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I'm positive you'll be alright edition
Last Thread: >>85633379

>Nerdy tourney happening on 11.10, last chance to sign up
>Midsummer Knight's Dream BD releases March 11th, 2015, Falling Down in theaters Spring 2015
>P4GA OVA releases December 10th
>P4U2 OST releases December 17th
>NA release date for PQ is November 25th, Europe is November 28th

>Sign up (North America only, starts November 10th)

>General Persona Guide
>Persona 1 Guide

>Starter websites to learn:

>Art, Guides, Music and more (Persona only, contains P4U/P4U2 story transcripts and sprite/texture/script rips)
>Artbook, soundtrack, manga, and other downloads (Persona and SMT)
>P4 Dengeki Comic Anthology
>Persona/SMT image collection



For Kaoru
For Akihiko spagheti
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For positive thinking
For perfection even in Q
>got rid of stop fucking asking
Wow OP.
Miles how are you going to fix the bracket? If you look now it's a mess.
Its been months since anyone cared about the page number, its all about making one right at 750 posts so you can use your shitty picture of MC or Yu, or both, as the OP
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I wanted to call you a faggot for making the thread before we even hit the bump limit, but the OP image saved you.
Consider yourself lucky.
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For adding characters to completed works with names that begin with Mari
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For Kindness
To be fair, Mari hasnt really done jack shit in like any of the movies. Rebuild is silly for reasons that have nothing to do with her.
also that Aigis engrish.

Marie was forcibly contrived to be a big part of IT and the story.
but then her dungeon was fun, and it got us the ski shack scene, so theres that.

anime runs on give and take. or something.
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I actually don't particularly give enough of a damn about Marie one way or another. I can largely ignore her because she takes up such a small part of the game that it doesn't really matter. Her dungeon was pretty fun, too. I hope P5 has more stuff like that.

I guess she kind of spoiled the second animation, but anime adaptations are crap 99% of the time, so it doesn't surprise me.
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>she kind of spoiled the second animation
And Adachi.
and IT
and P4 in general.

Its a miracle that an episode as fun as the xmas one got made.
also the Yukiko ponytail.
I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say here. I'm just saying you can pretty much ignore the entirety of it and you'd be better off.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 11

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