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What's your dream game, anon? The game you'd do anything

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What's your dream game, anon? The game you'd do anything to make. The genre doesn't matter, and it doesn't matter how fleshed our your idea is.

Mine is a silly, lighthearted game where you can make your own witch and interact in that sort of magical world. I'm not sure about combat or whether I'd rather it be singleplayer or have it be an MMO, but to me it's more about experiencing the world anyway. Whimsical and a little dark, while giving you the ability to make your character the way you want her because it's magic damnit, there shouldn't be any limitations.
A proper Mass Effect trilogy.
That's a good one, but what would specifically would you change?
Almost everything, except the basic ME1 lore. So, a little too much to list. It starts with throwing away the idea of Reapers. That's just stupid from the start. Yes, Sovereign conversation was intense, but illogical, too, so it all fell apart from there.
An FF-style JRPG where the medieval setting is replaced with a late-90s/early 2000s urban gangsta rap setting a la Def Jam Vendetta. Just, more... Final Fantasy-y. Your party is a gangbanger, a Yakuza, an Irish boxer, an R&B songstress, a Shaolin b-boy, and a DJ. Your main weapon is a pair of Glocks named ExtraCalibre.
My dream game had existed for a long time. Its called Guardian Heroes.

But I guess a proper Harry Potter MMO would be the tits.
Dark Souls 1
with larger world
with better graphics
with better customization
with better balance
with better multiplayer
with more enemies
with more of everything
I wish I could find that one image/collage of what some guy used to describe his perfect C&C video game because it aptly sums up what I want to see too.
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2MB, 400x400px
A comfy game about childish wonders and adventures.

>Start screen is just the title above the main character who's sitting/resting, and a "Press Any Key"
>You'll jump right into action after the start screen: the camera slightly zooms in and you're free to control the character
>Whenever you press Start/Esc, the game autosaves, the character rests, camera zooms out, and bam it's the title screen with "Press Any Key"

>Creative idle animations, i.e. eating an apple you got earlier, cloud-gazing, doze off under a tree...
>No texts/narrations/dialogues/expositions
>Real time, as in one minute in game is one minute in real life
>No UI
>Every single thing in the world is interactable
>The player character can inspect every item closely, manipulate it with their hand, etc
>No ending

Mash the worlds of The Witcher 3 and Demon/Dark Souls together, make a combat system that feels as good as those of the souls games but is actually more involved than endless circlestrafing shit.
Add magic from Dragon's Dogma, and the item system of TES, so everything has a 3d model and can be interacted with beyond just
>loot container

Then just make it absolutely fucking gigantic and filled with content, characters, quests, interaction and infinite attention to detail.

Maybe as icing on the cake add some sort of multiplayer that is not a competitive/mmo-like, but I don't have a clear idea on that.

I know, very vanilla and basic, but its all I ever wanted.

Oh and no leveling system at all, progress through skill and loot only, possibly a crafting system like that of MonHun.
I want a MMO with:

Dark Souls combat
Path of Exile itemization
Archeage farming/building/sailing
World of Warcraft ranked PvP (designated arenas in capital cities).

Preferably set in a fantasy world with vast deserts and oceans, cities built around water and oasis. No fast traveling or flying. There would actually be very large spaces with no enemies, just plain barren land where players could build outposts, houses or things like that.
a game where you can project design your own cars from zero.
So Dark Souls 2.
Dead Space with 98% of the combat taken out and replaced with atmospheric exploration and puzzle solving.
A Harry Potter version of Bully.
I want a game where you stand on the bridge of an atomic space battleship with a strong WW2 aesthetic and fire really big guns at other space battleships. Bonus for space submarines and space aircraft carriers.
You say dreamgame so I'm going as unrealistic as possible.
A touhou fangame with bigass pseudo-open world Gensokyo. Mainly because I'm not sure how else to describe something like a modern Ys game's level design where you can go anywhere anytime, but it's still confined with untraversable terrain to prevent big empty gay spaces while still being open-ended and cinematic and pretty and etc. Graphically, it would use the same technology as GG Xrd. All established characters and locations are present and fully interactable/explorable and of proper scale and level of detail. For the purpose of bideo james you'd play as a new arrival whose species/powers are decided at generation.
Not really sure what I'd do about plot besides "there's an incident and the usuals aren't doing anything about it" but there would be two main aspects of gameplay. The first part of the game would be kind of like Rune Factory I guess for a decent comparison. Basically you travel the world making friends through dialogue and gifts and subquests. There's stuff to fight and the combat is like Zone of the Enders with more pretty projectile patterns everywhere, and there's also soku-esque grazing and melee.
There would be multiple separate incidents with breaks in between all leading up to one big one, and the friends you make can be your AI (it's good AI because this is my dream game) partners for solving them, and you get cute fun dialogue and events and stuff all the time. Going out partying/lazing/drinking/friendly duels etc. No fugging. Lots of dress-up for PC. Scope is way too large for it to ever happen because it would have to be not like a video game and more like a limitless simulation to not just fall flat.
Something like vanquish but with mechs and lock on combat
I want fast paced combat like DMC and Bayo but with a focus on shooting and movement
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