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The best thing about Dark Souls

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Everyone knows Dark Souls is overated as fuck. Clunky, unpolished, no storyline and no engine improvements since the first game.

It is a step up from CoD and Fifa on the casual scale, and pretty popular too. With Bloodborne exclusive on PS4, arguably the hardest Souls game, difficult games have come back into spotlight. You gets turbocasuals like DSP calling Bloodborne GOTY.

The best thing about Dark Souls is that it's become a reddit+facebook meme. Casual audiences are playing it and enjoying the challenge. You even have other game studios looking at its success and emulating it(Lords of the Fallen). Hopefully Dark Souls' status as a meme game will drive the current era of meme-crazed game devs to bring us challenging games once again.
Some how in the year 2015 CoD is still the genre of choice to clone. Actually people are edging back to GTA clones. We will never livve in an age of souls clones
How are people finding the DS3 test so far?
Nobody's played it yet, you dumbo.
>Dark Souls
How can any game be challenging when you have unlimited lives and checkpoints every 50 metre?

Even though it's praised by every modern gamer for its difficulty, the game is actually a joke compared to really challenging games. Go and try to play through Ikaruga, then you know what a real challenge is.
Yeah, I just want to know how people are finding it so far though.
>At first glance you get the idea that this is a much darker game than the others once the credit mentions fade away. Met with only the surrounding, overwhelming blackness of the title screen. Controls seemed responsive. Upon hitting the X button it crisply went to a terms of service screen. Scrolling works wonderfully. It's devoid of some of the other sluggishness found in other terms and service agreements. From's controls just seem to be on point yet again and the Bloodborne influence is apparent, although I'm sure that's a worry for some.

>Once you are done pretending you've read the text and "Agree" you are whisked back to the title screen as the score wistfully bellows and a small prompt pops up complaining of server connection issues. It seems that their netcode hasn't been tightened up. Hopefully they get it sorted out by release. Something also about netcode, netcode. Miyazaki. Netcode.

>If I have a complaint, it's probably this network prompt. It's annoying that it's there and that it's telling me I can't play yet. But again, the controls here shine and it's instantly and snappily removed. Miyazaki is and remains a genius.

>One large positive is the musical score. It's very familiar, almost like I've heard it before, but it's gorgeous in it's darkness and I feel the subtle weathering on the text really enhanced my absorption of the sound into my ear places. The immersion was almost unparalleled. Upon closing my eyes it was comparable to some of the best VR I have experienced. Seamless. I would have appreciated some variety.

>Overall the experience is good. I'm not entirely sold yet, but I patiently await release. I really adore the tone of it all, and it seems like Fromsoft remains at the top of the pack. It really does combine the best parts of both the Dark Souls 2 network test and the Bloodborne network test but with a newly realized withered darkness that is just overwhelming in it's simplicity.
Cheers, good to hear. How is the kerning on the fonts?
I will never understand this fucking place.
I am not allowed to dislike skyrim because that makes me a hipster faggot because other people like it. And now I am supposed to start disliking souls games because they became popular.

I understand that other people are the most important thing and you can't just like a game you like but can we at least get the rules cleared up?
You're being played like a fiddle by hipsters.
D-does that mean I can still like Dark Souls?
I mean he called it a meme game. Surely there is a law that you are not allowed to like meme games.
Like on, man. Most good games are meme games. That's why they become memes in the first place.
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>playing some weeb shit
but it was okay before everybody knew about it like with demon's souls then right?
Thread posts: 14
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