices between physical and special moves for lopsided types. like offer more physical electric moves, which is limited to Thunder Fang, Thunder Punch, and Wild Charge.

5. this requires a little explaining, but offer an Egg Move hinter.

Like a guy next to the IV judge who can look at a pokemon and tell you what egg moves it can learn from which partner, rather than the game just leaving you to go to Bulbapedia and Serebii to even find out what they're capable of learning.
What kind of plot would you like for the MD games, then?

If there's not leader/partner and the character you're playing as is constantly changing, how would you have a story?
Did you miss the part where I said that I don't play for the story?

Just do something similar to what they do in the Rumble games. There is no true main character. It's just about a team of dungeon crawlers doing what they do best. Maybe have a narrator dictating what's going on.
How does two games being made make GameFreak more money? It fucking doesn't. If just one game were made more copies of that game would be sold. Two games just gives people a choice.

TRADE evos, you fucking moron. They're called that BECAUSE YOU TRADE TO GET THEM. If you can connect to trade once, just do it a few more fucking times. You can even use the GTS to trade with yourself!

I agree with him that megas are fine and should be given more to pokes that need a boost rather than more OP pokes. He's not wrong about megas not being OP. SOME of them are, but not all of them. Stop using your ebin memes you fucking entitled child.
1. That destroys a major point of mystery dungeon. For example, two pokemon who are normally considered weak travel back and forth in time and stop the planet's paralysis by taking down a legendary pokemon consumed by darkness. That's one of the things that makes it exciting, right? The part about how the pokemon are unevolved and would normally be considered weak.
2. Nice idea, that would certainly work for aftergame, when the leader can be someone other than the hero. But remember that the hero is YOU turned into a pokemon. Lets apply your idea in the main storyline: the hero (you) faints, your partner takes over while you vanish from the dungeon. Wile YOU vanish from the dungeon. Doesn't really work does it?
3. Scarves? Sorry if I misunderstood what you're talking about with the percentage stuff.
4. Yeah, maybe, but they mostly already do.
5. I've never been hit by an enemy attacking from offscreen.
>How does two games being made make GameFreak more money?

Everyone who wants it and would be able to buy it in the first place will buy at least one copy. So, some people will buy the additional copy for version exclusives or collection's sake, not hard to figure out.

>TRADE evos, you fucking moron. They're called that BECAUSE YOU TRADE TO GET THEM

Exactly but it could be made more convenient. After the friend(tm) you've encouraged to buy the other version(tm) and a separate DS(tm) links with you the first time, you gain the power to access infinite trade evolutions easily on your own. Convenience for sure, and sales aren't impacted, Mr Gamefreak.


Dark type was already buffed overall, so Knock Off is a mostly unresisted move dealing good damage and at the same time hindering opposing Pokemon easily for free, often greatly so. It's too good.


Yeah nice meme/fallacy faggot, I've never even bothered with Outrage more than once or twice. Fairy is simply too good because it was designed to be anti-meta and executed to the max. It is a disproportionately good defensive AND offensive typing because of this. My issue is with the state of balance, not particular battles of mine. Personally I've had a fair mixture of wins with fairies and losses against fairies. I noticed that fairies take extremely little effort to do well, from both sides.
>I agree with him that megas are fine and should be given more to pokes that need a boost rather than more OP pokes. He's not wrong about megas not being OP. SOME of them are, but not all of them.

Shitmons could be buffed differently (like uh a PROPER evolution), and already good Pokemon don't need an extra 100 BST with possible minmaxing which typically adds up to the stat gains of one or two choice items or a life orb; except it can't be removed, has no recoil/move lock, also lends you a nice new ability for utility/more power and you might get a new, better typing. The concept was not great to begin with and the execution is abysmal.
1. When breeding, there will be a 50% chance of the baby being same breed as the father.
2. Pokemon-Amie now works online.
3. All HMs become TMs.
4. Super Training is replaced with different mingames that raises a specific stat when complete.
5. Super Shinies. Rare as a shiny pokemon in Gen 2 - 4. Have better designs. I've heard that the shiny pokemon's color is based on the color of the regular in Gen 2 - 5, and they had no control over it until Gen 6.
1. Protein, Carbos, Calcium, etc. now increased IV's so you can manipulate them and don't have to breed for good IV's. Happiness Berries now reduce IV's for in case you want to reduce one to get a different Hidden Power or whatever.

2. Legendary pokemon now have genders and are breedable, they're just in the "legendary" egg group, so they generally can only breed with other legends (though a couple exceptions may exist). That way you can have a team with six Mewtwo without having to reset the game five times or find five people willing to trade. Also, it means that you can pass around some off their signature moves as egg moves, like breeding Lugia with Latias to have a Latias with Aeroblast or something. Hell, you could even say Latias breeds with some non-legends so you could pass Aeroblast and Mist Ball (Latias signature Move, although it's not that good) to them too.

3. Fix the type chart. Ice resists Ground and Dragon now. Rock resists itself. Fighting loses its Bug resistance. Psychic now resists Poison so they kill poison types that Fairies would otherwise have trouble against, that way Fairy isn't superior. Additionally, Hail increases defense of Ice types the way Sandstorm increases SpD of Rock types.

4. Make a bunch of High BST Poison types, at least a legendary or 2. Next gen should also have a starter with Poison as its secondary typing too. Probably the Water one, Water/Poison is cool. This way, it's easier to fight Fairies without actually nerfing them and I think the highest BST Poison type (not counting Arceus) is Nidoking.

5. Merge some of the items. Combine Damp Rock, Heat Rock, Smooth Rock, etc. into "Weather Rock". It extends the duration of any weather move used. Also, just for the hell of it, have the item increase weather Ball's power by 10%, just for laughs, but don't say it on the item description. Merge all the mega stones into a single item called "Mega Stone". Not sure what other items I'd merge.
Seems all right

But I like megas?

Knock Off doesn't need a nerf. Dark moves have cruddy Base Power as it is. It's like you hate Weavile and Bisharp or something. Also the link cable idea is stupid. I'd be all right with doing away with paired versions, though.

I didn't play Mystery Dungeon. Yes, I'm a loser.

Aw man, another guy who hates Dark Types having good moves. Everything else I'd be okay with, though.

Seems okay

The Freeze idea is stupid. Everything else sound great though! Also, stop using that tripcode. Tripcodes are for fuckheads and attention whores. You don't want to be a fuckhead, do you?

Not sure how you'd revamp status conditions. Everything else sounds decent, though.

So Synchronize would copy onto the Wild Pokémon? So if I had a Kirlia ith Synchronize and I fought a Wild Machop the Machop would have a 50% chance of having Synchronize too? Synchronize Machop? That's freaking weird, man, that weirds me out. Otherwise your ideas are good.

Would I have to do the mini-game 252 times to have a max-attack Gallade? Would I have to do it another 252 times to max out speed? It'd better be a damn good mini-game if I'm going to be playing it more than 500 times per pokemon....

Not sure what to think about these at first. Breeding legends? That's just silly. Seems all right, though. Like, I would be angry if any of this happened.
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Wouldn't! Wouldn't be angry! Fuck! Sorry for the typo.
>Merge all the mega stones into a single item called "Mega Stone"

what is "unique item clause"

there's a reason they're different items.
literally no one uses more than 1 mega on a team

they're different items so players can tell which species can mega evolve and which can't
Actually, a lot of people bring multiple megas... it's a perfectly legitimate strategy.

And I'm pretty sure most players can already tell which species can mega-evolve, the internet exists and it's pretty common knowledge at this point...
1. Story is less restrictive, and doesn't force you to be an already made character. Customization should be prominent to remedy these restrictions, and augmented tenfold to include height and weight sliders, age slider, clothing options, etc. You are supposed to be your own trainer, why limit you? Pokemon is enjoyed by all age groups, i want my trainer to at lwast resemble me in some way. Also you would be able to nickname Pokémon you move over or trade.

2. Players should be allowed to port records through each game with badges and accolades from the previous games carrying over. Dex completion diplomas can be recorded as well, without actually completing the newest Dex for you. This legacy system would compliment the character customization and give the player a sense of history, and would be initiated by the tutorial. The professor can ask "Are you new to Pokemon? Or are you returning for more?" And depending on which one you pick you either start over or port your characters model and records from the previous game.

3. The daycare can hold up to 30 eggs at a time in its own box instead of having to talk to him to get a new one. The trainer could go and collect the eggs from the box at their leisure.

4. Following Pokemon should return, with the option to turn it on and off. Turning around will initiate pokemon aime.

5. Stop removing good features from the game. Contests, a battle facility on an island, Dex nav, etc. Keep features in and make them staples of the games instead of removing them because MUH REGIONS ARE DIFFERENT. Things like Dex nav should be universal and battle frontier and contests could just be on another island you unlock after beating the game.
the internet exists to put together a list of all the 45 mega stones and for storing pornography

this is its function
>multiple mega stones is a legitimate strategy
>going into battle with one or more pokemon that don't have items
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