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Hey /vp/, you may have seen this be mentioned before: http:/

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Hey /vp/, you may have seen this be mentioned before: http://www.dragonflycave.com/favorite.html

And if you haven't, then it is basically just a program that picks out your favourite pokemon. Well, after some people contacted him and asked for it, the owner has updated the program with sixth gen pokemon (and a shiny version)!

Just thought I should let you guys know because I saw some people complaining earlier that it wasn't updated and I love it when programmers/developers listen to fans.
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r8 h8 etc.
>women in charge of upgrading computer technology
go back to tumblr
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>all this genwun
I'm surprised that I barely have any "recent" bros. Pretty good list, though Noivern's where it starts to bleh; I like Noivern, but prefer Xerneas/Brovyle/Reshiram/Vaporeon at of the ones that come to mind.
I didn't even see Vappy come up, actually. Must've accidentally deleted it.

I r8 gr8 m8 nice taste in bugs, vap/umbreon are qts and nidos are awesome. Why Bellsprout?
how's that ebin meme going? :^)
Ended up with Raikou, Deoxys, Articuno, and Whiscash.
Very respectable taste. Why Whiscash, though?
>no gen 6

I'm legitimately curious as to why. Not trying to start something
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I misclicked and ended up excluding 2 favs. The top bars are pretty accurate though.
excellent tastes
Argh, yeah. Misclicking in this is hell, shame they don't have a "go back" button.

Bretty good, mate. Nice mix of everything. I've noticed that Lanturn's getting popular here recently; when'd you start liking it?
It wasn't supposed to end up this high on the list, but blame the site's mechanics for that. However, I like Bellsprout a lot since I played HG with one. The little fella could sweep entire teams with Sleep Powder+Sunny Day+Solar Beam. I didn't have a Leaf Stone so I wanted to put off evolving him (Weepinbell is ugly, I wanted to skip that stage), but by the time I acquired Leaf Stones, he had grown on me too much, and now he's above level 50 with an Everstone.
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Feels sort of right, though I can't help thinking there are more deserving candidates for the lower rows.
Gen VI has a couple of nice Pokémon like Clauncher, Malamar, Sliggoo, or Braixen. They just haven't grown on me as much as older Pokémon (muh genwun), but that might be because I haven't had much of a chance to use them yet.
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It's a catfish that can spam Earthquake and is immune to lightning.

Why not Whiscash?
I'm not sure when it's supposed to end, but this seemed like a good enough place to stop
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>thought this was a thread where you make up a pokemon for an unused type combo
>it's just about that shity favourites finder
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hijack it then faggot

my own results in pic related. mah bro
I think I accidentally skipped a page that had Volbeat and Banette on it, otherwise it's pretty accurate.
>all this Hoenn
They fucking ruined it by switching to the godawful xy sprites.
>doesn't have a waifu

I feel sorry for you.
>liking horrible graphics

go back to minecraft you underage faggot
>liking horribly ripped 3D models

go back to being 12 years old you faggot that can't appreciate good pixel art
Since Gen II of course, more specifically Pokemon Stadium 2.
If you meant recently by the past week or so those might've been my posts though.
>no pokemon of ice and fire
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Amazing graphics right here.
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I like your taste a lot, Anon.
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exquisite taste, mang
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...Would you like to get coffee later?
Then have sex
Nice taste in bulky-mons (design wise, not their stats)
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muh favorites.png
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r8 deb8 and h8 m8s
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This shit takes fucking eons to go through, kept asking me about shitmons like Mothim I never clicked once and ended up burying some of my faves deep down in the pile. Anyway, these are good:
hey, you have some pretty good tas-
>Haunter and not Gengar
different anon but I like Haunter better because it actually looks like a ghost and not some kind of cat blob
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pocket men.jpg
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A few misclicks here and there, but fairly accurate otherwise.
You seem to like being weak to ice :^)
I selected Gengar in round one and it never asked me for it again. Same for Chandelure, my favorite ghost.

But I actually prefer Haunter to Gengar in terms of design.
Thanks anon!
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These are mine, I really love gen 3 bugs, though I skipped Shedinja my accident.
>I really love gen 3 bugs

>Masquerain will never be Water/Bug
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Screenshot (30).png
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Well, I wasn't expecting this...
Thread posts: 47
Thread images: 20

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