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Favorite Ace Combat? Favorite soundtrack song?

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Favorite Ace Combat? Favorite soundtrack song?
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Unsung War, on both accounts

>tfw Unsung War made The Belkan War sound like the most apocalyptic conflict ever
>so hype to see the game based on it
>the story of it is not that good
its always gonna be 4 for me, 6 has a pretty stellar soundtrack though

Anyone who says otherwise is a major pleb.
>favorite soundtrack song

Ace Combat 4 is the only correct answer
Is Assault Horizon on the 3DS any good?
Is it bad that I liked 6 better than Zero? I finally got to play Zero after everyone hyped it up but I felt like it didn't live up.
what killed Ace Combat? was it stepping away from the strangereal or trying to update the gameplay to stay relevant and failing?
DID anything kill it?
Assault Horizon certainly didn't make many people happy by shifting away from Strangereal

Nor did the gameplay need any updating.
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It was kind of a small game compared to 5. Now that I think about it, yeah, 5 did make it seem very dramatic, but at the same time, every single fucking thing in Ace Combat 5 was extremely dramatic.

Apocalyptic themes are pretty excellent though, and the only missions that really had them were maybe the inferno with the burning city, the nukes, and I suppose the missions at the end.
Yeah, its a remake of I think AC2
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The way 5 sold it made it seem like it truly was a war to end a wars, something that the war in 5 was simply a speck compared to.

>it took the combined might of Osea and Yuktobania to stop Belka, a war that only ended after Belka sanitized an entire strip of its own land with nuclear bombardment to halt the advance.

If Belkan War had been a game more like Shattered Skies, with a hopelessly outmatched force beating back Not-Germany inch by inch from the brink of defeat, with each mission showing the various steps it took to steadily dismantle her war machine, I'd have enjoyed it more.

It was more of a personal story though, and I feel that it suffered for it. They could very well have kept the knighthood themes and Zero and all that was actually was in the game in it, and just expand the story more.
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i do think the gameplay was getting stale, but it was a case of having a completely misguided focus about it. Instead of expanding the gameplay by adding in more things to factor in(like say, a subtly more realistic flight model), they just wedged this intrusive, ugly, flashy dogfight mode for the sake of trailers.

flying helicopters could have been really good, but it turned out awful because they were afraid of having the player face something too different, so it was reduced to a boring gimmick. Meanwhile, games like Apache Air Assault did arcadey helicopters right, with a good mix of realistic flight and combat and cinematic, arcadey gameplay, while also still being accessible and console-friendly.

flying bombers was the same thing, a gimmick. Gameplay wise, you only had to go around during a big battle being a slower, larger fighter placing bombs wherever the HUD told you instead of presenting you with entirely different mission types. Something like, using terrain masking, dodging radar zones, planning an attack run, managing fuel and trying to remain unnoticed and trying to avoid collateral damage.
Considering we live in an era where yearly re-releases of the same games are a thing [and, in fact, practically identical sequels have been staples of vidya for quite a while] there would be worse fates for Ace Combat than reusing the same core gameplay with just basic refinements every once in a while. I think an arcade game can get away with that as long.
Thread posts: 14
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