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It deflects bullets too, Edition

Previously on /d3g/ >>117662843

>Official game guide:

>2.3 Patch Notes

>Season 4 Preview

<d3g> clan appears dead, R.I.P. Please, name other clans with your full btag# when you apply.

>Unofficial game news and builds

Name the following clans for requesting invite with your "full" Battletag#No and region. Empty slots may vary
<NOFUN>vidya on EU
<MM> and <NOFUN> on US

тЧЖLinks &information
>Character Planner &simulator

>Reroll weapon DPS Calculator for comparison

>GrimD3, Shade filter information:

тЧЖCharts &spreadsheets:
>Torment Scaling Information

>Possible weapon damage ranges:

>Reroll weapon DPS Calculator for comparison (google doc)
Go to "File", click "Make a copy" to open it on your google drive

>Droprates and average gamble, upgrade cost per unique item for each class

>Greater Rift progression percent mob table:
Invite for NA clan, Laine#1750
also first for butts
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Xpost for best grill
You're angling for a bojangling
>Can't even play a Support Crusader somewhat akin to Inna's Monk because their healing is just so shitty and survivability is somehow absolute dogshit despite having every tool in the world for damage mitigation.

God I wish Crusaders were useful for SOMETHING.
Solo stutterstep push grifts
man finally got furnace, this some next level bullshit right there.
What do you do if you don't have Reaper of Souls?
You keep farming Caverns of Aranaea, Keep Depths and Vault of Assassin. Sdroously don't be a broke ass buy RoS it adds alot and makes gearing easier.
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Reroll int up or chc to 6?
>wrong its
And the rest looks so nice, too. Most people don't even bother to color things.
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>femme tanks/tanky characters
>look like dykes

Why cant they look like pic related

there's a discount on RoS Digital copy (code only) on Amazon thats only $10, just mow your neighbor's lawn till you get that muich (or give him a blowjob)
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Because most masculine women literally are dykes, unfortunately. I actually think both the barbarian and crusader are pretty cute and normal looking.

You know, besides being fucking huge and all.
Okay, maybe the female barbarian isn't "cute".

>there's a discount on RoS Digital copy (code only) on Amazon thats only $10
How unfortunate. I just bought the code on Amazon for $20 a couple days ago.
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Taking a wee bit more damage at this level
Enjoy Rockworm gangbang ahead
pls no I don wanna die
Then get Ice Armor or Energy Armor on action bar. Your hydras or magic weapon, won't protect you from insta-hits, you know?
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Still $20 for me. Now I gotta suck two dicks.
Tfw just ate 3 courses of continental breakfast
I guess you could say I got all of the days eating out of the way at once
I couldn't eat another bite
I'm proud of you anon
>Sit in Blighter's special AoE attacks
>Health regenerates slightly slower than it normally would
>Get hit by his regular melee attack while at full health
>Near-Death Experience immediately triggers

Did Blizzard accidentally swap the damage values for his normal and special attacks when programming this guy?
>While playing through campaign

lmao what

You can stand in an arcane affix and your health will barely tick down, if the arcane beam can even out-damage your health regen at all.
anyone playing reaper of souls on ps4? i'm lvling a hardcore character up atm
they kill me in 3-4 seconds on Expert with my current top notch gears, but ain't nobody standing in those
So am I my folks were mortified we're on the way to wembly now to watch gamburger footballs

>burgers and kebabs

aren't Americans and Muslims like worst enemies?
>Now, at last, to my true goal, the one that has always eluded me: the utter destruction of the High Heavens!
sounds like Mephisto's in control tbh
Arrogant nephelel you will never foil my plan
I have rused youj it was never Hakkan it was me belial the whole time I lied to you !
Hey nico it's your cousin azmo let's go bowling
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Just got an ancient calamity, do builds really even use it or do they just cube it and call it a day?
ya, all the Prime Evil dialogue is absolutely disastrous, but can always look at some of the context
But both stores are run by Muslims welcome to London friendo
Uzreal best boss tbh
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>was complaining earlier that acid cloud didn't do enough damage
>reread hell tooth set
>"after casting fire wall gain 900% increased damage"
fuck I feel stupid
Does the toughness stat take into account block chance? It doesn't seem like it does.
>Throw Barbs
>Legit melee Wizards (Non-Archon)
>No-shield 2H Crusaders
>Support Crusaders
>Full pet (Pygmys, Gargantuans, Dogs) Doctors
>None of them will ever be viable

Kill me.
Season 5 Mellee demon hunters
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anne may.png
711KB, 903x822px
>No-shield 2H Crusaders

I think you'd be surprised.

I mean don't expect to be topping the leaderboard but, why would you expect that with anything but the current hammerdin meta?
so I made a barb for the season, I'm level 20 what should I do to ping 70 and which build?
I stopped right after reaper of souls
>tfw frozen orb doesn't sound anything like it did
Hi im new too whatever you do dont play story
i still have nightmares
>you cant kill malthael you will need help
>oh look in malthaels dungeon right on the parh to bim are some spirits who lend you their power

Why even put this shit in there. Why telling me that you need something special when its right before the fight?
Also, imperius literally
>i could kill malthael and save everyone but he is my brother
>so you have to do it lol
>i could kill malthael and save everyone but he is my brother
>so you have to do it lol

Actually he couldn't, Malthael is stronger than Imperus by a pretty wide margin. Imperus is just a prideful bastard.

Honestly I think if you leave out the mcguffins and the deus ex machinas the story isn't that bad, but I actually like the dialog at times. Maybe I'm alone but I find some of the conversations funny.

Which is actually why I don't mind the Malthael bit at the end. it's worth it to hear your former master scold the crusader for not taking on an apprentice yet.
>Malthael is stronger than Imperus by a pretty wide margin.
power levels are for faggots like metzen and michael kirkbride
>Actually he couldn't, Malthael is stronger than Imperus by a pretty wide margin. Imperus is just a prideful bastard.

pulling that bit out of your ass, or do you have confirmation?
>Diablo 2
>Story and Dialog: Kurt Beaver, Stieg Hedlund, Matthew Householder, Phil Shenk, Robert Vieira
>Story Concept and Script Editor: Chris Metzen

>Diablo 3
>Additional Writing: Flint Dille, Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie, Brian Kindregan, Chuck McMackin
>Story Director: Chris Metzen

One of the crusader quest journals literally states that Malthael is the most powerful angel, and in case you forgot Malthael not only was feeding on death (which made him much stronger than he was before) but he absorbed the black soulstone and absorbed the power of the Prime Evil (which if you remember from Act 4 could effortlessly rip Imperus' asshole apart).

Malthael is suppose to be stronger than Diablo as the Prime Evil.
Oh I also forgot, there's the fact that Malthael has the "power of death" bullshit armor which means that even if he WAS as powerful as Imperius, Imperius couldn't do jack shit to hurt him regardless as even Tyraels angelic blade was useless.
Any sort of decent Crusader outside of Boringdin would surprise me, honestly.
why do you allow them to use the 'din' fix? these niggas aren't paladins

absolutely disgusting
Invite for EU clan, Frigol#2472
"hammerdin" sounds a lot better than 'hammersader".

You can actually come close to the leaderboards without going hammerdin, but the real solution here is to make Akarat's Champion set similar to the Immortal King set.

That would fix a lot.
>not crusammer
>public GR
>Ancient warriors blood drops
>Next rift
>Ancient solemn vow
>Give crusader pub
>Says he can reroll now

That's my good deed of the day done.
I believe in you
Toss me a clan invite (NA): Progress#1139
Does Fulminator's Proc damage the target that is turned into the lightning rod?

I remember it didn't back in S1, but a lot of shit has changed since then.
Is burst of wrath a good effect for wizard or crusader?
sent :)
How good is the chantodo's set? Already have the weapon, just got the source.

>sent :)
didn't get it

Why can't I get beyond grift 47?
Because you're a demon hunter.
say that shit to my face irl not online and see what happens
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omlette du fromage.jpg
30KB, 400x286px
Best bracers for barb? Right now I'm just using ancient Trag'Oul Coils, waiting for something better to drop.
Depending on your build you might want strongarm or bracers of the first man.
is diablo 3 good on xbone? more importantly, is it fun to play while drunk?
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k thx bby
What's a good toughness to aim for as wizard?
So what is the ideal way to get loot to go up in grifts?

My friend and I are on about level 22 and haven't really progressed from it in quite a while. Are we supposed to keep running rifts in hopes of an upgrade, or take a risk and reroll our legendaries?
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This was the highlight of my day
We proceeded to lose 14 - 27
Directed by Michael bay : my wasted paragons
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Even London was mocking my lack of paragon gains
Remember the diablo2 days where dying was harshly penalized? Yea, me neither.
Baal did nothing wrong
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Thread images: 15

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