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Team Rocket RP Thread

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shouldn't you be liking memes on facebook right now, normocuck?
Weezing managed another lucky dodge in a string of such moves, its Leftovers healing it up to above half hp now as it awaited orders.

'Alright, so Fireblast is out of PP, Smog is useless here thanks to Toxic Spikes, so that leaves more Smokescreen.'

A frown. He really didn't want to win by stalling out for Toxic, but a victory was a victory.

"Fuck it, Smokescreen again."

He wasn't going to return his pokemon and risk the Stealth Rock screwing him over.

[[1, 3, and 7.]]

Last time on Pokemon...


Adrian had challenged the rock-type leader of the West New Guinea gym, and was so far holding his own against the leader's prehistoric onslaught. Two of the leader's four had fallen, while Adrian was still on his first. Things were looking good for him so far, but what new challenges lie in store for our hero?

Aurorus had fallen, brought low by poison damage without ever doing a thing to Adrian's Weezing, and in its place was an even larger fossil. Crimson, with a strong jaw, massive tail, and regal frill of white around its collar (and also poisoned, how about that?) Tyrantum took to the stage in a fighting stance


Again, another worthless poisoned dinosaur, just standing around doing nothing while slowly dying to death. Of course, Weezing's attack would hit, while its own did absolutely nothing. This almost seemed to be a repeat performance of the Gilbert Islands gym, were one inclined to be so cynical.

Tyrantum charged, but after the total failure of its predecessor, this narrator expects very little of the crimson saurian.

>Head Smash
>Tyrantum has Rock Head
normie I swear to god
Well THAT sure fucked up that poor Weezing, the critical hit downing it in one single, solid strike.

"Nice. That was a solid hit. I think this is going to end in my favor though. Go Tentacruel, Scald!"

[[1, 3, and 7]]

You don't even need to say a damn thing. Seriously. Just put your jellyfish on the field and dinosaurs go extinct like it's sixty-five millions years ago. Kirika would be very upset if she were to see this.

Down to the last one now, make it count. Let's see, Aerodactyl? Does that count? No? Well how about MEGA AERODACTYL?

The aerial predator burst forth in a flash of light, as stone spines erupted from underneath its rock-hard flesh to create an even more menacing appearance. This beast ruled the skies at one point, and hopefully it would rule the battlefield.

"Aerodactyl, use Earthquake!"

The flying beast didn't even need to touch the ground to make it shake uncontrollably, as the gym floor splintered from just the creature's ear-shattering screech.

And there goes the Tentacruel! Adrian recalled it with a shrug.

"Not bad, I really need to get me one of those Mega pokemon. Now let's see... Alright, let's try this one for size! Go Gengar, Toxic!"

The ghost appeared from within Adrian's shadow, shooting out to launch a surprise attack with an unerring blast of poison!

[[No miss for poison types.]]

Boy, you sure love poisoning shit. You related to that one poison gym leader from Jersey- What's her name, Roxie? You related to her by any chance?

I'm getting off track. So you've poisoned Aerodactyl. Now, what's the next step of your master plan? Using Hex, right? Well, let's see if we can't crash that plan with no survivors.

"Aerodactyl, keep it up! Use Stone Edge!"

Despite wishing that it had Crunch instead, Aerodactyl charged forward, ready to skewer its foe on its sharp stone protrusions.

>Stone Edge
>4 also crits
With how low that attack had left Gengar's HP there weren't many options left for his next attack.

Adrian grinned.

"Show them how to REALLY Curse someone!"

And with that the Gengar sacrificed his HP to inflict a painful Curse on his opponent!

[[No miss for this either]]

Damn shame about not being able to crash your plan with no survivors, but you've given Aerodactyl a chance regroup, for a moment.

>Hone Claws

Also, Curse is seriously just plan cheap. Like, Fake Out levels of cheap.
I DO have a Fake Out mon too, if you'd like...

Adrian's next pokemon was going to be one hell of a gamble, especially with that Hone Claws, but if his luck held... Well, it ought to do it. After all, with three levels of Toxic AND a second Curse, just this single move ought to do it. He recalled the fainted Gengar to send out his next pokemon.

"Go Muk! Shadow Punch!"

And, with another pokemon darting in from the shadows, Muk struck with a sucker punch!

[[No miss, though obviously not ACTUALLY Sucker Punch.]]

Sadly, that probably is, which means that Adrian's one badge closer to his goal. Aerodactyl is returned by its master.

"You've definitely got luck on your side, kid" said the leader. "Anyone else would have been toasted by Auroras, for sure. The Jurassicbadge is all yours."

One of these days, I should take the time to draw up what each of the badges look like. But until then, here's the Jurassicbadge, a deep red amulet in the shape of a Tyrantum skull.
He accepted that one with a whistle.

"Damn, this one is pretty awesome looking. And as for my luck, well, that's just another part of battle, right?"

A shrug.

"Anyways, mind pointing me towards the next gym? Only a few more to get me in to fight the Devas."

"There's three you could theoretically hit next. One's just a bit northwest , in the Philippines; the next one's a bit more west than north, that one's over in Indonesia; and the third's up over in Micronesia, northeast by a pretty decent way. Indonesia's the closest, but you might not have the best luck there. It's up to you, though, how you want to approach it."
"Indonesia, huh? Well, if it's closest, that's where I'm going. Thanks for the info man, good luck with the raptors and your next battle."

He waved and headed outside once again, his next goal a Pokemon Center followed by a swim over to Indonesia.

Indonesia... I've got nothing. It's not a rich, flavorful dinosaur island, nor is it the terrifying maze of horrors that Guadalcanal was. It's just sort of... There. You probably don't care at all though, do you? You're just after that badge. Understandable, respectable, though just a little bit boring. Sort of like Indonesia, actually.

Anyway, here's a totally boring island. Hope you enjoy it!
Well, actually, I was rather hoping for a Toxic Orb around here somewhere.

Though a Poison pokemon would also be nice.

Either way, Adrian made his way to this newest island, whistling slightly from his place on Tentacruel's back as he fished idly in the travel time.
Last time, DICKS and Dennis defeated a pack of (apparently owned) Rampardos after they wrecked the DICKSmobile. Now they were following the champion's sister to the west side of the island so DICKS can get compensated for the loss of his sweet ride.

"Isn't it a little embarrassing you got outsmarted by a bunch of Pokemon that used to be extinct?"

You'll likely find both a Toxic Orb and a Gengarite over in the Philippines, if you care to skip Indonesia and head there instead. Indonesia won't mind at all.

Fuck it, let's hit Indonesia too. Adrian would make a beeline for that gym if shit was as boring as implied.

"Not really" Kiki replied, struggling to keep her herd ahead of the other humans, while also trying to keep them from wandering off again. "Rampardos have large brains, compared to other dinosaur pokemon, and from studying this pack we've been able to determine that they have the capacity to learn and formulate plans just as well as any human. The only reason they went extinct was because of environmental pressures beyond their control."

"Yeah, well, have you considered maybe keeping them in a virtual Box like normal people?"

Boring is perhaps less adequate a word than this narrator first thought. "Uniform" seems to be more accurate. Everything is completely uniform, and through that uniformity comes boredom. This uniformity is perhaps Adrian's only clue to the question no doubt nagging his thoughts- What type is the gym here? Had Adrian ever been to Paris, he might find the answer more obvious than he realized.

In case you've never been to Paris, I'll make things simple for you- Everything in Paris is planned in a roughly circular shape that culminates into a focus around a single point of architecture. Here, that single point is the gym, the architectural style of which matches perfectly with every other building in the city.

The perfect, picturesque model of modernity and industry. So why does everything look so... Boring? So devoid of character?

"Well duh, because if we kept them hidden away like that, that would defeat the entire purpose of this place being a nature preserve for extinct species, wouldn't it?"
"It'd be a lot safer. But safety doesn't seem like this league's forte so far."

"Really brought out the imagination when they built this place, huh?"

With a tiny shake of the head Adrian headed off towards the gym, following his map and hoping not to get lost.


"Why does everything have to look the same?"

"Hey, they must have some pretty good reasons. and damn, this thing is awkward to carry, what with all the pointy parts." Dennis said as he adjusted his grip on the fossil

"Sis tried her best to cultivate a league that brought challengers to their peak form. If that means that things have to get dangerous sometimes, so be it. Besides, you'll never know how strong you really are if things are sanitary and safe all the time. You've got to have a little risk once in awhile."

"Though, I'll admit, sometimes she pushes that angle a bit harder than maybe she should."


You want imagination? Go back to New Guinea and spend time with the dinosaurs. Here, everything is sanitary and spotless. You had your chance to run, and now you must pay the price by suffering through the most boring place in the league.

Hell, even the Gilbert Islands gym had more character than this place.
"Yeah, live landmines sure do make people stronger."
After being lost for some time in the monotony of it all, Adrian finally just floated up on his Weezing and beelined for his destination by air.

'Screw this, this place is giving me a headache.'

And one short flight later Adrian was stalking into the gym with a frown.

"Oi! Anyone home!"

"l-live landmines!?"

"Greetings" said the leader, in the best monotone he could muster (it sounded vaguely British, were Adrian keen to accents) "Have you come to challenge me for my badge?"

"You'll have to talk to sis about that. I've got no part in this league. I'm just here because I like studying dinosaurs."
"Yeah, sure, whatever," DICKS puts his hands in his pockets and pouts for the rest of the walk.

"how can you be so calm about that!?"
"Yep, so let's get to the point. This place is making me paranoid."
"I ain't calm, but she's the wrong person to chew out about it. And I want my money first. Besides..." DICKS gives Dennis a thumbs up and flashes a smile. "The best way to shape things up around here is to become the next champion. You seem decent, so if ya need any help just let me know. Here, we can register each other." He takes out his phone.

"um, okay." He pulls out his phone.

After walking for, god, no more than 20 minutes or so, the posse found themselves in an open clearing beside a fence. "Let me get these guys squared away with security, and I'll be right back. Sis will be along in a bit to pay you for your car, so if you've got problems with her league, you can take it up with her."

With a click of her tongue and a wave of her hand, Kiki lead the pack of Rampardos away from DICKS and Dennis, back towards whatever enclosure they had previously escaped from.
You registered Future Champion DICKS' number on your phone! Congratulations!

Does he really have Future Champion as part of his caller ID?
File: 40594391_p0.jpg (59KB, 584x631px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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As the tides rolled across the sands of Holon island, so did a wooden raft seemingly made from logs of random sizes and species of tree, all tied together with marlin rope. Atop the raft sat a grizzled man who had disappeared quite some time ago with less than a goodbye. Dimitri planted his foot into the sand to keep the raft from receding with the tide.

"Well, it seems this as good a pit stop as any, A bit warm for my tastes, but you can't exactly choose vacation destinations while drifting in the ocean" He said to himself.

He began to drag the raft further up the beach along with his wily Pangoro which he acquired during a 'trip' to hong kong that would have been better if the entire city hadn't started a manhunt for him by the time he left.

Dennis waits patiantly


He chuckles at DICKS caller id. "Go big or go home, I presume?"

So, you've found yourself stopped in Holon for a rest, have you? Well, friend, you've stopped at the right time, because the Pacific Islands League Challenge is currently in season! Are you here as a challenger or just a vacationer? Both? Neither? Not sure? Stick around and get more information why don't you?

"Rules are simple. Five pokemon each, twenty-five round time limit. Do you accept these terms??"
"That's right! No point in going for something unless you give it everything you've got."

"Yep," pacing along the fence, DICKS waits for this Sanae lady to show up.

Dimitri had finished dealing with the jumbled mess that was his raft and began exploring the more urban areas of the island eventually catching site of a flyer mentioning something of a challenge. He read it over revealing it to be for the island chain's league challenge. He pondered for a moment before deciding it would be a good way to unwind. He continued reading the flyer to see if there was some kind of registration process and if not where would he start?

And lo, did Sanae appear, some twnety minutes after Kiki had vanished with her pack of Rampardos (not appearing this issue: her lesbian monkey, who has taken off to use the little ladies room). Even dressed in her casual attire, she still managed to exude an aura of confidence and power. "My sister informs me that you've had some problems with the local wildlife" she said, casually sauntering up to DICKS. "If there's anything I can do to soothe things over, let me know."

No registration required. You want to tackle a gym, feel free to go right ahead. Someone will be monitoring your progress the moment you enter any of the twelve eleven gyms in the league, and they'll handle the issue of registration and compliance. And believe me, when I say compliance, I mean it. Because delta species run wild in this region, there will of course be the temptation to catch a few. Don't worry, that's fine, as long as you keep your catching within reason, and you will know when the league thinks you've gone beyond what's reasonable.

If you're interested, talk to the lady at the local pokemon center to get your complimentary map, compass, and HM03. You will need them all.
"Yeah, your Rampardos new guinea pigs-" DICKS smirks at his own pun, "- escaped and trashed my car. Thankfully I was able to contain the situation before some poor, unsuspecting, LESSER trainer was seriously hurt."

"I'm just happy me and my pokemon made it out alive"

"I'd be more than happy to repay you for the cost of your car" said Sanae "But I have to wonder, what were you doing driving a car through the jungle? And for that matter, how did you even get a car onto the island in the first place?"

She paused, eyeing DICKS with suspicion. "I remember you" she said at last. "You were the trainer who gave me an attitude at the opening ceremony. Tell me, have you managed to get some badges yet? If you're on New Guinea, I'm guessing you've gotten four, is that right? Are you enjoying yourself so far?"

What did he do?
"That's good, because it was a very special custom job. Multiterrain vehicle, can even go through water, computer controlled, Porygon compatible. My friends back home in Lilycove put it together for me before I left," DICKS brags in detail about his car.

"I've gotten two so far. I got lost and wound up at the strongest gym first, then the one after that was closed and the island was full of landmines. Then I come here and there are vicious dinosaurs escaping without any warning signs or anything that it's a nature reserve. This place seems like kind of a mess."

"He tried to start shit without having the skills to back it up"


"Look, in regards to Guadalcanal, I told the leader there to get rid of them several times, but he kept defying my orders, so I had him removed. I'll have a minesweeping team out that way by the end of the week. And the Rampardos, my sister tells me, are getting smarter. There's nothing we can do to stop them from getting smarter, I'm afraid to say. I'll have new fences installed as soon as possible, but I may need to make this half of the island off-limits until that's done."

"I try to run a challenging league, but I don't mean for anything here to actually be life-threatening. What's happened to you have been a series of unfortunate mistakes that I'm doing my best to correct. I just can't be everywhere at once, you understand."

"Now, what was the insurance value of your vehicle?"

"Oh. Should have guessed it was something lie that."

'damn, this thing is getting heavy!' Dennis once more adjusted his grip on the fossil
DICKS takes out his phone and dials a number. "Hey, PISSFACE. How much was that car worth? It got totaled, I need to know how much I need repaid.. Yeah? Kay." DICKS hangs up.

"He says it's 15,827,460 yen."

From the back pocket of her pants, Sanae produced a checkbook and a pen- Things any smart traveler should have. Quickly, she scribbled an amount onto the leaf, handing it to DICKS. "Sixteen million should suffice, I believe?" she asked.

Yes, it's real, so don't even think about asking that.

Dennis just stands there, staring at how casually such a large some of mony was exchanged.

"Oh jeeze, this thing is starting to make my back hurt." He oncem ore readjusts his grip on the fossil.
"Yeah, thanks," DICKS takes the leaf of paper and looks it over. "Guess I'll get back to hitting the gyms, then." Vexed by the champions cooperativeness and unjustified in throwing more of a tantrum, DICKS goes to look for the gym on this side of the island.

"Smell ya later, Dennis. Don't get eaten by a dinosaur."

"And don't get lost" dennis shouts back.
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rocket plasma 1.jpg
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Rocket Style.gif
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With the dinosaur crisis settled, Kiki returned to find the matter between her sister and DICKS settled, The other boy who had found the fossil had stayed behind, awaiting her return.

"Well, I'm back" she said, motioning for Dennis to follow her. "Gonna be a bit of a hike to the facility, but trust me, it's super cool and well worth the walk."
Adrian groaned.

"Five? That's going to take forever... Any chance I can convince you to drop to three?"

A shrug, as he didn't expect that to work.

"But yeah, I'm good to go if you are."

Dennis readjusted his grip on the fossil, grunt. "IT probably will."

"Three would be too easy on you. You've entered the more challenging half of the league event now, and you'll find these battles reflective of that fact."

"Now, if you've accepted my terms, let the battle commence!"

>Gym Leader Corey wants to battle!

First up was Steelix. Yes, that's right folks, this isn't a normal-type gym at all! Seems the clue words were "modernity" and "industry", rather than "uniformity".

>implying I'm going to take the time to post for a walking scene

While the preserve itself was designed to mimic a prehistoric habitat as much as possible, the facility where the magic happened was the very image of technological progress. My powers of description fail in the presence of such unfettered mechanical perfection.

Fortunately, I don't need to describe the entire interior compound; I only need to describe a single room- The revival chamber. Three computer stations are arranged in a half-moon configuration around a large glass tube, at the top of which protrude a mass of wires, pipes, and tubes. A man sits at one of the stations, tapping away on his keyboard.

This man, Kiki approaches, knocking on his monitor. They converse for a few minutes, in a language Dennis does not understand. French, maybe? When they have finished, Kiki returns to her tag-along, saying "Klause says he'll need a couple of hours before everything's done. Just leave it on that table over there-" she points to a steel table off in the corner, cluttered with empty boxes that had once been filled with donuts "-And he'll have everything sorted out by the time you get back."

"Anyway, I've got to be off. Sis is probably waiting for me, and I told her I'd be back a half-hour ago."
Adrian groaned again. Trust a steel type gym to sound like it had stall rules.

"Well, guess we might as well suck it up and get this over with. Go Weezing, Fireblast!"

And so he lead with the same pokemon as his last gym challenge, the toxic pokemon quickly inhaling to let loose a powerful blast of flame!

[[1, 3, and 7. 6 is burn]]

Dennis does as he is told, gently placing the fossil on the table, before thinking.

"ah, I know what I could do! Maybe they will have some TMs."

And with that, dennis left to go shopping for a few hours at the Poke-mart to pass the time.

Steelix took the flames as best as an iron snake could, which was pretty good, all things considered. But the beast held fast, through white-hot smoking metal.

"Right, let's get our advantage up then. Stealth Rocks, away!"

Against a spitfire special attacker, both master and servant knew that Steelix was as good as a sacrifice bunt, so it would serve to set the stage for the ones that came after. Slamming its tail against the floor, it send a flurry of stones against Adrian's field.

>Stealth Rock
'Great, this again... Oh well, at least I don't have much weak to it that was really viable in this battle anyways.'

"Light him up!"

And so another Fire Blast cascaded forth from Weezing!



Now, I won't lie, the mart back at Holon is far larger than this one, but as far as marts go, this one's not bad at all. Not counting the one at Holon, it's the largest in the entire league, so you reasonably could spend several hours shopping here. There's just no end in sight for all these wonderful items!

Dennis began looking for somewhere where he could buy tms or battle items.

Just as predicted, Steelix couldn't take it, falling to the ground with a sigh, only to be replaced in a flash by the large mechanical quadruped Metagross. Adrian must be waiting on baited breath right now. 'Is this it? Is this the mega for this gym?'

"Right, Metagross, hit it with a Zen Headbutt."

And hopefully, Metagross' strike would do just that, striking hard and true against the obnoxious levitating foe.

>Zen Headbutt
>2 also flinches
The powerful super effective strike left Weezing hovering around forty percent of its health, and certainly not in a state to survive another such blow.

'Of COURSE there was a goddamn Metagross. Oh well, I can work with that.'

"Only one thing to do, and it involves more fire. Fire Blast!"

Adrian prayed for a burn.


Technical machines are located on the third floor, next to the counter selling battle strategy guides like the Nintendo Power Guide both specific to the league, and in regards to general strategy and battle form.

Dennis begun borwsing through the Tms, looking for a handful in perticuler. "Hone claws, hone claws, comon, they gotta have that, or maybe Rain Dance?"

The space marked "Hone Claws" was, sadly, picked bone dry. But Rain Dance, surprisingly, was quite plentiful, as was Sunny Day, Hail, Reflect and Light Screen (which were bundled together in a two-pack), and even Roar.

More fire is always a good thing when dealing with an industrious steel team. Maybe if the Russians had learned this sooner rather than later, they could have halted the German advance far earlier than they did. Instead, they stupidly decided to use ice-types... But I'm getting off track. The point if, fire melts steel-types, and Metagross was no exception. Metal plates glowing white-hot, it had one chance to score a hit that would knock Weezing out of the game. Once that was done, the rest were easy pickings.

"Metagross, this is it. Bring it down. Zen Headbutt again."

And so, all around the world, steel-types lent their prayers to Metagross, in the hopes that it would vanquish this one, most annoying of foes. And with their prayers, Metagross charged.

>Zen Headbutt
>2 also flinches
>22 turns remaining

Dennis quitly cheered, before purchasing a copy of TM18, and remeber his experiance with the physic gym leader, searching for a copy of TM31
With a muttered curse Adrian recalled the pokemon, contemplating his next move carefully. He had a few options, really, but he had to make sure he went with the best one.

'Shit... I think Gengar is my best bet here then.'

"Here goes something... Go Gengar, Hex!"

An attack right out the gate was his only chance, his pokemon wouldn't be able to take one of those Headbutts after Stealth Rock ate into him like that.

[[1, 3, and 7]]

That brings the leader down by two, putting Adrian up by one overall. You've got the advantage for now, but with Weezing gone, this match just got a whole lot easier. But that Gengar could potentially be just as much of a problem if not dealt with the right way. I wonder, what would happen if a Curse were to hit *that*?

Let's give it a shot. Let's break out the wall and see how it handles a Curse.

Metagross fell to the ghost's black magic, to be replaced by a massive iron behemoth. Reacting to the leader's power, Aggron underwent that shining and forceful transformation to Mega, and its vaunted girth was lain bare before Adrian and his ghost.

"Right then, Aggron, let's start things off with a good old-fashioned substitute, shall we?"

In a show of industry that would make Henry Ford proud, Aggron carved the metal of the gym floor into a massive, impassable barrier. Let's see the ghost get through this.

"wrapping it up"
you sure are

Sorry, again, Brick Break is gone. There's Stone Edge, Earthquake, and what looks to be a single Focus Blast (hastily written over with the words "Hammer Arm, seriously". But no Brick Break.
Adrian whistled, impressed by this new mega. It only cemented his need to get one of his own.

"Man I need me a Key Stone. Alright Gengar, with that Sub up we don't have much to do here but a good old Curse. Let's see how long it takes to kill it, huh?"

The ghost, at great cost to its HP, laid a dangerous Curse on Aggron!

[[No miss, Gengar is at a flat 100 after Curse and Stealth Rock]]

"Just as I predicted" said the leader. "Aggron, you're at about half now, so let's try to wrap this one up quickly. Dragon Tail."

If Aggron's tail strike doesn't knock Gengar out, it would force it to switch out. Either way, it's a win/win for the steel saurian.

>Dragon Tail
>20 rounds remaining

After purchusing a copy of AStone endge, allowing him acess to the fearsome EdgeQuake combination, Dennis left to look for some X-items.

X-items are on the fourth floor, across the way from the protein shakes and powders- Now formulated for humans AND pokemon!
And it was indeed a knockout for the Aggron, Adrian having to return the fallen ghost to replace with another pokemon.

"Well, with Dragon Tail being a thing I'm not quite sure what to do... I guess this is my best bet! Go Muk, Acid Armor!"

And so his trusty blob appeared, quickly turning his already volatile 'skin' even more acidic.

"Go ahead, Dragon Tail me. I dare you."

After hreading to the forth floor, dennis began looking for two battle items in perticluar. Dire hit, and X-acuraccy

Absolutely not. Thanks to Aggron's substitute and your timely use of that Curse, Aggron is only at one-fourth health. "Aggron, now's the perfect time to rest a bit."

>19 rounds remaining
Adrian sighed. So that was how it was going to be, huh?

"Well then, I'm not sure what to do here. Here's hoping you can wake up in time to survive curse. Substitute. You missed your chance to stop this, by the way. This Muk isn't going to get fainted now. Ever."

Muk ducked under a Sub of its own as his trainer grinned.

>Muk healed a bit from Black Sludge!

Shit, do they still even make Dire Hits? I think the last time we had those in stock was the summer of '98... Well, spank my ass and call me Charlie, there's some in the back. How many you want? We've got... A full case of six, left over from '98. Might be past the expiration date, but if you want 'em you can have 'em for half-off. X-Accuracy, though, we've got plenty of. Help yourself.

After buying all six dire hits, and a dozen X-accuracy, Dennis begun looking for few items for his pokemon to hold.

"You're under the assumption that I need to defeat your Muk to defeat you. As long as I can out-stall you I've won. Now, Aggron, give it what for!"

And Aggron, still asleep snored wildly, which somehow gave it the ability to do... Something, I guess. This doesn't really seem logically possible.

>Sleep Talk
>1, 2, 3, uses Substitute (and fail)
>4, 5, 6, uses Dragon Tail
>7, 8, 9, uses Rest (and fails)
>17 rounds remaining

We've got a (somewhat limited) selection of hold items, but nothing that "the pros" would think of as worthwhile. Now, if you're interested in trying out gimmick sets, there's a gag shop on the second floor that has an ample supply of Air Balloons and Eject Buttons. If you're ballsy enough to give a gimmick set a whirl, you might consider checking them out.
Muk wasn't taking none of that, sitting nice and pretty behind a Sub for now.

Adrian though, now that he knew what he was in for, had a better idea than what was already going down.

'Alright, I have a plan. We've got rounds to spare anyways.'

"Acid Armor. We've got time."

Muk toughened up again.

And Aggron just kept on snoring, and somehow that kept on doing... Things.

>Sleep Talk
>16 rounds remaining

After finding nothing of interest, Dennis bought himself a meal, and returned to the lab to see how the progress on the fissil was doing.
[[I done fucked up. LET ME FIX THAT.]]

And now was the time.

"Return. Go Tentacruel!"

The large pokemon shuddered a bit from the Stealth Rock and waited patiently for its chance to strike.

"Where have you been?" asked Kiki, upon Dennis' return. "You missed the best part. Look."

She pointed to the glass chamber at the center of the room. Nestled in a bed of straw, was not a fossil, but a tiny baby Tyrunt. "Be very quiet, it's sleeping."

Ducking away from the tube, Kiki turned to Klause, whispering in that same foreign language. "Klause says that Sue's begun to lay eggs, so if we let this one into the herd it would throw everything off balance. Since you found it, you're free to keep it if you want."

"Its so adorable, Of course ill take it." Dennis said quitely.

Oh, this is a tough one. You're still up by one, and if you're planning what I think you're planning, then this next move is perhaps the most critical of the match.

"It's a crying shame that I have to risk it, but I have to risk it" said the leader, doing the unthinkable and recalling his massive iron titan, replacing it with a small, barbed ball of iron spikes and hatred. A Ferrothorn. "I hope this is the right move."

>Ferrothorn has Iron Barbs
>Ferrothorn is wearing the Rocky Helmet
>Screwed up the round count, 16 rounds remaining
Adrian laughed at that one.

"Well now, I wasn't expecting THAT! I might just have some trouble now. Let's see what we can do with a Scald."

And with that order a boiling torrent of water was launched at the Ferrothorn!

[[1, 3, and 7. 2 and 6 for burn]]

"You got a ball on ya?" Kiki asked. "We don't keep any around here."

"Yeah, i still got a few." Dennis pulled a plain old poke ball out of his bag.

The torrent of water against Ferrothorn's plated hide was like soft droplets of dew against the grass at morning. Which it was, in a sense. "Right then, Ferrothorn, give it the old weed-whack."

Now, there have been balls of iron-barbed hatred in this thread before, and sure, Tentantel was by far the most hate-filled, but this Ferrothorn was by no means a jolly old flower. It had plenty of good, hard, thwacks to give. And good, hard thwacks it would give, once it got those barbed tendrils a-swingin'.

>Power Whip
And in a rather strange fashion, Tentacruel's own tendrils lashed out to meet the whip, countering it to prevent damage this time around.

"Nice one, but you know what to do. Keep Scalding it."

As ordered, more water was fired.


"Have at it then" said Kiki, turning to leave. "I've stuck around way too long. Sis is probably getting worried by now. I'll catch ya around, kid."

And just like that, she was gone, off to rejoin her sister and her sister's pink Aipom girlfriend. Dennis was now free to have his very own dinosaur. Just wait until DICKS sees this. Boy, is he going to be jealous.

Dennis walked over to the sleep Tyrunt, and tapped the ball against t, watching it work its magic.

And again, Tentacruel's blasts of water were like drops of rain against the grass. Ferrothorn was enjoying the water, really. But, enjoying it or not, Ferrothorn is still an iron-barbed ball of hatred, so as much as it wanted to take a moment to enjoy the water, it had thwackings to administer.

>Power Whip
That was a heavy blow, and not one Tentacruel could take a second blow from.

"Yikes... Pretty much down to the wire here. Scald again, time to hope for a burn."

And what might have been the final strike from the Tentacruel came!


Congratulations! Tyrunt was caught! Tyrunt's data has been added to the pokedex!

>Ability: Strong Jaw
>Nature: Adamant
>Moves known: Tackle, Tail Whip

Ferrothorn's now starting to get a little tired of the water. There's a bit too much water for its liking, and it wants to put an end to the water. Which means, obviously, more thwackings.

>Power Whip
Ooh, that was a heavy hit that even had Adrian wincing.

"Well shit. Alright, really getting down to the wire here. Go Gliscor!"

The rocks really hurt this one.

"Sky Uppercut!"

[[1, 3, and 7]]

Despite its best efforts to the contrary, Ferrothorn could thwack no more, as Gliscor's aerial strike brought the iron plant low. Adrian was down by three, as was the leader. "Tough decisions, tough decisions..."

On the one hand, Aggron could probably finish Gliscor off with a solid Dragon Tail. On the other hand, that would leave it wide open for a retaliatory strike the next turn. Decisions, decisions...

"Right then, let's go with one you're probably familiar with by now! Go, Skarmory!"

It's a repeat of the sky battle all over again as the leader's iron bird takes to the sky against the electric Gliscor! Tensions rise as the two fliers face off! "Skarmory, you've got this one in the bag! Hit it with Brave Bird!"

And that, Skarmory would do, soaring upwards to the ceiling, before corkscrewing downwards after its foe.

>Brave Bird
>12 rounds remaining
Gliscor, now rather used to aerial combat, managed a dodge this time around.

"Alright, didn't expect that. I can work with this though. Thunder Fang!"

And so, coming in right after that Skarmory, an electrified Gliscor attacked!

[[1, 3, and 7. 2 is para, 6 is flinch.]]


"I wonder if theres somewhere I can go so that this little fella can have some experiance before a real battle...."

Skarmory deftly dodged the electric chomp; the aerial battle was entered in earnest now! "Right, Skarmory, again!"

And again, Skarmory climbed to the ceiling before makings its rapid descent on Gliscor.

>Brave Bird
>11 rounds remaining
Gliscor took the hit like a champ, barely feeling it.

"Again! It seems pretty intent on killing itself anyways."


Assuming you're still in the revival chamber, Klause, who speaks not one word of a language you would understand, hastily scribbles something down a a piece of paper, tossing it to you.

"If you need it there is day care here at facility" his note read. On the back was a crudely drawn map of the facility, with the location of the daycare marked in red. Seems he writes in your language better than he speaks it.

"Thank you sir!" Dennis says before heading towards the loaction of the daycare."

"Again, I hate to risk it, but it may be my only chance. Skarmory, Whirlwind!"

Whipping up a gust of wind, the iron bird gave its all to toss the Gliscor back to Adrian.

And then we had a Muk again, Adrian's only other remaining pokemon!

"Huh... Alright, I guess. Shadow Punch."

And out of the shadows came Muk, striking with a sudden unavoidable blow!

[[No miss]]

And with that strike, Skarmory was down, leaving only the monstrous tank Aggron to hold the line. And what a line it had to hold. Adrian was up by one and had an overall better position, but with some luck, there was still a chance to turn this around. Spat out of its capsule, the iron behemoth sprang awake, cured of its curse but still worse for the wear. It would need some good luck more than ever at this stage.

"Aggron, we've got to make another calculated risk, I'm afraid. Hit it with a Dragon Tail."

And there it goes, swinging that tail like a maniac on bath salts. Can it connect the hit?

>Dragon Tail
>9 rounds remaining
Muk slunk under the strike, coming up from behind to strike with another Shadow Punch!

It didn't exactly have many options, and Adrian wasn't going to order anything else while they had this chance.

[[1, 3, and 7 miss since cooldown.]]

Aside from being specialized in the care of fossil pokmeon, this day-care was altogether like any other you'd expect to find. Drop that dino off and get out there, and when you come back he'll be big and strong!

The risk I took was a calculated one, and it appears that, after due consideration, I calculated incorrectly. "Let's try this the old-fashioned way then, since it appears we guessed wrong. Aggron, take a Rest. We'll try again later."

And Aggron did. There it is, napping away in the heat of battle.

>8 rounds remaining
"I'm not feeling too great about this, but I guess it's my only shot. Muk, return! Go Gliscor!"

The sharp rocks digging into the Gliscor left it in a bad way.

"Now's your chance, Aggron. Let's hope luck is with us today. Sleep Talk."

Remember when I said before that snoring to make stuff happen didn't make sense? Well, it's happening again. Let's see if it's something cool, or something shitty.

>Sleep Talk
>7 rounds remaining
"We have one chance here! Earthquake!"

Gliscor shot down from above to heavily impact the ground, shaking the entire building!

[[1, 3, and 7]]

The shaking earth did nothing to wake Aggron from its slumber, as it continued to snooze away loudly. I will never understand how this makes sense.

>Sleep Talk
>6 rounds remaining

After dropping off tyranno, dennis set out to search for pokemon that would be sky battle eligble.
Adrian eyed that sub with a frown. It was better than the alternatives, but still pretty bad, really.

"Break it, Earthquake!"

And once more the earth was a heaving.


The wall of iron that the sleeping Aggron had somehow erected was shattered by Gliscor's attack, leaving it wide open to attack for one more turn. But until then, let's keep snoring and see what else happens.

>Sleep Talk
>5 rounds remaining
Adrian let out a sigh of relief.

"Alright, I think this is it! Earthquake!"

And, hopefully for the final time, Gliscor left a crater in the floor.


This time, the heaving earth did wake Aggron. "That was a wonderful little show, Aggron. Let's have an encore."

And so Aggron went to sleep again.

"So close, yes so far. Alright, you know the drill by now."

I wonder if the island is starting to worry about the tectonic activity?


You want seismic so badly? ... Shit, I can't actually make a Seismic Games joke. Anyway, Aggron's dead, good job. Your badge is this gear-looking thing, really not that cool compared to some of the others (or just the most recent one). "I made several calculated errors, but I suppose, whoever wants the victory more achieves it. This badge is yours.
"YOU made errors? Dude, you don't even know. I walked in here expecting a normal type gym. Imagine my surprising running almost completely Mono-Poison."

He pocketed the badge and returned his pokemon, frowning a bit. He hadn't expected to win, but now that he had... He just felt kind of annoyed for some reason.

'Whatever, a win is a win.'

"Good luck with your next battle, that Aggron of yours is some serious shit man."

And with that he was gone, off to heal his pokemon at the center.
File: gym-1.jpg (15KB, 220x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I kind of want this on a shirt
Having dubs asked one of the local Slowbro to join him and explore the cuisine available at the various islands, Rockman set out once more on his journey.

Ahead was a rocky area with choppy waters. One of the first few gyms in this League was supposedly in that mess somewhere. He will need to be careful navigating.

Since he got dubs asking the Deltabro to join him, I assume it worked?
Step back motherfuckers, 'cause DICKS has just arrived at the fossil gym!

Who's he up against this time?
File: 40690394.jpg (162KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162KB, 600x800px
Best version of Sabrina
File: okkusenman.jpg (50KB, 625x531px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 625x531px

With this too
File: 34757490.png (825KB, 1400x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
825KB, 1400x800px
>Only existing Johto evil Team leader
>Barely gets any fanart or be featured on team leader collages

Smh tbh fam
And the other Team Rocket
>Have King before N or Az was a thing
He's not the true king, though
But mask of ice wasn't in the games
File: bullshitj.jpg (232KB, 500x475px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Team Rocket will never succeed in killing of the Demiurge
I'm pretty sure destroying all creation wouldn't be a good way to make money
File: sd.jpg (74KB, 751x1064px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: xcz.jpg (122KB, 786x1017px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: dx.jpg (60KB, 500x690px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Damn, them thighs
Sexiest grunts out of all the teams, prove me wrong
Protip:You can't
Aqua has some cute grunts

You face a man who looks like he's seen better days. Imagine a cross between a wrestler and a scientist, but exemplifying the worst of both and the good of neither. Actually, he's just really run-down, having to deal with the stress of keeping a gang of rowdy Rampardos from escaping constantly. And let me tall you, that's not an easy job to do.

Still, he tried to keep a chipper attitude despite all this. "Greetings" he said to DICKS. "Here for my badge?"

The island was rich in avian life. All manner of birds, just waiting to be found. They're yours for the taking if you can find them.
Look up!
Look down!
Look all around!
And try not to get eaten by an Archeops while you're on the hunt.
"You bet I am, gramps!" DICKS proclaims, taking out a Pokeball. "What's the rules here?"

Dennis continued to look for avian pokemon, hpoing he could obtain enough to compeate in a sky battle.

"Four each, no time limit" replied the leader. "You game?"
"Always," out comes DICKS' first Pokemon, his Blastoise.

You don't seem to have the same way with pokemon that you once did, so if you expect another delta to come to you you've got another thing coming. But here's a Fearow to consider. Nothing special, not a delta, just a good, solid, hard-hitting Fearow.

"Well, its a start, and I need four to compeate. Get em, kahuna!"


>Rain dance

"Ooh, that's not going to be good" said the leader. "Let's give this a try. Auroras! Go!"

Up against the cannon-wielding terrapin was the frosty long-neck Auroras. Considered unremarkable by this narrator after it's humiliating defeat at the hands of Adrian, this narrator expects very little from the chilly dinosaur. But let's see where things head.

"Auroras, hit it with a Thunderbolt!"

Arcs of lightning traced themselves along the dinosaur's frilled neck, releasing their fury against the shelled foe.

>2 also paralyzes

Fearow looked confused. It hadn't felt like it would rain today, so why was it raining now? The drill-beaked bird squawked in anger at the unforeseen change in the weather.

"Now, lets hit em!"


>Thunder, auto-hit due to rain, paralyze on 9,0, static will aprlyze an contat attack on 1,2
Quivering as the electricity runs through its body, Blastoise levels its left cannon at the long-neck. There is a flash within the barrel and a ray of concentrated blue aura energy shoots out.

>Focus Blast, 2 and 8 miss (Wide Lens), 0 lowers Sp. Def

One hit, and the bird was down. Never even knew what hit it. Had it been a delta, it might have survived, but this bird had no such luck.

Dennis threw a poke ball at it, grinning. "one down, four to go."

And it appears that this narrator was absolutely right in predicting that Auroras would be completely useless. In fact, I daresay that you'll one-shot everyone on this leader's team.

But let's keep going and see what happens.

Up next, in the hope that its appearance would turn the tide of battle back to a favorable position, was Aerodactyl. In a flash of light it erupted into its mega form, stone spikes jutting out of every possible surface.

"Aerodactyl, hit it with a Stone Edge!"

The winged reptile launched its body at Blastoise, stone body primed for a punishing blow.

>Stone Edge
>2 also crits

>Nature: Adamant
>Ability: Sniper
>Moves known: Drill Peck, Roost, Pursuit, Drill Run
Taking a step back, Blastoise grinds its teeth and struggles to stay upright. Pumping its right cannon, Blastoise lets loose a pressurized blast of water this time.

>Hydro Pump, 2 and 8 miss
"Nice, now I just need three more."

And so dennis's search continued.

Damn, again. Aerodactyl falls before the crushing water pressure. Looks like I was right, unfortunately.

"Next up is Tyrantum" said the leader. Hopefully he'll do better than the others, were the unspoken words. "Let's try a Head Smash!"

With power unrivaled, the tyrant dinosaur charged its foe to deliver a (hopefully) killing blow.

>Head Smash
>Tyrantum has Rock Head

I might have to reward your dubs determination with something a bit nicer than the average bird. There are two choices that present themselves before you: The dark/flying Xatu, or the psychic/flying Honchkrow. They have gathered in a pair, and they will both attempt to flee should you engage them. You'll have only one chance to subdue only one of these two birds, so which will it be?

Which do you pursue, and which do you let escape?
Leaping aside, Blastoise performs a surprisingly agile cartwheel and lands behind the Tyrant beast. Another glare of aura energy flashes inside of the left cannon barrel and the lens attached to its eye predicts the target's movements.

>Focus Blast, 2 and 8 miss, 0 lowers Sp. Def

Damn son, you need to slow your roll. You're going to get cocky, and that's going to get you destroyed in gyms to come. But for now, you're running roughshod over this gym and its pokemon. Not hard to do when you're hitting for SE on everything in sight, but still, damn son.

Tyrantum was down, leaving only one dinosaur left to hold the line. Bastiodon didn't have much of a chance, so the leader simply decided to recall it. "I give" he said. "I can see that you've already beaten me.

"The Jurassicbadge is yours, kid."

"First, lets get this ready."

>Rain dance.
"I was exploring Reversal Mountain in Unova when this happened. It's not always in control, but he always looks like he's in pain and sometimes he scratches himself until it bleeds. Could it be some kind of volcano spirit?"
"Well that was fast. Nicely done, Blastoise," grinning, DICKS accepts his third badge. "But then it's the be expected with an advantage like that, haha!"

Slowbro had indeed decided to follow the Rockman, and it seemed to know the local waters better than its first impressions would have let on. Following its lead, you find yourself going due north, which would lead you to a tiny, rocky island ostensibly attached to the Gilbert Islands chain. The first of twelve gyms is here, and, unfortunately, there is no food unless you like moss-laden rocks. Even getting to this island is a challenge- The waters are rough, and what little coastline there is to be found is rocky, filled with shallow tide pools at the base of a tall rocky cliff. Making the climb to the top will take you to the gym, but that's all there is to see on this island.

But hey, if you're really a rock man, maybe you'll enjoy this place. Slowbro seems to enjoy it, for what it's worth.

That was not a very good move. Had you simply blasted one of the birds, it likely would not have been able to evacuate itself, but by bringing the rain you've revealed your hand. These two birds were far smarter than the Fearow you just captured, and your unforeseen weather change prompted them to high-tail it out of your vicinity.

"Indeed. Your Blastoise is pretty powerful stuff. You'll do just fine at the other gyms."



>Thunder on honchkrow, auto hit i rain, paralyze on 1,8
So rocky was this place, maybe the rock man could find a Rock Type among its cliffs. His Relicanth is naturally quite adept at maneuvering through water currents at least.

Rockman takes out a grappling hook and flings it up, to grip onto a rocky outcropping.

What's the stats on that slowbro anyways?

Alas, your target was out of range by the time you finally got around to making a decision. Better luck next time.
"Of course. He and Umbreon were my first two Pokemon!" DICKS proudly states. After all, they were an imitation of his idol and predecessor, Rival Gary, the original leader of the Garmy.

"So hey which way to the next gym that isn't the bird one?"

Dennis sighed. "back to searching..."

Bold nature
Psychic, Power Gem, Slack Off, Calm Mind

Slowbro followed the rock man, feeling quite at home in the rocky terrain, as the two traversed the vertical climb, inch by treacherous inch.

"There's three that are in the area" replied the leader. "There's the gym in the Philippines, a bit northwest of here; there's Indonesia, which is a bit more west than north; then there's Micronesia, which is up northeast a ways."

You blew your chance at the best birds on the island, probably, but you've stumbled across a Pidgeot. Again, it's not a delta, but it's better than nothing, right?

"alright, no chances this time, hit em right off the bat."


>Thunder, miss on 1,2,3 paralyze on 9,0
"Sweet, thanks," DICKS says a word nobody ever expected to come out of his mouth, and marks them down in his notes. "Smell ya later. And watch those Rampardos."

Exiting the building, he thinks over where to go next. In the end he decides to flip a coin between the Phillipines and Indonesia, since Micronesia sounds lame.

>evens he goes to the Philllipines, odds he goes to Indonesia, gets the coin lands on its edge and he goes to Micronesia
"Reversal Mountain?"
The girl had heard legends about the place, how it never seemed to fit it's description, how the landscape around it was blasted... and worse of the fate that were told about the ones who once lived there.
"It is possible..."

'If only I had more experience with elementals.'
The girl looked at the pokemon again.
"We may be able to force it out and confront it... but it will be very strong..."

Similar to Fearow, the large Pidgeot had no chance against the lightning strike. Your dudebro Pikachu is scary.

"Nice!" Dennis threw a Pokeball at the battred bird.
Like the local Pokemon, Rockman is perfectly at home here. Once he arrives at a ledge to stand on he looks back down and returns his Relicanth, then carries on with the climb.
"Yeah. I have my other Pokemon here, they can help us fight it," Cody answers with a resolved tone to his voice. He walks out into the hallway where there is more room and lets loose his Hydreigon. The dragon senses imminent conflict and tenses up with eagerness.

>Nature: Timid
>Ability: Keen Eye
>Moves known: Roost, Tailwind, Mirror Move, Air Slash

"Just two more to go."

And so dennis's search continued.

Oh look, here are those two delta birds again. Maybe this time you'll not fuck up and actually manage to catch one.

"not making that mistake again."

"Like, totally."

>Thunder, miss on 1,2,3 parlyze on 9,0

Slowbro took a seat next to the rock man, and once again its mind went blank, as it stared off at the vastness of the ocean below. Maybe it would just sit here awhile if it had nothing better to do.


The bolt of lightning hit Honchkrow with a force it had never known to exist. In one shot, this bird too was down.

"Bullseye!" Dennis quickly threw a pokeball at the downed bird, grinning. "Just need one more now."
In the meantime, Rockman looked upon the island's gym. Which had seen better days. A long, long time ago.

"I'll be back in a bit. Gonna challenge the gym and see if the gym leader wants to join us for a meal. He must not eat every well out here."

And the Rockman entered the gym.

>δ Honchkrow
>Nature: Jolly
>Ability: Sniper
>Moves known: Psycho Cut(δ), Roost, Aerial Ace, Haze
"Hydreigon... good it will be needed... Dusclops!"
The girl tossed the pokemon out.
"This will be a battle of endurance, if I am to seal it we must keep it weak... think of it as if you were capturing a pokemon..."

The girl waited a second before drawing a series of seals from inside her robes, laying them out in a triangle formation around the possessed pokemon before placing another in the center. "Let us begin!"

(miss on 6,7,9)

The gym leader, sitting idly by a tide pool with his Omastar, looked up to see the entering Rockman."Have you come for a badge?" he asked. He, like the gym, looked and sounded as though he had seen better days.

>capone was sent to the PC!

"Just one more."

His spirits up, dennis resumed his search, feeling much happier.

Lucky for you, here's bird number four, arriving just as the day's begun to change to night. It's a Noctowl, poking its head out from the safety of the trees as day fades to night.
This Persian is off-model so I'm going to have to hide your thread as it is bothering me.


"Dude, totally!"

>Thunder, miss on 1,2,3 paralyze o 4,5

And that, as you would expect, was that. Noctowl was down.

It's a shame you can't bring Dudebrochu with you to the gym, or you'd annihilate the competition with ease.

Dennis threw a pokeball at the downed owl.
The seals glow, and waves of heat fill the room. The air shimmers like a desert mirage and the Furret writhes against his physical bindings. From the body explodes a massive pillar of fire, crashing against the ceiling of the room and spreading across it. But the strange hotel holds against the flames and nothing in the room catches fire except the Furret's bonds.

Then the fire is all drawn into a humanoid shape floating above the Furret's scorched, barely living body. As the flames fade a naked man floats in the air, then descends onto the floor next to his former host. The man from the fire has tan skin and a long black beard. Despite a badly receding hairline his hair is long, and hangs in scraggly coils from his head like a crown of black worms.

Holding out a hand, the man lifts the Furret into the air without touching it, and the Pokemon is wreathed in white flames. When the fire flickers out the worse of the Pokemon's wounds are gone.

>White Flame, restores 50% health as Heal Pulse

"Woman. You have my thanks." From the Channeler his gaze shifts to 'Cody'. "Trickster. Why are we here?" He looks around at the building. "This is Tony's realm. And is that Paul's essence within her? The three of you, your meddling never ends." Again his eyes rest on the Channeler. She can tell that this man is not speaking any language she knows, but she understands him anyways.

Grabbing the sheets from the bed, the mystery man drapes them around himself to cover his naked body.
Cody is smiling a wry grin when the trapped spirit erupts from his prison. He claps his hands at the demonstration of healing. "Bravo! You always were among the strongest of us William. That's why I need your help to unlock the seal!"
"Sure. I came here to test the local foods, but might as well since there don't look to be any restaurants around!"

Rockman laughs a jolly laugh. He reaches into a pocket on his tracksuit pants and pulls out a Luxury Ball.

>Nature: Modest
>Ability: Tinted Lens
>Moves known: Psychic, Roost, Air Slash, Hypnosis

>Noctowl was sent to the PC!

And so Dennis made his way back to the pokemon center, to retrive his new avian pokemon.
The girl's eyes only blinked as the surge of fire spread across the room... he hand not wavering even as the man appeared in front of her.
Understand it not the girl could sense that this was a power she hadn't encountered before.
"William... that is your name?"
She looked at him for a second and then nodded... "Yes I have Paul... he is my prisoner... until he learns manners..."

As for Cody "Trickster."
The girl's hand motions were almost blindingly fast, the hand not devoted to the charm suddenly pointed at Cody, the Dusclops grabbing him.
"What... Seal..."
File: Untitled.png (448KB, 492x1502px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
448KB, 492x1502px
They know their place

After rotating his team around, dennis made his way back to the gym he had unsucessfully tried to challenge before, metaly preparing himself.

Metally preparing sounds pretty badass, sounds like you're getting ready to take up blacksmithing. But making swords won't help you at all in an aerial battle, so I hope you've mentally prepared as well.

You enter the gym, finding the two leaders deeply engrossed in their ballet practice. They hardly notice your entrance, so deep is their concentration.

"Um, excuse me?"

Your voice breaks the silence of their concentration, and they turn to face you. The one in black says nothing, but the look on her face is one of anger. The one in white smiles, clearly more understanding of your interruption than her ebony-clad companion.

"Have you been successful in your quest for flying-types?" she asks. "We are ready to accept your challenge if you are."

"as a matter of fact, yes i have." Dennis says with a smile.

"Then we shall battle."

>Gym Leaders Ahiru and Kraehe want to battle!

First out, Skarmory and Togekiss. High into the air they soared, awaiting the challenger to unveil his own fliers.

"Ferow, capone, lets go!"

>Fearow used Drill peck on togikiss, miss on 1,2,3

>honchkrow used psycho cut on skarmory! crit on 1, miss on 8,9,0

The two attacks strike the fliers. They've got only a moment to counterattack or they'd love their stride completely. Down below, their masters dance in tandem, signalling their orders. Skarmory lays down a defensive barrier of sharp rocks, at Togekiss fires off a wave of paralyzing energy at the Fearow.

>Skarmory used Stealth Rock
>Togekiss used Thunder Wave on Fearow
>1, 5, 9 miss

Fearow was stunned by the bolt of electricy, but swiftly regained it senses

>fearow used drill peck on togikiss! 1,2,3 miss, 4 is fully paralyzed.

>honchkrow used psycho cut on togikiss! 4 crits, 8,9,0 miss

The powerful attacks struck home, and the two were down. Time for the next two to take the stage. Honchkrow and Altaria replaced Skarmory and Togekiss, immediately launching into attacks of their own against the enemy birds.

>Honchkrow used Night Slash on Honchkrow
>1, 5, 9 miss
>2 also crits
>Honchkrow has Super Luck
>4 also crits
>Honchkrow is wearing the Scope Lens
>6 also crits
>Altaria used Ice Beam on Fearow
>3, 6, 9 miss
>2 also freezes
"I've been nabbed, what a shame," the young trainer is nonchalant about the ghost gripping him from behind.

"What seal? Why, the only seal that matters. Tell me - what do you know about Orre?"

Honchkrow was down for the count, and was quickly replaced by pigiot.

a sudden spasm caused fewarow to stall, causing the ice beam to overshoot.

>pigiot used Mirror move, Pigiot used Ice beam on Altaria! 1,2,3 miss, 4 freezes

>ferow used drill peck on honchkrow! 5,6,7 miss, 8 is fully paralyzed.
William sets the unconscious Furret on the hotel bed. He doesn't confirm his name, but it can be assumed to be so.
"He will be your prisoner for a long time."

"If he attempts to twist the story, I will make it clear, but we must listen to him for now. There is no leaving this place until Tony allows it."

And it was down to Honchkrow to hold the line, a task that would likely be impossible to accomplish at this point. But, Altaria had given the task its all last match, so it was only fair that this bird give its all now.

It dove at Pidgeot, figuring it the better of the two options to target.

>Night Slash on Pidgeot
>1, 5, 9 miss
>2, 4, 6 also crit
Upon his Fearow, DICKS approaches the Phillipines from the sea.

The attack hit, but it wastn enough.

>Pigiot used Air slash! miss on 1,2,3 flinch on 4,5

>ferow used Drill peck! miss 6,7,8, 9 due to paralasis.

And that was the end. Honchkrow was down. Victory is yours. The Dancebadge is yours.

Dennis looked rather suprised. "that was awfully quick."

Sometimes, shit happens. Win some, lose some. But, now that that's done and over with, it's time to return west and claim your dinosaur.

one trip later, and another team shuffling, and Dennis went to retrive Tyranno from the day care.

Your Tyrunt is looking quite healthy, and more than a little happy to see you. It's clearly gotten stronger, but it's still quite small.

>Moves known: Earthquake, Thrash, Dragon Claw, Crunch

For once, DICKS is the first to reach a new island (assuming he is in fact racing with Adrian). Up above, Fearow spots the Filipino coast. It looks sick, and not in the good way. Rotted wood clutters the shore, and what flora remains alive has taken on a sickly shade that does nothing to inspire confidence. Even the nearby water appears sickly, having taken on the same, pallid green colour of the treeline.

Something is clearly wrong with this place.
"Huh, this place looks gross."


"Yeah, I bet it's a Poison gym." The two of them decide to avoid traveling in the disgusting land and look for the gym from a bird's eye view. Meanwhile, DICKS takes out his mobile and alters his team in preparation to deal with Poison types.

After retriving Tyranno, Dennis begun contemplaing which gym to challenge next.

You'd only be partly right. There are poison-types, but not in the capacity you anticipate. But flying overhead, you're unlikely to encounter anything suspicious. However, at the height you'd need to fly to avoid the foul stench in the air, you're unlikely to see anything at all.

There is, obviously, the gym on this half of the island, but if you go in birds a-blazin', you'll be in for a nasty shock. However, it is the closest gym in the area, so maybe it's worth a shot anyway.
"Ugh. We're gonna have to go down there, looks like... wish I brought noseplugs. Wait!"

As the two of them land, DICKS climbs off of the bird's back and searches around in his pack, trying to hold his breath.


He soon takes out a small white container and a lighter. Igniting the incense, he breathes in its purifying scent.

>Pure Incense

"Let's roll, Fearow!"

Dennis went to the pokemon center to once more orginize his team, before making his way across the island to the other gym.

You'd not be the first person to challenge this gym today. The leader had only just recovered his team from the battle with DICKS when you arrived.

"Here for a badge, son?" he asks, polishing one of his spheres.
"Orre.. I know of the region but not of a seal there..."

As for him.
"Yes... I am aware of that... he still has much to learn..."
She was a patient one if she had to be.
"I figured... as much... but..."
The Dusclops continued it's grip but loosened slightly.
"I want honesty..."

Fearow dives below the clouds and the stench, kept from fainting thanks only to the scented incense. The interior of the island looks just as foul as the coastline. Few houses can be seen, and those that remain appear run-down or completely abandoned to nature's grasp. The overgrowth is thick, indicating that the grass has not been tended in many years. There appears to be no wildlife, either- Seems everyone just up and left years ago, and haven't been back since. I wonder what could have happened that would have caused this?
Who knows? Who cares? Not this guy. He's just looking for the gym.

Fearow keeps close, in the protection of the incense.

The gym, like the other buildings, appears run-down and abandoned. Maybe there's not even a leader here anymore? No, that can't be right. It looks like someone's inside, so it must be open, right?
"Hello?!" DICKS shouts, kicking the door open.

"Your island sucks!"

"That's not a very nice thing to say" the leader says in response to DICKS' insult. "You'll hurt their feelings."

The light in the gym is dim, with a row of candles giving off just enough light to make the leader somewhat visible int he darkness. She (of course it's a she) appeared to have long-ish hair or no hair at all. The dark shadows made it hard to discern what was part of her body and what was shadow. Her eyes, glowing like cinders in the dim light, were the brightest things about her in the otherwise darkened gym.

"They can hear you, you know. And they don't like it when you say things like that."

"yes, yes i am.

"Four on four okay with you, son?"

"Well would it kill ya to put out some flowers? Maybe they'd fix that smell."

DICKS realizes he may have guessed the wrong type, but is undeterred. He strides into the gym and stands confidently before the creepy woman.

"Then let's get started. Let's battle!"

>Gym Leader Rocky wants to battle!

First up was the iron dinosaur Bastiodon. Sturdy, stalwart, strong. And just a little on the downer side after the beating it received from some punk's Weezing.
Today we rejoin our hero on his quest through the Pacific Islands, his goal today the Philippine Islands!

He was, of course, once more on the back of his Tentacruel fishing idly in hopes of something good.

'Man, I hope this next gym isn't something ELSE that will kick my poison in the teeth.'

Lets go Kahuna!


>rain dance.

"Maybe it would" the leader replied. "They like things just the way they are. Keeps everyone else away."
"Whatever. What's your gym challenge, lady?"

Bastiodon responded to the rain with indifference.

"Alright, we know his game now, so hit it with a good, solid Earthquake!"

The steel ceratopsid slammed the full force of its weight against the gym floor, sending an eruption of rock and stone flying towards the electric rodent.


"damn. well in that case, Get em Hercule!"

Hercule emerged, the glint in its eye promisng PAIN

>STAB revenge, miss on 1,2,3

Surfing up to the coast, the first thing Adrian would notice was the smell. It stank of death and decay, and the closer to shore Tentacruel surfed, the stronger the scent became, and the murkier the water became, changing from a clear blue to a pallid green. Up ahead, if he were to squint, he might make out the edge of the shore, which, with its copious amounts of dead or decaying trees, appeared to be in no better shape than the water.

"Five each, double battle format, no time limit" was her reply, curt and to-the-point. "Do you accept?"
"Of course," DICKS grabs his balls in preparation to engage the ghost lady.

Bastiodon hung to life by the skin of its teeth. But it was still alive, and its master was currently up by one. Things were still looking good. "Bastiodon, let's get some cover up! Stealth Rocks!"

Smashing against the ground again, Bastiodon sent a curtain of stones to coat the field around Dennis' team.

>Stealth Rocks
He trained a Muk, Adrian didn't even notice.

"Huh, looks a bit murky here... How you feeling Tentacruel?"

Of course, being a Poison type, the large pokemon was equally unphased. This was proved by a loud grunt, which Adrian correctly took as a negative.

"Must be nothing, take us in to shore. I think I can see it from here, at least..."

"heh, get em."

>Pinser used X-Scissor! miss on 7,8,9

"Then let us battle" she said, drawing the first of her two from under the shadows of her body.

>Gym Leader Belle wants to battle!

First out were a flaming lamp and a spooky tree. Chandelure and Trevanent took to the stage with fury and passion, and in their presence the dim glow was replaced by blinding lights! The candles, wicks almost to their limit when DICKS had arrived, now flared with an intense brightness.
The sight of the of a cloaked figure landing softly on the decayed shoreline would get little notice out of any living being that still remained in these tainted grounds.

To the un-living though the presence of the Ghost Master as he took a look around the decayed shoreline would be hard to ignore.

Dusan made no acknowledgment, the land itself proving his suspicions true, the idea of there being a ghost leader in Holon had at first amused him, but as he sensed the aura of death aura of death and the presence of spirits here, he was no longer amused.

"I suppose the only thing to do is to visit this gym myself."

With that strike, Bastiodon was fallen. "Tough spot you've put me in" the leader said. "Let's see if I can't even the odds a bit."

Up next was Aerodactyl! Shining brightly for all to see, just like a star about to die it erupted in a ball of light, as stones burst through its skin and it took on the fearsome visage of its mega form.

"Aerodactyl, let's give that bug a taste of its own medicine! Aerial Ace!"

With a screech that shattered stone, Aerodactyl charged the enemy bug full-force.

>Aerial Ace
The balls burst and release their contents onto the battlefield, revealing a Blastoise and... his Fearow hops forward to butt in the way of the Magmortar about to take the field.

"Well, alright. I guess you can fight in this one.

>Blastoise and Fearow take the field!

"Blastoise, hit them both! Fearow, go for the tree!"

Leaping into the air and retracting into its shell, Blastoise spins and pounds into the ground like a drill, then leaps around the battlefield sending shockwaves everywhere. Fearow takes wing and simply assaults Trevenant with CAWs and CLAWs.

>Blastoise uses Earthquake, 2 and 8 miss Trevenant, 4 and 6 miss Chandelure (Wide Lens)
>Fearow uses Aerial Ace on Trevenant (If crit, has Sniper)

Seriously? The fact that the island is basically dying doesn't unnerve you in the slightest? Man, you're weird. Does the stink bother you, or are you immune to that as well? You're a chef, so your sense of smell must be keener than most; there's no way you could ignore such a pungent odor of death and decay, not when you're essentially sticking your face right in the thick of it.

Assuming you reach the shore without vomiting, the first thing you would notice is that everything appears to be dead. What little remains alive is the same sickly, pallid green of the water. The ground is a thick mud, and from what you can see through the thick of dead trees, it appears that this island is a giant bog. You see footprints in the mud. It appears to be several years old, and just barely visible. They lead north.

Pinser fell to the blow.

"Okay, then, get em mawile!"

>sheer force iron head. miss on 6,7,8
I just said he trained a Muk, and you just said the island was still very distant. This should answer both of your questions.

Upon landing, however, Adrian was not a happy camper.

"Dude, the HELL happened here? It's like Arceus decided to vomit on this one particular island or something."


"Probably a lot of cool Poison Pokemon here though..."

Yep, he's pretty strange. Of course, seeing the events that brought Rocket to be what it was would do that to a guy. Not much lives up to the tang anyways, that shit was weird.

The leader quickly withdrew both of her ghosts, replacing them with two far more satisfying contenders. Cofagrigus was placed in the way of the attacking Fearow, while Gengar was brought in to counter Blastoise.

"Let's see how you deal with this, then" she said, eyes now glazed over as though under some kind of spell.

>Fearow's Sniper became Mummy

The attack rocked Aerodactyl hard, and it looked as though it would be unable to weather through another strike like that. But it would endure, to fight another round.

"That's the spirit! Aerodactyl, hit it with an Earthquake!"

The mighty predator didn't even need to touch the ground to make it shatter; just the sound of its screech was enough to break solid rock and send it erupting in all directions.

"Fearow, go ahead and pass along the fun!"

>Fearow uses Aerial Ace on Gengar, passes along Mummy
>Blastoise uses Earthquake, 2 and 8 miss Gengar, 4 and 6 miss Cofagrigus

and lo, mawile was down.

Dennis sighed."well then, Tyranno, its on you!"

Trynno emerged, and glared at the airboarnpredator, before stomping on the ground,causing aspire of stone to raise into the air.

>stone edge, miss on 1,2,3, crit on 4

Informed only of the man's arrival, but of neither his place of origin nor his mission, Sanae had sent her trusted secretary and representative to greet the mysterious man at this place. Her pristine white suit made her stand out against the dark and decaying landscape of the island, and judging by the look on her face, the small-statured woman was none too pleased to be here.

"Greetings" she said, giving a polite bow to the man. "Lady Sanae has sent me to welcome you to the region. May I inquire as to the nature of your business, so as to better facilitate a speedy resolution to your problems?"

Though she did not voice her numerous complaints (who the hell is this guy? Why is he here? Why won't he tell us anything specific? Why does he want us to meet here, specifically? Etc...), the tone of her voice made it all too clear that there were other, better things she could be doing. Besides, the bog was going to destroy her shoes.

Probably, but not in the capacity I assume you're hoping for. There are, however, other goodies to be found, if you want to browse the swamp for awhile instead of hitting the gym straightaways. If not, then follow the footprints, where you can. Some have faded over time, and the ones that haven't often lead to the edges of boggy waters, only to turn around. It'll be easy to get lost in this place, that's for sure.
Adrian hadn't even seen those footprints, far more interested in his potential options in that swamp. He set off with a quick grin, already looking forward to what he might find.

'Alright, let's see if we can't find a Toxic Orb while we're here for Gliscor...'

Gengar deftly avoided the earth-shaking strike, only to dodge directly into the path of the oncoming Fearow. Cofagrigus, meanwhile, sat happily off in the corner, completely ignored by the battlers.

Which, of course, gave it the perfect opportunity to Disable that pesky Earthquake that Blastoise was using.

And Gengar, sensing that "ganging up" was the name of the game, blasted Blastoise with a toxin-imbued clump of muck.

>Cofagrigus used Disable on Blastoise
>1, 5, 9 miss
>Gengar used Toxic on Blastoise
Fearow continues lunging at Gengar, and Blastoise pumps one of its cannons, firing at the same ghost.

>Fearow uses Aerial Ace on Gengar
>Blastoise uses Hydro Pump on Gengar, 2 and 8 miss

The tiny T-Rex brought low the vicious Aerodactyl, and in its place, the leader produced his own tyrant dinosaur. "Tyrantum, show this youngster what the real king of the dinosaurs can do! Outrage!"

Tyrantum began to thrash its tail wildly, its long, powerful tail destroying everything it came into contact with.

>Tyrantum has Sheer Force
>Tyrantum is holding the Life Orb
To have the actual representative meet here had been a surprise even for Dusan, the other person silently scoffing at the question.
"I had hoped to simply relay a message to have a proper meeting in a more..."
The ghost master glanced at the ground, caring little for the state of his cloak for some reason. "habitable place."

"For why I am here." Dusan went on, deciding to help get her out of here as fast as possible, "Two purposes, one is simple personal observation on behalf of our league, I am planning to extend the offer to yourselves at the conclusion of it."

"The second is that our league suspects that a dangerous criminal is going to be in the area or will be in the region shortly, he is known to go after any new league challenges whenever they appear, we filed him on Interpol last year after an investigation."

"The last reason why I come here of all places is of course the same thing that leads this island to look this... horrific, I am trained in handling manners concerning the dead and this island is the worst I have ever seen in ages."

"So the last reason is that I am here for personal reasons."

A blinding flash of light came from the adoscalent dionsour, and Tyrantrum felt something push it away, before coming eye to eye with another Tyrantrum. Tyrannoroar, and stomped down on the ground, causing the earth to heave upwards and split open beneath its fury.

>earthquake, miss on 4,5,6

Gengar is probably dead by now, or, deader than it was. Now's the time to bring Sableye in, throw up that signature red carbuncle shield, and shift into mega. Now it's time to bring the pain with a surprise, knock-knock. And Cofagrigus is going to sit back, again, and do what it does best, which is to Disable everything you hold dear.

>Cofagrigus used Disable on Aerial Ace
>1, 5, 9 miss
>Sableye used Knock Off on Blastoise
>3, 6, 9 miss

You follow the footprints to the edge of a swampy pond. This time, they do not appear to turn around, but lead straight into the murky depths. There's a light, shining dimly at what appears to be the bottom of the pond, and a foul stench emanates from the water when the surface is broken by a slender tendril.

Dare you brave the murky depths to explore this mystery?
Blastoise is harried by poison and its eyepiece is knocked aside onto the floor. Grunting, it points its cannons at the opposing team and a chill fills the air. A torrent of ice blasts the entire opposing team.

Meanwhile, Fearow CAWS at Cofagrigus.

>Blastoise uses Blizzard on enemy team, 2, 6, and 8 miss Cofagrigus, 3, 6, and 7 miss Sableye; 4 freezes Cofagrigus, 0 freezes Sableye
>Fearow uses Mirror Move
>Fearow used Disable on Disable! 2, 5, and 8 miss
I'll assume he followed them without realizing since I mentioned him not seeing the prints.

Adrian stopped at the edge of the water, frowning down at it.

"Alright, even I can smell it now... Go Muk! Head in there and check out that light. If shit gets rough you know what to do."

The Muk burbled a reply and sunk into the water, potentially tainting it further.

"The conditions of this island are temporary, I assure you" Rei replied. "Lady Sanae had every intention of revitalizing this island, but the women who volunteered for the gym leader position felt it necessary to stymie her efforts, claiming that, and I quote 'they liked it better this way'. I, as well as Lady Nina and Lord Akira, have lobbied her to remove the residing leader and continue with her plans to restore the island, but there are many other issues to be dealt with that she has deigned more important to deal with."

"As for your other news, if you would direct me to the Interpol data you filed, I can relay that information to Lord Isamaru, and he and Lord Clark can assist you in tracking this person down, if you so desire."

"Well, that's something you don't see every day" the leader said, as the new Tyrantum's earth-shaking strike smashed into the old one. The old Tyrantum still stood proud, but another attack like that and it would be done for for sure.

Locked into its previous attack, Tyrantum struck back at Tyrantum with its powerful tail.


Muk descended down the murky depths, towards the glittering light, but the way down was dark and cloudy. So cloudy, in fact, that it's entirely likely that it didn't see the tendrils closing in on it.
Anthony crosses another river into Aurora territory, where he finds himself on a lovely sandy riverbed. It would make most coastal beaches jealous.

Ahead the land level rises and the city-state of Aurora stands atop a grassy hill dotted with occasional trees. He will undoubtedly be seen in his approach, from that vantage point.


Bakura finds himself in the opulent city of Chrysalia, where the guards have given him the blessing to pursue his vendetta - on the condition that he faces Melvin in a traditional Ransei duel.

The signal the Thief King had been following flickers in and out of the city. Three Items, and his tracking leads him to an expensive looking restaurant.

Tyranno stood on the verge of defeat, but roared in defiance, charging the older fossile pokemon, slashing at it.

>Dragon claw miss on 1,2,3
Tendrils? What tendrils?

Meanwhile Adrian was quietly waiting up top, watching the surface for any strange disturbances that might signal his pokemon needing backup.

Seriously man? Seriously? You're seriously going to use Disable on Disable? Seriously? Man, you suck. Looks like Cofagrigus is going to have to actually start attacking now. For example, it could lay a spell on the poisoned Blastoise, while Sableye could hit Fearow with an icy punch... Wait, no it can't. That last attack left Sableye frozen. Fuck. If only Magic Bounce protected against statuses.

>Cofagrigus used Hex on Blastoise
>1, 5, 9 miss

The battle between the two dinosaurs was neck-and-neck, and for either tyrant, the next strike would be the deciding factor of the match. So, here goes nothing.

>Tyrantum used Outrage
>Next turn, Tyrantum becomes confused

Muk, unsuspecting, closed in on his target, when suddenly, an unseen enemy had wrapped its tendrils around Muk's body! Having gained the upper hand, for the moment, the unseen foe struck at the toxic intruder with a powerful strike!

>??? used Wring Out
DICKS laughs at the frozen Sableye, but stops laughing as the poison and hex drop his Blastoise. He returns the cannonbeast and replaces it with a magnetbeast. "Go on, take them down!"

Fearow is nowhere to be seen.
Distant "CAW" is heard.

>Fearow uses Fly, turn 1
>Magnezone uses Shock Wave on Sableye, 0 crits (Scope Lens)

Somehow, holding out againt the viscous onslaught, Tyranno found an opening, and lunged at the back of the tyrantums exposed neck.

>Crunch miss on 1,2,3 lower def on 4,5
>Tyranno has Strong Jaw.

You're just hating on Sableye, you know that? What did it ever do to you? It's frozen in place, still holding its shield, but your attacks have shattered its shield, leaving it now both frozen and exposed, with only a sliver of health left to go. I can only assume you're going to try offing it next turn, so let's let everything go to hell in a handbasket.

Cofagrigus, sensing that it had limited options for defeating the enemy magnet, and unable to Disable its attacks for the time being, decided to lay a curse on it instead, and hope for the best.

>Cofagrigus used Curse on Magnezone
>On 2, 4, Sableye unthaws
The priest kept a wary gaze at the surroundings as the other explained their plans for the island
"I see."
Dusan eventually turned back to face her again.
"You will find more interference than just the gym leader."
This place was full of spirits and spirits if unappeased could do some very... horrible things.
"The 'they' she speak of are very real and if not taken care of would sabotage your efforts."

"Perhaps even fatally."

Cryptic warning aside the man stood up with a flourish. "However I am a former excorist so perhaps I could lend a hand with this situation."

The other man nodded and ran off a string of numbers, "That's the file name, if it suits you perhaps you can go over it and we can meet up when my business on this island is done?

Against all odds, the new tyrant had been crowned atop the fallen body of the old. But there was still one more fighter left to fight. Auroras, who has since been unable to inspire confidence in this narrator, was the last to hold the line. "Auroras, give it a Hyper Beam!"

Calling forth the frozen air to its dorsal fins, the frosty long-neck fired its most powerful beam weapon against the enemy.

>Hyper Beam
>Auroras has Refrigerate
DICKS quickly returns the cursed Magnezone, before the damage can be maximized, replacing the magnet with a Scizor. Fearow descends from above to CLAW at the exposed Sableye.

>Magnezone switches to Scizor
>Fearow uses Fly on Sableye, 2, 5, and 8 miss

and with that, Tyranno collaped with a thud

"that was a close match! Guess ive got a bit of toughengi up to do."

The one time Auroras doesn't miss... Well, damn. "You did good son" the leader replied, as he recalled his frosty long-neck. "If you think you still need some practice, I hear the Guadalcanal gym is getting a new leader in a couple of days. Maybe you want to head back that way and try the gym over there out?"

"Sounds like a plan!"

"With all due respect, sir, I've never been one to place stock in the realm of ghost and goblins," Rei replied, writing down the string of numbers that the man rattled off "but any help you care to offer, Lady Sanae will graciously accept. This island is a stinking mess that will only discourage trainers from coming to our region, and the sooner that gets rectified, the better."

"I will see that Lord Isamaru takes a look at this file. When he has finished analyzing its contents, either he or Lady Sanae will get in touch with you to arrange another meeting."

The short woman glanced around, clearly reaching the limits of her patience for this place. "Is there anything else you wished to discuss, sir?"
"Believe what you wish, even if it is merely a large gathering of ghost pokemon it will need to be dealt with eventually."
The priest answered before adding an assuring, "but I will do what I can."

Dusan started to walk off before pausing again, "I have no other requests other than that you keep any public knowledge of my rank hidden, if the target realizes I am here he could panic."

With that said the figure would turn away again. "But that is all, I will not tally to keep you here any longer, it may not be safe for you."
Oh, so it hitted autosage.
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