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>foe sends out his yzard >knockoff his mega stone >reverts

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>foe sends out his yzard
>knockoff his mega stone
>reverts to normal, loses sun
That's not how that works. Nice try anon.
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>foe has speed boost
>his mon starts getting slower
Nice try, pal
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>foe sends out ampharos
>forgets to mega evolve
>defenses are low
>haxorus used dragon pulse
>it's super effective
>btfo 1 hit k0
I love doing this OP
I bet he.didnt see it coming
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>foe sends out megamom
>use topsy turvy
>it attacks -2 times
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>foe sends out skill link cloyster
>i'll use will-o-wisp fefore he attacks-
>select fire punch
>Gliscor used Bug Bite!
>Gliscor ate Dusknoir's Lum Berry!
>Gliscor was healed of its poisoning!
>Dusknoir used Will o' Wisp!
>Gliscor was burned!
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>landing a knock off on a m-gengar
>playing doubles
>use fire punch on mamoswine, melting the ice and making it water/ground
>mega drain now does 4x damage
>dat synergy
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>Braviary used Brave Bird!
>Braviary has Sheer force
>Braviary doesn't receive recoil
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>foe sent out Drizzle Politoed
>use zap canon to neutralize him
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sweating blaziken.jpg
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>Foe sends out Scizor
>Use rock type attack
>Scizor fainted!
>switch to slaking
>opponent uses topsy-turvey
>slaking attacks twice per turn
>Enemy sends out Ambipom
>Its actually useful and not just a free switch every time it comes out
>Scarfed Greninja uses Return on enemy Gengar
>Protean turns it into a normal type
>Opponent's Gengar used Shadow Ball
>It doesn't affect Greninja
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wtf do you guys even play this game at all? none of this shit is right
>the joke
>your head
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whoopsie doodles.gif
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>Use Knock Off on Mega Pinsir
>Pinsir loses its mega stone and devolves, losing the flying typing
>It drops to the ground and is KO'd by the fall
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>Use Catapult Turtle to launch my Gaia the Dragon Champion onto your Castle of Illusions
>Its float ring breaks from the impact
>My Swords of Revealing Light hold it up in the air
>They disappear next turn
>Your Castle falls down right on your monsters because they're trapped underneath by your own defensive barrier
>All your monsters are destroyed
>Your LPs hit 0
>I win

i was going to post this
Sends out Shiftry
Breloom uses Mach Punch
Shiftry holds on with Focus Sash
Pickpocket activates and steals Toxic Orb
Shiftry uses Knock Off
Shiftry faints from the poison
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get face.png
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Jesus fuck the Yu Gi Oh anime was so full of BS.
It mostly stops after Duelist Kingdom.
Out of universe because Kazuki Takahashi got his shit together, and in-universe because the rules of the game became clearer and better enforced thanks to Kaiba's initiative.

at least they can poke fun at themselves
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>Arcanine used Flare Blitz !
>Arcanine was hurt by the recoil !
>The power of Arcanine's Fire-type moves rose!
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rdj face.png
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>My Gengar faces off against opponent's Gengar
>About to touch my mega ring for mega evolution
>Opponent's Gengar uses Trick
>Takes my Gengar's Megastone
>I end up mega evolving the enemy instead
Based Konami
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le joey face.jpg
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>Have Skarmory out on the field walling my opponent's Azumarill
>Predict his switch to Charizard Y and use Stealth Rock
>Charizard fainted!
Thread posts: 32
Thread images: 18

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