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>the game lets you create character Cool! What kind of character

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>the game lets you create character

What kind of character do you make?

For me
>somewhat buff
>Amazonian warrior princess
>usually modeled after Xena
>usually two hand sword based or an archer
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>Thin rogue girl with blank white eyes and wide hips
Old guy with no shirt and a toned body and the biggest bushiest beard I can get

Basically Master Roshi
I hit "randomise" until I see something I vaguely like, then mess with easy things like hair colour.
>choose best looking beast lady
>pinch in waist
>max out hips
>max out tits
>add muscle depending on planned playstyle
Be either a sightly magical sneak or brawler/-two-hander.
>Brown loli with glasses

Other details are unnecessary.
Pale gothic lolita every time.
Bonus points if I can get her to look really apathetic.
>max height slider
>max muscle slider
>max breast slider
>max ass slider

>What kind of character do you make?
A slightly more buff version of myself, except with black or white hair instead of my crap ass dirty blonde hair. Because I'm an uncreative self insert fag
You have good taste.
ITT: basically Dragon's Dogma
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>black guy
>skinny mostly
>always wears red and white jersey
>giant ass fro
>like, bigger than his head
>name him Jamal
>have him be in a place you wouldn't expect a nigger to be

Every time
Female, red hair and green eyes, pale skin and ponytail if I'm doing a magic character.
Male, stocky and bald with thick, grey beard and aged 40+ years if melee.
I don't often do stealth or archery, but I like beast races for those roles.
Elder Scrolls has defined these archetypes for me, starting in Daggeefall.
you just made me realize i really want to play a game with a character creator.

any suggestions if i'm on PC?
I was gonna say Dragon's dogma.
Until Black Desert is released, its the best in game character creator ever
Any Elder Scrolls title. I recommend Skyrim if you just want to make pretty characters, but Morrowind or Oblivion for gameplay.

What was my Saints Row 4 character, Alex.
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>any hairstyle with bangs
>small breasts
>healthy hips/backside
>tfw playing as a skinny fat black guy working for Michael Corleone
Good taste
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>I use female characters
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>I give a shit about how other people play games
Tiny bearded angry death-midget.

So a dwarf.
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Depends on the game, for the majority of medieval fantasy games I create a Viking-esque blonde haired and blue eyed bloke with a sizeable beard.
>average build, slightly fat or slightly muscular depending on which looks better in the engine
>average, realistic face (nose and jaw usually have to be massively overhauled)
>slightly tall height
>short brown hair, nothing weird
>hazel eyes if it looks good in the engine, otherwise brown
>scruffy facial hair if it looks good in the engine or fits the world, otherwise shaven
>lawful good tank
>moderately tall
>middle age
>grizzled look
Basically i try to make a grizzled cop kind of character ala Max Payne
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>I only make blonde hair and blue eyed characters
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You sick, sick man.
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>first playthrough
>muscle man
>gruff veteran
>white hair
>eyepatch or eye scar
>beard or giant moustache
>use heaviest weapons

>second playthough
>flat chested girl
>reasonably wide hips and long legs
>grey, white or pale green/blue fluffy hair
>eyepatch optional
>use fast weapons of magic

>sometimes pretend the second character is the first's daughteru and he died so she's trying to fulfil his dreams
Adorable yet erotic
Holy shit I do the same thing except make the girl character busty and with red/blue hair
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>blue hair
I make him look like a buff french guy with a cool mustache
First playthrough is usually a middle-aged to older male who has a bit of muscle and usually nice set of facial hair.

I'm Texan, grew up watching westerns, so the 'old veteran coming back and setting shit straight' is really appealing to me.
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>pinch in waist
>not making a slightly plump high defense fighter
Beast girls can be fat without having multiple chins, that's what the whole point of them is for me.
A middle-aged man with jet black hair and a fantastic beard
>think of gender
>want to look at girl but i can better connect with a man, a guy it is then
>want to create a normal looking, but i more of a fit guy, so i make a buff guy
>want to make a guy with long hard, but i dont really like them, so short it is

>i just made myself
Every fucking time.
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>Making anything but pure-blooded aryan characters
Post moar fit girls!

Also, who's that in the OP? I've never seen her before.
lel sick humblebrag brofessor 8.83
fat bearded motherfucker wielding the heaviest weapon available and decked out in the heaviest armor
>made a pyromancer girl in DaS the other week with red hair and red eyes

Is this acceptable? Or does she need to go in the oven?
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Samantha Wright

Pic related
inb4 /pol/
>create a grill with either pink or red hair, name her yumi
>proceed to create an unique outfit
>i literally have tons of yumis on different games,each with backstories and surnames

and then i proceed to create characters from other games, today i made the red mage from ff1
I like anime but you sound like a disgusting weeb
Short-Average Height
Average to small chest
nice ass
Usually assassin or mage. I always try to go dark magic or necromancy if possible.

Speaking of which, what game lets you command armies of the undead? Or at least a good necromancy system?
Dragon's Dogma
Guild Wars 1
>set all the sliders to maximum
That has necromancy? I have the game but I haven't gotten too far in it, I knew there was sorcery but I haven't seen any necromancy shit.
My friend borrowed it from me and played a mage, he told me theres necromancy. I played Strider and assassin
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>White with the an extremely slight tan
>very large breasts, hips, thighs, butt
>thin, soft waist. No abs, taught skin that clearly has some muscle underneath but you can't see it
>long (shoulder-to-waist-length) brown or red hair
>hair down, no or very little updos, slight bangs
>blue eyes
>not max muscle, not min. muscle, just exactly in-between
>extremely gentle, warm face
>battlemage, melee with a few decent spells like healing, a buff or two, and a single, strong magic attack that can rival a dedicated caster's powers, but drains tons of MP or whatever and it meant to be a backup fuck-it option
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(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)
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Patrician taste
Guess I'll have to get back into it.
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Muh dick
Well played Anon...

No boner, it's not time yet.
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I don't care as long as I can be armored from head to toe
Not video games.
Past his prime (not old) human male with red-ish brown-ish hair and green-ish-yellow-ish eyes.
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Too bad pretty much everything outside of APB and BDO won't give nearly enough customization to get a character looking like that.
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Are there any Saints Row 2 or 3 mods that gives me More customization options?
Is APB good?
Not in the slightest.

Literally p2w garbage, which is unfortunate because it had so much potential.
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Thread images: 22

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