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Hi /v/, I'm planning to start playing vanilla WoW on a

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Hi /v/,

I'm planning to start playing vanilla WoW on a private server with friends. They are completely new to MMOs, so it won't be easy for them to start. I have played a bit of wow before, but never on vanilla, so I'm asking you guys if you could help me on two things :

First, I'm looking for guides to help them building their class/characters.

And secondly, I'm wondering which addons are essential/really good to play vanilla WoW.

They're quite casual but we're gonna play this game in an "adventurous" way, we're gonna be 4 players, reading quests, clearing dungeons together and shit, and I hope that I can bring them to high level dungeons at least.

Thank you to anyone who read this and/or is going to help
no mods are needed for just 4 peeps, at least nothing substantial that i remember. vanilla wow mods were mostly for raids and people unsatisfied with the UI.

just group up, communicate, and have a merry fucking time. as for builds, i played vanillas a holy/disc priest, so while i always had a group, i was in effect reliant on them.
By private server do you mean just the 4 of you? If yes then you're missing out on a lot of the fun in Vanilla. Iron Forge auction house, Cross roads raids etc. It'll be fun just PvE all the way to end game with your friends just exploring and shit, but it won't be as fun.
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Thanks for the informations m8, but what I meant in builds is that these guys are gonna ask me how they should spend their points in the skill tree, and I have pretty much no idea in how to guide them through this. Since we're not gonna play in a serious min/max way, will skill trees really matter that much ?

Nah, we're gonna play on Nostalrius so there will be plenty of shit to do with other people too
Dude vanilla wow is simplistic as fuck you just need good addons and basic skill in reading and you are good to go
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Ok thanks, almost know nothing about vanilla WoW so I came here to ask for advice. It sounded like the good thing to do since some games require advice and/or mods before getting player. You know like knowing that you musn't grind in the last remnant in order to not fuck up your game
What servers are you faggots playing i can help you if i'm on that server
We ain't playing yet, but we're going to play on Nostalrius
vainla wow is shit, it's Grind of Warcraft, dont waste your time. it is only good for nostalgiafags
nice i'm on that server too i guess if you guys start on ally side feel free to add me Egreen
Well i'm free for now gonna give you some tips
>Log out in inns its very important
>Remember warlocks/pallies get a free mount at lvl 40
>vanilla is a lot different from orther expansions especially on patch 1.4 wich means a lot less quests and you have to go back and foward from one zone just to keep questing
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Thanks but I'm gonna play it anyway

Thanks dude, I'll add when we will start playing, and thank you for these tips
Usefull addons are
>Bongos (bartender for orther expansions)
>Theorycraft (shows specific dmg of each spell chance to crit of each spell how much can you cast it before oom etc
>Xperl for unit frames but dont use them for raid unit frames disable that
>Grid enchanced for raid frames
>Lazypig (just install it its a quality of life type /lp when you installed it
>for quests (since there are no quest markers) use db.vanillagaming.org
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Thank you anon
remember don't call deadmines DM but VC people get salty, also if you tell me like what classes specifically you plan to play i can post leveling guides for each
forgot to reset instances use
>/script ResetInstances()
since there isn't a reset instace macro
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Thanks a lot

Well I don't know what we're gonna play yet, I just know that there will be a warrior and a mage

Get a fucking grip, anon
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p a s t e b i n dot com slash wSU4PjxP

there is also a general on /vg/ its called /wpsg/
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Where did I say that it was hard ? I just want to bring casual friends in

very nice, thanks
>these guys are gonna ask me how they should spend their points in the skill tree
well if they aren't braindead it should be relatively easy for them to figure that out
Listen to this

and you've done enough OP

Play an Enhancement Shaman and tank.

Trust me.
Yeah they're like VERY casual so it'll take some time

I love that soundtrack

I was planning on playing tank, buy why should I pick shaman ?

Because Enhancement Shaman is the most half-assed tank spec there is, and it'd be a fun challenge.
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Shit nigga you got me interested, what makes it half assed compared to other tanks ?
You can't tank shit as enhancement lol. Anyone doing any kind of damage will pull agro off you immediately after level 25-30

Not enough armor, poor threat generation, etc. But it doesn't do enough damage to make for good DPS, but it also has strictly defensive talents. I tanked a bit in Vanilla as Enhancement when there was zero other option. It was pretty fun. Also makes use of leather strength gear. Of the Gorilla shit. Google it, I gotta head out.
Because it isn't an actual tank lol



Use this, will save you a shitload of time.
Sounds fun

Thank you
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I give you and your friends 4 hours OP

Not him but Vanilla's leveling is much better than nowadays leveling. You don't have quest helper so you're more likely to read the quest text and that helps immersing in the universe.
Also putting points in skills make you feel like you make real progress. But that's just my opinion.
OP here, that's what we're gonna do and that's how I feel too
It's just not a tank. It has like what, one talent that increases defense, or evasion or something? It's been a long time.

Anyway, for your talents, it'll all be really obvious, especially on vanilla servers. The vast majority of talent choices are "do more damage" vs "do something stupid." Most of the talents, even for a newbie, are very obviously bad. The only thing that might not be immediately apparent is that hit % is your best stat and those talents should always be taken.
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Okay thank you
That's true but you can turn that shit off if it bothers you that much. Just cause its there doesn't mean the quests are any better or worse.

Besides OP already wants to put fucking addons in his vanilla run anyway
In fact I wanted to know if there were "necessary" addons to play, but it looks like the game itself is fine
What's a good Blizz-like vanilla server?
Nostalrius Begins
Everything plays worse. Everything. This is coming from someone whos played almost every class in the game multiple times over the games history.

Rogues energy is more clunky
Warlocks playstyle involves putting up 5 different DoTs
Every classes rotation involves using 2 or 3 buttons and not using any other one of the massive amount of spells they have.
Every class has at least one talent tree that's either useless for PVE/PVP or totally fucking useless all together.
LFG isn't much worse than spamming LFM in the cities for an hour and half. And if you use the friends argument then you're definitely one of those aspies who never made a friend in LFG or can't make friends outside dungeons in the giant goddamn world.
Zone levels are absolutely retarded. Westfall was for levels 10 all the way to 19. You would aggro a mob 6 levels above you as you're attacking something your level. Now it's every 5 levels but back then it was all across they board and there's no indication of whats the next logical step without looking up a guide on the internet. You can argue this makes it feel more like a world with you having to travel to different zones to level and actually find the quests but that doesn't help the fact that at certain level ranges there just aren't enough fucking quests to advance without grinding.

Really the only saving grace to go back is the world and the depth. You get quests from dungeons that would lead you across the world all for a profession recipe that you can't get anywhere else. Everything meshed so well which is something really lacking in retail. But that's not enough to come back for anything more than to just mess with it like >>292381496 said
There really aren't any necessary addons
>Not using default raid frames
Yeah but what I'm planning to do is playing through the game, clearing dungeons and shit, and just exploring the world with 3 friends, they aren't the hardcore kind, and we're just looking for a fun online game in which we'll have a good time, and vanilla WoW looks like the perfect pick to us

I'll try to play without addons then
>every class rotation involves using 2 or 3 buttons and not using any other one of the massive amount of spells they have
>come wod
>every class rotation involves using 1 or 2 buttons and almost all of the massive amount of spells they had, have been removed completely.
>mfw playing nostalrius recently
>go human warlock
>by level 31 I'm bored out of my gore

I always repeat this cycle, joining servers, leveling up a certain ways, and getting bored. I actually really wish Corecraft was out. Vanilla is just too boring. When I realized all I had to look forward to in raids was MC, it made me realize how much I didn't want to go through that again, doing weekly raids. MC is boring as fuck.
Thread posts: 45
Thread images: 11

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