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Monster hunter thread Whats your rank? Whats your weapon? whats

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Monster hunter thread

Whats your rank?
Whats your weapon?
whats your armour?
File: jaw6.jpg (43KB, 640x480px)
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War Drum+
Full khezu, with some fife jewels for Horn.
Flower Hammer
Obituary aka Beetle armor

Crafting new palico armor is consuming me
trying to decide if I want to buy this game

I don't have a new 3ds yet so I don't know if it'll play as well. does it work ok on a regular 3ds XL?
Do you think they'll add another use for the megashrooms? I don't want to waste them

For me it has, theres also a demo
Monster Hunter is for casuals.
oh ok. I'll give the demo a try. Thanks I didn't realize that.
File: Eisengeist.png (29KB, 250x180px)
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7 star solo
HR4, been waiting for friends to have time to do multiplayer They never do ;___;

Switch Axe - Eisengeist

Velociprey S, hope to start farming a nice high rank set soon.
HR 1
Power Axe
Velociprey armor with attack (m)
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>tfw no mh4u on vita
>mfw I ragequit on some guy from here fighting against goldie
>mfw I will never be able to play with randoms again

I'm so fucking sorry
I don't know what to say
My dog died and it's been a rough day but I shouldn't have ragequit
There's a /vg/ thread for a reason you dumb fucking mongoloids. Jesus fucking christ already
Thanks for reminding us. Sorry for ruining your /v/ experience.
HR 6
I switch up between the demolition axe and the leumundsbruch IG
Full HR Nerscylla and Gore. Grinding a seregios set right now.

Seregios is such a fun fight
File: Kyouko397.jpg (21KB, 204x333px)
21KB, 204x333px
Khezu in the 8 star Caravan is fucking me over and over. Everytime I cart, and I refuse to move until he's hunted with zero cart trips.

Any tips? Using charge blade, I keep getting caught too close and can't avoid the charge and he isn't staggering if I keep up the dps
is silver rathalos g rank or something? he sponged 20 mins of damage, then again i was using a dragon weapon but he isnt weak to it like i thought he was
I've been trying sleep bombing lately. Breaking the game is fun for some reason.

I'm using whatever LBg that can fire sleep shells. It's really hard to balance bomb boost, status up and speed setup with low rank armor. Been focusing on the latter, damage is not an issue.

Motherfucker, no one was expecting it to be on Vita.
Now, no MH4U on Wii U? That IS bullshit.
I know it would not be a safe business decision and Capcom does not take risks, but I still fucking hate it that they didn't port it to Wii U.
File: mienhunter.png (458KB, 645x478px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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im a bit further than this now but not by much

i just finished all of the available 6* Caravan quests and am getting ready to do the Daimyo Hermitaur urgent
HR7, 8* Caravan
Insect Glaive, Shell Intoner +
Monoblos S, current skills are Attack Boost (XL), Adrenaline +2, and Health +20
It's not uncommon for recently released games to get frequent threads about it for a few weeks, fuck off and hide if you don't like, this is better than 90% of the shit going on in the board.
>I refuse to move until he's hunted with zero cart trips
That's a really, really stupid maxim
Is there any great deal other than defense while crafting either of the 2 possible sets of armors?
File: PlesiothUBM.png (399KB, 494x593px)
399KB, 494x593px
HR7. Finishing single player stuff before moving to G Rank

Matraca Hammer and the upgraded Gore CB
Plesioth armor
Just got to HR and i'm having a rough time. Come help me out bros!

Pass 7243
learn to use guardpoints. also you can straight up block every khezu attack except for its lightning balls.
>using Charge Blade
>not killing everything in 3-5 hits
if you mean the low rank and high rank/g rank sets, usually the higher rank ones have additional skills. im using low rank narga armor and i have about 400 defense after upgrades so its really up to whether or not you want the additional skills (you usually do)
that sucks man, I'm sure you gave him a happy life
Scratch that, I mistyped. I'm only HR6. My goal for tonight is to get up to HR7.

Stygian Zinogre, I'm coming for you as soon as I finish my pizza.

Don't sweat it man, it happens. Many people around here probably have similar stories, myself included.

If it makes you feel better, I continued on to solo it after.
HR 105
anime clowsuit for ranged
Nah, I'm talking about the shit like Mail/Vest, Guards/Vambraces, etc.
I pretend to be a GL user on the long run but I'm not sure if I should go with the "Blademaster" or "Gunner" choices
Then just don't click on the thread. Why does it's presence bother you so much? It's not like their is usually more than active thread at a time.

Scroll passed it and move on.
It's pride, and I want to git gud since it's my first Monhun
I need to practice the guard points.
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>Friends all decide they want MH4U
>Bug me to get it
>Say I'm not playing MH without a second analog for camera, fuck that
>End up buying a New 3DS just for the game to play with them
>Can't find a physical copy of the game anywhere, online or otherwise

Fuck this gay earth, and fuck Nintendo's love of creating demand
What's a good armor set for early HR for a regular Lance user?
Thread posts: 37
Thread images: 8

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