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Persona Q is released in North America today
Last Thread: >>87302678

>Atlus appearing at PlayStation Experience on December 6th and 7th
>Persona Super Live 2015 concert announced, site implies it's P5 related
>Midsummer Knight's Dream BD releases March 11th, 2015, Falling Down in theaters Spring 2015
>P4GA OVA releases December 10th
>P4U2 OST releases December 17th
>P4U2 gets arcade update in January, adds shadow burst and console characters
>P4U2 version of Mad Catz TE2 stick open for pre-order
>NA release date for PQ was November 25th, Europe is November 28th

>View bracket

>General Persona Guide
>Persona 1 Guide

>Starter websites to learn:

>Art, Guides, Music and more (Persona only, contains P4U/P4U2 story transcripts and sprite/texture/script rips)
>Artbook, soundtrack, manga, and other downloads (Persona and SMT)
>P4 Dengeki Comic Anthology
>Persona/SMT image collection



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Shipping is the desire for two characters to be in a relationship.

I don't desire them to be together, thats pointless since they're already together.

Also, for canon couples
>for canon couples
I think you've got the wrong image, anon
Good work OP
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>It's canon because I say so!

Classic shipper
Eshop updates at noon eastern for those of you wanting the download version.

Just another 9 hours to go till I can get my copy
>H-haha, of course not...
Fuck you, Atlus USA. He didn't say that in the original.

Again for Aigis is not canon and she is not special to MC.
Just another 2 hours to go until I can get my copy
new thread, heres eli

its pretty good, go read it
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Best VR Attendant
>I have my copy already
> I can't make up for everyone we left behind...
>Originally he was talking about MC's friends and how he knows MC doesn't trust him as much as them.

You sure can trust Atlus USA to screw up even in the simplest stuff.
Aaaand of couse, once I make a post, a new thread starts.

I'll jsut say what I did before, I wish Atlus would make an actual canon FeMC tell us why Theodore is still around after Persona 3 Portable when he didn't seem to mean anything.
They already paid for the voice recording session, so now it's too late to fix it.
For Margaret and Elizabeth to bully, duh.
And P3P is canon.
>P3P is canon
I wouldn't buy it unless there was an official statement. There's no real indication that something in P3P was canon but not FES. Theodore is just around because nothing prevented him from existing.

I know. But when they recorded the voices that translation already existed. What I don't understand is why didn't translate it properly from the start. It's not like they are cultural references or anything.
More than anything, I'm scared that if they can't keep the meanings in the easy stuff, how different will be the overall characterization from the original (for starters I'm willing to bet Yukari doesn't read fanfiction in Japanese)
Liz is the best one so far

Really? 'cuz last time I checked, nothing seemed to come out of P3P besides Theodore, and we still have no reason for him to be here.
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I dont think fanfiction is a thing in Japan
>What I don't understand is why didn't translate it properly from the start.
It's one of the greatest mysteries in the world. Someone should ask the employees, because their translations can be inexcusably shit these days.
doge meme in ultimax
In P3P male route, Elizabeth says she has a brother in her final date request. Unfortunately I can't find a screenshot at the moment because most people doing LPs of P3P went with the girl route for the /u/ content.
you can't be serious
That's interesting.
I remember seeing somewhere that you can't put Yu Narukami's name in Persona Q, since it's too long. Maybe they found out Souji Seta is much better.

It's still kinda weird though, considering you get both the P3 and P4 protags, and they're both supposed to be named by the player.
>I dont think fanfiction is a thing in Japan
you get 6+6 characters instead of 8+8
it's pretty lazy that atlus USA didn't try harder to get enough characters for the canon name that's now been used in 2 games, 2 anime and 1 movie
who cares, you spregs

It is. Even Pixiv has a fanfiction section.
But it's, same as in the West, something consumed by nerds, which gives Yukari a secret otaku side. While it probably was romantic novels in Japanese, which is very typical of a girl like her, but at the same time has some dissonance with how she claims to not care about romance, thus being something embarrassing for her, but not at all an equivalent to reading fanfiction.
on NG+ i'll name one of my MCs spregs autism
Putting memes and nerd shit where there wasn't any is becoming too much of a trend. I don't know if mainstream consumers find them funny or it's the translators themselves that think they are funny and modern.
>IT's Jojo poses were Margaret's idea
>she even forced them to practice beforehand
Holy shit
>I don't think fanfiction is a thing in Japan
>The country where fanworks are produced and sold for profit
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Thread images: 8

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