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>That pokemon who's your bro, but didn't make the

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>That pokemon who's your bro, but didn't make the cut onto your team of favs.
If it didn't make it onto your team, then it isn't in your Top 6. Why would you have more than 6 favorites anyways?
Not even people who like glaceon are stupid enough to use it.
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plz nintendo, I don't ask for much but give my sis a mega
Tried to use her in X but her cry is awful
>farfetch'd always in top 10
>no way in hell to make it usable

Hell if it just had endeavor you could get a single kill off it but no gamefreak hates it too much for even that.
My nigga jolteon. Magnezone just wrecks so much better :/
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Tyrantrum because on my favs team Mega Aerodactyl already does what it does without needing to set up Dragon Dance/Scarf.
Druddigon/Torterra because I don't run Trick Room and if I could find room for Druddigon, that same spot could be filled in by Tyrantrum.
Steelix because no reliable recovery and doesn't hit hard enough without setting up.
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Sometimes I hate this game.
Fuck it, I'm gonna find a way to make my bro work. Even if I have to use Baton Pass.

jolteon is so much faster.
just use it for scouting, wish passing, and thunderwave to cripple your opponents
I couldnt even begin naming them all.

baton pass evasion modifiers in the hail
[spoilers]it never worked[/spoilers]
My 3ft King is pretty decent but I'm worried he'd be wreckt.
Power Swap
Item: Leftovers
obviously this set doesn't have competitive playing in mind
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Her cuteness just isn't enough to make up for being NFE
>of favs
I wish you just simply said team, because there have been many times where there were Pokemon I really liked, but couldn't fit them onto my team or justify doing so.
Seriously this
Also good taste

Stuff like Salamence or Aegislash can easily make it into my team, but will never make it into my favourites.
Zangoose will top my favourites forever, but will never make it into any teams of any sort.
In the end none of them are actually what OP's asking for.
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Pic related. Little fucker's completely outclassed by Pikachu in practically every way.

Of course, if I'm actually making a team of just my favs, then most of the top picks get cut just for the sake of type variety. Almost all of my top 10 are steel types or electric types, so any "team of favs" would be curbstomped by practically anything that can use Earthquake or Earth Power.
>tfw Magnet Rise will never get something like Light Clay
>tfw we'll never get an ability that auto-sets Magnet Rise, like Drought or Drizzle
Pic still related.
>Little fucker's completely outclassed by Pikachu in practically every way.
Clearly you don't play VGC/Doubles
Sableye didnt make it in my team because i usually play doubles and already had whimsicott who's better at doubles.
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Its shit at everything.
Most of my favorites are bad, but not Stantler level, except for maybe floette.
Idk, I'd say it (and ledian, for that fact of the matter) need a full evo first before we start talking about megas considering their stats are that of some NFE pokemon

Run a special LO set with sticky web support. His insane coverage and Sheer Force boost make him surprisingly excellent at blowing through teams once you get their ultrabalky guy out of the way.

Pikachu and Raichu have their own advantages. Neither of them's amazing but you can get away with picking Raichu if you like it better.

Frankly I don't understand why everyone loves Raichu so much, Pikachu is much cuter in my opinion, but I guess that's just me.
Altaria (not for much longer).
Use Eternal Flower form when it/if it's ever released.
Timburr is a beast in LC.
I like Pikachu too, I just prefer Raichu's colour scheme. I think it's mostly just hipsters picking it because it's less "mainstream".
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My other favourite is Salamence, and he's better than Flygon in almost every way. It's not even worth having Flygon for stronger Earthquake and U-Turn.
Purugly. Sry fatbro.
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>Has been shitty for many years
>Perfect for fairy/electric mega in terms of appearance
>Ends up being a dragon/electric mega that looks like a fairy type
>Shitty moldbreaker ability
>Only useful dragon move is dragon pulse which got nerfed to 85 from 90 along with the entire fairy type adding to it's weaknesses
>Can't learn draco meteor
>Stat boosts are sub par

Fucking gamefreak

I don't wanna feel that feel. Hopefully mega Sceptile will be a huge improvement.
>implying it won't get draco move tutor
Fellow amphyfag here, I love mega amph.
>Even tankier
>Cotton Guard shenanigans
>Volt Switch/Thunderwave all day
>Heal Bell for your team
>Dragon secondary brings 3 more resisted types and a electric quad resist
Just watch those fairies
There's a Draco Meteor move tutor in XY and it still can't learn it.
I started using this nigga in Doubles yesterday.

Fucking wrecks SHIT. Excellent. Come to doubles mang, way more fun. Lot more viable things.
Raichu isn't amazing because it has zero durability, but the thing is way faster than Pikachu. It can also get a hold item, meaning it can use Air Balloon or Choice items.

Also, its good in double battles.
pls gamefreak

Too bad ice nerve makes the cut
Sheep is really good though. And who cares about fairies when Thunderbolt wrecks them anyway.
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I play a lot against my friend, but he doesn't use stat lowering ability or moves for my Wiggly to take advantage of
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He's the broest of bros.
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Jellicent, come on a physically defensive Jellicent is awesome. Give it Rocky Helmet, Scald, Toxic, Hex and Recover
Prob one of the most deserving for a mega. As long as they don't overdo the edge
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Nothing but a worse Gyarados.
One DD and your good to go.
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Thread images: 17

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