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King's Field

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Has this series aged like warm milk next to an open window or is it still worth checking out if you haven't touched it before?
Depends on how much you can stand shitty first person controls on console games. And by shitty I mean it makes you use the top shoulder buttons to strafe and the lower shoulder buttons to move the camera vertically. It's... rather clunky to say the least, especially when you add real time combat into the mix.
They were considered mediocre even for their time.

They are slow, clumsy games. Emulate one to give it a shot because they seem to resonate with some people but don't for a second think you SHOULD like these games.
Bump, also interested.
I genuinely don't know how anyone could get behind King's Field.

The gameplay is total shit, let's not hide it. It's an entire game based around tank controls and Elder Scrolls combat.

The visuals are complete fucking garbage too. You walk around cubic zones and fight barely animated creatures. I realize this was 1994 and it was around the time Doom 2 came out, but god damn, if the tech isn't there yet to make a good 3D game don't make one.

I'd talk about other things, but the sound design and story basically don't exist. It's the sort of thing you'd download off some weird website and play to be creeped out (the horrible graphics and shitty sound certainly make it creepy) but as a game it's more or less just LSD Dream Emulator with a sword

Oh wait nobody actually plays the King's Field games, they just read wiki articles and pretend they did for internet cred.
I really liked what I played of Kings Field 2.
It's a fun dungeon crawl with heavy atmosphere.
Looks like shit though.
Creepy as fuck, atmosphere is on par with demon's souls if not better (the it's all gone to shit vibe to be clear). It's early 3D so that atmosphere gets a nice x10 bonus.
That said it's pretty slow and some people might have issues stomaching that because casuls
I played the first one the JP first one, the translation is on the internet somewhere. The only thing is the beginning is really difficult and you need to farm a decent amount to not die immediately. But then in the end you are overpowered as fuck with magic and armor. Circle strafing is your best friend. Took me about 40 hours to beat.

7/10 - vaguely unique experience.
They're certainly not great, but they've got nice atmosphere.
They were always just niché games for enthusiasts, so if you don't like 3d roguelikes you won't get much out of them.

You kinda sound like a faggot though so I'm pretty sure you won't enjoy them.
It'll kick your ass. You better not go to the wrong place or you're getting rekt and losing all your unsaved progress.

It takes a while for the game to to kick off and you might have trouble understanding the mechanics like saving and magic but once the games clicks it's fucking good and rewarding.

That game though has a very depressing atmosphere and can be spooky.

I insisted that I finish it but fuck I couldn't, that dragon boss in the different dimension shit kicked my ass and I bailed. I'm planning on playing 2 some day.

yes unless you're a casual they don't
the older games are pretty average
shadow tower 1,2 and kf4 are great though
This. The game is pretty much catacombs:the game.
It's an interesting footnote.
That's about it. Play Evergrace instead.
literally a walking simulator (seriously, watch a walkthrought on youtube), shadow tower abyss was bearable because even if extremely basic had nice enviroments but kings fields were all mediocre even on release
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