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DBZ Games

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Fuck why is this game's soundtrack so good? Listening to it is orgasmic.
Which are some good db games on ps3?
Burst Limit
maybe Raging Blast 2 just for Future Gohan
is there a link to playlist? how can i listen?

Anything can be made good if it's plagiarized.
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Budokai 3 had the best OST.

File: 1423900834268.png (458KB, 1657x2163px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What if this existed?
Literally GOAT
>just got home with game
>start it up
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzuR_KxPz4Q starts playing
>Literally stare at screen with mouth wide open and leaking drool
The game itself was leagues better than the first two budokais which made it even better. That day is something i'd love to be able to experience again
It really is great
Best OST of 7th gen together with Sonic Unleashed imo

Wrong game nigger
Kenji Yamamoto(aka YamaSHIT) didn't compose for this game
So talk about music from Tenkaichi 3, then.
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Lukather fucking stole the show on those soundtracks. Honestly though, it still amazes me to this day that they shelled out the money for the guys from Toto and the Tower of Power. Such a shame they've been erased, though admittedly it was completely justified.
The one you posted is from Budokai 3 not Tenkaichi 3...
What the hell's going on...*confused*

And Tenkaichi 3 wasn't "composed" by Yamashit either

I swear the only good thing Yama did was ripoff those songs from that German Band "Propaganda" to "create" this
the best.


best theme in the game.

I think you mean

>Topic is about Budokai Tenkaichi 2 soundtrack
>People posting Budokai 3 tracks

Why are Budokai 3 fags such cancer?
No one EVER talks about Tenkaichi's OST. Like, ever. It's not like its particularly bad (all three games do sound a bit samey after a few listens IMO), yet no one ever posts any songs. And obviously, you want to. So start posting songs from it.
Then post some, faggot.
whats wrong with Budokai 3?
Here anon

>That cutscene with perfect cell where lost courage plays

It was more exciting than the anime. Prove me wrong.
I don't like it in the replaced ost copy of raging blast 2 I have.
Ain't as good as Budokai 3s

I really need to fix that image someday
Here faggot


It's just thread was clearly started about Tenkaichi 2
thx man
>Ain't as good as B3's
You're right
It's much better
The narrator introductions in tenkaichi 2 were so fucking cool.




the entire soundtrack is good but, these are my favorites
In what way? Budokai 3's sound track is mostly tracks from songs everyone already enjoys, you can't beat that
That's fucking better. Now quit being a bitch about it.

Also, how has no one posted Challengers yet?
Anyone else feel Tenkaichi 3's soundtrack was a disappointment compared to 2's?

I mean it had some good tracks but it was too samey...too much electric guitar and shit
Tenkaichi 2 is not even the best Tenkaichi.
Quality is a bit shitty, but they're a'ight.
this is the best Quality you will find sadly.
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>Dark Half
>Lost Courage

Truly impeccable taste. Im respecting the fuck out of you right now anon. Have some ass.
>Shitty versions of songs "everybody" enjoys
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Is it?
The only truly good track I can think of is this
I just want to say that Extreme Butoden's Extreme World Tournament final song is great and I wish it was on youtube
>Not having both
Yeah, I wish you could import BT2's music to 3.
Tenkaichi 2>>>>> 3 nigger
Only thing BT3 is better at is having a bigger roster

BT2's Story Mode was so much better than BT3's garbage shitty one

And BT2's Store and Customization was much much better

I also hated that they got rid of the L1 function where you hold it and you can find your opponent
Also hated that the camera was more zoomed in in Tenkaichi 3
Didn't the Japanese and English Tenkaichi games have different soundtracks?
Sadly they're gamerips
Official albums for these games are not available

Thanks bro
You know, when people try and compare Budokai's OST to Tenkaichi's, it feels like comparing Dragon Ball Z's American soundtrack to the Japanese version.
You need to relisten the soundtrack then

absolutely wonderful
Most likely the lyrics were just removed from the opening theme.
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>BT2's Story Mode was so much better

I fucking loved the story narrations.
Not really
Bruce Faulconer's Soundtrack was not plagiarized like Kenji Yamamoto's shit

Also the Budokai Tenkaichi games in Japan(called the Sparking! Series over there) had remixed music from the Original Japanese DBZ Soundtrack...I used to be jelly as fuck that the international version didn't have it...at least as an optional soundtrack
Hironobu Kageyama made this great song for Sparking Meteor(Budokai Tenkaichi 3) which was only Instrumental in the International Version :(
You really should. It's an interesting idea.
For me, it was this:
The RPG level system was very in-depth too
I got addicted to beating the fuck out of Saibamen Fodder to level up my characters in Story Mode
Shit was amazing
So, just wondering, is the only reason they're bad because they're not his or do the songs themselves actually suck?
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Ultimate Budokai.png
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It should look much better, it's way more condensed, I must have made that original one like 2 years ago or so
Plenty of good bands steal shit off each other all the time, though. Just look at critical darlings like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple.
Yeah, that's much better.
Wasn't Yamamoto really fucking blatant about his shit, though? Like, for the music he did for Kai, he was straight up ripping off stuff from movie soundtracks, like Avatar, and The Terminator. That's why he got pulled.
>music from Avatar and The Terminator
Gonna need some source on that shit.
Never said they were bad
They're not my thing and they don't have that Dragon Ball Feel to me but I never said they were bad

One thing I hate from him though is the godawful Dragon Ball Kai soundtrack
That shit was horrible

Still stand by my stance that the only plagiarized song I like from Yama is "Battle Point Unlimited"(the insert song when Trunks kills Freeza in the Japanese version)

Don't put Deep Purple in the same line as Yamamoto who has probably never composed anything original in his life

Here's the video I think.
I even started making a short animation to show off the gameplay, but ya, I don't have the time to spend hours on that, showing off the power guard feature did make it in though

I've gotten a lot more into game design so it would be possible for me to actually create the game now potentially, however I just don't have the luxury of devoting hours and hours into something that won't make money
Kenji Yamamoto (山本 健司 Yamamoto Kenji?, born July 1, 1958) is a Japanese music composer and arranger who has been responsible for producing and composing soundtracks, including opening and ending sequence themes for various anime, tokusatsu and video game projects in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Most notably, he has worked on soundtracks of various Dragon Ball video games.

Yamamoto has also composed background music for Dragon Ball Kai, a revamped version of the anime series Dragon Ball Z. On March 9, 2011, Toei Animation publicly acknowledged that many of Yamamoto's musical works for the series infringed upon unidentified third-party copyrights. As a result, Toei removed Yamamoto and replaced his compositions with those from the original Dragon Ball Z series written by Shunsuke Kikuchi.[1][2] The plagiarism of these works have been known to fans since May 2010.[3] His compositions in the games were also replaced.
I even forgot I did some sound effects for it as well

It's crazy that he's been doing it since the early 90s too whenever he was working the anime and the games(yes even the SNES games) and he only got caught 20 years later

There's a whole thread dedicated to his plagiarisms in Kanzenshuu(Dragon Ball Forum)
Some jap guy Kei17 in particular always finds some dirt on Yamamoto every now and then
why does his finger look like a penis?
If youre seeing a penis then you might be sucking a little too much cock senpai.
Looks bretty good, anon. Who knows? Maybe it might happen in some form or another.
Possible but namco bandai hates money, just look at the new DBZ game for the 3DS, they're only just now rolling out online play for it in japan only

And they still haven't localized that digimon game
Why did they never make a Tenkaichi 4?
It's called raging blast 2, or any of the other shit games they released after tenkaiichi 3
Fuck, is that game any good?
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Howdy there. I'm Android 13.

Look at my trucker hat.
no it's broken as fuck, none of the games past budokai 3 were very good games overall

Ignore the bad font, though the man's choice of music is god tier

Only really funny part was goten
Infinite World was great, so was Super Dragon Ball Z.
>pause right when 13 nut-punches Goku
>see two balls shatter

But the Raging Blast games sucked
I guess any of the games part the PS2 era is more accurate

the lore is too deep
I like the idea that the reason Goten can go Super Saiyan at such a young age is because 13 punching Goku in the Dragon Balls gave his sperm a zenkai.
Tenkaichi 2 and 3 were great games anon

Revolutionary games too for being the first "behind the shoulder" fighting games which nobody gives them credit for which pisses me off
If Street Fighter did the industry would suck Capcom's dick I guarantee it
They're good DBZ simulators, but not very good fighting games overall, there's almost no variety in play style and hercule is broken in T2
Also earlier in the episode when they scan him it shows "potential weak point"
>No variety
How exactly?

You have guys like Kid Goku,Roshi,Kid Chichi,Pilaf Robot Gang

Then you have Adult Goku,Z Fighters,Vegeta

Then you have their Super/Oozaru Forms etc.

And still I'm right about them pretty much creating a goddamn genre on their own and the Gaming World just not giving a shit about it and retarded Gaming Journalists not giving Spike Chunsoft/Namco Bandai any credit for it
Spike Chunsoft is the successor company
Everyone pretty much fights the same though, most of them are just literal reskins going from normal to SSJ 1 and so on

The giants are yes a different play style, as are some of the melee only fighters, but that only means they're at a disadvantage
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epic foreshadowing.png
2MB, 1440x800px
>Not liking BT3

But even then Super sonic warriors was pretty good.
The second was allright in a few ways though I hated how it handled the point system, should of kept it like the first.
I still want a game based of the first supersonic warriors but with more characters and actually incorporated more of the characters forms in different point levels.
Honestly I love BT3, but raging blast took it a step in the right direction for mechanics.
At the same time it took it a step backwards on other stuff though.

Actually that sums up DB games pretty nice, a step forward and a step backwards each game.
Well that's true for pretty much ever Dragon Ball game though
The character styles of fighting in the series are not very different from each-other's
I had it for the Wii, and it was fun enough, but overall, not a very good game
BT3 was a step backwards itself
Story Mode was absolute trash-tier compare to BT2's god-tier campaign

Customization and the Store were terrible too
Don't tell me you played with the godawful motion controls?
>Listening to Awake

Holy shit, get fucking hype. I wouldnt even start a story quest because I wanted to listen to this.
They worked fine for me, I don't remember having any real issues
Well anyways, I'll read more responses but I really need to sleep, see yall in the next thread
They're awful
Definitely not the best way to play the games

If you play against someone with a gamecube controller who's good at the game you'll be wrecked
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best songs
Remember when you HAD TO unlock the Super Saiyan Forms and many of the characters?

And then BT3 just gave you the Super Saiyan forms by default and most of the characters were already unlocked
What a joke
File: 1438577548932.gif (987KB, 500x452px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>that guy that picked Kid Goku
Gets me mad to this day, can't fucking hit him because he's so small
Fuck you faggot, I hated having to unlock the forms. No idea why you would want this.
I don't remember Kid Goku being hard to hit

On the other hand
>when somebody picked Gogeta SSJ4
Because it made the game feel fulfilling you faggot
Bitch what are you on about? You need goals and shit for a game to be fulfilling? Fuck outta here with that.
SSJ4 Gogeta was too fucking fast dammit.
>Not liking unlockables
I bet you gladly pay for DLC too faggot
Why? It was the hypest shit when a new transformation came up and was unlocked in the story mode.
This nigger gets it
Versus Mode. I meant vs mode not story.
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Why did I see todd's face on broly at first?
Yeah...although I could easily kick his ass with Kid Goku or Roshi or whatever even in the highest difficulties
>My friends were pushovers at the game
>I used to pick Kid Goku and tell them to pick 5 of the strongest guys they want
>I'd kick their ass every time

But if I ever played with someone at my skill level who picked Gogeta I bet it would be a fucking hard fight

Gogeta SS4 was fun to play as though
>No Granulated Oblivion
>No Awake
>No Crisis
>No Menace
>No BT2 soundtrack at all
>Posts Broly

Cmon senpai. Its a decent list but its time to step up.
Why is it always extremes with you people?
I understand transformations being locked in story mode, but locking it for every other mode? That shits retarded.
I was wondering if youd put my favourite song in that list and bam first link I click there it is ancient mystery. Goddamn I love tenkaichi
You don't get it
Unlocking them for VS. Mode was what made the whole thing so cool
At first you don't have the transformations when you play in Vs Mode...then you play the Story Mode and BAAAAAAAM!!! "You have unlocked the power to transform into a Super Saiyan" that was fucking awesome as shit back then
Oh yeah definitely one of the best tracks in the game

He's a Budokai 3 fag
Just let him be son

Goddamn those story intros were cool.
That shit was stupid back then. Having to play through the same fucking story every time a new game came out was lame as fuck.
>Not liking the story mode
Nigger what?

Oh god why cant there be a story mode like BT2 again?
>budokai games have the sickest fucking beats
>you bring up tenkaichi games which are fucking awful
kill yourself you nigger
>using the gamecube controller
>not using the superior Classic controller pro

Still waiting for a Tenkaichi HD collection
>Talking shit about Tenkaichi's soundtrack for the samey garbage in budokai

Budokaifags are the worst cancer. Oh god Im vomiting right now.
>Not enjoying both

Shit Taste: The Post

People are right to call budokaifags cancer.
Well I played them with the PS2 controller
Since that's what I had at the time

Budokaifag please go

This is why I hate Budokaifags
They're some of the most obnoxious fans ever
Because faggots whine and complain about having to play through the story "again"

Goddammit I remember having so much fun with BT2's story mode
Leveling up my characters by beating Saibamen,acquiring them Zeni to go to Baba's Shop to buy items to boost my stats etc.
Playing for like 15 hours straight and not finishing the goddamn story mode(got to Baby Vegeta turning into Golden Ape then got tired) and then finishing it the next day

Then sometimes after that
>Anticipating news of BT3
>News finally arrive
>Watching every video/image I can find on the Net
>Japanese Website goes Live and I go "Holy fucking shit"
>Some time passes and the game gets released
>Buy it,take it home and playing the story mode
>Finish it in 2-3 hours
>Get disappointed :(
Have a listen to some of the more obvious offenders and decide for yourself. Personally, I enjoy the tracks, but it's still inexcuseable.

Yamamoto was really blatant, but it only caught up with him because he did it so much. Led Zeppelin also had a bad habit of doing it frequently, I really hope Randy California's family wins the lawsuit over Stairway, they deserve it after seeing how he died.
Yamamoto's not the only one who does this either(not excusing him)

Seems quite a few Japanese Anime Composers do this shit(Yoko Kanno is another example)

And yeah he did it too much...he did it for like 20 years before he got caught which is pretty insane
There's a whole thread on Kanzenshuu about his plagiarisms...some Jap user named Kei17 always finds out some dirt on him every now and again by comparing some old tracks to some existing music

It disgusts me when some Newfag Dragon Ball fans say the Kai Soundtrack is better than Shunsuke Kikuchi's Original DBZ OST
Fuck no...that soundtrack was awful and thank god based Japan agrees with me since they hate it too
It probably has to do with Japan's copyright laws being much more lax than in the west.
I can't say I'm a fan of dbkai's or Kikuchi's soundtracks.
shame they dropped the ball on Tenkaichi 3's soundtrack, I loved Tenkaichi 2

I still like Tenkaichi 2 better gameplay and storymode wise too






And of course, the number one track:


I remember all of these so fucking well
me and my friends always had a rule that no one was allowed to pick SS4 gogeta unless we were specifically doing a gogeta mirror match

that nigger is just straight up broken, but I don't think he was meant to be balanced anyways
>shame they dropped the ball on Tenkaichi 3's soundtrack

Though Tenkaichi 3 had a couple of decent tracks but not too many

The jap soundtrack(which was just remixed versions of the OG DBZ Soundtrack) had this badass song by based Hironobu Kageyama tho(which sadly the International Version had it without the lyrics :/)
Haha yeah
But I'm ok with him being a broken character
Although defo not a character to pick vs your friends
Still the best DBZ game. Never played BT3 because it was hard to ever put BT2 down.

BT2 is better
Becuz of the much better story mode,soundtrack and customization

BT3 has a bigger roster with many more characters tho which is one spot where BT3 has got BT2 beat
>English intro
Oh man, 'Murricans got it bad.
Because all they did was rip off other songs
I really liked BT3 though. Still fun.
>Play tenkaichi 2 on ps2
>love the control scheme
>get tenkaichi 3 for wii
>hate control
>remember classic controller pro and how it is very similar to a Dualshock
Good times
Not BT2 faggot

That's the Budokai series with the plagiarism not the Tenkaichi games
Disappointing Story Mode tho

I just tried it on the Wii some months ago(got a hacked Wii) and tried an iso of it and to my shock it was the Japanese Soundtrack for some reason and I was happy as fuck cuz...

When I originally bought it for the PS2 I always wanted the Japanese Soundtrack what with me being a huge fan of the OG DBZ Score and all but unfortunately just like BT2...BT3 had an Different International Soundtrack and there was no option to switch to the Japanese Soundtrack(and BT3's soundtrack being meh compared to BT2's didn't help matters)

Anyways...tried playing it with the Wiimote and Nunchuk and it was awkward as hell
>tfw when don't have gamecube controller or classic one :(

Where's my BT2/BT3 HD Remaster Combo with Optional Japanese Soundtracks DAMMIT?
They already released that Budokai HD Remaster...I want my Tenkaichi HD Remasters :'<
File: e57ety.jpg (65KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Get undub for BT3 on Wii


Fucking anime music everywhere
Shit is 10/10
For some reason the WAD file I downloaded of Tenkaichi 3 for the Wii had the Japanese Soundtrack as default...I'm not sure if it was modified or something but it did

And yeah the Remixes of the old anime songs are fucking Godtier
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Thread images: 16

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