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Smash 4 update wish list As far as game mechanics go: >momentum

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Smash 4 update wish list

As far as game mechanics go:
>momentum kept for 1st jump
>L cancel
don't know why these were taken out in the 1st place

A general menu overhaul:
>saves last used settings
-so I don't have to keep resetting 3 stock smashes each time I turn the thing on
>gamepad menu support
-as in touch screen control
>ability to open custom menu on character select screen
-so its like the 3DS version really
>shows a little clock that tell the time
Again like 3DS version

Game modes:
>Smash Run for Wii U
with new maps, foes and settings options

>3DS stages put over to Wii U
Given only if you have the 3DS version, so people can play on Magicant, SNES Mute City, 3D Land, and more

Custom moves changed:
>Allow custom moves in online play (not equipment though) with anyone
>custom moves in general changed for a lot of characters
Really don't know why characters like Mario and Link weren't given the same treatment Mii's and Palutena were given.
>easier to unlock custom equipment
A store to buy it at, in game mode the same special moves won't show up twice.
>equipment can now come in special cases that don't change base stats
That way you can make the eqipment less random.

Amiibo Support:
>Given ability to play as your Amiibo's settings
Really don't know why this hasn't happened. It be a lot easier to set up custom character matches using custom moves if it did
All those are great but playing as the amiibo is pretty pointless.
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online tourneys.png
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Fucking online tourneys
Grab nerfs, make them lag more if missed. L Cancel but that shit ain't coming back. Return of Melee/Brawl C. Falcon. More momentum. Removal of customs and equipment and miis.
C. Falcon is much better in smash 4 than he was in Brawl. Why would you even put that?
The point was just to have an easy custom character set up option. Which would be pretty useful in a area with a bunch of people like a tournament.
>Return of Brawl Captain Falcon

Brawl Captain Falcon was one of the worst characters in the game. Smash 4 Falcon is one of the best.
Guy has more than just knee for kill moves in 4 as well.
-Falcon Kick up close
-Raptor Boost
-Smash attacks

Falcon in 4 is pretty fun to play as really
Why don't you just play PM instead?
I'm really curious has to how tourneys are going to work. Is it just going to be like MK8 where it's just an open lobby for the tourney duration and whoever scores the most points during that time wins?

Or will they actually have it set up to where you can have legitimate tourneys where specific players face off against one another?

The latter sounds like it would be very difficult to pull off.
>Removal of customs and equipment and miis.
>removing additional content

Can you please explain to me what the fuck your problem is?

If you don't think 200 Attack Mii Brawler is the funnest shit to play as you can get the fuck out of my face
>Implying a grab can't be punished if missed already in 4
down smash coming out on like frame 5 or so for 90% of the smash characters says something IMO about this.
Dynamic air dodging

You can see right from the image posted in this thread >>287960513
how they're going to do it.

Players will face off against each other.
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I have some requests
>Add more custom slots per character
There should be enough for every possible custom set
>Ability to change or check controls on the character select screen
Obvious, makes sets shorter at tourneys
>Make rolling vulnerable to throws
I like fast rolling, but it's a little dumb
>Momentum jumps
Allows for more creative combos
>Have Omega Stages for set pieces in tour stages (for example, being able to choose to fight only on the boat on Wuhu Island)
Increases the amount of legal stages
>Make every character play like they have smooth lander equipped
Why not?
>Add region settings and endless player lobbies to online.
I'm shocked that it doesn't have these options
>Use tourney legal stages on For Glory
breaks the monotony
>Turn on team attack in For Glory teams.
less spam
>Add player rankings to each For Glory mode.
I feel bad when I rek kids

It's pretty good as it is, but it's so close to being great
I hope that they update the Wii U by adding invites, player messaging, and screen notifications before smash 4's update comes out. The lack of features on the Wii U really takes the spice out of playing online.
I wonder if it'll have spectating
Why would they update a game to intentionally put in a glitch?
L cancel isn't a glitch, but it is pretty backwards to add a mechanic that lessens lag when the lag should be lessened to begin with.
They're called recovery frames
Nigger, I know what they're called. The point is, why would anyone want to have the choice to not cancel their recovery frames? There's no situation where you'd need to not cancel them
Because it's stupid. They exist for a reason
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 3

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