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>1 new comment
>it's a comment on somebody else's profile
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I-I'm not the only one like that, r-right?
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Leave your profile here and I will give you a notification
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I never use that thing so I'd be surprised.
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>it is another worthless card
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>tfw one notification per 3 months if i'm lucky
>Comment on someone else's profile
>Russian phiser trying to add me
> phiser
What is this?
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>tfw only regularly talk to 2 steam friends out of like 8
how do I make steam friends without accidentally adding ERPer gay sissybois?
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I usually get 2-3 invites and a comment or two from thirsty sluts and sissy fuccbois who need a good plowing
*on a daily basis
Give me your stuff

Hey, nice pic https://steemmcomuniti.org/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=432535645
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>"Shit, someone found out I was online pretending to be offline"
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>and a comment or two from thirsty sluts and sissy fuccbois who need a good plowing
Guilty as charged.
Your link's not working with me
(Yeah, I've changed >steemcomunity)
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Literally by playing video games. Eventually join some community steam group/discord etc.
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yall are pathetic :^) literal outcasts of society
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I'm just doing my job
I don't want to accidentally add some redditor or other non-4chan using scum though. I miss when you could add someone from here and they were cool and not homosexual.
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Then your only choice is to post id in steam friend threads. If you're lucky someone "normal" will add you.
you could just play with IRL friends and give two fucks about any steams whatsoever
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>tfw no thirsty sluts or sissy fuccbois ever add you
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>having irl friends
>people from 4chan having friends
>tfw all of my friends are pirates and I can't play video games with them

Having anime avatar should help :^)
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Thanks sir, it makes healslutting more enjoyable.
the firsts steps are always the most difficult but once you have some reputation, you'll get swarmed from all sides

that's why i nuked my profile a while back after having 100+ "anime girl face sluts looking for dick"
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>tfw bad at English and can't ERP because of it
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>he doesn't know about secret erp board and F-list
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the pleasure is mine (no pun intended)
are you a dom or sub?
if you are a dom, people expect you to have at least halfway decent grammar, however imagination and creativity is more important
if you are a sub you can literally just spam *moans* while having a slutty anime profile, that's enough for most people sadly...
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> secret erp board
Pls, tell me
Pretty certain he's talking about /trash/
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Community can be really awful, but it's perfect if you want start to erping and learn few things.
Oh, I know about
I often lurk in ntr threads, haha
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Your pleasure is all that matters, sir!
Somewhat related, but I'm actually a hard switch that goes from hard dom to hard sub pretty easily, but I almost always get submissive when I meet a competent dom. Dom-breaking with other switches or doms is a lot of fun, too.
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why are you spoilering, you little slut? stop getting excited

keep up the good work "healing" people
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I forgot about 8ch. There is entire /erp/ board on 8ch, you can learn a few things just by lurking there.
Get ready to pay for that wall pedro
File: XeE5kkS2_Q0.jpg (190KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I think that kremlin fuckers banned it here, so I think that I wouldn't be able to post while using proxies, but thanks anyway
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It's just a habit, sorry sir!
I used to be a really good medic in TF2 even when healslutting with friends, but I haven't played in a long time and honestly haven't played many online multiplayer games in months. I'm probably rusty by now.
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>I'm probably rusty by now.

it's always more fun when they squeal and squeek~
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If I'm rusty, that just means I'll be more likely to screw up and get insulted for how badly I'm playing! Which is exactly what I want~
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>Which is exactly what I want~

what a pathetic being!
I have a huge humiliation fetish, I can't help it. I'm just a big masochist that enjoys verbal abuse.
if that is the case, then i'll... stop calling you names so not to give you what you want, bye~
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>Implying he doesn't have a deprivation fetish so he's aroused either way
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god damn it nihon, fuck you!
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Now that's just rude, being a cock tease and leaving like that. At least drop a burner email.
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*deep breath in*

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Eh, deprivation is more fun with chastity stuff. Which, I need to buy a new cage because mine ended up being too small.
Oh fine, no fun allowed. Oh well, I tried.
>have a nice chat with someone once
>this happens, but I don't feel up for dealing with another human being so I don't respond
>they keep on trying to talk to me over the course of several months and I keep ignoring them
Please stop, dude. It's just becoming awkward now.
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Thread images: 37

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