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Super Mario Maker

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Guess there's no Mario Maker thread. Well, there's one now.

Post levels, share levels, play levels. I'll start with a fresh hot one, named "Timing... is Everything."

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Mario Shiller.png
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There was one but it died, as is what tends to happen at this hour of the night.

Guess I might as well shill my stuff either way.
I made an Automatic Mario level except you have to jump at the end.

I've seen red X's where people didn't jump.
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stages 2015-10-15.png
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Shilling my shit.

Chocolate Donuts is the newest level. The normal path will likely be way too easy for everyone here, but the is a secret alternate path is that is designed as a "hard mode" equivalent of the stage.
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Guess I'll shill my levels. Play Trick or Treat if you're in the mood for Halloween (webm related).

>Cave Crasher (SMW)
Cave level. Features cannons, moving platforms, a P-block sublevel, some hammer koopas and a few of the falling blue platforms at the end. Medium difficulty.
BCA2 - 0000 - 005F - 89CD

>TFW Peach got kidnapped again (SMB3)
Castle level with a little secret hidden somewhere. Features vine climbing escapades, bombs and some nice fire decorations. Medium difficulty.
580F - 0000 - 0054 - AC77

>Ice Cream Sandwich (NSMBU)
The lack of a snow environment caused me to make an icy level since it's the closest we can get to snow at this time. There are no bullshit invisible blocks or rings of giant boos hidden inside blocks. Medium difficulty.
6297 - 0000 - 0049 - 731A

>Harry Potter and the Goblet of Mario (SMW)
Based on the Goblet of Fire. Fly through a Quidditch pitch, work your way through the maze and fight off Death Eaters. Hard difficulty.
7F62 - 0000 - 003D - 123B

>Trick or Treat (SMW)
Halloween level. Features trick or treating, spookiness and koopa wizard shenanigans. Hard difficulty.
9F97 - 0000 - 0033 - CC7D

>Blathers' Field Trip (SMB)
Take a trip through Blathers' museum. Hard difficulty.
C322 - 0000 - 0034 - C9FC

>Find Yoshi (SMW)
Fun little mini game. Easy difficulty.
19DA - 0000 - 0026 - EB39

>Fire Power 2.0 (NSMBU)
Quick, fiery castle level. Made minor upgrades based on feedback from players. Medium difficulty.
3862 - 0000 - 003C - FD37
I posted this one here a few days ago and made some improvements I think.

Would love more feedback still.

>Forbidden Temple

It's an adventure sorta map with a couple of secrets and stuff set in an ancient temple.
Let's see if Mario Maker threads on /v/ die right after I post in them just like they do on /vg/.

>Gears of War - Gridlock

>Follow Close, Think Fast!

>Mario's Discount Airlines

>Find the Vines

>Fleet of the Fattest Men

>Dark Souls - New Londo Ruins

>100-Second Gauntlet

>Short Coaster Ride

>B. Jr.'s Fun-Time Shack O'Death

>Huge Mario Obstacle Course
(Hard... ish?)
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I'll give you a pity bump
dead gaem
Perilous Prickly Pipe Cave: 5481-0000-0017-3127

Great Goomba's Sky Tower: 26FC-0000-0046-4B89

Crude Cruiser of the Foul Fleet: 091C-0000-00AA-7553

I love playing around with themes, with airship being my favorite. Cruiser isn't that difficult, Sky Tower sort of is. The Pipe Cave is more focused on mechanics.
Spinycannon defense

You have to defend yourself from enemies coming from left and right by launching spiny shells at them using a contraption that you are trapped inside until the final wave is beat.
Your level is too long and could use some powerups. The one hit death thing is not very fun if you die near the end and have to play the whole level again, just to retry one section.
I'm the anon from >>313254184 and I love the temple theme. You could potentially make a more difficult stage using this sort of theme, but this stage is good.

This is great. Did you come up with this idea?
Thanks. Yes, I came up with it.
It's the improved version of "Spinylauncher ride" that i made earlier:
If I tried to improve that stage I would make mandatory powerups/yoshis spawn from a pipe. That way people can't get stuck in the stage.
Also, there is a pow block in the temple besides a spike ground where you need yoshi to get past. I used that pow block to kill some enemies and then got stuck in the stage. You could prevent that by adding in doors, which make stuff like that respawn.
Oops, I forgot something.
The stage is great overall and the temple theme came across really well imho.
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 5

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