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Fake Mega Thread

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File: mega arcanine.png (34KB, 793x253px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mega arcanine.png
34KB, 793x253px
Lets have one of these.

pic related:
HP: (+0)
Atk: (+20)
Def: (+20)
Sp.Atk: (+30)
Sp.Def: (+25)
Speed: (+5)

seems reasonable right? Basically the Mega-Altaria buff.
Fur Coat so EQs dont destroy it on top of stealth rocks and other entry hazards
and it was practically considered a legendary so it deserves it.
Mega gets a darker orange fur coat, with white instead of beige. The white parts extend and flow further and it looks majestic.
Reasonable? No.

Furfrou has 75/60/90 bulk with an 80 attack stat.

This monster has 90/100/105 bulk with 130/130 offenses.

That's way too physically bulky. That's a max defense of 656, or 472 uninvested.

That's the equivalent of base 218-249 defense.

You're dumb.
Look at this.

252+ Atk Primal Groudon Precipice Blades vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Fur Coat Arcanine: 200-236 (52.2 - 61.6%)

252 Atk Sand Force Mega Garchomp Earthquake vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Fur Coat Arcanine in Sand: 188-224 (49 - 58.4%)

That's stupid. You're stupid.
You're forgetting intimidate

Also those are some of the strongest attacks in the game
Its reasonable. Just don't use a physical attacker against it. Its still vulnerable to status and everything.

That's like saying Mega Slowbro is unreasonable
>the strongest Ground types in the games using their super effective STABs only manage to 2HKO and only if they don't get intimidated first
You just proved his point for him you retard.
>a mega is stronger than a route 3 shitter

Oh no, next you'll tell me that Ho-oh being so much stronger than Talonflame is dumb.
>252+ SpA Life Orb Sheer Force Nidoking Earth Power vs. 248 HP / 0+ SpD Arcanine: 359-424 (93.7 - 110.7%) -- 62.5% chance to OHKO

>-1 252+ Atk Mold Breaker Excadrill Earthquake vs. 248 HP / 252 Def Arcanine: 194-230 (50.6 - 60%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

>0 SpA Politoed Hydro Pump vs. 248 HP / 0+ SpD Arcanine in Rain: 284-336 (74.1 - 87.7%) -- 93.8% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock
File: mega sunflora.jpg (63KB, 640x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mega sunflora.jpg
63KB, 640x640px
ability: solar power
hp: 75
atk: 75 -> 55 (-20)
def: 55 ->100 (+45)
spatk: 105 -> 165 (+60)
spdef: 85 -> 100 (+15)
spd: 30

gets flamethrower, heat wave, and fire blast
oh and gets earth power
give it Weather Ball god dammit
Sorry. I was the same guy.

Showing that the strongest physical attacks in the game couldn't sent the proposed M-Arcanine.

And good point about Intimidate.
It already has Earth Power.
252 Atk Mold Breaker Excadrill Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Arcanine: 336-396 (104.6 - 123.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO
>Mega Cricketune
>77 / 135 (+50) / 51 / 55 / 51 / 115 (+50)
>Crescendo - Boosts the power of moves used in succession by 1.5x and increases their critical hit ratio by one level.

>71 / 112 (+30) / 124 (+60) / 64 / 59 / 122 (+10)
>Cruelty - Boosts damage dealt to opponents suffering from ailments by 1.5x. (Psn, Brn, confusion, attraction, etc.)

>Mega Noctowl
>100 / 50 / 80 (+30) / 126 (+50) / 116 (+20) / 70
>Tinted Lens
>Gains access to Calm Mind, Moonlight, Barrier and Psyshock.
Wouldn't it still get destroyed with defenses that low and speed?

with those stats and loss of chlorophyll you only sweep with trick room up ( since gameshit didn't make tailwind last the same has trick room)
>implying excadrill gets to move at all after flare blitz
That's a creative idea for Kricketune

Thank you. It wasn't easy trying to come up with a decent concept for it.

Hypothetically, it could now make even better use of moves like Slash and X-Scissor.
File: Mega Hypno.png (22KB, 786x253px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Mega Hypno.png
22KB, 786x253px
>Mega Dustox
>60 / 20 (-30) / 100 (+30) / 110 (+60) / 135 (+45) / 60 (-5)
>Toxin Spitter - All Poison-type moves have their Speed Priority increased by 1.

>Mega Gothitelle
>70 / 55 / 110 (+10) / 130 (+35) / 110 / 120 (+55)
>Fate Seer - If the opposing Pokémon has selected an attack that would knock this Pokémon out, this Pokémon acts first.
>Learns Moonblast.

>Mega Beheeyem
>Psychic / Steel
>75 / 75 / 115 (+50) / 145 (+20) / 125 (+30) / 40
>Tractor Beam - During the turn this Pokémon uses an supporting move, opponents aim only at the user.

>Mega Beheeyem
>Psychic / Electric
>75 / 75 / 95 (+20) / 135 (+10) / 95 / 110 (+70)
>Tamperer - When this Pokémon deals damage to an enemy, disable a Super-Effective move the opponent has.

Mega Mantine
>Water / Flying
>65 / 40 / 100 (+30) / 110 (+30) / 170 (+30) / 80 (+10)
>Volt Absorb
>Learns Wish.
>Mega Dragonite
>Keeps Multiscale
>Dragon/Water because Flying doesn't do shit for Dragonite

134 -> 164 (30)
95 -> 110 (15)
100 -> 125 (25)
100 -> 130 (30)
File: mega ninetales.png (51KB, 804x444px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mega ninetales.png
51KB, 804x444px
I like this, although with no 4x weakness, it might be too good

forgot to add ghost type to pic related
yeah it could also be chlorophyll and get buffed speed instead of defenses. i posted with TR in mind
becomes a more powerful wallbreaker than m-charizard y but has less opportunity as it loses drought after mega evolving for the first time
giving a weather setter a mega with a weather beneficial ability seems kinda OP. that would be like sand force mega ttar
Retard, Mega gothitelle sets up and can't be revenge killed
except you can only mega evolve once, giving it only 5 turns to utilize solar power
its movepool is shallow, and its frail defensively, weak to all entry hazards and statuses aside from burn

its sheer power is kinda absurd, but definitely not OP
>set up with shadow tag
>mega evolve and kill everything without being revenge killed
OP desu
wouldn't it be your fault for letting something get trapped?
>Exploitative - When this Pokémon attacks, damage is calculated using the lesser of the target's defenses.

What about this? Or something like Future Sight has its base power doubled?
Mega Blissey
HP: 255
ATK: 10
DEF: 75 (+65)
SPA: 75
SPD: 170 (+35)
SPE: 55
Ability: Fur Coat

Thats balanced right? :^)
I'd use it
File: pyroar-m.png (44KB, 857x197px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 857x197px
File: politoed-m.png (74KB, 1126x292px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74KB, 1126x292px
if this was a thing, would it run flame charge? I feel like a clean switch into ferrothorn or scizor would pretty much win you the match
>that would be like sand force mega ttar
Maybe if Ninetales had 700BST.
File: 1446141820466.jpg (69KB, 581x494px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 581x494px
dude, I doubt a swift swim user that sets up his own rain without using a turn would only be OU. you probably sweep right through every team without rotom W or aussault vest raikou.
Jesus christ this thing would be an absolute monster, you could sweep teams before the rain even finishes.
No Guard Hypnosis and Dynamicpunch sounds good for a Mega with those low stats.
File: mega chimecho.png (34KB, 794x656px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mega chimecho.png
34KB, 794x656px
File: mega froslass.png (55KB, 772x682px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mega froslass.png
55KB, 772x682px
and another one
File: mega nosepass.png (44KB, 839x659px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mega nosepass.png
44KB, 839x659px
and yet another one
File: mega masquerain.png (58KB, 741x657px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mega masquerain.png
58KB, 741x657px
final one
File: luvdisc.png (36KB, 802x545px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 802x545px
This took me >9000 hours with paint and >9000 curse against smogon stupid dex that sets type in alphabetical order (so I can't make a water/fairy mega).

Did I do good vp?
sleep talk

better than suicune
That would be awesome, I love Luvdisc. And it isn't even too OP since it's severely frail against physical attackers and its HP is still ridiculous.
It's a legitimate shitomon with one of the lowest BST in the game. You've gotta throw something at it to make it even remotely worth.
Also taking 20 points it's not minmaxing and there are plenty of megas this way.
lol it doesn't even have any fairy stab

>severely frail
>75 defense with good burn chance in scald
lol no
just to put this thread in a nutshell:

Mega Slaking:
Gale paws: normal type moves gain +1 priority
Hp 150
Atk 335
Def 100
SpAtk 0
SDef 65
Speed 120
Mega Golurk


Ability: technician

New moves: bullet punch and shadow sneak

Honestly put the stat boosts anywhere you fucking want.
>no more intimidate
>no more lefties
>still gets hit hard by STAB supereffective hits

Looks quite fair but Arcanine doesn't look like it will get Fur Coat if it will ever have it.
>Adaptability with that much speed and that much SpA

I know Pyroar doesn't have a very wide movepool, but that's still M-Lucario kinds of dangerous.

>changing primary type

I dunno, seems to break the rules of Mega Design
My cents for the Pokémon in the OP
For starters, it gets Play Rough as an egg move regardless of the "mega".

>Mega Arcanine
>Fire / Rock
>Rock Head
>Gets Head Smash.
>+50 Atk, +10 both defenses, +30 Speed

Spam Head Smash, Flare Blitz, Wild Charge.
You can use a Bulky Spread if you throw Agility to the mix.

It can still run Outrage or Close Combat (and the aforementioned Play Rough) if you're scared for the likes of Garchomp and Tyranitar.

>Mega Arcanine
>Vanguard (If the user hits first, it gets a boost of 50% damage)
>+30 Atk, +15 Def/SAtk/SDef, +25 Speed

Now you have an excuse to use Flame Charge. Hit first and get a free choice band/specs. It's basically a worse parental bond that don't break sash. You could say that is a worse Huge/Pure Power, too, but this works also for Special Attacks.

Extreme Speed will always have Pseudo Stab. I didn't want to give it Normal Sub Type to avoid that power boost
>>Vanguard (If the user hits first, it gets a boost of 50% damage)

Fuck no that's way too much. I want to use this thing outside of AG. Even Analytic is only 30, and you have to take a hit for that. Drop that snowflake shit to 20, then maybe you'll keep in in OU.
thanks mate. what about mega probopass? probably not your thing, eh?
M togekiss
Friend Guard
HP 85
Attack 70
Def 115
SpAttack 140
Spdef 135
Speed 90
Now gets moon blast,
form looks more angelic to reference togetic coloration goes more silver than white and Shiny is now Gold

Grass/Fire with Drought
weather ball as only fire move

Keep drizzle
water/Flying with Hurricane
the next thing that gets drizzle will out class toed like Zard Y and Ninetales
It instantly makes all pokémon that gothitelle can set up on unusable though, or at least a handicap that you have to teambuild properly for
>changing primary type

There's nothing mechanically restricting that from happening, it's simply be an assumed rule since it hasn't happened yet. Like how everyone assumed no stats besides speed are ever decreased upon mega evolution and then mega beedrill happens.
>weather ball as only fire move

Weather ball is stronger than flamethrower who's even mad?

No Guard Fire/Ghost imo, and 120 Spd.
I've been in a lot of Make a Mega thread but this one is especially bad.

(Stat increase uses XL's BST)
Mega Gourgeist
Flash Fire

HP: +0 (85)
Att: +40 (140)
Def: +20 (142)
SpA: +0 (58)
SpD: +25 (100)
Spd: +15 (69)

Movepool additions: Pumpkaboo learns Fire Fang at level 45.
Very good.
Trash. There is a reason Tyranitar and Abomasnow kept their original abilities. People wouldnt even try to evolve these out of fear of losing Drizzle/Drought support.
Nobody uses prankster megas for a reason.
Technician on Mega Froslass is useless.
Hardly high tier but definitely usable.
Kinda shitty even with OP ability. I guess there is just no saving Luvdisc.
Moonblast would still be usable on normal Kiss who would end up being used more than your Mega due to the ridiculous 60% SpA drop rate. Also, nobody really wants to waste their Mega slot for a supporting Pokemon in doubles.
Passable, though it still has that problem of being a physical attacking Ghost type...

The metronome effect is neat, not sure if the critical hit part is necessary
>Passable, though it still has that problem of being a physical attacking Ghost type...

Just like the good ol' days.
>Technician on Mega Froslass is useless.
>frost breath and all other moves
lol you know nothing lmao
prankster really isn't that bad if said mon has good moves to put to use. the problem is that banette doesn't. sableye on the other hand is at the top of its game right now
I'm a little shocked that Ursaring didn't get a Mega, with how bad they suck its dick in the anime.

>Mega Ursaring
>Normal or Normal/Fighting
>Huge Power, Touch Claws or Sheer Force
> HP - 90
> Atk - 160 (+30)
>Def - 95 (+20)
>Sp.A - 105 (+30)
>Sp.D - 95 (+20)
>Spe - 45 (-10)

First time doing a fake mega so sorry for autism. I feel like Huge Power wouldn't break it too much since it doesn't get any priority moves and with a nerf to its already shit Speed. An alternate spread to keep Huge Power under control could just move all the bonus from Attack and move it to Special Attack, making a Mix-Ring set viable.
>160 attack
>let's give it huge power
/vp/ at its finest
I want to see a Normal-Steel Loudred

With Soundproof

It would Wall M-Gengar that doesn't run Focus Blast

It would also resist Fairy and be Immune to Hyper Voice
>literally just 190 attack
>Wonder Guard now protects against all damage but Super Effective damage moves or indirect damage related to an SE type. In Shedinja's case: burn, stealth rocks, sandstorm, curse, etc. as well as typeless damage (struggle, recoil, confusion, etc)
As soon as I posted I regretted it. Please scrap the Huge Power idea. Tough Claws pls.

>Brave 252atk Payback/Avalanche/Return/EQ
>Base 160 attack, base 45 Speed
>Good bulk

Give us M-Ring with Gyro Ball Gamefreak pls
Who cares? Anyone running a decent fast Fire or Ground type kills that thing.
Because it's not about being the best at everything, pokemon can have niches, and so can megas. Look at Audino.

I'd rather have megas with specific uses than things that are all around bulky or fast attackers
Audino is horrible. It's only decent in a meta with no real top threats.
I'd rather have megas that are worth using than worthless ones.
So in other words, you want megas to be generic? Megas only should conform to Hyper Offense and Stall right?

That sounds fucking boring. Way to homogenize everything.
>HO and Stall are the only two things that exist
Audino is shit in Doubles OU. But Camerupt is amazing there.
That's essentially what you're saying. M-Cam has a niche, which is what I am advocating for. I never said Audino is great, I used it as an example because it's a niche mega.
File: image.jpg (101KB, 769x1039px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101KB, 769x1039px
A classic:

Mega-Primeape (Fighting)
Ability: Provocative- the opposing pokémon can only use attacking moves once Mega Primeape switches in on it.
(Auto-taunt upon entering battle)
>145 (+40)
>90 (+30)
>80 (+10)
>115 (+20)
Audino isn't a niche mega. It's a horrible mega, is where I'm getting at. There's such a thing as being niche and not sucking horribly.
Keep Ghost typing as is
HP: 60 (+0)
Atk: 60 (+0)
Def: 70 (+10)
Sp.Atk: 145 (+40)
Sp.Def: 125 (+20)
Spe: 135 (+30)

Shadow Tag on something with 2 immunities (3 prior to mega evolving) that can set up a Calm Mind or a Nasty Plot would be hilariously broken and would probably give Mismagius a one-way ticket to Ubers and beyond.
>Shadow Tag
Make up your mind.
Regardless, it'd be pretty good with that stat spread even with Infiltrator. Ghost moves, T-bolt, Psychic, Power Gem, Dazzling Gleam, and it gets Nasty Plot.
HP: 85 (+0)
Atk: 90 (+20)
Def: 80 (+0)
Sp.Atk: 147 (+50)
Sp.Def: 100 (+20)
Spe: 133 (+10)
I initially wanted to give it Shadow Tag but upon realizing I unleashed a monster that would further break the game as if Mega Mom: Boogaloo and The Revenge of Fug weren't enough, I went cold feet and scrapped it entirely.
So only Infiltrator.
>Portal (activates trick room upon switching/mega evolving)
>67 / 125 (+36) / 125 (+9) / 125 (+46) / 125 (+9) / 33
Mega Wobbufet
Shadow Tag

HP: 180
Attack: 43 (+10)
Defense: 98 (+40)
Sp. Attack: 43 (+10)
Sp. Defense: 98 (+40)
Speed: 22
Speed 33*
quite possibly the biggest waste of a mega slot ever
Or give it sturdy with +50 speed, +50 attack
Ok, here we try:

Mega Cradilly
Dry Skin
86 HP
100 (+19)Attack
130 (+33)Defence
100 (+19)Sp Attack
130 (+23) Sp Def
49 (+6)Speed
Now learns rain dance

R8t? H8t?

Not to dis his brother:

Mega Armaldo
Type changes to Bug/Water
Keep Swift Swim
165 (+40) Attack
100 Defence
50 (-20) Sp Attack
100 (+20) Sp Defence
105 (+60) Speed

Why 210 speed in rain plus priority? Because fuck Talonflame
It's a Mega. It can't carry an item. And... Well, I don't play showdown, I mostly play on cart.
cradily doesn't really strike as a dry skin creature or even a rain absorber

i like this one. does armaldo learn any physical water moves though? rock coverage is pretty good
Aqua Jet and Aqua Tail. But... >>24583273
>210 Speed in Rain

How... Why. It's goddamn 2015 and people here still don't know how stat works?
>Lvl 50
Neutral Uninvested will hit 125 Speed, that's 250 Speed under Rain, that's base 230.
Neutral Full invested gets up to 157, under rain that's 314. That's base 262.
Favorable nature and fully invested will hit 176, under rain that's 352. That's roughly base 281.

It's the same thing with Huge Power Mega Mawile and such. The real stat, the numer that you see in the screen is the doubled one, not the base.
i agree on the flavor of 'dry skin' but it does get storm drain
Thats the point so normal is used alot in smogon to get out of Bird lair
And alot of Mega usage in VGC
storm drain is about water moves, not rain necessarily i think
Dunno about the ability on this one, but similar. Maybe Solid Rock instead.
Those stats are good
Grass/Rock with Solid rock be great

Grass/Ground unique and benifets him
But it only Drags him down
Unless they make Mega Torterra really offensive and fast like what they did with mega metagross
File: mega carnivine.png (71KB, 926x348px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mega carnivine.png
71KB, 926x348px
File: Mega Flygon.png (21KB, 785x236px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Mega Flygon.png
21KB, 785x236px
increasing its defenses means it'll take less damage so counter and mirror coat will be less brutal
So far he most redundant mega created.
Especially because can't abuse Custap, Leftovers, Sitrus Berry and AV.

It's mega needs either a personal ability or a different approach, I'm not against adding defense boosts in it because hose would be still relatively low with let's say +30 in Defense / Sp. Defense but the Speed would require like +10 or +20 boosts to outspeed and Encore slow tanks and stall mons.

And finally adding "naive" and "mediocre moves on it" which is hard to do since Wobbuffet is limited on purposeand theme.
I would sugget to go with Metal Burst via level up and Wish via Wynaut level up, fair enough since Wobbuffet can't learn Protect anyway.

Still defending the defensive boosts since those would let it check and trapcounter the tip threating and hard hitters more safely.
It's fine but it is slower than Mega Manectric and Mega Lopunny, it seems to be a 135-145 base spee too.
I don't know how Technician and Prankster fit Froslass as whole theme but Froslass is better than Banette as Prankster user even if worse defe.sive type and lack of Will o Wisp and I can see Technician being useful on Hidden Power, especially Ground and Fire, but also Wake Up Slap and Ice Shard.
Personally Cursed Body is kinda cooler on it, same for Dry Skin, but I'd dig Technician if it was a thing.
>Adamant M-Armaldo aqua tail in rain
I need these stats ASAP
>not buffing its already fucktardedly good defense


Armaldo at +2 already beats out Talonflame. Dont believe me? Have TFlame Flare Blitz it. See what fucking happens. You'd only need an increased stat to pass the base 126 with 0EV Adamant/Impish
do you people seriously forget froslass offensive movepool? water pulse, shock wave, draining kiss, not to mention fucking frost breath with 90 base damage and 100% chance to crit
froslass's body has nothing to do with dry skin. she's a ghost. the point is that she has no skin. you're mixing with jynx
Because something with the offence of a Mega Galade needs even more tank stats....I like you
File: oldmons.png (303KB, 1668x977px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
303KB, 1668x977px

HP: 95
Attack: 70
Defense: 113 (+40)
Sp.Attack: 115 (+20)
Sp.Defense: 130 (+40)
Speed: 60
Most of these are broken.
>+30 in sp atk
It better get sacred fire too.
>all slow as fuck
the only decent ones are kabutops and archeops. cradily is ok so is omastar. and i guess tyrantrum gets better too but it's already pretty good anyway and the mega does little for it
sacred fire is physical man
do you people seriously forget froslass offensive movepool? shit coverage, inferior thunderbolt, 75BP of fucking nothing, not to mention fucking heatran switches on frost breath with 90 base damage and 100% chance to crit
froslass's body has nothing to do with prankster and technician, she's a ghost, the point is that she is not a joker or expert in technics, you're mixing with liepard and scizor
I like you.
Thread posts: 121
Thread images: 21

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