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>Boss is super easy >Kill him >cutscene >"Hes

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>Boss is super easy
>Kill him
>"Hes to powerful!"
>NPC dies
>boss escapes.
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>boss is hard as balls
>you are saved by the power of friendship
>boss is nearly impossible to kill
>finally finish him off with nearly no HP and all your MP and potions used
>"Heh... too easy...."
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>Boss has the ability to grant itself more turns.
>The battle comes down to whether RNG fucks you or not.
>>boss is hard as balls
>Kill him after several tries
>"What the heck? He barely put up a fight!"
Fuck you Karol.
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>use move that slices boss a million times showing blood trails
>not a single scratch im his body
>Shard of rock/ice literally impales the enemy
>boss is hard as fuck
>barely win with a couple HP left
>cutscene showing character gasping and wheezing, bleeding out, eventually collapses
>game over
>You need a better score on the boss! Try to dodge his attacks!
does such a game exist?
Beast eye beast eye megidolaon megidolaon megidolaon you're dead
no, and I think people would be genuinely upset about it if it did exist.
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>Boss takes several tries to defeat while learning his pattern
>Finally learn pattern and go all in on boss with the most powerful spells and moves
>Deal 300 billion kajillion damage to boss to defeat him
>Cutscene shows boss brushing dust off his chest like nothing happened
I dunno, I'd be up for a bitter-sweet ending in which villain and MC fall together on the battlefield.
>Jedi Sentinels' defining trait is immunity to crowd control
>Darth Malak can crowd control Jedi Sentinels anyway

quality bioware writing
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Literally touhou.
>Boss battle automatically ends after a certain amount of time
>Character acts like the foe is extremely tough, and isn't sure how much more of this he can take
>The boss actually had you on the ropes if he wasn't outright kicking your ass, and you probably would have gotten a game over soon if not for being saved by the cutscene
Too bad it's shit.
What is the First Beatrix fight in ff9
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>Boss starts off with a powerful attack that kills a party member in a single hit
>"Well I guess I'm supposed to lose"
>You weren't.

Name a single (1) game that does this.
>Max Payne 3
>Walk into every room guns blazing with ease
>Walks into a room with a gun and gets held at gunpoint anyway
>Boss is hard as hell
>Use up most of my items
>I was supposed to lose
Hate this shit.
>final boss chases characters to helicopter
>guy doesn't get on, says he's going to take down the villain
>has a great, badass moment
>you spend the boss fight running away while sniping at the boss as another character
Guild Wars 2. Repeatedly.
Final Fantasy 8.
>magic spell has a lengthy animation destroying reality
>enemy does damage animation, screams, and suffers the entire length
Final Fantasy 8 is guilty of TONS of shit like this. We could fill the thread with it.

>Rinoa is trapped
>The lizard people are going to get her! We have to hurry
>Take like 10 minutes to get to her
>The lizard people haven't moved or done anything in those 10 minutes other than look menacing
>Attack actually moves the enemy into a different position on the field
Disgaea gets weird about that.
Obviously they jumped onto a different tile to evade the attack. It's realistic! More games should do it.
>boss battle with one character fighting hundreds of common enemies
>gets wrecked
>suddenly inspirational moment
>starts tearing shit up
>kicking fuckin' ASS
>game sends a ton of bosses at character
>bosses regenerate, impale character with replica copies of the divine weapon and fucking rip her to pieces.
>Boss is hard as fuck
>Use up all resources to kill him
>He dies
>You were supposed to lose
>Get the boss's weapon as a reward.
Yes, it plays the whole attack even if he misses.
>Boss's weapon is shitty and you were better off with what you were using

The MOBA community in a nutshell
>boss destroys the entire solar system in his attack
>doesn't even kill you
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When are you going to let that die? I was young and dramatic then.
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>Fight someone special
>"defeat" them
>they use an attack that hits all your party and reduces their HP to 1
>Fight starts with a long cutscene
>The cutscene is unskippable
>Have to watch the cutscene again
>boss destroys the entire solar system in his attack
I don't get why people like this shit. The only good Armageddon spell is Live A Live's because when you use it everybody dies and the game ends
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>Allies try to help with boss fight
>They do 0 damage.
>The boss does 0 damage to them.
>The entire fight does not progress at all without you.
>turn-based boss battle
>the boss has infinite HP until dialogue progresses far enough
>one line per turn
>Boss goes down
>Cutscene where he refuses to retreat like his comrades did
>Kamikazes you
>It can do damage and potentially kill you if you fail to realize you've regained control of your character and can try to dodge
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky
>Boss fight you're supposed to lose
>Manage to win it.
>Bad end, game over

Fuck you.
>protagonist gets knocked out in battle
>protagonist dies and you get a game over
>allies get knocked out in battle
>chance to be permanently removed from the game
>Boss can one shot your characters
>There's dialogue but talking uses up one of your turns which could get you one shotted

My autism can't take it
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>Mr.McBetrayal enter in
>party members just trust him even if they never met him
>it's obvious as fuck hes gonna betray you
>you have no choice but to tell him everything,give him you weapons, or just straight fuck yourself
>you end up getting betrayed
>"wow i never saw that coming"
Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga?
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quistis is smart.jpg
31KB, 636x424px


It was from FF9, the fight against Beatrix.

I can't remember if it happened in Super Star Saga.
>Use fuckhuge attack that deals 99,999 damage and takes all your mana
>Boss takes 1,000 damage and enters second form
>boss hits you with an attack that can destroy a planet
>10 dmg
That meatier burger on the right with the melted cheese looks tastier.
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Final boss, you "beat" Bowletta, only for an insta-kill bomb to show up behind you and blow up. Then proceed to get eaten and fight Cackletta's soul on a demonic plain with 1 HP. And she gets 3 attacks on you before you can heal, so you'd better have good timing with your jumps and hammers.
>Boss does RNG aoe that is practically an instant death if it hits you
>AI allies never dodge it.
>Finally beat the boss when RNG goes in your favor and he uses the move twice only.

Fuck Fractured Volt on hard.
>blazblue story mode
>astral finish disintergrates opponents
>they laugh at me afterwards
Fuck this
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>Recurring boss has a set of skills that only he uses.
>Random guy that joins your party for a dungeon knows those skills.
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>THAT moment
That's when shit got even more real. It's too bad this will never happen again.
That's in a lot of games actually.

>chop down dozens of guards with guns and robots
>Guys point gun at me in cutscene
>Aww shit better drop our weapons
wut gaem.
>Characters need money for plot
>The one guy who held the wallet was separated a minute ago
>Gotta do some stupid sidequest instead of just going out, killing a bunch of rabbits and getting the money that way
I like that Dark Souls 1 does something similar. The Asylum Demon you fight at the beginning drops a huge hammer if you beat him the first time you encounter him, instead of taking a side route to nab a sword first.
fuck off BJW go back to Tumbler
>near impossible route activates if you fuck up in the game
>if you win it the charactesrs call you a cheater
That part was fantastic. A boss that actually takes advantage of their instant kill minions and protagonists that survive by manning the fuck up with 1 hp and perfectly dodging a full complement of final boss attacks. Fuck yes.
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>You give a justice speech
>Last boss calls you out on all the people you killed to get to him
>Need to get some item to progress.
>Guy charges 10,000 gold for it
>"What!? That's expensive!"
>Said by a party member while your group has 999999999999999 gold.
Feels so good when you beat her, though.
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>lava level
>enter final room
>it starts RISING
>music becomes a more frantic and faster paced version of itself
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This. Fucking Gattuso, man.
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>Character uses spell or takes a hit/falls down a cliff/whatever in a cutscene
>Joins your party
>He's missing HP/MP based on what just happened in the cutscene
Alternative of that is the item costing whatever amount the party has + 1.
>need to buy an item that costs 1,000,000 gold to progress
>money cap is 999,999
>do some stupid favor instead and get it for free
Every fucking time
Path A bad ending for Rondo of Swords would be up your alley.
Suikoden games do that bullshit all the time
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>good guy
>he fights you
>sad music playing
>you win
>you killed him
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>obvious-as-fuck pressure plate/trap trigger/ambush/blatantly untrustworthy shit wanting you to follow them
>no way to bypass this
>progress is completely halted until you take the step forward and fuck yourself
Fun fact: Gattuso was hard because the devs only meant to make him hard for the demo (so as to convince you to buy the game), but forgot to nerf him for the full game.
fucking only boss i had trouble with
My speed actually allowed me to act first. I never experienced this, but I would have thought it was awesome.
this is absurd
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>dead party member mysteriously appears and rejoins you
>this is obviously a trap
>it works, one your guys is framed for something the fake does and runs away
>springs an ambush while they're asleep, does evil monologue/reveal
>PC who ran away suddenly appears and kills his guards
>one of the PCs explains they knew he was a traitor due to the obvious difference in traits and just went along with it to make things easier for them in the long run
>handling buns properly is an impossible standard

Probably true for fast food shit.
>Fighting against a boss
>Hard, but not impossible to do damage to it
>Get it down to almost no health
>Party member dies
>Bad guy escapes
Fuck you Xenoblade I had Metal Face beat
That's wrong though. Malak is not the unique exception, a lot more enemies can still bypass immunity :^)
No implying just facts:

If a game overuses cliches, unless its for a damn good reason, don't bother with the story then

If a character (particularly the protagonist) isn't likable or at least well written, then don't bother with him or her unless killed off

A good video game (or any other media) transcends the bullshit of whatever type of gameplay it is or story it may have and become something more. Something legendary and amazing.

A truly great antagonist is someone who is written well enough so that he or she fits perfectly with the tone and style of a story
>Struggling with a hard game
>There's NG+ and secret weapons
>Cheese the fuck out of all the tough bosses
I'm pretty much casually speedrunning RE4 at this point. That laser gun is OP as fuck.
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Bravely Default in a nutshell
No implying just facts:

You (the faggot who wrote this post) should kill yourself
>shooter with great weapon variety and no cap for how many you can carry
>lose weapons at the end of every level due to bullshit

I'm looking at you MOH Frontline. "Your M1 Garand can't fit in the crate" my ass. I would have used it the whole game.
>MC can be switched out of party
>Has some of the best stats/skills so you really want it in party
It's the thought that counts.
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>boss is actually a cool guy
>there's no other way to move forward than to kill him
>as he dies he begs for your forgiveness
>Later find out that you could have spared him and left.
>Sequel comes out for a series
>MC somehow lost all powers and abilities gained over the course of the previous installment
Fucking hell, how many times has Samus lost the missile attachment? At least with Castlevania, it's a different protag each time, but Metroid has no excuse.
Screw off
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>If you attack the boss he'll counter with massive damage
>The boss and his attacks gets weaker as the battle goes on
>You should just focus on healing and reviving for the first dozen turns without attacking

Except for the "NPC dies", it happens a LOT in Xenoblade if you do the side quests and shit.
Metroid Primes do give excuses. Actually, for the first one, she loses her shit by getting hit against a wall. It's the developers joking about how lame it is that they have to do this every game.

Then in Prime 2 it's better because her shit literally gets stolen.
>MC describes how he has been hunting monsters for years
>Get control of him
fucking goddammit
All dose gems
all dose gear.
series has a well orchastrated boss theme post its 4th game. Its spinoff as well had a great theme for the final boss. The final boss for the spinoffs sequel dis not have a cool theme.
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>Boss is hard as shit and takes several attempts to beat
>It was only his first form
>Second form wrecks your now panicking anus
>Have to start all over again

I hate and love it.
>Both you and the boss have untargetable NPC healers
>His is a lot better though
>Fight powerful character
>Has 1 million HP
>He joins your party upon defeat
>Has 500 HP
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>look Gattuso up online because I'm sure I must be completely retarded for getting stuck on a boss this early in the game
>it turns out it's just a bullshit fight
>Karol pulls that shit right after

I'm still mad
>able to scan enemies but not bosses
>have to find out weaknesses and strengths through trial and error
> get to final boss
>13 forms
>each form changes strengths and weaknesses

fuck obviously Nyx
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>Robot party member
>Is affected by poison
Try to not use a seishin.
File: 16367508.png (152KB, 853x764px)
152KB, 853x764px
>Boss has a huge defense stat, making all your attacks deal 1hp
>Can circumvent this in NG+ by overleveling
>When his health goes down to 50% you automatically lose
Epic joke Yggdrasil
>mutant NPC party member
>immune to radiation
>refuses to enter radioactive room to end plot
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>Bad guys resurrect ancient evil god
>all hope is lost
>suddenly you get to pilot an ancient super robot
>wreck tanks and copters before you get to boss
>evenly matched
>both character's HP and boss's HP are ?????
>kill a shitton of enemies by yourself
>talk to npc
>they flip out and call you a badass
>tfw grinded too much before nyx because i thought it was gonna be real tough
>grinded so goddamn much it was retardedly easy
I still feel bad.
Has never happened

Live A Live

Go go Buriki Daioh.
b-but seymour was yucky and her lips were at stake :[
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Hime-sama is best Log.
File: 1417147752759.jpg (175KB, 1826x692px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Things went so wrong in S2 :(
Jesus. I'm not there yet.
genuine challenges are always welcome, even if they're insanely frustrating

we find the frustration enjoying,
especially if it isn't something gimmicky or artificial in difficulty

I often think,
if I were ever to make a game,
that I'd make every boss a very trying challenge,
to the point that when you encounter them the first time it'd be very difficult to beat without the prior knowledge of their habits but still doable with great effort,
and subsequent attempts would still be a good challenge because the boss wouldn't be completely exploitable upon learning their moves.

I wish more games had challenges like these--
surprisingly, some Kingdom Hearts games offer this type of boss gameplay on their very hardest difficulties.
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>you are the final boss
>you're also a complete pushover
>everybody dies and the game ends

giga-gravitron wrecked the universe's shit
yu yevon doesn't mess around

Once you know they spray Pledge wood polish or something on the one on the left to make that cheese shiny, it doesn't seem so appetizing. It only looks good, and only from that exact angle. The meat is also almost entirely uncooked, they use a blowtorch to cook just the outer layer while the rest is just raw
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>Boss is hyped to be harder than the last game's final boss
>He's easier
That goblin in Dragon's Dogma?
I kinda wish McD's would drop this faux health thing and just embrace themselves. I go there because I want cheap-ass burgers, and they should dedicate themselves to making the best cheap-ass burgers and not pretend to be otherwise.
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>fuck up mission
>get to keep going anyway
>you don't have enough resources and you'll eventually lose anyway because you lost too much when you fucked up

Panzer Corps is either glorious or hopeless.
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>the inviting steam wafting from "piping hot" food on TV is actually just a wet tampon that's been microwaved and set behind it
>Game has commands you can set up for all party members.
>get to the toughest boss in the game
>Prepare and set up all needed commands
>Leave the game running for about 6 hours
>come back, boss almost dead
>watch as you finish it off
The bullshit damage cap from 9999 to 6999 halfway is bullshit though
>Jedi Sentinels' defining trait is immunity to crowd control
I thought sentinels were only immune to critical hits (and maybe mind affecting effects, which isn't the same as CC immunity).
>Boss is a big ass dragon like enemy
>Eats the fucking (I mean literally)eats the fucking planet
>Party is piss
>Gets wreck because you suppose to lose
>Has to back track previous levels to get more powerful
>Fight boss again
>Hard as fuck
>Kick his ass
OH SHIT Final Form
it's a little girl
File: 1424579994296.png (887KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>horse talks to dog
File: Ididthatonpurpose.webm (1015KB, 1280x720px)
1015KB, 1280x720px
Don't worry its still ok. They just switched animation studios.
Thank god.
>boss asks protagonist to just kill him
>protagonist spares boss instead
>"you're dead to me"
but think of the children
If your parents buy you McDonald's you're unfortunately on the wrong end of natural selection.
>you beat him senseless and barely take any hits
>you are out of breath and all bloody
>"damn it. nothing is working on him"
>"muwahahah. You are pitiful"

Fucking give him super armor and take extremely little damage then. I shouldn't feel like I can easily kill him and am able to stunlock him if nothing is working. If I can't win the battle because the boss is so much stronger than me, make it clear.
the best is when the protagonist says he doesn't want to kill anyone even though he's killed thousands to get to that point
>enemy is on a boat in the middle of the ocean
>board his boat, kill his troops, kick his ass
>he escapes
Where the fuck did he go?

Could be a life boat. Could be he swam away. Maybe he hid on your ship, outside or inside.

Or maybe he escaped in a sealed coffin and waited until a fisherman found it.
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I fucking hated this shit in bad company
This is true, I work at mcdonalds.
My female manager always has a ton of tampons in the office, and I'd say they do the photo shoots about once a month.

Haven't seen the cameras though.
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162KB, 377x225px
>Be an unstoppable badass that can slay gods
>Villain wonders why you let yourself be railroaded by some asshole NPCs the whole game when you have so much power.
File: AWESOME_.gif (158KB, 198x170px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158KB, 198x170px
>boss operates on rhythm mechanics
No matter the game, no matter the genre, no matter the context, I have never seen a bad boss that did this.
File: oooooo.gif (378KB, 550x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
378KB, 550x600px
>option to join the villian after the MC realises that he's become no more than the NPC'S puppets
>it's not a bad end
that final final boss from drakengard
File: mfw.gif (373KB, 480x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
373KB, 480x270px
Goddamn it.
File: 1404357066248.png (63KB, 367x202px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 367x202px
you should experience the hell that is Drakengard
File: joseph laughing.jpg (71KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
joseph laughing.jpg
71KB, 500x281px
I thought of it in 10 seconds too
What the fuck happened?
>Character in party with 500 HP
>Betrays you and reveals his power level, has 1 million HP when you fight him
>Later joins your party again, 2000 HP
File: 1414271608240.jpg (20KB, 528x288px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 528x288px
>Boss fight designed to end with the boss getting away early
>I will never know if the fight ended because I did a specific amount of damage or because a specific amount of time had passed
it doesn't even matter at that point, I just wish I knew
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>fight enemy, stronk as fuck
>enemy joins you, weak as heck
>Person betrays you
>kinda didn't really expect it
>turns out they give a tell
>All bad guys have red portraits, good guys have yellow portraits.
Get out of here, Dio.
wut gaem?
>fighting boss
>casts a 9999 damage spell on your character
>down to 1 hp
>boss casts again
File: who.jpg (93KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what game is this?
yeah, that was pretty dumb
Mass effect games
>MC joins villain
>All your friends think you betrayed them
>Defeat villain from the inside
>Friend join your party
>Leaves your party half-way through the game
>Becomes the end boss
fuck him
Are you talking about Saren on Virmire? There was a timebomb, and other factors, that stopped you from finishing that fight.
It also did in ultima.
It killed everyone except Lord British (As he was immortal), and he'd then give you shit for murdering all his subjects.
Not him but Kai leng does this on thessia. His fight is a complete pushover, but when the cutscenes starts he's kicking your ass, your squad is down, and he just walks away and jumps on a shuttle
Don't even talk to me about 3, man. I'm pretty sure it made my depression what it is today.
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