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Played/Expected/Got REDUX

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R-R-R-REDUX TIME (Like normal PEG but with only one image on each panel), OC more than welcome.
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Fuck yes, dumping mine.
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Here's one.
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>Posting my F.E.A.R one

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File: reaer.jpg (254KB, 800x320px)
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hear me out
With one photo, its difficult to explain what you actually played
see with that, I dont know what he means
Crazy holloween prop?
Now with my pic, it has more than one image, sure, but it shows what I felt
Detective/ace attorney feel
Matrix style rabbit hole, secrets
File: 4.png (2MB, 1400x600px)
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File: Danga ronpa.jpg (375KB, 1920x1208px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Danga ronpa.jpg
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forgot pic
Come on man, are you really gonna go on a debate? We made our own thread for simplistic images to avoid shit stirring and wars. There are plenty of PEG threads, a Redux one isn't doing anyone any harm.
it's just one autistic guy that gets assmad everytime he opens one of these threads and someone dares to use more than one picture per panel. So now he makes these threads himself and specifies only one picture per panel so he can get even more assmad when people post clusterfucks

Just watch how DISGUSTLY MAD this guy >>283427338 will make him
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Im not trying to start a debate, Im just trying to say theres nothing wrong with either type of photo, I'm just confused as to why that on autistic guys gets so assmad about more than one pic
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inFamous 2.jpg
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I'm not assmad at anything, I just prefer the type of these with only one image on each panel, so I made a thread for those types of images to encourage them.

I also don't like shitting up threads with my subjective tastes, so I made my own thread instead.
Do it however you want, I'm not going to sperg on you.

But most times those panels with multiple pictures have are either a clusterfuck or somethign with 0 creativity, like yours.
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nice one
that game is like the office?

might even try it now
The goal of these pictures isn't to accurately describe all of the game, it's to make a witty joke about the game
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Nothing wrong with that, I also prefer these types of images and like your thread
File: PEG VTMB.jpg (156KB, 720x986px)
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File: 7.png (702KB, 986x1368px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Never heard of it. But that image got me interested.
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Oh fuck off this is a 1 picture thread, get your cancer out of here like that one other guys. You guys are autistic fucks who deserve to be fucking banned, back to tumblr and reddit with you
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Arkham Origins.jpg
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No need to be so mad about it, my friend.He probably just didn't notice.
What is this, reddit recommends video games?
Fuck off.
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It's a single player source mod. As far as single player mods go, it's pretty OK but they put a lot of work into it. Their previous one, Nightmare House 2, was much better.
File: 1395453282573.png (1MB, 1026x1306px)
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Here you go, sperg.
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trigger warning.jpg
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spesstation 13.jpg
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Vtmb expected got.jpg
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holy shit, back to reddit with you faggot
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Struck a nerve, did I?
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nice cropping.png
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Just shut the fuck up
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