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Since it's the 18th anniversary of FF7, what is your favorite

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Since it's the 18th anniversary of FF7,
what is your favorite final fantasy game on the ps1 and why?

Also, general discussion of FF.
FF7 is just the best all around.

>battles are fun and have the best pacing
>story is crazy but not at all incomprehensible
>Cloud is the best protagonist, able to make funnies like Zidane but capable of an emotional depth nobody else in the series has been able to emulate
>long silver-haired villain was actually badass and made a nice contrast to the hero
>every area is fun and interesting
>God tier
Chrono Trigger
>Great tier
>Good Tier
>Ok tier
>oh shit nigga what are you doing tier
>long silver-haired villain was actually badass and made a nice contrast to the hero

Going crazy because "mommy issues" is not badass. Sorry homes.
Looking back on FFII, it didn't have that great of a story at all. Well, FFI didn't either but considering they were the first in the series it's to be expected.
>non emo protagonist
>dat card game
>racial diverse party
>members play a defined class
>happy ending
>generally brings back everything I liked about FF pre-VII
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>>non emo protagonist
Describe Zidane at the beginning of disc 3.
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>what is your favorite final fantasy game on the ps1 and why?
Favorite PSX FF is Tactics because of the replay value provided by all the combinations the job system makes possible and because of all the self-imposed challenges you can do.

>general discussion of FF.
500 replies of "My fave FF is the only good one, all others are shit and my opinion is the only correct one!!!11!" bullshit? No thanks.
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FF7 is the best because snowboarding. You think I'm having a laugh but I'm not.
FF a shit! DQ bitches

Please disregard DQX
FFIX is the best the rest is mediocre to actual shit tier
>Please disregard DQIX
Is it worth it to get Cloud in Tactics?
I'm on Chapter 4 right about to go to Zeltennia so I still can if I want

is it me or is monk and ninja OP as fuck?
Cloud is shit in Tactics. And yes, they are OP. Like half of the classes in Tactics are OP
how do you use Calculator? those abilities don't make sense if you just go by reading what it says they are
First of all you can only get Cloud after going to Zeltennia and IMO Cloud isn't worth getting gameplaywise. He starts at lv1 and doesn't even get any skills that match the ones other party members you have at that point. However you should probably get him for completions sake.
this actually makes Squall sound much worse than he really was
that amnesia bit really is overkill
You seemed to have that backwards. Shonen anime protagonist and underdeveloped party members miss the point of old Final Fantasy games was an extremely mediocre game.

Eh 9 was ok. It actually felt like a DQ game unlike 10.
Cloud is trash but the side quest to get him is fun

I suppose you could train him to be useful, but keep in mind he starts at level 1
>character you get in the last quarter of the game starts at level 1
that is pretty fucking stupid but maybe I'll get him just to see what its like

how about deep dungeon is that worth it?
Here is a prime example why I hate FFIX fans on /v/, they only pop up to say that FFIX is best, never say anything to backup their opinion and have to resort to talking shit about the other games because they are so insecure of liking the "best" FF game.

FFIX is good solid game but it's fanbase can go climb a wall of dicks.

It was a game that was grounded. Non-optional characters had depth besides maybe Cid and all of them were likable regardless. Villain roster is the best the series has offered and Sephiroth is quite high up on the list too. The story has an adventurous and oppressive vibe with tinges of horror. It also flows naturally. The twists are surprising. This is subjective, but I think the pacing is wonderful. All locations are diverse with a different atmosphere. The only constant is Shinra's influence. As a result the game has an episodic feel. If you don't like one place, stick it out, the next could be what you like. A sort of miniature Final Fantasy series custom at the time.

On the gameplay side there's a lot to discover and explore. The many minigames are frequent, not repeated and have their own skill requirements therefore they never become dull and require multiple playthroughs to get good at. FFVII has my favorite (Snowboarding) and fourth favorite (G-Bike) minigame in the series. (The second is Chronobind and the third is Triple Triad.) The Materia system allows a lot of customization and has a lot of non-obvious combinations that are effective. Subjective again, but I like being able to use whoever I want (although I always rotate everyone, except Ken in P3) as whatever class I want. The battles themselves are smooth and fast and there's usually something the monster is weak to to speed things up even further. So there's strategy even if the game is way too easy. Extremely subjective here, but I don't think the Summons are too long, because outside of Neo Bahamut, Bahamut Zero, Typhon and KotR (which are all late game) they appear and immediately attack once unlike say X's Ifrit attacking multiple times. (Kujata is excused due to his nature.)

The backgrounds are beautiful and the blocky characters are really charming to me. The contrast and non-consistence adds to the non-serious side of the game that then adds to the intensity of the serious parts.
Deep dungeon is definitely worth it because most of the best equipment can be found there.
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ei-eighteen years?
Don't the guys you recruit at towns also start at level 1 no matter how far into the game you are?
you party should be full of special characters by then anyway. Always use the special characters.
Yup, it was first released in Japan on January 31st 1997. It came overseas later in September.
So in the abilities there are two aspects:

The algorithm and the algorithm target

So say we use the Level algorithm. It would cast a spell on any member of a certain level. That's where the target comes in. So if you use the prime number target, the spell would target any person on the field whose level is a prime number. It can also target people whose levels are a multiple of 5, 4, and 3

Other algorithms include CT and experience
what the fuck?
>>generally brings back everything I liked about
Too bad it took 5 minutes just to execute a command in battles. Slow as shit.
not that anon, but basically from what i can recall you grind the job till you unlock all the abilities then your can cast total hell on about 50% of the map
I never recruit anyone.
If somebody dies and turns into a crystal before I can raise them then I press L1 R1 select start to restart

I havent been using the specail characters much, I like the 4 I have been building from the start
its a little tough

to be honest, I only dabbled with Arithmetics, the class itself is garbage since its crippled with very low speed, but when you slap it on a magic class like a White Mage with Holy, it can be gamebreaking
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nostalgia hard yearly on tactics
I 'get' how it works now but it just seems like a really weird system

does anybody really take zodiac signs into account? the furthest I'll go is see how much damage I can do on a particular enemy and if it seems too low I'll let a different character take him on
the zodiac system is for min max autists, I personally never used it, but it never hurts if you're in a tough fight to have the diagram next to you
Just out of the PSX games? FF VII. I like the characters, I like the soundtrack, I actually like the Materia system, I like the optional content. I once thought that the story was the best thing ever but not so much now. I don't think it's shit though; it's entertaining.

VIII is alright but my least favorite PSX FF. Most characters just never clicked with me, the story isn't too interesting, the setting doesn't interest me a lot. It had some nice music though and though I prefer the MP system, the Junction system is kind of amusing just because it's so easy to become overpowered with it. Triple Triad is quite fun.

I liked the medieval setting of FF IX and the characters. It has the best world map I've ever seen. The story was good on disc 1 but started slipping by the second. By disc 3 it just wasn't that interesting anymore. My biggest problem with IX though is that it's so goddamn slow. Slow to load battles, then you have to wait for the camera to stop swaying around once the battle starts, then there's the ATB gauges which are just unbearable without Auto-haste and max battle speed.
the soundtrack is good. a game with a good soundtrack is really something special
Every Final Fantasy has a good soundtrack.
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>Think about replaying FFVII
>remember how boring Midgar is (Yea, it was great experience when playing throught it the first time but when playing the game for the umpteenth time it simply feels like a forced 3 hour long tutorial you can't skip)
>remember how tedious Chocobo breeding is

>Think about replaying FFVIII
>remember how boring the start of disc 2 is
>remember how annoying Rinoa is

>Think about replaying FFIX
>remember how slow the battles in it are
>remember how shitty the Trance system is

I used to love these games up to a point I basically did annual playthroughs of them but I can't stand to play them nowadays. The only FF's I can bear to replay nowadays are FF1, FFIII and FFV because they DON'T have 2derp4u stories, crince worthy romance subplots and endless FMV cutscenes. I guess sometimes less truly is more?
jokes on you I didn't finish FFIX, let alone any FF on the PSX
I really like the artstyle of FFT. Also I'd give my left nut for a milf version of this pic.
midgar isnt THAT bad
I never fucked with chocobo breeding
is there a game that is really good but it just happens to have lolis in it?
VIII is my favorite because its world was best imo

Tactics is objectively the best overall

X-2 had best battle system
>FF7 is 18 years old.
jesus christ, i got FF7 when i was a freshman in highschool, i didnt expect a FF7 thread to make me feel like shit, wtf am i doing with my life

>remember how boring Midgar is

I still enjoy it, myself. Still one of my favorite parts of the game. Midgar just has such a great design that I can't help but love it. In fact, I think it's the best designed city in any RPG I've ever played. I love the background litter, the trash, the objects in homes, all that stuff. They really made the slums feel slummy, they made the city feel seedy. It's goddamn shame that we'll never get that in Final Fantasy (or any JRPG, probably) again. No more seedy cities, no more sex trade or teenage suicides or any of that stuff.

Chocobo Breeding is tedious as all hell though. Sometimes I just use a save editor and give myself a Gold Chocobo because I don't feel like going through all the bullshit.
>It has the most touching story
>Badass Summons
>Quirky characters
>Sense of immersion
>Transexual Kuja

>because they DON'T have 2derp4u stories

Some of you really need to learn to just go with things. I'm not trying to ridicule you but it seems like some people, once they realize that FF games don't have the best stories, cant' stand them anymore, especially the ones that take themselves too seriously. Myself, I know that FF games, games in general, don't have the best stories around. I just enjoy them for what they are (if I can). Doesn't always work with some games, like the Tales series, but their combat makes up for that fortunately.
>Top Tier
>High Tier
>Mid Tier
>Low Tier
>Bottom Tier
>I Have No Idea Why These Are Numbered Titles Instead of a Spinoff

Tactics, Curtain Call and Duodecim are also pretty rad games.
Tactics easily. VII is good too. VIII and IX are mediocre.
VIII is the best ps1 FF:

>Characters finally have normal proportions instead of being midget shit
>best FMV
>best magic/summons
>best music
>best and most innovative combat system
Sup /v/?
>Not plays Bals to the Wals
>JRPG Tier

>MMO Tier

>Death of a Series Tier

>Kingdom Hearts Tier
FFXIII-2 is a good game
Ever since Tabata took over the game has looked a lot less like KH.
>my favorite game from when I was younger is old enough to post on 4chan
What am I still doing here?
They all suck.
Amost done with my first playthrough of FFX which is my first Final Fantasy game, I'm actually really liking it. Just got to the Sanctuary Boss at Mt. Gagazet. Fuck that Seymour Flux boss battle, I'm sure I'll be fighting him again though.

Anyway I bought VII on PSN and I'm looking forward to playing it.
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FF7_17 years ago.gif
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My favorite FF would be IX.

I'm not going to try to defend or argue that it's the best. It definitely has its faults. However, the setting and soundtrack for IX has to be one of the best in the series.
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Is there a Final Fantasy that's actually difficult?

>That feel when the battles in Tactics move far, far too slowly for me.

It's a shame, the music was good and the story seemed interesting from what little I played.

Why do people want a remake so bad? Is it only because grafix? Can you not enjoy the original anymore or do you just want a prettier version of it?

I if you don't grind. II if you don't know how to become walking death machines in a few hours or how to get your evade up to 99 and a level 16 Toad spell.

I was going to name some others but realized that I'd just be saying "if you don't grind" again and again. XIII can be hard no matter what, but at the same time it's the easiest.
FVIII actually
1-6 have all seen remakes and then suddenly they stop at the most infamous of Final Fantasies

Honestly if they did similiar to what was done with REmake, just update the character models to not just be polygonal blobs and keep the backgrounds that'd be all anyone would really want. So yes, a prettier version.
I just want higher resolution prerendered background
my favourite is FFIII though
Add Lost Odyssey to great tier, FFX to good tier and FFXIII to ok tier.
why does everyone suffer from amnesia jesus christ i swear to god
Does anyone here have the FF infograph chart? I want to get into the series
>II if you don't know how to become walking death machines in a few hours or how to get your evade up to 99 and a level 16 Toad spell.
Well it's a good thing I don't know how to do that, also why does everyone fucking hate II so much? If it's because of how you level, it seems pretty so far.
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Because they are the kind of "FFVII fans" that know everything about FFVII and it's characters from what they have seen from Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts or Dissidia?

Honestly, the thing I'd look forward to the most is a new translation, but I can read Japanese now anyway so it doesn't really matter to me. It'd still be nice if it'd happen though, the translation really was... Not the worst I've ever seen, far from it, but it's certainly spotty, especially toward the end of the game.

What version are you playing? The GBA/PSP version was modified a bit to make it a bit nicer. The Famicom version was just a pain in the ass if you didn't know the tricks. It sounds good on paper but in practice it's just fucking annoying.
>tfw emo wasn't even a thing back in those days
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>seems pretty so far.
you know what I meant
Playing Dawn of Souls, which people also seem to complain about but I have no idea why.

Then you've got the more bearable version of FF II.

People complain about the GBA and PSP versions of FF I because it was dumbed down to a ridiculous degree. The magic system was completely changed (it was annoying in the original to be honest but using the standard FF magic system in the first game makes it really easy). Aside from that the difficulty suffered a lot. The PSX remake did a better job about all that. It kept the old magic system but had some nice improvements like dash, auto-target switching, removal of the most annoying bugs, and even an easy mode if Normal mode was too much for you.
I would only want snippets of a new translation to clear up some of the more foggy plot points. I've come to like some of the translations

Let's Mosey

Along with the general mechanics changes, its tendency to switch party members, its inability to properly show when you're going into an area with much tougher monsters, and the obnoxious dungeon design make it a complete slog. A lot of the mechanics are improperly utilized as well, with the word system being nothing more than an unintuitive method of talking to NPCs 99% of the time. The story, nonlinearity, paid airship travel, and single continent design were all cool but not enough to save the game.

Yeah, I really like parts of the English translation myself. Like I said, it's really bad in places but it's also really good in others. It's simple but I've always liked the part when Tifa tells Barret to stop being retarded. Barret in general was localized really well.
High Tier
4, 5, 6, Tactics, 12
Mid Tier
1, 7, 9,
Low Tier
2, 3
Series Ender
8, 10, 13
I think what made it harder wasn't simply having limited usage, INT doesn't do anything to affect spell power in the NES version. It's a useless stat.
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That's unfortunate, was looking forward to 1 most of all.

>make it a complete slog.
Holy shit, I've only just defeated the first boss, but it felt like it's taken forever just to get there. The encounter rate is kind of ridiculous. But this was all helpful information, thanks anons.

now fuck off back to your shitty discussion nerds

Just emulate the NES or PSX version if you don't like the GBA version of FF I.
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>Just emulate
>tfw your computer can barely run flash games
>tfw too retarded to games to emulate properly on psp

life is hard, but I make it hard
No, it's because the first few FFs have already been remade and people want to see the most popular FF remade with todays production qualities
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Even if FFVII would be remade we'd have the Advent Children Cloud as protagonist because SE thinks it's what the fans want and many of the awesome scenes would be watered down since they'd have to be censored in order to keep the "Teen" rating for the game:
no Jesse, Biggs and Wedge
no cross-dressing
no trail of blood at Shinra HQ
no Hojo surrounded by bitches at the beach
no Gold Saucer dating scene
no Tifa slapping the fuck out of Scarlet also say goodbye to Tseng bitchslapping Aeris for talking.
speaking of Tifa she probably wouldn't have her giant rack in the remake
Cloud is no longer silly or a douchebag, and is emotionless and they will get rid of "Let's mosey."
It pains me to think of how bad a remake would be because of the voice acting.
one of the heads of SE said that they'd take out the Cloud cross-dressing and the bumblebee inn.
I have a hunch that the fact you start the game as fucking terrorists plowing up power plants wouldn't be welcome in 'Murica nowadays
Toriyama probably would shoehorn a pointless Lightning cameo in

In short FFVII is one those things that just can't be re-made, all the weird little nonsensical shit like Bugenhagen floating, characters being able to jump a 100ft into the air and etc is what makes it what it is and if they tried to remake it now they would have to make so many changes that it just wouldn't be the same game anymore. Do you actually want that to happen?

If you actually played and loved FFVII and are still crying about how it should be remake you are the fucking cancer killing the industry. You didn't love FFVII for it's graphics in the first place so if you like it just go play it as it already exists. The only people crying about the FFVII remake are the "hardcore" FFVII fans that haven't played FFVII itself due to it's outdated graphics and only know it's characters from spin-offs like Kingdom Hearts and Advent Children.
Any real FF7 fan knows that the remake is the WORST thing that could happen to FF7
you gonna back that up?
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This copypasta bait again? All of that has already been debunked.
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>defending Advent Children
>thinking that Square Enix would do a good job with FFVII when their previous remakes have been shit:
Chrono Trigger: lets put in a True End that shits all over our fans for shits and giggles
Romancing SaGa PS2: turned into SaGa Frontier and up the rate of cool people joining you
Valkyrie Profile: took away all the menu shortcuts
Star Ocean 1/SaGa/Dragon Quest V/Final Fantasy Tactics: made combat 5 times slower than original, also took away many battle monologues
Dragon Quest 4: deleted unique party chat
Star Ocean 2: deleted 1/3 of ending and make main heroine look like a boy. Also made the game so blurry, it hurts the eyes after playing SO1.
Lufia 2: lol perfect example of producers meddling with developers, it was turned into Kingdom Hearts lite

On top of that, they like to put on the infamous squeenix tax, pricing games $10 higher than comparable games from other companies.
Reminder that when the majority of founding members leave a company, there is a good reason for it.

If I'm a completely braindead nostalgiadrone, you are a fucking idiot for believing SE is capable of doing anything decent nowadays.
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What what exactly did SE do to make Mistral's Song bad?
Amazing counter argument yet you countered nothing.
Disputes it's faults for being slower
Loved the characters and how you can see them interact with others with out the MC being there.
MC wasn't depressing, he falters once and gets back up again,
Colorful world not filled with just humans
Story was great except for final boss.
Battle system forced you think a head of time if you wanted to use trance effectively,
Could equip magical properties like float and haste
Had decent comedy
Had a love story that wasn't forced or awkward it was an Aladdin love story really
Amazing music
Story's premise was built on how to deal with mortality, life and death stuff, what it means to actually have a soul
Summons were an intrigal part of the story like the other final fantasy, but these were used for tools of war.
Exciting cut scenes
Zidane didn't
Befriend any one till after he was abandond, he was never distant till he found out what he was and quickly got over it.
So you hate fans who are asked what was their final fantasy and why? I mean what kind of a moron are you? What you described was every fucking final fantasy fan
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>putting all the caracters on the cover
full pleb
I could have done a better job, I'll admit that.
File: FFChart1.jpg (1MB, 4944x3192px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 4944x3192px

Here you go.
File: aqZ2XLp_700b.jpg (9KB, 291x157px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 698745.jpg (28KB, 600x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>that political civil war for the throne
>the church stoking the flames from behind the scenes
>ramza and based delita find themselves caught in the middle of everything
>the chapters were like acts in a play
>the big twists and the scope of the plot
>job changes
>mixing and customizing a class of your own
>a squire with two chaos blades, heavy armor, mobility boots,
-jump as a secondary ability
-blade grasp reaction
-two swords
-move +3
>nigga could jump across the map and land on someone for 999
>97 brave and blade grasp means 3% chance a physical attack will hit >reflect mail

Then the zodiac stones are just a GAME CHANGER plot-wise.
>holy prophet was devil incarnate
>holy stones are demonic

>weigraf's fall of man and rise to legendary monster


>based t.g. cid

Change FF5 with FF7 and the list is fairly accurate

are you fucking blind?
IX is the best one. VIII and VI are both great games. VII is edgy shit.
File: g8l5LV1.gif (2MB, 350x209px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 350x209px
my bad I needed to open it in a new tab to zoom in on it, bwahahaha!!!
VII is the best one. VIII and VI are both great games. IX is edgy shit.
I respectfully disagree with this and suggest starting out with the SNES version of FFIV (called FFII) and play FFVI and FFV next in that order.
Now if you liked FFIV the most play FFIX next. (Both games mainly focus on their stories, have very linear gameplay and barely any optinons for character customization due to their characters being locked in their job classes)
Now if you liked FFV the most play FFVIII next. (Both games have a focus character customization and if you actually care about their stories it IS there but requires some exploration to fully figure them out)
Now if you liked FFVI the most play FFVII next. (Both games have roughly egual focus on story and character customization)

Still want more? Play through the other two games mentioned and FFX. You have now seen where the series reputation came from and what was so good in it. Now as for the NES games they are decent but unless you grew up with NES you probably aren't going to enjoy them.

>But anon the SNES version of FFIV is too easy/simplified!
That's the exact reason it's a good starting point. Sure it's easy and straightforward but not insuntingly so like FF Mystic Quest is.
FFVI. If I have to choose a final fantasy which had an original release on the PS1... FFVII maybe. The materia system was pretty fun, but I still think the game tried to be too deep and that really ruined it for me.
>Thief dead on the floor

as expected
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