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Pokemon Normal

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>current status

We need Pokemon designs, gym leader designs and concepts for towns and areas.

>What is Pokemon Normal?

Pokemon Normal is a Pokemon game where you aren't trying to save the world. You are a normal trainer trying to win the league and become a Pokemon champion. There is no dimension/space/time Pokemon just normal trainers enjoying being trainers.

The game takes place before Gen 1 and technlogy is a little behind. Other features include:

>500 Pokemon to collect
>3 regions: One standard, one under the ocean and one in the clouds.
>each with 8 gyms, elite 4 and battle frontier
>character customisation
>buy your own house in one of the 12 main towns
>dating system and marriage minigame
You can date the female gym leaders and certain NPCs.
>random challenges at your home from strong trainers

The game is being made in Unity and is set for release December 2016 with first demo coming out June 2016.

Update: 11/2/15 Progress: 6% complete

Coding is underway and first screens will be ready in one week.
this is the monado's power!
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This is Cynite. He is the signature Pokemon of one of the Elite 4 from the Sky region.

He is fire/dragon and is a naturally aggressive Pokemon requiring immense skill to train. The elite 4 member is a fire & dragon specialist. (pics coming soon)
File: PhoneLine.jpg (82KB, 640x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i don't know if they are really fitting in compared with these other mons, but as there is that lightbulb thing i thought i would give it a try
Thats a cute digimon.
I almost thought that you gave up of the game.
You didn't redone the thread in days.
Shit concept, shit execution, shit idea.
I was away for business trip. I am on train now for another trip but I have wifi. I will never abandon this game
Sorry to break this to you OP, but your best spriter got banned yesterday for shitposting and trying to kill Pokemon Clover.
top kek, he didn't even made these sprites
It's ok I can sprite

I need an artist to draw non lewd images for the dating sim mini game. Can pay 10 per image
I have a idea.
I think that the dating sim would work better if each girl had a storyline as sidequest. I mean, like a mini story with some events, places and even battles (think of Emma sidequest in XY for example) this would make more room for development and deepening than just give a bunch of random items to a girl.

Are you accepting ideas for girls? If so I could give some storylines.
Yes that's a good idea I am accepting any and all ideas.
File: Kinemo.png (94KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is her second Pokemon Kinemo (Ky-na-mo) he is a fire/dragon type with the ability Flexi-skin that means he is immune to rock type attacks.

He is a fast and powerful special attacker and has an evolved form that is very powerful.
Make all of the pokemon normal types with boring, beige designs
only then will i give a shit
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here is Jackson. She is the 4th Gym leader and specialises in fairy type. She is 16 and enjoys racing Pokemon and Pokemon breeding. (dateable)
I seriously thought this was a joke. If you actually make this game I'll eat my fucking hat.
of course its a fucking joke. So much content is planned its destined to fail. Fuck just look at sage and clover, shits are no where near done.

And in the improbable case this does get done it will be so packed full of shit it wont be fun. Just look at this niggas drawings...
File: 1445551117247.jpg (33KB, 591x352px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Clover is nowhere near done
Nigga, we're about to drop the demo near the start of next month
Wrong on all counts
Sage has been in development for, what, 3 years? Shit's ridiculous.
Thoughts on this rock Pokemon redesign? Just tell which numbers for each design that you like.

It's mostly inspired by Sudowoodo and fake rocks in contrast of fake trees.
Shit, meant "for each stage"
Idea and concept are the same thing, shit poster
I really like bunnypajamas and sandyfish, the other designs are a little lacking in my honest opinion.
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 7

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