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ITT: Difficulty spikes

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ITT: Difficulty spikes
getting you to kill yourself
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PAC-MAN is so based
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I mean I love everything about him
these games looked fun, never got to try them though
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On Daredevil
I... don't follow that image.
I've been playing this game for awhile, but I cannot for the life of me find out where dungeon 4 is.
tfw when savescumming the old man's game
tfw no face
Pac Man world 1 is at least worth playing, but i wouldn't call it great. I can't speak much for 2 and 3.

The hardest boss in the whole game is only the second boss
Pacman-World was pretty cool.
Anyone ever played Pac Man Fever?
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Hey /v/, remember me?
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*arcade sounds*
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This is the first dungeon the Wizzrobes appear in. Even with a Blue Ring, they'll be dealing 2 hearts a hit, and there are about 5 or 6 in many rooms at once. Level 7 is basically a breather after this.

Have fun hitting that wall at maximum speed
So... what is Pac Man World? A collectathon 3D platformer?

Is that the puzzle game similar to Yoshi's cookie? That game is comfy as fuck.

Man, this thread got me wanting to play the isometric game again. I could get mesmerized with that game.
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Basically you get to the end of the level, but there are collectables, like fruits that open doors, behind which can be switches, a path onwards, or a maze full of power pellets, played in a top down view.
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>not shipping tupac-man and gay man watch
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This event match in Melee was the first sticking point for me. You have one life, fighting against a team of three Samus, all of which have two lives and are made of metal.
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Puns aside, the spikes on his stage were so dumb with those hitboxes
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Game is really easy up until this point, and then it's a brick wall for a newcomer.
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Isn't this the point where everything hits for a fourth your health?

go away
That sets the bar for tryhard photoshop.
Oh wait, the text disproves my statement. There was no trying.
Sort of. Everything when you're underground does 3 bars of damage, but when you climb the steps to the second half of the stage, everything starts to do 4.

Frankenstein's monster and his buddy are also a ridiculously huge jump in toughness compared to the previous 3 bosses.
If you have the holy water you're good for that boss, but the hallway to Death is gonna fuck you up your first few times no matter what.

Speaking of Castlevania, Galamoth in SotN if you don't know the Shield Rod trick.
When I first played CV1, I made sure never to use the holy water trick. It felt like cheating. Still don't, my weapon of choice is the cross, which renders that hallway a nonissue.
Holy shit. I've never actually seen that boss go down, and I've had the game for almost 15 years of my life.
I really need to play it again.
Anubis Rex is pure horseshit for a game like that. It's at least 10x harder than the final boss, and it's the second boss. There's like 5 things trying to kill you near the end.
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I tought I was a being a complete casual.
I was expecting to lose like 10 lives on that guy on Daredevil. I only lost 2.
Is there a mod for Hard Galaxy? I like the game, but I go through it so fast. There's like no challenge.
Misty in gen 1. That Starmie outspeeds everything at that point without grinding, and has sickening Special.

I dunno, maybe for Galaxy 2?
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And rightfully so.

BFA and Omega Ruins gets an honorable mention too
Posting the best Pac-Man game.
Fucking yesssss
comfy on a wholenuvaleva
gba was the first handheld i ever had.
my sister got it for me with mario kart and circle of the moon.
get this game with my own money because it was cheap.
try them all at home
"pacman has nes graphics. lame"
select pac mania
"these 3d graphics and worlds!"
blew me away.
shit meant to say pacman collection
Woah, it was on GBA? I feel for you, the sound must have been butchered. I had a Namco collection on Xbox. Shit was so cash. I could get lost for hours listening to the music.
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I played it all the time at the local arcade with my friends, still do when I'm feeling nostalgic. You're all great though, I'm sure the game is fun on any hardware.
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