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I've decided to replay Shadows of Chernobyl.10
I played with complete mod last time. What are the best gameplay/aesthetic mods for SOC?
AA2 :^)
Currently playing Call of Chernobyl just so I can go through SoC maps with CoP guns and armor. The difference in design is staggering.
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>played with complete mod last time.
How about playing the fucking VANILLA then?? Complete mods are fucking obsolete, totally casual as fuck, and even quite fugly if you ask me.

If you wanna redeem yourself, grab the good ol' AMK1.4, and experience the TRUE STALKER experience.

Here's the guide for it. DL links with the basic mod + its patches:

Optional Arsenal addon:

Optional LURK Arms 3D model addon:
....and here's the latest version of the Stalker Starting Guide picture, for the rookies looking to start the series for the first time. Also has some decent mod recommmendations, for newbies and experienced players.

Consult this Starting Guide,
then see the /vg/'s huge Stalker General for more tips and links: >>>/vg/stalker

Play in the release order. Start with no mods - only latest patch, OR get the full "Starter Pack" first; these contain bug-fixers and light visual mods that can help performance as well.
Leave big overhauls for later playthrougs. Avoid the "Complete" -mods. Always play on MASTER difficulty for best realism and atmosphere, and disable crosshair.

Don't give up in the beginning! The starting gear sucks ass and first area is quite boring.
>I played with complete mod last time.
you did not play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. then.
yeah, i didnt go crazy mod searching, i was a bit skeptical of the stalker games, not knowing how good they were, but now im really into them having beat all three by now.
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campfires, post them and music
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Good idea
>Accuracy is reduced on subsequent shots in automatic fire after the first shot, simulating the effect of recoil. Crosshairs can show this.

Bad idea
>Those same subsequent shots have their damage significantly reduced, presumably for extending the duration of gun battles. This leads many to believe NPCs are invulnerable during their hit animations. This also applies to single shots to the same "bone" (connecting element) if you don't wait the time_to_aim amount between shots.*

Has anyone ever played the game with the time_to_aim thing reduced to zero? The gunplay of stalker is pretty bad and this sounds like the reason. Is there any way to keep the lowered accuracy and get rid of the stupid damage reduction?
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I didn't know about this but it sounds lika a really bad idea

I did know that lower difficulties added a random chance to "dodge" bullets on you and enemies
Supposedly that's wrong

>And no, the difficulty setting does NOT determine how often YOUR shots hit the target. It roughly determines how often the NPC shots hit you, maximum if the NPC is within hit_probability_max_dist (in gamedata\config\weapons\weapons.ltx), which defaults to a mere 10 meters. It drops off from there. Set it to a higher value (like 100 or 1000) for a tougher game at any difficulty level.

>Yes, there are mods that claim this affects the player's accuracy as well, but many of these mods also change other parameters like the fire_dispersion_base of some weapons and/or the k_disp of ammo. The effect of wide dispersion and limited range of early-game pistols and sawn-offs (especially if in bad condition) lead many to apply the "fix". They notice an improvement with rifles and wrongly credit this parameter "fix".

>In my tests with adjusting this hit_probability_max_dist variable, I was able to headshot an NPC 30 meters away in one shot with hit_probability_max_dist=10 with an Abakan, while setting it to 1000 resulted in my needing 4 shots with all other parameters unchanged. No, that's not scientific, but it is my experience -- the same kind of "proof" as the ones who claim otherwise. ("Proof" is in quotes because experience is observation, not proof. You can "rightly" claim the sun is always in the east if you only look outside in the mornings.)

>I played a recent game using novice difficulty and no changes to vanilla settings for any of the variables above including hit_probability_max_dist. I died a lot less and had a lot more ammo available to me from bodies.

>The placebo effect might also be in play: You expect the adjustment to improve things, so you tell yourself it's better. But don't go by feelings. Go by facts.

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